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Posted by Bb (Phoenix, Az) on 08/23/2009

I have been dealing with yeast and bacterial vaginosis every month for over 4 years. I am finally getting relief. I have tried soooo many different things from natural remedies to antibiotic pills, cremes, and gels.

I haven't tried the folic acid/B vitamin yet, but that is on the top of my shopping list. I wonder if Vitamin A would help, I've read that they recommend that for helping with genital warts...

Your immune system needs your help to fight this off! Weren't antibiotics just invented in the 20th century? How did they cure everything before then? Antibiotics just seem to keep the cycle going by killing off your good bacteria and fighter cells, leaving one infection just to start up another infection.

Medicinal Douching (with herbs) is recommended, but the influx of that much water just seems to make it worse for me, so I apply small amounts with a Q-tip.

Here are things that made drastic differences for me for both bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections:

BEST ONE SO FAR FOR YEAST: Candida Cleanse-type pills, taken first thing in the morning EVERY DAY to ensure best absorption on an empty stomach

***All of the following are diluted w/purified water and applied internally to the vagina with a Q-tip***

I keep the diluted mixes in the fridge in new/clean jars or glass bottles with lids.
-Apple cider vinegar (diluted)
-Tea Tree oil (one drop is strong enough when diluted w/water)
-Colloidal Silver Tinctures
- Hydrogen peroxide (diluted or full strength).

Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced in the vagina as part of the cleaning process, and acidophilus is a naturally present health helper in the vagina, but overuse of peroxide is no fun for your vagina

-Acupuncture has helped a great deal in combination with the all of the above

I ALWAYS ALTERNATE THE ABOVE METHODS WITH Applying acidophillus powder mixed with water

Emotional stress makes my symptoms worse. Cut back on sugar, as this taxes the immune system and also feeds yeast cells. Bulk up your immune system on a regular basis with Vitamin C, Folic acid, and a good brand of Acidophilus

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Posted by Alix J (Houston, TX) on 07/28/2009

Hello everyone, I am estatic. I am so pleased with this natural remedy for BV that I will continue to use this if this issue ever arises again.

I bought vinegar/water douche and a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide. I poured half (1/2) of the ready made douche into a clean cup and then filled the douche bottle with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). I laid down on my back and used the douche as instructed. I held the mixture inside of my vagina for about 5 mins and then released the mixture into the toilet. Then I rinsed the outside of my vagina with the remaining douche mixture I poured into the cup. I did this once daily for a week. I had no irritation from this.

I also took one garlic supplement and one folic acid approx 400mcg daily for a week.

There is no smell or discharge coming from my vagina. I also continued to have sex. If necessary I douched afterward. I personally recommend that if you can avoid sex please do during the process.

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Posted by Miss D (Seattle, WA) on 04/06/2009

UPDATE ON BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS: After using the metrogel twice a week for long term therapy, I got a nasty yeast infection. I was at the doctor's office once again in tears.... and yes, she got frustrated with me. She did test me for BV and it came back negative. Perhaps the last time I took flagyl worked. However, I am now treating BV naturallly with vitamins. I take 1600 mcg of folic acid, 2 acidophilus pills (refridgerated) and 2 Probiotics. I also take 1 oil of oregeno pill a day with warm water, 1 garlic pill, and eat 2 probiotics yogurts daily. I had sex twice this weekend and no smell. I'll test myself tomorrow with a screening kit and hopefully it will read 4.5.

Thank you, ladies, for your input. God bless us all. Thank you, Earth Clinic.

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Posted by Janice (Middletown, NY) on 02/23/2009

I have had bacterial vaginosis on and off for years and after using flagyl many times over, it was time to look at prevention not just treatment. If you have an infection you should get treated first, then follow this regime. Make sure you follow general guidelines to prevent BV and yeast infections by switching to cotton panties, no douching (as it does more harm for upsetting vaginal flora than good), stay away from those poofy loofah's (they caused my recurrences after discovering mold on the most inner part of them!), use unscented soap. After I made these changes recommended by my gynecologist...I decided to try the folic acid and acidophilus combo. I take 800MCG of folic acid and 2 capsules of a high count lactobacillus acidophilus supplement everyday. This has helped to prevent any recurrence. The few times i have gotten lazy and not taken my supplements, i had the same early itchiness/discomfort that i recognized from my other infections. As soon as I took the supplements and kept eating low/no sugar added just stopped. Changing my diet too, taking a multivitamin, and drinking lots of water has changed not only my vaginal health but overall health too.

Another thing that I was told was told by my doctor is if your on the extended-delay period birth control like Seasonale for example (where your period only comes once every 3 months), that it was better to just switch to once a month birth control and flush out your system naturally. This seemed to help too. I don't know how the folic acid and lactobacillus works together like this, and i'm sure it wont work for everyone...but it really does seem to work to a very good degree in prevention...and some good properties alongside treatment.

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Posted by Miss N (Boston, MA) on 02/22/2009

I had been dealing with bacterial vaginosis for over a year. The problem is I didn't realize I had the ailment at first. It went untreated for a year. I noticed a fishy smell during intercourse with my boyfriend at the time, but thought I didn't shower good enough and my period was coming soon. After we broke up, I didn't smell anything so I had no idea something was wrong.

I began dating a new guy about a year later and noticed the strong fish smell during/after sex. This happened with or without condoms. Immediately, I went to see my doctor. She prescribed the metrogel and I thought I'd be cured. Wrong. I went back to see my doctor and she prescribed the metrogel for the second time. I thought I would be cured. Wrong.

I asked my doctor for flagyl, but she refused to give it to me. She said it doesn't work and women often get sick. I immediately started to panic right there and then in her office. I was anxious, embarrassed, and depressed, to be honest.

I started douching with part hydrogen peroxide/part distilled water. The smell was gone! I thought I had my sex life back again, but after the fourth day of douching, my vagina was on fire.

Since my doctor was of no help, I went to one of the best hospitals in the city and they prescribed flagyl. I didn't get sick and the infection went away. For maintenance, I've been taking a probiotic, acidophilus, garlic, and folic acid. (once or twice a day) I believe I had a folic acid deficiency caused by years of smoking and tanning beds.

Anyway, I've been checking my ph balance with the screening kits and I've been registering at 4.5. (normal) Also, I had sex with my boyfriend last night and there was no smell in the room. Not to get too personal, but he said I tasted, "sweet."

I pray the infection doesn't return and I wish you all the best. My thoughts are with you.

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Posted by Racheal (Ooltewah, Tn) on 02/18/2009

due to type 1 diabetes I consistantly went from yeast to bv to yeast etc etc. I just got tired of one dr saying, Im increasing your insulin again and my gyno saying, Your just going to have to get used to the problems as it goes along with the diabetes. Heres another cream for you!! yuck!! I just woke one day and thought, this cant be it. Guess what ladies, it wasnt!! You have to play around with all of these remedies and find what works for you. I will say this, I dont think douching is a good idea as it forces things up. However, There is a way to rinse with the acv or h2o. Lay in your tub and put your feet on the side and lift your rear up. Open yourself up and pour in your mixture and hold it for at least a few minutes. I prefer the h2o but not for all those days in a row or very often. also, in the shower...not bath....make sure your hands are clean and clean yourself out with your finger. Dont wash with soap. I like the baby wash..Nothing scented just gentle. Clean the outside well and rinse well. I also use tea tree oil suppositories about once a week. Very soothing if you feel dry or a little irritated. I take 2 folic acid 600mg per day as well as 2 femanol per day. Ive used the boric acid for yeast. works but extremely irritating. At least once a week I soak a tampon in acv and shove it up there and leave it or at least an hour but no more than 3. That will make your hoo hah inhospitable to the bad stuff. Now....Diet is VERY important. Watch your sugar and artifical sugars. Try and cut out starchy carbs...white bread,potatoes. etc. Little or no alcohol esp beer. Yeasty foods. Try colorful veggies...brown rice....also brown rice wraps with turkey and spinich and sour cream is delicious. Get some excercise. Go for a walk. I know this is depressing and makes you feel soooo unsexy but you can take control. Its work, I know. I take 6 shots a day as well as taking the folic and femanol and watching the diet. Its so worth it ladies. It happens faster for some and slower for others. After 2 months, I feel almost normal!!

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Posted by Stephanie (Albuquerque, NM) on 02/07/2009


I have been suffering from bv for 6 years. I don't get a fishy smell, but more like a burning, urine smell. It's so damn embarrassing. I have quit jobs because people were making fun of me so bad. I have tried everything you could imagine. Antibiotics make it worse. I don't understand how people are using hydrogen peroxide and it's killing it. Wouldn't the hydrogen peroxide kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria? I have noticed that when I am stressed, it comes on instantly and won't go away. I have also noticed that coffee brings it back, garlic brings it back, and when I use clorox to wash my underwear or wash the toilet with, that always brings it back. So I am thinking since I eat a ton of garlic, the garlic can clean. Maybe I am cleaning my body too much? Stress is a huge factor. I am a very clean person. I have noticed that when I eat one yogurt a day, one folic acid and one zinc a day, no coffee, no alcohol and my stress level is of the average person's stress level, it subsides. As soon as I drink one cup of coffee, or eat too much garlic or if I am stressed or use clorox to clean with, it comes back. Oh my gawd! Now, it's back and now I am being made fun of once again by new co-workers. It's come to the point where I don't know what to do. I have used a couple of drops of tea tree oil in a douche and that maintained it for a few months. But the tea tree oil no longer works. Flagyl gel and tablets and clindamycine don't work either. If someone has any real home remedies I would appreciate it. I know folic acid is a huge part, but I know after several tries of acidophillus and other probiotics, they really didn't do anything for me. I have stopped going to school, switched jobs, but I'm not the only one suffering. I have a child to support and he needs me to support him. So if anyone has any cures/information, I'd appreciate all your suggestions. Thanks!

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

i used to get this often before i was diagnosed with diabetes. have you ever had your blood sugar checked? apple cider vinegar both ingested - 1 - 2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water and a douche with about 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces of water helps mine. also do not use soap on the area. do not bathe in bubble bath. quit using clorox if it bothers you. you can clean the toilet very well with white vinegar and baking soda. you might also try a baking soda douche - 1 tablespoon to 8 ounces water. wearing tight pants would make mine worse too - when i had the problem i often wore loose skirts w/o underwear so the area could breathe.
good luck

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Posted by VNG (Mobile, Alabama) on 01/25/2009

Hi, im so so glad that i found this site. Im 20 years old and have been dealing with bv for only a year now. I am sexually active and have been with the same person for 5 years now and it all seemed to come about after my boyfriend ejaculated in me a year ago. It has been down hill since then.I have also been to the docter and been perscribed flagyl which only cured it for a few weeks. The smell is jus so embarrasing that i would stop in the middle of intercourse. I found this site 2 days ago and have been reading all the different remedies. I went out first thing this morning and brought 400mcg folic acid pills, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and 500 million cfu acidophilus. I have only taken 2 folic acid pills and 1 acido pill and will take another folic acid and acido pill tonite. Im sceptical about using the douche because ive heard it was not healthy. Hopefully the pills cure it, if not i will add the douche to my regimen. Im hoping and praying that it works cuz i have really been stressin myself about this lately. I will write back in a few days to tell of any success. Wish me luck!!!

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Posted by Mary (Springfield, Illinois) on 01/17/2009

I took Amoxicillin for 10 days and it helped. When I started the Amoxicillin, I immediately stopped inserting ANYTHING in my vagina (penises, fingers, tampons, toys, douches, applicators) and I shaved off all pubic hair for cleanliness. Then, EVERY DAY, I drank one glass of organic, plain Kefir; ate one cup of organic, plain yogurt; took one probiotic pill for vaginal support made by Renew Life; took 4 dried garlic pills by Kyolic; and took 150 mg of vitamin c in powder form. It's been 2 weeks and I feel great! I am going to continue to do all of these things every day for the rest of my life, though. It will be even more important when I resume intercourse, which may be a long time from now, but it's worth the wait.

Replied by Hillary
(If Town, Idaho)

hello to other women with bv. i am 32 yrs old and i am a chronic bv. sufferer. i read this site and all the remedies others have suggested. i would like to add that the lady at the health food store told me to take colloidal silver instead of b-12. it comes in a small bottle with a dropper. you take one teaspoon full under the tongue once per day for maintenance. it was also suggested from another healthfood professional that colloidal silver is safe to douche with since peroxide seemed a little scary to me. i fill the dropper, lie on my back in the tub, insert, and let sit for 1-3 minutes. along with the garlic and acidopholis plus a ton of water the stench is gone. im not seeing any discharge either. what a great feeling. you can get silver in any healthfood store. the only other ingredient it has is pure water. whether the bv is gone or not i plan to maintain this regimin.

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Posted by BD (Philipsburg, St.Maarten, Netherlands Antilles) on 11/24/2008

For my BV I have done a sitz bath for about 10 minutes, then i wash with a femeine wash called, after the wash i applied over the counter triple antibiotic ointment. Within 2-3days the itching stopped completly.

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Posted by Carol (Atlanta, GA) on 11/15/2008

I have suffered from this for over 10 years now and for the first 6 I had no idea how to stop it. I have found some remedies that have worked for me at least for a while. First thing, if you smoke please stop. The reason, there is a link between smoking and bv, not sure how but there definetly is. I've smoked for several years and decided to quit as an experiment to find a cure for this. Well it worked...I couldn't believe it. Didn't want to believe it because I was ready to quit at the time. I knew I had to because this was ruining my work and my social life. I am struggling to finally quit. Another remedy that has help is acidopholis pills. I buy the 4 billion count and eat yogurt at night. If the smell gets out of hand at work then I take several doses until I get home. I try not to take any during the weekend since I take so many during the My body is full of this stuff as it is. I use to jump on the band wagon for ACV, hydro peroxide douches but please don't do this. This makes it very worse and ACV really makes it worse, the stuff stink itself. I do like tea tree oil though, usually this is a last resort I take until I can get to the doctor for some flagyl. I take the tea tree oil on my finger and place it inside my area, this is just a quick fix. I haven't tried the folic acid though, will let you know how that works for me. Also try a whole body detox program at GNC, I use the green tea colon detox. I am also going to try a colonic soon. I have found better results when I try to treat my whole body instead of just my "area".

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Desesperada (Mayaguez, PR) on 11/11/2008

I was searching like you all, because I'm desperate, I have this condition like 3 years and I go to 3 different doctors, (sorry if my english is not beter I'm not from United States and I not live there), and I am very happy to enter to this site because I feel alone in this world and I was thinking that I was the only one that have the problem that BV does not give away with the antibiotics. I will try all the remedies that you post it, because I tried a variety of different antibioticos (Flagyl, Metro-Gel, Cipro, Levaquin, Diflucan) and no one has long term results and I spend a lot of money because my medical insurance does not cover medicines. I am tired of this, this cause me depression, shame and ansiety disorder because I feel alone, now this site was like a support and give me hope, I read about some of you that has ten years with this condition uFFF! If some of this remedies work for me I will send you another message ok. I hope all can find something that gives away this nightmare.

Replied by Chevy
(Bx, NY)

sorry you have been having all of these problems, however let me tell you and everyone else what works. listen up girls. what u have to do is first think about how often you move your bowels. this should be everyday at least twice, if not u need more fiber. the problem is or could be a candida inflammation or problems with digestion. what i did was got a colonic for one, maybe you dont have to, maybe it helped me im not sure. but i decided to write back becuz i see no one came back to these sites with any info saying things actually work for sure. all this to say, get natures way primodophilus l. reuteri from the health food store, it works like a charm. i have been taking it for a month and after the first week of taking them, i have never felt better. every now and a again i pop 2 folic acids and im good, actually im great.i take one in the morning and one at night. i have been having sex and i havent had a problem. im almost scared to stop taking them. trust me it has been working. ive tried every thing else and had no results as long as this., the smell is gone, the discharge is very minimal. i thank God everyday because this was really effecting my life, to the point that everytime i use the toilet, i was smelling the tissues i used to wipe with. in all seriousness get this stuff. i tried the h2o wash, the acidophilus, the garlic, the tea tree oil, oh gosh everything. you just have to find the right probiotic for you, and i think this one has the one that actually transfers to your intestines into the vaginal tract.holla if u need me girls. bye

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rene (Charlotte, Texas) on 10/28/2008

I have been battling bacterial vaginosis for about 5 years and it's really depressing me. I've read all of the suggestion on this site and nothing seem to work long term. All is temporary. I tried appple cidar vinegar with honey and it kept the discharge down, but I still smelled while on my period and after sex. I tried douches with hydrogen peroxide-50/50, acidaphalus, garlic. I tried all seperately and it work for two days and b.v. came right back. So I douched with plain water and got the same effect. The smell went away and came right back after two days. So I really don't think that it's the ingredients in the douche that's making the smell go away. IT's the fact that you're washing the inside of your vagina and the discharge is being washed out. I went to the gyne and she prescribed clindesse this time. It worked up until I had sex with my husband. I was so depressed and upset that I went and purchased folic acid 400mcg once a day.Took that and it worked and could have sex with no discharge or smell until about two or three months later when the discharge and smell came back. I then doubled the folic acid and it did nothing for discharge or smell. Taking acidaphalus pills never helped. I read about ___. I took two of those and douched with providone/iodine.I did a colon cleanser, drank par d arc tea, green drink. It worked for about two days and discharge and smell is back. What is this? It only happens after sex. If I go to the gyne and use the medication, and don't have sex I don't get the smell nor dicharged. As soon as I have sex without a condom, and my husband ejaculate, the smell and the white milky discharge come right back. PLease help. I'm desperate!!!!!!!

Replied by Andrea
(Clinton Twp., MI)

This is in response to your blog, Rene...I know you are frustrated and just want to have a healthy sex life! BV is horrible! I have been suffering from it for over a year, and i have done countless experiments with several at home remedies. Let me tell you i'm almost better, not 100% yet, but almost! Here is why your bv comes back after sex...(this may be a bit long, but it will help you) This was confirmed by my new GYN just a couple weeks ago:

BV is caused by a change in the ph of your vagina. Your vagina should be in the ph range of 4.0-4.5, an acidic environment. If the ph goes higher than that range, this causes an overgrowth of the bad bacteria that exist in our vagina, and a depletion of the good bacteria (lactobacillus acidophilus). If the vagina is in the proper ph range, the lactobacilli should outnumber the bad bacteria and keep your vag. in the correct ph range. these good bacteria produce an acidic environment, and the acidic environment keep the good bacteria (this is a constant circle, so it is important to keep tabs on your ph). The reason the semen is causing your bv is likely because semen has a ph of about 7.0-8.0 (don't quote me on that, i don't know the exact number, but i know that semen has a significantly higher ph than the vagina calls for). When you have unprotected sex, the semen (ph of 7.0) interrupts the normal state of the vagina (ph of 4.0), thus causing a depletion of the lactobacilli and overgrowth of bad bacteria, causing bv.

This to me is BS, because our bodies were made to procreate, and how do you do that without semen, right? If I were you, I would keep tabs on your vaginal ph on a regular basis with one of those kits you can buy at the store (about $16, but VERY worth it and better than doctors bills!!). Also, after sex, you may want to douche with half organic apple cider vinegar/half distilled or previously boiled water. ACV has a ph level of 3.0-4.0, which is perfect for restoring the ph of the vagina. Be sure to take Lactobacillus Acidophilus supplements every day. You can do this orally, and if that is not enough, you can apply vaginally with plain yogurt or just putting a pill up there. The most important ingredient in the vagina is the lactobacilli, so if you have to pick one thing, i would choose that. I really hope this helps. You sound frustrated, and i don't blame you! And, remember that the doctors arent telling you the whole story most of the time, so you may want to continue doing some research on your own and experimenting with different home remdies. Everyone's body reacts differently so be sure to choose the correct remedy for your body.

Good luck!

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Posted by Cheri (Titletown, FL) on 10/08/2008

Bacterial Vaginosis Cures: This is long, but I hope VERY helpful. The reason I listed the subject as I did is because this post is based on weeks of research on various websites, forums and personal experimentation. I have tried my best to condense all of the best and most useful info I could find on this subject.

I DO encourage anyone suffering from this to do as much research as they can, but if you are not good at research or do not have the time, I think this post will be helpful to you.

First,my story/symptoms- i am 40 and have had yeast infections from time to time during my adulthood. Have always treated them with OTC treatment that has worked well for me. A few weeks ago I felt that unmistakable itch that has always, for me, signaled a yeast infection. I tried the usual OTC. Didn't work...hmmmmmmmm. tried it again, didn't work again. That's when I realized I'm dealing with something else this time. Begin with the research and reading- I'm 99.9% sure I have BV. Looked at the "official" info websites on the subject. They give great info on the causes but all treatment suggestions send you to your Dr, where they promptly give you a pelvic and a dose of antibiotics. After reading hundreds of posts from ladies that followed that course-went to Dr, got antibiotics, got temporary relief and BV keeps coming back; I decided to try and treat myself from the get-go. If you make that choice also, please do it carefully. I am NOT one of those folks who doesn't believe in going to the Dr. But after all I've read, it is my strong opinion that the general medical community has really dropped the ball on this problem. All they seem to do is throw antibiotics at you; which at best gives you temporary relief only to have BV return. At worst, temp relief of BV, but a lovely yeast infection in it's place.
OK, Off the soapbox and on with the info....

First I'm going to talk about the WHY. If you've been to other sites you may know this already, so skip it. If not read on.

The vagina is an interesting little ecosystem. Basically you have "good" bacteria that live there and keep everything happy. The environment of the vagina needs to be acidic (3.5-4.5) Just a little primer on the PH scale...0-14, 0 is extreme acidic, 14 is extreme alkaline. If your PH gets off and moves toward the higher end, your Good bacteria die and bad bacteria take over-thus BV. Or a yeast infection. Either one lives at the more alkaline. The acidity/good bacteria is a circle. The good bacteria help keep the acid right and the acid keeps the good bacteria alive. If you need more info on whether you have a bacterial infection or a yeast infection, that is pretty easy to find here and all over the web. My info is designed for gals that pretty much know they have BV.

OK...what now??? Another gal put the treatment process very succinctly and I'm basically repeating her thoughts.

1. Kill bad bacteria
2. Make environment in vagina more acidic.
3. Re-introduce good bacteria.
4. Find out what is causing yours and prevent. This is a mystery, I think there may be more to BV than what we currently know. There are Soooooo many ways your ph can become unbalanced and cause this. Educate yourself as much as possible and try to figure out your why.

The tools I have found that seem to work the best for the most people are these:
(I will tell you how to use each) You can find all of this at a health food store.

1.Hydrogen Peroxide
2.Folic Acid
3.Tea Tree Oil
4.Apple Cider Vinegar

1.Peroxide-Good all around cleasing agent. The bad bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they thrive in the absence of oxygen. The good bacteria are aerobic, the opposite. Peroxide floods the vagina with an environment that the bad stuff hates.
2.Folic Acid-I don't know why or really if this actually works, but a LOT of women swear by it and it can't hurt you-so why not.If anyone has more info on why Folic acid works please let me know.
3.Tea Tree Oil- This is a great natural TOPICAL antibiotic. There are others also, but Tea Tree is easy to come by and inexpensive and goes a long way.
4.Apple Cider Vinegar-This is a natural, inexpensive acid. Some gals insist on getting the kind with the "mother". You can find this at natural food stores.
5.Probiotics- I cannot (because this would be unbearibly long) go into all the details of the various strains of bacteria that should be living in your vagina. There is soooo much info out there to read on this(and I suggest you do)So I'm going to be VERY basic. Lactobacillus Acidolphis is one of the strains you need and can be easliy bought and administered.

OK, now for actual treatment. Other tools you will need other than the ones listed above are-
1. A small syringe. Get the type that has a bulb on the end. Designed for giving children medicine. Looks like a large eye dropper or a tiny turkey baster. Found mine at Wallgreens.
2. Tampons- get the kind that have different sizes. You will use the small tampon in the large applicator.

How to use these tools for treatment:
Take 800 mg of Folic Acid in the morning and 400mg at night.

You can rinse with the Peroxide first or anytime the discharge is bad. I found no problem with using it full strength. You can dilute if it bothers you. Draw it up into the syringe, insert as you would a tampon and squeeze it out while the syringe is inside. You can repeat this a couple of times.

Tea Tree Oil. This is where you use the tampons. Take out a small one and a large one, remove both tampons from their applicators. Throw out the small applicator and the large tampon. The reason you are doing this is(duh) a tampon swells when it is wet, so you have to get it saturated with oil THEN insert. Use the syringe to draw up some of the oil. saturate the small tampon with the oil. place the tampon in the large applicator and insert. leave in for up to 3 hrs. This is the A-Bomb for the bad bacteria! Take out and wait a few hours before the vinegar.

Vinegar. I found that the vinegar will burn if you do not dilute heavily. Find a level that is comfortable for you. You can either use your diluted mixture to rinse inside as you did with the peroxide or can saturate a tampon as you did with the oil. This will bring your Ph over to the acid side and make it a nice place for the good stuff to grow.

Acidophilus. This one has the most latitude. Probiotics come in capsules, tablets, "liquid", and in various foods. Most strains cannot migrate from your digestive tract to your vagina. Sooooo, the best way to adminiser these babies is to put them right where they need to be. i found that the capsules didn't disolve in the vagina as they would in the stomach, so I found an Acidophilus that is in a kind of liquid form. It actually looks like a runny yogurt. This is an easy method to get the little guys where they need to be. Use the syringe and insert a couple of teaspoons inside.

I found it best to use the Peroxide, Oil, and Vinegar during the day and the acidophilus in the evening before bed. That way it's not so messy (put on a pair of COTTON undies) also allows the whole night for them to multiply.
As for taking probiotics orally, certianly can't hurt and may help a lot. So take them orally in conjuction with vaginally.

I had results from this treatment plan in one day. I hope to get some feedback with others experiences. Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps. This is such an awful problem and there aren't that many real answers out there.

Replied by Elly90
(Woodbridge, Va)

How long should I do the oil and vinegar a week? a month> everyday?

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Posted by Marcy (Waterford, MI) on 08/14/2008

I do believe that bacterial vaginosis can be caused by oral sex, I read some research on this. I'm a dental hygienist, and I know that many poeple do not brush and floss properly to control the harmful bacteria in thier mouth. Diet, also can be a big factor with many people who consume processed foods, and refined carbs.