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Posted by Shomabe (Sheffield, Uk) on 09/12/2012

I too suffered with this for nearly a year and a half. I had various treatments including antibiotics for 5 days and also one dose of 5 tablets at once I also tried the internal creams but nothing cleared it completely. However, each treatment seemed to make it a little better each time. I did the common mistake of washing like mad with soap and this made the discharge worse. I finally got rid of it by going to my gp and asking for the 5 day course of metronidazole antibiotics and metronidazole gel as this worked better than the cream. I had aqueous cream to wash my vaginal area in the shower. I just put loads of this onto a flannel the same as I would shower gel as it is not perfumed. I also took 3 dried capsules of acidophilus in the morning with a yoghurt, 1 folic acid tablet and one of the dissolvable vitamin c tablets. I recently needed to have a smear done and while I was there I got the nurse to swab me for bv and the result came back clear..... Finally! :-). I hope this remedy helps anyone else unlucky enough to suffer with this as I know it's sooooo difficult to get rid of. Please let me know if it works for you.

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Posted by Kate22 (Toronto, Ontario) on 09/07/2012

I have suffered from BV for almost 3 years. It is affecting my sexual relationship with my boyfriend and making me a nervous wreck, always wondering if other people can smell me. This past week I came across this amazing website and offered trial and error solutions.

I am now on day 3 of the H202 and water douche combo, alongside taking Acidophilus, Folic Acid, Vitamins B6/12, and Vitamin D3. Things seem to be working. For the first time of not having to take the embarrassing prescription from my GP, the smell is gone. But I'm having one question...

Im currently on Nuvaring. I have not taken it out when doing the douches. Does anyone know if the Hydrogen Peroxide will damage the Nuvaring. And will it lesson the Pregnance protection (less effective)? Has anyone ever had this question or shares in the same experience with the Nuvaring?

Thank you for saving my sanity! Kate

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Posted by Hopeful29 (Bronx, Ny, USA) on 08/17/2012

For the past few weeks I have been taking 3-4 acidophilus capsules (3 billion live cultures), 3 b-complex vitamin with Vit C and folic acid in the morning. I also try to do 3 vagina flushes consisting of mostly water (up to the first ring on the disposable douche bottle) the rest I fill with ACV (1st flush) H2o2 (2nd Flush) and 5-10 tea tree oil drops (depending on how I feel). I have been neglectful with the nightime regime of taking the capsules/vitamins

I have been w/o pantyliners and my underwear has remained dry from discharge (I still experience discharge as far as seeing it with my handheld mirror, but the feeling of it coming down I dont experience it at the momemt (knock on wood literally and figuratively speaking).

my first regime of just 2 probiotics 2 vitamins in the day and one/one at night and h202 vagina flushes didnt yield results like the above. I really hope that my take on things helps someone because this BV thing has plagued me since 13. The first antibotic treatment helped (early 2000s I was happy, but it came back) thought I was doomed. Next treatment feb 2011 (while pregnant nothing) last doctor I mentioned it to said it was in my head (I could have slapped her. Im just glad that I can read and was able to find Earthclinic and other little blogs that shared their insight

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Uniqueako (San Antonio, Texas, Bexar) on 05/22/2012

I am HAVING BV AGAIN!!! :( I am tired of going to the doctors because this happens again and again with in couple months; for them to open me up, stick that metal in me, swab and test it, and be grossed out. I think there should be something OVER THE COUNTER FOR THIS because its like an allergy or cold in our vagina. If its so common, they really should just put the meds over the counter, sheeshhh, so they won't have to smell our BV! I just bought:

1. PROBIOTIC ACIDOPHILUS (digestive health) 2 billion active cultures

2. PROBIOTIC MULTI-ENZYME DIGESTIVE FORMULA (containing active acidophilus cultures) 1 billion active Lactobacillus acidophilus organisms - bascially same as above, I don't know why I got 2, but right now I just want to get rid of it ASAP because its so emabarassing going to the restroom and people can smell you (I don't know if they can, but if I can smell myself, pretty sure someone next stall can also).

3. PRO-B by RepHresh (probiotic feminine supplement - balances yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health) I don't know what this one was, I am just trying all for now.

4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST = HOMEOPATHIC BV TREATMENT AND CAPSULES by VH essentials. I got this one at Walmart, well I got all of them at Walmart. One of them is the treatment, you insert a tablet in your vagina, and the other one is a 60 day capsule that you take regularly to reduce recurring symptoms of BV.

Has anyone tried the HOMEOPATHIC BV TREATMENT?

I will update you girls on my HOMEOPATHIC BV TREATMENT - I think I like this one because of the title hehe :)

Replied by Deed
(Richmond, Va)

I think I have finally found it! It has been two weeks and I have never felt this relief from BV. I have had the toughest battle with BV for about 12- 13 years. I have been lurking on this cite and many others for different natural remedies since my attempts with prescriptions have failed.

I realized the "strain" of bacteria I was probably fighting probably was a staph or strep type because I also had bad boils on my face and my gentile area once a month. I think that its best to attack BV right after the vagina has been flushed out naturally and during the period where your vagina is at its most vulurable point. During that time of the month a Vaginia's ph can be as high as a 7.4. My aim was to bring it down before the bad bacteria can set in and thrive.

The day after my period :

I did a colon cleanse via hydrocolonic therapy and a liver and kidney cleanse via herbal tea.

Every day I drunk cranberry juice AND acai/berry juice ( 100% no sugar added) and water

Every day for 7 days I vaginally inserted ( at night) and also took orally ( in the morning) a probiotic with prebiotic fibers from Prob**lac ( a new probiotic I just picked up from Walmart for $20). It contains Bifidum, longum, acidophilus, bulgaricus, casei, rhamnosus and Streptococus thermphilus.

Even after doing a hydroperoxide or ACV rinse, I have never felt this healthy and fresh (not just smell, but overall appearance of discharge). There is not wetness and when I sweat, I don't have that famous onion smell from bacteria. I have a normal vagina if that makes since.

I will start tapering off this routine little by little and let you all know how things are going.

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Posted by Zoohead1 (Newnan, Ga) on 05/08/2012

This started in 2008-9. Thanks to the internet I diagnosed myself w/ bv. never heard of it, went 2 Dr. tried pill(metronidazole) 1st time worked, tried gel. Waste of time, money & energy. They only think ur crazy on the 3rd or n my case 10th visit. My doc cld nt understand why it kept comin bk & whn it came bk it was worst everytime. So I left the problem alone 4 awhile until I met a new guy I was feelin. Its now 2012, so I got serious about it & went 2 the internet did some research again. Went 2 visit my local herb shop & got some useful info. The (metro pills & gel) kill good & bad bacteria. Thats why it comes back. Most of your vitamins(folic acid 800mcg, olive leaf, hydro 3%, cranberry pill & cran body wash, etc. ) can b purchased from wal-mart or cvs. Bt get probiotic acidoplius (cold) frm your local herb shop. They go up to 80bill. ($20-$30per bottle). When inserting the pill n ur vajay-jay. Put them n water 2 soften them. I scoop them up w/ a spoon, put it at the tip of my vajay & push up w/ my fingers. Right nw I'm trying all the above. Thanks Earth Clinic you guys at least got me stated & feeling like I can beat this.

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Posted by Marina (Grants Pass, Or) on 03/04/2012

My story is similar to Rs from San Carlos, Ca on 06/29/2010 I initially missed the boric acid remedy for BV. After a 5 month battle I've been posting under: the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, FOLIC ACID, ACIDOPHILUS remedy as "better but not cured". I was getting results but did not feel NORMAL. Now, I am a YEA under multiple remedies because for me the addition of BORIC ACID finally bumped me into the - I FEEL CURED position and now I have a long-term remedy!

There is a dosage recommendation via a midwife farther down in this boric acid thread that is consistent with recommendations I have read by 'BV specialists' - Ask the pharmacist at a drug store for boric acid powder and self-fill veggie or gelatin capsules. Only fill the larger side of the capsule for 600 mg & cap with small side. Google for specifics, it's easy.

We are all different so it may take some time to figure out which products you need to use and realizing not all products are equal or that not all probiotics have the same strains. It can get expensive but I tried a few probiotics until I could tell/feel it was working. Find what works for you.

I felt like my BV was close to stable for the last month by using HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, FOLIC ACID, ACIDOPHILUS until I added Boric Acid to my mix because of an itchy yeast infection. Adding in the BA was like an ahhhh FINALLY! A DIFFERENCE!!! It sounds weird but it's like I feel differently throughout my body. I actually feel HAPPY and not depressed. I feel like my whole vagina region is clean, fresh and will remain so because I have the right defenses.

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Posted by Marina (Grants Pass, Oregon) on 03/02/2012

This is long but I am experiencing RESULTS!!! I have been battling BV for the last 5 months and am just now gaining control over this HORRIBLE and gross condition. 5 months ago I started with only Hydrogen-Peroxide Vag-washes and they work GREAT like a miracle for eliminating the odor immediately but it ONLY lasts for a few days. It kept coming back a little worse every few weeks until I almost vomited from my smell after sex one night. H2O2 is not a cure for BV but is part of the solution.

At the beginning of the year I got serious about beating this BV, I was super depressed AND I felt miserable with itching, burning and internal PAIN. I started a 10 day treatment & added a multivitamin with folic acid and a good probiotic with acidophilus both orally and vaginally, daily. I had to try different versions until I found the right ones for me. Orally I take Probiotic CD caplets (not good for inserting): it also contains strains: L. Plantarum, L. Rhamnosus, L. Salivarius, L casei & S. Thermophilus which were found to help correct BV in a study with Tori Hudson, ND. Her version femecology has some of these strains which I now use vaginally b/c the caplets form I take orally causes a messy discharge hours after inserting.

I have been monitoring my hooch and odor constantly for months. Hormones, blood and another's DNA/skin each change the pH of my vagina. I thought I had cleared my BV after 1 month of treatment but it came back ever so slightly after my period. That is when I read initial treatment should last 4 months & that menses wrecks pH if you are weak. I also felt like from time to time the probiotics were causing slight but unpleasant yeast imbalances. After my last period ended I did 2 nights H2O2 vag-washes followed by pro-b in the V. I could smell the slightest hint of BV at the tip of my finger. 4 days after switching off femdolphilus any faint smell of BV seemed to clear but my outer area started itching like MAD = yeast!!! When this imbalance occurred I was going insane after 5 minutes. I decided to give the boric acid method a whirl.

NEW ADDITION: Boric Acid capsules. Boric acid has been known to correct both BV and yeast infections. I am dealing with both. Read up about medicinal uses of boric acid and what boric acid is before you freak out about the word acid. Lemon juice and vinegar are both citric acids. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid.

In the afternoon I went to a local pharmacy and asked for boric acid powder and also purchased 00 empty capsules. My case is currently mild and on the mend IMO. As soon as I walked in the door I filled two capsules and popped em' in my hooch with a little bit of coconut oil & an all cotton organic tampon. I felt better almost immediately but for sure almost amazing in 1 hour. I then mixed grapeseed oil as my base and then added a few drops of calendula, tea tree, clove and oregano oils. I then added in boric acid to make a paste, then filled 3 capsules. I removed the tampon (the stuff leaks at this dose) & took a shower then unexpectedly had sex. No smell at all, no pain. There was a teeny amt. Grit on his willy but he didn't seem to notice (hopefully this will help him too!!! ????)) After sex I popped 1 of my oil & BA mix capsules & a femecology pro-b into my V. Within minutes I instantly felt FRESH. Like the freshest I have felt in 5 months. For the next hour I felt clean and normal for the first time in MONTHS and the feeling lasted until I fell asleep. I felt amazed. I wore a pad to bed, some discharge, this morning, no smell, no itches. I inserted another cap and again I feel so fresh and normal again it is amazing.

I finally feel like I have the upper hand. I finally feel clean. I finally feel normal. I finally feel like I have a way to reestablish balance.

My intention is 3 nights of my mixed caps in the V for the yeast itches & then stop. You are not suppose to use it continually for long periods and I want to use it during menses in a week. I make fresh caps with my oil mixture and will do one at night during my period for the next 4 cycles. I will more than likely also insert my new mix caps with a pro-b after sex. I may make a mix of all three.

The way boric acid kills roaches and other soft skeleton bugs is it ultimately dehydrates them which causes death - that is different than death by poisoning, however do not ingest BA with the hopes of better results. Keep out of reach for children and pets.

Some women complained that the straight homemade BA caps caused burning after 3 days. This was my reasoning for cutting my dose by adding good medicinal oils that may also help fight the fight and prevent this inflammation. I also feel my case is very mild now after 2 months of working on correcting the situation. I must say though, the BA feels like my biggest breakthrough with BV yet.

Replied by Marina
(Grants Pass, Oregon)

P.S. The Boric Acid does cause a lot of discharge. This is one reason insertion at night is recommended. Wear a pad to bed & a panty liner during the day. BA has made a HUGE difference in how I feel and has brought me some confidence! Good Luck to you all - I hope you find your remedy.

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Posted by Annie (Brooklyn, Ny) on 02/05/2012

I wanted to share my wonderful experience with earth clinic and all the great posts. I had been suffering for about 2 years. And intially the problem was not too bad so I ignored it. However, as time went on it progressed and got worse. That horribe smell and soaking through all my undergarments even at time my pants. So I finally made the trip to the GYN, she confirmed that there was no sexually transmitted disease (which I knew, because I wasnt active). All she could offer was to wear cotton panties and use hypo allergenic soaps and detergents. Yeah!! This was only part of the solution. I began a regimen of folic acid, acidophilus and washing with the hydrogen perixode. At first, I saw no results and was disappointed. But I came back to earth clinic and read more and more posts and learned to be patient and give it time. Also I worked on my diet, as I learned this was a factor as well in changing things. I began to eat more ruffage, yourgurt regularly and decreased my sugar intake. The information was so helpful and encouraged me not to give up. So I didnt, and it took about 3 months before I saw results. And I am so proud to say that I have it under control. The symptoms will reappear if I forgot to take the acidolphilus or dont eat the ruffage that my body so needs. So now, no more foul odor or wet undergarments. Why dont the doctors tell us about this ideas? Thank you so much to all the wonderful ladies of earth clinic for sharing your stories and information!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Leslie (South Portland, Me) on 01/17/2012

I am not sure if I found all of these in conjunction on EarthClinic site, but I have to tell you that this worked for my bacterial vaginosis that had been going on for some time. I only did the douche about 3 or 4 times in the first few days and I have continued on the supplements for over a month. I believe I was 100% improved within a few days, but I decided to continue the supplements until they are gone. Thank you.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Bella_vista2 (San Mateo, Ca) on 12/28/2011

I'm so thankful for this website. I tried the remedies I read and I just had to post my own story.

A few weeks ago I was at work and I noticed a putrid smell. After sniffing around my desk, I was mortified to discover it was coming from my crotch. I haven't been sexually active in months and I hadn't changed laundry detergents or soaps. I also haven't been sick or changed my diet. I don't even take pain relievers when I have headaches. The only changes I experienced in the prior two months was excessive watery discharge, but my body does things like that from time to time (excessive discharge, occasional spotting) and I just wear pantyliners - no big deal. It usually goes away after a couple of cycles. I figured my body is just doing it's thing since I am in my mid-thirities and I've read that in midlife hormone levels change as a natural process of aging.

Anyway, I noticed the odor would penetrate everything - it was absolutely disgusting. I decided to go onto the internet and self-diagnose. I don't normally recommend this, but I've always been an information hound and I research EVERYTHING and the earliest I could see my gynecologist was a few weeks out.

Based on the symptoms and what I've read, I'm pretty sure I have a mild form of BV.

I researched the postive/negative effects of Acidophilus, Folic Acid, vitamin B-Complex, effects of excess sugar (I realized my soda consumption had increased significantly the last two months due to free drinks offered at work, etc. ). I read up on whether or not too much is good or bad for you, etc. Do your research and I'm sure you will come to some of my same conclusions.

From everything I read, I decided my diet was the first place to start. The first day I took 1 multivitamin that I had onhand. It's the brand that starts with C and I took it because it had 400mg of Folic Acid in it. Within an hour or two I noticed the smell had significantly gone away. I was super excited to see these results, so the next day I decided to go out and purchase Acidophilus and a bottle of just 400mg Folic Acid. I started a regimen and I am happy to say there is no smell and no excessive discharge.

This is what worked for me:

Day 1: 1 multivitamin that has 400mg Folic Acid plus B-vitamins (taken at noon)

Day 2: 1 multivitamin, 1 400mg tablet of Folic Acid 1 Acidophilus 25 Billion CFUs inserted vaginally (taken/inserted right before bed). I wore a pantyliner since some people had posted there might be discharge from the capsule. Also, be sure your Acidophilus has multiple strains in it. I read somewhere that not all Acidophilus products are the same.

Day 3: 1 multivitamin 400 mg tablet of Folic Acid 1 Acidiophilus tablet taken orally (I took these at noon on an empty stomach and waited about 20 minutes before eating lunch. My research concluded it was better to take the probiotic on an empty stomach since food can affect the absorption and potency). I also had no discharge or smell this day.

Day 4: 1 multivitamin 1 400 mg Folic Acid. I skipped the Acidophilus altogether. Today my vagina discharged what was left of the capsule I had inserted. It was no big deal - just some granules (the mucous was kind of gritty), but it was noticeable when I wiped after going to the bathroom.

During this time I also cut back on soda and drank more water and soy milk. I can't exactly go cold turkey with the diet, you know? Baby steps and small changes!

I'm not sure if I will continue taking all of these pills daily, but I'm certainly paying more attention to my diet and what it's doing to my vagina. I'll probably continue with the multivitamin every few days and maybe throw in the additional Folic Acid from time to time and take an Acidophilus occasionally too, for maintenance purposes.

Thank you all for posting your stories. I'm a firm believer in natural remedies and that knowledge is power.

Good luck!

Replied by Crazycrazycrazy
(Tampa, Fl)

Thank you to all the wonderful women on here that share the same nightmare! So after months of wondering what the hell was going on, finally I google searched and found it was BV. The only way I could hide the smell at work was tampons, which sucked wearing all the time. So I got the BV Vh essentials from CVS, which does work. But only for a day, then you must use again. At $28 a box of 6 is crazy!!! Plus by the last day it ended up giving me a yeast infection. :( so then I tried the acidophilus, orally and inserting. Just basic stuff, I think it does make a difference of the strain of bacteria. Anyway, The inserting was so weird! You end up having gritty stuff come out all day. Gross! And it didn't seem to work either.

Next!!! Then I got some Kefir plain unsweetened cultured milk. Took a turkey baster, laid down and inserted. I ended up putting a tampon in. Low and behold! It's gone! I'm not sure for how long since I just did this yesterday. I'm going to try again and see. I'm still going to keep up the pills, and folic acid. But I will always keep the $4 bottle of kefir!! I'll update in a few hopefully with good results. Thank you so much for everyone sharing!!

Replied by Jennifer
(Haughton, La)

Three years ago I found this site while researching Vulvodynia. Which spawned from a huge yeast infection and a sever reaction to OTC. The Dr's I saw at that time perscribed everything they could which only made the Vulvodynia come to light. Since I have been dealing with (on and off) BV, Yeast and Vulvodynia. The Dr's are never sure what I have. one said BV but Flaygl didnt work after two rounds and quickly to passed me off to another dr who says its yeast but treats me for the Vulvodynia. I was given three packs of diflucan and told to take Vitamin C which will clear up hidden yeast and C will keep the Vulvodynia at bay ( but the DR said it was in my head) *SIGH*

This last time, ( after taking BV for Flagyl ) I have tried multiple things keeping in mind that all of these seem to happen sorta about the same time. I found the yogurt pills that are made with the 5 billion lacto rhamnosus gr1 and lacto reuteri rc14 ( made for vaginal flora)in the fridge section in a local vitamin shop. Picked some organic garlic bulbs, gauze and natrual yogurt to eat. After reading this site for more then three years I had a lot of other things on hand. I have garlic pills, olive oil leaf pills, goldenseal root and echinacea, calcium citrate plus vitamin D and magnesium. Oh and a nice bottle of ACV with the mother and tea tree oil. Ok so after a week on flagyl I had more itching and discharge that got "stuck" which is what made the irritaion worse. I had a heat like sting and dryness. Which feels like Vulvodynia as well. No smell. In fact I never have a odor! ? First night I used the garlic wrapped in gauze, I cut the string off a tampon made tied the guaze off and inserted. Took it out after a few hours. Let her air hour for a bit them put in another. I felt relief while it was in but.... I though that with the second clove in I would take a warm sitz bath and put two cups of ACV in the water. Sat for about 10 min got out. Really it felt better. The itch wasnt as intense. Used it for another day, so four cloves total. My garlic went bad quickly lol so I tried the garlic capsule. That I didn't like so much the gel outter shell irritated and I had to "get" it out. So I gave my body a rest. Kept taking double doses of garlic and the yogurt pill. Along with the goldenseal root/echinacea, vitamin C. I was eating Garlic even more so too. After looking through a home remedy book, it said to take some vitamins, the few I did have on hand (said above) and insert one yogurt pill in to the vagina every morning for two weeks. I made it about a week when I thought maybe I needed to let "her" breath because she started to itch again and the discharge came back. Almost called the Dr but I stopped myself. I added the calcium with Vitamin D (helps with Vulvodynia symptoms along with a diet change, low Oxalate diet) a multi vitamin and cut down on my double doses of all others. I took a Q-tip and put Apple Cider Vinegar on it. I sort of swabbed my inside and outside area. No burning but while I was waitng a few mins though I should also do a sitz bath with the acv. So I sat for about 15 to 20 min. Whoa! She was extremy warm feeling and a little on the dry side but much better. I had some back and belly pains not to long after the swap. I was a bit scared and that I did something bad!! I waited and it became more of a constipated feeling took a pill for that and the next day it was gone.

Since I have done that I have rinsed the outer part with tea tree oil (one drop)from a peri bottle. This helps cool any minor itch I have as well getting the discharge out. I feel tons better and it been two weeks. I still have a slight itch here and there. I may do another ACV soak since my period is coming. My main Dr kept telling me ph was extremely high. So I have like I said been watching myself with the foods since I have three separate things kinda going on ( thats what I think anyways)I have noticed that taking all into account has helped me.

I know my body can heal itself if I feed it properly! I hope this helps some what. I found the people and the information they share on this site to be priceless. It was hard to Wait it out and not call the Dr when things got bad again but I am going to stick with my instincts on this. If I need to go then it will be because I can no longer do it alone. Good luck!!

Replied by Bella_vista2
(San Mateo, Ca)

Here's an update...

It's been a few weeks now and my BV/odor/discharge is pretty much gone. I haven't been on any regular regimen since my post in December. My only actions at this point are to take a multi-vitamin once every few days, and an occasional probiotic orally. I think I've taken only two probiotics in the last three weeks.

I've been adjusting my diet a bit by cutting down on sodas, which is my main source of sugars. The rest is common sense - more water, more veggies, more fruit.

Thanks, everyone!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by La Gal (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 11/20/2011

I stumbled across this site while researching BV. I have had this in the past, but it was easily cured with a common antibiotic gel that everyone seems to have been prescribed here. I have a long history with yeast infections, however, and while I have not had one in several years, I did have one following my last menstrual cycle. I am tolerant to the OTC meds, so was prescribed another well known yeast cream, only available by prescription; unfortunately, by day 5, I was in terrible pelvic pain and saw my ob/gyn at a major research university. It was determined that I had both bacterial vaginosis and yeast internally, as well as an extensive external yeast infection. I have never had such a thing before. The odd thing is that I do not have the odor that so many of these posts mention. I was concerned, however, after my consult with my doctor, about some of the natural remedies that are being done out of desperation here and wanted to share what I was told, in the hope that it helps someone.

I was prescribed: 600 mg of Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories, one inserted at bedtime for 7-14 days; a vaginal-only Lactobacillus capsule, to be taken orally for 30 days; an external antifungal and steroid combination ointment to be used twice a day for 14 days. I am vastly improved after one week.

This regimen was prescribed by my doctor based on the following:

The antibiotic, oral or vaginal will cause a yeast infection in most women, setting up a vicious cycle. The cure rate of the antibiotic is not 100%, therefore, what returns not a new infection, it's the same one, usually plus yeast.

This is generally caused by an overall imbalance in the ph of the vaginal vault. The only clinically proven, and studied way to correct that is via 600mg of boric acid administered once per day, vaginally for 7-14 days. Many women need to administer one capsule monthly as well just before or after their period ends. This creates the ideal acidic environment and serves as an antiseptic for the bacterial overgrowth. Initial treatment does not work in only three days, unfortunately, and must be continued for 7-14 days--and should be administered at night right before laying down or it will pop out! No more than one capsule is required. Overkill is bad. Douching with an acidic solution may "seem" like a good alternative, but it also washes out the fluids that are trying to regrow and ahere to the walls. Boric acid does not do that, but it does take a while. I admit that.

Because with both BV and yeast, the vagina is in an alkaline state and there is an undergrowth of Lactobacillus, the beneficial flora that migrates from the intestinal tract (yes, that is how it gets there) to the vagina. It is not just any Lactobacilli however--the majority of the supplements, yogurts, kefirs, etc. Are designed to adhere to the gut. Therefore they do not ever migrate to the vagina. Inserting capsules or yogurt directly into the vagina has been studied and shown no effect as the bacteria do not adhere to the vagina. Neither does soaking a tampon in yogurt, although the coolness of the yogurt may provide some temporary comfort. They are foreign bacteria to the vagina and will cause inflammation. In fact, there is actually another vaginosis caused by an overgrowth of Lactobacillus, which mimics many of the symptoms described here. I just wanted to point that out.

There are two strains that have been clinically isolated as naturally occuring in the vagina, and should be taken orally. Within 7 days, these strains will be present in your vagina and doing their job: Lactobacillus rhamnosus, GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri, RC-14. The are available under a brand name, mentioned in the BV forum quite frequently and are available internationally.

Douching: I occasionally douched with a mild vinegar and water douche (not scent of May or anything like that) and seriously got yelled at by my gyn. I am talking about 4 times a year at most. Anyway, I did my research on the hydrogen peroxide and the apple cider and the baking soda, etc. Since it was recommended here. What I found was that: baking soda neutralizes acid--think about it! You can drink it as an antiacid so imagine what it does if you are trying to build an acidic environment? It neutralizes it--it's actually used in the case of an overgrowth of Lactobacillus!!! Hydrogen Perioxide is a natural byproduct of Lactobacillus, so why tamper with that? I have seen a quite a bit on the Internet though that both it and Apple Cider Vinegar are successful--I personally don't plan to try them myself since the Boric Acid and vaginal-specific Lactobacillus worked, but if they are not harming you and work for you, I didn't see anything wrong with them, provided they aren't overused. I do know that too much Hydrogen Peroxide can be damaging to skin, and if you have bleeding or fissures in your vagina, I would skip that myself.

Feminine hygiene: I was lectured on this too! I use tampons during my mentrual period and was told that was preferred (I used a VERY common cotton brand). What I was told to immediately stop using was another VERY common brand of super absorbant pads and panty liners or any pad or panty liner that use anything such as dry-weave technology. Apparently those are breeding grounds for bacteria. Who knew? So I switched to an all natural brand, made with cotton, ph balanced, not as thin and comfy--but goodness, it was hard to find anything that was not scented, doused with baking soda, or made from some dry weave type fabric.

Washing: This was crazy. I have always used a special feminine wash, unscented, thinking that it was better than shower gel or soap. I don't shave (I wax) and I keep myself very clean. My doctor actually said to me, "It's you clean ones I have the most problems with. " I have now been instructed to wash my labia with only water and my clean fingertips in the shower. I've been doing that, but really, I don't feel clean. I'm so scared of this coming back though that I am following her instructions to the T.

Vitamins: I was not given any special diet rules. I eat healthy and am fit anyway. I do normally take folic acid, biotin, vitamin c, vitamin d, but added B12 based on what I read here. We'll see if that helps my immune system rebuild.

Anyway, thank you all so much for sharing your stories. It was so helpful to not feel alone in this, and I hope that some or any of what I shared is helpful to you. I feel so badly that so many are suffering, that I just wanted to put out some of what I found, was told, and researched. Best wishes for us all to have happy, healthy vaginas!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dottie (Baltimore, Maryland) on 09/25/2011

Thanks, everyone! After a series of yeast infections and BV, I was getting pretty frustrated. Traditional medical treatments seemed to cause either the BV or the yeast to exacerbate. Anyway, I tried the probiotics (got a brand with L. Reuteri and L. Rhamnosus from the refrigerated section of the health food store), sublingual B12 tablets, folic acid, and kefir (actually, I bought the non-dairy version which I probably can't name here, but it's a probiotic-packed drink from the health food store). I didn't do the H2O2 douche (because I was so raw!!! ), but did rinse with hydrogen peroxide for a few days to decrease the odor. I also did not put yogurt in my vagina, but it seems to work for many posters. My routine is to take the lactobacillus/probiotic capsules a.m. and p.m., B12 (1000mcg) a.m. and p.m., folic acid (800 mcg) a.m. and p.m. and drink the kefir or non-dairy alternative in the morning. I've done this for a week, but within 2 days, the odor, itch, and inflammation was gone. I had irritation-free sex 2 nights ago... Still no symptoms! Yay.

I hope that anyone suffering with BV will research the many posts on this site and give some of these remedies a try. I would also say that it was really helpful for me to make a list of what I wanted to try, then enlist someone knowledgeable at the health food/natural store to help me score the right products. Don't be shy... Tell them what you're trying to treat. The woman I spoke with was a treasure trove of knowledge. Along with all of the posters on this site, I found her advice really valuable.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Laury (Rockville, Md, Usa) on 08/18/2011

But I want to share how I cure myself, after all you have already said I had nevber heard of the Folic Acid though, by an advice from a pharmacist (sorry spelling)in France I inserted Nitrate de Fenticonazole ( 3 days) in the vagina there different names from countries and it worked for about 4 months then I did it again and waited 2 days and started Sarah Summer Boluses, won't give the recipe because u sign an agreement when u buy over internet.. And she deserve it because it'sa miracle.. I did it for the 3 weeks as she says and after that waited a week and started inserting one pill of Probiotic Acidophilus Natures Bounty every 2 nights and taking Candex Pure Essence Labs(2 pills before sleep)and that's it the Dr said I wasn't ever better or more clean than the last time I went there... Hope it helps.. I will start with the Folic Acid also to prevent and I also heard that is good for the memory too...

Multiple Remedies
Posted by C. Marie (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/16/2011

I am 29 years old and have been suffering from BV for about 2 years now... It started when I went off BC pills... But I could always control it... Then I had a miscarriage and my hormones went all wacky and I think thats what messed up my PH balance really badly... now I have it all the freakin time....24/7. I just had the Mirena IUD placed in May and they put me on Clindamycin so I'm sure that didnt help AT ALL. I feel like its gotten even worse. (I have done all the Flagly pills, etc... With the same effect at everone else.... Helps for a while but then it comes back) This condition is really starting to have an effect on my sex life.... My boyfriend wants sex ALL THE TIME, and luckily he is supportive and doesnt seem to mind (or so he says) the potent smell.... Its not really fishy... Just a very strong smell.... Lots of discharge... I find that I have to wipe myself several times during the day.... GROSS. I am on the verge of tears. I have done hours and hours of research and came across Fem-adophilus... I have been taking it for about 2 weeks now with not much improvement yet but alot of women said it took about a month to see results. It has the two main stains of bacteria that are found in healthy vaginas... L. Reuteri and L. Ramonus (not sure if I spelled that right). LADIES IF YOU GET THIS PRODUCT, KEEP IT REFRIDGERATED, and if you have it shipped make sure it is shipped with ice packs. I also just ordered a product called Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support.. Should be here by tomorrow so I'm excited to try it. I just started taking Folic acid too... I've heard good things about it when combined with a probiotic. I dont think I am going to try the Peroxide douche.. I think any kind of douche is bad... Its just flushing everything out... However, this evening I am trying the tampon method... Mix hlaf water half peroxide and soak a tampon in it and then insert... Not sure how long I will leave it in... But It seems like a good idea since the good bacteria need a more acidic environment. Anyhow, I will keep everyone updated on how everything goes!! Fingers crossed!!!

P.S. The Fem-dophilus might not have worked as well as I have hoped probably because my BF has been ejaculating in me which messes up the PH... We have stopped doing that about a week ago so hopefully that helps too!!!!

Replied by Channel
(Atlanta, Georgia)

I have been suffering with B.V. for about 5 years now. I have been to OBGYN's and speacialist, but no one can cure my problem. I have tried all the remedies out there, peroxide, apple vinegar cider, antibotcs, probiotics.......... Nothing works, it will take the smell and discharge away for a couple of days and then it's back. It's a very emotional touchy topic and I don't know what to do..... Can anyone help?

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Channel: If you have such poor response to treatments as you posted, this suggest an "underlying issue". Ultimately your body detox & immune systems are heavily taxed.

Try improving the quality of your diet; purify your air & water. Maybe do a gallbladder cleanse fallowed by a colon cleanse, fallowed by a parasite cleanse. Milk Thistle Seed and NAC will greatly improve your liver/detox. Zinc & vit-A will improve your immune. Sweat room or sauna will detox the skin as well as most of the body.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Channel,

I am sorry you have dealt with this for so long with no permanent cure!

I would try what Timh suggests for dealing with underlying causes.

One thing I have not seen mentioned yet on the BV page is activated charcoal. I know it has been used successfully for uterine infection. You could get some charcoal tablets and insert a couple at bedtime daily (which may end up being messy by morning--you would want to use pantyliners until the charcoal has all passed.) Alternately, you could soak a tampon in a charcoal water solution. Maybe 1 teaspoon of charcoal in a couple of ounces of water and use this over night. Either thing you try, I would try for at least a week.

Perhaps it will take multiple remedies for your cure, and perhaps it will be necessary to continue treatment long after symptoms improve.

I hope you find a permanent solution. Let us know what you find out!

~Mama to Many~

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nicole (New York, Ny) on 08/09/2011

I suffered from BV on and off for 6 years. I got it after a miscarriage which led to me bleeding and spotting for a period of 3 months. I also went on birth control at that time which increased the bleeding. My hormones were out of whack and taking Flagyl only worked for a short period of time. Every doctor I went to didn't know how to stop me from bleeding and this resulted in me smelling like fish 24/7. I cried every day! I knew people could smell me and I hated myself. I looked at other women and for some reason envied their vagina.. lol (stupid but valid at the time).

After years of trying Flagyl, acidophilus, douches, potions, and spells.. I tried Gy-Na-Tren( You can get it at Whole Foods, GNC, or the Vitamin Shoppe if you're in NYC). It took away the smell right away, however, I still had discharge and violent itching when it was finished ( I think it might have been thrush). I decided to try Gy-Na-Tren again and also take 1 Acidopilus (PR8 brand), 1 Rainbow Light Candida Cleanse (Also at the same places I found the Gy-Na-Tren), 1 Multivitamin, and Sublingual b12 which contains folic acid. I take these every morning. I have been BV free for a long time with no discharge or smell!

Replied by Nicole
(Brooklyn, Ny)

I forgot to mention that my fiance and I live together so I am sexually active:-). I also use Aveeno fragrance free soap to cleanse down there and I rinse everytime, be it oral or vaginal, I do a really quick wash.

Replied by Betty

I hate this damn Bv why dont the doctors know enough about this? I got this 8 years ago, a dumbass gave me a std and I douched so much not to feel dirty and I did not know, I was making my situation worst, this is my fault, I smell like fish, fish, ewww, I know ppl smell me I have to work and go to school, this is awful, I smell it a hour after leaving my house, sex? I have not have sex since last year, when I did I took a shower before, 4 years ago when I had sex with my then BF then whole room smelled like fish he left me:(this is so depressing, I tried eveything here, been to doctors they look at you like u are from space. I went to whole foods monday bought Keifer yogurt 10 differents strains Of L. Acidhilous and I bought Fem dophilis it was in cold section, this is just today, I smelled nothing

I do not want to get my hopes high, I have to post tomorrow night, But if for 1 day I smell like me and not a fish I will take it. PPl want to judge we r clean women it is just that our bodies are in whack and men need to shut up, they need to smell like a damn fish, they have it to easy. The Kefir smoothie with 10 million live cultures taste so good, Im willing to try anything, Boric acid? no, down there? all I need to do is burn my VJ off then I will be in trouble, they say it is safe, but it is to kill rodents, r there 2 different kinds? anyway just today I know bumble tuna was not with me GOOD:)) I will post tomorrow.