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Posted by Avalina (Phoenix, AZ) on 08/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Boric acid capsules are safe and very effective at getting rid of both bv and yeast. The Humco brand of boric acid is readily available at Amazon. They have the empty gel caps too. Look at the user reviews for a wealth of information and positive reviews. One important thing for me was to use an applicator to insert the capsules. It makes using the capsules easier and I believe it makes them more effective at curing infections. My drugstore did not have any disposable vaginal applicators and it makes no sense to re-use them when you have an infection. I don't care how much soap and hot water you use, it's better to use a clean one each time. I googled "disposable vaginal applicators" and found a great website. For an active infection use one capsule at night for two weeks. You will need to wear a pad the next day because there will be a watery discharge. For prevention I use a capsule once a week.

After many episodes of struggling and suffering with infections I am grateful to sites like this one and every person who took the time to share their stories and ideas. I had a lot of anxiety along with these formerly chronic infections and I really hesitated to use boric acid suppositories. Thank God I got past the fear and discovered my cure. By the way, my naturopath did offer to give me a prescription for the suppositories at a compounding pharmacy. I make the exact same capsules myself for a fraction of the price. As a previous poster mentioned: you can search YouTube for an instructional video on making your capsules. I keep them in a Tupperware container with a tight lid. They ARE toxic to ingest so keep them far away from children and pets. Good luck and do not give up. These stupid infections can be overcome. Good health to all of you.

Replied by Rhiannon
Des Moines, IA
5 out of 5 stars

This website has changed my life in the past 15 mins that I have been on it! To read all of your stories, to not feel alone/ashamed/embarrassed in the 'battle of BV' and to hear of all the SUCCESS with using boric acid has brought me incredible hope, relief, encouragement, a positive outlook. I have battled with BV and yeast infections since I was 16 and UTIs since I was 5-6; I am now 31. It feels never ending; causes insecurities, depression; most definitely puts strain, distance on a marriage/relationship and unfortunately after years it can be the underlying reason for infidelity/failed relationship/divorce.

After the past 6 months of numerous pelvic exams (you know the OB/GYN has seen your hoo-ha too many times when they tell you that it looks different than last time! ), cultures, STD tests, antibiotics, metrogel, pills that made me violently ill, missed days of work, HUGE interference on my social life as I am venturing out into the single world after 15 physician has finally tried something different and has put me on boric acid. When she told me to make sure I didn't swallow the pills cause they were toxic/poisonous, I had 2 thoughts...1. Why is she prescribing me something toxic to put in there? 2. Why would I swallow an ovule? Upon picking up the prescription these two questions were quickly answered for me :-) The sound/thought of putting acid in there did frighten me some but I was so desperate at this point that I did not care. I have been on the boric acid for only 4 days now...prescription is 2x a day for 14 days. Upon finding this website, I now have a positive outlook and am in greater spirits that I will get better, if not 'cured'. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories!!!

Replied by Timh


No female expert here, but it is w/ satisfaction to here of your new-found hope in the Natural Medicine cabinet.

If I might add, in my long experience w/ chronic illness, one truth Iv'e learned is to always expand one's search using a variety of resources and make notes on what has best potential for yourself. My illness became debilitating about 1 decade before the internet so there was a deficiency of info then. Anyway, this leads to more truth about illness. Many times I made big stops to the progression of my disease and celebrated w/ elation of my cures, only too find myself back down on the bottom again. Lesson, thoroughly research your condition, and never only use one treatment as pathogenic organisms are both intelligent and aggressive which most times require multifaceted approach or remedies.

Try to find time to read and take notes on your condition here and keep the upper hand on the infection. From what I've read, Povidone Iodine should be rotated w/ the Boric Acid for a maximum full-spectrum effect. Oregano Extract Softgels taken by mouth before retiring every night will kill most pathogens in the gut and beyond after several wks use. Any of the herbal parasite cleanses would be recommended as almost all warm-blooded animals harbor & carry all sorts of parasites (if you have pets it is very important to keep them and yourself dewormed periodically). ACV and Coconut Oil taken daily will improve many aspects of a weakened body. Colloidal Silver, Turpentine, among others will be items you may need to incorporate (depending on your condition & constitution).

Posted by Bron (Brisbane, Australia) on 04/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've been battling BV for over a year now and have tried many things. Two triggers are sex and my period, with my period being the worst offender. While many treatments worked temporarily, the BV always came back after my period.

Here are some things that DIDN'T work for me:

  • Antibiotics - about a week of relief that was quickly ruined by my period.
  • Acijel (vaginal treatment in Australia that is supposed to correct PH imbalance) - which I tried inserting for the full course of 30 nights. This didn't work even for a day, not even during the treatment!
  • Yoghurt douches twice daily for 7 days - offers temporary relief of symptoms but does not last (though my friend swears by this treatment for her BV, so different strokes)
  • Apple cider vinegar/water/tea tree oil douche twice daily for 7 days - again offered relief but symptoms flared up about a day after I stopped douching.

So I came back to this site and started researching again. Both the hydrogen peroxide and boric acid made me very nervous so I went to my doctor to have a chat about the safety of these two treatments and she was very positive about both and stressed that both were very safe to use vaginally. Phew!

So I came up with a new treatment plan.

First I increased my vitamin intake as follows:

  • 1 x very strong probiotic daily (Blackmores fembiotic for you Aussie girls).
  • 1 x vitamin c daily (sugar-free variety, pretty much pure ascorbic acid)
  • 1 x folic acid 500mcg daily
  • 1 x vitamin D daily
  • I also took a garlic tablet daily, and while this does no harm, I'm not convinced it did anything particularly beneficial either so I stopped taking this tablet recently.

Then after my period, I started a 7-day twice daily douche of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide (3%) and water. I also abstained from sex for the entire 7 days.

Once I finished this regimen, I STILL did a smaller quick 50/50 douche after sex. (It burned a little one time because I think the friction of sex may have caused tiny lacerations, but I just did another quick pure water douche and the burning faded instantly.) I had absolutely no BV symptoms whatsoever for weeks!

HOWEVER, because my period had always been a trigger, I decided to be very cautious and try a two-pronged attack. So I ordered boric acid and 00 veggie capsules (just from Ebay for you Aussie girls). I researched A LOT about this and came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as medical grade boric acid - they are one and the same. So don't worry, just order the 100% boric acid. I filled the biggest side of the capsule to capacity and then just popped the small side on - it's very very simple.

On the first night of my period, I inserted 2 boric acid capsules, and then for the next 5 nights, I inserted one every night. I just wore pads as I usually do. It comes out quite watery but you don't really notice it as you have your period anyway.

I have had absolutely no symptoms. I've even had unprotected sex (we are in baby-making mode) since and I am still symptom-free. I will continue to take my vitamin regimen indefinitely (especially the probiotic) and I will do my boric acid treatment for the next 3 periods (4 in total). Fingers crossed that all is healed!

I will definitely come back and give an update after the 4 months are up. PLEASE check back in girls as we all want to know if these cures are long term or temporary.

Replied by Bronwyn
5 out of 5 stars

It has been 4 months since my last post so I thought I would check back in. I have been completely free from any BV symptoms since I started my treatment plan (see above).

I started with 2 boric acid pills on the first night of my period and then one boric acid pill for the next 5 nights.

Then for the next 2 periods, I inserted one boric acid pill for the last 3 nights of my period.

During this time I took a probiotic and folic acid daily. I also regularly but not routinely took vitamin D and vitamin C, probably every other day or so.

I have been free from BV for this entire time, despite regular and unprotected (baby-making) sex. I do not douche after sex and have stopped douching altogether. I have, however, had small bouts of thrush which is something I have battled with long before BV reared its ugly head. I did not take any antibiotics for this but instead persevered with my treatment plan and ate lots of probiotic-infused yoghurt.

I am so happy to be BV free after 2 years and would highly recommend this regimen!

I will continue to insert a boric acid for the last night or two of my period or as needed in the future.

Replied by Jen

How is everyone feeling after being on the boric acid regimen? I know you posted in April, so just wondering if things are still good with the boric acid? Thank you for any information!

Replied by Boric Acid Is A Life Saver For Me
5 out of 5 stars

I have been battling w/ BV since the day my son was born (2004). Havind BV Is the worst thing ever. On 09/01/14 my GYN prescribed Boric Acid for 21 days. I followed the direction after inserting it vaginally @ night w/ a disposible tube, this helps to put the medication as far in your Vjay jay as possible, it immediately started working for me, the only side effect to this medication is that your urine is dark yellow. I highly recommed (from experince) to put a thin pad on b/c u will be "wet" down there. DO NOT use scented soap, I use olny uncented body wash. DO NOT have sex, while on meds.


Hi Boric Acid is a Lifesaver for me.....I'm just curious if you tried having sex while on Boric acid? Cause my doctor told me to just use condoms. Is there anyone who did have an experience while on Boric Acid treatment? Seems like majority maintains the use of Boric Acid once tried so any response to this will be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you did have BV and had contact with your partner, its better to have your partner treated as well. Men will get the BV from you too so if not treated, it will obviously be a vicious cycle. I just started the treatment last night (3/8/16) after trying Metronidazole for a week then Clindamycin cream. Mine went right after taking Metronidazole but itch came back after the 7th day. My symptoms is only itch on the outside around not 'there' then which is very different from everyone elses symptoms and I don't have a discharge nor odor - and I don't want to acquire those either. Itchiness itself drives me nuts and I got sore due to scratching. I'm taking probiotics and eat home made yogurt daily. Can't see any improvement yet injecting this to my diet but hoping for the best.

Replied by Bron
Brisbane, Australia
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to quickly check back in as it has now been 8 months since my first post and since I started my boric acid treatment.

I am still BV free after 8 months - YAY!!!

I still insert a boric acid capsule on the last 2 nights of my period but I no longer take the vitamins or probiotics, except for folic acid (but this is more for baby making reasons than anything else.) While I do believe a healthy diet and the probiotic are beneficial to an overall healthy system, I'm not convinced they will cure or help rid the body of BV.

I hope you are all having success with this treatment!

Replied by Sarah
Brisbane, AU

Hi Bron,

Just wondering if you could provide more details on how to order boric acid and make your own capsules? I struggle constantly with thrush, and going back and forths to the doctor is a nightmare, all the tests they put you through, everytime! I need to get a handle on this! Thanks, Sarah

Replied by Judy_aus

Hi Bron, what kind of Boric Acid did you use? I'm in Australia also.

Thanks so much, Judy

Replied by Heather
New Castle Co

Hi Bron,

I know your post is back from the beginning of 2014 but I stumbled upon it after helplessly looking for something to cure this bv I've been battling for 3 1/2 years. After just recently having a miscarriage with a deeply wanted baby, I am looking for anything to cure it for good so we can start trying again. I saw that you said you were in baby making mode and that after what you've tried, even after having sex the bv didn't come back. I am going to try everything you did as well. So I guess at this point my question is did it last? Are you still bv free? Thank you so much and I hope you were successful in the baby making department :)

Posted by Mbg (, Chicago, Il,) on 01/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've been suffering with BV for roughly 3 years. I know EXACTLY how I got it. I started using those cups to hold your monthly flow and left it in too long. Since it was at the very last day of my period I also had sex with my boyfriend after I'd already realized that I had that fishy order down there. From that point forward I was getting BV after every sexual encounter. I went back regularly to the doctor to get metro gel. Then the BV started coming right after every period. It was wrecking my life. After much research on this site and others, I started using hydrogen peroxide douches. That always cleared up the symptoms but it still kept coming back. I also figured that all my douching was clearing out my good bacterial which ain't good either. So I tried the boric acid capsules in my vagina. I made them myself (use Amazon to get all the materials). I started with 3 nights in a row then weekly from then out and whenever I had sex and on the last day of my period. VIOLA! While results are still early (like 3 months) I can say I've not had a recurrence and I was getting it like every 2-4 weeks depending upon my sex action. I'm keeping up with a weekly insert and see how it goes. I was fearful of using a roach killer down there but it's totally safe. No irritation just a little run off the next day or 2.

Replied by Felicia
Dallas, Texas

Could you please provide instructions and ingredients as to how you made the treatment yourself. I'm so tired off battling BA!

Posted by A. Mccall (Greensboro, Nc) on 11/19/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am a very clean, border-line hygiene maniac, and so it was very bothersome for me when I started having episodes with BV after having my daughter years ago. My obgyn would prescribe a medication or suggest using plain yogurt and it would go away and stay away for months, but ALWAYS come back. One day an older lady, who was sitting next to me in the waiting room at my doctor's office, was talking to me about an ailment she had and so I felt comfortable enough to speak to her about my problem. She told me to be careful with what I take because it could destroy the good bacteria "down there". By that time, my name was called, but when I returned to walk back by the waiting room to leave, she stopped me and handed me a note that had "Boric Acid" on a piece of paper with a prescription of "You can buy them at the drug store or health food store. Insert one capsule right before bed, as far as you can once a week and you won't ever have the problem again." I can't believe how quickly it worked! I felt so much different not having that odor that next morning. I've been doing it for about 2 years now (not doing it every week anymore, but more like once every few weeks) and haven't had the problem since. This lady was heaven sent and Boric Acid really does work!

Posted by Leticia (Miami, Fl) on 11/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I tryed the Vitanica, but the bacterial arrest. Didn't work for me. I have suffering with bv for years trying everything and spending lot of money. Can name all the things that I try. Some of them make me ping pong between bv and yeast It's horrible. Probiotics aleved it but not cure, thanks to vitanica I discover that boric acid was good for mantein the acidity level in balance down there, so I tried and thanks God it works. Finally!

Posted by Desperatern (Tuscaloosa,al) on 11/02/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so happy I found this site, I've suffered with this MONSTER (BV) for 5yrs...and I've tried everything from antibiotics to douches, tea tree oil baths and probiotics all worked Temporary.. So reluctantly I tried the pure boric acid (which I ordered from Amazon along with 00 veggie capsule) & it worked instantly. I insert 1 capsule nightly for 7 nights twice a monthly. Ladies I know your pain & shame this is very embarrassing. I visited my MD severallllllllll times only to get more pills, pay copayments and still only temporary relief, I'm healthcare provider(RN) and I had to be proactive in my own care, I was desperate and really had nothing to lose but that FUNKY odor :) I did my research on boric acid and in its purest form vaginally insertion is SAFE!!!! Good Luck suffers #ROLL-TIDE

Replied by Sarah

Can you please be more specific with what boric acid you used from amazon.

Replied by Naturalaquarian
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks so much! I am also a nurse and for the last year this has made me feel so embarrassed, especially at work when I felt like my co-workers and patients could smell the odor. My gyn suggested Boric Acid months ago, but because I was so frustrated, I blew it off until last week. Amazon delivered Sunday, and I swear to goodness this morning (Monday), the odor was already GONE. I even did a finger test to the "honey hole" and I could not believe there was none of that smelly off white discharge! I am going to continue through Thursday for a 5 day total and see...I don't know how I will incorporate this into when I have "relations" or the dreaded "Mary" comes. For today, I just felt great prancing around without the scent of road kill lingering over me!!!

Replied by Christine
Chicago, Il

Ok so ladies I've been sitting here with these boric acid pills for a month now and I'm so scared to use them. I'm going to tell you why lol... Last year 4-13-13 I had my fourth son and things took a turn for the worse and I was bleeding out so they did a dnc and they stopped the blood. I'm eternally grateful but now I have bv. So sex and my period trigger it off and also I just got the Essure so I can't have kids anymore. I have tried the antibiotics that didn't work three times. I took the vaginal gel twice, nope didn't work. I tried the yogurt, didn't work. I've been taking probiotics nothing!!!!! So it's been a little over a year and I'm sitting here with these pills, 600mg prescription and I'm nevous. But Imma suck it up and I will be back if you don't hear from me well u know something's up but email me and ask me I'm open to to answer any questions because I don't know about anyone else. I also suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, so this is where I'm scared to use it.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Christine!

If you are worried about a reaction, make a paste out of water and the boric acid and apply it to sensitive skin - the crease of your elbow, under arm, behind your knee - and see if you get an adverse reaction.

I have used the boric acid powder and made up my own pills using gel caps and it worked fine. You might also consider using Borax in the gel cap as well.

Good luck!

Posted by Nadia (Florida) on 08/07/2013

I have chronic BV, I am now trying making my own 00 size capsules of boric acid. I didn't realize, but I bought empty BEEF gelatin capsules to insert vaginally into vagina to heal a Bacterial infection. Everything I have read says to use VEGETARIAN capsules.. Is the beef ok to insert into vagina? Sounds gross. Also, is there an odor (not from the BV) that is from the boric acid discharge? I don't have any burning.

Posted by Wdg6731 (Baltimore, Md) on 08/01/2013

I am a 46 year old peri-menopausal woman who has been battling BV/yeast infections/UTIs for the past 2 years. I had a laparascopic hysterectomy six months ago (still patting myself on the back for doing that) so my the recurrences are not as frequent but I still get them. I am considering trying boric acid (buying the powder and capsules online) but want to know if any of you have experienced any side effects. I am in a committed relationship and don't use condoms and don't want to have to go back to using them if I don't have to but am tired of having to deal with this.

Replied by Wdg6731
Baltimore, Md

BTW.. I've tried acidopholus, anitbiotics, OTC remedies, hydorgen peroxide, probiotics, supplements, colloidal silver, folic adic a combination of the above and nothing has helped. I wear comfortable all-cotton underwear and sleep in the nude. I don't use excessive perfumes, exercise regularly and try to eat a relatively balanced diet (a few indulgences). I rarely drink and don't do drugs. HELP!!!

Replied by Elizabeth

I've been using boric acid off and on since 2009 and haven't experienced any negative effects. I make my own capsules and use it also to wipe down the labia. You insert 2 capsules every night for up to two weeks for an active BV/Yeast infection. Make sure to wear a panty liner because it liquifies in about 6 hours or so and...... Whoosh! For me, I usually get the symptoms a few days after sex so I know it's mostly a PH thing for me. Semen is very alkaline and your vagina is supposed to me somewhat acidic.

I also incorporate tea tree, oregano and coconut oil in with my treatments. All are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Oregano oil is excellent to treat BV/YI but you must use a diluted amount, since it can burn you.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Posted by Maria (Miami, Fl) on 07/11/2013
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Hello, I have been dealing with BV for almost 8 months now. I found out I had it because of a fishy smell I noticed (it was my only symptom). I was scared to death because I had never had anything like it before, and I have always been very clean. I have only had 2 sexual partners my whole life, and the BV started with the second partner, which is my current boyfriend (The BV started about 3 months after we started having unprotected sex)...

I went to the doctor and she prescribed me metronidazole... This cured me after the 3rd pill, but only for a short period of time. The BV was back 2 weeks later! I went and got another round of antibiotics, which I hate to take because I also take birth control pills which stop working with antibiotics.... Anyways, the same thing happened again- I got the BV a few days after I was done with the 2nd round of antibiotics. I also used the R------ gel, but that is just a temporary solution and super expensive. After that I decided to look for an alternative cure. I read for hours and hours on online forums to find another method to cure the BV... I tried a lot of them, including the Hydrogen Peroxide douches, taking vitamins (acidophilus) etc. , but the best one has been the Boric Acid pills, which I make myself (I fill the capsules and insert them).

I am so tired of inserting these pills due to the BV, but it is the only thing that seems to work, at least temporarily... And the discharge and smell of them is not pretty either, I hate it. I always have the white discharge from the pills and I hate the smell. I noticed the BV gets worse with my period. If I do not have and I get my period if comes back with it. However, I do not insert any boric acid pills during the days I have my period, just to give my body a rest from the pills. I am concerned about my future if I keep doing this, will it affect my reproductive system? Is there any permanent cure for BV? Please help me, I am so desperate!!! I am only 25 and look forward to having kids in a few years, but I don't know what the consequences will be if I keep inserting these pills... I don't know what to do anymore, it is not only uncomfortable, but also embarrassing : /

Replied by Adc
Phoenix, Az

To Maria with recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis - you will likely be doing yourself a huge favor to resume condom usage! Use them, use them, use them! 2 things, or both, could be occurring here - (1) you and your partner keep passing the bacteria back and forth, leaving your body constantly compromised, and/or (2) your own vaginal wetness (in response to sexual stimulation) plus your partners' sperm results in excess moisture that does not leave the body quickly enough, creating the ideal conditions for BV to thrive. Once I became a condom advocate in my own bed (including with my committed partner), I never again had an intercourse-related infection. Just one infection in many, many years and that was related to antibiotic use, not sexual activity.

Now, I'm sure all the men out there reading this are not at all pleased with that sugggestion, but, really, no one should have to suffer medical ailments from having sex - planned pregnancy aside.

At the minimum, experiment: abstain from sex for a few weeks while treating the BV to allow your body to fully recover, then reintroduce sex with condoms ... See if the results are favorable. Good luck!

Posted by Jennifer (Houston, Tx) on 06/27/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Boric acid is a God send. I have ridiculous, recurrent BV. Thankfully, I discovered boric acid after a favorite remedy changed the formula for their suppository. I was desperate and found the boric acid remedy on this forum. I haven't taken antibiotics for BV in six years, but I've had it several times a year since then. A few days' worth of suppositories and it is seriously gone until I commit the ultimate vaginal sin of semen in the vagina.