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Posted by Tired Of Bv (Wilmington, Nc) on 10/22/2011

Hi ladies.... I'm a sufferer of bv. And I can honestly say I'm tired of it!!!! So I've been reading the posts on here and see that some of the ladies saying that the boric acid treatments have helped with their problem. I'm wondering if I should try it. Idk but I guess you can say I'm kind of scared. I don't what brand of the boric acid to use or where to buy it. So if anybody can email me n let me know this kind of info I would greatly appreciate it a lot.

Replied by Bellabusters
(Grand Forks, Nd, Usa)

OK. so really quickly, I am one of those people who never posts on sites. I just don't. I read and read and read, but usually don't take the time to go much further. But I have been plagued with BV for months now and I promised myself I would post something if I got cured. I never would have been cured had it not been for YOU ladies taking the time to write your stories.

I was diagnosed with BV then completed one course of Clindamycin... No better. Thenflagyl... No better. Then another round of Flagyl... Still no better. When the nurse practioner prescribed me a 4th round of antibiotics I said no. From the advice of all you ladies I tried:

H2O2 douches followed by tree oil tampon. Then lactobacilus inserted at night. Did this for 7 days. Felt a little better but was really red. Then I got my period and decided just to give myself a break for one week. Then I did the boric acid capsules, one per night x 14 days. Went today to doctor, and no more BV!!! Thank goodness.

So seems like the boric acid was the trick. I also have been taking garlic, goldenseal, probiotics and vitamin E and folic acid. Not sure if these helped at all or not?

Just wanted to share my story in hopes it may help somebody else.

Good luck to everyone:)

Replied by Angela
(Brooksville, Fl)

Ok, been suffering from recurring bv. Getting annoying, seems to come back after menses. Was getting ready to go buy VH Essentials as last time it did get rid of it BUT it worked too well and I ended up with a yeast infection afterwards that I had to treat.

Has anyone had this issue doing your own boric acid capsules? Or after using for a full 7 days (like the vh essentials, figured this time I'd only do 4 days instead of 6/7 they call for)?

Replied by Dee
(Wixom, Michigan, United States)

Boric acid kills all bacteria, good and bad, same as antibiotics. The good news, however, is that boric acid capsules have long been prescribed for recurrent yeast infections because it kills yeasts as well! Nothing can live in boric acid (if used long enough to wipe out the infection entirely).

Reducing the boric acid treatment or BV essentials decreases your chances of curing your infection. Take the full course, but take probiotics, eat yogurt and once the kit is done insert fem dophilus to help your body recolonize the good bacteria.

Replied by Mandy

This is Mandy again, the boric acid did not work for me:(( I do not know what esle to do, I feel like a prisoner in my own body, Im sad all the time and I never was like this, BV has taken over my whole life and all I can do is pray, that is all I have left, I feel like it is the end for me, I smell like fish down there, seven years of Hell, I wish I never douched, that is how I got BV and please doctors stop saying it is common, because I neve heard of this in my life, NEVER, why they can't do something about this? I feel like I died seven years ago.

Boric Acid
Posted by Lucy (San Antonio, Texas) on 09/18/2011

I had been suffering with BV on and off for 8 years. I have tried every antibiotic prescribed and nothing had worked. It got so bad that I stopped having sex with my husband all together. It had been 4 months of no sex that propelled me into finding a way to rid myself of the BV for good. I tried:

yogurt tampons every night for two weeks... didnt work.

bv treatment (7 day suppositories)... didnt work.

antibiotics prescribed... didnt work.

Finally I bought some boric acid for $3 and 00 size veggie capsules for $7.99 and made 14. I inserted one every night for two weeks. I noticed that the smell and discharge was gone after the 3rd day but kept on doing it until the last capsule was inserted. Its been about 2 months/plenty of sex and two periods later and still no BV. I insert a capsule the morning after sex and after my period just to be on the safe side. I am finally able to have "spur of the moment" sex again and its amazing...

Oh and I also started inserting frozen coconut oil (100% organic) suppositories before sex to help lube and the coconut oil kills off yeast infections!!! I FEEL AMAZING!!!! Good luck ladies and I want to thank you all for letting me know I wasnt alone..

Replied by Tracy
(Memphis, Tn)

I have been dealing with BV for over 10 years now. In the beginning the Flagyl and Metrogel would work, but in a couple of months the infection would come back. In the past year it has become very troublesome because now the antibiotics are no longer working. My doctor did prescribe me Boric acid suppositories because she believes I've become resistant to the anitbiotics. I did take them a month ago, and it appeared to be cleared up. Now my symptoms are back again. I live in Memphis, TN and I don't know where to buy the medicinal boric acid powder to make my own capsules. I did call Walgreens but they say they don't sell it to the public without a prescription for it to be compounded. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

Replied by Zorro
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

The drugs stores do not sell boric acid any more. I got mine online. I use it for pink eye. Google boric acid and you will find lots of places that sell it. Zorro

Replied by Michelle
(Daytona, Fl)

Hi, I too had no idea where to buy Boric Acid but while I was in publix shopping I thought what the heck and I stopped and asked the pharmacist. He said yes he had it in the back and I paid $6.00 for a good sized bottle. Hope this helps.

Replied by Jackie
(Memphis, Tn)

Wow, this is amazing. Hi Tracy, I also live in Memphis. I am so relieved (not thrilled to know it) to know that other women experience these recurring infections. I just came from the pharmacy like 30 minutes ago picking up a 14-day supply of boric acid suppositories. My doc gave me a prescription that had to be filled at a pharmacy that does compounding. I got it filled at Peoples Pharmacy on Brookhaven Circle. Really nice folks & my wait time was very short.

I hope this info helps. I am encouraged & hope the suppositories work for me. I see from reading the other posts that I probably need to start some regular maintenance regimen following the suppositories to keep this under control.

Thanks all for sharing.

Replied by KT
(Lake Oswego, Or)

I know boric acid works but I'm tired of paying lots for the capsules. Can someone tell me where I can by the boric acid from and the capsules to make these myself?

Replied by Cybergal
(Miami, Florida)

Buy Boric Acid powder (yes, also used for roaches) - buy O Size Empty Gelatin Capsules -- wash hands well with Cetaphil soap (no perfumes, etc. ) - put powder on clean tissues - fill capsules -- Insert nightly -- You can also buy a capsule maker, which I have -- but I tend to make up a months worth by hand --

Gyn told me about this over 20 years ago to reduce yeast infections and I've inserted nightly all these years - Also, only wash Vagina with water -- No Soap!

Unfortunately - had to stop capsules (Estrogen problems) -- I was too dry --- I believe the lack of Estrogen and stopping capsules Combo brought the BV on -- working on Estrogen problem -- Antibiotics didn't work for me and so far none of the solutions I've tried has worked -- burning, burning, burning for 4 months --

Replied by Bg
(Los Angeles, California)

Hi.. I know how you feel Kt.. I've been wondering the same thing myself.. So I googled the hell out of it. I read all kinds of articles and every single one said the same thing.. To use the Humco boric acid. So I just purchased it on amazon for less than $6 and the pills size 00 for less than $ 4.. I was also told later that you can get the boric acid from the pharmacist. But you would still have to order the pills... Lol.. Anyways, I hope this helps you :)

Replied by Tab
(Green Bay, Wi)

Walgreens pharmacy will special order the boric acid for you and it usually somes the next day.

Boric Acid
Posted by C. Marie (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 09/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone!! I have been struggling with BV for about 2 years or so. The first few times I used the metro gel and that worked but lately it keeps coming back no matter what. I think I have finally found a cure!!! (At least for me anyway!! ) I bought several supplements/probiotics to help boost my system. I bought one that is SPECIFIC for the good bacteria in the vagina called Femadohpilus (sp?)... Is has L. Reuteri and L. Rhamnosis. LADIES IT IS IMPORTANT TO GET THE PROBIOTICS THAT ARE REFRIDGERATED... This will ensure LIVE cultures. I also took ultimate flora and Acidophilus, Folic acid and Vitamin C. After about a month of taking these items to boost my system with good bacteria, the second thing I did was insert Boric Acid suppositories into my vagina. My doctor reccomended 1 supp every night for 3 nights and then one a week for 2 months. This will help get the PH back to normal, that way the good bacteria can thrive. So far things are looking GREAT for me!!!! No smell... Some discharge but I think its from the suppositories. My doctor called me in a script for the boric acid suppositories... I had to pick it up at a COMPOUNING pharmacy.... You can not get them at a regular pharmacy... unless you want to make the capsules yourself.

My regimen was 3 capsules the Fem a dophilus (with the L. Reutera and rhamnosis), 1 ultimate Flora capsule, 2 acidolphilus, 2 folic acid (800mg), and 1 vit C. I split these up between morning and night. I also drank and half cup of Kefir per day... It is pretty much a yogurt smoothie but LOADED with probiotics.... you can usually get it in the health food section of you grocery store.

After one month I started the Boric acid suppositores to help balance my PH. I do plan to ween myself off most of the probiotics after a while... maybe only keeping a couple of them on my regimen (it can get kinda expensive to stay on it to a long period).

I HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!! MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL OF YOU!!! I will also check back and let you know if the BV comes back.

Replied by Tjana
(Atlanta, Ga)

Hi there. I also live in Atlanta and have been dealing with recurrent bv and/or yeast for the last 5 months and have been prescribed Flagyl (twice), metrogel, and Terazol. After the awful discharge came back the last time (the day after I finished the Flagyl), I decided to go the natural route and began to use VH Essentials BV home treatment. It seemed to have taken away the itch but the discharge is back 3 days after using the last suppository. I'm also taking the Femdophilus, Kefir (Immunity shots), and Folic acid. I am trying a new doctor tomorrow but would be really curious in knowing how the boric acid suppositories work for you and which doctor has you on this treatment plan. Hopefully my appointment tomorrow will be worthwhile but if not, I'd love to know which physician you used. My last one just wanted to give me antibiotics. Please keep us posted.

Replied by Cnadiana2
(Stockertown, Pa)

Did anyone have side effects from using boric acid? I just got some but am unsure about using it, as it does say not to get on skin. When you fill yours, do you wear gloves? The brand I got is made by Humco 6oz bottle boric acid powder nf. Has anyone else used this to make their suppositries? As I am currently taking antibiotics for respitory infection, how long should I wait before using boric acid sup.?

Boric Acid
Posted by Fitchick (Tampa, Florida) on 08/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am on day 4 of my boric acid suppositories and I don't know why I waited so long to try this. I suffered with BV for almost a year and thought I would never have sex again! I could tell a difference by day 2. I am finally back to normal. I will continue to use them for the 2 weeks suggested! Then I will finish off with probiotics for women to restore my balance. Relief at last! Watch out guys... She's back! (but alot more careful)

Replied by Cs
(Chicago, Il)
5 out of 5 stars

I owe this site so very much for helping me resolve this horrible problem! I have used the boric acid capsules for four days now, and as of day two it was gone! I will continue for the 14 days as recommended, but I am free of discharge, odor.... and the humiliation.

I have suffered for more years than I care to think about.

Free at last! .... Thank you!

Replied by Jess
(Chicago, Il)

I was wondering where in chicago you got them from.

Boric Acid
Posted by 904mami (Jacksonville, Fl) on 05/27/2011

hey ladies... Ive been reading everyones post and I tried all of the remedies and they haven't worked for me so im about to try the boric acid..... I will toon in tomorrow and or a few days with my results wish me luck...

Boric Acid
Posted by Chris (Ogden , Utah) on 02/28/2011

I have had BV for 11 years and have tried absolutely everything with no results! I have read that many people use boric acid to treat bv. I have gone to every pharmacy in my town and they do not carry it. I notice online that every kind I find is not the medical grade stuff (it's the strong stuff used to kill roaches). What brand can I use and where can I find it?

Replied by Chase
(Manchester, Nh Usa)

I don't know where you live but my local supermarket has a pharmacy and they were happy to order it for me. It cost me $10 for a 16oz. Bottle. Just so you know, the first pharmacist told me he "couldn't order it for me" which was obviously total BS, he just didn't want to go to the bother soooo, ask and if the first pharmacist tells you he can't then go to another. Good luck in your quest and the best of health to you!!!

Replied by Julie
(Bountiful, Utah)

Medicine Shoppe in Bountiful, UT, will compound the Boric Acid capsules for you.

Replied by Liltrimble
(Fayetteville, Nc)
09/19/2011 sells both the boric acid and the capsules. Beware that some of the pre-made ones contain very little boric acid and may not work.

Replied by Gmd

I am wondering if borax (20 Mule Team) would work as good as boric acid.....?

Replied by Bagecka
(Athens, Texas, U.s.a.)

@gmd NO borax and boric acid are NOT the same.

Boric Acid
Posted by Sarah (Holley, Ny, Usa) on 11/02/2010

I am soooo happy to find this site and finally put an end to my BV. I have suffered for years with this problem, and tried every prescription med and home remedy I could find. I finally figured it was something I would have to live with. Every time I have sex, get my period, or any type of spotting (I have a hormonal imbalance that sometimes causes this) the odor comes back. Recently my boyfriend said to me "I'm worried something is wrong with you, when we have sex sometimes it smells bad" Ugh, how embarassing! I finally decided to try boric acid. I purchased it online, fairly inexpensive. I tried to purchase the capsules in a pharmacy, but no such luck, none of them in my area have them available. I emptied out some probiotic capsules (I figured the probiotics couldn't hurt), filled them with the boric acid, and for two nights straight put two capsules inside me with a cleaned applicator from another suppository. What a huge difference!! The very next day had sex with the bf.... No odor whatsoever! Not even the tiniest bit of that "fishy" smell that usually comes within minutes! I finally feel as if this problem is behind me!

Replied by Anita
(San Diego, Ca)
5 out of 5 stars

IT WORKS!!!!!!!! Ive been trying to cure my BV for almost 4 months now... I tried Flagyl from my doctor.. DID NOT WORK
I tried the garlic clove up there... DID NOT WORK
I tried Yogurt on a tampon..... DID NOT WORK
I tried an acidophilus up there.... DID NOT WORK
I also tried "VH Essential's" BV Treatment... DID NOT WORK

At my wits end, I asked my poor boyfriend to see if he could find Pharmaceutical Grade Boric Acid Powder. He brought home a $5 jar of it and some empty "00" size capsules. I filled up 14 capsules, and stuck one up my girly bits last night. I kid you not, the discharge was virtually gone! No odor, no itching, no burning! Im only on my second night but I feel soo much better! I RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL WOMEN SUFFERING WITH BV!!! It doesn't hurt to try it (if you're like me and have tried EVERYTHING else)!! I promised myself that after I found something that works I would write about it on here to let other girls know.

Replied by Izzy
(St. Louis, Mo, United States)

Can you email me and tell me what brand you used for the Boric Acid?

Replied by Anita
(San Diego, California)

Izzy, im sorry, but I misplaced the bottle, so I don't know the brand.. But I do know that you can walk into any pharmacy and ask them for boric acid powder and they can grab a bottle for you. just make sure to buy the double zero ("00") size empty capsules from a health store like Henrys, or Wild Oats...

Replied by Tlb
(Washington, Dc)
5 out of 5 stars

Boric Acid is the ONLY home remedy that worked for me, and I've tried most of the ones listed on this site. I was afraid to try it (it's poison, after all), but I had purchased an over the counter bv cure and it worked temporarily. It was the only thing that had worked for me, even temporarily, besides perscription meds, so I read the ingredients and it contained boric acid. That convinced me to at least try it, and I was shocked at how quickly I was cured (less than a week of inserting capsules vaginally each night), and most importantly, that I STAYED CURED! Over the past 8 months, I've only had 2 occurances where I started to get slightly itchy with odor, and 1 or 2 nights of tablets cures it easily. This cure might be scary, but if you have a stubborn case like I did, I highly recommend giving it a shot. I am thrilled with the results.

Replied by Wendypape
(..., Canada)

Just a thought... It's questionable what's BV, yeast or even chlamydia etc. So many symptoms are same and tests are so inaccurate ;-( The crazy thing is, that we clean up ourselves, our diets, our lifestyle.... And then we have sex with our husbands/boyfriends again and poof it starts all over again. MOST MEN have no symptoms at all btw, heck there isn't even a test for hpv for men and yet they are carriers and there are over 80 different kinds ladies!!! (and yeast, herpes, hpv all transmittable via saliva, and don't get me started on whats transmittable in sperm - I'm so happy I'm married and only have 1 to worry about yikes ;-( Try abstaining LOL I abstained for months and months and months - sorry dh.... And I was FINE, never ever ever have any discharge at all, squeaky clean like a rose etc... then I have sex with my husband and bam, I have discharge within 48 hours that takes a week to get rid of with tea tree oil tampons etc ;-( arghhhhhhhh. That worked twice, now I'm onto the boric acid. Sigh. And NOW He's on super strength oil of oregano orally, grapefruit seed extract, diet overhaul, and acidophious etc.!!!! Fingers crossed!

Boric Acid
Posted by Rs (San Carlos, Ca) on 06/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I used boric acid capsules for BV and after trying everything else on this website and it was the only thing that seems to have CURED my BV once and for all after about 10 years. I did the H20 and H202 douche along with every probiotic known to man and folic acid, B12, D3, fish oil and vaginal probiotics and acidophilus. It all worked temporarily and the BV kept coming back. I finally read about boric acid capsules on this site and thought "what the heck, it cant hurt". I bought boric acid and empty vegan capsules on and made my own. Very easy and very CHEAP. I was spending a fortune on H202 and distilled water and liquid acidophilus. It worked the first day and I inserted one capsule nightly for about 2 weeks and the BV has been gone for over a month. No sign of it anywhere and Im not doing anything now but maintaining my acidophilus, probiotics for vaginal health, folic acid, B12 and D3. It really is a miracle. Sex is good again and life is good again. I keep a stash of capsules in my bathroom in case of a flare up but so far so good. Im very careful after sex and pee right away and keep everything aired out. Cotton undies and lots of air. I also stopped drinking coffee and I am slowly taking refined sugar out of my diet (very slowly, Im a sugar addict). I recommend this to those women out there that are not getting good results with the douche probiotics. Every woman is different but this really worked for me and I could not be happier. I will report back in one more month. Thanks and good luck!!!

Replied by Pravda
(Fort Lauderdale, Fl, Usa)


Thanks for the info. I had bought boric acid capsules from Natren but they were for yeast infections only and a homeopathic dilution of 50% boricum acidum. Do you think that might work?

If I prepare the capsules myself, should I fill it half-way or the entire capsule. Is any boric acid ok to use?

Thanks again!

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

Sounds like you got a product called "Yeast Arrest" or something similiar. I've heard some positive and negative things about the product. Since you already have it handy, you might want to try those first. If you have a persistent case of BV, I would think the homemade boric acid capsules would work better. I used PharmacyPlus boric acid from and used veggie caps. You want to fill them completely up if possible. Good luck with it.

Boric Acid
Posted by Gigi (San Carlos, Ca) on 06/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from BV for about 2 years. It is a terrible condition that has no cure. I found this website just in time. I really thought my sex life was going to end forever at age 40. I tried all the suggestions on this site. First, I took a vaginal health probiotic (50 Billion live bacteria) in the morning with 2400mcg of folic acid in the morning, one B-12 vitamin in the morning along with fish oil capsules and D-3 vitamins (2000 units) in the morning. That worked for awhile but not long. Then I incorporated douching with 1/3 cup H202 and 1/3 cup distilled water. That did the trick for about 2-3 months but I was douching almost every day. I then incorporating liquid acidophilus douches right after the H202 and distilled water douche and that helped a lot also in the beginning. My daily ritual was costing a fortune and taking all day to do and it was all temporary relief. The douching started to give my UTI's and that was no fun because I had to take antibiotics to get rid of that......yep, yeast infections. So, I researched more on this site and read of women inserting boric acid capsules vaginally. I found out that boric acid is poison and its used to kill bugs and rats. I thought it was totally absurd and dangerous until I read more of the postings on this site and other sites. I found boric acid and empty vegetable capsules (size 0 or 00 will do) online and bought them and made my own capsules. I inserted one at night before bedtime and wore a panty liner. I heard that you have a little drainage as the capsule melts in your vagina and it certainly does, so wear a panty liner to bed and the whole next day. I saw dramatic results the very next morning. The BV was gone, no trace of anything. I have been on this new regimen for about 3 weeks now. I insert one vaginally at night until everything looks clear in my vagina. I can have sex now and nothing is noticeable. No smell, no discharge, no itching, no pain, no swelling. Its really a miracle. I make up about 20 capsules at a time and keep them in a zip lock baggie in a cool dry cabinet in my kitchen. Im now inserting one every few days and ALWAYS after having sex or when I feel that "feeling" coming back. I strongly recommend that women give this a try if they have tried everything else with little results. I still take my vaginal health probiotic every morning along with all the other supplements I listed above. It just makes sense to continue with those for now. Boric acid capsules have literally saved my sex life and I could not be happier. There have been no side effects so far except for the morning discharge and that is just the capsule residue and most likely bacteria coming out. I smell so fresh and clean "down there" and its all back to normal and even better. My vagina looks and smells and tastes great (that may be gross, but you have to know what you taste like, so go ahead and taste it). If I have left any crucial information out of this posting, please respond and I will respond ASAP. This is a horrible thing to go through and it can ruin your life. Good luck ladies and thank you Earth Clinic for providing this site!!!

Replied by Cici
(Orlando, Fl)

I have been reluctant to put anything up my vagina ever since using cream for what i thought was a yeast infection but turns out i think it is bv. Anyhow, just like you i have tried everything folic acid, acidophilus, echinacea, garlic, goldenseal, pau d arco, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, changing my eating habits and all i have got rid of is the constant itching and burning. My vagina still has yellowish discharge and is still swelled and dry. I'm just afraid of putting anything in my vagina and making the problem worse.

My question is where do you find the boric acid and the capsules to put them in? Also, is it expensive because i have been spending alot too just on vitamins, dietary, and herbal supplements trying to combat this problem without having to use antibiotics.

EC: Boric acid powder, which is very inexpensive, can be found at any pharmacy and some grocery stores (check the pharmacy section). Gel Capsules can be found online. Example:

Replied by Tracie
(Flint, Mi)

I just bought the ingredients tonight. Well Hydrogen Peroxide and the Boric Acid. I'm going find my Turkey baster (btw will not be of use in the kitchen after this) So I was reading your post and got to the part that said taste it and I was rolling on the floor laughing.... Thanks for the info... Everything I have been reading has been very consistent and I ready to give it a whirl.... All the prescribed medication including yeast infection medicine has never worked well. This is my last hope right now.... I cannot afford no more co-pays on office visits and medication. All the ingredients for this is less then half of the co-pay for an office visit and I figure 4oz should last a while. Yaayyy.... Now I hear people douche with it or use the gel capsule. I'm going straight for the capsule.... Thanks... I'm still laughing and intrigued enough I may try it....

Replied by Jess
(Indianapolis, In)

Your response is so honest and full out truthfulness that I'm sure it makes others feel great knowing someone knows EXACTLY how they feel. No one who has BV would wish it upon anyone so your honesty about it is so reassuring because it answers that, "no one knows how much this sucks! " feeling. BV is such a hush hush subject and can be so embarassing. Your candor has helped me and I'm sure will help many other women. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Replied by Bella
(San Antonio, Texas)

Gigi - what do you insert the capsules with?

Boric Acid
Posted by Nancy D (Harrisburg, Pa) on 11/19/2009

I just started taking boric acid suppositories last night for BV. And now my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years would like to know (as I would too); can you continue to have vaginal sex and vaginal oral sex?? Because I am supposed to take these things for 14 days, and we really didn't want to go that long without!! Can they hurt him in any way? I cannot find this answer ANYWHERE; and I could call my gyno. who prescribed this to ask him; but it's kind of an embarrassing question and I would rather find out from another source first, if I can. Thanks.

Replied by Kerstin
(San Francisco, Ca)

Thank god for Boric Acid and..Thank god for Earth Clinic! This site is amazing! Yes Boric Acid is definitely the way to go!

All my life I have been having problems with re-occuring yeast infections getting worse as years have gone by. I was going crazy, so depressing and definitely didn't help my sex life..

I have tried everything antibiotics, creams, joghurt, Tea tree oil, etc etc you name it! Some of the cures would help temporarily but nothing I repeat Nothing can be compared to the success I have had using Boric Acid!

Yes , I knows it sounds crazy! To insert Boric Acid vaginally... the same Boric Acid used to kill roaches and ants right?... ? At first I was very sceptical and scared to use it at first, ut after some research I decided to try it, and boy am I glad I did!

As soon as I feel a yeast infection coming on I pour Boric Acid in a capsule, insert it up in my vagina, and a couple of hours later usually infection gone! Sometimes if I don't catch it right away, one time is not always enough and I have to repeat it.

It is truly amazing how effective Boric Acid is and how quickly it works. The result is immediate!

To answer your question if you can have sex and if it is harmful for your partner..No worries! After inserting the capsule, it will take some hours before it dissolves but after that... you can have sex and your partner has nothing to worry about!

You just feel (smell and taste too for that matter) fresh and clean and no trace of any boric acidX!

I am so happy that I tried it!

Good luck

Replied by Momto3boys
(Crofton, Md, United States)

Here is the protocol that my midwife gave me for the Boric Acid suppositories. I am going to make my own since they are kind of costly to get from my local pharmacy.

First night- insert 2 capsules
First week- 1 calpsule inserted every night
Second week- 1 capsule inserted every other night
Third week- 1 capsule inserted every 3 days
Fourth week- 1 capsule inserted every 4 days
Fifth week- 1-2 capsules inserted per week or as needed

Replied by Bellabusters
(Minneapolis, Mn)

Just a quick question regarding boric acid capsules. Are you all using them while you have your period? I have mine now, and don't want to wait until it is over to start the capsules. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you:)

Replied by Kdt
(Madison, Wi)

You can have vaginal intercourse, but not receive oral sex while using the boric acid.

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