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Posted by Soo (New York, New York) on 04/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I'have had bouts of bv on and off for about 4 years. Like everyone else it kept coming back, and I noticed that it was becoming more frequent and harder to cure with each time. Then for the last 5 months it was absolutely constant! People who sat beside me in the subway would sniff around and turn their heads. It was so embarrassing.

In Jan. 2008, I tried the 1:1 H20/ Hydrogen Peroxide douche + acidophilous (2 after each meal) + folic acid (3 800mcg/day). At first it worked wonders, but because I had done all three at once I didn't know which was working or not. I waited a few days and only took the vitamins. The odor and discharge came back so I knew that the Hydrogen Peroxide had been the quick fix. I douched again and the smell disappeared, but came back by the end of the day. Every other day I tried the douche for about 2 weeks and I found that the cure was losing its potency. I know douching is bad and this shouldn't be done regularly. I stopped and decided to wait if the vitamins alone would work. A week later and nothing. So I took one of the acidophilus pills and put it way in my vagina. This actually worked a lot better than the hydrogen peroxide. However, I noticed after a few times that this had lost its potency too. I was really desperate. The remedies here were my last hope.

Then, I decided to completely analyze my lifestyle. I'm from Korea and I came to NY about 2 yrs ago. I noticed that the bv became serious after I came to the states. 1. Quit using fabric softener in laundry - instead I use vinegar and some drops of essential oils. If you read up on fabric softener you'll find out that it's really bad. I'd hardly used fabric softener in Korea and simply ran the rinse cycle twice. Since fs was something I'd started in the states it had to do with my pH imbalance. Regular soaps/detergents are alkaline, which is what makes washed things rough. In order to get it soft you have to rebalance the pH. Vinegar will do this. I put about 1/4 cup of white vin with some drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils. (The oils are choice. You don't need them if don't have them). Laundry smells Wonderful and not cloying like fs. It's logical to use natural substance for your laundry, especially underwear! And very necessary to keep your clothes pH balanced. Vinegar smell disappears through drying; don't worry.

2. I bought a large batch of KIMCHI and started eating it everyday with my meals. There is a LOT of acidophilus and bifidus in kimchi and I'd had hardly any intake of those good bateria. (I hadn't eaten yogurt because I get skin blemishes with dairy.)

3. Skin trouble or not, I bought a yogurt maker and have been eating homemade yogurt once a day. This is a good way to insure that you have a steady diet of yogurt and after a few tries you'll find that it's cheaper and healthier than storebought.

4. Reduced intake of sugar. This was the Hardest thing to do. I love a good dessert, but I had to stop. I let myself eat a cookie about once a week.

5. I quit smoking. I just had 1 or 2 cigarettes a day, but still it's toxic and I knew I had to STOP.

6. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT in my cure: I did an Eastern medical treatment called moxibustion. I really went back to my roots to cure myself. How moxibustion (or moxa cautery) works is there are these short paper-rolled stubs of wormwood that is stuck to a round clay foundation and their placed usually where the ailment is, and burned. You can picture a 1/4 inch cigarette butt sticking up from a teeny flowerpot; however it might look different because mine was sent to me by my mom and is for home use. Mind you, your skin isn't burned, simply warmed, but the wetness is dried up and toxins seep out through the burning process. If you're not Asian and don't know what I'm talking about go to an Asian medical specialist and tell them to do a moxibustion on your lower abdomen because you have an inflammation in the female area. In Eastern med, smelly discharge and all that women's trouble is said to be caused by a coldness in the lower body, and where there is wet, there is cold. You'll notice that the discharge keeps you cold in that area. You need to make your lower body warmed up again. I did the moxibustion and the discharge and smell was almost gone immediately. I did it a few more days (once a day) and it's COMPLETELY disappeared. Wow, all I had to do was go back to my roots.

Anyway, if you're unable to find an Asian medicine facility where you live... try some things to warm your lower ab. Don't wear jeans, especially tight jeans. Don't just sit down in cold areas - cold plastic subway seats are bad! If you have a hot water bottle, hold it against your lower belly. If you don't have a hot water bottle, use a heating pad or just put warm water into a PET bottle and use it. Drink lukewarm water and not cold refrigerated or ice water. However, I really recommend just a few times of Moxibustion. Everything else is a lifestyle change that should be kept up, but this is something that is direct.

But now I have another problem. I don't smell anymore, but my clothes and sheets still have that odor left in them. No amount of regular laundry will get rid of it. Do I have to get a new wardrobe or can someone help me rid of the stink?

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
513 posts

Hi Soo,

I've never been diagnosed with BV but I have had the odor. Didn't get rid of it until I quit using soap for bathing (learned this from a lovely lady in her 60's about 30 years ago - she had never used deoderant but you didn't fall backwards when she lifted her arms. She said "My daddy was a chemist and he always told us that if you didn't use soap, you didn't need it because soap is what makes you stink." By Ned, I found that she (or rather her daddy) was right!

For your problem with the odor in your wardrobe and bed linens, I suggest you try adding 1 cup of ACV to your final rinse in laundering them. I think you will like the results.

Replied by Soo
New York, NY

I have continued to take the acidophilous (Nature's way primadaphilous bifius- works great) once a day. I also take one folic acid (800mcg) per day. I continued to use a bit of vinegar and essential oils in the rinse cycle of my laundry and within about 4 washes any residual smell has disappeared from my clothes. I've learned that not smoking is vital in this.

I did the moxibustion treatment about 4 more times since I wrote here. Two times in April and two in May right after my period ended because the BV came back after my period.

However, a week has past since my period this month in June and there are absolutely no symptoms of BV. I've hardly given BV a thought for the past month and a half. That's how clean and fresh I feel.

So here are what must be kept up. The acidophilous, folic acid, no smoking, drastically less sugar intake, and eating lots of greens.
I learned that chlorophyll works wonders as an internal deodorant. I also take 2 table spoons of chlorophyll a day since I'm single and it's difficult to eat a ton of greens every day. Don't give up! It's taken me half a year since I started treating myself with these natural remedies. Thank you and good luck to all!

Posted by Sissy (Fort Worth, US) on 01/04/2008
1 out of 5 stars

Try to get the Veggie capsules for the boric acid suppositories... the gelatin capsules do not melt as well. I have had BV for three years now and I have been on antibiotics about six diffrent times and nothing has worked...I have used garlic, acidophillus, yeast arrest, tea tree oil and nothing has worked. The boric acid helps with the smell but I still have a lot of discharge. I have read a lot about the folic acid so I am going to get some tomorrow and start trying that. I have literally spent over 1000 dollars on different medicines and doctor visits trying to cure this and nothing has worked. I will let you all know if the folic acid works for me. I have faith that one day I will get rid of this. I have also been depressed about it and have cried. Stay strong ladies.

Posted by YoYo (Detroit, MI) on 09/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried Flagyl, and it worked. I take showers instead of baths. I also use unscented dove or ivory soap. I only wear cotton underwear, and lose fitting pants, and at night i sleep with no underwear. Now i have no problem with bv.

Posted by Toma (Chicago, IL) on 08/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Here's other remedies that can help cure BV : iodine or H2O2 or ACV tea tree oil douche for 4 weeks, a dose of silver once a week for a month, wash or douche with H202 your private area after sex or period, use Aci-jel, eat garlic, slice garlic cloves and insert them into your vagina for a day - do it for a 2-4 weeks. Also, a partner should be treated, too as BV is an STD. Also, have a bacterial culture. Good luck! And remember you should never give up never give up!

Replied by Lauren

BV is not an STD. I asked my gyno and looked it up it isn't an STD even girls that aren't sexually active can get it.

Posted by Shannon (Richmond, California) on 08/06/2007
1 out of 5 stars

I am glad to have found this site. I AM NOT ALONE. I have suffered from BV for at least five years and nothing has worked. Flagyl, metrogel, clindamyacin, I've tried it all. I just went to the store when I read about the folic acid and I got some. I don't know if there is any relief as of yet but I'll keep ya posted. God I hope this works!!!

Posted by Jay (Jackson, MS) on 07/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have very sensitive skin, so condoms, dryer sheets, and of course antibiotics can bring on a yeast infection. Step one is to avoid condoms and spermicide (for me) and using dryer sheets, particularly on underwear or athletic clothing that is close to the skin. To treat, I have had great success with bathing in lemon or lime water. This is probably more gentle than apple cider vinegar. Yeast needs a basic enviroment to live, and a healthy vagina is slightly acidic, so you want to return your environment gradually and gently to normal. Also - sperm is basic, so wash thoroughly after sexual activity to avoid creating a "good home" for excessive bacteria or yeast. There are also antifungal natural ear drops that are a little better than using a strong chemical treatment that you could try. For bacteria, I find that eating yogurt and probiotics during antibiotic courses, garlic, and avoiding triggers like dryer sheets helps as well. Hope this helps someone out there!

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio, 44870

Right on!! Condoms, thong underwear, sweat, baths, non cotton underwear, just about anything can give me BV. One thing that helped alot was washing my cotton underwear seperately in a fragrance free, all natural, coconut oil based detergent (kind you get in the health food store, or the natural, "greenie" section of wal mart). I wash my other clothes in Gain. I use seventh generation brand. My infections stopped around the time I started doing this.

Replied by Wendy
Barrie, Ontario

hmmmm.... But not using the condoms will pass it back and forth to your partner and the condition will continue ;-( Sex with my husband was sparse when I was nursing the kids and I NEVER had discharge at all or even a yeast infection, now that we are back to as much as I can get (LOL) it seems EVERY time I have sex with him, I end up with an infection!!! Arghhh I've got both of us on GSE, oil of oregano and parasite herbs right now because I'm tired of this shit... I take really good care of myself, eat well, fast, zap, I've done Rife Therapy, ozone therapy, high dose vitamin c, fulvic/humic acid, had my amalgams removed blah blah and he now he is working on the road all the time, he eats like crap, gained weight, is cranky and has athletes foot and is probabably full of candida and who knows what else... I'm thinking condoms are the way to go LOL

Replied by Krysta

I think ur exactly right about this. I have sensitive skin thanks for the info because this bv condition is the worse

Posted by ulie (Raleigh, NC)
1 out of 5 stars

Folic acid, acidophilus, hydrogen peroxide, tee tree oil, garlic and ACV have not worked for me at all. I have taken all of the gels and creams from the doctors too. I have suffered from BV for two years and there seems to be no end in site. As you all know it is very frustrating. In reading commits about Folic Acid it appears that women commented instantly after taking it, I would like to know if it worked long term. I did notice a change in my discharge hours after taking folic acid, but my BV was back to it's old self w/in a day. I am still taking it and acidophilus in hopes something will change! I would appreciate any feedback.

Multivitamin, Probiotics  

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Posted by Simi (Montreal, Quebec) on 12/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am so grateful for this web site and the recomendations which helped me to cure my BV (bacterial vaginitis). I am 60 years old and have not had any symptoms for the past 10 years. My BV symptoms consisted of a sudden appearance of an abundant discharge on DAY 1 (Nov 7th). After 7 days of treatment for a yeast infection there was no improvement. Finally I found your site on DAY 20 and immediately bought 2 products at the pharmacy:

- multivitamin pills (which included 0.4 mg floric acid)
- 50 capsules of a probiotic mixture which caught my attention as I was looking in the store for acidophilus. Each capsule contains:
300 million bifidobacterium bifidum
300 million bifidobacterium longum
300 million lactobacillus acidophilus
5.1 billion lactobacillus rhamnosus

For 5 days I used the following remedy:
1 multivitamin
2 capsules of probiotic taken orally (morning and evening)
1 capsule of probiotic inserted in vag. (at bedtime)

On the 3rd day I observed a slight improvement
On the 4th day, I observed considerable improvement
On the 6th day I stopped inserting the capsule in the vigina. (and the discharge was negligeable the next morning)
I have had no discharge since then!!
On the 9th day I stopped taking the multivitamins
Very soon, I will reduce the probiotics to one a day orally (and replace with probiotic yougurt in my diet)

I hope this information can help others. I also switched to 100% cotton and only white underwear.
I had tried the diluted H2O2 wash twice a day, but soon gave it up, because I had a better cleaner feeling from using very mild unscented soap.

Replied by Dameimei
Memphis, Tn

Hi Simi,

I have been suffering from yeast then BV for almost a week now. I think it started as yeast but turned into BV now. (I had to take some antibiotic a week before for urinary tract infection and then I started to have white chunky discharge). I also follow the remedies which suggested by many people on this site but it has not cleared (it has been 5 days now).

I am taking 1 garlic supplement, 2 L. Acidophilus capsules and 1 multivitamin (I use Folic Acid on the first 2 days but then slow down since my mutivatamin has folic acid). I also inserted 1 L. Acidophilus capsule two nights ago. The first morning after I tried the L. Acidophilus in vagina, I felt a lot better. I then insert another one few hours after I woke up and one later in the afternoon. I then started to have itchiness and irritation on my vagina. The white chunky discharge seems almost gone but I started to have light ivory color discharge. The discharge is more liquid form with a light smell. The smell is not fish at all, not like most people with BV. It is a very light smell. I think I may insert too frequanly. Did you have the similar discharge after you use the probiotic capsule in vag?

I stop insert it in my vag since I am not sure if I am actually making my condition worst by insert more bacteria. Please let me know if you also have discharge and how you feel during the treatment. Maybe I just need to limit to one at night. Thank you!

Replied by Simi
Montreal, Quebec

Hello Dameimei,

I suspect that 1 capsule a day would do the job (at bedtime). The discharge I had seemed to be similar to yours (no smell, transluscent witish-grey color). It was all gone after 5 days of treatment with the probiotic capsules. You are probably not using the same type of capsules that I used (my bottle specified that they were for restoring vaginal flora).

Anyway, you're on the right track. Don't give up!

Replied by Dameimei
Memphis, Tn

Hi Simi,

Thank you for replying. You are right, I use the same capsule as the one I take orally. That must be the problem.. My condition was better for a day but then started to get worse.. Good thing I stop after one day. My vag is now swollen a bit and irritated. I need to find the right type for inserting. Once again, thank you!

Replied by Dameimei
Memphis, Tn

Hi Simi,

I searched the web but I am not sure which product to get.. Does the capsule you use for vaginal insert has a vaginal use label on it? or is the same type you use orally? I can't find a probiotic for vaginal use contains as much as the one you use. I was at our local healthy food store for a hour today but I didn't find anything close to your neither (the contains of the probiotic). I know this site does not allow member to mention about the brand name so I know it's a bit tough to describe but I really need help. Thank you for all your advise, I really appreciate it!

EC: If you search "probiotics for restoring vaginal flora" on google you will find the brand!

Sorry, we've had hundreds of fake submissions over the years on the bacterial vaginosis section in particular, so we don't want to mention the brand name.

Replied by Simi
Montreal, Quebec

Hi Dameimei,

I should clarify that the product I used specified ORAL use. I used 2 capsules a day orally, but added a third capsule in vag based on recommendations from others on this web site and from similar recommendations found on another site. I strongly suspect that the main factor responsible for my 5-day cure was the capsule inserted in vag. (a nurse I had consulted early on had recommended to use yoghurt in vag but I thought that was a messy solution...glad I found the capsules instead). If you don't find the product I used, I found an alternative product on the internet and it seems very promising: each capsule contains 5 billion live organisms, a mixture of:
lactobacillus rhamnosus and lactobacillus reteri.

In this case also the bottle specifies ORAL use but the web site hints that using in vag would produce faster results. Good luck!

Replied by London
Sandusky, Oh
5 out of 5 stars

Yes!! Vitamins are the number one key factor for teating BV. I was taking folic acid and a multi vitamin for a while and that seemed to work for about a year, but then I started getting them again. I reado somewhere your body can get used to vitamins and build a tolerance over time.

Super B complex!!!! B vitamins. I did A TON of reaearch, because, ever since I was 22, I HAVE SUFFERED with BV, and yeast infections, AND bladder infections. I read that many women prone to chronic yeast infections have a b vitamin defiency. I started adding a b vitamin complex to the regime, and also, I do the tea tree oil douche, and I take alot of raw garlic in my diet, (in cooking, etc) works great.

Olive Leaf Extract  

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Posted by Thankful (Dallas, Tx) on 05/07/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Hey, ladies I want to report on my Olive leaf extract use. I am having tremendous success, I take two in the morning and 2 in the evening. The two in the evening I take with pure cranberry juice diluted with water and I add abt 12 drops of GSE, I dont know if the GSE helps but I figure it can not hurt. I use the brand that starts with a S and ends with a Y, super potency. I also have started taking a multi-vitamin and vitamin D3 when I remember. I am putting this in "better but not cured" because I have not stopped taking the Olive Leaf Extract and don't plan to for some time. I had been dealing with bv for years and I want to give my body time to recuperate from it. I realize we have to think more whollistically, before I would just try to use douches and such but if you are having constant problems with bv it maybe a more systematic problem, I know for me that was not hard to believe. After years of anti-biotics and what not, no telling what residue was left in my body that was throwing it off. Anyway I hope this helps :) p.s. Don't forget to take a probiotic abt 2 hours after the GSE, to help replenish the good bacteria!

Replied by Dc Girl
Washington, Dc

I've almost read the entire thread and wanted to add my two cents. I've also suffered from BV, though I really didn't realize it until the last 4-5 years. I'll be honest in saying that I don't really know the cause of it, but after going to a few doctors I realized they had no idea on how to treat/cure it. In fact, I was told there was not cure for it. So I managed to just deal with it by doing a lot of the stuff by other listed on this site.

Interestingly enough, I started doing the Master Cleanse (referred to as the Lemon Aid Diet) to detox my system. I did it two times last year and started again this month. However, the last time I did it, I noticed that my pH was MUCH better, though still had a slight discarge but was nowhere near the color and it did not have an odor to it at all. But when I came off of the diet, it went back to what it previously had been (milky yellowish tent with an odor that apparently only I could smell). And of course, while some days were better than others and no one knew other than myself, I became extremely selfconcious about to the point that it affected my sex life.

So this time around, I bought the strips to test my pH levels before starting and I was at 7.5. After starting the cleanse and a few days into it, I tested myself again and I was down to 5.5. A week later, I was down to 4.5. However I noticed a difference in my scent the very next day after I started the diet.

So what I decided to do was incorporate the "cleanse" drink into my everyday eating. I am changing my eating habit and of course exercising now but I drink a smoothie in the morning (that I make each morning with various fruits, spinach and carrots). I drink about 6 18oz cups a day of the lemonade solution throught the day and with my meals. I also try to drink at least 32oz of water each day. I eat soup and salad for lunch and eat a pretty normal dinner but before 7pm. While I eat more baked fish and chicken, I make 1 weekend day a cheat day where I can eat anywhere from pizza, fried chicken, steak... whatever (but within moderation of course).

And while I just started doing all of this (this is week 3) I have noticed that my pH levels are pretty normal now with the last 3 tests I've done.

This may not work for everyone else... But so far, it's working for me. I just wanted to share my experience.

Posted by Relievednow (Rocky Mount, Nc) on 08/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

So I have tried everything that you guys have suggested and they worked great temporally. But I started reading about olive leaf extract and olive oil and WOW I AM CURED. Its been 7 days and counting. No burning or irritation. So what I did was took a tbl sp of the extract then I douched with straight 3% Hydrogen Peroxide on the toilet, then I took extra virgin olive oil in a regular dropper and placed it in my vajay jay. Got a towel and let it soak out all night covering every part down there. I still take a tbl sp of the extract everyday and all is well... Good luck I know how u feel.. Let me know if this works for u!

Posted by Misty (Choctaw, Ok) on 08/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've been suffering from bacterial vaginosis for more than five years. I've been trying everything suggested by everyone such as acidophillus pills, yogurt, folic acid, hydrogen peroxide... you name it. I recently went to a health food store and the lady working there suggested I use Olive leaf extract because it killed viruses and bacteria. I only started taking it yesterday but haven't seen any discharge or smell today. I pray this is the answer for me and anyone else the other remedies haven't worked for. I bought a bottle of 60 capsules and it says to take 3 times a day after a meal. I hope this helps someone!

Oregano Oil  

5 star (6) 
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Posted by Danna (Quebec) on 12/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I've had bv for a couple of months and it finally went away when I got a cold and took my natural remedy. In less than a week I was bv free! It's also an easy process which I love, I will try this next time I have it. I put three drops of 100% oregano oil in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and had it twice a day for about 5-6 days . That's it!

Posted by Hina (Eastvale, Ca) on 11/04/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been to this website several times to find a cure for BV and I want to share how I finally fixed mine. I had been suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis or BV for almost last three years. Obviously, the first thing I did was seek medical advice. I was prescribed oral antibiotics, antibiotic suppositories and boric acid suppositories multiple times. Every time the BV came back within days of stopping the treatment. After that I tried every home remedy I read about including, hydrogen peroxide douches, tea tree oil suppositories, oral and vaginal probiotics, garlic suppositories, yogurt, etc. Nothing worked and BV always came back within a day or two of stopping the treatment. I finally read about oil of oregano a month ago and gave it a try.

I took a teaspoon of olive oil in a medicine dosage cup and mixed 4 drops of oil of oregano in it and drank it every day for two weeks. I also took half a teaspoon of olive oil in a small syringe, no needle attached, and mixed 4 drops of oil of oregano and put it inside my vagina at night and tried to keep it in there for as long as I could. It burned a lot on the first day for almost 5 to 10 minutes but then it wasn't that bad from the second day. I used it for 6 days in a row and used some yogurt on the 7th day at the bedtime. I slept with a thin pad on so the oil wouldn't go to other areas and burn me there. I repeated the same on the second week. At the beginning of the third week I got my periods. I didn't drink or put the oil inside me during my periods. Also, this time I used pads instead of tampons. It's been 3 days since my periods ended and I didn't see any BV symptoms, otherwise I used to start smelling the fishy odor towards the 4th or the 5th day of my periods.

Another thing I did is I completely abstained from having sex during the treatment. Yesterday I had sex with my hubby the first time in over three weeks and I still feel okay. I think his semen is way too alkaline to mess up my pH level. I think I will go back to drinking the oil but not put anything inside me anymore unless I see the symptoms again. Please feel free to ask any questions you have. I understand what a nuisance this disease is and how it affects us physically and emotionally.

Good luck!

Posted by Denise H (Tennessee) on 04/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I thought I had BV, so I went to my OB/GYN for some meds. After several tests and at least 5 more doctors over a 4 year period and 3 different cities, each one said I had something different, and treated me for each issue they thought it was. One doctor tested it as E. Coli and said I must be "colonized" and it will always return no mater what I do. One physician said. "I think this odor problem is just the way you smell." Embarrassing! Gosh! I am, and always have been extremely careful about my hygiene...two showers every day, use antibacterial soap, etc..etc..but no one could cure this awful odor I was experiencing shortly after showering. I was so frustrated, and embarrassed that someone might smell this odor coming from me! I started wondering.... Was it coming from my vagina? My bladder? My glands? Four years, and no cure. I used all the prescribed medications to no avail. I douched with Hydrogen Peroxide. Still returned. Lots of external and internal good bacteria....nothing helped. I got to the point that I decided I was going to have to live with this problem for the rest of my life. I tried tea tree oil down near the opening of my vagina. After about a month, it caused a serious imbalance of my hormones, and my hair started falling out, by the handfuls! I stopped that immediately! So, I start researching essential oils, mainly for my tooth that has been bothering me. I find Oil of Oregano, which is supposed to be a very strong anti-bacterial oil, better than prescribed antibiotics.

I diluted the Oil of Oregano with 100% Avocado Oil, which I just use as face oil at night. Just a couple of drops with about 10 drops of the Avocado Oil. I rubbed it all around my pubic hair, the opening to my vagina, and it did sting just a little at first....but then after a few days, it stopped stinging! I noticed the odor had disappeared. I continued to use it as mentioned above for about 3 more weeks, wanting to make certain that all of the bacteria was has completely killed whatever that bacteria was, and my odor is gone. I just use it about once a week, to make certain that it never returns. I think that there must have been a bacteria that was resistant to all the drugs, and other treatments. I still don't know what it was exactly, and I think I picked it up in a hospital..... but I am thrilled that this 4 year problem is gone! Oil of Oregano is an excellent oil to keep in your medicine cabinet... make sure it is "ORGANIC". I bought several more bottles.

Posted by Shannon (Sanantonio, Tx) on 08/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Ok girls! I think I finally found the solution for bacterial vaginosis. It came to me after desperately searching for a solution to solve the horrible vaginal smell I got after my csection. Whatever caused it is unknown. All I know is that it wasn't normal. I tried hydrogen peroxide but I only got temporary relief, then the smell would come back. So what I did is I added 15 drops of oregano oil to 1 tablespoon coconut oil. I then mixed the whole thing and applied it internally and externally using a tampon. I applied generously and left the tampon in overnight. It stung for about 30 minutes then went away. The next day voila, problem solved. I had no more smell! If anyone tries this, I recommend doing the treatment for 3 nights just to be sure. You should see an improvement in the first night. This remedy also works with vaginal yeast infections. Don't ever take liver toxic diflucan again!!! I'm interested to know if anyone else has success with this. I'm sure it has multiple uses. Please give me your feedback! Parkerchic1[at] yahoo[dot] com

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Shannon, reporting from outside the female department, I have been having success w/ a similar mix of Grapefruitseed Liquid Concentrate in standard vegetable oil inserted w/ fleet enema bottle rectally for the treatment of parasites and fungal infection. As my condition fluctuates, I must adjust the amount of Grapefruitseed as it can burn. I suppose the Oregano is about equal strength as Grapefruitseed but the latter has no odor and may be more bang-for-the-buck.

Replied by Melissa
Raleigh, Nc

I actually did a similar treatment using the Grapefruit Seed Extract for a yeast infection a year ago that wouldn't go away. I tried diflucan, monistat, boric acid, oregano oil and tea tree oil. Nothing seemed to work. I took a tsp of coconut oil and 5-8 drops of GSE, mixed it and dripped it onto a tampon. I inserted that every 8 hours. I got my period during that time and actually made a suppository (minus the tampon) using my tsp. I put unmelted coconut oil into the tsp and made a well in the center (the GSE won't free so you have to encapsulate it in the coconut oil so you can insert it). I put the 5-8 drops of GSE in the well and gently covered that with more coconut oil and froze it. I inserted one every 8 hours and wore a pad. I believe I continued for 14 days just to be safe and afterward the infection was gone. I have been suffering with a BV infection for the last 6 wks. I refuse to take any antibiotics (oral or vaginal). I tried 7 days of tea tree oil tampons every 8 hours, tried a few days of coconut oil/GSE, tried 2 wks of boric acid/coconut oil suppositories and the dr confirmed the infection is still there. It is very mild, she is even surprised I'm having any symptoms. She suggested 3 wks of boric acid at night. I made my own using gel caps and am doing the 3 wks (which is about to end in 3 days). I'm also oil pulling for 20 mins in the am, drinking ACV (2 tbsps in the morning) and taking 10 drops of GSE in water along with probiotics. I'm still feeling irritated which I don't know if it's still the bacteria or the boric acid? I was in the shower this morning and OIl of Oregano popped into my head as I know it's antibacterial and pretty strong. I did some research on it and found this info here. I love Earth Clinic. If the bacteria still hasn't gone away I think Oil Of Oregano will be my next option. Planning to take it orally and vaginally. So ready to have my life back.