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Posted by suzie (london) on 09/30/2022

till 2 years ago I was dealing with bv/ yeast infection every month for a very long time what's helped was drinking over 1 litre of strong ginger green tea (grated raw ginger) and one otc treatment. I was free for like 2 years, but then I got my first UTI and after couple weeks the worst bv& yeast infection ever. got rid of yeast inf quickly, bv on the contrary.

i used two packs of bv treatment from pharmacy that always helped me before, and nothing! Oregano oil suppositories, folic acid, Apple Cider Vinegar on tampon, coconut oil sup, garlic, ginger, probiotics, nothing helped when used by itself.

but then I started putting one vit C tablet 1000mg inside my vag for a night, one probiotic in vag (focus on rhamnosus& reuteri VERY IMPORTANT acidophilus doesnt work that good) 30 billion cfu for a day.

I also changed my diet, drank almost 1 litre of kefir per day (it's muuuch more powerful probiotic than any pill) added cinnamon as it is antimicrobial, no coffee, if alcohol then only red wine as it is a prebiotic in small amounts, sugar only from natural sources, one tablespoon of baking soda in glass of water on empty stomach to alkalize my body, no junk food, lots of liquids( try green tea/peppermint with turmeric, ginger and pepper very very healthy) and in general my diet was full of probiotics, prebiotics& veggies, pills like vit D or omega3. that finally cured me. I know its very complex treatment, but I think that if you're dealing with bv for a long time and nothing seems to be working you need to drastically change your diet, most of the diseases start in gut.

I'm over 2 months bv free& had 2 periods:) I decided to share this because the last 3 weeks ive been eating junk food, lots of sugar and sweet alcohol and it still hasnt come back so I guess I truly am bv free. although tomorrow im getting back to healthy diet, dont wanna tempt the fate aha.

Good luck!

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Posted by Alyssa (Orlando, FL) on 01/27/2019

Hi guys! Love Earth clinic, for BV sleep in a tampon soaked in two to three drops of tea tree oil and 1 tablespoon of water every night for one week. Also take a 1000mg garlic extract supplement (odorless is great!) 4 times daily and a 400mcg folic acid supplement twice daily. Should be all fixed up in a week! Garlic extract can be substituted with fresh garlic, just take one clove roughly chopped in a tablespoon of water in the morning and at night for a week. This is a natural antibiotic basically, but can cause various smells and such which can be unpleasant hehe. Continue taking folic acid once a day and garlic extract once or twice daily (whatever works for you) for as long as needed/always (it's great for ya anyways) . If symptoms persist, see a doctor and get a full sex check as you may be dealing with something other than BV that could be harmful to your reproductive health xx Drink lots of water and work ACV into your diet whenever possible. Good luck!!

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Posted by She Ready (Mo) on 08/15/2018

Hello ladies, I'm a naturalist and believe in holistic approaches first. Disclaimer: there may come a point where the infection may be out of control so you need to go see OBGYN right away. First I will say everyone is different, our bodies and our lifestyle makes a huge impact on the Vagina. Most ladies misdiagnose themselves which leads to more problems. It's important to know what you dealing with to treat it properly.

With that being said one of the best and quickest cures for Yeast and Bacteria is boric acid. It's important that you use quality boric acid and the correct dosage otherwise you will not get any relief.

Also, another cure all is ACV (diluted) and sea salt. Never ever douche, either use suppositories or tampons soaked in the solution or take a sitz bath (twice a day). ACV does take a little longer to cure but it helps with any itching. I will also add tea tree oil is similar to ACV. None of these cures will work if you do not concentrate on your internal body.

Eating healthy, drinking water, cutting down on alcohol and sweets will make a tremendous difference but also adding vitamins. A vitamin that acts as a hormone that over 60% of the population is lacking is D3 and one of the many symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency is BV.

Also, it's good to add folic acid and calcium. A good multi-vitamin would be helpful everyday regardless if you have an infection. I guarantee if you start with prevention first you will not experience either infection and if you do it will be minor and will clear up within a week using the above methods. Lastly, be careful what you put into your vagina, you can cause more havoc then the original infection, one being vagina dermatitis similar to eczema from which so many products have stripped, dried and cause an infection of the actual skin.

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Posted by Grace (Wash.) on 05/04/2018

I had right side pain and UTI symptoms so my doctor sent me for abdomen scan and mammogram nothing showed up. There was no odor or discharge of any sort. Found out my UTI symptoms was a yeast infection it was treated. I still felt like my liver, pelvic and lower back were inflamed and painful by the 7th month saw a new doctor I now had Bacterial Vaginitis with Complications because it took so long to diagnose it was in my liver! I took two rounds of mertronidozal and another antibiotic it went away came back .

After research, I did daily douche with 1/2 C purified water, 1/2 C 3% hydrogen peroxide and one probiotic capsule emptied into the douche as well. Everyday I would lay down on cotton towel and do the douche hold it inside for 15 minutes then release it out I did this for 9 days straight. I was already gluten, dairy free I stopped all sugar caffeine. I filled my glass water bottle with water added 1 juiced lemon ( I juice the lemon right down to rind since I believe their is healing properties in the rind), added 3-4 drops of oregano oil along with a pinch of baking soda in the water bottle. I drank this through a straw so the citric acid does not damage the enamel on my teeth. I drank this all day and made another batch to drink throughout the night. Wow, this really knocked the infection out so fast. I continued doing this for three weeks just to be on the safe side. I also took a high quality probiotics and folic acid. CURED!

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Posted by Normal V. Girl (Warren Ohio) on 09/16/2017

I had a nasty case of bacterial vaginosis, and cured it in a week. I routinely consumed oil of oregano capsules, raw garlic cloves, caprilic acid pills, and acidophilus supplements. I also removed all foods that feed yeast (sugar, carbs, dairy, etc). At morning and night I applied virgin coconut oil inside and outside my vagina, at night I also put garlic inside vagina. No more smelly discharged pain, it's normal now, clear and natural musk smell :)

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Posted by Lizj (Nc ) on 01/27/2017

Thank you so much for this website guys! I don't know what I would have done if I didn't stumble upon it! I've had BV for 10 years and I've tried everything to fix it. I'm not a dirty person, so I'm guessing it's my diet. I'm only on my third day of using the hydrogen peroxide, acidophilus and folic acid remedy. I've also changed my diet, but I can say so far so good!! I DO NOT want to jinx myself, but (TMI) I did a wiff test and I didn't smell anything and usually I would smell at least a little bit of something.. But not this time! And no discharge! I'm so relieved!! I'm sure you guys understand!! I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing now for the rest of my remedy (total of 7/10 days) and hopefully it'll stay away!!

This is what I've been doing:

Starting in the morning.. I take one acidophilus probiotic. One folic acid. And I'm also taking a lot of vitamin C to boost my immune system. I also eat plain organic Greek yogurt and cut up some fruit into it to make it taste better. Apples work the best :). I take a shower and wash myself out with 1/4 cup of peroxide and 1/4 warm water. And then, instead of using my regular body wash, I wash my body with 2 tbs of baking soda and warm water to balance my pH. After I'm done I put one acidophilus into my vagina. At night.. I take more vitamin C and one more acidophilus. Wearing cotton undies and loose clothing helps! And that's it!!

I hope this helps someone, because I know how much this stupid infection sucks! My self-confidence is so low now, but I can already tell it's going to get better. I'll try to update on my 5th day. Stay healthy :)

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Posted by Lexieblue (North Carolina) on 01/21/2016

Hello all,

I have been struggling with chronic BV for almost 3 years and I always said that if I ever found a remedy, I would share it for all the world to know about. If I can help at least one person not have to go through what I've been through that would be enough for me.

So, my BV was brought on by sex with a new partner. And when I tell you I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to get rid of it, believe me I have! From hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar douches to tea tree oil tampons to vaginal insertion of boric acid capsules. EVERYTHING!!! And some of these regimens would give me temporary relief, but as soon as treatment was over, the BV would always come right back. I was also taking vitamins and supplements in conjunction with these home remedies but still nothing would work long term...

UNTIL I came up with the perfect combination of vitamins and supplements that has finally tamed the chronic BV beast that had not only taken over my body but my entire life as well! I pray this regimen will work for you too:

1) Vitamin D (breaks down the bio-film that causes BV to keep reoccurring)

2) Super B Complex (builds up the immune system to help fight off the bad bacteria)

3) Probiotic (with at least 90 billion active probiotics to overtake the bad bacteria)

4) A really good prebiotic (to maintain the good bacteria that the probiotic is putting in your body)

*Take all of these vitamins and supplements ORALLY once a day. Also changing your diet to eliminate the bad stuff like sugar and alcohol wouldn't hurt either.

And as a side note: I also stopped seeing the guy who was the root of all of my problems to begin with! He was literally bad for my health!!!

So, please please please try this!!! It worked miracles for me and I pray that it will work for you too. Please reply with any questions, comments or concerns you may have and I will try my best to address them.

Take care :)

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Posted by Kayla (California, US) on 08/07/2014

I have suffered from BV for about 5 years now. When I first started showing symptoms I went to the gyn who put me on antibiotics ( with horrible side effects) and had no therapeutic effect on me so I just put up with it ( Sprays, douches, etc.. horrible I know) . As the smell got worse I was horribly embarrassed I would smell my BV right out of the shower. I felt uncomfortable in my sex life... I felt so dirty when I knew I was clean.

So I tried again to get rid of my BV this time I took one weeks worth of flagyl (oral) and tried to change my diet by eating healthy. I had great results... Oh my goodness the smell is gone!!!!!! ...But then 2 days before I got my period (3 weeks had passed) I noticed a slight fishy odor the time my period had ended the smell had fully came back (If not worse).

I felt hopeless I couldn't deal with this smell anymore. I started to look for home remedies : yogurt inserted into vagina , acidophilus via vaginally and oral ( If inserted at night smell would go away but would come back at the end of the day), working out ( sweat definitely aggravates it lol) and nothing worked!! I went to my gyn again who gave me 2 weeks worth of flagyl this time when it ended I added :

Yakult nonfat probiotic(Took once a day; usually found in the dairy department at a local store),

Greek yogurt once a day

Odorless garlic 1000 mg once a day

Cranberry caplets 300 mg once a day

Probiotic Acidophilus caplets 1 Billion Active Cultures ( by mouth and once a week vaginally if needed)

Thank GOD it has worked!!!! I think starting antibiotics to rid the bacteria and then starting a home remedy definitely helped a lot! I wanted to share this information with others because I have done research after research to find a way out of this misery. I HAVE BEEN BV FREE FOR 5 MONTHS!!!

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Posted by Elly (Chicago, US) on 07/07/2014

I've suffered from BV on and off for about 20 years. Here are a few natural tips to help cure this ANNOYING disease! A least this is working for me! I call it a disease because literally it can take over your physical and emotional health for weeks on end. It also takes a toll on your finances from running to doctor to doctor. My life would consist of finding ways to get rid of this awful infection, while still going to work everyday and trying to not have a sour look on my face because of being so uncomfortable.

Anyway, there's hope and a silver lining here because I get to share this with you.. over the past 3 days, I've seen great improvement with doing the following: 1. Limit sugar and carbs! Its tough, but the sugar feeds the infection. 2. In the morning before breakfast, take 2 women's RAW probiotic 3. AFTER breakfast, take a combo pill of golden seal and enchinacea. Then, take a garlic pill (got these at whole foods). 4. Carry multiple light panty liners with you. Change every 1-2 hours, it makes sure you are dry down there. 5. Drink lots of water. 6. Walk 30 min per day. 7. Wear cotton underwear and no tight clothes. This is working for me so far, and hope it helps you too!!!

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Posted by 1wisechick (Mount Pleasant, Mi) on 02/22/2014

As many of you, I have been on site after site looking for all kinds of information that could have anything to do with my constant bv. This has been going on for a good 3 years now, on and off. I did go to doctors sooooo many times.. did all the antibiotics, creams, gels.. also was treated for UTI and yeast infection. No idea why, or how this is happening to me. I don't have sex, and if I did the only person was with my ex.. so insucure at this point.. theres no possible way I'd feel comfortable! For those that are against a more homeopathic cure, think twice. Doctor's cannot help you with this sitution. But I can :) I'm so excited to be able to share with everyone what I have collected from 100's of others stories and cures! Okay I'm going to skip all the steps, everyone should know what bv is by now and if not there is a ton of info you can look up.. most likely if you're reading this, you assume you have it. Along with the vaginal issues, I constantly feel gassy, bloated, always sore.. muscles, joints, sometimes have diarrhea, sometimes constipated beyond measure.. never really had that issue before. Also, Chronic Fatigue, Anal Itching, constant dry skin, and acne. All these same symptoms of mine led me to believe, after massive research, that I have candida. Which technically candida is also a PARASITE, Not exactly sure what PARASITE I have, but I know thats what it is!

So What now...? Figure out how to get these nasty little creatures out of our system. They are feeding off you, they live off the host.. the longer you allow them to live in your body the sicker you will get.. neglecting parasites in your body can lead to many different health conditions. My regimen daily has a few PARASITE detoxing agents along with a few things they would use for candida, and everyday daily supplements. I started off slow and progressed to all the stuff I'm taking now, which you wouldn't even have to take them all. It's only for a matter of time anyways, and for a good cause might I add. Vitamin C Coral Calcium (Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Calcium) 2,2x a day B-12 Complex 3 a day Acidophilus, 2,2x a day Ginko Biloba (for Brain function and circulation, Memory) 1,2x a day Folic Acid 800mg 2xday Chlorella Green Super Food/Broken Cell Wall 1000mg Vegan supplement (VERY IMPORTANT! Read more about Chlorella below) Help with Parasite Detox. Caprylic Acid (Candida Support - Good Fats for colon) Flax Oil Biotin (is believed to help to control ingested sugars and carbs) Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormword Complex (Herbal Supplement, Liquid, Parasite detox! ) Nasty tasting, but well worth it. 1 dropper full 1x a day before bed and I wake up to a healthy bowel movement.. I know this does the trick. Going to start 2x a day today. IT WORKS GREENS DETOX (Includes black walnut, wormwood, and alllllll kinds of other detox and healthy supplements, it's all greens and healthy healthy fruits.) 2 scoops in 8oz water or juice 1x a day. I have Orange flavor. Diatomaceous Earth Powdered Form (Removes parasites like razor-blades, also good to treat any animals you may have) VERY IMPORTANT FOR PARASITE REMOVAL! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! No taste to mixture. 1 TBSP to 8OZ water I do it once a day right now. Like I said, it's better to start off slow. For Hygiene a lot of people suggest a 50/50 HP(hydrogen Peroxide)+ Spring Water Douche... this is good however, you must add a little ACV (apple cider vinegar), not to much or it may burn. Why you do this is because the Spring water is neutral on the PH scale verses Tap and distilled is only sometimes.. the HP kills bad bacteria, fixing the Power of Hydrogen (PH), and the ACV replaces all the good bacteria that the parasites are causing you to loose! I did this wash prob. 4 days in a row... very drastic changes! ACV EXTREMELY GOOD WITH ACNE! I also Purchased a homemade TEA TREE OIL GLYCERIN SOAP. I have noticed a drastic decrease in my armpit odor. And I only wash my Vaginal area with my ACV+HP+SPRING WATER. Even if I don't do the douche I still wash the outside with it. Absolutely no smells of any kind coming from down there anymore! I have not gotten the opportunity to try it myself but, COCONUT OIL, very good anti-inflammatory. For your skin specifically or even to include in your diet! Learn benefits by looking it up, add some keywords like bv, vaginal discharge, yeast infections, parasites, ect. You can learn a lot by adding choice words to your search! Also, one evening I did a Suppository of Vitamin C 500MG, woke up the next day.. had a little discharge later not much. Same with Folic acid, I did this the next night, for one night only each though. This took the smell right away and I have been able to keep it away so far 2 weeks later. Another recommended product is "Pearls YB" it's a yeast balancing probiotic, high reviews. I have a few family members that take this and have recommended it to me. They use it on a daily basis. I have also read about it being used a suppository. I feel better everyday though, flushing these PARASITES out of my body is so refreshing. I cannot wait! Most people don't fix the underlying problem to their bv, just continuously cover it up for the rest of their life. NO THANKS! I will remain healthy after all is said and done, but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again! OTHER SUGGESTIONS I HAVE COME ACROSS: *100% Cranberry Juice *Borax *Aqueous Cream (use as Shower Vaginal Wash) *Mooncup (for periods, tampons and pads are toxic, using tampons could cause you some serious setbacks because it *allows the bad bacteria to sit in your vagina for long periods of time, not good. *Goldenseal (detox- pill form or could be drank as tea, known to be bitter) *GY-NA-TREN (Found at GNC) *Multi-Vitamin should be in your daily regimen as well *COLON HYDROTHERAPY (I want/need to do this, locally it will cost me $70, this will flush EVERYTHING including *PARASITES from my body! Candida as well if it is present. *Liquid Chlorophyll (Taste like minty sweet tea, do not get Liquid Chlorophyll ES, this is EXTRA SWEET, NO GOOD! *Chlorella has a much more potent form of the Chlorophyll which is top ingredient and has more to offer). *FLAX OIL 3 2x a day is recommended, I started out that now down to 2 or 3 a day. XYLITOL toothpaste could also be your downfall-known to cause disruptive issues in candida cleanses. I feel like I am forgetting something! But if anyone has any questions or information just ask.. just in case I forget about checking this site, I will be posting to many others as well! Thank You for reading, and I wish you all Happy Healing! The better mode you're in, and the lower your stress levels are, the better the chance you have and being healthy again. Try to stay healthy and keep a regimen so it doesn't come back.. you have to make sure it's completely gone! Most of these supplements are very good for everyday health!

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Posted by Angie (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 02/11/2014

Please try plain yogurt with live cultures. Get some tampons, take the tampon out of the plastic covering, dip the cotton portion in the yogurt, insert in vagina. This works! Change the tampon every hour. You may have to do it for 3-4 days. Good luck!

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Posted by Alice (Green Bay, Wi) on 01/29/2013

Hi ladies, I discovered I had BV after my Femring started turning brown and had a horrible sour odor... I called the company and they told me I had a defective ring and replaced it. The new ring started doing the same thing and I thought, this has to be me and not the ring.

My BV infection was mild, but I'll share what worked for me..

Empty and rinse a disposible douche. Add 1 drop of Tea Tree oil, 1/2 of the contents of a garlic capsule, and 1 TBSP. Of 3% hydrogen peroxide - found in the first aid section of the store. Fill with warm water and douche in the morning.

At night take the contents of 1 probiotic capsule and add 1-2 drops of water to make a paste. Instert the paste with your finger before bed. It is not necessary to get it all in there.

Repeat these steps for 5 -7 days depending on how severe the infection is.

The Tea Tree oil and garlic kill the bad bacteria, the hydrogen peroxide balances your ph levels, and the probiotic feeds the good bacteria.

The douche can be used as a maintenance measure and I do it once every 3 months when I change my femring. If you are still getting your periods you may want to do it after your cycle ends.

BV free for over a year! Good Luck to all.

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Posted by Omg This Sucks (Minneapolis, Minnesota) on 11/12/2012

Douche five nights in a row with 30ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide

Take 400-800 mg of Folic Acid a day in two doses

Use orally for the active ingredients Fhamnosus GR-1 and Reuteri RC -14.

It also advises the usual things like getting plenty of sleep, reducing stress, eating whole foods and omega 3s, exercising, and taking vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. It says to avoid Iron supplements, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, sugar, processed foods, and saturated fats. Good luck!!

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Posted by Love (Raleigh, Nc) on 10/28/2012

I have stoped using tampons & started using pads!!!!! I drink plenty of water and I don't eat as much white bread, which is hard not to eat bagels with cream cheese but I do eat in it moderation. I watch my sugars & fried foods. I used to get them monthly for no reason, I was even told I was too clean during a visit to my GYN?? I stopped getting the (Metro/Flagyl) medication from the health department & went to a different facility to filled my Rx. My last and final time the pills were newer & fresher if that makes any sense.

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Posted by Shomabe (Sheffield, Uk) on 09/12/2012

I too suffered with this for nearly a year and a half. I had various treatments including antibiotics for 5 days and also one dose of 5 tablets at once I also tried the internal creams but nothing cleared it completely. However, each treatment seemed to make it a little better each time. I did the common mistake of washing like mad with soap and this made the discharge worse. I finally got rid of it by going to my gp and asking for the 5 day course of metronidazole antibiotics and metronidazole gel as this worked better than the cream. I had aqueous cream to wash my vaginal area in the shower. I just put loads of this onto a flannel the same as I would shower gel as it is not perfumed. I also took 3 dried capsules of acidophilus in the morning with a yoghurt, 1 folic acid tablet and one of the dissolvable vitamin c tablets. I recently needed to have a smear done and while I was there I got the nurse to swab me for bv and the result came back clear..... Finally! :-). I hope this remedy helps anyone else unlucky enough to suffer with this as I know it's sooooo difficult to get rid of. Please let me know if it works for you.

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