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Boric Acid Cure for Bacterial Vaginosis

Boric Acid
Posted by Sara (Los Angeles, Ca ) on 02/12/2018
2 out of 5 stars

I had my daughter in 2015 and that is when I got BV for the first time. She was under a year, but I don't recall how many months she was. My symptoms were the yellow/cloudy discharge (often throughout the day) and the fish like smell. I was working at a doctors office at the time and one of the NP's was nice enough to give me an RX for a yeast infection because that was what I thought I had. When it didn't go away she gave me another RX and it still didn't go away so I decided to see my gyno. They tested me for BV and it was positive so they gave me an rx. It didn't go away. I eventually went to my primary care doctor who tested me for BV, Trich, gonorrhea and chlamydia. They all came back negative which was odd. The discharge never went away, at times I feel like it was off and on but mostly on. I went to an urgent care to get tested last year and BV was positive and the doctor gave me an RX. I waited for about 7 months and went back and he told me he would test me again and gave me a diff. RX, this time it was Clyndamycin. Prior to that RX the doctors aways gave me flagyl aka metronidazole. I took the clyndamycin and it didn't go away!!! The doctor made it clear he didn't want to see me again as it was an urgent care and told me to see my gyno which I haven't done. I did research and found boric acid, I ordered it off amazon after reading great reviews. When I first took it I decided to do it for 3 days. After the first night of inserting it I woke up and had some fluid coming out of my vagina so I wore a panty liner. it wasn't discharge though, I felt NO pain or anything. It was like instant relief though, I had no more discharge and felt it was too good to be true. After the 3 days I stopped inserting the capsule before bed and for a few days I was fine until my symptoms came back. So I took 10 days off or so and decided to try boric acid for 1 week and inserted one capsule before bedtime. The same thing happened, it seemed to be gone but this time after stopping it, the BV symptoms were back the next day. idk what to do, I'm planning on trying a diet change but its so hard. This is ridiculous. It really does suck and it makes me sad. If anyone has any recommendations please respond. I am planning on possibly doing actual research on Bacteria vaginosis but have to see if my professor approves it.