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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV

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Posted by Kelly (Los Angeles, California) on 04/21/2013
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Hi! I have been dealing with BV for years now. It's awful. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. I recently decided to not use tampons and only use cotton pads through a period and miraculously the BV seemed to disappear. I have also been eating yogurt daily and taking a probiotic for safe measure. I just had my period again and did not use them this time either. We will see what happens. I have my fingers crossed!!

Posted by Ariann28 (Waynesville, Missouri) on 03/17/2013
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Hey everyone!! WHAT A MIRACLE! I just wanted to tell my experience with these two! I have been battling BV off and on for four years. My body is very prone to infections and so yeast has always been a big issue with me. For the past couple years it's been both yeast and bv. I came across this site and found complete hope! I prayed that this was the answer. And it was! I diagnosed myself this very last time. I could tell by a slight odor, occasionally I would feel irritated, the discharge, and recently I was so irritated and red that I broke out into blisters. (This wasn't an STD, bv/yeast can cause blisters when left untreated and I was diagnosed with bv by them before) so anyways I immediately went to the HEALTH FOOD STORE and grabbed Acidophilus. The REFRIDGERATED 14 billion count LIVE bacteria. It has about ten different strands. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Refridgerated probiotics. It's worth the money. I honestly don't believe it would work if it was shelved. So I took one pro-b in the morning and inserted one vaginally at night for about a week. I started juicing and somewhat followed an alkaline diet. Bad bacteria feed off acidic foods so stay away from most acidic foods as you can! So important! IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT FOODS ARE ACIDIC, GOOGLE IT. Your vagina naturally fights off infections but if it is weak it causes your vaginal ph to rise. Anything above a 4. creates a breeding ground for bad bacteria. I abstained from sex with my husband for about 3 weeks while treating. I started taking folic acid 800mg and a vitamin b12 after a week of treatment. It's been three weeks and I only take one to two probiotics everyday and do not have to insert one vaginally. ALL my symptoms are gone! Probiotics are so healthy and a life saver! I only used folic acid to get me completely out of the loop. Use your best judgement on when to stop/start taking probiotics/ FA. I took b12 because folic acid has a tendency to deplete this vitamin.

*some very helpful tips I also do to prevent bv from reoccurring:

DO NOT WASH YOUR VAGINA WITH SOAP! I don't even wash with ph balancing soaps. None work for me. Wash with just water! And do not wash inside! Sounds gross but It's really not! My vagina has never been so clean!

DO NOT SLEEP WITH UNDERWEAR! Vagina is naturally warm and moist. Wearing underwear to bed also creates a possibility for reoccurring bv/yeast

BUY UNSCENTED BABY WIPES! These are AWESOME! After intercourse I clean up and also make my husband clean up with baby wipes. He is uncircumsized so bacteria easily hides in he skin folds on his penis. So I make him wipe very good before and after. Also, I use them after each bowel movement. Just to be safe! Sorry if TMI

TRY NOT TO WEAR TAMPONS! I know ladies, pads feel like diapers, but even if you wear a tampon for the heavy days and change FREQUENTLY and on the lighter days use pads, that will help. Use pads when you sleep! Many women don't know that tampons mess up the vaginal ph. When we menstruate, our ph rises to 7.4 because that is the ph of blood. So when we place a tampon inside it is absorbs the fluids that causes our ph to rise.

If you have anymore questions I would love to help as much as I can! Don't give up ladies, there is hope!! Feel free to comment or reach my by email ariann_jones [at] yahoo (dot) com


Replied by Gabriela

How bout feminine cups instead of tampons?

Posted by Did Ya Know (Savannah, Ga) on 01/26/2013
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Hello, everyone! I too suffered from BV [bacterial vaginosis] and tried a few things. I kind of had to narrow things down, after it became more frequent. I had to step back and ask myself what was I doing differently. Well.... I was having sex! One day I put two and two together-- you're allergic to latex, silly! LoL I began buying the non-latex condoms (a tad bit on the expensive side) and the BV went away. No issues here.... Especially, since I could never get into the whole douching scene. I hope this helps someone else out there.

Posted by Erin (Staten Island, New York) on 01/07/2009
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Hibiclens is a soap used in hospitals.

I too thought that I had Bacterial Vaginosis. I had a yellow discharge with no odor, having to change underwear frequently. I went to doctor after doctor and finally discovered I actually had VAGINAL STREP B. It is very similar to BV and is a natural bacteria found in our bodies but can overgrow. I my case, the use of flagyl, diflucan and clindesse in excess to try to cure severe vaginal itching left me with no itching, but this strep and yellow discharge. This is something that often plagues pregnant women and can be dangerous to a baby. But I'm not pregnant and since it's not itchy or anything besides an ugly yellow discharge, the gyno really didn't want to treat it! Penicillen was tried and failed, yellow yellow yellow! Grr!

So after tons of reading I discovered Hibiclens. It is a soap found next to Iodine in CVS or any pharmacy. It is used in Europe as a douche to end Strep B in the place of Penicillen and I suspect it could work for BV too, since these are both bacteria. You simply add one part Hibiclens and 20 parts water. I just got a Summers Eve douche bottle and emptied it, added an inch of Hibiclens and the rest water. I douched, it felt extremely clean and so far one douche and I seem normal. I also shower with it and dilute it to clean down there a bit after regular soap every morning. This is used in Europe exclusively and has helped bacteria lessen for many so I've read. Seems to be working for me, I'll keep you posted Worth a try for BV sufferers!

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 08/12/2008 512 posts
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To Sandy from Henderson: Yes, Sandy, applying ACV to itchy areas usually relieves the itching. My suggestion is to put a cup of ACV in his bath water (to relieve the itching & also protect from bug bites) and then try leaving off any soap, bubble baths, etc. because it may be the soap that is drying his skin and causing the itching. In most cases, the soap isn't really needed. All you really need for cleanliness is just some good old water and a washcloth. If he doesn't itch while you are omitting soap, you will know that you have found the cause. You will also find that you like the way he smells without the soap better than with the soap. I learned this from a little lady in her 60's about 30 years ago. She told me "My daddy was a chemist and he always told us that if you didn't use soap, you won't need deoderants because soap makes you stink. I stopped using soap (except for handwashing) in l982 and I found her daddy was right. Your sweat doesn't smell either, and you don't have that fishy odor all the EC users who complain of BV. Also decreases most of the foot odors too.

Pineapple Juice  

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Posted by Shaun (, Nashville, Tn,) on 01/14/2014
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I'm 21 and I've had BV twice within 6 months. It might've been because me and boyfriend was having a lot of unprotected sex. I went to the Dr.I thought It would be cured the first time with flagyl and I was also drinking nothing but pineapple juice and water while I was on the medication. The smell of my vag actually smelled like pineapples and tasted like them too. But it was a very faint smell. It wasn't that odor you usually smell with BV. Soo after my meds we started using condoms for about 2, 3 months. After that we stopped using condoms and I got BV again but this time while I was meds I only drank water and I had a horrible yeast infection which was my first one. Yikes! So she put me on diflucan and it cleared up nicely. Until this day I drink about 3 little cans of organic pineapple juice and water. I've been BV free for 5 months.

Povidone Iodine  

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Posted by Linda (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 02/03/2013
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Beatadine is fabulous and YES, I too will have this for life.

Research taking beta carotene supplements. You can take up to 75,000 IUS everyday. Some women claim to have gotten a cure that way. I do that along with probiotics, EVERYDAY, and a table spoon atleast of coconut oil everyday with orange juice.

Posted by Veronica (New York) on 02/01/2013
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Hey, I have problems with seriously CHRONIC yeast and BV, and Betadine douches work great! I use them alongside my essential oil suppositories, but betadine is so healing, its just Iodine, which is extremely healing itself. I fine the betadine douches more effective and gentler on the tissues than peroxide douching, as I have made things worse, dry and inflamed using the peroxode douches. You can buy a large bottle of Betadine for $20 at the drug store.

You can use a Betadine douche twice daily for up to 14 days, (Ive done it myself and extensively researched on the internet the safety of this). Once in the morning for 1 to 2 weeks should be enough for most people though.

Also I make the solution pretty dark (like a dark red). I add quite a few drops in a little bit (maybe a half cup of water) and hold it in for a bit. Its wonderful. I read it stimulates the vagina to produce more lactobacilli, its very healing and very gentle. Ive nipped beginning yeast infections in the bud before.

Posted by Barrelmaniac (Summersville, West Virginia, Usa) on 05/21/2010
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Betadine for BV


I have suffered with this for years. Unfortunately I have never really been cured. The longest I have went is probably 6 months with no symptoms. I started a forum on a health board regarding peroxide for treatment 4 or 5 years ago that had 100's of posts to my surprise. That's when I discovered I wasn't alone.

If your BV is mild, don't do anything! Take your supplements and wait until after a period and see what happens. The more you mess around with changing the flora in your vagina the more you are going to get things totally out of whack. I learned the hard way. Peroxide worked for me, temporarily but always came back with a vengeance. The more you do, the worse it comes back. You are killing all the bacteria in your vagina and some things allow the good bacteria to bounce back quickly while keeping the bad at bay.

If you must treat it, add some Betadine to good distilled water (pH 7, city water with chlorine has a very high pH) douche with betadine for 7 days, You can even use the swabs to clean the vaginal walls. Do this in the morning because it takes 120 minutes for the flora to begin to bounce back. Lactobacillus first! At night use a good quality yogurt and a syringe and then insert a tampon to hold it in. Continue yogurt treatment for a few days. Take a good quality probiotic daily.

Also Vinegar seems to allow the Lactobacillus to survive douching while killing the bad bacteria. If your BV isn't too bad try the vinegar and the yogurt treatment, watch what you eat and try to boost your immune system. Wait it out, it takes time.

Posted by Michelle (Salt Lake City, UT) on 05/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Please add this remedy in the Vaginosis section :)

I have tried so many things for this terrible, frustrating, humiliating and irritating condition - including the Hydrogen peroxide, folic acid, and acidophilus cures. What *has* worked for me is the combination of povidone-iodine swabsticks & high doses of vitamin c. A few years ago, I saw a MD who also did alternative care (when I had a wicked case of candida). He suggested that I swab vaginally with 50% povidone-iodine and 50% water. This was a tremendous pain until I discovered povidone-iodine swabsticks (google them for retail sources). After months of an unrelenting vaginosis (complete with fishy smell), I decided to try the povidone-iodine swabsticks on that. It works!! The wicked smell and discharge is washed away immediately!! I think it's important to do this 2-3 times/day for the first few days, but after that, once seems adequate. Note that I am doing this once or twice a day now - and am unsure of how long I'll need to do it, but it's ridiculously easy so I'm totally cool with that! Also, it doesn't sting - *at all* even immediately after sex, which I definitely can't say about the hydrogen peroxide douche (ouch!).

Also - I have been diagnosed with cevical dysplasia and was looking for a treatment for that. In the Doctor Yourself website, this quote is made: "Dysplasia is a study in scurvy. In vitamin C deficiency disease, there is insufficient production of collagen, the strong, healthy glue that holds your cells together. Whether dysplasia is triggered by a virus, physical irritation or other cause, the fundamental problem is weak intercellular ground substance due to inadequate ascorbic acid." So - I decided to start taking 3-6 grams vitamin c daily. (If you're concerned about this check out the vitamin c foundation web pages & know that Linus Pauling took 6-18 grams daily!)

Since adding the vitamin c, the smell vanished! I'm playing it safe and not going more than a day without one swabbing, but it really doesn't seem necessary so.. I don't know - it's just so easy that I figure it's worth doing!

Best wishes to you all :)

Replied by Sarah

In lieu of povidine-iodine swabsticks, you can make your own povidine-iodine douches or purchase betadine(povidine iodine) feminine washes premade. It's an easy search online to find the studies showing this simple solution cured a majority of BV cases. The iodine is supposed to encourage the regrowth of lactobilli.

Prescription Medications  

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Posted by Anon (Arkansas) on 06/21/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I am telling my story because I swore if I ever got rid of BV I would share what my cure was. I had this condition for over a year. Saw a doctor, what he prescribed did not work. I couldnt afford to keep going back, no insurance. I tried anything and every home remedy, including the boric acid. Did not work. Very frusrating. Cried many nights. Was feeling like I would just have to live with it the rest of my life. Finally I did go back to the doctor, a different one, and he prescribed me: Fluconazole AND Metronidazole. THESE PRESCRIPTIONS WORKED. I have been healthy since February. The end.

Posted by Chrissy (LA) on 11/12/2006
5 out of 5 stars

i have BV and i have been suffering with this for almost five years and i have tried everything their is to tried garlic, vinegar, and yogurt. i went to the doctor and he gave me flagyl 500mg for seven days and on the six day it finally started to work so i went back and got it for seven more days and now i feel great. But while taking these tablets, do not take a bath take a shower and use dove soap. i got three more days on the meds but the smell is gone and i am happy to share this to the world.

Probiotics Plus  

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Posted by Penny (Kingsport, Tn) on 01/06/2017
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Eat yogurt that contains probiotics including bifidus regularis 1 daily and drink water with lemon juice about 1 tsp added to 8 oz of water daily, I was better quickly. Try. I kept bacterial vaginosis for 2 years and this worked for me.

Posted by Christina (Queensland) on 01/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have had BV for about 5 months. About 12 visits to 3 different doctors and 3 lots of Antibiotic Vaginal cream. I thought I was ok until each time after having sex with my partner the burning pain would begin again. Went to another doctor and got prescribed more anti biotic cream, this is after she told me I had no good bacteria in my vagina at all. This time I refused to take it and decided to do something different. I knew that by having more anti biotics was not going to help just make things worse. I did heaps of research over the 5 months and finally went for a natural remedy. I started inserting natural yoghurt and a probiotic specifically for vaginal health. Mixing the contents of the capsule with the yoghurt and using a plasic syringe inserting it at night. I also took one of the capsules in the morning as well. Had instant results, the burn stopped immediately. I have also been drinking Apple cider vinegar once a day in the morning, 1 desertspoon in a cup of hot water and eating a clove of raw garlic with one of meals. If you know for sure that you have BV

If you have been diagnosed with BV try the natural remedies, it will save lots of money and trips to the Doctors. The anti biotics are just killing off any good bacteia you have to help you fight it.

Try 2 teaspoons of Natural yoghurt the one with live culture in it, mix the contents of I capsule of probiotic. I use a plastic syringe ( no needle attatched ) to insert the mixture into my vagina at night. In the morning I take a probiotic orally, and repeat the yoghurt again at night. I got instant relief from this as I was recolonizing my vagina of good bacteria that all the anti biotics had killed.

You can apparently insert the capsules directly into the Vagina if you dont want to do the yoghurt thing. I found the yoghurt very soothing. I will also be trying folic acid as well. I have also been eating one clove of raw garlic with my main meal each day and drinking a dessertspoon of Apple Cider vinegar in a cup of hot water in the morning as well.

Good Health and happy sex life once again.

Posted by It Works! (Lethbridge, Alberta) on 04/22/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had reoccurent BV infections. Drove me nutsss!!! Was sick docs useless antibiotics. I went and got a probiotic, some potent garlic capsules (aged or dried contains no allicin and won't do anything), and some good colloidal silver (must be colourless otherwise it's no good and high ppm doesn't necessarily mean good) in rubbed a little right down there doesn't sting irritate or burn jus some instant relief, and a flax seed capsule. Usually it always returned after my period but period has come and gone and I feel great no infection. Give it a shot ladies. I know how embarrassing this can be.