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Effective Natural UTI Remedies for Quick Relief

| Modified on May 23, 2024
Bladder Infection Remedies on Earth Clinic.

Experiencing a bladder infection, commonly called a urinary tract infection (UTI), can be abrupt or gradual. Its manifestations range from minimal symptoms to severe discomfort, including intense pain, frequent urge to urinate, and hematuria (blood in the urine). To combat these symptoms effectively, especially at the initial stages, natural treatments such as apple cider vinegar and baking soda have proven beneficial in alleviating bladder infection discomfort and combating the infection.

Top Natural Remedies for a Bladder Infection

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective natural treatment for bladder infections. Diluting it in a glass of water, with the option of adding honey for taste, enhances its benefits. The acetic acid content in apple cider vinegar is crucial in combating urinary tract infections. Many Earth Clinic readers mention an ACV swish bath as another effective method for fast relief.

For detailed guidelines on using apple cider vinegar for UTI relief, visit this page.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an affordable and accessible remedy for urinary tract infections. Mixing ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and consuming it 3-4 times on the first day of infection symptoms can provide relief. If symptoms improve, reduce the intake to twice daily. Baking soda is most effective when taken on an empty stomach or with a light meal to avoid bloating. While it helps alkalize the body, some bacteria may thrive in alkaline conditions, necessitating alternative remedies.

3. Cranberry

Cranberry juice or capsules are widely recognized as a natural solution for bladder infections. While cranberry juice is sufficient for some, others may require cranberry capsules to resolve symptoms completely. Cranberry capsules are convenient and free from added or artificial sugars.

Finding pure cranberry juice can be challenging. It's essential to read labels carefully to ensure you get a product with only cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is quite tart and is often diluted in water or 100% grape juice. Aim to consume 4 ounces of cranberry juice for acute infections at least four times daily.

4. D-Mannose

D-Mannose, a simple sugar, effectively prevents E. Coli, a common UTI-causing bacterium, from adhering to the bladder walls. A typical dosage of D-Mannose powder is 2 grams (1 teaspoon) taken twice daily. Continuing its use for several days after symptoms subside can help prevent UTI recurrence.1,2

5. Frankincense

Frankincense essential oil can be beneficial for urinary tract health. Applying a drop or two of the oil to the lower abdomen or onto a panty liner allows absorption into the body. Due to its potency, only a small amount is necessary and should be reapplied several times daily.

6. Plantain Tea

Plantain leaf, a common herb, is effective as an herbal remedy for bladder infections. To prepare plantain tea, a potent natural UTI treatment:

  • Add 3 tablespoons of dried plantain leaf to a quart jar.
  • Boil 1 quart of water and pour over the leaves.
  • Steep the tea for 30-60 minutes or overnight.
  • Strain and optionally sweeten with honey or stevia.
  • Drink the quart throughout the day and continue if needed. After symptom resolution, consume a cup daily for a week for continued urinary health (use 2 teaspoons per cup).

6. Sea Salt

Sea salt, known for its antibacterial properties, can be an easy home remedy for UTIs.

  • Mix ½ - 1 teaspoon of sea salt in 1 cup of water.
  • Consume this solution on an empty stomach. Repeat if necessary the next day. If symptoms persist, consider an alternative treatment.

7. Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi, a herb specifically beneficial for the urinary system, can be taken in capsule or tincture form for UTI management.

8. Corn Silk

Corn silk, harvested from organic corn plants, is an effective natural remedy for urinary tract infections and other bladder issues. It can be utilized in various forms - as a tea, in capsules, or as a tincture. This natural option provides a gentle yet practical approach to managing UTI symptoms.

9. Vitamin C

Taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C 2-5 times daily can significantly bolster the immune system's fight against urinary tract infections. Sodium ascorbate, a form gentle on the digestive system, is recommended, especially in its powdered form, to avoid added sugars and artificial ingredients. This supplement plays a crucial role in enhancing the body's natural defenses.

10. Zinc

Supplementing with zinc can be a vital support for the immune system, aiding in a quicker recovery from urinary tract infections. Zinc's role in boosting immune function makes it essential to a holistic approach to UTI treatment and recovery.3

Natural Remedies for UTI Pain Relief

In addition to the above remedies, the following remedies can be used to help with pain:

11. Turmeric

Turmeric, known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, is an excellent choice for reducing UTI-related pain and inflammation. Consuming four capsules of turmeric 2-4 times daily or incorporating Golden Milk into your daily routine can offer significant relief.

12. Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil is effective in easing bladder pain and spasms associated with UTIs. Castor oil packs also aid in enhancing immune function. To use a castor oil pack:

  • Fold a large cotton or flannel cloth to a size of about 6x4 inches.
  • Lay it on a length of kitchen plastic wrap.
  • Soak the cloth with 1-2 tablespoons of castor oil.
  • Place the oil-soaked cloth on the lower abdomen, using the plastic wrap as a barrier.
  • Secure with cotton underwear or an ace bandage, and apply a heating pad for additional relief.
  • After 2 hours, remove the pack and massage or wash off the oil.

13. Healing Bath

A warm bath with additives like apple cider vinegar (ACV), Epsom salt, baking soda, and optionally frankincense can relieve UTI pain. Use one cup of your remedy in a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes for healing and relaxation.

14. Dietary Changes

Minimize sugar and processed food intake to support UTI treatment. Prioritize water or herbal tea over coffee and soda to aid urinary health.

15. Lifestyle Practices

  • Always urinate after intercourse to prevent UTIs.
  • Practice proper hygiene by wiping from front to back after bowel movements.
  • Make it a habit to drink plenty of water or herbal tea daily for urinary health.

Do you have a natural remedy for a bladder infection? Please send us some feedback!

Read below to learn which natural remedies helped Earth Clinic readers heal bladder infections quickly!

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 07/12/2014


Hello all on this thread,

Let me just sound a warning on the dangers of lower tract infections. Self treatment is good to consider but ...

IF the urine is cut off completely or nearly completely and you feel that urine is backing up...enough to start becoming painful...DO NOT play around with this condition...quickly you need an emergency room for a catheter. As much as many of us on this site would try to avoid standard medical treatments, do not mess around with a condition that can be potentially life threatening. If the urethra becomes largely closed then urine backs up and if not dealt with can cause organ failure and death.

In a male, one might have dealt with numerous UTIs over the years, but if the Prostate becomes infected, for instance, then in hours the urethra can be closed down because the urethra runs through the prostate. You might think at the outset, Oh, another problem just take my favorite anti viral and its gone, but in another hour the bacterial infection has shut off the urine flow...complete urinary blockage...

Can you say "emergency"? In a mere three hours you can be doubled over in pain...get to an ER fast.

Replied by Prioris

Try Stinging Nettle Root first. It can help with that problem. Mine shutdown and that's what helped open it up. I took two 500 mg capsules.

Replied by Julie

Hi Dave,

You are right on. A late friend of mine developed the infection. He landed up at the hospital. He began taking antibiotics after he came home and then for some reason stopped taking them. He died of kidney failure due to the infection.


4 User Reviews
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Posted by Madiney (Portland, Or) on 01/31/2012

I started getting a bladder infection every month. I got on antibotic and it came back. I then cured it naturally and sure enough a month later it came back. I tried to take it out again naturally but nothing worked. I was ready to get back on antibodics and a friend gave me a box of suppositories yeast arrest. It worked in 15 minutes and has changed my life along with acidophilus. I take 2 a day for maintenance and my life is changed.

Replied by Prioris

I came across some research that said that there are places in bladder where bacteria can hide. They solved that problem by using Forskolin to flush them out somehow. Just something for someone to research more on.

Replied by Countrygirl
(North Caroilna)


Prioris, is this Forskolin a prescription drug or what? I never heard of it. THanks

EC: See: Many supplement companies sell it - check Amazon and iHerb for reviews.

Posted by Shampoo (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/26/2012

Acidophilus is the ONLY thing that works to PREVENT and treat UTI's. Ever since I gave birth to my daughter I get a bladder infection EVERYTIME I have sex, it was horrible. To top it off, I dont have insurance, and it would usually take more than one round of antibiotics to clear one up.

One winter, I was on my 4th round of antibiotics when I got on earthclinic to try to find an alternative cure. I tried ACV, EVCO, baking soda, sea salt, Olive leaf extract, and Oregano oil. None if it worked. It eased the pain, but did not clear things up for me. I also took Uva Ursi, and D-Mannose. The infection lingered. I still had painful pee, and sex! I drank ACV by the bottle, it was disgusting, but I was desperate!! I drank that and took coconut oil like it was my job.

Because, I am also prone to yeast infections, I tried several different kinds of Acidophilus, and I noticed a real improvement, but what cured me was an expensive brand specially formulated for women(can say names) with several different strands of acidophilus. There is a website, you guys can look it up. It was created and formulated over clinically trials, and 10 years of research and study, its great. It is expensive but SOOOOO WORTH IT! Its about $30 for 60 caplets. A month supply. I order it every month or every other month, its great. To prevent UTI's all you need is one pill a day. To treat a UTI, you will need 2 or more pills a day, and it may take up to a week to clear it out along with alot of water. These pills saved my life guys. Also, massive amounts of Goldenseal herb and Echinacea also helped me, but it was a pain! Who wants to take a dozen caps a day, Boring!!!

Replied by Sharon
(San Diego)

Regarding the post from 2012, can someone provide the name of the product or probiotics that would help. I am in the same boat and any help would be greatly appreciated.


i think she is referring to Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Urinary Tract+


Beckie, you're absolutely correct, Garden of Life's Dr. Formulated Probiotics Urinary Tract+ is the product that I believe she was talking about! I was getting bladder infections every 3-4 weeks even though I was taking other well-known high-quality probiotic formulas with numerous strains and a high, 50 billion counts. When I found the Garden of Life, the first bottle I took literally kept the infection away for 4 months!! It IS expensive, but as the old saying goes " you get what you pay for! "

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Sharon: For the above poster to report such extensive natural remedies and still suffer UTI, there is yet underlying issues. This means a Gallbladder Cleanse and a Colon Cleanse is necessary or the infection continues. Once you do the cleanses and do the other natural antibiotic herbs listed above, then you can begin Probiotics in moderate doses for prevention. But before buying Probiotics, start replenishing with Kefir. You can make Kefir yourself or purchase from grocer or health food stores that stock it. WalMart has Kefir, some with added natural or otherwise fruit flavor as well as sugar, and some without.

As for capsules of Probiotics you want as many strains as possible but with an abundance of Acidophilus & Bifidus. 1-4 Billion units total is good maintenance but up to 40 billion for disease treatment. Also be sure to get a product with Preprobiotics like FOS which helps your gut manufacture Probiotics itself. As for brands it's up to you but start with something affordable and go from there.

Replied by Liliana

Fem dophilus. You can find it in whole foods.

Replied by Marsh

Your post is a few years old, but here are a few suggestions for current sufferers. I was also prone to UTIs after intimacy. My naturopath recommended eliminating immediately after, showering, D-Mannose and blow drying (yes, a little odd but dryness is important). My mom's friend always dried corn silk and made it into tea which resolved hers. When we renovated our home, my husband surpised me with a bidet. They're not very expensive at the big box hardware stores. I love it. It's not what Europeans use, which are the best, but it's better than having to take a shower. If you don't have electrical for a bidet to work, a handheld shower is second best.

Posted by Jaclyn (Clarkston, Michigan) on 01/19/2011

Worked amazingly. Well into bladder infection, because I was trying cranberry pills and ACV. I added oil of oregano, and it started to ease up, but definitely still there. I got Acidophilus and Garlic and started taking those, and my bladder infection is GONE.

Posted by Jennifer (Fort Smith, AR) on 09/20/2006

At the first sign of a bladder infection I take a couple Acidophilis pills and drink lots of water. This really helps. It also helps to take Acidophilis when your taking your Dr prescribed antibiotics because sometimes when the bad bacteria is killed so is the good resulting in a yeast infection and the Acidophilis stops that from occuring! I like it best in pill form but it can be bought in milk and it is naturally in yogurt.

Replied by Marina
(Chicago, Il)

I am responding to a general thread on bladder infections and uti- to say that we keep coconut oil ovules made with a drop of lavender essential oil in our women's health care clinic, and they seem to knock out bladder infections - best to address at the earliest symptom, which is generally a slight burning upon urination. Taking a few glassfuls of water to which 1 t. of cranberry concentrate (unsweetened) is added is also a helpful adjunct to this treatment- along with rest!

Pam E.
(Southwestern California)
137 posts

What do you mean by "1 t." ...??? TY!

(Ontario Canada)

1 t would be for 1 teaspoon

Replied by D
(Vancouver, Bc/canada)

For all of you who get UTIs after sex - a simple thing like peeing right after you've just had sex will make a big difference. When you empty your bladder the urine flushes out the bacteria that has lodged in the uretra before it can breed and cause the infection. Made a huge difference for me - I never get UTIs anymore.

Replied by Angie
(Seattle, Wa)

For those of you exeriencing UTI's after intercourse consider that the contreceptive you use may possibly be causing it... I would always get a UTI after using a latex condom, regardless of peeing and washing afterwards... once I switched to the non-latex ones, I've never had another problem.

Replied by Meg
(Somewhere, Tx)

In response to this thread about bladder infections occuring after intercourse, I think I stumbled onto one of the best kept secrets ever. Sometime during menopause I started using coconut oil as a lubricant. It's cheap, unscented and as an anti-bacterial agent it prevents UTI's. Perfect! Slather it on ladies - this is one tip you won't forget.

Acidophilus, Apple Cider Vinegar and Cranberry Juice

1 User Review
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Posted by Ochoco Jan (Portland, Oregon) on 03/14/2015

I felt the symptoms of a bladder infection on Thursday. I took one Acidophilus capsule. Within 2 hours, my symptoms had significantly reduced. Over the next 24 hours, I took 3 more Acidophilus capsules, drank some unsweetened cranberry juice, and drank 8 oz of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, as well as a lot of plain water. Within a day, my symptoms had decreased by more than half. Within 2 days of continuing the same treatment, my symptoms were almost gone. Yay!

Alka Seltzer

17 User Reviews
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1 star (3) 

Posted by Nonie (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 01/21/2012

After years suffering with UTIs that have crippled me with pain I have realized how to treat them AND to understand what helps and why.

Alka-seltzer was the first remedy that helped me. My bladder infections cause me to bloat so parents and doctors thought it was gas. Alkaseltzer every day and the pain was gone. It turns out that this is because it changes the acidity of the urine. It alkalinizes it, as does bicarbonate (baking soda), for a period of time after taking it. This helps with pain but it will not cure the underlying infection unless the pain is due to overly acidic urine, and not a true infection. Alkaline urine can actually assist an infection in spreading.

Cranberry juice does the exact opposite. It renders the urine more acidic. This does not help with pain for me at all, but it ensures that bacteria can't grow and hence it's more of a long term approch. But it must be pure, unsweetened cranberry juice or pills, and no apple or other sugary juice in it. Sugar feeds any infection in the body. I prefer the pills if I take it, but I prefer other methods that I feel work better.

Probiotics ensure the body has the proper intestinal and urinary and reproductive bacteria and is a great preventative. The best is bio K, after that I like the pearl brand - extra strength.

Instead of salt, I use miso. It's naturally salty and also loaded with probiotics and minerals because it's fermented. You add it to hot, not boiling water and drink as a broth. It's tasty and better for you than commercial yogurt, some of which is pasturized after they add the probiotics, and most of which has sugar added.

Regarding recurring infections, there are triggers I have found in myself and don't know if they apply to others. Sexual activity, sugar, orange or citrus juice - even fresh pressed, dehydration, and coffee or tea or any caffeinated drink. The reason caffeine brings it on is that it dehydrates the body and you have to drink so much more water to compensate.

Lastly, antibiotics NEVER work for me to clear it completely. They are garbage, in my opinion. I use colloidal silver as an antibiotic, and it works better. But I use it for at least three weeks when I get it. The reason people get them in repeatedly in a short time frame, as in my case, is sometimes because the infection is not actually gone. It can be low grade and they don't pick it up on their tests at the doctor's office but in a week you have a bonafide infection again. I am sure I had low grade infections for years. Here's what helped:

Tincture of marshmallow root, uva-ursi, and goldenseal or drink marshmallow root or slippery elm powder and take goldenseal tincture. I do this as needed throughout the day when I have any signs of infection, even just the urgency. An epsom salt hot hot bath with a drink of bicarbonate in water for pain management. Colloidal silver for a full blown infection, with the above. I can't touch citrus juice or caffinated dinks if I have any sign of infection, and I have to drink 12 glasses of water a day. I always use probiotics and take miso regularly. I take zinc supplements (picolinate works best for me) daily, and I do not use any soap but Dr. Bonner's liquid soap diluted. Oil of oregano did not work for me, but olive leaf at the same time as colloidal silver helps. I also drink pau d'arco tea at night on a regular basis, which is an antifungal and will really help if yeast is involved.

Vitamin C did nothing noticable either way, but I take 3000mg night and day for other purposes. I do not know if it helps.

The herbs and natural remedies can be gotten at health food stores. There are no exact amounts to use... I just take what I think and if that doesn't work, try a bit more. As with any med, the dose has to be in the therapeutic range to work. This is my cumulated knowledge after 20 years suffering and then studying holistic nutrition. Hope it helps someone!

Alka Seltzer
Posted by Jlkincaid (Fargo, North Dakota ) on 12/22/2011

I tried the alka seltzer remedy too and I ended up in the er with a fever and a severe bladder infection. The pain was so severe that I felt like I was giving birth all over again. I wouldn't suggest to anyone to use the alka seltzer!

Alka Seltzer
Posted by Erin (Tuttle, Ok, Usa) on 04/08/2010


I have suffered from recurring UTI's and kidney infections my whole life. I do all the right things, but my anatomy lends itself to frequent infections. I have been prescribed C***o in the past, a very harsh antibiotic that's given to anthrax patients, many times and was just fed up with having to take so many expensive pills. I got a UTI two weeks ago and decided to try some of the cures on this site. I will admit, Alka Seltzer (taken as directed) almost immediately got rid of my urinary pain. However, 3 days later I was in the emergency room with severe lower back pain, fever, and fatigue. The UTI had traveled to my kidneys. I was "forced" to get a shot of an antibiotic and take a round of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. I am currently doing a detox to remove the toxins from my system, but I just wanted people to know that the Alka Seltzer may make it easier to urinate, but it will not cure the infection.

Replied by Lanell
(Houston, Tx)

I have four children, 2, 4, 6, 8:):) am very blessed to have my little ones. I am blessed to be in Christ Church " CHURCH OF CHRIST" were I have honestly found all wisdom. Saying that through having years of poor eating habits, much SUGAR, and not enough wTer and veggies. It's no wonder my time has come after my childrens birth Tht my defenses got worse. So through Gods mercy and wisdom. Tried something and it truly relieves, maybe it could help. Try cran apple juice no added sugars, and aloe juice. I found tht as my system got worse too much acidity made it worse. So the aloe juice may create a balance of acidity to the cran juice. Hope it helps. And thanks to God for all the things He has put on this earth for his creation.

Replied by Teresa

I am on 2nd round of antibiotics for UTI. This all started in march. I think I passed a kidney stone. pain started in my back on the left side. Within 3 days, the pain had migrated down load and I couldn't walk. I stayed in the recliner for 3 days with a heating pad to my back and abdomen. I finally went to the urgent care clinic when my urine turned very dark brown. I guess it was blood in my urine. The ER doctor did a UA and said there was RBCs, but no white blood cells. They sent it to lab to do a C&S, called me back and said they didn't culture anything, but put me on Cipro any way. Two months later, I'm having painful bladder spasms after I void. It fills like my bladder is filling up even though I just emptied it. It's painful. I went to the drug store and bought Oxytrol patches that stopped the spasms, but they come back after I remove the patch. I went to my internal med Dr.for a routine check up. She tested my urine and told me I had some form of staphy bacteria in my urine, Staphlycoccus epid something, cant' remember. Lab said it was sensitive to treatment with several antibiotics. I'm allergic to penicillin so that isn't an option. Now I'm on Macrobid and I feel awful! I've been pushing cranberry juice, peeing all the time, and taking something called cystex I bought at walmart. How long is this going to continue? I'm miserable. I'm drinking ACV with honey and ginger mixed in it.

Alka Seltzer
Posted by Michele (Spring Grove, Pa - Usa) on 12/01/2009

YEA!!!!! I haven't had a bladder infection for years, but got hit with one tonight - of course, after all the drugstores locally were closed . I immediately came to this site as it has been very helpful for other things. First tried the ACV, but the pain was getting worse, along with shakes and chills. Frequent urination with little result and increasing pain finally got me to go wake my husband up and send him to an all night gas station/store for Alka-Seltzer.

By the time he got back, I was nearly on the floor with the pain - and I have a very high pain tolerance. Took 2 tablets in water and then took a hot - steaming hot - shower. By the time I got out of the shower the pain had subsided and I was able to urinate a more normal amount. Took another dose about 2 hours after the first and am also drinking cranberry juice and my normal mix of ACV and honey.

I am absolutely AMAZED at how quickly the Alka Seltzer worked. I'm sending this site link and the info to everyone I know. Thank you so much!!!

Replied by Michele
(Spring Grove, Pa)

Adding to my previous post of 12/01/2009:

Alka-seltzer worked great at relieving the pain and immediate symptoms. However, I want to note very clearly it did nothing for the underlying infection. Continued use of it was actually masking the symptoms while the infection was getting worse.

Today, realizing I was not getting better, I went to my Doctor and ended up on antibiotics.

The Alka-seltzer is GREAT to get you through the night (or day) until you can get to a Doctor - but it will not cure an actual infection. Using it for more than a day or two could actually make things worse.

I'm still glad I used it though - I could not have gotten through the night with the pain I was in and I could go to my Doctor rather than the ER.

Replied by Jerry
(Frederick, Md)

If you read the ingredients on Alka Seltzer, you can save yourself a lot of wampum. The two active ingredients are aspirin and bicarbonate of soda.

Replied by Chris
(Oakland, Ca)

I have had a recurring bladder infection for a couple of months, but yesterday after it struck back with a vengeance I got desperate. I got no sleep last night, up at least a hundred of painful times, and could not even get to the bathroom in time so I had to start walking with a towel shoved between my legs. YUCK! This morning I found this thread, and while the person's story about kidney infection is scary, I immediately took two Alka Seltzers, got into a warm bath, and by the *time I got out* I was peeing normally. I'll go to the doc. But I'm amazed. How can it possibly work that fast??

Alka Seltzer
Posted by Rice (Nyc, Ny) on 10/02/2009

a lot of people asking for the alka seltzer cure for uti - i googled it and you take it as directed on the box - 2 tablets in 4 oz od water. should work in 1/2 hour, many recommend taking 2-3x the day you have symptoms. happy to help and cheers!

Replied by It Works!
(Albany, Oregon)

I have suffered with UTI's for about 20 years. I have had procedures that were very painful because the doc recommended them, however nothing worked. I had a urologist tell me that half of his patients carried anitbiotics in their purse to take when needed. This was a scary situation to be in because I wondered what would happen the day the antibiotics didn't work for me. I think I would slit my throat... Kidding. But, my last UTI incident I was out of pills so I attempted to go to the urgency clinic but could not get in because they were only taking acute patients with severe problems. When I got home, I told my husband that I could not get in to see the doc. He had read about the Alka Seltzer. Well, had nothing to loose so I took 2 that night and by morning I felt much better. I now take one Alka Seltzer per week for maintenance and have not had another UTI incident for one year. It has truly worked for me and highly recommend it.

Alka Seltzer
Posted by Kishore (London, Essex UK) on 05/04/2009

i have had recurrent uti as i am a diabetic. i read about the alka seltzer remedy on your site and tried it. Next morning my symptons had gone. can not believe it. Have been on antibiotics for weeks and having tried this simple remedy did the trick. Thank you

Replied by Big Dave
(Riverside, Calif. Usa)

Any time you use anytype of antibiotic medicine... You must put acidolphulus back in your system... I was on extream antibiotics for two months as an infection kept setting in on my left foot ( a bone piece was causing havoc in my toe, till it finally came out and I have diabetes) now I am ok except I felt really bad, every joint ached for weeks... I didnt know what to do, talked to a friend and he said get acidolpholus (sp?) and overnight it was so much better I was up and going to do all I had missed days before...!!!

Replied by Big Dave
(Riverside, Calif. Usa)

Also I forgot... The drinks that keep your kidneys open and runnin Is Grapefruit Juice(fresh preffered)and Cranberry juice that has nothing in it but straight juice... Mixed together it is a wonderful drink for any diabetic... Now you as a diabetic need Chromium... This is the diabetics FRIEND.... It will keep your bloodsugar in check... It may take a month to work but you will see it in your blood checks with your meter... Gluco sure is a brand name, check with a good health food store that sells suppliments... Ok... ? God Speed

Alka Seltzer
Posted by Shannon (Litchfield, IL) on 02/27/2009

I was suffering from a terrible bladder infection and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I found this site and I first tried the ACV cure first (it had the most number of yeas). It worked okay, but to drink it made me so sick to my stomach. I had to try something else. I found my cure in the form of alka seltzer. I couldn't believe how well and how fast it worked! I would say in about 15 minutes I felt better than I had trying the ACV.

Replied by Tresa

Read what edgar cayce says about it. He said there is usually acidity in the body. Cola syrup and watermelon seed tea are what he said to use as well as diet change.

Alka Seltzer
Posted by Sara (Gravette, AR) on 11/09/2008

I woke up this morning with a bladder infection. Didn't want to go to the doctor so I took a chance to find something online that would help so I type in home remedies. I at first, drank acv with baking soda then I drank water with lemon in it. Then I drank water with the alka selter. I felt a little bit better. Than I went to the bathroom and their was blood. (PAINFUL!) I went and drank another water with alka seltzer. I was scared to go to the restroom thinking I was going to scream again but It was better. Alot. No blood this time.Then I continued to drink serveral (didn't coun't) maybe 3 or 4 more water with alka selter. I am feeling alot better! I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!! ~~~Sara Smith~~~

EC: Urine in the blood can indicate one of many conditions. Read more here: of Blood in Urine

Replied by Sandy

I took ACV and water when I had UTI symptoms and I felt like my symptoms got worse. The burning was worse and I had strains of blood in my urine. I thought I was seeing wrong but now that you mentioned blood in the urine, I'm getting worried.

Replied by Oxalates
(Can Cause Pain)

I read oxalates can cause cystitislike symptoms and kidney stones, which can be sharp and may cause blood in urine. Chocolate has oxalates.

Alka Seltzer
Posted by RO (New York, New York) on 11/05/2008

for Urinary Tract infections use Alka Seltzer the original - it works!