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Boric Acid Cure for Bacterial Vaginosis

| Modified on May 18, 2024

Boric acid is an extremely effective natural cure for BV, or bacterial vaginosis, when used properly.

A number of factors can offset the balance of the healthy pH of the vagina including menstrual flow, semen, and soap. As the pH becomes alkaline, the natural bacterial environment of the vagina also becomes upset and often results in bacterial vaginosis - an uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition. We, however, have researched a number of methods for treating bacterial vaginosis and discovered that boric acid is one of the most effective methods of treatment.

What Is Boric Acid?

While you may be most familiar with boric acid as a form of poison, boric acid, in essence, is considered an effective antiseptic. As such, it is often used in treating a number of different infectious conditions including bacterial vaginosis.

Does It Really Work?

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that results from the imbalance in the pH of the vaginal environment, specifically the vagina becomes alkaline. Boric acid is a mildly acidic antiseptic, so when used to cleanse the vagina, the pH level is restored to a more acidic level, which is typical. Treating in this way is an effective option for relieving bacterial vaginosis.

How Do I Use It?

Boric acid is used as an inserted treated. The treatment typically comes in a capsule form and is inserted into the vagina directly. You can make the capsules yourself by putting boric acid powder inside of empty gel capsules. If you have difficulty finding boric acid, a pharmacist can typically order it for you.

Is There Anything Else I Should Consider?

While the CDC does not specify a specific treatment order for boric acid, a suggested treatment option is 1 capsule inserted once or twice a week. You should never consume boric acid, but it is a safe treatment to use externally in the vagina.

While some may view boric acid as a particularly concentrated treatment, the good news is that boric acid is typically a permanent treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

Continue reading below for detailed feedback from more than 45 Earth Clinic readers who have treated BV with boric acid! Let us know if this remedy worked for you!

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Posted by Kayla (California ) on 05/30/2022

What help me is a boric acid suppository. I insert one boric acid pill into the vagina before bed, wore a panty liner. I did this for twelve weeks. Along with taking oil of garlic pill twice a day and good probiotic. Also stopped all sugar, and tried to eat a plant based diet (no spinach cuz of oxalates) Soaking in warm bath with a couple drops of tea tree oil and two drops of eucalyptus oil. Tea tree oil is strong so better to add two drops and then see how you feel, before you add more.

Boric Acid
Posted by Kelsie (MI) on 12/05/2021

100%, hands down....Boric Acid is the BEST treatment for vaginal infections. I dilute my boric acid in Shea butter, otherwise it can be a bit irritating. I use equal portions. Melt the Shea then add in the Boric Acid. While in a melted state, add to empty capsules. 1-2 capsules vaginally will do the trick. Wear a pad though, you will discharge quite a bit. And remember, Boric acid is ok vaginally but deadly orally so store these capsules safely!! Keep away from children!

Boric Acid
Posted by Monica (Massachusetts) on 06/23/2021

About a month ago, I got my first yeast infection. Got prescribed oral anti fungal medication. Went back to the doctor for follow up and they told me I had BV. Went on antibiotics, and got another yeast infection right after. Got more anti fungal medication but this one was way worse than the first one.

I came on this site and purchased boric acid suppositories to take in conjunction with the medication. All was well. I took the boric acid morning and night for two weeks, maybe even a day or two longer bc I lost track of how long it had been. I had also been applying coconut oil every other day to soothe the area and prevent drying.

It's been about a day or two without boric acid and I now feel slightly off! I'm worried I may have BV again. There's no sign of a yeast infection.

My question is what's your opinion on continuing the boric acid? Or has it been too long and I should continue to let things settle before doing them again? I still apply the coconut oil and I drink ACV and take probiotics orally every day.

Just don't know if I feel off bc of the boric acid suppositories or if it is in fact BV. Thank you for anyone who responds!! This sucks!

Boric Acid
Posted by Susan H (Minneapolis ) on 03/11/2021

For BV, use the boric acid powder protocol. Gets rid of it instantly. No pain. ( purchase from a good health food store) and fill 00 capsules, 1 inserted at night for about 5 nights. However, the smell will disappear after 1 night.

Boric Acid
Posted by Fannie (ga) on 04/24/2020

4 years later, still BV-free! BA kicks BV butt!! Bought powder, put it in capsules. Inserted 2 capsules for 2 nights. No stinging. No mess. No side effects experienced. Tried many home remedies, and a few prescriptions, but it would reappear. BA wiped it out!

Boric Acid
Posted by Treyna (Des Moines, Iowa) on 03/15/2019

Hello, Boric acid so far has worked for me. I'm on day 3, the morning after my first use the nasty embarrassing fishy smell was gone. I was amazed! I did have sex with my fiancé on day 2 and couldn't believe there was no smell even after sex!! I've had BV for almost 6 months will very little relief. I've tried metronidazole and solosec. I had maybe 4 days of relief and right back with the fishy smell even while taking the medicine. the only thing that took the smell away completely has been the boric acid and that was only after the first day of use... I did have a hard time locating it though. Walmart does carry it in the pesticide department. also in the feminine cleansing isle there is a brand call that does have the suppositories but they are usually out of stock.. Good Luck to yall and say bye bye to BV and hello to the fresh you!!!

Boric Acid
Posted by Gigi (Rochester, Ny) on 10/14/2018

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! I purchased 600mg boric acid depositories from Amazon with hopes to insert 1 every night for 2 weeks. The first two nights I inserted 1 at bedtime and woke up feeling great. After day 3 I woke up in the morning and noticed that I had a small amount of blood that didn't look like period blood, and a burning sensation.

I am on birth control and am supposed to get my period tomorrow. I have (2) questions:

Did the boric acid suppositories cause bleeding/burning for anyone else?

Should I continue through my period? I was planning to insert 1 nightly for 2 weeks.

other supplements I am taking orally:

  • apple cider vinegar
  • Vitamin D3
  • L Reuteri 7 billion CFU twice daily

I have also completely cut out caffeine, alcohol, and am on an alkaline diet

Any insight is much appreciated! Specially on the bleeding and if I should continue with the boric acid— or try every other night instead?

Replied by Angela

Add some coconut oil as boric acid is drying and can cause bleeding.

Replied by Crod

Re: bleeding and a burning sensation after 3 days 3600mg boric acid depositories

Personally, boric acid hasn't caused me bleeding, (I've had a hysterectomy). I've read that it can effectively increase estrogen, but I doubt it would stimulate breakthrough menstrual bleeding. I did experience some mild burning, so backed off. No need to push it at all; better to treat minimally over time. Boric Acid is somewhat controversial- after all, it is an effective pesticide, so be cautious. I use boric acid much like I would creams to treat yeast infection. I even saved a cream applicator to use. I sprinkle a thin layer of boric acid into a covered custard cup, coat it with warm coconut oil, and mix. when the oil cools, I easily pull some up into the applicator. I even sprinkle in a little diluted hydrogen peroxide. (This is especially important to be cautious about; the H2O2 should be food grade and MUST be diluted. Look it up to prevent burning).

The coconut oil helps with boric acid's effectiveness, and also soothes and smooths the application around so it's not burning in concentrate. I would avoid using this during my period, especially if I used tampons bc you don't want any impurities nor tiny abrasions when using tampons due to risk of toxic shock syndrome. (even abrasions from pulling out dry tampons). I start with a plan to use it for a week and then increase or decrease as needed. I've even rinse with acv/water after the boric acid (esp if I accidently got irritated) when I want to next insert yogurt and probiotics to try to grow the good stuff. So just take a break and give yourself some time to heal without boric acid if you get any burning feeling. Good luck!

Replied by Sandra

The first time I used boric acid (for candida) I bled, and because I've never been sexually active I panicked at the thought of having to go to the doctor.

I added less powder (filled 1/6 of the pill) and no more bleeding. I also tried mixing it with coconut oil and that worked as well.

However, these days I only rub the boric acid. I mix about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and about 1/4 of a tablespoon of boric acid, I add a bit of water and leave it in a container. Whenever I feel like I have issues I stick one finger in the mixture and rub it all over the vulva. I don't put it inside or anything, and it seems to work just fine.

Boric Acid
Posted by Shannon (Atlanta) on 04/06/2018

Boric Acid for BV:

So this is my second week using suppositories and my experience...

After Day 1 I noticed the odor was gone.

Day 2 I noticed a lot of watery discharge flowing heavily during exercise. In my panties I noticed a white chalky substance. You will need panty liners if you care about your undies.

Day 3 I had intercourse, which is not suggested while healing the vag bag but I hadn't seen him in two weeks and we'll... Ya know how it is but he fine. No irritation for him. But I suggest no sex til regimen is completed.

Here in my second week I've missed a couple nights and unfortunately I did notice a faint odor probably due to the sex before finishing. So I'm going strong from here on out. Probably will do another week of one dose before bed, just to be sure.

After I'm done I plan to use a seven day cream to completely clear up yeast.

So for me... No bleeding, itching or burning so far.

Again avoid sex and be try to be consistent. Use a probiotic supplement and try to eat a clean diet.

Will write again in a week.

Good luck loveys

Replied by Courtney
(Philadelphia, Pa)

I am about to try the boric acid but my boyfriend and I are going away and I'm worried we won't be able to be intimate .. How long would I have to wait if I take one a night until this weekend? I have no other signs other than an odor that went away for over a month after taking a probiotic every day like my dr suggested .. Now the odor is back!!

Boric Acid
Posted by Michelle (Ca) on 03/11/2018

I've been dealing with BV for a while now and At first I was nervous but I decided to give Boric Acid a try. I am SO glad I did! My bv symptoms went away day 1! I decided to use them for 5 days and OMG I haven't had any signs of BV. Inserted 1 pill at night. There was a little discharge in the mornings but it was from the pills and smelled acidy. I'm hoping to stay BV free but I know what to take if symptoms come back.

Boric Acid
Posted by Sara (Los Angeles, Ca ) on 02/12/2018

I had my daughter in 2015 and that is when I got BV for the first time. She was under a year, but I don't recall how many months she was. My symptoms were the yellow/cloudy discharge (often throughout the day) and the fish like smell. I was working at a doctors office at the time and one of the NP's was nice enough to give me an RX for a yeast infection because that was what I thought I had. When it didn't go away she gave me another RX and it still didn't go away so I decided to see my gyno. They tested me for BV and it was positive so they gave me an rx. It didn't go away. I eventually went to my primary care doctor who tested me for BV, Trich, gonorrhea and chlamydia. They all came back negative which was odd. The discharge never went away, at times I feel like it was off and on but mostly on. I went to an urgent care to get tested last year and BV was positive and the doctor gave me an RX. I waited for about 7 months and went back and he told me he would test me again and gave me a diff. RX, this time it was Clyndamycin. Prior to that RX the doctors aways gave me flagyl aka metronidazole. I took the clyndamycin and it didn't go away!!! The doctor made it clear he didn't want to see me again as it was an urgent care and told me to see my gyno which I haven't done. I did research and found boric acid, I ordered it off amazon after reading great reviews. When I first took it I decided to do it for 3 days. After the first night of inserting it I woke up and had some fluid coming out of my vagina so I wore a panty liner. it wasn't discharge though, I felt NO pain or anything. It was like instant relief though, I had no more discharge and felt it was too good to be true. After the 3 days I stopped inserting the capsule before bed and for a few days I was fine until my symptoms came back. So I took 10 days off or so and decided to try boric acid for 1 week and inserted one capsule before bedtime. The same thing happened, it seemed to be gone but this time after stopping it, the BV symptoms were back the next day. idk what to do, I'm planning on trying a diet change but its so hard. This is ridiculous. It really does suck and it makes me sad. If anyone has any recommendations please respond. I am planning on possibly doing actual research on Bacteria vaginosis but have to see if my professor approves it.

Replied by Tresa

After being diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis my gynecologist gave me a prescription for metronidazole pills along with a prescription for the boric acid suppositories which I got at Walgreens pharmacy. Taking the metronidazole twice a day along with the boric acid suppositories twice a week one on Monday and one on Thursday for 6 weeks has really changed my life. No more discharge or symptoms whatsoever. I was also informed by my doctor to stop using Summer's Eve feminine wash and Vagisil feminine wash. These two items can contribute to the BV symptoms. Once I stop using those and I started using dove sensitive I have not had any problems whatsoever. So sometimes it also can be the Soaps that you're using down there that can contribute to the BV. I also changed my laundry detergent from the good smelling stuff to All Clear or Tide clear and as far as fabric softener goes I use the all clear dryer sheets. I can't say that it will work for you but it doesn't hurt to try it really helped me. Good luck

Replied by Christy

I've been taking folic acid and acidophilus for a couple months, it has helped so much but I still have a white thick discharge......and I have been going through reoccurring BV for too long and tried every thing that's out there and read every thing on the internet.

Replied by Tbv
(Nww Jersey)

Chlorophyll in pilloried liquid form will get rid of the smell but won't cure it.

Replied by Diane

I have been using the peroxide tampon soak and the boric acid suppositories so perhaps try that.