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| Modified on Jul 21, 2024

If you’ve ever looked into a natural cure for bacterial vaginosis, you have likely stumbled upon a claim that folic acid is an effective and permanent cure. We’re here to tell you that this treatment option really is just as effective as the claims and encourage you to try it for yourself. A diet rich in folic acid and other vitamins is a great way to treat bacterial vaginosis and to maintain a high level of overall health.

What Is Folic Acid?

Folic acid is actually a B vitamin. Also known as folate, folic acid is a nutrient that is used in the body to make new, healthy cells. While folate is the natural form of the nutrient found in foods, folic acid is a manmade production of it that is often used as a supplement.

Does It Really Work?

As a form of vitamin B, folic acid functions to support the immune system. As the immune system is strengthened and performing optimally, it helps fight off the bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis. With this tiered treatment, folic acid is a particularly effective treatment for the condition. Taken as a regular supplement, it also helps prevent reoccurrence of the condition.

How Do I Use It?

Using folic acid as a treatment is fairly simple. Take 800 mcg of the vitamin orally on a daily basis. This daily supplement strengthens the immune system and naturally restores the balance of the vaginal environment. Once the infection has cleared, continue taking a daily supplement of 400 mcg to maintain a healthy immune system and to prevent further issues.

Is There Anything Else I Should Consider?

While folic acid is an effective treatment on its own, adding additional treatment measures such as hydrogen peroxide or probiotics will only further support treatment.

Try it for yourself and let us know how it works for you! Continue reading below for user reviews from over 35 readers who have cured their BV using folic acid.

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Posted by Steph (London) on 06/30/2024

FOLIC ACID AND BLOOD WORK - get a blood test

I did a blood test and found out I was deficient in folate. The prescribed dose for a folate deficiency is 5mg prescription only! which is equivalent to 5000mcg!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you look at online pharmacists. So I'm sure the doses that others have mentioned in this post are still safe to use as they are nowhere near this amount.

I suggest you get a blood test done first to be sure.

Also folate is a vitamin that many people are deficient in for this reason many of our foods are fortified with folate such as cereals. Women especially need to take folate in case they fall pregnant. I had a family member who would always say take folic acid!!

I can't rate it 5 star since I'm still waiting for results but I do notice it does reduce discharge currently with 1200mcg, maybe I will up the dose and then take another blood test later.

Folic Acid
Posted by Brittney (Chicago, Il) on 03/31/2015

So I visited this site a few weeks ago and decided to give folic acid a try. I got diagnosed around christmas and took antibiotics and I felt they made it worse. I currently take the 800 mcg folic acid that says it's for women's health. idk if that makes a difference. I take 2 in the morning and 1 at night. I started this before my period started and I had very minimal discharge after which was a MIRACLE because that's when it was the worst! I mean going through at least 3-4 pantiliners a day. It's now a week after my period ended and I've had very normal discharge but I tried lowering my dose today and after my 7 hour shift at work, I discovered more discharge then I've been having lately. I don't know if my boyfriend is reinfecting me because I'm sexually active again. I will up my dose to my usual 2 in the morning and 1 at night (2400 mcg a day) and see if this helps. I will report back with my results. I've also changed my soap to olay sensitive and been washing my vagina with dove fragrance free bar soap. Also switched to cotton panties and I wash those with fragrance free detergent.

Folic Acid
Posted by Jeahgee (Houston, TX) on 06/30/2014

Wonderful Ladies, I HAD to write a post on this... it has actually worked. The Folic Acid has taken away all symptoms of BV in my body.

Would anyone believe that for over a decade, I didn't even know what BV was... or that I had it. It's so sad. I really wasn't educated about BV or its symptoms growing up, I just thought I was "different". I didn't really have an issue with 'strong smell' unless I was super stress, but I have ALWAYS had glumps of discharge... I just thought, well that's my body and how it has always done things.

I actually purchased some Folic Acid, not for BV (didn't know what BV was) but because it was on sale!!! How funny. Anyway, I wanted to see what it helped with and happened upon this website. I was shocked by the women's reviews. I then began taking the Folic Acid and within about 2-3 days, I noticed I didn't have an odor... it's been about a week and a few days now and it's like the BV never existed. No odor and can you believe no discharge. I have lived this way for most of my life and I am honestly adjusting to not having sticky underwear from discharge.

A few weeks ago... I was going through an EXTREMELY stressful situation and the BV caused me to smell. I was so embarrassed and didn't even know this condition had a name. To keep from smelling up the room for people around me... I actually placed spearmint tea bags in my underwear to mask the odor.

With Folic Acid, it's as if BV never was apart of my life. I took 1600mcg daily for the first few days, and now I'm weaning down to eventually 400mcg daily. I'm explaining what I did so that you all would know, but I'm sure that a lower dosage would have worked just as well. Folic Acid is water soluble, excess Folic Acid should wash away through your water intake.

Anyway, I'm BV free and super happy! ^_^ Take care!

Folic Acid
Posted by Ashley (Belton/tx/) on 01/26/2014

For BV, I took one folic acid 800 mcg and it worked in 4 days. I was excited, no smell, no burn. I'm happy I found this website :)

Folic Acid
Posted by Ac (Columbia, Sc) on 06/12/2012

I had been suffering with BV off and on for about a year. I would take the antibiotics and it would go away only to come back within a few months. After reading various articles on this website, I decided to try taking 800mcg of folic acid in the morning and 800mcg of it at night before going to bed. I went to Walmart and bought their brand of vinegar douche and used that on day 1 in the morning and before going to bed I used A Rephresh Vaginal Gel which helps to eliminate the odor. On day three I repeated the douche, but this time I filled the bottle with distiller water and 1 tablespoon of _____s organic apple cider vinegar and repeated another application of Rephresh. I did the ACV douche and Rephresh every 3 days for 2 weeks. The folic acid I take twice a day everyday. Within 2 weeks the odor was completely gone. As of today I still take the folic acid, but I hadn't had to douche. After my monthly, sometimes there seems to be a slight odor and I just use an application of Rephresh and every thing is back to normal. I think the continuous use of the folic acid really helped.

Replied by Diamond
(Ma., US)

I have been taking 400mg folic acid for over a year, also I take one of the best & strongest probiotics called CatsClaw; I found it to be super strong and works quickly.It's called cats claw because the herb is shaped like cats claws, they are cultivated and put into capsules. This product has done super wonders for me, it has done a clean sweep of most ailments, I had huge amounts of inflammation that left my body at the same time. And sugar does aggravate most infections/BV. I bought some excellent yogurt great for natural flora called Siggi's; it's sold in whole food stores.I buy only the plain white.

Good Luck.

Folic Acid
Posted by Grace (Irvine, Ca, United States) on 09/30/2011

I had my first encounter with BV around May right after I got off of birth control. At first it just started with little to no odor and then each month it progressively got worse. I researched online and bought some brand name vaginal gel that only masked the condition. Took brand name probiotic pills, but they werent refrigerated or anything so that didnt work. I thought it was yeast infection so I stuck anti fungal creams but that did not help.

Then I went to the doctor and got diagnosed as BV and prescribed flagyl. That worked for two weeks and it came back. I tried the yogurt on a tampon method but that didnt really help. Not too long ago I had to get some blood tests done for work and found out I was anemic as I was always tired, no appetite, and weak (symptoms of anemia). I was researching anemia and it said to take folic acid pills for iron deficiency. I went and bought folic acid pills, took two 400 mcg pills and few hours later the smell is surely but slowly going away.

Folic Acid
Posted by Gokhals (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 03/21/2011 34 posts

800 mg Folic acid [mine had B6/B12 added to it, taken once a day sublingually, 2 pods of garlic mashed thoroughly and mixed with extra virgin olive oil, applied several times a day. Worked! Am not sure it was the folic acid or the olive oil or the garlic, but it worked.

Folic Acid
Posted by Nurse14 (Tallahassee, Florida) on 03/31/2010

Hi I was so desperate for help with BV. I have been a nurse for years and had seen doctors prescribe Flagyl for women only to have them return or call saying that they still had problem after taking the medicine. I had not had a problem with this until I started taking in alot of caffeine and sugary drinks to stay awake during late shifts at work. I was at my wits end and I found this site. I tried the peroxide douche, acidophillus, yogurt, and folic acid, and I have to be honest the only thing that has continued to work for me is taking 800mg of Folic Acid daily and thats it. The douche only worked for a day and I don't promote douching, and inserting yogurt vaginally was just to messy. As for the acidophillus I really didn't see where it was helping at all. As long as I take the folic acid I'm fine [knock on wood]. I am grateful for all the brave women who told their stories. So here's mine I hope it helps someone defeat this smelly monster.

Replied by Chany2198
(Syracuse, Ny)

I have been taking 800 mcg of folic acid, vit D 3, and my prenantal and it is not helping at all so I am confused as to why so many women are saying it is their cure. I think the odor as gotten much worse since. I tried inserting the folic acid vaginally and that is not helping either. I am so deseprate for a cure. I am so sick of turning down my husband because I dont want him to smell me.

Replied by Rs
(San Francisco, Ca)

NO, NO........You need to be taking an acidophilus probiotic, at least 50 billion strength along with at least 1600mcg of folic DO NOT insert folic acid into your vagina!! You can insert the acidophilus probiotic into your vagina or do liquid acidophilus douches. What helped me from this site (and I just finished doing my regimen right now). I douche with 1/4 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1/4 cup of distilled water. Then douche with 1/2 cup of distilled water to rinse your vagina. Then I douche with 1/4 cup of liquid acidophilus. Tonight I also inserted 2 acidophilus probiotic capsules (5 billion each) because Im having a flare up of my BV from having sex over the weekend. This is a regimen that you will have to do for the rest of your life or until there is a cure for BV. There is NO CURE for BV right now. This combination of things will certainly give you instant relief and the smell will be gone instantly after the hydrogen peroxide douche. You can do it nightly until you feel better, but dont stop totally because it will come back. It always comes back no matter what you do. This is not a cure, just relief and it is a miracle that saved my sex life and my life. You also want to take a B-12 vitamin because folic acid deprives your body of B-12. Its all worth the time and money for relief. Trust me.

Step 1- BEFORE BEDTIME- douche with 1/4 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1/4 cup of distilled water.
Step 2- douche with 1/4 cup of distilled water to rinse vagina.
Step 3- OPTIONAL BUT GIVES RELIEF- douche with 1/4 cup of liquid acidophilus
Step 4- OPTIONAL BUT A GOOD IDEA- insert 1-2 capsules of probiotic acidophilus (made especially for vaginal health) before bedtime.
Step 5- take a probiotic acidophilus capsule (at least 50 billion especially for vaginal health) along with at least 1600mcg of folic acid and a B-12 vitamin.

You will have relief in an hour or 1-2 days. Every woman is different. You have to find the right combination for you. I took me 7 months to get my combination down pat and I douche 3-4 nights a week and you MUST take the probiotic, folic acid and B-12 EVERY DAY. Do not stop or it will come back. DO NOT STOP.

Replied by Chany2198
(Syracuse, Ny)

I am not sure that I can take Probiotic acidophilus since I am breastfeeding. I asked the pharmasist and she cannot say if it safe or not. I take pre-natals and I heard that taking folic acid for long term use is not good for you. I have been using betadine douches but it is so darn expensive but it does work.

Replied by Bibi
(Nashville, Tn Usa)

Go to the grocery store and buy some extra virgin coconut oil. I buy coconut oil at my local grocer. I put some in a separate jar at home to use on my body. I cleared up a yeast infection in record time with it (applying directly to the vagina). The itching stopped almost immediately and, within 48 hours, it was gone. Of course, I kept applying the coconut oil daily for a few months. Also, I knew somebody with your problem (BV) and recommended coconut oil to her, and it worked. Good luck.

Replied by Tis
(Ny, Ny)

hello Ladies, my heart goes out to all of you who suffere from BV. I know what it is, what is does, because I suffered for two years untill I came to this web site.

1) Pls do not douche.

2) Take any probiotice with at least a million acidophilus and the folic acid daily. I'd recommend 2 folic and two acidophilus twice daily for one week and once daily after.

It works. Trust me, you will be free from this ailment and I recommend you keep taking both from time to time. Eat healthy as well, lots of broccoli and avocados.

My very best wishes Ladies.

Replied by Mel
(Sydney, Nsw Australia)

Hi Tis, I took your advice, didnt douche and I STILL take 2 x Acidophilis and 2 x F/Acid and I still have feral white discharge. No more smell though. I've had this problem since April (well I've had BV on and off since 2007) and I am sick of spending money at the Drs and getting useless antibiotics that cause MORE discharge!

Replied by Chany2198
(Syracuse, Ny)

Just because this worked for you does not mean it will work for everyone. Sounds like it did not work for the lady who did try it. Now where do you find the live one million acidophilus?

Replied by Silvermist
(Downeast, Maine, Usa)

Probx are definitely safe to use while breastfeeding. Small amounts of your intestinal bacteria are found in breastmilk, so it may be that you WANT to take probx while breastfeeding. I am a pharmacist.

Folic Acid
Posted by Mo (Colorado Springs, Co) on 08/04/2009

I started taking the folic acid first. Within the first day I got diarrhea and within five days I was sick to my stomach. Has anyone ever heard of side effects from folic acid?

Replied by Diamond
(Ma., US)

I some times take ACV in my breakfast juices, either OJ or grapefruit, it cuts down on too much acid.

Folic Acid
Posted by Stella (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/02/2009

i would like to give hope to my fellow ladies afflicted with this terrible terrible "thing". I'd reached rock bottom.literally. BV robs you of all yourself esteem, you feel unclean, unlovable, the whole business is just disgusting.

then i came across this site and from the information on natural remedies i tried folic acid supplements(800 mcg) and multivitamin B12 supplements as well to offset any deficiency.i take 1 tablet of the folic and 1 of the multivitamins per day.i have taken these for 7 days now though the BV subsided after the first dose.

i keep up with the folic to make sure this thing does not rear its head again and grind my life to a halt. i hope sharing my story helps someone out there. i do have a few questions though:my multivitamins also indicate that they have folic acid my total intake is 1200 mcg per day.i think this might be a little too much especially considering that the monster aka BV is no more. is it okay to do away with the Folic supplements and stick to the multivits which have folic acid? will this be enough to keep BV at bay?

...Oh, incase i didnt make it clear.Folic acid cured that BV. i refuse to call it my BV.its not mine , i dnt own it , i sure as ** dont want it. all the best :)

Replied by Ladyb
(Reston, Virgina)

You cannot overdose on folic acid, your body flushes out the excess. I currently take a vitamin with 400 mg, my BV is still on. I would stick to what your doing if it works. I'm going to try it myself. I hope this works b/c I'm sick of this condition.

Replied by Thsh967
(Union City, Nj)

For me, BV gets worse after sex, so this past weekend, it was flaring really bad. Actually, it got to the point that my sister could smell it, and she told me because it smelled like really bad fish. So yesterday I went to the Pharmacy and got 800 mcg of Folic Acid, Probiotics, VH Essentials for BV. Once I took the Folic Acid and Rephresh Probs, the smell lessened. When I got home that evening, I did the VH Essentials and the smell went away completely. By this time yesterday, I could smell it through my clothes, now, I can't smell it at all. I just hope it stays that way for the whole day. I've been trying to resolve this issue with the Probs a month before, and it seemed to work, but always came back. So maybe with this combination, there's a better chance that it might stay away.

Folic Acid
Posted by Julie (Los Angeles, CA, USA) on 06/18/2009

BV and Folic Acid - I have also been SUFFERING with BV for about a year, after a new relationship (still in the same relationship) and have had several treatments with Flagyl. Worked the first time, but not after that. I am also taking Probiotics in hopes that it will work but it hasn't. It did at first but once I had sex it came back! I have a doctor's appt tomorrow. I am going to buy some Folic Acid. Question: do we need any particular dosage or kind? Can we take antibiotics along with the folic acid and pro biotics? I AM DESPERATE. It's making me very depressed. Thanks

Replied by Mel
(Kobe, Hyogo, Japan)

In reply to Julie - I was in a very similar situation and tried multiple remedies. The only thing that worked was the folic acid - I recommend you start using it immediately if you haven't already!! It won't interfere with the probiotics and in my opinion the antibiotics are a waste of time!! I took about 1200mg the first couple of days with a vitamin b supplement and then decreased to 800mg. I've since stopped taking the folic acid, and haven't had it back again. Thank god!! BV is sooo nasty and embarrassing and I feel for anyone that is suffering with it.

Folic Acid
Posted by Isa (Rockville, MD) on 06/12/2009

So, after reading through a ton of these Folic Acid cure-all miracles, I went into my food closet, fished out the Folic Acid vitamins I had been avoiding to take and did a regimen of 1600mg immediately.

Next days, 800 in the morning, 800 at lunch, 800 at night.

I'll cut down to 1600 again tomorrow.

Vagina smelling healthy, though still a little off. Overall dramatically improved. I will try stopping folic acid next week to see if it comes back. But it seems everyone is saying that is comes back.

SO, what do you do for B.V. NOT to come back? Do I have to take Folic Acid the rest of my life or what?

Folic Acid
Posted by Anne (New York, New York) on 05/04/2009

I just want to inform other women about what has helped me get rid of my BV. I have suffered from this for 10+ years and have had countless visits with the gyno. I was given every antibiotic they prescribe for BV. After doing a ton of research and spending alot of money on probiotics I have discovered the key thing that I believe treated my BV, Folic Acid. I started taking 400 Folic Acid with the Vitamin B complex. I had instant results. Every now and then if I feel my PH is slightly off I will increase my dose to 800 Folic Acid and I am absolutley fine (I do alot of strenuous work outs and I sweat alot so I think it contributes to problems in that area). I have never felt so fresh and clean since I started taking the Folic Acid. I highley recommend Folic Acid and Vitamin B complex for BV. Ofcourse everyone's body is different, but this has been my cure! God Bless-

Folic Acid
Posted by Betbizpartner (Watertown, NY) on 04/23/2009

Have been diagnosed with BV twice. Before and during pregnancy. have been living with it for about 2 yrs. now. It is killing my relationship as my husband is very sexual person and sex has become extremely uncomfortable, physically and emotionally, for me. I find myself starting fights with him for made up reasons just to avoid sex. I did not have BV, that I noticed, before I met him. Now, I am pregnant and just finished the metro gel. It gave me a yeast infection, a bladder infection, and my UTI that i just got rid of came back. Have taken Flagyl previously with only slightly better results. It will not go away. But i must try, so i am taking a prenatal which is full of folic acid, seems to be doing nothing. I will now try garlic and cranberry pills and baking soda baths and anything i can get my hands on that I don't fear endangering my pregnancy, I think the BV is doing a fine job of that on it's own.

Replied by She
(Bl, Ca)

I have had bv for 5 years starting after the birth of my child. I have been having a lot of blood tests lately in pursuit of an answer to this problem. Although I have never really had a terribly low hematocrit or hemoglobin I just had my iron level tested and it was extremely low! According to my internet research there is a correlation between iron deficency anemia, especially in pregnancy, and bv. So, you may have never been diagnosed with anemia based on a cbc blood test it still may be worth looking at your actual iron level. I am not sure if this is my bv answer, although I am hoping it is,it may be the answer to my fatigue. Good luck.

Replied by Che
(Arcata, Ca)

Get your iron level checked. Although your hematocrit and hemoglobin, both part of a cbc blood test, may be ok you may still have a low iron count. My internet research shows there may be a correlation, especially in pregancy. Good luck!

Folic Acid
Posted by Trena (Lynnwood, Wa) on 04/15/2009

I have been having an issue with BV for a while now. And a few days ago i came across the site and have been reading some of the reviews on how other people got rid of the itching and the smell and the discharge...I was so embarrassed about it. So once i read all the success stories about folic acid the next day i went to the store bought the 800 mcg and took 2 tablets in the moring and 2 that night. and i woke up the next day and the itching and the smell had gone i took 2 more this morning and hopefully it will stop the yucky discharge. But so far it has been working great! I am so thankful for the internet!

Replied by Luckylee
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I have been suffering with BV on and off for several years, and it's only now that I thought to look up a home remedy. I am so relieved to see that I am not alone in this personal battle I face that comes with being a woman. Before I invest time and money into this home remedy though I would like to ask: Is this something I will have to take/do every day for the rest of my life? Or is this a treatment for 3 days, maybe 7-10 days then stop, and the BV is gone? I also see that there are so many different options as far as dosages, and route. What's the best dosage, and what's the best route? I need to do something TODAY!

Replied by Confused One
(Gso, Nc)

Im trying to figure out how folic acid and b-12 which are for heart health can help with vaginal odor.

Replied by Gommaril
(Harpers Ferry, Wv)

If you dont tried how would you know, obviously is working for another womans just try!

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