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Posted by Happynaturalchick2011 (Fayetteville, North Carolina ) on 05/14/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Well idk where to start...I've suffered with this all through my teens and now in my twenties...I've been to the doctor countless number of times. I've had this infection about 20 times so far this doctor recommended boric acid pills. I tried that and thought I found relief until I felt the discharge 2 days later. I've recently tried the acidophilus capsules and the folic acid, and I've been doing that for the last week and a half but I haven't seen any difference. BTW I've been take acidophilus pills by themselves well before I started the boric acid. So that was probably about 3 months ago I've started them. I've ran out of options because this keeps coming back..any suggestions ladies?

Replied by Ben
(Bremerton Wa)

You are probably not taking correct species to cure the problem. Vaginal probiotic formulations usually include a few strains unique to the vaginal tract. If your body is absent of these essential strains then you have trouble on top of trouble. Now the source of the problem always begins in the intestines so work on fixing the gut and the rest will follow. A good one for the intestines is called primal defense.

Replied by Tan
(El Paso, Tx)

You need to make your own boric acid suppositories and also make sure you take a daily antifungal, like oregano leaf or olive leaf. I personally take the olive leaf capsules, 2 about 3-4 a day until you feel better down there. I hope this helps.

Replied by Shannon
(New York, New York)

Did you do the boric acid 2x a day for 2 weeks?

Replied by Lu

Never take boric acid orally... Be careful!

Replied by Art

Lu from (Co),

I used to think that also about boric acid, but it turns out that Borax is converted to boric acid once it is ingested, in the small doses used by people, once it meets hydrochloric acid in the stomach. When ingested, borax reacts with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form boric acid and sodium chloride.


Replied by Sandy
(Oak Ridge, Tn)

As per your link Art, we also extract Boron from Borax, it takes several chemical reaction in the stomach. Please correct me if this is in error. I am not a chemist. I would like to know exactly how the process works.

Na2B4O7·10H2O + 2 HCl → 4 H3BO3 + 2 NaCl + 5 H2O

H3BO3 + 3 HCl = BCl3 + 3 H2O

BCl3 = Boron 9.2268 % Chlorine 90.7732 % H20

Boric Acid
Posted by Shina (Fl) on 05/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I made a promise to myself if I can get rid of this BV, I will post on here because usually I'm not a person to post but it started about a year ago when I was diagnosed with strep throat and after I took the antibiotics, I just started to get BV, yeast infections., all of it and I went through hell. My boyfriend broke up with me because of it, because he did not understand and finally I've tried everything in the book: hydrogen peroxide, vinegar bath, vinegar douche, sea salt, eating Garlic, taking probiotics.

I mean I spent all my money on probiotics but long story short is BORIC ACID. I was very skeptical about doing it but then I was like what could I possibly lose because I'll do anything right now so I went to the store and I bought boric acid, the one that says roach away or Roach Killer. I mean you could also buy the Pure One but I couldn't wait for that because you would have to order and then I already had some capsules at home.

Wo what I did I took whatever was inside those capsules out and replace them with the boric acid and every night I put it in my vagina using the little tube thing that u would get wHen u buy the monstat treatment . Let me tell you the first night was the biggest relief I've ever had and all my nights and I continue to do it for about a week and a half and it was gone and I haven't seen BV or yeast infection since and I could say it's been about 3 weeks now . So you guys try it, I'm telling you, you will not regret it, you will not.

I've been fighting with this thing for a year and this was the worst year of my entire life. Please try it. Now I'm just waiting on my period to see if it come back but just to be sure on the last night of my period I'm goin to insert a capsule. Try it plz everyone.

Replied by Jen

Can you use the boric acid while on period or just wait til it goes off?

Replied by Stephanie
(Memphis, Tn)

Is there a different in the boric acid powder you are supposed to use? I have the roach killer powder..does this work in the capsules?

Boric Acid
Posted by Missjoie (Glendale, Az) on 04/01/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am just randomly addressing everything I can in no particular order here so it may sound totally unorganized (which it is)....Re: Yeast Infections and BV.: Caprylic Acid supplements can be taken to help get rid of yeast infections. But, they merely scrub the intestines which then take the very thing out you are trying to keep in your intestines being: good gut flora and the new probiotic flora you spent so much money buying to take to keep in your gut in the first place.

Caprylic Acid supplements together along with fiber (orally, which is fine-look up to see how to take this properly re: dosages) should only be taken maybe 1 time a year or once every half a year because again, they scrub the inside of the intestines clean of the yeast but also of the good gut flora too. I cannot tell you the relief I felt, when I used this method to get rid of a yeast infection. Do not forget, you are dealing with an ACID like boric ACID so no matter what anyone says, these acids can wear down the areas in varying ways as you use them to resolve your issues. Lastly, there are no studies on how long to take boric acid for anyone (internally) for bacterial vaginitis and or 2 of the harder to get rid of kinds of yeast infections. NO ONE knows All of the long term effects and no one knows what "long term" means either in terms of taking it time wise.

If you do take boric acid pills (you can make your own) internally-NEVER ORALLY, you have to absolutely make sure you do not have ANY sores, scrapes or cuts of any kind in and around the vaginal areas (both outside and inside). If you do take them, do not breathe in the boric acid while filling up the pills, if you do allow the boric acid to touch your skin, not too worry, simply wash off with COLD water NOT HOT (less chance of absorption anywhere if cold water used to wash off) and lastly you can use an insert tool that is used for miconizole or other related products along with a little of the product itself inside the tool used to slide the pills into the vaginal area. Now, you can use raw garlic cloves AFTER or BEFORE you use the boric acid pills in the vagina NEVER AT THE SAME TIME!

Raw garlic cloves (cut off both ends to make ends soft for insertion into the vaginal area w/a bit of non-scented lotion) can kill all yeast infections if used properly. when inserting raw garlic cloves into the vagina, make sure you prepare the raw clove without the hard sharp ends and take the shell off for maximum exposure to the clove. Do NOT push the clove far up into the vagina. Put it just inside and past the lips of the vagina so you can push it out if need be or "pee" it out when ready. you can leave it in there for a half hour or 45 minutes if you wish. leave it as long as you feel comfortable with it but never more than 45 minutes at a time and you can do this 3 times a day but do not over use this method. it is considered "heat" (chinese medicine philosophy) and can make it harder on your liver and intestines if over exposed to raw cloves repeatedly all day for weeks, months, years. just use them sparingly (figure out your usage, its different for everyone) and know its all about DOSAGE. Everything has to do with the amount of what you take! Doesn't matter what it is, even food you eat. if you over eat, you can hurt your body. if you drop too much hot water for too long on your skin, you'll get burned-you get the idea. so it is the same with boric acid and raw garlic cloves. because you will be in the vaginal area so much and repeatedly for an unknown amount of time due to B.V. and yeast issues; it only behooves a girl to be as careful and delicate as possible when making contact with the vaginal area. this is so it (your vagina) can take the medicines you give it without getting toxic doses of whatever it is you are taking.

Stop using: scented pads, scented lotions, scented soaps. just use water (yes that's what I said) to clean the vaginal area. The anus area use non scented soaps. Stop using perfume around the abdomen area. Stop using scents of any kind and also actually consider stopping sex for as long as you feel you are able to --to allow your body the ph balance and healing it needs to get better. your body is your temple, stop your temporary needs for once so you can permanently get better.

DO NOT: wipe the boric acid coming out of your vaginal area all day into the anus area! If you read up on the anus area, you will see it can absorb very well and it is unknown what the effects are if the anus area is wiped over with left over boric acid from the vaginal area. so, as the boric acid comes out from the vaginal area whether it be through urinating or into a pad, just ensure when you do clean yourself up from the boric, you wipe the vagina and the anus separately.

Here are some other things to look up to help with super chronic B.V. issues: homeopathic remedies, folic acid supplement, ph water to drink, paul pitchfords book Healing w/whole foods re: an astringent diet vs. dealing with dampness in the body which will eternally allow B.V. to take place in the body no matter what you take medicine wise including probiotics. Dampness (chinese medicine term) keeps B.V. living in the body so try out as an astringent a diet as possible through research on the web and pitchford's book which is only like 20 bucks to change your life for the better permanently.

Also, you must drink lots of fluids (not soda! ) WITH electrolytes, or you'll flush electrolytes right out of your system and cause much worse issues than you can possibly imagine. How do you know if you are drinking just enough fluids? If your urine has a super light yellow tint to it. Look up how much water you should be drinking according to your body weight and add Himalayan pink salt along with a bit of concentrated non-sugared cranberry juice (add stevia) to avoid bladder infections while dealing with B.V. and Y.I.'s. You can get all of these items (pink salt, concentrated cranberry juice and liquid stevia) at vitacost btw. Whatever you do, do not ever eat or drink caffeine related items or be prepared to deal with B.V. and Y.I. for the rest of your life. Now, if you have had caffeine while doing boric acid treatments and got rid of it, than the only reason you did is because you did not have the worst case scenario of B.V. It means you had a stronger immune system, more gut flora and probably a lot stronger system all around than all of us dealing with chronic B.V.

Re: homeopathic remedies; if you do find out what items to buy do buy them online because if you just walk into any store to buy a homeopathic remedy chances are, you are buying the lowest doses offered on the market. if you go online to buy these remedies, you will find the highest doses possible for the lower prices and you will be able to do research on just how much to take. because w/homeopathic remedies, it is all about dosage, diet and avoiding certain things while taking these curative items.

If you REALLY want to get rid of the B.V. and all the different types of yeast infections follow an astringent diet, do as much research as possible on everything I mentioned here including stuff you find out on your own and share it all with us because we want to know too! I purposely wrote everything I could possibly think of here so folks could read what they want, and have "too much info" to go do research to better their lives to get rid of B.V. once and for all.

If anyone has any questions, I will do my best to answer them in as timely a manner as possible.

Slessings, ~ Miss Joie

Replied by Ladylaw

I have had BV for 5 years now. My ex husband was very insensitive when it had an odor. We have tried everything and currently I am on a weekly long term dose of metronidazole .75. It work to get rid of the smell but the flora is still there. I have to check the amount of flora internally before deciding if I can be comfortable having sex. Probiotics didn't work, nor did all the antibiotics. Dr. told me today that boric acid was the end of the line and at this point that is all she can suggest. It saddened me because if it doesn't work then I am stuck with this for life. I have taken placquenil and lamictal for 25 years so I am sure its not those meds. Yet, we can;t figure it out. I will research the astringent diet, before the boric acid. Wish me luck :( This has been so exhausting and embarrassing.

Replied by Nitsa
(Toronto Ontario)

hi ladylaw!

im sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. You DONT have to live with BV and odor your whole life. Boric acid suppositories will get rid of the infection. Also, you may use betadine vaginal douche in urgent situations: I.e. If an odor is present and you expect to be intimate shortly.

Note: (use a mild solution of the douche mixture as it is quite strong)

good luck

Replied by Dawn

Hope you see this. My story parallels yours. My recurring infections were temporarily suppressed with boric acid suppositories but it took dietary measures and several weeks to see permanent results. I cut dairy, sugar, starches and bread. Not only did the BV go away, so did a host of other issues I won't go into. Not sure if I needed to go all or nothing like that, but the results were absolutely a healthy turnaround that made complete sense. The standard American diet I enjoyed for years took it's toll as it does with everyone sooner or later. One thing I didn't ever give up was my morning caffeine fix but I switched to black tea from coffee because coffee is awful without dairy and sweetener.

Replied by Maria
(New Jersey)

Can you wash your area with boric acid instead of just pushing a capsule in there. If so how can you do it, just add water with the powder and wash?

Replied by Jennifer B
(Gainesville, Ga)

NEVER EVER EVER "wash" ANY part of your body with boric acid! Sorry, but vaginal insertion is your best bet.

Replied by Slb

I feel your pain. I have been suffering from this and I get put on flagyl and it will go away but then a few weeks later seems to be back. I am a diabetic and was told I am more prone to have issues but geez.... the doctor gave me pills as well for my husband just to make sure we were BOTH clear and Lord he acusses me of catching this from someone. I try telling him that this is not an STD but he won't listen. I have presently been to the doctor AGAIN and he put me on boric acid suppositories... I just don't care for "feeling" the discharge. Just makes me feel "unclean." And I also have to do a round with flagyl again AND they want me to give to my husband as well..... thus is going to cause a HUGE argument with accusations.. 😔

Replied by Geniene
(Columbus, Ga)

I go through the same... THE ACCUSATIONS!!! 😥

Replied by Tonya

What I have learned and know to be true is that my mate of 20 years and myself PH balance stop mixing about 6 years ago. I get rid of my bacterial infection with metro-gel 0.75% and I'm fine until I have sex with him again then it's back. Our PH balance does not mix so really if I had another mate I might not have this issue at all. So your husband should realize it's him also you and his ph balance is not compatible at all. Just pay attention once you cure your BV your fine until you have sex with him then it's back again. I recommend condoms while having sex or you will contiously have this issue with sexual intercourse with him. So it's not all you your PH balance with him does not mix. I been fighting it too. I hate to have sex with my mate sad to say because I don't want to have to smell and treat myself all over again. At this time I am on boric acid suppositories and they work quick and you feel so relieved.

Replied by Lis
(United States)

Your comment about recurring BV infections after being intimate is absolutely positively true but it's not a matter of one Partners pH not matching with another, sperm lowers the acidity level in the vagina and once the vagina gets too acidic vaginitis occurs it doesn't matter what partner you were with if you have intercourse frequently and a condom is not used to prevent sperm then you are likely going to get BV. There is simply no way around it and the more often you have sex the more often the problem will recur. My GYN told me that if I limited intercourse to know more than twice a week I wouldn't have the problem and when I follow that advice I didn't, she was absolutely right. I am 50 years old and have had more than one partner in my life and one thing I know is that regular intimacy always gives me a BV infection so the real solution is less frequent sex or use a condom to keep the sperm from coming in contact with the vagina. Neither is a wonderful option but it's a lot better than the nasty smelling itching and burning infection caused by the pH in balance

Replied by R.

I've had bv for probably 5 years. I use boric acid but am unsure how long and often to use it to keep it away.

Replied by Katie

Your husband needs to start practicing the "pull-out" method.

Replied by Lina

I'm sorry but I do not agree though a Obgyn has knowledge of bv. You know your body more THAN ANYONE. Me and my ex had unprotected sex our whole relationship. NO BV. When I was with my new partner every time we had unprotected sex I GOT BV! No, my diet didn't change, I only got bv right after sex, then we finally started using condoms and voila, NO BV so for me (and others out there).

Your MATE plays a HUGE role in your BV!!!

Replied by Eleanor

Hello, I look after my adult daughter. She does not communicate with words or signs and has multiple disabilities. She started getting itchy sessions (for some time now) which seem to be only at night. She does not appear to have a typical yeast infection. She does wear a diaper. She does not have any skin break down. Her skin generally does not appear reddened but sometimes I think its reddened from her constant and persistent wiggling if she is itchy down there. Her skin is in good condition. Anyway...I have just learned about boric acid and am considering that wearing a diaper may allow yeast to grow on the skin but since it is washed off and rinsed with fresh water that the yeast may be kept from becoming a full-blown infection. I am not sure why it is most troublesome to her in the evening and during the night though. This itchyness can keep her awake for several hours. Anyway, I am thinking of trying boric acid for her. She is 35. She cannot scratch herself effectively but when her diaper is off she can sure try to scratch down there. Is there a boric acid cream or preparation of some kind to put on the perineum? I have given her preparation H suppositories in her rectum and they seem to help but tonight they are not helping to much. I also have used various anti-itch creams. I am hopeful to get rid of this itchiness for her. She does a lot of laughing and wiggling around because she is itchy and her body gets warm as though she has been working out...that's how much it affects her and ruins her sleep too.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I went to google and did a little reading in some diaper blogs for appears people wear diapers with no issues during the day but at night have this issue. They believe it is sweating that causes it and use a moisture layer of cream or diaper cream to prevent the skin from itching. Blessings on your journey, Charity

Replied by Lisa
(North Carolina)

How often should I use the boric acid capsules monthly so that it doesn't return?

Replied by Tanika

No...please dont wash your vagina area with boric acid. Its only saftley used in suppository form...& only inside of the vigina.

Insert as far into the canal as you can. Using 1 capsul per evening...before bed.

Do this for 7-17 days. This works even for chronic vaginal issues..

If on yout is ok to start the treatment the night of the last day.

Relief will come as quickly as 1 day. But stay the course & complete the full 7-14 days.

I'm on my second night...& soo far soo good.

I did something a lil different before starting my treatment....I used a homemade Apple Cider Vinegar douce to rinse out some of the are since I was coming off of my period.

Smell is discomfort at all.

Remember to wash your hands before & after. Boric acid is not safe unless used internally. NEVER USE ORALLY OR TOUCH FACE, EYES OR MOUTH AFTER HANDLING. Be Safe...feel better...& God Bless

Boric Acid
Posted by Robin (Detroit, Michigan ) on 03/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Boric acid worked for me in killing bv. I waited 3 months to blog because I wanted to be sure and yes I'm sure. I've had bv since may 2013. It was chronic. Very chronic. I tried all the antibiotics from my Dr's and it would only last for a few weeks and here comes bv again. I started reading up on bv. The more I read the more I learned. The problem is tht darn biofilm. It must be broken. It's a film that protects and covers the bacteria from antibiotics. Thts why it can come right back. It's laughing at the antibiotics. Boric acid is all I know as of right now tht will kill it. I don't know why Dr's don't tell us this, then again I can speculate as to why they dont. I ordered boric acid suppositories online. $ money I ever spent. Please ladies if you want to rid this please try.

Replied by Renee

Robin, can you please let us know the brand of boric acid you ordered or at least where you ordered it from? Thanks so much!

Replied by Nia Nicholson
(Detroit, Michigan)

Just wanted to say Hi Robin and ask if you've seen Dr. Sob** in Detroit. Thus far he is the best BV Specialist in the Metro area located in the Medical Center/Downtown Detroit.

Replied by Gina M

I ordered mine through BoriCap. Just got them today and praying this will end my 6yr encounter with BV

Replied by T

How often did you use it? I've read twice a day (morning and night) for two weeks and just at night for a week and a half.

Boric Acid
Posted by Missa (Cincinnati, Oh) on 01/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For the short version, scroll to bottom.

I had my first case of BV in July 2015. I was treated with Clindamycin 500 mg twice daily oral antibiotic for 7 days. I had a recurring case in August and was treated with Metronidazole 500 mg once daily oral antibiotic for 7 days. I had a recurring case in September and was treated with Clindamycin 500 mg twice daily oral antibiotic for 7 days. I had a recurring case in October and was treated with Metronidazole 5 g once daily at bedtime for 5 days.

At this point I was becoming desperate and becoming worried about the constant exposure to antibiotics so I took to the internet for a cure. Boric acid seemed to have the best reputation so I started researching the primary literature and clinical trial reports - limited as they were!

Following my October case of BV, I began my boric acid regimen. I bought size 0 gelatin capsules online and purchased boric acid from the pharmacist at Walgreens. (roughly $25 for 1000 capsules and 1 kg of boric acid) Given my research, I had come to suspect that I had developed a bacterial biofilm that was preventing the antibiotics from effectively reaching and killing off the bacteria- causing a rebound every few weeks. I decided on the following regimen: one size 0 capsule filled with boric acid powder inserted into the vagina at bedtime for 1 week, followed by Metronidazole 5 g once daily at bedtime for 5 days (I had half the tube left over from my earlier case). My reasoning was that breaking up the biofilm using boric acid would allow the antibiotics to sweep in and effectively clear the infection. Since this time (roughly 12 weeks) I have been using one size 0 boric acid vaginal suppository a week and one size 0 boric acid vaginal suppository every day of my period as a preventative measure. This regimen worked for me. I have had zero recurrences!


1) Try to find clear or white gel capsules. I got ones with blue caps and woke up with what looked like a smurf homicide in my underwear.

2) During my five day boric acid regimen I had some pretty significant vaginal bleeding during intercourse. There was no pain or discomfort associated with the bleeding so it was a bit surprising. I suspect the boric acid strips some of the protective mucous from the vaginal walls making it more prone to tearing.


-one size 0 boric acid vaginal suppository daily for 7 days; followed by,

-Metronidazole 5 g once daily for 5 days; followed by,

-one size 0 boric acid vaginal suppository once weekly AND one size 0 boric acid vaginal suppository every day of menstrual bleeding as preventative treatment.

Replied by Shannon
(New York)
3 out of 5 stars


I have been try for a year to get rid of this bv.. tho after I had my son 9 years ago... I've been suffering from this constant. I'm so over it and want to be normal. I do the boric acid now and after a year, I feel it has done nothing. So you think I should add a yeast medicine? My doctor just says keep using boric acid.I swear if I miss a step it comes back. I'm so self conscious and I just recently start seeing someone. So annoying!

Replied by Renee
(Golden, Colorado)

I have been dealing with this for approx. 9 months now and about to lose my mind. Its extremely embarrassing for a relationship and now I'm just want it gone. Couple questions: 1. can you have sex while taking the boric acid? 2. Do you have to make your own capsules or can you buy the boric acid already to insert? if not, geezzz what is the process? 3. If you are taking the boric acid every day of your period can you still wear a tampon?

Replied by T

a compound pharmacy (not cvs, Walgreens, etc.., but a real pharmacy where they actually mix up medicines) can make the boric acid suppositories for you. My insurance required a prescription but your gynecologist should write you one, no problem.

Replied by Crystal

1. Yes you can have sex although I would recommend using the suppository after sex or right before bed.

2. You don't have to make your own ... I just purchased them on Amazon and it's been working great. No more odor and the discharge is mostly gone.

3. Yes a tampon is still fine.

Hope this all helps ... this has been such a relief for me. My BV symptoms are basically gone and I've only been using it for 1 week. I will continue using it 3 days per week for maintaince and throughout my period.

Replied by Nicole
(Fargo, Nd)

I have had recurring BV 4 times already. I have taken Flagyl for 7 days and just started Boric Acid suppositories on Monday. You can still have intercourse, you just want to make sure you insert the pill after you have intercourse, because you want the pill to dissolve completely, otherwise, whats the point. There will be a lot of leakage when the pill dissolves, so wear a panty liner. Also, Boric Acid suppositories are very inexpensive at the pharmacy. I would have your doctor put a prescription in. I am taking a 2 month course of it, it cost $7.00 and it seems to be working great.

Replied by Kodi

My pharmacy would not even make a compound without a prescription, despite it being OTC. I've only been using it for a few days now, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. After trying a bunch of other things, clotrimazole helped — but it didn't cure things. I started on boric acid a day or two later (couldn't get it as immediately as I'd hoped), and it seems to be staying at the same point as when I finished the clotrimazole. Hoping a few more days will make the difference. Like many of you, I'm SO done!

Question for everyone, though — I can't find anything on a smell resulting from this treatment, but a couple of days ago, I noticed a “burning” smell whenever I went to the bathroom. I'm wondering if this is normal or if I've got something happening that is less common. The first night, there was certainly some burning, but since then, I haven't really felt anything. But the smell is persistent and worrysome. Thanks.

Replied by Maria
5 out of 5 stars

I've been using the capsules for almost 30 days now, I've had a problem with bv for years, I used 2 capsules a day..1 in the morning & 1 before bed for 7 days & now I just use them 2 times a week...I also use 2 (not both at the same time) right after my period & 1 after sexual intercourse

Boric Acid
Posted by Ashley (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/27/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! I've been suffering on and off with yeast infections and BV for about a year now. Its been one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. I would either get prescribed diflucan/monistat for yeast and metrogel/tindamax for BV. When I first started having the infections the medications helped, but for the last 6 months or so, the medication would only work until I would stop taking it then I'd feel off again down there. Having sex irritated it even more. My doctor prescribed boric acid suppositories ( I think its 600mg) every other night for a month while taking a probiotic and no unprotected sex. I just started last week. The next morning after my first dose, the odor and itch was gone. Discharge went away by the second dose (except for the discharge from the boric acid of course). I'm waiting to see what will happen once I do have sex again, or when the month is up and I'm no longer taking the boric acid. I will try to give an update to see if this will work for me long term.

Replied by Ds1229
(Kutztown, Pa)

I went to my GYN this morning...I have been battling this since before dose of Flagyl 2000mg at one time...then, seven days and followed up with a cream for yeast infection...I am EXHAUSTED both mentally and physically...this is horrible....

During my visit today she did an exam and also looked under the microscope. She truly thinks that it is the PH balance. She did send out cultures to be sure that there is no STD...I am now sitting on pins and needles until I get hose results in a week. So, I have to endure this situation with no treatment for another week. I will be awaiting the results.

She suggested boric acid suppositories to regulate the PH level...I am super nervous and worried. She assure me that her findings do not indicate any type of STD....please give me more info on this boric acid treatment. She stated that I might have to do this for a month or two. I will have to go to a pharmacy that works with compounds....sounds expensive.

Can anyone please tell me what they felt like before using them...I am frantic and almost out of my mind waiting for results.

Thank you!

Replied by Tpa86
(Tampa, Fl)

You can purchase boric acid on Amazon really cheap and also the empty gel capsules. I've been doing it for a year now off and on and it's been great! I only spent about $20. Good luck to you!

Replied by Ayla

I am a working nurse and have done quite a bit of research on this subject. I have read actual research articles done under controlled conditions. It seems that boric acid is used in many countries without access to 'modern' medicine with very good results. The CDC has published information on dosing schedules for chronic or resistant vaginal yeast infection. The commonly accepted dose for bacterial vaginal infection seems to be one 600 vaginal insert at night and one in the morning for one to two weeks with no sex or anything else inserted into the vagina. I have come to learn that I have recurrent bacterial infection after using lubrication and sex toys. Symptoms become worse after working out/sweating in acrylic leggings. I have never had a chronic infection and I have kidney problems, so I can't take certain antibiotics. Boric acid seems to be the way to go for me.

Boric Acid
Posted by Rose (La) on 10/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

This stuff works! I have been suffering with BV for the past 4 years. It started when I took antibiotics after a staff infection. I also had been using Summers's Eve Douche "really bad idea" I went to the Obgyn so many times and they gave me MetroGel and another medication, I forget the names. Either way they only worked till I started my cycle again or had sex and usually it came back even stronger. I tried every home remedy in the book nothing helped. I did have some success with hydrogen peroxide douches but it never really lasted to long. Then I found out about Boric acid and it changed everything for me. At first it really was not working so well but I think that because I was not doing a full treatment. I would do 3 days on and then take a break. Then as soon as I had sex or had my cycle the BV came back. So I took a break from sex for 10 days and put one capsule in every night at bed time. I also started taking probiotic and folic acid every day. After that I have had little to no issues. I still get a little stinky down there before my cycle and after so I usually use for one or two days after its over. Also sometimes after sex. My boyfriend is not circumcised so that can mess up my system sometimes. But all in all I don't have many issues. I really recommend this to anyone suffering from BV.

Boric Acid
Posted by Anna (Sacramento, Ca) on 08/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Homemade Boric Acid Capsules for 4 days and nights inserted into the vagina cured my Bacterial Vaginosis after suffering for 3 weeks. It won't come down in the daytime, but it causes a watery discharge which also contains the bacteria, so wear a liner. A whole garlic clove or a tampon dipped in diluted tee tree oil can also bring relief and or cure, however there are many strains of bacteria so you have to see which one works.

Note: Neither the typical treatment for yeast infection nor bladder infection will work on this type of bacteria.

Replied by Loweandbrown1029
(Chesterfield, Mi)

I am 45 years old and have suffered from BV for over 25 years! To say the least it has been a long and uncomfortable 20 years. Today I purchased the capsules and the boric acid and made my own. I also bought some coconut oil gel caps. I am very encouraged by reading all of the comments. This give me hope! I will follow up with a comment to give my results. Thanks for posting ladies, I always thought I was alone.

Boric Acid
Posted by Srs (Charleston, Sc) on 08/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've posted about a year ago, but I want to give another update in regards to this EMBARASSING condition! I've been using Boric Acid capsules for about 3 years with much success! Interestingly I can anticipate the times that I will have an 'episode'?.which usually include pre & during menstruation, post sex, and when I eat seafood (Seriously)! Even after 3 years I just recently bought my second bottle of Boric Acid for less than $10! Yes, ladies - that's about $3.00 A YEAR to save myself from this embarrassing condition. No doctor visits, no prescription medicines and most importantly no smells. I encapsulate the boric acid in '00' size capsules (about 450mg) and just insert one before any of the above conditions will take place. Even when me and the hubs go away on vacation I just take a few capsules, just in case!

I've also created a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, soaked a tampon and inserted it over night. This seems to help balance the pH level and is my go to should I forget my capsules.

While boric acid only treats the symptoms, I have begun an elimination diet, mainly meat, cheese and other mucus forming foods. It's hard to make these changes, but walking around with a smelly v is much harder!

Replied by Cyn

Peroxide won't change the pH, but it will kill off bacteria (all sorts). Boric acid lowers the pH, which will kill some bacteria but mostly allows the environment to select for bacteria that should be there/can withstand a lower pH. They are both supposed to be effective for BV, and some people use acidophilus vaginal suppositories after treatment to inoculate their vaginas with "good" bacteria that maintain the pH low enough that the stinky stuff can't grow.

Replied by Michele
(Frankfort, Ky)
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I have had BV for years. It used to flare up only after sex or around period time. It's getting worse - I'm 45 and can't keep it away. I think it is also causing a great deal of urinary irritation (my theory, not proven) because when the bv flares up I have frquent urination ans some burning but no UTI.

Boric acid used to always help and now its not as effective. I am going to try the yogurt and peroxide. This is nuts! I also buy high quality probiotics for women and that doesn't help! Lastly, I saw one comment that said seafood makes it worse. I've noticed the same thing. How ironic because they both smell fishy.

Boric Acid
Posted by Natasha (La) on 08/06/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I did the boric acid 2 nights (filling my own from what the other posts recommend and adding acidophilus) and the symptoms went away for 5 days. I have been washing my underwear on hot and I microwaved them (not recommended- some seemed to have caught fire) but somehow I think I reinfected myself.

I'm trying the boric acid again, I was going to do a 10 day treatment this time, but does anyone have any side effects? I notice my whole body is itchy after using the BA.

Replied by Rs
(Sf, Ca)

You should not have any itching from using boric acid capsules in your vagina. I have been using them for about 2-3 years for BV (there is NO cure, only maintenance). If this is your first outbreak of BV then you need to use the capsules every night for 10 nights. Then see how you feel and taper down to every 3-4 nights unless you feel that "feeling" coming back. Boric Acid will not harm you internally but you don't want to get it on your external skin or inhale it. Wash your hands immediately after making your capsules or use rubber gloves. It is a miracle maintenance substance for BV and nothing else helped me. I tried everything under the sun for 6 years and boric acid capsules are a staple in my kitchen cupboard to stay. I also make my own and use about one a week now just to maintain vaginal pH balance. It is really all about alkalizing and keeping a balanced pH in all parts of your body, which really is a full time job. Try drinking pH bottled water with at least a pH level of 8.5 or higher. It has made a world of difference for me. If you drink a little every day you won't even need boric acid after awhile. Life will be good again. Good Luck!!

Replied by Mindy

I've been using boric acid (tonight is night six) and I'm still so itchy on the outside!! Did you have issues with being itchy externally? I feel fine on he inside, it's just the outside (my pee hole Sorry tmi!! )

Replied by Juliet

If you are itching like crazy on the outside even after using boric acid, it sounds as though you have a yeast infection rather than a bacterial infection. Try Monostat for that.

Replied by Mae

Hi Natasha. I'm on my 2d Boric Acid treatment. I noticed that I do have itchiness all over my body too. I also noticed the discharge they were talking about while using BA inserts. It's kind of uncomfortable ( I didn't have any discharge nor foul smell) since when my liner will get wet, that area will get so itchy and feels like ants walking around it - makes it soooo itchy. A bit of relief when I change my undies and liner. But I have to do it a lot of times. Good thing I'm not working at the moment. But I don't know how it will be possible when we're out there in public. So, you're not alone in feeling itchy over your body while using this. Just make sure to watch out for it - maybe you have some allergic reaction starting there. I'm also trying to monitor it myself. Good luck.

Replied by Tee
(Brooklyn, Ny)

I have been having the same issue. There is no smell, only the discharge from the BA, but the itching is so intense at times that I want scream! I've even had my boyfriend get a flashlight and go looking to see if something else was going on down there.

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