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Sea Salt

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Posted by Rachel (Aztec, NM) on 01/11/2007

I got a UTI about a week ago. Slugged down 2 tbs of sea salt in 8oz water. Gosh, that was rough! I felt no more pain in my bladder, but had been drinking cranberry juice all morning. I was symptom free for about a week. It came back today, I drank only 1 tbs sea salt this time, and it didn't touch the pain. It cleaned out my bowels, which helped with the overall bloated feeling I also suffered. Now I'm trying Apple Cider vinegar. It's helped with the pain, although not completely. And it tastes way way better

Replied by Kim
(Cleveland, Ohio)


I tried the sea salt cure for my bladder infection and ended up with very low kidney function. My kidney's were functioning at 24% capacity ( 15% or less is considered kidney failure). My urinary tract was so irritated I had to go on painkillers so that I could urinate without screaming. Took several visits and alot of test for a Kidney Specialist to figure out it was the salt that was the problem. Turns out that you kidneys can only handle so much salt.

Now I watch my sodium intake no more than 2000 milligrams a day and I go to the doctor to treat my bladder infections rather than use natural remedies. Please be careful people! Fooling around with home remedies can have harmful side effects!

Sea Salt, Baking Soda and Cranberry Pills

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Posted by A (Dallas, Texas) on 04/22/2008

Woke up this morning with a wicked bladder infection. I haven't had one of those in years. I know what caused it though, unfortunately it was intercourse and not peeing immediately afterwards. I am religous about peeing after intercourse. Why I didn't do it this time I will never know. But I am paying for it. Love your site. I tried the 1 tsp. sea salt in a glass of water, along with concentrated cranberry juice throughout the day. Also added magnesium and zinc tablets. I am hoping this will work fast. I don't want antibiotics. If this fails I will next try to oregano oil and D mannose.

Sea Salt, Baking Soda and Cranberry Pills
Posted by Stella (Cleveland, Ohio)

I had written on 2/27/2008 that Cranberry pills were working for my bladder infection. It may have been a BV infection I'm not sure. Anyway the cranberry pills alone did not completely take away my infection & it started to get worse it was very painful. I tried Ted's cure of drinking 1 tsp of sea salt in a glass of water, I did this one time in the morning, then at night before bed I drank a pinch of baking soda & water along with cranberry pills and it worked. I continued the cranberry & baking soda for a few nights and I am 100% cured. It has been almost a month now and my infection has not returned. I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering from this type of infection. Thank you Ted.

SSKI (Potassium Iodide)

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Posted by Nektar (Athens) on 01/19/2017

Last year I wrote here on the site about my nasty year-long UTI experiences and the benefits of propolis against UTI (I still use it daily). However, there have been times after that when propolis didn't work for my horrible uti pain, until a couple of months ago I found an article about SSKI (potassium iodide) that literally saved my life.

SSKI works wonders every single time! Once the horrible pain starts (usually soon after intercourse) I take 15 drops and all pain is gone in 10 min. Lately, I've been taking 3-4 drops under tongue daily to prevent it from starting at all, and it definitely works!

I've been miserable for years and I deeply feel your pain and exhaustion from this horrible condition, so I wish you all UTI/bladder infection sufferers a quick relief and all the best!

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Yvonne (Oakdale) on 10/27/2018

As I have gotten older I am more prone to UTI's. It got to the point that intercourse was a guaranteed UTI the next day. However, I have learned that if I use tea tree oil and coconut oil after sex I pretty much won't get a UTI. (I get about 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil and a drop of tea tree oil and use it topically/vaginally after intercourse.)

This week I got lazy and skipped the tea tree treatment and woke up the next day with pain. Bladder spasms, I think. I immediately used frankincense oil (a couple of drops) in some castor oil on my lower abdomen and used the tea tree/coconut oil vaginally.

Symptoms improved within hours. I was also drinking water with Apple Cider Vinegar.

There you have it. Hope it helps you as much as it has me.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Bette With A Pebble (Nj, Usa) on 07/07/2011

Uva Ursi worked for me (Thank you Ted). I used up one two-ounce bottle of the liquid over the course of a day and a half by taking two teaspoons approximately every five hours (during normal waking hours) on an empty stomach. It does taste terrible. Also used Alka Seltzer original as needed for the pain; only needed two separate doses. Also used the sea salt as recommended by Ted.

For maintenance I now take a good probiotic, olive leaf, and lots of stuff that Ted recommends. Please, everyone, look back at the older posts, from Ted in particular, they are priceless when you are in pain.

Check out Ted's old post from 2005:

TED'S REMEDIES 03/23/2005: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "There are other herbal preparations that can be helped with UTI and they are taken usually 4 times a day:

1. Uva Ursi. Has antimicrobial and research has support its traditional use, usually 1-2 teaspoon of the herb.
2. Goldenseal Root. Also long known as a strong antibacterial agent to be used as tea or 1 teaspoon of dried herb in a cup of water.
3. Althea officianalis, used as cold infusion soaked in cold water and drink.
4. Galium aparine (cleavers) Has long history of use and taken with tea.
5. Zea Mays (Corn silk). Diuretic.
6. Buchu - Diuretic and antiseptic properties.
7. Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) - Diuretic, astringent and healing properties."

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Effie6 (Sheffield, Uk) on 03/07/2012

Hi Ted, I have suffered with recurrent UTI's for years but a few months ago had a particularly severe one which I took 4 different antibiotics some not finishing the course because I felt they weren't working (stupid I know, probably the reason I'm in this mess I know). I don't think it ever really went. But my urinary symptoms completley died down after a course of trimethaprim.

After about a month I became severely brain fogged and tired and weak and couldn't do anything. I thought I had ME. I had strong smelling urine and occasional twinges when weeing but no normal UTI symptoms. Then after a while it transpired I had a UTI. The sensitivity test said it was sensitive to amox so the doc put me on 250mg 7 day course. The symptoms improved but didn't go. I then had a 5 day course of 500mg amox and the symptoms seemed to lift. I was so happy to feel clear again.

2 weeks later the symptoms have slowly crept back and I am now brain fogged again and have strange urinary symptoms-slight stingy twinge on weeing and lower abdominal pain/gripes but without the fatigue. I got drunk with my friends a few days ago and that seemed to make it a lot worse. I have now just started another course of augmentin. I am a 5th year dental student approaching my finals and I can't think straight. I just failed a practical exam and my tutor said I just didn't seem with it. She was right I never feel with it at the moment. It is making me so sad. I feel like I have a super infection. Oh and now my urine test has come back negative apart from slight white blood cells and the docs keep telling me I am making the symptoms up. I have tried ACV and cranberry and d-mannose. Nothing but the antibiotics seem to make a difference but even they don't seem to keep it away.

Should I ask to be put on long term antibiotics? The brain fog affects me so much I hate it, has anyone ever experienced anything similar or have any suggestions as to what I should do?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Effie6... For an understanding of what might be causing all your problems, here is an in depth article on something called the Antibiotic Syndrome and how excessive use of antibiotics relate to causing dysbiosis(eradication of the good intestinal bacteria) which eventually causes the rise and dominace of Candida albicans problems in the the body:

Antibiotics, Dysbiosis and Candida

All the symptoms you have described seem to relate to candida problems: low thyroid, low energy, brain fog, memory problems with ongoing intestinal problems etc. The cause was perhaps over-use of strong antibiotics over too long a period. I have also had systemic candida and managed to get rid of it using natural protocols -- but it was a lengthy process.

For natural Candida remedies -- see these links:

Thyme Essential Oil

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Posted by Lauren (NY) on 07/15/2021

For a UTI, I usually take olive leaf and turmeric caps as per my post under those headings. When I find that my UTI is being a little extra stubborn I draw a shallow bath, but a little olive oil on a washcloth along with some thyme essential oil, with maybe a little tea tree. I feel that the thyme is the most potent. It is important to dilute these with the olive oil. I then press this around the area gently and push out the bacteria into the bath. This really helps to tame the infection or get rid of the remainder of it.


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Posted by Katie (Bellingham, Wa) on 07/11/2014

Last weekend I had another urinary tract infection. I've had them off and on since I was young. I'm 65 now. It was worse than usual. I had to urinate every 10 or 15 minutes. I thought I wasn't going to get any sleep that night. Then I remembered turpentine. I put about 1/2 teaspoon of sugar on a spoon and filled up the teaspoon with turpentine. In less than an hour I was sleeping and all okay by the morning. Of course, be drinking lots of water too. Anyone who has uterine tract infections knows lots of water is important.

Replied by Katie
(Bellingham, Wa)

I note that no one has noticed this turpentine treatment. I just want to say I got this Uti again last week. I took one dose of turpentine again and again I was all good in about 2 to 3 hours.

Replied by Caron
(Port Orchard, Wa)

@Katie...I am so glad to find someone else who has discovered the healing powers of turpentine. I woke up this morning with an UTI and started drinking a lot of water right away, then remembered turpentine. Took 3/4 teaspoon on a heaping teaspoonful of granulated sugar and the symptoms are just about gone. Turpentine is great for so many health problems. It used to be used all the time in the past and worked so well, it is now considered a poison. Not true.

Urinate After Sex

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Posted by Georgis (Eastern, Sd) on 02/21/2013

I used to get UTI after intercourse then I read somewhere if you go urinate afterwards this cleans the pathway. Ever since I read this I have not had an UTI.

Urinate After Sex
Posted by LJ (Nevada City, California) on 10/02/2007

First I want to say, I started taking ACV orally and topically after stumbling on this site for my acne, and it really helped!! So thanks. As for Urinary Tract Infections. I find that peeing and cleaning yourself after sex is the BEST CURE. Before I knew this I got UTI's very frequently, and now I practically never do. Last week, unfortunately, I got a UTI and I think it was because I waited too long to pee after intercourse. Do it within 10 minutes!! Don't let the bacteria settle in!! Your urine will kill those pesky bacteria!! I started taking cranberry pills and drinking tons of water as soon as I knew I had an infection, and it helped. I have read to avoid coffee, alcohol, and sex while you have a UTI, and I believe this is true. I had sex again when I thought my UTI was almost gone, and it flared up within a few hours!!! I try to eat lots of asparagus when I have a UTI, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, coffee, sugary drinks, and take ACV in tea twice a day. My UTI went away after a few days, though not as fast as I thought it would. But, I did break a couple of rules a couple times (had drinks with a friend, had sex with my bf, etc.) So take care of yourself, and avoid the temptation!!! Don't let the UTI spread to your kidneys, as that can be very dangerous. If you feel pain in your lower back with a UTI, that could indicate infection in the kidneys, and I would recommend seeing your doctor asap!!

Urinate After Sex
Posted by Anonymous (USA)

I used to get bladder infections until I got the habit of going pee after sex instead of falling to sleep for the night. You don't need to rush out of bed to pee - but empty the bladder before falling off to sleep.

Uva Ursi

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Posted by Simay (West Tisbury) on 10/15/2017

I suffer from UTIs virtually every time I have sex. I just started dating someone new, so that has resulted in my getting a UTI about once a week for a few weeks now. In the past I tried taking D-Mannose and drinking unsweetened cranberry juice but that never helped. I used to take baking soda just to ease the burning sensation but of course that wasn't a cure either. A few weeks ago I went through an emotionally stressful time, during which I also developed a UTI that spread to my left kidney and I had to go to the ER and take a round of antibiotics, which I never want to resort to.

I had read about uva ursi in the past but there was never much solid feedback out it so I disregarded it for a long time. After the kidney episode, I was even more desperate to find an herbal remedy since it seems this issue is not going away for me. So I decided to give uva ursi a try.

I purchased two ounces of the dried leaves at my local health food store. I went home and weighed out 1 ounce on my herb scale and put it into a quart sized mason jar. Then I poured boiling water over the leaves and filled the jar to the top. I let it steep for twenty minutes. Then I strained out 1 cup of the infusion and drank it down.

PRAISE UVA URSI! It took away the burning sensation it just over an hour! I couldn't believe it! I mean I really couldn't believe it, it was just too good to be true. I continued to drink the rest of the quart of infusion over the rest of the day and the next day. I was so happy that when I got another UTI I was worried it wouldn't work the same as it did the first time. BUT IT DID! I have now gotten three UTIs in the past three weeks or so and have used uva ursi in the same way each time and gotten the sams results. The burning sensation is completely eliminated in an hour or so. I have only had to drink the 1 quart of infusion over a two day period each time and by then the UTI is resolved.

I encourage you to try uva ursi infusion if you suffer from recurrent UTIs. I know there are some warnings out there about prolonged use being harmful to the liver but I only have to take it for about two days to get relief. Truthfully, I only have to drink 1 cup to get relief, but I drink a whole quart over a two day period to ensure full recovery.

Uva Ursi
Posted by Ladyb (Usa) on 10/10/2013

I wanted to share my positive experience with Uva Ursi as well and hope it helps someone else!

It's been over a year now, but for a while I was having a lot of trouble with bladder infections. I'm talking rounds and rounds of antibiotics until finally I had to go through a cystoscopy which wound up costing me thousands of dollars. And none of it helped! I just ended up with other problems from the side-effects of the antibiotics.

I had been also been trying the usual cranberry, ACV, salt water, etc- no help. Alka seltzer helped temporarily to feel better but will not cure it.

So, finally a urologist identified my infections were caused by staph. I had stumbled on using d-mannose and tried it- but it never helped either- which made sense because that's only effective if your infection is caused by e-coli.

So finally I found Uva Ursi- not a whole lot of feedback but came up a lot and I decided I had nothing to lose. Finally I found something that cleared it up!

Some keys, don't take it too long- follow instructions on the bottle- that's what I did. Drink lots of fluids because it's diuretic and will help flush out the infection.

Now I keep some on hand, I've found one with a blend of complementary herbs for bladder/kidney health and at the first sign of infection I take it and usually don't need more than a day or two worth of doses. This past week was a little worse it seems, have been taking it for a week this time, but today I found that once again it's done the trick and I feel back to normal.

Also, to balance out your system again I've found the probiotic for women in the pink bottle to be invaluable and a life-saver! I was regularly taking it and have been feeling a little off so have started taking that again as well.

Replied by Pauline

LadyB. I was delighted to read your post. I am just like you! D Mannose did not work because mine is not E. coli. How much Uva Ursi do you use, and can you use it long-term to prevent further UTI's? Also, which probiotic do you use. I am in the UK so wondered if I could get it here.

Many thanks, Pauline

Uva Ursi
Posted by Jfrost231 (Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States) on 06/03/2012

Hi, I currently have a bladder infection that i've had for about two weeks, and you know how bladder infections are, they are stubborn. I've tried a lot of things so far, I've been taking high doses of vitamin c, been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice, I've taken apple cider vinegar for about 2 weeks straight and even though it makes urination less painful, it hasn't cured my bladder infection. I've also been taking acidophilus, echinacea, and a cranberry supplement. So none of this is CURING my infection, I need to get rid of it, I don't have the money or insurance for a doctor's visit and antibiotics.

So I heard about uva ursi, and it sounds like a good idea. But my mom who's a nurse told me that it can be dangerous taking in high doses, so is it safe to take the capsules up to 4 times a day? I don't plan on doing this past a week.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Jfrost231, Uva Ursi is definitely the master herb for Bladder/UTI infections, but as you are advised cannot be used in excess or by pregnant or nursing women. Also do not take Uva Ursi w/ (at the same moment or hr) vit-C or Cranberry as it decreases effectiveness. About 5 days use will provide much relief and by that time side effects of vasoconstriction will begin w/ itching or painful veins or possibly numbness in hands and feet. Must discontinue for at least 2 weeks before resuming (if necessary).

Another nutrient extremely beneficial for Bladder/UTI infection is the simple sugar D-Mannose. And for your insufficient immune response, Vit-A & Zinc at recommended dosages daily for 1 month or more.