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Posted by Shannon (Tucson, Az) on 10/09/2012

After 3 uncomfortable and confusing months I was diagnosed with BV. My doctor prescribed me with an oral antibiotic which made me physically ill, and although my symptoms decreased while on the antibiotics, once I ran out the symptoms came back worse than ever. The symptoms became so uncomfortable that I didn't want to exercise or have sex because of itching, the horrible smell, and the pain. First I tried eating garlic and taking folic acid, then I added acidophilus. When those remedies didn't work I tried douching, first with hydrogen peroxide, then with yogurt, then with colloidal silver. I even changed my diet and started vegetable juicing twice a day. Some of those remedies made a difference, but the BV always came back.

Finally, thank God, a friend of mine told me she used boric acid. I was very skeptical and I really didn't want to put some chemical I could buy at a hardware store inside of me. It just seemed dangerous. However, after 2 years of struggling with BV, I was SO desperate!! I went to a local compound pharmacy and bought medical grade boric acid. Then I bought empty gel caps. I made a paper funnel and filled them myself by hand carefully as I was super paranoid about accidentally consuming the boric acid. Then I inserted one capsule each night for ten nights. It worked SO well! I didn't have any symptoms at all for a month and a half, until after my next menstrual cycle when experienced very mild symptoms. I did another round of 5 capsules and it has been 7 months since I had any symptoms!! My life is finally back to normal. Please, BV sufferers, don't be scared of boric acid! It will change your life!!

Boric Acid
Posted by Kyla (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/31/2012

I totally feel for you all! I too have suffered from BV on and off for two years... My doc started prescribing me with boric acid vaginal suppositories and I haven't had any re occurrences in about 6 months. Now I've weaned myself off often to give my body a change to Balance itself. My best advise is first get the antibiotics from the doc. Then start the boric acid once you'd finished the meds. NO Sex. Give your body some time at least 7 days... Once you start having intercourse, I rec taking the boric after intercourse. Plenty of water, and stay away fr starches and sugars, and perfumes. A use water only to wash your bottom when showering(no towel), and start taking acidophillis, it works. Idk if unprotected sex causes bv more, I think it can ESP if your parter has the bacteria. Me and my boyfriend use condoms and I've always used condoms w my partners but still manage to get bv :-( I hope this helps you guys. Stay positive.

Boric Acid
Posted by Reallywantasolution (San Diego, Ca) on 07/26/2012

I've been having yeast infections and BV constantly for the past year. At least twice a month I realize somethings wrong. I've treated both with Borid Acid successfully but every time after sex, I get another infection. My gyno said my boyfriend most likely has BV (he is uncircumcised) and is contaminating me everytime we have sex. SO I have a question for all of you boric acid users, should I give my boyfriend some boric acid to put on himself? Is there a way (other than antibiotics) for him to clear up the BV that's living on his penis?

I went to the gyno and had a culture done, it said I have Group B Strep. She wants to prescribe me antibiotics but I'm afraid that's just going to make a super bug. I'm currently taking throughout the day:

2 Femdophilus (haven't had a yeast infection since taking these)

2 Grapefruit seed extract

4 Candida Quick Cleanse

2 400mcg of Folic Acid

Could any of these supplements help my bf? Could any others like goldenseal? Should I just do the antibiotics?

Replied by Pedro
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Be careful with doctors in the US because they are very ignorant about foreskin-intact men (most of the guys in the rest of the world are intact with no issues). In my experience they have their own agenda on the topic because of propaganda and also push for male multilation even when there is no religious reasons. Insane!

The truth is that I doubt your bf would be unaware of a bacterial or fungal infection down there since they produce discharge and creates irritation.

That being said it would be very easy to treat it. All he has do do is clean the area a few times a day with 3% hydrogen peroxide (if there is an infection it will foam). I was diagnosed with male candida years ago, and prescription creams worked but it would sometimes come back. One day I discovered that 3% HP clears the problems in no time, with no discomfort. Saturated borax water also works like a charm. Good luck!

Boric Acid
Posted by Missy (Baltimore, Md) on 05/19/2012

Please ladies if you use Boric Acid go to a GYN and have them prescribed so you will get the correct dosage and type of Boric acid, my doctor prescribe 600mg vaginal inserts. To be inserted during my period, tho I have a hysterectomy now, and after sex. I also take Folic Acid and garlic pills. I suffered from BV since 19, Im now 43. I tried everything before recently finding a doctor that recommended Boric acid inserts. They make them at a special pharmacy that specializes in compound mixtures. Since starting them 5 months ago, I have not had an outbreak. She gave me refills of Boric Acid and Flagyll(Metronidazole) and first told me to take the Flagyll for 7 days and insert the Boric acid too. It Worked! From then on she requested after sex insert one and everyday during a period insert one. Before this all the other remedies, ACV, yougart, probiotics or even the flagyll alone did not help me. Before being prescribed the Boric Acid after sex and periods it would return again and again. But not now tho I occasionally will take a Flagyll after sex with the Boric Acid just for security. But I have not taken Flagyll and only used The Boric acid inserts after sex and been just fine. For the first time since age 19, I feel normal. Hope this helps.

Replied by Barker
(Salt Lake, Ut)

I'm sorry but when I read posts like yours on here it REALLY bothers me. Pure Boric Acid is Pure Boric Acid - - it is a compound of Boron & if altered in anyway - it cannot be sold as BORIC ACID. As mentioned on this site numerous times - Humco is a brand that can be purchased at a pharmacy by request or online. Our local compound pharmacy sells & uses the Humco brand boric acid to fill 600mg capsules. 00 size gel caps are what the pharmacist uses to make 600mg capsules of boric acid. Fill the large size of the capsule only - as compactly as possible and cap with the small side. There you have 600mg boric acid capsules for vaginal insertion.

Anyone skilled enough to fill 00 capsules with powder (which is incredibly easy) can make their own boric acid capsules safely with the Humco brand. If you educate yourself about boric acid there is nothing to fear. Listening to fearmongers will keep you scared, in the dark and unable to cure yourself of anything.

Boric acid simply changes the pH inside the vagina, that is all, it is not directly killing anything unlike antibiotics. The stink of BV is from a pH imbalance. Menses changes pH and that is why it is recommended to use BA during menses. Sex & fluids change pH and that why it is recommended to insert after sex so the funk doesn't have a chance to get started.

Replied by Wanthealth
(Austin, Tx, Us)

As far as boric acid I want to vote 'Yea'. I had a long struggle that was incredibly sad and seemed unending (see my old posts below from Feb. 2012 for my story). I said I would provide an update, so I'm posting today.

Again, I have to say to any other woman going through this right now, I'm so very sorry that you can relate. This is a horrible thing to go through. Please believe you are not alone. I know this can feel incredibly lonely and isolating, but there are others here who understand. Don't lose hope, please!

From experience, my advice is to give boric acid a try. Most of our doctors will not make the suggestion because they are used to prescribing antibiotics and having them work for many of their patients. When the problem occurs chronically, they begin to scratch their heads…and we unfortunately leave our appointments time and time again feeling depressed, defeated, and confused. I had to actually ask my GYN about boric acid, and she was willing to write the prescription after all other possibilities had been exhausted and proven unsuccessful. She, like I, was very frustrated. Find a doctor who is willing to prescribe it. Get the prescription called into a compound pharmacy (like People's Pharmacy or whatever is in your area) and try it. My insurance covered it.

I had to do two rounds of boric acid. (each prescription was written to be taken daily for 2 weeks). The first round was interrupted by my period and it didn't quite get rid of the problem. I got a refill and started again. And AGAIN my stupid period started. BUT thankfully that second time around, the boric acid actually worked!

My husband and I can now have sex again! But here is a big tip (if you're not already doing this): use lubrication. My GYN suggested this and it really makes a huge difference. These ongoing infections really wreak havoc on us and even when the infection finally goes away, there is still sensitivity that is sometimes painful. It's really helped my hubby and I to recapture all that this horrible condition stole from us over the past year and a half.

Please hold onto hope and if you haven't tried this, what do you have to lose? Just give it a try. There are many here who can answer questions, I'm also glad to do the same to anyone who posts. I can't thank you ladies enough for your advice and encouragement! I'm so glad I was led to this site because you ladies really helped me. With prayer, holding on to hope as best as I could, and trying the boric acid, things are better. I'm wishing you all the best too. Stay strong!


I know I searched the internet like crazy when I was looking for an answer. So, I'm writing this hoping that it will show up when another woman in need searches the internet:

boric acid for chronic bv - yes it works!

600mg boric acid capsules work for bv - ask your doctor for a prescription

Recurrent/chronic vaginal infection - try boric acid, it does work!

Replied by Maggs
(Anaheim, Ca)

So there are already made pills of boric acid that can be prescribed by a doctor?

Replied by Nic
(Boston, Ma)

I've been so puzzled by the whole debate of going to the doctor to get a prescription or just get the acid from the pharmacy and make the capsules myself. Initially I did just buy Humco's boric acid and capsules. The acid did work, but it also burned. I heard so many times that the acid has to be medical grade, no more than 2%. So I called Humco today, and they told me their acid is 100%, and they don't carry anything less. Then I called the compounding pharmacy to ask how they compound these capsules and whether they do just simply fill size 00 600 mg with pure acid. The pharmacist said it depended on the prescription. Prescriptions vary from 200 to 600 mg, and based on that the acidity will vary. So at 600 mg of pure acid you will get 100%. If your doctor ordered only 2%, then the pharmacy will put a significantly smaller amount of boric acid in the capsule (smaller than 600 mg) and fill the rest with fillers. She (the pharmacist) said I could use fillers myself if I wanted, like corn starch, e.g., but of course if I didn't have a scale, it would be hard to achieve the accurate amount of acid and, therefore, acidity percentage. My understanding is that everyone who ever bought Humco's boric acid from Amazon and wherever else did buy 100% since they don't carry anything else. All of that said, I myself didn't realize this until today, so I did use 100% capsules for a while now. I've typed this information up for those who wondered about the whole medical grade issue. I am not encouraging anyone to go one way or the other (prescription or non). Just really FYI.

Replied by Jennifer
(Los Angeles)

I hope you're still monitoring this post! Can you please let me know which lubrication you use? I'm so afraid to use any lube because I don't want it to bring on a BV infection. I've been suffering with BV for about 20 years -- whenever I'm sexually active; but now that I'm in my mid-40's I get a BV infection with every period. I'm absolutely at my wit's end. I just started the boric acid last night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you.

Boric Acid
Posted by Brandy (Ny) on 05/17/2012

Hi, I just came across this website a few days ago and been reading the comments, unfortunately to say I have been struggling wit BV for 2 1/2 years, and it seem to get worst by the days. I have tryed all the over the counter remedies, been to six different gynocologist an they all keep prescribing the same antibiotics ( Flagyl, clyndamicin, and so many others) still no relief. The odor gets worst and the discharge gets heavier. I recently moved into a new neighborhood and found a new gyn who I explain my constant problem to and ask her not to prescribe me any antibiotics because it does not work. She then prescribed a boric acid compound, which she says work for her cronic patients who face the same problem I am having. I its a 600 mg boric acid capsul which I should insert in the vagina at nights for ten days. I just started last night, so far no odor but the discharge is still there but its only the first day. I'll keep you posted hopefully this will work for me.

Boric Acid
Posted by Bunny (Englewood, Nj) on 03/30/2012

I learned about boric acid capsules way back in college and they work The regimens I've seen online suggest a week or more but one capsule inserted high up in the vagina usually does the trick. Rarely, I'll need to use a second one. I make my own capsules with boric acid powder and plain gelatin capsules. Since menopause, it seems that it develops after sex only if my husband ejaculates, so it is related to the semen changing the pH. A word of warning, approximately 12-24 hours after inserting the capsule, you will get a small gush of water from the vagina. It only happens once and I don't know what the mechanism is, perhaps related to the gelatin dissolving, but wear a small pad.

Replied by Sbh2013
(Augusta, Ga)

I used boric acid capsules for a recurring yeast infection. It was very helpful in eliminating the symptoms. I used them several times with no problem, but now I am having vaginal bleeding. I have been bleeding for about 2 1/2 days. Its not like a period, but its not light spotting either. Its gushes of blood every few hour. Enough to fill a panty liner. I called my doc office and they said to wait a few days and if it does not go away come in. I am worried slightly because I am not sure what is going on... What should I do? Its a bright red blood, not really like a period. My cycle is not scheduled for another 2 weeks...

Replied by Anon

Hi, any abnormal bleeding needs looking into by a gyny to rule out anything nasty. Take large table spoons of Blackstrap Molasses to lighten the flow. Maybe the boric acid knocked out your mineral balance?

Boric Acid
Posted by Marina (Grants Pass, Oregon) on 03/03/2012

Sorry to bother you - I meant my story is very similar to 06/29/2010: Rs from San Carlos, Ca But please don't put my post down that low. Sorry to be posting so much - I just want to help others.

Replied by Wanthealth
(Austin, Tx, Us)

First of all, thank you for posting! I've been waiting to see if anyone would and I could definitely use help! (I posted on 2/15/12 directly below if you want to see my "story"). I went back and found the post you mentioned from 6/29/2010 and since your story is similar, I have a question for you. I got a prescription for 2 weeks worth of 600mg boric acid suppositories from People's Pharmacy. It has definitely helped. I'm still having slight burning intermittently, which is a little concerning, but things are much improved. I have 2 suppositories left and I'm starting to get nervous that things will wear off (scared to get too excited after a year of this... ). Do you think I should go ahead and make my own capsules to keep on hand "just in case"? Do you know if homemade capsules are stronger than the compound prescription I got? Thank you so much, I appreciate any help you are able to give!!

Replied by Marina
(Grants Pass, Oregon)

Hi, my story is under YEA - Multiple Methods. For me, boric acid made a marked difference after weeks of being very diligent with H2O2, diet, probiotics, multivitamin, folic acid....... & 5 months of hellish paranoia. I am not a doctor but educated medically which involves science but, nonetheless, I could be totally wrong about what I am about to write but it is my understanding that boric acid is the chemical compound of (3) Hydrogen, (1) Boron, (3) Oxygen or H3BO3 or B(OH)3. BA is a weak acid of boron often used as an antiseptic, insecticide & flame retardant, which is a good element when your crotch is on fire!!! I think boric acid is what it is and it cannot be altered or patented. Just make sure it is not cut with anything funky and is 100%. When I see people say get medical grade and don't get the roach killer again, I'm not positive but I do not think there is a difference if it is 100% boric acid. I was in Portland and went to a compounding pharmacy and just asked for the powder it was $8 for 12 oz. I also bought a bag of 00 veggie caps. They are not allowed to fill the capsules for you without a prescription but again not positive but I imagine they use the same bottle/brand when they do fill a scrip. Fill only the larger side of a 00 capsule and cap with the little side. This is suppose to be 600 mg. I was later told I could get boric acid powder at any pharmacy. They just don't keep it on the floor I guess???? Again, and maybe ask the pharmacist, I don't think you can get a stronger dose unless you insert more and there is not necessarily a 'better than' because BA is what it is, H3BO3. The humco brand that people talk about is what the cool pharmacy sold me.

Replied by Marina
(Grants Pass, Oregon)

@ Wanthealth: I re-read your post and would suggest you do use a probiotic capsule vaginally as well (could put in at same time) I think I am going to open my probiotics and mix them with BA for my capsules. This helps recolonize the good bacteria directly without having to wait via digestion. I now use vitanica femecology for this. I would say it is a good idea to use pro-b vaginally if you are also using BA suppositories, either insert at the same time or pro-b the next morning.

Since you are getting results you might want to make your own and follow through with a protocol like this:

First night- insert 2 capsules
First week- 1 capsule inserted every night
Second week- 1 capsule inserted every other night
Third week- 1 capsule inserted every 3 days
Fourth week- 1 capsule inserted every 4 days
Fifth week- 1-2 capsules inserted per week or as needed

Another method I read also said to use them 1 per night during 4 consectutive menses after initial treatment. Might be a good idea to use 1 on the last night of menses after that since blood can change the pH.

I purposefully use a good amount of coconut oil when I insert caps and have had no irritation only mending!

Replied by Wanthealth
(Austin, Tx, Us)

Thank you so much for this information!! It's so nice to finally have someone who really knows what this is like and how to get through it. What a blessing! I guess I was on the right track in thinking about the inserting the probiotics so I'm gonna try it as you suggested. Also, thanks for helping me understand the boric acid (great scientific explanation! ) I would have never known to only fill the bigger half of the capsule, so very helpful. I take my last prescribed suppository today, and I have to say I felt great most of today. So I know this is really working, I just have to keep pushing. I think following the schedule will be good for me too, especiallly right after my period. I'm definitely going to update on how things are going. Thank you again so much!

Replied by Marina
(Grants Pass, Oregon)

I am glad I could be helpful to someone, this has been such a disturbing condition for me and it really upsets me to read so many horror stories about Drs continually re-prescribing antibiotics & the BV returning.

I want to thank all the women who have contributed their stories and given me tools and ideas to put my own remedy together.

I also hope it is helpful to others to see that you actually got a prescription for 600mg Boric Acid Suppositories from your doctor and that this treatment is not just some bizarre dangerous whacked out desperate measure found on the internet. I hope you post back in the future with your experience.

Also I hope people read a little about BA so they understand what it is.

BTW, boric acid works similarly to diatomaceous earth to kill insects. By sprinkling a very light dusting in their nests, where they hang out & over their walking ground, when soft skeleton creatures (ants, roaches, fleas) walk over the treated area the positive charge of the powder will be attracted to the creature and stick to its body. The damage the powder does is two fold. It basically slices holes into the bodies of the bugs and it absorbs moisture. In addition when they try to clean the powder off their body they ingest it and the end result is dehydration from both outside in/ inside out followed by death in about 72 hours after contact. It's not the same as poisoning. Do not use the BA treatment if you have raw skin tissue or tears, do not ingest it and do not store it where children or pets can accidentally get into it.

Replied by Sjd
(Belleville, Nj)

I've been dealing with BV for God knows how long and it's ruining my sex drive. All tests come up normal and the doctor keeps prescribing me Flagyl and I'm tired of taking it because it's always comes back. So now I'm trying a natural route. I upped my probiotic to 50 billion and I'm taking cranberry juice concentrate. I'm considering the boric acid treatment, but I def need a step by step recipe. Help! Plus I have a Mirena IUD and I'm just done with feeling so depressed about this.

Replied by Marina
(Grants Pass, Or)


- 00 veggie caps
- 1 Bottle Humco Boric Acid
- Compactly fill the larger side of the capsule to estimate 600 mg boric acid

First night- insert 2 capsules
First week- 1 capsule inserted every night
Second week- 1 capsule inserted every other night
Third week- 1 capsule inserted every 3 days
Fourth week- 1 capsule inserted every 4 days
Fifth week- 1-2 capsules inserted per week or as needed

IN ADDITION: Another method I read also said to use them 1 per night during 4 consecutive menses after initial treatment. Might be a good idea to use 1 on the last night of menses after that since blood can change the pH.

I coat a capsule with a glob of coconut oil when I insert caps and have had no irritation only mending. I have been sexually active with the same partner this started with and I have been free of BV and odor at least 6 weeks. I do insert a cap immediately after sex.

Boric Acid
Posted by Christina (Ny) on 12/04/2011

I've been battling bv for nine years. Feeling very tired, annoyed and ashamed of the problem I decided to permanently rid myself of its annoying presence. The prescriptions that my doctor gave me were too expensive and did nothing to cure it. So I decided to take a more holistic/nonconventional way. My first nonconventional approach was a douche bottle filled with 50 percent water and 50 percent hydrogen peroxide with a little tea tree oil. As well as taking orally acidophilus, vitamin c, folic acid, echinacea, golden seal, iron, vitamin b-12, and vitamin, d-3. It did subdue some symptoms but it did not completely work for me. So my next step was filling a douche bottle with 50% Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and 50% water, along with the same long list of supplements previously mentioned. This method still didn't work for me, however it did help cleanse the vagina.

Finally what rid me of the problem completely was inserting boric acid using the vaginal applicators from my previous prescriptions as well as taking 3-6 fenugreek 610mg pills orally a day. I'm blessed to say that I have been bv free for a year now. I would like to thank this site and its contributors for giving me what seems to be a second chance at life. As well as opening my eyes to the possibilities, of hidden and secret cures. I'm very curious as to why there isn't much research in alternative medicine.

****Good Luck****

Boric Acid
Posted by Naomi Jane (Howell, Michigan) on 11/26/2011

I have had Bacterial Vaginosis for 6 years, after vaginal surgery where they had to give me strong antibiotics and it kill all my good bacteria. Of course went through all the the normal creams, 5 times, Flagli, douching with watered down yogurt, taking 25 billion iu's of acidopholis daily. Eating the new Choboni yogurt that has 5 different cultures. Finally got on the boric acid capules. I have to use this every night or it comes back. I wish there was a permanent cure but I just don't think there is. I have yet to find an applicater that is easy and smooth to us. The ones that come with the cream are rough around the edge. I am going to continue the boric acid since nothing else has worked for me.

Replied by Misty
(Gp, Tx)

Can someone tell me if I purchased the correct boric acid. I couldn't find any at the stores so I bought it at amazon. It came today and the bottle says boric acid powder nf. The brand is humco. I read the reviews and some say used to kill roaches and some say used for bv. I just wanted to make sure I am using the right kind. Would like to try this asap. I am sooo sick of bv and would like my sex life back. If this is the right kind I will post with an update if it worked.

Replied by Dee
(Wixom, Michigan, United States)

Misty, I would take it to your pharmacist to confirm. Or better yet, a compounding pharmacy that fills boric acid capsules by prescription. The ones a local BV specialist uses here are 600mg C-Boric Acid in '00' gelatin capsules. Hope that helps!

Replied by Tbert
(Aa, Michigan)

I used the same Humco Boric Acid powder from Amazon and it works great. I was also a little concerned since I'd read somewhere that you should use a 2% powder and not 100% powder. I never could find a 2% powder and the 100% did not seem overly powerful. :)

Replied by Nancy
(Clinton Township, Mi, Usa)

I just need to know if you can still have sex while using the boric acid suppositories.

Replied by Beck
(Athens, Texas)

@naomi just use a plastic tampon applicator without the tampon in it. works like a charm.

@nancy you can as long as it's not oral, since boric acid is a mild poison. but if you're trying to clear up bv you really shouldn't until youre done with treatment and it clears up because having sex can prolong the infection.

Replied by Wanthealth
(Austin, Tx)

PLEASE HELP!! I HAVE QUESTIONS! I've been suffering from this awful problem for about 11 months now. And ladies, I'm so sorry to know that you understand what this is like too! I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE. I never had any idea that something this horrible even existed!

I guess I was what you can call "a little naive". I didn't start having sex until I got married 3 years ago. Last year when this all started, I was given all the antibiotics that many of you have tried but it just kept coming back. It's been so depressing. Especially since my hubby and I have had such an incredibly fulfilling intimate relationship. All the years of waiting and THIS happens. It's devastating. But he is incredibly supportive and his positivity helps so much. I'm just at the point where I have to get this under control! I want my long awaited sex life back! And so does he. I hate putting him through this. We are still able to be intimate in other ways, and it has brought us closer in that sense. BUT it's just not the same.

I actually have gotten angry because why didn't the doctor I was seeing at the time give me any direction??!! I was so clueless about just how delicately balanced the vaginal environment is. I wish I had known about taking probiotic supplements during treatment. But I had to find that out on my own--after I realized this just wasn't going away. It's so frustrating that a lot of these doctors assume that women just know this stuff--we don't!! And how would we?? Especially if we've never had any type of issue/problem. I'm still working through that anger.

But luckily when my gyno refused to do a hormonal blood test, I went to my Endo and the PA actually had some experience with this and suggested I ask my gyno to switch me from the pH jelly she prescribed to boric acid. So I did and now I'm going to pick it up today with every hope and prayer that this will end my nightmare that is BV.

I'm so glad I finally found this site because I'm hoping you ladies can answer some questions for me:

Probiotics: I'm planning to continue taking a probiotic supplement. Right now I'm taking Micro Flora 50 Billion (unless you suggest a better one). Should I try taking it vaginally along with boric acid?? After all of this I'm nervous about putting anything else in there.

Sex: if this does work (and I pray it does) how long should I wait until my hubby and I try to have intercourse? I'm so afraid to feel that excrutiating pain again!

Diet: I've greatly reduced my intake of sweets and carbs months ago. I'm kind of tiny as it is, so I'm afraid to cut back too much, but what, if any, diet do you follow after having success with boric acid? Can you still eat sweets ocassionally?? (obviously this is a hard change for me! ) How about sweeteners, coffee, and diet beverages? These were always nice treats for me but now I'm avoiding them... After boric acid have you been able to resume these things???

SORRY THIS WAS SO LONG, but I would appreciate any help with these questions any of you ladies can offer. Thank you all again for sharing. I actually am hopeful for the first time in a long time after reading your comments. I will keep you posted about how the boric acid works for me.

Replied by Gwen
(Texarkana, Texas)

Can you still have sex using borax. Also how long do I use 20 mule team borax to cure bv??

Boric Acid
Posted by Strongmindset (Milledgeville, Ga) on 11/23/2011

I'm only 20 years old and I have been dealing with BV for some time now. I went to my doctor because I had a foul odor and a thick discharge (mainly after sex). She told me I had BV. I was then prescribed Metronidazole. It worked for about 2 to 3 months and then it was back again. I was prescribed the medicine once more, and now 2 weeks later it's back. I've been reading the posts and I think I'm now going to try some of the remedies; mainly the boric acid. My fiance' is very supportive and he makes sure that I don't get discouraged.

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