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Boric Acid Cure for Bacterial Vaginosis

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Posted by Sandy (Parsippany) on 10/27/2016
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Listen ladies, if boric acid sounds weird and you're afraid to try it then don't!! I tried it didn't work and I feel I had a bunch of side effects (mostly dehydration which makes sense)

and to top it off felt ridiculous I gave into the roach method.

Well I cured it last time I think the cure was being in the ocean with the salt. So I'm going to try that in a few days. Right now doing the h202 folic and acidophilus routine which has been working temporarily.

The other thing I want to say is that I went to the gyn and she said just by looking that there was something wrong. She ran some tests said they would call with my rx and never called. I got her assistant on the phone who said tests were all negative and rushed me off the phone - had no answer why doc said there was something definitely wrong. So I'd usually say go with a doctor but never again, consider yourself alone ... well you and all of us other ladies here on earthclinic. :) May the odds be ever in your favor.

Replied by A

Seriously Dr.s don't know how to deal with infections. They promise cures and make things worse. We do have to heal ourselves.

Boric Acid
Posted by Melissa (Hamilton) on 10/24/2016
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I have used boric acid to treat BV successfully. I made my own suppositories out of coconut oil, probiotics and boric acid. You will melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil and add 2 tsps of boric acid and then a probiotic pill. The strength is up to you but I would get a good quality one. Try to get as much of the boric acid and probiotic to dissolve as possible. Pour into a mold. The best would be the water bottle ice molds that are long and round. There will be boric acid and probiotic left of the bottom of the measuring cup or bowl so make sure you spoon it equally among the molds. Put these in the freezer or frig. Break a stick in half and insert one half in the morning and one at night. Make sure you wear pads as you will leak. You can do this for 14 days and it should knock it out. This helps to reestablish some good bacterial while you are doing the treatment and the coconut oil is soothing and also antibacterial and antifungal.

Replied by Erin

I'm trying to better understand the best mold to use. If I understand you correctly, the water bottle ice mold that is long and round is what goes in your bottle to keep the water extra cold? That may come off as a silly question but the one I have in my freezer came filled already and then the liquid freezes but the mold does not open. I will look for one that is to be filled with water and then frozen so in this case, it can open and be used for my own suppositories; I'm just wondering how you get the molded product out of this style mold and when breaking, how much you use, twice a day? I like the combination you are using and appreciate you sharing!

Replied by Sharell

U should use it twice a day for 7 days

Boric Acid
Posted by Kellyandpeanut (Nc) on 09/07/2016
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I used premade suppositories from online 4 times in 2 weeks & suddenly had terrible stomach cramps, nausea, no interest in eating, joint pain, inflammation & twitching, feet swelling. Thought it was RA and/or diabetes/salt intake, had bloodwork and it was normal. After about a month and throwing away the boric acid it went away. I'm not on any prescriptions & was taking no new supplements/vitamins.

Replied by Mona

The premade suppositories probably contained other chemicals that you don't find in homemade suppositories. I suggest buying a bottle of boric acid, and gel capsules, and making your own suppositories.

Replied by Keisha Nixon

The best advice that I can give is to have your GYN call in a rx of boric acid suppositories to a compound pharmacy. The medication is specially made for vaginal insertion. It's worth a try. Good Luck

Replied by Getting Older
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Thank you for letting me know how long this is going to endure. Have been using store-bought boric acid capsules for a week. It seems to have brought balance to Ph, but I have been very nauseous for a few days, and have had a couple of headaches (which I never get). I called poison control and they told me to go to the doctor, saying store-bought/non-pharmaceutical products can be any number of milligrams. It has been almost 3 days since I stopped inserting them, so I'm guessing I'm past the critical point, but I am still belching and have a continuous stomach ache. I wondered how long this would last. Sounds like a month, based on your experience. Thank you for sharing!

Boric Acid
Posted by Ula (Ny) on 08/27/2016
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I definately have BV (was diagnosed by gynecologist) I tried oral and vaginal antibiotics and two times previously they worked. This time around its very resistant. I just tried 23-25 days of once a day boric acid ( I used both made by myself and e-bay bought). They work great but unfortunately once I stop it comes back in 2 nights.

I am not sure what else to do. I am doing probiotic, folic acid, bit D and iron (I am deficient in this).

Its very frustrating.

It does work great while u use it. Hope it will balances itself out. I am trying to eat bolgarina type probiotic yogurt on top of my other probiotics. Tied vaginal e bay probiotics. Three times they made things worse.

Any sugestions are appreciated.

My fear is that it keeps coming back. treatment with 2x a day vaginal antibiotic did not work either but I did it for one month and then switched to boric acid. I felt that it stabilizes ph vs kills all of the bacteria.

Replied by Cmd
(New England)

I have heard that a lot of probiotics available in stores like Walmart are not good quality. I think refrigerated ones might be better, found in specialty health food stores. Also, the yogurt drink kefir and the fermented drink kombocha are good sources of probiotics and widely available in grocery stores. Good luck.

Replied by Sarah

Make sure your probiotic has a reuteri strain in it.

Boric Acid
Posted by Dale B (Charleston, Sc) on 08/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Boric Acid for BV:

First...go see your Dr! Don't be afraid or ashamed. He/she has seen this issue many times, I promise. Find a Dr. that will treat it aggressively. My Dr. was determined to resolve my BV so we tried everything first before we went to boric acid. I'm telling you, it works. And was the cheapest way to do it...a pharmacy compounded it and it cost $25 for a 30-day supply. I'm telling you, that's a damn bargain if you've been trying to deal with this. For whatever reason (wait, the reason is $$$), big pharma keeps the price of women's drugs high even tho some treatments have been around forever. I did say $$, didn't I? Anyway, good luck, ladies.

Boric Acid
Posted by Tan (El Paso, Tx) on 06/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering with chronic BV for over 10 years, the usual culprit of Gardnerella. After many dr's visits and loads of antibiotics I finally found a cure, boric acid. Although one of my previous doctors recommended boric acid to me and have used suppositories for over 5 years with very little relief. I would go to a compounding pharmacist and have the prescription filled but I found very little relief. Last week I decided to make my own suppositories. I went to a discount store and bought regular boric acid powder, filled the powder into empty gel caps and inserted 2 during the day and 2 at night. The odor was gone in 2 days. I have went down to 1 insert during the morning and evening and no itching, burning, or odor. I also started taking olive leaf tablets, 2 tablets 3x a day and now I am free! It's been a long time coming! Hallelujah!

Replied by Julia
(Dallas, Texas)

Hi all! Never had BV before but now I need find out what will work for me. I found many good words about Boric acid and want to try. My question - if I have burning (I have no sex) and when I go to the restroom and see a lot of epithelium cells in urine from my vagina (because bacteria damage walls) can I use Boric Acid in this case (is burning it sign of micro tears there?) Is it still safe? Who did it in the time when it burning there? Thank you!

Replied by Nat
(Torrance, California)


I have had bv symptoms where it burns and other times where it itches. Please make sure you have bv and not an std or other infection before trying the boric acid suppositories, because this method ONLY works for bv! Many vaginal infections have similar symptoms.

Also, you can get bv without having sex.

Replied by Nia
(Detroit, Michigan)

I've been suffering with BV for approximately 15 years and was just wondering what all of us may have in common besides the recurring BV Monster. I'm a very clean person who uses only Dove Soap (Dr recommended). I have the bad habit of smoking cigarettes and drinking Red wine (Merlot). I have one sex partner (married) and has taken everything on the market for BV. However, it keeps coming back. Recently I've started Boric Acid prescribed by my doctor, after years of disappointing treatments, with an oral medication called TINDIMAX. I'm praying that it works. I've completed the TINDIMAX and continuing on the Boric Acid Maintenance Suppositories until they run out. Should I ever stop taking Boric Acid or how long can one insert these suppositories until they stop working or I get sick. How much is too much and when is it enough? HELP

Replied by Katie
(Los Angeles)

Was the boric acid you made the pills with NF 100%? ... or a different percentage. I read somewhere else that you want a lower percentage, but I think the 100% is what is typically available at a drug store, OTC, so just curious. TIA!

Replied by Carol L

Hi, I just found this website. I have suffered with a yeast infection for over a year. Have tried MANY homeopathic/holistic/organic/natural remedies. WON'T go to doctor, as I don't trust them, they don't help only push drugs that make things worse. ANYway, I finally, after reading a few things on earthclinic, using a douche of a homemade anti-yeast tea from Rosemary Gladstar, a gut and candida tea mix with ACV, and adding about a teaspoon of boric acid. Is it ok to use in a douche like this? This website talks about using suppositories.....PLUS, have researched boric acid, and EVERYwhere they say it is toxic!!! Just wondering if someone can help me with answers to this issue. I don't want to kill the yeast only to find out the boric acid gave me something worse or ‘killed' me with its ‘poison'!!! Thanks!

Replied by Cynthia

I have been battling an illness as well for years and now is not just on skin and in private areas, but am certain that it is within my bloodstream too. A doc did a biopsy of skin tissue and the result was some type of fungus but he did not know what kind yet and wanted to do more testing. The next time I went back, he said the spots seemed to look like ecsema to him then, did no more testing like talked about and gave me a steroid cream. I am fed up with the docs and am trying to get rid of this on my own. Taking probiotics, fiber pro products, eating yogurt, just started taking zinc citrate and selenium. Have done apple cider vinegar douches and enemas. I know I am feeling better at times but it is still there somehow. Is there a possibility that it is a different type of bacteria that I am fighting that is possibly getting back on me from clothing or bedding etc. or could it just be that my body has become so full of it that it will take time to get fully well? And can the suppositories of boric acid help with the rest that I am doing or would it be more harmful to add that to the mix? Thanks for any help with this as I am tired of being sick!!!

Replied by Timh
2084 posts

Cyn: Over time the Candida grow stronger and begin to penetrate the intestine walls, whereupon lots of bad stuff gets into the bloodstream and all over the body. First, take one spoon of Milled Flax Seeds with either Oil of Oregano or Black Seed Oil Softgels. This will help clean the colon and kill the Candida at the same time.

This should help you enough (plus the remedies you are already taking) to plan for more extensive treatment. Check out Earth Clinic's Bill's book Killing So Sweetly for a comprehensive approach to the all-to-common Candida.

Replied by Annette
(Vancouver, Wa)

The one thing that I saw in your post that I know helped me is keep soap away from your vagina. Wash your vaginal area with only water. The vagina is pretty good at self cleaning. I have had a few female doctors tell me this as well when I have come in with a bad yeast or BV infection before I knew about boric acid treatment. Soap can change the ph of your vagina making it more basic in ph. Yeast and BV like the ph basic. That is why using boric acid helps with both BV and yeast overgrowth. It keeps your vagina acidic.

Replied by Jeanette

Dove gives me BV. Might be the soap causing it?

Replied by Dianne
(Grand Rapids, Mi, Usa)

This sounds like you might have lichen sclerosus. Google it and see if it sounds like the symptoms. I have it and was just reading your post and thought I should suggest this. Doc can do a biopsy to test for it. If you do have it join a support group online. It will give you tremendous support and help. If you don't have it, great for you and good luck on your journey to health.

Replied by Annieafrilu

Hey, Did you come to any conclusions from your studies on the toxicness? I have read that douching is not good as it flushes up and can cause cancer..

Replied by Love

Have you stopped taking it, and if so did it come back?

Replied by Liz
(Bakersfield, Ca)

If you do the boric acid you have to be drinking probiotics too to replace it with good bacteria if not your killing all the bad and good with boric acid and your going to get bv back

Boric Acid
Posted by Tee (Nj) on 05/28/2016


Hello! I just started my boric acid treatment (600mg) I purchased 2 weeks worth off of ebay. I use them for bv. I went to the obgyn several times and only has the antibotics once. None of the doctors what to give me anything despite my on going symptoms when I explain to them how I still have the imbalance because of my cultures coming up negative. The discharge is milky/yellowish. My question is should I continue using the boric acid because since using them I bleed a little with the discharge coming out as well. Not sure if the smell is gone but I will continue to use for my 14 days and take my probotics as well.

Boric Acid
Posted by Nat (Torrance, California) on 05/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Ladies, PLEASE try boric acid suppositories. I NEVER post about these things but I want to share this cure with you.

I had BV for over a year (2013 - 2014). I went on 3 rounds of different antibiotics which gave me vaginal thrush on top of my bv infection. I decided enough was enough and started to look at natural cures.

My mom works in a hospital and talked to an OBGYN about my chronic bv. The gyno recommended BORIC ACID SUPPOSITORIES and said she used to use this method when she was living in India and didn't have access to good health care. I then asked my doctor and she said she has heard of this cure. That was enough validation to try this method.

I bought the capsules and boric acid powder online (pick the larger capsules) and filled them myself with the powder. I did not measure them I just stuffed as much powder as I could into the capsules. You must wear gloves for this procedure do not use bare hands.

I then inserted them twice a day (morning and before bed) using coconut oil as a lubricant. Please wear a panty liner because the capsule will dissolve and discharge will come out. This discharge has the bad bacteria in it.

I did this regimen for 2 weeks religiously and I was CURED. I can have sex and go swimming without fear that I will get BV again. When I feel an itch I just stick one capsule up there and it is gone within an hour.

Do not be afraid to stick boric acid up will level out the vaginal ph! Please give it a try I wish I would have known sooner.

Best of luck!

Replied by Nicole

Thank you for your VERY informative post. I have been apprehensive about trying this method. Have all I need and I'm starting tonight!!

Replied by Elizabeth

Thanks for the info. I have been fighting BV for over a year. I just started the boric acid. It seems to be working but I was concerned about a discharge until I read your information that said that was normal. I'm only on day 4 but keeping my fingers crossed. I sincerely appreciate the info.

Boric Acid
Posted by Happynaturalchick2011 (Fayetteville, North Carolina ) on 05/14/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Well idk where to start...I've suffered with this all through my teens and now in my twenties...I've been to the doctor countless number of times. I've had this infection about 20 times so far this doctor recommended boric acid pills. I tried that and thought I found relief until I felt the discharge 2 days later. I've recently tried the acidophilus capsules and the folic acid, and I've been doing that for the last week and a half but I haven't seen any difference. BTW I've been take acidophilus pills by themselves well before I started the boric acid. So that was probably about 3 months ago I've started them. I've ran out of options because this keeps coming back..any suggestions ladies?

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton Wa)

You are probably not taking correct species to cure the problem. Vaginal probiotic formulations usually include a few strains unique to the vaginal tract. If your body is absent of these essential strains then you have trouble on top of trouble. Now the source of the problem always begins in the intestines so work on fixing the gut and the rest will follow. A good one for the intestines is called primal defense.

Replied by Tan
(El Paso, Tx)

You need to make your own boric acid suppositories and also make sure you take a daily antifungal, like oregano leaf or olive leaf. I personally take the olive leaf capsules, 2 about 3-4 a day until you feel better down there. I hope this helps.

Replied by Shannon
(New York, New York)

Did you do the boric acid 2x a day for 2 weeks?

Replied by Lu

Never take boric acid orally... Be careful!

Replied by Art

Lu from (Co),

I used to think that also about boric acid, but it turns out that Borax is converted to boric acid once it is ingested, in the small doses used by people, once it meets hydrochloric acid in the stomach. When ingested, borax reacts with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form boric acid and sodium chloride.


Replied by Sandy
(Oak Ridge, Tn)

As per your link Art, we also extract Boron from Borax, it takes several chemical reaction in the stomach. Please correct me if this is in error. I am not a chemist. I would like to know exactly how the process works.

Na2B4O7·10H2O + 2 HCl → 4 H3BO3 + 2 NaCl + 5 H2O

H3BO3 + 3 HCl = BCl3 + 3 H2O

BCl3 = Boron 9.2268 % Chlorine 90.7732 % H20

Boric Acid
Posted by Shina (Fl) on 05/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I made a promise to myself if I can get rid of this BV, I will post on here because usually I'm not a person to post but it started about a year ago when I was diagnosed with strep throat and after I took the antibiotics, I just started to get BV, yeast infections., all of it and I went through hell. My boyfriend broke up with me because of it, because he did not understand and finally I've tried everything in the book: hydrogen peroxide, vinegar bath, vinegar douche, sea salt, eating Garlic, taking probiotics.

I mean I spent all my money on probiotics but long story short is BORIC ACID. I was very skeptical about doing it but then I was like what could I possibly lose because I'll do anything right now so I went to the store and I bought boric acid, the one that says roach away or Roach Killer. I mean you could also buy the Pure One but I couldn't wait for that because you would have to order and then I already had some capsules at home.

Wo what I did I took whatever was inside those capsules out and replace them with the boric acid and every night I put it in my vagina using the little tube thing that u would get wHen u buy the monstat treatment . Let me tell you the first night was the biggest relief I've ever had and all my nights and I continue to do it for about a week and a half and it was gone and I haven't seen BV or yeast infection since and I could say it's been about 3 weeks now . So you guys try it, I'm telling you, you will not regret it, you will not.

I've been fighting with this thing for a year and this was the worst year of my entire life. Please try it. Now I'm just waiting on my period to see if it come back but just to be sure on the last night of my period I'm goin to insert a capsule. Try it plz everyone.

Replied by Jen

Can you use the boric acid while on period or just wait til it goes off?

Replied by Stephanie
(Memphis, Tn)

Is there a different in the boric acid powder you are supposed to use? I have the roach killer powder..does this work in the capsules?