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Sea Salt Baths

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Posted by Meagany (Tn) on 11/21/2013
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I love this site! I tried the 1:1 mix of hydrogen peroxide to water with the tampon method and it works! Another one that has worked for me is salt water soaks. I use 1 cup sea salt to about 7 cups HOT water and mix in a plastic basin. Sit in it for 10 min and repeat for another 10 min. I found this on YouTube and it has worked for a milder case of BV.

Spring Water

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Posted by Baby Girl's Mom (Seoul, South Korea) on 02/19/2017
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Actually, I was looking for a natural cure for acid reflux that also happened to address issues with women's infections. I had suspected that chlorine in drinking water was the culprit and went online to find information to support my theory. It seemed I hit the jackpot when I found an article written by Robert Reiling, who's knowledge of chemistry and experience working in the water treatment industry led him to conclude that because it is difficult to extract gaseous chlorine (used in water treatment facilities), even filtered or purified water consumed over long periods can lead to certain health problems. Heeding his advice of drinking only SPRING water (not bottled drinking water or "purified" water) my problem with acid reflux seemed to vanish after just one month. Fast forward a year and I have a new health issue with infection. I tried many of the suggestions here but wanted to tackle the root problem. I realized that while traveling I was drinking filtered water and my troubles started about the same time.

So I went back to bottled SPRING water and after about 2 weeks I am happy to report the infection is gone. Sadly I don't live near a spring and I don't feel good about buying plastic bottles, so I make sure to recycle the bottles religiously. I am thrilled that I have found a cure dealing with the root problem and the cost is extremely low compared to the alternatives. One has nothing to lose by trying out bottled SPRING water for a good few months to see how many ailments can miraculously vanish :)


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Posted by Drea (South Carolina, US) on 07/22/2014
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I suffered from BV for many years and nothing worked until I tried this and the BV is completely gone for good. No joke ladies. This is what worked for me: I take vitamin B6 daily and inserted 1 Prebiotic vaginally for one night. Prebiotic feed the good bacteria and all I used was one capsule which I ordered from Amazon. Try it ladies it cured me with no douching and my sex life with my husband is now wonderful! No more embarrassing odor or discharge. Praise God Almighty!

Posted by Anjel03 (Akron, Ohio) on 02/18/2011
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I have been dealing with BV on and off every since my hysterectomy. Makes me believe it might be related to a hormonal imbalance. However, after researching this condition I found that taking a high potency B complex supplement that contains 400mg of folic acid helped my symptoms. I take two tablets daily. I hope this will help anyone else with this problem.

Posted by Katiec (Brevard, Nc) on 04/28/2010
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I had given up on trying to treat my BV. I tried several of the remedies on this board, including acidophilus, but nothing worked more than a day or so. I started taking some supplements for a variety of other ailments, then I realized the BV disappeared. It has been gone for weeks! Here is what I have been taking: Fish Oil caps 2x/day, Super B complex 1x/day, and Vit. D3 1x/day. I don't know which one of those things worked, but something definitely did!

Replied by Screenname
(Athens, Oh)

How long did you take this before you noticed it had disappeared?

Replied by God Answers Prayer
(Seattle, Washington, Usa)
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OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT! ... TRY IT! A MIRACLE LADIES!!!!! It speaks for itself, it is definitely the answer to my prayer...

Replied by Leela
(Hilo, Hi)

Just thought I would recommend something that has worked for a few different ailments for me and may be very sucessful for BV as well. It's worth a try- probiotics - I aften have trouble when I take too many of the capsules - so I just eat 1/4 or 1/2 of one.

Replied by Mandy

I think it was the vitamin D that worked for her, Dr. OZ was talking about bacterial vaginosis and he said to take vitamin D, I bought some yesterday, I do not smell as bad, too early to tell, but I will let you guys know, also I bought those gelcaps natures made multi for her, I will post on Friday to let you know how Im doing, so far I smell nothing, keeping my fingers crosses.

Replied by Sarah
(Seattle, Washington)

B vitamins definitely help. Especially if you are vegetarian you may fnd they make a huge difference.

Posted by Misty (Choctaw, Ok) on 08/26/2009

I wrote to you about olive leaf extract a few weeks ago. The relief was short-lived and a day after taking it, I started my period and got BV again. I continue to take it for other benefits, but I am writing to say that I was reading a site today and a guy was telling about his wife suffering from BV for about seven years. He researched and was desperate to find a cure for her and claims he found one! He linked alot of BV problems seemed to be hormonal problems and had her to take 100mg of vitamin B6 a day along with her multivitamin and she has been BV free for some time. I hope this is the answer I started taking the B6 this evening. Only time will tell. Thank you for your posts!

Replied by Misty
(Choctaw, Ok)

It has been 5 days since I started taking 100mg of vitamin B6. The first 3 days I still had a yellowish discharge but the ammonia smell started going away. The 4th day same discharge, and still less of an ammonia smell. Today I haven't had any discharge yet and it's after 2:00 p.m. I have no odor whatsoever either! If I have to take vitamin B6 forever I will do it just to keep BV away! It sure beats having to insert stuff in your vagina all the time! Thank you all!

Replied by Misty
(Choctaw, Ok)
5 out of 5 stars

It has been 8 days since my last post on B6. It is definitely a "YEA"! I highly recommend it to anyone who probiotics (in and out of the vagina), folic acid, hydrogen peroxide, yogurt (in and out of the vagina), olive leaf extract, B-complex vitamins, etc.... did not work for. I don't know if my hormones were out of whack for being on birth control pills for 20 years or what, but nothing has worked like 100 mg of vitamin B6 in addition to my multivitamin. I even had sex a couple of days ago and no sign of BV, which is awesome because it comes back usually the day after! One woman on another site reported being cured after one day and another about three days. Just be careful because you can overdose on B6, but 100mg in addition to your multivitamin I was told was safe. Good luck, ladies.

Replied by Julie
(Tarboro, Nc)
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I was using Apple Cider Vinegar that I read about on this site for YI. I had both YI and BV. I was in terrible pain. I got so desperite I went on a no carb diet. I even fasted when I could to starve the yeast. Eventually the yeast was gone and the Apple Cider Vinegar was aggravating the BV. I went back up here and read about B6. I immediately went to the store and bought some. I took one pill and swallowed a tbsp of H2O2. I did feel a little sick at first but it wasn't long before I felt a soothing sensation in my well you know. Now only the outside itches and I have a feeling that with one more dose I will be good to go. Now here's some advise from my mistakes. When I used H2O2 vaginally it caused the YI. Take by mouth in low quantities only. Be carefull with the Apple Cider Vinegar as it can cause BV by screwing up your ph. Don't drink the Apple Cider Vinegar take it vaginally dilluted in distilled water. I was taking it by mouth and it was fermenting in my gut making it worse. Including doctor's perscriptions and otc drugs ( which I would not recommend to anyone) and starting looking for homeopathic remedies it has taken over 2 months and finally relief.

Posted by Alexandria (Pace, FL) on 05/27/2009
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Okay ladies, over the last 6 months I have been researching home cures for BV. I had my last try at getting rid of this life sucking monster via abx. So I came across this site, I had already tried the Acidophilus and the H2O2 (with no success), a few weeks ago I tried the 400 mcg of folic acid twice a day. It seemed to be working but I still had small amounts of discharge (wearing panty liners all the time-not a life) and I had to make sure I took the supplement at the same time twice a day.

My point ladies is this-

When I was trying to cure my BV with abx my gyn gave me a list of food items to alter my diet. She explained that my pH was out of balance (which make is easier for bacteria to flourish) and I needed to become more alkaline. Basically what it came down to was I needed to give up all of the good tasting foods in my life... NOPE, that is not the life I want to live. Many of the green leafy veg and other alkalizing foods are high in folic acid and B vitamins but I also noticed that Evening Primrose oil was on the list of alkaline foods. And so I began taking a supplement of 1000 mg twice a day without regard for timing and OMG!!! I am back to my old...LOVE BEING A WOMAN self!!

Just wanted you all to know about my results and what has worked for me. Good luck to all of you!!

Posted by Sherry (Houston, Texas) on 05/25/2009
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I have not been dealing with BV for as long as some, however I have had the problem since January 2009. I've visited the doctor for more than a few times for antibiotics (metronidazol 7days), after the 3rd time I was treated, my doctor said most patients she have treated had mentioned bad eating habits. I thought about what she said because I too have bad eating habits and decided to take multi vitamins along with acidophilus ( for additional good bacteria) and prayer. I started taking the vitamins after I completed the antibiotics to put the good bacteria back into my body. It's been 2 weeks now and so far so good. I couldn't wait to tell you all about this. I hope this recommendation can help some if not all.

1 - multi vitamin with multi mineral complete
2 - acidophilus 2billion
prayer daily

You'll hear back from me if this horrible BV thing comes back.

Good Luck and May God Bless and Heal your body.

Posted by Latoya (Sanford, Florida) on 07/26/2008
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Hi, I have been suffering from BV since I was 15 yrs old I am currently 24 I have try everything under the sun the only thing that has work for me so far is taking b-50 complex vitamin twice day or the b-100 complex vitamins once a day. This is available at any stores that sell vitamins like wal-mart, Walgreens it's about $5.00 at most. The only thing is if you stop taking them it would come back so make sure you continue to take it and drink plenty of water I would say about six to eight cup a day I hope it works for you after taking them you would notice results immediately it should be gone by the second or third day.

Posted by Anonymous (La Plata, MD) on 04/28/2008
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O.K. I'd first like to say, that is completely absurd to think that all causes of BV are STD related! If that was the case how do we explain the millions of women how haven't had sex that have BV. And as far as I'm concerned I don't think that BV is sex related, but that's my opinion. A couple of months ago I bought some Hydrogen Peroxide, Probiotic tablets, folic acid, and zinc. Needles to say the hydrogen peroxide caused a horrible smell and the probiotic upset my stomach. But I continued to use the folic acid and the zinc; I actually noticed a mild difference. Not entirely satisfied I figured I needed to do something more soooo.... I threw out all my detergents and soaps! I now use Purell (Allergy free ) detergent on my clothes and Aquaphor baby soap and VOILA... nothing! So What Worked For Me: 1 dose of zinc 1 dose of folic acid 800mg Allergy free detergent (Purell) Allergy free soap (Aquaphor).

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Sucitysu (Jax, Fl) on 07/29/2013
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Hi all you ladies out there who are suffering with this horrible BV! I've been there too... The vicious cycle of going to the doc and getting antibiotics that cause yeast infections as well... Only to have it all come back! Ugh!

I've been suffering off and on with this also for the last 8 years. And like you, I'm tired of the doctors and I'm trying homeopathic remedies. I've found the tea tree oil helps. I have found it in suppository form at Whole Foods. These have helped me tremendously and much easier in a suppository form. Not to mention the smell is sooo much better than that horrible fishy smell! And is soothing.

I've learned that our bodies need to be PH balanced of 7. 0 or better. It is proven that no disease, infection, or even cancer can live in a body that is PH balanced. Cancers thrive in acidic environments. But our vaggies are a different matter. Needing to be acidic.

I am trying these methods I've read on here too... Hoping they will be the answer!

Good luck to all of you! God Bless

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Justanotherwoman (Seattle, Wa) on 03/18/2013

I have been struggling with BV since 2005 (after my boyfriend introduced me to unprotected sex). Though I have been careful to wrap it up since, bv has continued to bother me more than mother nature herself. I have tried all forms of metronidozal/flagyl (until I realized that my reoccurring hiver were caused by the medication... My one and only allergy)... Tried peroxide (douche AND tampon) (worked for a couple weeks, but the case of bv tended to be WAY worse than the last each time) (sex also became painful)... Suppositories worked but were VERY pricey and only last about 4 months (and who can afford a bv savings account in this economy?)... While using the suppositories, I felt a tingle when insterting at night and a confident freshness in the morning. I am currently trying tea tree oil. (day one) it doesn't hurt but the scary "burning" that people speak of is a refreshing tingle. I have high hopes.

For those new to the struggle, keep your head up! You are NOT alone. I was lucky to have a boyfriend willing to sit through the ph balance talk (embarrassing but NECESSARY! )

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Suzette (Chattanooga, Tennessee) on 03/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Bacterial Vaginosis- I've tried many ways to try to get rid of it. I gave up on medications from my physicians after I kept getting reoccurances. After trying baths of H2O2 and yogurt tampons I came across tea tree oil. If you put some on a tampon and leave it in for a few hours it seems to make the BV disappear. I would do this once a day when the symptoms are bad and once a month to keep it at bay. After doing this for a few months I've never had a reoccurance. I'm not sure if it's safe to use while pregnant though. This kills all the harmful bacteria in your vagina while leaving the good bacteria alone. I swear it's a life saver if you're dealing with BV.

Replied by Isis
(Toronto, Ontario)
5 out of 5 stars

Tea Tree oil saved my life. I had a bad case of BV for over a year and all the medication in the world wasn't helping. I developed a severe anxiety problem from the constant embarassment of the wretched smell that followed me everywhere. One day in my desperation for a cure I read about T. T. O and took a 100 organic cotton tampon and dipped it in a small portion of water mixed with drops of T. T. O. I kid you not, within two hours the smell was gone! After paying $35 I don't know how many times to buy these random different types of medication that the doctor was giving me that didn't even work, the T. T. O that was sitting in my medicine cabinet for half a year did the trick. Before spending money you don't have try T. T. O. and if by the end of the day it's not working, then perhaps you should think about getting medication.

Replied by Shyann
(Los Angeles)

If you keep getting a reoccurrence of BV then most likely your partner needs to be treated. Some DR say men can't get it but that is not true. Some DR will give you medication for your guy and you can go through the 10 days together.

Replied by Essa

Hi, I was wondering while inserting tea, tree oil is it okay to have intercourse? My sex life sucks and it's really obnoxious. Please get back at me.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Carrie (Chicago, Il) on 12/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Yay for tea tree oil! Like many other people, I have suffered from BV for a year and was on several different antibiotics. As soon as I stopped treatment, the infection returned. Frustrated, I began to explore alternative treatments. I tried just about everything under the sun: hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, folic acid, acidophilus, garlic; nothing worked. Having read that everyone's body is different I kept at it, but it was a difficult process to find my miracle cure. Tea tree oil changed everything. I douche with it every couple days or as soon as symptoms start appearing. After one treatment the symptoms are gone. I use 15-20 mL of water and 12 drops of tea tree oil, but start with much less oil (1 or 2 drops) and see what you can handle, because it will burn, especially if the vagina is inflamed and sore.

Replied by London
(Sandusky, Ohio)
5 out of 5 stars

Tea tree oil works for BV. The douche however, (with 5 to 15 drops) did not work for me, made things worse. Douching upsets the vaginal flora TOO MUCH

Here's what I do: 4-5 drops tea tree oil in an empty 00 gel cap, and then fill to rim with Castor oil. Stick it in as deep as it will go. I usually only have to do this overnight

Replied by Wonder
(Denver, Co)

I don't understand why doctors don't tell you the truth about problems with your ph levels. All you have to do is drink 2 liters of lemon water (1 lemon a liter) a day and your ph levels will go back to where they are supposed to be. If you do have an infection douche with peroxide and water, and drink your lemon water and you will no longer have any problems.

Replied by Alibumbayay
(Seattle, Washington)

In response to "All you have to do is drink 2 liters of lemon water (1 lemon a liter) a day and your ph levels will go back to where they are supposed to be."

Unfortunately this is not always the cure-all case. Citrus fruits such as lemons seem acidic but they are actually alkaline forming, and candida, for instance, thrives on them. So depending on the individual problem, drinking lots of lemon juice can actually exacerbate the problem.

I love drinking a whole lemon in water every morning but had to give it up because it was contributing to an overgrowth of yeast in my vagina.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jay (BX, NY) on 11/25/2008
4 out of 5 stars

bacterial vaginosis---no one has tried tea tree oil huh. It seems to be very effective. i have taken the acidophillus chewables that are delicious, about 5 or 6 a day, i pop them like candy and i purchased the folic acid. i also tried the hydrogen peroxide wash. the pills did not really work for me. the hydrogen peroxide worked great as a quick douche to eliminate the smell which was horrid, and oh so embarrasing.

i have bought tea tree oil, and im trying that now, so far so good, no smell at all. please be careful and read up on it becuz its very powerful, saturate a tampon with olive oil or ky jelly so the tea tree oil does not absorb into the tampon, and add a few drops to the tampon about 6 or 7, and stick it in and continue with your evening. tea tree oil is an antiseptic and its natural. i refuse to take that nasty flagyl or another cream, i have it but i refuse. ever since i used that nuva ring i've had bv i swear and i am hating this. my boyfriend is turned off and i want to cry. ughhh.

anyway bv has a lot to do with your insides, u need to get a colonic also, to start digesting properly that my be a cause also. the bacteria in your digestive track may be entering your vaginal walls causing the problem.

Replied by Sarah
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
4 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering for over two and a half months with something that seems to have some properties from both a yeast infection and BV. I have tried so many things from prescription creams to Canestin. I've even tried some apple cider vinegar, yogurt, salt baths, vinegar baths and anything else I could find already in this house (Luckily my parents had all this already).

Then I read online about Tea Tree oil and remembered luckily seeing a bottle of it in the cupbord. At first though, using it by itself made things a bit worse. It is a very strong antifungal, can sting and make any redness/itchyness a bit worse. So then back to the stuff that wasn't really working I went. After a bit more time though I despirately went back to the clinic to have the infection looked at again. I had a lot of redness/itching/discharge. I was prescribed Monistat and a vaginal douche to use with some plain white vinegar mixed with a litre of water. So far the douche is working decently but the Monistat treatment has been over for a couple days now and hasn't worked much. Anyway as soon as the Monistat treatment was over I had searched online again and saw that Tea Tree Oil was one of the most recommended remedies for yeast and BV but that it should be diluted with water. I hadn't noticed the diluted part before so I then went and put all of what was left, about 1 tablespoon, into a 500ml bottle and filled the rest with water and throughly shook it to mix it up.

Now I use the plain white vinegar douche for the internal part of the infection and the diluted Tea Tree Oil on a clean soft tissue as a topical to help with the external part of the infection and to help clear the itching/redness. I use the douche once a day before bed to clear all the junk out from the day and the diluted Tea Tree Oil at least 2-3 times a day after I go to the washroom and/or bathe, plus I use no soap. So far the infection is slowly going away and I am so happy about this.:)