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Apple Cider Vinegar Variations

Posted by Lily (Bishopville, South Carolina) on 01/01/2011
5 out of 5 stars

After reading several posts, I stumbled across Apple cider vinegar for bacterial vaginosis. I've had it for about one year now. Flagyl worked at first. But it returned. So, I chewed a tablet of acidophilus (2 billion CFU) and put it into my vagina. Then I diluted the ACV with water, drank a full cup. That had to be nastiest thing I've ever drank in my life. I then poured non-diluted ACV some onto a cloth and a wiped my va jay jay. It's been about 72hrs. It's gone. No smell, no discharge, no nothing.

Replied by Victoria
Phoenix, Arizona

Lol I love how you avoided using the word vagina by substituting it with the word va jay jay. Sorry, I just thought it was cute is all

Posted by Islandgirl (Ny, Ny) on 08/04/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I had originally posted on this board when I thought I found a cure for BV. I got BV about 4 months ago for the 1st time, and every month up to July, after. My dr. prescribed huge antibiotics which very much upset my stomach and the following month it was back again. That's when I decided to try a natural method.

I was using peroxide as a wash, taking acidophilus, and folic acid pills. But the day I stopped or missed my regiment it would come back. I even went so far as to insert the acidophilus capsules. It helped the smell but it was totally inconvenient for me. Gave me a strange discharge (from the pills dissolving) and (after that) made my own moisture a slightly grainy consistency that was not nice during intercourse.

***So I gave up on that. I have been taking 3 ounce shots (drinks) (1-3/day) of apple cider vinegar and eating yogurt (you know the kind marketed to help your digestive track) everyday. I'm not really a fan of yogurt but I get the drinkable ones and pretend it's a treat. Ive been using regular brand ACV and it worked to clear infection, tho I am sure the organic unfiltered stuff works best.

I can say its been gone now for long enough time to vouch for this method.

There was one weekend I didn't have any yogurt or ACV and I started to notice a very slightly off odor. So on Monday I had 2 yogurts and 1 shot of ACV, and it was gone that day.

The treatment I would recommend would be 2-3, 3 ounce drinks (shot glass) of apple cider vinegar (orally) for a week for 10 days to cure infection. And from now until forever; eating yogurt every day. It sounds like a lot but yogurt is easy to find, pretty cheap, has calcium, and tastes ok. I would recommend the drinkable kind as you can throw them in your purse on the way to anywhere and drink it quickly. Also try to drink cranberry juice (not cocktail) when you can. I feel like that helps to prevent re-infection.

Best of luck

Posted by Jo Ann (Pearl City, Hawaii) on 07/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had BV for the last 40 years. The first 30 were misdiagnosed by several gynocologists. They all told me I had a yeast infection. About 10 years ago, my OB/GYN told me I had Bacterial Vaginosis and treated me with Flagyl. This got rid of my problem but only temporarily. BV plagued me 3-4 times a year. Each time I took Flagyl. Throughout the 40 years, I douched almost daily to control the smelly fishy odor. I knew douching so often was probably making the BV worse but I was desperate. Then, a few days ago I found your site and read the many positive comments about folic acid.I purchased a bottle and began taking 800 mcg twice a day. I also douched using 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. By Saturday, the odor and discharge were gone. I plan to continue taking 800 mcg 2 times per day for the next 2 weeks and maintain one 800 mcg per day thereafter. I can't believe this inexpensive supplement and apple cider vinegar got rid of my BV after 40 miserable years of Bacterial Vaginosis!!! A big mahalo (thank you) to Earth Clinic for making this valuable information available to women who suffer with BV and other health issues.

Posted by Christy (Port Angeles, Washington) on 04/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had BV since the birth of my daughter 3 years ago. I Have taken many antibiotics and nothing has worked. I looked on one of those websites about cures for BV and I paid 30$ for the e-book. It said to douche with Apple Cider Vinegar and to tak a probiotic pill and insert it in as a suppository into your vagina. I do this about 2 times a week at night and I haven't had any symptoms since.

Posted by MARIE (BOCA RATON, FLORIDA) on 07/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've had the bacterial infection for over 5 years and i tried everything from cream to gel. i finally took the time to look into this and see what else can be done. i used the apple cider vinegar with yogurt and the smell and discharge was gone instantly, i still cant believe it worked that fast. when i shower i just splash a little of acv on my private area to keep the bacteria from comin back. this remedy definetly works so if anyone wants to know what to do they can use this remedy it works. i though that i would never get rid of this and it has been a blessing.

Posted by Elizabeth (Staten Island, NY) on 07/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I just tried the remedy of using plain yogurt and ACV. I've been suffering with a very pungent, sharp odor which is intense just before my menses start but I did not want to be forced to take the western medicine approach. Last night I mixed 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt and just ONE CAPFUL of raw, organic ACV and using a turkey baster, inserted the mixture before bed and wore a pad while I slept. Today the smell is gone. I will continue this approach over the next week and incorporate the Yogurt/ACV mixture into my regiment of continued health maintenance. Thank you Earthclinic!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Probiotics

Posted by Handynasty (Virginia) on 07/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering from chronic/recurrent BV for almost 10 years now but, I also have Graves/Hashimotos Thyroiditis and feel like this would be the main cause. I didn't have a "flare up" for a while until recently, as of about a month and a half ago, because some idiot Nurse Practitioner prescribed me an antibiotic for my infected tooth without prescribing me with the metronidazole that I asked for. She specifically told me to go get an OTC yeast cure and I told her they don't work (I really have a distaste for the medical field). Well, it progressed and unfortunately, BAM! Hit with BV all over again.

Just 3 days ago, I went and got a gallon of organic ACV (apple cider vinegar) with "the mother" and an 8-strain, 100 billion CFU's probiotic. (Mind, you the smell is putrid and fishy for the last month or so).

Day 1: I mixed 3 tsp. Of ACV in 16 oz of water and downed/drank it; then took 1 probiotic pill; diluted 50/50 purified water and ACV, soaked a folded paper towel, parted my labia, pressed the soaked paper towel up against the outside of my vagina for 3-5 minutes, twice this day. I see excess discharge shortly after but the smell is gone.

Repeated on Day 2: smell is gone and discharge is now clear.

Day 3 (TODAY my period begins): Have now downed (2)-16 oz bottles of water/ACV mixture, still taking 1 probiotic pill of 100 billion CFU's and making sure I change my tampon every 4 hours; smell still gone.

Will do the 50/50 ACV paper towel "press" after I shower. I will continue this process for the duration of my cycle and once my cycle is over, I will do an ACV sits bath in "cool" water and take TWO (2) probiotic pills for just one day following the sits bath. I don't like the idea of suppositories and douches because my hormones are off anyway due to having auto-immune and being thyroidless, so I've chosen this "put-together" method. So far, all is well and this is the most comfortable period I've had in a long time and my BV symptoms dissipated within 24 hours time!

Good Luck Ladies!

Baking Soda Douche

Posted by Momo6 (New York) on 02/12/2016

After using the gel medication for bv, I have been dry with no smell and my discharge ranges from thick creamy to watery non slippery and taste is very sour / tart. I read that someone used the baking soda douche and it burned but helped change her back to normal....

My experience, I used half warm water half baking soda and inserted it with a plastic applicator, anyway immediately after I got a whiff of that nasty foul fishy smell.. however I do feel some slippery wetness opposed to how dry I was. But yeah it stinks bad I pray in the morning I will get back to normal. I can't sleep because I am worried about my vagina..

If there is smell still tomorrow night I will try mixing water and a little ACV to bring my ph back down.

SN: I am absolutely NOT sexually active due to not having a normal flora. Some good things to know:

  • Apple cider vinegar when used topically is acidic (ph 2.8)
  • The vagina is supposed you be more acidic.. (ph4-5)
  • Water pH is around 5 I believe.
  • Baking soda is highly Alkaline... (ph9)
  • When ingested I know ACV does the opposite and alkalines the body
  • Too much acid > yeast
  • Too much alkaline > bv

Not a doctor just trying to figure this out like everyone else.

Posted by Cindy (Dubai, Uae) on 09/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I've been suffering from Vaginosis and yeast infection for about 2 years now. I have used flagyl and Canesten 1 vaginal tablet which made me feel better for a few weeks but the infection was back again afterwards. I have also been avoiding food high in sugar and alcohol. So upon reading most of the remedies here in Earth Clinic, I have decided to try the Baking Soda douche last night. I think it's working great right now. The smell is gone and the itch went mild to none. I'll try to use it every other day for one week and will update you guys. The measurement I used was 2 tbsp of baking soda to 2 cups of distilled water. Hope this works for good!

Replied by Cindy

Here's a follow-up on my health. The baking soda douche worked temporarily on me and the BV came back after a few days. I have tried the warm salt bath and inserting yogurt with acidophilus vaginally with a medicine dropper but was also not successful. The method I used above might be effective with some other women but not in my case.

So I tried the 50:50 Hydrogen Peroxide & Water douche every night for 7 consecutive days then inserted yogurt with acidohilus (half of the capsule's content) vaginally for 3 consecutive days. During the H2O2+water douching I felt relief but after the insertion of yogurt with acidophilus powder it became worse. So I thought maybe I should just use the H2O2+water douche and not the yogurt anymore. So after 2 or 3 days I douched again for 3 consecutive days. I felt relief and after about 3 days from my menstruation I douched 2 consecutive days again to have a follow up. It has been a week now since my last douche after my menstruation and I still feel good. The discharge is back to normal, no more itch but there's a little more yeast that I can notice on the side of my labia at night when I wash. I think I am better now compared before. I will just follow up with a once or twice a week douching of H2O2+water to keep the BV at bay.

Again the measurement I used to be clear is as follows:

For 7 consecutive days (before going to bed)

50:50 Hydrogen Peroxide + Water douche (use 3% strength for the H2O2 - I used the 6% but reduced it to 3% by adding more water. So it was actualy like 1/2 cup H2O2 to 1 cup of distilled water)

After the menstruation, douche once or twice a week.

Througout the treatment, I've been orally taking 1 acidophilus 2 x day, 2 folic acid 2 x a day and also 2 olive leaf extract 2 x a day. I've been eating yogurt with 2 tbsp of coconut oil in the morning for breakfast and I also try to avoid sweets and alcohol as much as I can.

For the supplements above, it depends on you if you also want to take it. But so far for me it helps. I will let keep you guys posted if ever I feel anything bad after this treatment. As of now it works and I hope this would help someone out there too.

I would also like to thank all the ladies here who shared their experiences to help one another. It really meant a lot and makes you feel you're not alone.

Replied by Chrystal

I have struggled with these infections for 4 years now. This past year I had a hysterectomy because my doctor said that the reason of the reoccurring was because of my cycle. I have used all the antibiotics that they have out for this type infections. I also got a 2nd opinion for another obgyn and he superscribed broic acid and this worked for a while and now I am back to getting them after intercourse or any change in my detergents. I am super happy I have found this site. This is the only thing that I have not tried in my 4 years. I am going to try this tonight and will get back to you all next week.

Posted by Gm (Spring Hill, Fl - Florida) on 04/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I noticed that embarrassing, fishy smell that comes along with BV so I went to a clinic. The doctor who examined me said there was no odor or any signs of it but tested me, anyway. She returned with her tail between her legs and told me I tested positive for BV (it felt good being right! ) She gave me Flagyl, which I took as directed for 7 days. However, I noticed the other day that I wasn't feeling or smelling "right" again. I have a pH test kit for just such situations, so I used it last night and my pH was dangerously low, indicating another infection. I took out a new douche and carefully added some baking soda for alkalinity. This morning, there was no itch or odor, and my pH had risen to normal range. I would suggest buying pH test strips, which can be found at health food stores and are not expensive. You can monitor yourself at home and try home remedies before you drop $75 at the nearest clinic (and then God-know-how-much-more for a prescription! ) just to be told you have what you already thought you did. Be aware that I'm not a doctor and have no medical training. I'm going by how I felt when I saw a doctor only weeks ago and assumed that my condition didn't completely clear up. Good luck, ladies.

Posted by Misty (Clermont, Fl) on 04/04/2012

1/4 tsp. of baking soda to your douch, I was told about this and it really works the discharge was gone and the smell after the first 2 times I used it. I did 1 on Monday and 1 on Wednesday and after the shower I blowed dried down their each time. And you can also put Some baking soda right into your bath on a regular basis to keep you ph balanced and its also good for your skin :)

Posted by Barbarias (Sacramento, California) on 01/09/2012
5 out of 5 stars

For all the women out there looking for the most natural and least invasive way to cure and heal, I wanted to share this remedy I've found for bacterial vaginosis: The salt and baking soda packet mixtures commonly sold for sinus flushes. Use one packet of the sinus flush to 8oz of water then douche once in the morning and once at night for three days. Just like with a bacterial infection within the bladder, the salt acts as a sterilant. I've learned so much from this website, I wanted to give something back. Hopes this helps!

Posted by Pure (New York, Ny) on 12/04/2010
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

So like many women I have also been suffering from BV! I tried lots of remedies and all but the medicine seem to work. The hydrogen peroxide was working well but as soon as I would miss a session all symptoms would return. So I went to my local natural food mart and received some of the best info ever. The man strongly recommended that I douche every other day with 1liter of distilled water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. In addition to this I was to drink twice a day- 8oz of distilled water, with a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 1tablespoon of lemon juice and a little honey.

From my experience this is the remedy that has worked best for me. I stuck with it for 2 months and then started to slow down because I was healed. The health food clerk did tell me consistency was most important but I should stop when my body felt normal. So here I am about 6months later and I feel like it's back slightly because I can't where my tights and feel comfortable but it's much more manageable. I started just douching every other day 2wks ago and back to feeling great. Please give this remedy a try I believe this is the most effective as well as least damaging to my body. All the best. Keep us posted if you try this remedy.

Replied by Jessica
St. Louis
1 out of 5 stars

No, don't duche at all, ever all you'll do is make it worse by off balancing the bacteria in your vagina. if you want to get rid of BV without antibiotics use plain nonfat yogurt, eat that every day with no added sugar or toppings and or put it in/on your vagina, if you put it in the best way is to dip a tampon in some yogurt and leave the tampon in for a couple hours. NO DOUCHING, it messes up your vagina and makes the infection worse.

Replied by Yola

I must say that I've tried the yogurt and it did not work for me. Not sure how it does for others but I did try the peroxide and it works wonders. Yes it will come back if you stop but the medication they give you at the clinic doesn't work. I find for me the peroxide works better, at least you can be sure that you don't have odor.

Baking Soda in Water

Posted by Abcde (Canada) on 03/05/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Hello! I have a not so good smell down here. I went to my doctor and ask why, but she told me that its pretty normal. But I know to myself that I dont like what I'm smelling so I search over internet and found so many cure that could help me. At first I bought yogurt, I ate it and I even inserted some to my vagina and nothings happen. Like everything become worst. So I stopped that yogurt and search again tried Apple cider soaked my down there with warm and some apple cider but again nothings happen. I came across here at earth clinic and I found out so many cure that could help me. I looked for more easier way to remove the smell over me and I bought some folic acid I used it for almost 1 month and no improvement. So my last choice is the Hydrogen Peroxide it was extremely helpful but I observed after not douching the smells come back again but not as worse as before so I decided to stop and wait for a miracle.

I've decided to focus on how to gain more weight so I bought potencee an ascorbic acid I gain weight because I started to eat more and eat more healthy food then I search again to internet and found out some BAKING SODA can kill also a yeast infection so I started drinking a 1 glass of cold water with half a teaspoon of baking soda. I'm already in my 1 week and its make the smell go away not definely but Im working on it. I smell but its not like before. Have a try of baking soda. Its help me a lot.


Posted by Ananda (Lacenter, Wa) on 02/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I want to share my experience with Bacterial Vaginosis.

I fought the symptoms of BV for six months using the best probiotics available (50 billion organisms) at my local health store. I applied coconut oil with tea tree oil mixed in to the outside and inside of my vagina. I reduced the smell but still experienced constant discharge and varying degrees of odor.

I finally visited Planned Parenthood and they tested me on the spot for Bacterial Vaginosis. I tested positive. they gave me antibiotics which temporarily got rid of the infection. I took exactly as directed but the infection crept back in that same month. So this is when I went into serious research mode and found some information on the internet about a Borax treatment.

Now this is the amazing part I want to share with you: I put a quarter teaspoon of borax into a rubber douche bag filled with warm water. I took it into the shower with me and rinsed my vagina out thoroughly with this simple solution. I could smell foul water coming out of me and it felt very cleansing but I had little expectation that one application would make much difference, however that one application, in conjunction with those awesome probiotics completely resolved my issue. Three months later I sensed another flare-up so I immediately made myself the borax/warm water douche and I have never experienced another symptom again. This treatment had ZERO side-effects. It's been almost a year since that last treatment.

What an embarrassing and lengthy struggle with such a simple, cheap and easy solution!!!

Replied by Joy
Sc As Rborough,me

What is borax? I have suffered with bv for years and antibiotics doesn't take it away for long.

EC: Hi Joy,

You can read more about borax on our page here.

Replied by De'anna
Chesapeake, Va

Was this borax detergent powder or boric acid? I need to go buy some today, but I don't know which it is.

Replied by Rs

BORIC ACID!!!! Not borax. I make and use boric acid capsules once a week for the maintenance of BV. There is no cure for BV and every woman is different when it comes to keeping this under control......and that is all you can do. Diet and keeping your body alkaline is a key factor. NO sugar, no caffeine, no dairy.......I however cant be that strict with my diet and I rely on boric acid capsules and they are a LIFE SAVER. You can by boric acid on is a pesticide and roach killer, but not harmful to humans when inserted into the vagina, only if consumed orally. It basically suffocates the bacteria in your vagina and kills it. I would be at the end of my proverbial rope by now if it were not for this miracle. ALSO, a little known fact is that your doctor can give you a prescription for this to take to your pharmacy....yep....true story. It is a prescription medication for BV but no one wants anyone to know about it because then the pharmaceutical companies would lose money. I have worked in the medical field my entire life and know a thing or two about pharmaceutical companies. Anyway, there is no cure so you have to manage the symptoms until it subsides and then maintain a regimen.

Replied by Tammy
5 out of 5 stars

Borax...20 mule a wonderful help for bv... diluted in water and inserted via is the only thing that has helped me....and I researched it highly....and also take it internally....

Replied by Anon
5 out of 5 stars

I am having exceptional results with hydrogen peroxide and betadine douches, ACV and garlic.