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Hydrogen Peroxide Variations

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Posted by Dr.sebibaby (Atlanta, Ga) on 09/18/2016
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I kept having reoccurring episodes of bv. I wasn't having sex at the time, I only used mild, fragrance soap to wash my vaginal area and I used the same clothes detergent for years so why the reoccurance I have no idea. I did some research and figured that if it's an over growth of the bad bacteria why not add some of the good bacteria to balance it.

I bought a box of 2 vinegar and water douche bottles (I got the ones with the applicator that you can screw off and replace the top of the bottle with a cap), probiotics Acidophilus (capsules) and hydrogen peroxide. I emptied out one of the pre-filled douche bottles and rinsed it with warm water (I know I said vinegar and water like it mattered but I'd rather rinse out something natural then something that had artificial fragrance in it. And traces of vinegar wouldn't hurt much.)

I added maybe an inch to an inch and a half of hydrogen peroxide to the empty bottle; opened up a capsule of the probiotic Acidophilus and emptied the contents of that in the bottle and added warm water. Let the mixture dissolve before using. I would use it in the shower after I wash up, re-filling the bottle with just plain warm water and douching another 4-5 times.

I did this daily for about 5-7 nights a week and even noticed the signature bad smell was gone the very next morning. By the end of the second day the discharge had lessened and the odor remained gone. I would skip a few days and do it again for another 3-4 days. I re used my douche bottle for about a month before I discarded it. I'd replace the cap on top of the bottle and would clean the applicator with plain warm water and my clean hands, wrap it in a clean paper towel and place it in a clean zip lock gallon bag and sealed it. (I'm a nurse and this is the closest I could come up with as far as a clean technique goes)

I'm still on the quest to find out just why women keep suffering from this. Maybe it's our diet or side effects from my birth control days, I don't know. But I hope this remedy gives helps someone out.

Replied by Yolie

How long did you do this for?

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Dd (Indiana) on 08/09/2016
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I am a chronic bv sufferer. I have been dealing with bv off and on for at least years. The doctors will give you an antibiotic that will wipe all of your bacteria out and then tell you that there is no way to put the good bacteria back therefore resulting in another bv attack. I have decided to natural cure my bv because the doctors just want you to come back for the office visit money!! I use a combination of peroxide and I use tea tree oil. Once the smell goes away I start taking my probiotic but you need one that has more than one strand of lactobacillius. I find that the probiotics with lots of strands work more effectively and the ones that have at least 20 billion cfu. Good luck ladies!!

Replied by Lynda

I would like to know what method and how you use the tea tree oil combination.

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Nanamionitsuka (Philippines) on 05/09/2016
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Hi! I just want to share what I did. I Had bv last month after my period and it smells really bad that I don't want to have sex with my boyfriend anymore. I waited for a month hoping it will just heal, but it never did, so I got it checked by the ob. she gave me metronidazole, it worked after 3 days but it gave me side effects like nauseous, and dizzines I can't even function well so I stopped taking it on the 5th day. I was so happy that the smell is gone so I thought I have to still work on some remedies so the infection will not return, so I put yogurt inside since I heard its a cure for bv. but it infect my vagina again with bv, so I stopped putting yogurt since it made my bv came back, I don't want to take antibiotics again so I searched for other remedies on the net.

This time I soaked a hydrogen peroxide diluted with water in a tampon and put it inside my vagina, I did this for 2 days but I stopped since I feel it burning inside. so what I did was mix hydrogen peroxide with a probiotic drink and used it as a feminine wash only 2x a day. I drink 1 probiotic drink everyday, take 2 tablets of vitamin c everyday. put omx probiotic tablet inside my vagina at night, then put the vitamin c capsule in the morning for 4 days, I almost lose hope that nothing will work but now I noticed that my vagina doesn't have smell anymore. And I hope this time it stays this way. Hope this helps!

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Liz (Las Vegas) on 03/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I'm here to let other women know they CAN treat BV while on their periods. I am 24, pretty healthy, and I take birth control pills, which is why I think my pH gets so crazy on my period. My pH seems to change when I get my period, causing the worst itch and irritation. Let me start by telling you how I got here.

A few months ago, I had the most uncomfortable, burning itch that I kept getting around/on my period. It became so unbearable, I did some research and thought it was a yeast infection. Looking back on it, I realize now it was BV. After trying to use OTC treatment for a yeast infection (monostat 1 was so painful! ), I irritated the BV (imagine your lady parts as a balloon animal) and ended up paying about $100 extra to see a doctor, who prescribed me all kinds of crap. Since then, to get rid of my itch and fix the balance of my natural pH levels, I have been mixing hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water, and adding a splash of apple cider vinegar. I insert that with a syringe (no needle, duh) and rinse with it about three times in the morning. Since tampons only irritate me more, I use a menstrual cup. I lube my cup with coconut oil and insert it after rinsing with the mixture.

Then I take two acidophilus pills orally and drink an ACV/water mixture and go about my day.

When I need to rinse my cup at night before bed, I repeat the above steps. I tried soaking the mixture in a tampon and that didn't do much for me, plus I hate how tampons irritate my vagina. I highly recommend trying the cup, especially if you have painful periods and tend to have sensitive skin. So far I have had no problems and the happiest period I've had in a while! Good luck, hope this helps!

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Michelle (Marysville, Ca) on 11/29/2015
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I suffer from BV to and it sucks. I'm not sexually active either, mine is brought in by sugar. I wonder if that's the cause fir many if the cases. If BV and if a study could be done and test that. But yeah, I also ready about peroxide I've done it with soaking a tampon in those little cups you would use for rinsing your mouth after brushing your Teeth ( the cardboard wax ones) and a little bit of peroxide and I leave it in overnight it works . I do that and take acidophilus pills three times a day with a lot of water . You can also use liquid acidophilus if you dint think that the pills are helping fast or enough, I think the liquid one is faster but I'm not sure lol .

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Krazy4kookies (Duxbury, Vt) on 11/21/2015
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First a little history....I got divorced in 2013 after being with only one guy for 23 years! When we had sex we always did the rythm method even though I was on the pill (just an added precaution against pregnancy). After the divorce I started seeing a new guy who refused to do the rythm method. That is when I started to have problems with Bacterial Vaginosis. Prior to that I never had it in my life, only the occasional yeast infection. He had stated other women he had seen also had the same problem, so there must be something about his sperm that are toxic to my body!

I came to earth clinic and found the hydrogen peroxide treatment. It worked great at first, but I was getting the infections so often, the peroxide was becoming irritating and would result in yeast infections. I made a trip to the doctor and got a prescription which worked to cure the infection.

I still got infections so I research preventatives. Two things helped which I highly recommend. The first is a probiotic which contains LACTOBACILLUS that are native to the vagina and the best at producing natural H2O2. To my knowledge it is the only supplement available that contains the proper vaginal bacteria Lactobacillus.

The other thing that helps is a Vaginal Gel applicators. These are a pricey and only come in a 4 pack. I would use them after sex to restore my pH and I had no issues for a few months.

Due to the price of the gel applicators I risked not taking them as I was taking the Lactobacillus probiotic daily. I decided to see if I could stop using the gel and save some money. I stopped using it and I still have no issues so I only use the Gel applicators after sex and a recent infection until I think my bacteria population is stable (1-2 weeks post infection).

Recently I have been having issues again with infections (not sure if due to too many sweets, dirty man, or what! ). I am almost out of medication from the doctor and really don't want to go back and pay for the visit and meds.

I came back to Earth clinic and decided to do the hydrogen peroxide treatment again. I rinsed internally with 50% water, 50% hydrogen peroxide with empty douche container. I then opened a capsule of the probiotic supplement, moistened my finger, dipped in the powder from the capsule, and inserted that into my vagina. That was in the evening.

By morning there was still a bit of odor, so I repeated the hydrogen peroxide rinse followed by the lactobacillus powder from the capsule. The the end of the day I can say I am cured and all is back to normal.

Hopefully I figure out why I am having a relapse as the probiotic t has kept me infection free for many many months. I'm hoping if I do get another infection the combination hydrogen peroxide and the lactobacillus powder results in another fast recovery!

Replied by Leann
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Your body's ph has to be just right. If you eat a lot of sugar it can cause a mild yeast infection....The things people use to try to get rid of it usually make it worse.

A man's sperm can have a high ph and throw your ph off.

So it may not be a dirty man. It does happen.

Wear cotton panties. Or none when you sleep. Let it breath. Bacteria loves dark warm moist places to breed.

Diflucan for the yeast infection ....and get it for a month.

Also get the BV med.....If you can....

Only do the hydrogen soaked tampon if yellow discharge and 30 minutes is enough. And the lactobacillus on going.....

Find your stable ....but don't over do it. The rephresh ph gel inserts help.

Some people also drink a table spoon of vinegar daily.

Eat fruit....try to stay away from sugar. And antibiotics

Those are the main culprits. But once your PH is off it can be a battle to get it straight.

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Lightt ( Us) on 04/30/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I always said that I would post once I found something that truly worked for me. I hope that this information also blesses others that have suffered with BV. After lots of research and the combination of trying many things I have found that the following really works and my BV symptoms have not come back even through sexually intercourse, menstrual cycles, and heavy excercise. I first douched with a 3% hydrogen peroxide, that same evening I inserted a boric acid capsule and allowed that to work and drain over night. The next day there was plenty of discharge so be prepared with a liner. That evening I inserted a probiotic directly into the vagina there maybe some slight discomfort. I have not had any BV issues since. No daily maintenance required, which is truly amazing if you have been through what I have been through. Hope this helps! God Bless!

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Catherine (Georgetown, Kentucky) on 07/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I've fought with bv for years. The ONLY thing that has worked for me is douching with borax and hp. I reuse a standard clean douche bottle with a tbl spoon or so of each. Make sure water is hot so the borax dissolves. I use it for a week or so. Adding Borax to your bottled water will also cleanse the Candida from your system too. There is plenty of info on here about supplementing with Borax! It's wonderful stuff!

Replied by Liz

Borax or boric acid?

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by 15yearstoolong (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) on 03/09/2011

First of all I'd like to say a huge Thank you to all of the women on this site for writing about your home remedies and making suggestions, giving the rest of us sufferers some hope. I am 40 years old and have had 5 children. I have suffered with BV since I was 25 yrs old (15 years in total). I have always taken the medication that my doctor has prescribed for me (Flagyl), and it has always worked in getting rid of the BV, but only temporarily. I really felt like I was the only one suffering with this, and always felt "dirty".

Up until I had my 3rd child, I had never ever had a vaginal problem. No odours, no discharge, nothing. I was with the same man for over 19 years, so multiple partners was never an issue. The first time I got BV, my doctor had very little advice or anything at all to tell me on how to fight this vicious infection. I would get it at least 3 times a year every year following that. Here in Canada we do have medical insurance and are able to see the doctor as frequently as we need to and Flagyl is covered by my insurance. For 15 years this medication has done nothing but temporarily make it go away. I am now in a new relationship and have only been sexually active twice in the past month. First time was 1 day before I started my menstrual cycle and there was absolutely no smell, however discharge was thick. The second time was 2 weeks afterwards and I could smell the BV was back and heard that "noise" that happens when I urinate while infected. I had told my doctor about this "sound" and he looked at me like I had 2 heads. However after reading the posts on this site, I have come to learn I was not alone. Other women have heard it too, and can tell when an outbreak of BV will or is happening because of that alone. So after having read each and every single post on here, I decided to try some of the remedies. I have done alot of online research and found out some things that certainly helped me. The very first thing I did was went to the drug store and bought a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. I also found a product by RePhresh called Pro-B caplets. Each caplet contains 2.5 billion Lactobacillus rhamnsous Gr-1, and 2.5 billion Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14. After very extensive research I came to learn that these 2 types of bacteria are the most important healthy bacteria that fight off the bad bacteria and is found naturally in the vagina. Each one has its own way of fighting, and are necessary to maintain a healthy vagina. So here is what I have done. I'm sure most of you already know that you need more of the healthy bacteria in your vagina than bad in order for you to get rid of the BV. I bought a douche from the drug store and emptied out its contents. I filled half of the bottle with the Hydrogen Peroxide and the other half with warm water. I douched with that and held it in for about 5 mins, then letting it all out and douched again but this time with only Hydrogen Peroxide and no water. Yes it burned a slight bit but barely noticeable. I then showered only using water to clean my womanly area. After the shower I used straight peroxide to clean the outer area. Make sure you dry the area soon afterwards. I took orally 1 of the capsules mentioned above. Just before bedtime I took a tampon and lowered it back down inside the tube to leave some room. I took one of the capsules, broke it open and poured the powdery content into the tampon applicator so that it would sit in a neat little pile on top of the tampon. I stood up to put the applicator in so it wouldn't pour out the powder before being inserted. Do not wet the tampon at all before insertion or it won't go in very easily. I left the tampon in for 2 hours. The second night, I only took 1 capsule orally and inserted one pill vaginally, same way as before.

Third day I took another pill orally, did the Peroxide douche and afterwards inserted another capsule. I will not douche every day, as I am afraid of washing away the "good" bacteria that I have inserted and also taking orally. You have to grow and maintain enough good bacteria down there, in order for it to be successful in overtaking the bad bacteria and combat BV. Also always wearing cotton undies, and keeping the area as dry & clean as possible is also an important factor. When you take the Flagyl or other anti-biotics, it kills the good bacteria along with the bad and upsets the acidity and PH levels in your vagina, therefore giving any bad bacteria that survives another chance of regrouping and re-infecting. I won't be doucing anymore and only taking the probiotics that I have bought..

Here in Canada the RePHresh pills I purchased were $35.00 for a 30 day supply, at one a day. However, I have been going through 2 a day as I am using them vaginally as well. It's been a while since I started this regimen and so far everything is working fantastic!!! I have never been drier down there in my life. Even after a very long hard day and no chance of a shower yet, I'm still completley dry down there.. There is absolutely no odour and no discharge. The real test will be after my menstrual cycle or sex... I will keep you updated on how things progress for me. This is trully one of the most horrible infections us women can get.. Not to mention embarrassing, degrading, and I'm tired of living the life of a nun just to keep from suffering the embarrassments. I ordinarily would never write on these kinds of forums especially about this kind of personal thing, however I'm hoping that I can help others out, the same way others on this site have certainly helped me! Good luck to all of you!

Replied by 15yearstoolong
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I just wanted to add that I had read somewhere that some of the probiotics that have been mentioned in some of these posts that are being taken by women to combat BV, are actually not effective for bacterial vaginosis, but rather for digestive & intestinal problems. This could be why some women are finding no success in beating this infection by taking their probiotics alone. The 2 bacteria strains I have listed above in my post are the 2 that you need the most to beat this thing. Also keep up with the "proper" probiotics even for a while after it seems that you have no more symptoms. Sometimes it seems like it has gone away when in fact it may not be completley gone yet. The longer you dose yourself with "good" bacteria the better your chances of success.

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Bmore76 (Baltimore, MD) on 07/26/2009

peroxide/water douche and 10ml of plain yogurt cured my frequent recurring bacterial vaginosis

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Tani (East Hartford, Connecticut) on 03/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am totally happy to find this site, I've had BV for 2 years and was at the end of my rope with Metro Gel and Flagyl. I was beginning to think I was immune to these drugs because they never worked for me. I was sick of being in the doctor's office 3 times a month and decided to do my own research. After reading everyone's post and what worked for them, I began my own experiment that totally worked for me. For 7 days I douched with half water and half 30cc peroxide every night with a douche bottle (which burned a little)and inserted plain Organic yogurt from Country Farm. I thought it was important to use that type of yogurt as it had the lactobacillus which we need to put back directly in the vagina to help kill the bad bacteria causing BV. Its been 6 weeks and I am BV free.

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Pam (Central Florida) on 08/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I've been dealing with BV for almost a year. I found that using 3% HP Douche (no water) and holding it in my vagina for 2 - 3 minutes works really well (just squeeze then release when you are ready to let it drain out).

Also--a baking soda paste applied to the outside worked like a miracle for the burning and irritation. I simply dab some on when I first get into the shower and then wash it off when I'm ready to get out.

Hydrogen Peroxide Variations
Posted by Destiny (Newark, New Jersey) on 04/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I came to this site hoping for a cure for my re-current bv/yeast infections. I was tired (and imbarrassed) of calling my Dr. every month for a prescription. And more importantly, with money being tight, I didn't have it to spend. I logged on and found this site and immediately tried the hydrogen peroxide/water (I used a plastic cup and poured equal amounts of each that covered the cotton part of the tampon)on the tampon. It burned for a minute or two then I felt bubbling, but it was tolorable. I drank some Apple Cider Vinegar (2 table spoons and 8 oz of water mix) and mixed a white vinegar and water douch (1/2 and 1/2). I left the tampon in for approx. 30 minutes, then douched an hour later. Again I felt some burning but it was again tolorable. The next morning there were no signs of the "cottage cheese" discharge and I was "so fresh and so clean"! I now have a new remedy that is both affordable and natural. Thanks for the tips.

Replied by Sherry
(Baxter, Ks)

A good probiotic from the health food store is the answer to vaginosis. The yogurt doesn't have enough good bugs in it and most of it dies in the gut. I take a probiotic with 16 billion good bacteria in it and it has cleared up my sinus infection and also my yeast. The good bugs kill off all the yeast. It is also good for bacterial infections since the bugs are good bacteria. I believe it will also help the immune systen for the flu season. I havent seen much about people taking a good probiotic for cures. a good probiotic is the answer to a lot of ailments. It would pay to do some research on this.

Replied by Desperate In The United States
(Whooville, Cat In The Hat, United States)

Hello to you all! I have constantly read posts on here since my mother told me about this site. I developed BV about 5 months after my first child, never had it before in my lifetime. After I got pregnant, my body went absolutely crazy. I have had crap-loads and I do mean a lot of anti-biotics (Tindemax, Metro-Gel, and Torcel, I think that is what it is called. Anyway, I could go into horrible detail about how this "stuff" has completely turned my life upside down. Who ever would have thought something like this would make me cry everyday. It seems like pulling teeth just to get through the day. Well, many antibiotics and two doctors later, I am now on Boric Acid. I take it twice a day for seven days and then once a day for all eternity I guess. My question is this, I have also been doing the Acidophilus vaginally. I use Ultimate Flora and do this twice a day. They are veggie capsules, but you don't really find a lot of organic where I live. They are more stuck on traditional medicine. So, I have told my doctor and he is fine with me doing this. I am doing this with the Boric Acid. I also take two probiotics everyday, with Kefir, which I drink like crazy. I also take two 8oo mg of Folic Acid, 6 garlic pills everyday and vitamin c. Is there a better probiotic to use?

Replied by Janet
(Woodbridge, NJ)

Hi Julie! I was wondering, how u manage to insert that tampon in you? I mean, once you put that mix on the tampon it blows up!, how do you insert it in when is like that??

Replied by Roxy D
(Portland, Maine)

I was thinking the same thing Janet...I tried it with yogurt the other night (which worked temporarily) and just the bit I put on the tampon it already started to absorb the moisture so I had to be quick about it. Maybe it turns into more of a paste when the powder is mixed with the water?

Hydrogen Peroxide, Probiotics

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Posted by Naturalcat (San Francisco, Ca) on 09/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Here are the things I tried for BV and for yeast infection, and what I think worked best for me for each:

boric acid, probiotics, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar.

I feel like the hydrogen peroxide (washing with and douching with) and probiotics (taken both orally and vaginally) work the best for BV, and now I have my natural (and I think actually quite nice) personal smell/taste back down there. I have to say it did take some time, it wasnt instant. I tried boric acid first and thought it would help more than it did, because I do think it along with ACV rinses works great for yeast, but I think boric acid and ACV wasn't so great for BV.

What I did was douche with 50/50 (approx) clean, filtered water and regular H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) frequently at first (about 2-3xs per week) and opened an acidophilous capsule and scooped a tiny bit of that out with a clean cotton swab dipped in coconut oil and inserted it and swirled it around as far as I could go inside my vagina. I did this for about 2-3 weeks while also trying to alkalize my diet more, taking a multivitamin AND ingesting a lot of probiotics in different forms, for the sake of getting a variety of different beneficial bacteria populating into my gut and system. The probiotics I used were Good Belly beverage, Yakult beverage, expensive femme combo probiotic blend (Refrigerated type) and the cheap grocery store dry shelf acidophious capsules. I also took a few cranberry concentrate capsules orally for good measure because it contains properties which are purported to loosen and cleanse away the harmful bacteria that can adhere to the urinary tract. I made sure to take these many times a day at first and slowly ramped down as the symptoms receded.

I slowly backed down the frequency of H2O2 douching, however I still cleanse externally with a 50/50 H2O2/filtered water blend frequently, because I like the idea that is kills bad bacteria but also is a by product of (and therefore not removing) the good bacteria.

One of the keys to my regimes' success that I should also share is that I was sure to keep my hands and everything else I used very, very clean before ever putting it near my vagina. and I washed all my panties and pants with borax to help kill the bacteria that could be living in my clothes. In total it took about 3-6 weeks to completely eliminate all traces of BV in my system, however I have noticed after periods I catch a hint of it in my smell so I did one undiluted H2O2 douche after my period, each period and it seems to keep it from returning. I think one of the important things to keep in mind with douching is to know when to do it, and when not to. I think it is really important to let the vagina balance out and that can be a delicate balance between taking actions (like douching, inserting coconut oil and/or acidophilous) and just gently cleaning the outside but letting it rest and re-balance itself (herself? :)

Hydrogen Peroxide, Probiotics
Posted by Nikki (Milwaukee, Wi) on 04/12/2010
4 out of 5 stars

WOW!!! I'm so glad I came across this site! I'm a married (faithfully) 30yr old that has been suffering from BV for at least a year. At first I didn't know what was wrong w/me. My main symptom was pain and burning during and after intercourse. Doc diagnosed me with bacterial vaginosis after a pap smear. She game me the pill, I think called metronidazole (or close to that) and an antifungal cream. I guess it helped slightly relieve symptoms for a week or so but not much relief. I didn't go back to the doc, it was embarrassing and I didn't want to take the pills again. they made me feel sick and didn't work anyways.

3 days ago I tried the hydrogen peroxide mixed with distilled H20 (1/2 and 1/2 mix) and douched (never done that before!) and IMMEDIATELY the smell was gone and my vagina felt like it did years ago! I was thrilled! I went to the store and bought probiotics took one orally and upon others recommendations put one in my vagina at bedtime. I used the pearl capsules. The next morning I woke up burning and itching like I had a major yeast infection. I douched with the peroxide mix and felt better. I took another probiotic that day orally, NO MORE in the crotch! I think that did me in for the yeast infection.I also used a dose of monistat the 2nd night to fight any yeast infection that may have been brewing down there. So I'm on day 4 of taking probiotic once a day orally and douching maybe once a day with the peroxide mix. I have to say I think this is working!!!! I'm so happy I have my normal happy good smelling crotch back! It was so embarrassing before. I always worried about the smell and the pain during sex. My husband and I had sex on day 3 and I had 0 pain!!! I made him wash himself downthere very good before sex.

I'm really hoping this continues to work for me, I'm so scared to get BV back. It's nasty, embarrassing and just plain miserable.I'm going to try to continue taking the acidophilus pill (probiotic) daily, and only douche when I feel BV coming on.

PLEASE...if your having the same problems give the hydrogen peroxide mixed with distilled water a try! I couldn't believe the IMMEDIATE relief I had. On a side note, don't be afraid that the hydrogen peroxide is bad for you. It occurs naturally in the vagina and we get yeast and bacterial infections when levels are too low. The point of the acidophilus pills (probiotics) is to increase these good bacteria that produce hydrogen peroxide.

Replied by Lola
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hydrogen peroxide only works temperarily. It like cleans the vaginal walls out of the acidic discharge, but wait a day and it will come right back.

Dong Quai Herb twice a day, and a good, (atleast $30 bottle of acidophilus is important too) The pearls are good. I use "Femdophilus" Jarrow brand.

Goldenseal Herb and Echinacea for no more than a month, is good. 350mg pills, three capsule, three times a day, and Goldenseal ticture, filled in an empty "00" gel caps, 2 to 3 times a day everyday along with the echinacea. Its an infection!! The bacteria must be killed off