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Saline Solution
Posted by N Epp (Ohio) on 06/16/2020

I just want to add my experience to this BV section so that it might help someone else, because all the input I have read has been very helpful to me. I was about to start taking Humira for Arthritis in March. Of course I got BV right before. Went to doctor because I knew I had to clear up quickly since the Humira would reduce my ability to fight infections. Even though the last time I was given antibiotics for BV they did not work, I tried again. They did not work! came back after 2 days off of antibiotics. Went back to Boric acid suppositories. They did not seem to be working, but I kept using and hoping and adding anything else that I read that I had in the house (lockdown was happening). Won't go into everything I tried, nothing was working. I saw a video on youtube where a young lady was talking about her cure. Then she made an additional video and mentioned that if her treatment didn't help others (salt in a sitzbath), it may be candida (yeast). At this point it is mid June. I started the infection in mid March. I was so frustrated and really about to breakdown. I realized that the smell had been gone for a long time, it was the discharge that kept coming back. It looked to have a color (greenish or yellowish) so I kept thinking it was infection. I decided one night at 3am when I was searching for cures to look at cures for yeast infections on this site. Some ladies mentioned using a douche of Dr. NeilMeds sinus powder (meant for sinus infections). I happened to have some from purchase of Neti pots for my husband. I started using that and am on day 3 of doing twice a day. I think it may be doing the trick. I will repost in a week or so to say if it worked. Going to use for another day or two. FYI Stopped Humira after 2,1/2 months because I thought it was preventing me from clearing infection. Now taking borax for arthritis too. I just wanted to add in case others may think they are not getting rid of infection it may be yeast. I know most BV treatments are supposed to work on yeast also, but may be not all forms. Thanks. Please give feedback if you have any.