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Posted by Amy (Los Angeles, California, United States) on 04/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have recently had lots of problems with a Urinary Tract infection and a bladder infection. Last night I reunited with an old friend named Gail.

In our discussion I related to her about my woes with my Urinary Tract infection and my bladder infection and how I had tried everything to help my problem. Cranberry juice, Cranberry capsules, etc....

Gail told me to eat CRANBERRY SAUCE instead of the cranberry juice as the CRANBERRY SAUCE is more concentrated. So I started eating a can of ____ Cranberry Sauce this morning and I SEEM TO BE WELL FROM THE BLADDER INFECTION by 5:30 pm!

I am passing this on so others can maybe get relief from this awful illness like I did!

Replied by Maximac
(Trussville, Alabama, Usa)

I will have to try the cranberry sauce. I awoke at 3:00am with horrible pain with my trip to the bathroom. I knew exactly what is was as I am prone to the uti. As the morning progressed, the pain got worse and I also noticed blood in my urine which I haven't noticed before. I could hardly leave the toilet the frequency and pain was so bad. I eventually came here to EC to see what I could find out. I read the things I already knew, baking soda, aspirin/alka seltzer (haven't had that in years), ACV, etc.. I didn't get any relief even after some popular OTC medication for this I had. I knew I had to go to the Dr. Since there was blood in the urine and I'm missing a day of work which I would recommend for anyone. The Dr gave me the usual but dreaded antibiotic and said that my case was quite moderate approaching severe. I am now home and resting and hope to be pain free this afternoon. I am following up with the probiotics and cranberry. 2 times a year for this stinks.

Replied by LG
(Pacific Northwest)

"Seem to be well" is no confirmation or consolation. Ppl need UTI test strips to confirm an infection, or not, or a trip to the doctor. You need to continue a protocol after you 'seem' well to ensure full measures have been taken to eliminate all the infection entirely, not partially to feel better. The UTI test strips are very affordable. Also eliminate all sugars as they feed the infection.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I had a chronic urinary tract infection no antibiotitics worked for. The urologist I was seeing at the time told me to drink one cup of pure cranberry juice 3 times a day. The cranberry juice cocktails commonly sold have little real cranberry juice. You need the real thing, pure cranberry juice for this to work. Anyway the infection cleared up in about a week or two of this treatment. I had had this infection for years and it was slowly getting worse. The cranberry juice treatment worked for me....Oscar

Posted by Heather (London, Uk) on 10/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Here's how I got rid of a UTI that was so painful it had me crying. I bought a whole gallon of cranberry juice and some oranges. I drank the whole gallon within two hours, and then ate an orange. I felt relief, almost completely within 45 minutes of drinking the whole thing. Keep drinking lots of water.

It was the best remedy and it only cost me a few dollars. I'm really thankful for this remedy and I hope it helps you.

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 07/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

There is always good old cranberry juice for a UTI. It worked for me when no antibiotics did. You want pure cranberry juice and not the so called cranberry juice cocktails. I was prescribed this treatment as 3 cups per day of pure cranberry juice by a VA doctor after trying every antibiotic available and it worked for a chronic urinary tract infection when nothing else did. It cleared the infection in about one week for me....Oscar

Posted by Kopka79 (Lapeer, Michigan, Usa) on 05/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had a TERRIBLE bladder infection that, of course, reared its ugly head in the middle of the night while my doctor was closed. So I went searching online for help. I came across your site & it was filled with amazing information! I knew only of cranberry juice for UTI's. There were so many suggestions that I wasnt sure which to try... So I tried them all! I created a cocktail out of cranberry juice, baking soda, vitamin C, sea salt and excedrin. I felt relief within 15 minutes and the infection was gone after only 3 days... With no antibiotics. I will be visiting your site often s I have 3 children who are constantly picking up bugs from school & such. Thank you so much for creating this life, time, money and sanity saving site!! Sincerely, Chris

Replied by Fabiola
5 out of 5 stars

This literally works in less than 15 mins for me. My husband and I were shocked to see how fast this works. I stopped peeing right away.

Replied by Joanna

Glad it worked, but which remedies are you referring to please? Just cranberry juice or the other remedies mentioned in the top post? Please clarify for us!

Posted by Linda (Atlanta, Ga) on 10/06/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Cranberry pills help great and fast. Had a severe bladder infection, helped within hours. My neighbor had a bladder infection for several months, had taken several different antibiotics, nothing helped. The Cranberry pills worked also wonderfully for her. Cranberry pills are much more potent than Cranberry juice. You can buy them at the foodstore for less than $10

When you have a bladder infection, avoid acidic food like citrus fruit, red meat, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, black tea etc.

Posted by Corinthianblue (Albuquerque, Nm) on 10/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried various cures on this sight for my UTI and none of it was working, even stuff not listed here. I tried just cranberry, I tried the extract, the pills, and different juices and none of it worked until I found a strictly cranberry juice (no sugar added or other juices). I poured a cup of the cranberry juice and diluted it with a cup of water and chugged the whole thing down. I did this once a day. First day, the pain dropped almost to nothing. Today, I did this drink when I got up and there is zero pain anymore. I'm going to do this one more day and just be done with it. I feel like I'm cured.

Alkaseltzer only worked temporarily.
ACV worked for that day only and stopped working.
Lemon seemed to help kill this faster.

Posted by Jan (W. Ma, USA) on 09/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Cranberry extract (just a drop or two - it's potent stuff!) clears up urinary tract infections in humans and dogs (probably in cats also, but I've never tried).

Humans: dilute two drops in 8 oz. of water and drink. Use twice a day until gone (usually within 36 hours). Or just drink diluted regular cranberry juice, sugar-free.

Dogs: dilute one or two drops (depending on size of dogs) in water and squirt down throat with a medicine syringe. Use twice a day until gone (usually within 36 hours).

Replied by Jamie
(Lake Worth, Fl)

While I agree with cranberry extract for urinary tract problems. Plain Cranberry juice will not be strong enough to correct a problem. There is no way a person could drink enough of it.

Posted by Barbara (Benton Harbor, MI,USA) on 12/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Just stumbled on this site. So hello everyone! This is a fantastic resource. Years ago I developed a UTI. Never have liked DRs so knew there had to be a better way, besides there's always the problem of antibiotics and yeast. Researched cranberry juice and calculated how much I would have to drink for any benefits, not to mention the sugar intake.Not that I'm opposed to sugar. I believe, in most cases, in moderation as opposed to abstinance. Then I spotted cranberry capsules in the vitamin section and thought, "what the hey". I have been taking 2 capsules in the morning for decades. Now you could probably count the # of bad habits I have and still need more toes and fingers. The least of which is sugar addiction. But I don't have UTIs. My oldest sister suffered from chronic ones and was real resentful that I hadn't turned her on to the caps long, long ago. But with the same treatment she hasn't had a problem for a decade. For my own reasons I have been treating bad life habits for yrs with natural remedies.So I might add that if you look at other cultures and their predominate lack of health issues, then research their nutrition habits many things can be avoided. Such as cayene capsules, Latinos and the lack of colon cancers. I take them for warmth in winter, (don't take w/some forms of stomach ulcer problems). I have just started to look into the C-nut oil thing. Vanity and my hair started it + extremely dry skin. Years ago I tried ACV and didn't care for the taste, yea I was once a baby about flavor. Decided to go back. Read about the upset stomachs/belching/gas over the oil. Have to say mine comes from the ACV not the oil. Like the one gal I too just "shoot" it down but I drink half my water before hand then more as a chaser. For those who are developing infections after sex. Maybe the best attack would be to treat your sexual partners also. Sex can be a big bargaining chip for getting your way. I would like to add that there's a supplement formula on the market which is excellent for toxic cleansing. Anyone who would like the name can write to the above e-address and I'd be glad to let you know where to find it. I am not a distributor. Just info about it.

Posted by Mia (Jacksonville, Fl) on 10/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

For the life of me I don't know why studies can't conclusively say that Cranberry juice works to cure bladder infection.

I have had 3 bladder infections (or UTIs) in my life. Two turned into kidney infections.

I just got over symptoms of the third two weeks ago. Within 2 hours of the first symptom I had completely red urine (from the blood).

I read everything about how only pure cranberry juice will work IF it would work at all. I read so many reports that there was no conclusive evidence that cranberry would CURE a bladder infection. They said it may prevent them but there was no evidence of a cure. I can tell you I have evidence of a cure. I drank a glass as soon as my urine turned red. The symptoms began to improve slightly.

I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist told me any fluid would work just as well as the cranberry so to be calorie conscious I started drinking straight water. NOPE! Within half an hour the symptoms were WORSE than before I began drinking the water.

So I began chugging ocean spray cranberry. It wasn't pure, it was sugary, and it WORKED. For good measure I also took 1/2 a tsp. of baking soda in a glass of water AND I went to CVS and bought some cranberry pills all these things against the advice of the pharmacist but the last kidney infection I had left me with BAD BAD side effects from the cure so I was really desperate and IT WORKED! I did this for three days.

Don't belive that cranberry doesn't work - even the Ocean Spray kind. I woke up the next day 100% better. Still some slight pressure after urinating but that was it and by the next day all symptoms were COMPLETELY GONE.

Posted by Stella (Ashevile, NC) on 09/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I take one cranberry capsule in the morning and one at night every day to prevent UTI's. It helps. I get mine at Sam's Club. I'm 54 and going through the change and more susceptible to getting UTI's than I used to.

Posted by Veronica (Thousand Oaks, California) on 09/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been plagued by bladder infections since being married. I know they call it the "Honeymoon" infection because it is common to occur after intercourse. Doctors have always prescribed an antibiotic for my infections, but as soon as I stop taking the medication, the infection returns a few weeks later. I was researching natural remedies and found that cranberry pills keep the bacteria from adhering to the inside wall of the bladder. I like ____ because it has other soothing and healing ingredients like Buchu leaf, Pipissewa, Uvu Ursi leaf, Oregon grape root and Marshmallow root. I take this right after intercourse with a glass of water and I haven't had a bladder infection in almost 5 years. This is amazing because I was constantly on antibiotics year-round and was absolutely miserable. This has been a huge miracle not to be on antibiotics. I'm so glad that I found this remedy that I wanted to share this with anyone who also has been plagued by bladder infections. It's such an easy remedy... I can't believe it took me 10 years to come across it!

Replied by Jill
(Orlando, Florida)

Simply urinate immediately following sex, every time, & you will NOT get a bladder infection. This clears the walls of debris & is cleansing. It really works!

Replied by Jackie

I do this and it doesn't help me at all. Just saying

(North Canton)
1 out of 5 stars

It never helped me either.

Posted by Robin (Ladera Ranch, CA) on 07/22/2008
1 out of 5 stars

I have had bladder infections for half my life and cranberries just don't cut it for me. I've tried the pills, tons of water, unsweetened cranberry juice, craisins (I know craisins have sugar but I've tried that too) and none of it works for me. I did a post on ACV working, I guess everyone is different.

Posted by Tara (Jenkintown, PA) on 06/04/2008
1 out of 5 stars

I drank cranberry juice for weeks, and still wound up with a serious kidney infection. I guess it doesn't help everyone.

Replied by Bret
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Cranberry juice is not an antibiotic. It acidifies the urine which inhibits ecoli. Also, studies did show that e-coli bacteria cling to the sides of the bladder. Cranberry juice removes this adhesive property and the bacteria are more easily flushed away. Also, if you are drinking Ocean Spray or a Juice Cocktail, you are drinking very diluted stuff that is high in sugar. Frozen concentrate is your best bet, Cranberry tabs also are a great idea. I use these in my elderly patients who are incontinent and get frequestn UTI's. Cranberry is more preventative than curative. Bret

Posted by Peggy (Erwin, Tennessee) on 05/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I don't get UTIs often but when I do I use cranberry juice. I drink at least 64 ounces a day until the infection is gone. It usually only lasts 2 days. 100% Pure cranberry juice is somewhat hard to find in my area but cranberry juice cocktail seems to work too. If you have UTIs often drinking a glass a day helps keep it in check.