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Make Sure it is a UTI

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Posted by Liz (Sydney, Australia) on 02/17/2010

Just in regards to a negative culture for UTI. A few years ago I was bothered by many bladder infections where the culture test was negative. Turns out i had endometriosis over my bladder, quite severely. I went to the gyno for what i thought was an unrelated problem who sent me to an endometriosis specialist who did surgery and found that my bladder was covered. Endo on the bladder can cause symptoms that mimic bladder infection but you will get a negative culture. After the operation the problem went away although it can return as there is no cure for endometriosis. Just a suggestion on a possible cause.

Mangosteen Juice

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Posted by D (Oz, KS) on 06/28/2009

Mangosteen juice really seemed to help me, and other times drinking lots of water with lots of fresh lemon juice did the trick.

Marshmallow Root Extract

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Posted by Mary (Rural Iowa) on 01/24/2007

Marshmallow Root extract (liquid in dropper bottle). I suffered from these infections for years. Antibiotics didn't work anymore. Tried many of the cures here but nothing worked. Read about Marshmallow Root so tried it and never got another. Haven't in 20 years since. It slimes the urinary tract so the bacteria can't get a grip and slide off. No bacteria, no infection.

Replied by John959
(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

hello, i want to know if anybody else is using MARSHMALLOW root for UTI and how effective is it? also is it better in capsules or mixed with water? thank you

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Nan (Canada) on 06/29/2019


After experiencing a burning, urgent, painfully swollen, agonizing UTI two nights ago, I relieved the symptoms in a matter of hours (approximately 2 to 5-6 hours) using a multi-faceted treatment (see below). Previous remedies I have used include cranberry juice and D-mannose, but they never worked after the 2nd or 3rd time, and I don't like taking antibiotics as they upset the gut biome.

Imo, my UTI'S are a result of an overload of bacteria from excessive sugar consumption (including alcohol, although I personally don't drink) that tips me into the UTI state (pre-diabetic, perhaps, too?). Perhaps those who contract UTIs after sex have a reaction to the bacteria/alcohol glucose in their partner's body fluids?

In any case, I believe that when a person ingests enough “bitter” supplements/food as listed below, those supplements swing the urine PH from acidic to alkaline and help eliminate the horrible, aggravating UTI symptoms.

Here is the protocol I used:

– take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water
– take 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar in a 1/2 cup of water (ugh!)
– sit in a bath in 1/2 cup of baking soda mixed into very hot bath water; afterwards, with a towel, wash vaginal area with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water; rinse again with warm water if it stings
– drink a STRONG cup of dandelion or Uva Ursa (or green if you don't have the first two) tea

about half an hour later:
– take 3 drops of oregano herb in a 1/2 cup of water
– take 20 to 30 drops of golden seal herb in a cup of water

a few minutes later
– eat 1 clove of minced garlic mixed into 1-2 tablespoons of sauerkraut (preferably the probiotic/refrigerated kind you buy at the health food store)
– take 1 probiotic capsule

about 20 – 30 minutes later:
– take several Vitamin C tablets or capsules
– * put a few drops of Frankincense oil on a menstrual pad or tissue inside your underwear — believe it or not this helps create a healing mentholatum sensation!
– mix a couple of drops of Frankincense oil into some olive, castor, or coconut oil and rub onto lower pelvic area and kidneys

Obviously, you'll want to make sure that you have most of these items in the house at all times. I don't think the order of the protocol matters, but I believe that the substances' bitter qualities — especially the oregano and golden seal herbs — help create an extreme alkaline state in the urine that helps kill off the offending bacteria. As with drinking extremely strong green teas, you can taste the bitterness in your mouth with these herbs so you can imagine what they do to your entire body system.


From an agonizing 2-4 hours starting at 11 pm one evening to about 4 am that morning, my symptoms improved so much that I could finally fall sleep in relative comfort without needing antibiotics. I awoke the next morning with no pain and on PH strips my urine's PH had changed from the previous night's light yellow to med/light green (you can buy PH strips to test your urine- it's very easy to do). I am continuing the protocol and will for the next week or so.

People should be aware that baking soda can increase one's blood pressure and, imo, they should be careful not to take more herb drops than directions on the bottle indicate. Also, if one experiences chills or fevers or aching kidneys or blood in the urine, she/he should go immediately to emergency hospital as that indicates a more serious infection.

This protocol could be repeated over the next 2 or 3 days (cutting back on baking soda and the herbs by half, perhaps) and then by half or less each day for at least another week or so.

* As a precaution from now on, I am going to carry cranberry tablets in my purse to take immediately whenever I have “cheated” on my mostly plant-based diet by consuming too much sugar when eating out. If at home, I will make sure to take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or baking soda or golden seal in water immediately after having a sugary treat. I hope to never have a return of a UTI again! My heart deeply goes out to all the poor women in the third world who suffer from this condition and who have no access to these herbal remedies or antibiotics.

Replied by Nan

Forgot to add that I took several Vitamin C capsules, too.


A few other points:

- People who suffer from UTIs frequently might want to carry oregano and goldenseal tinctures (or pills, if available) with them, ready to take with water at the first sign of discomfort.

- Take very hot baths with 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup ACV (organic, if possible) whenever needed, every hour if necessary - it does help a bit.

- When the infection is healed (or during an episode), a visit to a homeopath/naturopath might be in order. Many people with UTIs are helped by taking Cantharsis or Apis Mellifica, or other homeopathic remedies. Just know that each remedy is specific to the exact kind of discomfort or pain the individual experiences, so it's best to check with a professional.

- With severe chills or fevers or pains, visit urgent care or your doctor immediately.

- My number one tip is that you start on this or some protocol the MINUTE you feel a twinge. The earlier you stop the infection from growing by the hour, the better. Do not go to bed tired, thinking, "I will treat it in the morning." It will be too late by then.

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Posted by Tam (Georgia) on 09/26/2018

I began having bladder infection symptoms last month and immediately started using the baking soda and water remedy. It really helped with the intense pain, so I drank alot of it along with Apple Cider Vinegar and water, pure cranberry juice and a no sugar diet. Despite my efforts it just got worse and worse and after a week of this I was seeing blood in my urine and suffering from chills. I had to visit the er. Five hours later I found it had spread and was diagnosed with a KIDNEY infection. My heart rate was also very high and potassium low. I took antibiotics for a week and am now thankfully healed! And making sure to consume plenty of pre and probiotics. Please don't suffer as long as I did or overuse even natural remedies. Learned a very valuable lesson.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by John (Thailand) on 09/19/2015

Hi EC, Urinary Tract Infection. I'm male, so the last 2" of penis stings, hurts like crasy. Don't ask how I got it but it wasn't sex. No sleep, off to the toilet every hour or less for pain and dribbles so next day began drinking water – have never liked it “ plus ACV with Bicarb Soda, Horsetail [Equisetum arvense] tea, Fenugreek tea. Bought a grapefruit and ate ‚ 1/4 before bed. Next day tossed my jockey shorts and wore boxer shorts. Dreamed there must be a reasonable antibiotic by now, they've had enough time, practice and money and went to see a doc at the hospital [corporation] in Thailand. They had a new blood pressure machine that flashes a big red light if it's over their fear figures. I wanted to tell them my BP, 134/70, was lovely - no, no, go down lower. Ha! Saw doc for 30 seconds, true. They did the urine test and found too many white blood cells, so said, your bladder is OK but your penis tract is infected, so eat this, Ofloxacin and Buscopan.

I looked them up and thought, what is it doctors have against other humans. Anyway they eased the pain and I could sleep. I keep in the fridge a packet of Infloran, a German acidophilus that restores the good bacteria taken 2 hours after antibiotics. I started drinking lots of water, plus the ACV, Horsetail, Ginger tea and took a slightly heaped tsp of bicab soda before bed, and 2000 Vit. C powder before bed. I'm 80 and eat vegybubbles, some grains but no dairy, meat, sugar and all the other chemically infested stuff. Pain's gone, I pee lovely and sleep. Stopped the antibiotic and pain and sphincter relaxant after two days, will wait to see if symptoms return due to "rebound" addiction.

Will write if it worked. John

Replied by John
(Trang, Thailand)

Urinary Tract Infection

I was wrong, when I stopped the drugs, or something else had reared it's ugly head. The side effects of both antibiotics and the pain/sphincter drugs were unbearable and I stopped them, they fogged my brain, tired but no sleep for two full nights, plus, plus. But the penile pain and dribbles every 15 to 30 minutes won. I restarted the drugs. This is along with two a day ACV with bicarb soda, boxed grapefruit juice [tasted like crap], water, nice apple juice, mandarin juice, fenugreek tea, horsetail tea, ginger tea, stinging nettle caps, zinc, 1000mg V.C . So, after all that, the whole bullet may be working. Who knows? Pain has eased, good long peeing but at night after I manage to get some sleep I have to wake every 30 mins - one hour to pee. Nearly forgot, the lovely Lugols Iodine 6 drops in juice once a day and I stopped jockey underwear and use boxer shorts. And now, two weeks later, no problem. John

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mina_mtl (Montreal) on 09/07/2015

I am a 46-year old white female (I wouldn't mention my skin colour except that EC suggests it can be useful for readers to know). I am now in good health, 5'7" and weigh +/- 140lbs. I'm writing this post after 18 months of taking charge of my own health, with a lot of help from this site. I hope my comments help some of you looking for relief.

I had many yeast infections in my 20s but I first experienced a bladder infection only in my mid thirties. Took the usual course of antibiotics, only to have recurrence a few weeks later. A new sexual partner seemed to be the cause. Infection followed infection, and the doctors, including a bladder specialist, were mystified. After painful and invasive testing and many agonizing weekends spent waiting for help in clinics, I was put on a daily low dose of antibiotics. This was a great relief as I could not have sex without getting an infection within hours. Travel was a nightmare as I didn't have access to my usual doctor, and any sort of stress seemed to bring on infections as well. Even the smell of red wine seemed to trigger that stinging pain in my urethra (so stopped drinking that right away of course). Very little was said to me about diet, and as a vegetarian of almost 15 years I thought I was doing ok on the health front.

Fast forward ten years and while I was no longer on the daily antibiotics I had great sensitivity in my urethra. Sex was still a trigger, even with drinking lots of water, urinating right before and after sex, washing with perfume-free soap right before and after sex, and getting my partner to do the same. Even minor health issues - colds and viruses, PMS, stress at work - seemed to trigger that tingling pain in that part of my body. My sex drive was almost zero as I expected to pay the inevitable price if I had intercourse. I was frustrated but resigned. No doctors had been able to help me.

But 18 months ago, when my keratosis pilaris stopped responding to the over-the-counter lotions I had been using for 20 years, I decided to take my health into my own hands. I took a good look at myself. I was about 155 pounds, with a large behind, thick middle, and sagging jawline. My hair was rapidly going grey, my face was lined and exhausted, and I had no energy. Although my bloodwork came back as normal I felt as though I was on the fast track to a serious illness. Both my parents had died young of cancer and had had multiple health problems throughout their lives. It was time to stop hoping that conventional medicine could help me. I made my KP my test project to learn about and improve my health. I never expected that my journey would help me to manage my bladder infections/interstitial cystitis as well.

Thanks to all the amazing people who have posted to this site I learned a lot about the relationship between food and skin. I stopped eating virtually all processed foods, and started eating more raw vegetables, including lots of spinach and kale (organic whenever possible), and good fats, especially organic eggs, olive oil, avocados, nuts, also organic wild salmon (thus making me no longer a vegetarian). I cut down dramatically on sugar, anything with white flour (and breads in general), and alcohol. I had been drinking white wine almost every day but that is no longer the case, and I would say the quality of my health depends on not drinking more than once or twice a week. I also began eating at least a tablespoon of virgin, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil every day, mixed in to my coffee or just gulping down a spoonful. And the very first thing I consume most mornings is the juice of half a lemon squeezed into a glass of room temperature water. (This helps to make the body alkaline, which can help with fighting infection generally, and in the bladder specifically.)

I began dry brushing, almost every day, and oil pulling, almost every day, with virgin, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil. I also gave up almost all commercially produced lotions and skin creams, and only use coconut oil as a moisturizer and sunscreen in the summer (adding heavier oils, such as rose hip, in the winter as my skin is dry).

The success stories on this site encouraged me to be excited about these changes in my diet but the most encouraging thing was my body. Dry brushing feels fantastic, and oil pulling clarifies the skin and makes the teeth bright white. To my astonishment, my burn-prone skin, which was developing darker pigmentation around my mouth and on my chin, has rarely burned since I stared using organic coconut oil, and the pigmentation has disappeared. I attribute this to the absence of chemical-saturated lotions and sunscreens, and to the twice-daily application of coconut oil to my skin.

My keratosis pilaris has 80% disappeared. The bumps are greatly diminished and the redness is gone except if I happen to eat a lot of wheat, dairy, or drink a lot of alcohol. So I would say that my dietary and skin routine changes are healing my skin but they are a permanent choice for managing the problem rather than a 'cure' that allows one to go back to unhealthy habits.

My dietary changes also helped me to lose 15 pounds and gain new energy and optimism. I believe the dry brushing helps greatly with skin tone too and to a limited extent helps with cellulite. I recently celebrated my 46th birthday, but several people I've met over the last few months said they thought that I was 5-10 years younger than that. My facial wrinkles and skin sagging have by no means vanished but have definitely diminished. My grey hair remains the same : )

Along the way I began to rethink my bladder issues as part of the general health picture of my life. I had read enough on this site to know that all health problems are related, and most stem from diet or exposure to toxic substances. As I child, I was given multiple courses of penicillin, sometimes for weeks at a time, for even minor ailments such as colds. From my research on this and other sites, I realized that these massive doses of antibiotics had probably affected my body permanently, with my propensity to bladder and yeast infections as one effect. What I learned is that after even 3 bladder infections the lining of the bladder is cracked and damaged, which prevents the naturally-occuring e-coli bacteria from flushing out, as it gets stuck in the cracks. Hence why we keep getting the infections, and why as soon as the antibiotics are done they come back.

The supplements I now take daily are with a view to countering my 'normal' state of fragility because of all the antibiotics taken in childhood, and in my thirties and early forties, and the damage to my bladder lining from more than 30 bladder infections. I experimented with doses until I found what seems right for me.

2 capsules of multi-probiotic (10-strain formula), morning and night, and at ANY sign of tingling in the urethra or dull pain in the bladder, always with a lot of water

2 buffered cranberry extract (D-Mannose) tablets before sex, and after sex, always with a lot of water

Morning, with food:

1 1000mg tablet of buffered Vitamin C

1 575mg tablet of Norwegian Kelp (source of iodine - helpful for KP)

1 large cod liver oil capsule (source of Vitamins A, D, and E - good to take together for bladder and skin)

1 capsule of collagen-glucosamine complex (mine has 40mg collagen, and 100mg glucosamine. I read that this supplement helps heal the lining of the bladder, as can hyaluronic acid, and you should take the latter with buffered vitamin C for best effectiveness)


I tablet of Calcium + Magnesium (important to take together for best effect - this tablet has the additional benefit of helping me to fall asleep)

All this adds up in terms of expense, but the value of not being chained to the medical system is worth it. I now feel I can manage any hint of bladder/cystitis pain at the outset. I recommend bringing the buffered cranberry/D-Mannose tablets with you everywhere you go, as they do not need to be refrigerated and are very discreet. I try not to take them except when necessary/as a targeted preventative as there is some debate as to their effectiveness over time. I think it's fundamentally important to build up your health through diet.

I also only use virgin, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil as a lubricant (you can only use condoms made of polyurethane if you use any kind of oil as a lubricant, btw, otherwise they will break). Coconut oil has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is very good and soothing for your urethra while being an excellent lubricant. Most commercially-produced lubricants contain carcinogenic chemicals and glycerine, which is a sugar, which is the last thing your urethra or vagina need introduced into the moment of sex, as any yeast will go crazy. I also like to use coconut oil after my shower, just smoothing half a teaspoon in to the urethral/vulva/perianal area is great for your sexual health in general if you are prone to yeast or bladder infections, also any yeast-related itching.

I think I will be living with these health issues for the rest of my life but the silver lining to taking charge of my health has been to learn more about what makes me feel good and strong, and to have improved my well-being overall. People say they don't recognize me from 18 months ago and I hardly recognize myself. What's most important is that the entire process has taught me to listen to my body and to make my body the most important thing in my life. To finally give myself the care I needed but was not getting, either at home or in the doctor's office. Interestingly, I found that once I made my health my priority, other struggles in life became easier. I was less likely to burn out at work, or put up with people who took too much of me. As I stopped relying on sugar, carbs, and alcohol to buffer me from the world, I found I had more energy, clarity, and ability to provide myself with self-care and say "no" when it was right for me to say no.

And on that last note, I do think it's possible that whatever your partner consumes (food, alcohol, cigarettes) ends up being a factor in your urethral/bladder health. In the course of my research I've read so many testimonies from women who never had bladder infections until they started seeing boyfriend X. Then their nightmare began. I know that this is beyond the scope of EarthClinic's mission but I do want to say - in case there is anyone out there with a similar story to mine - that the person I was with, who seemed to trigger my miserable decade of struggling with bladder infections, was a smoker and daily consumer of beer.

I am now seeing someone who doesn't smoke or drink beer and there is a palpable difference in the cause-and-effect of sex -> infection. In other words, I have not had an infection since we became intimate. But that could also be 18 months of dedicated change in my diet and taking a very proactive approach to my health.

If you are suffering from cystitis or bladder infections, my heart goes out to you. It is a lonely, invisible, infuriating, and excrutiating condition that no-one can really understand unless they've experienced it themselves. It hurts us in our most vulnerable place. I hope you find your health and your cure very soon, and get your life back - you deserve it! Thank-you to all the people who posted about their KP, bladder problems and solutions. You made a huge difference to my recovery.

Replied by Lacie

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story of being an advocate for your own health as well as the specific steps you have taken. It's inspiring and very helpful!

Replied by Cece
(New York)

Thank you so much for this post. You were very thorough and it helps to know that like me other women are out there that are doing the right thing for their bodies. I have had yeast and bladder infections all my life. This one has not gone away in 2 weeks and is worse just before I empty bowels in the morning. I know the ecoli bacteria have something to do with it. My diet is very clean and I take supplements and probiotics. I've been on cranberry juice and d-mannose for two weeks. I got off of antibiotics for Lyme disease and every time that happens, the UTI is back. So I will continue to make myself better. You are an inspiration. I'm 64 and 110 lbs. white Female. all the best and thanks again. C.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Katrinab (North Vancouver, CA) on 03/17/2015

I developed a very painful bladder infection that affected the right side of my body from under my ribs to my knee. It was incredibly painful, just a little more bearable than gallstones. My sciatica flared on my right side as well.

I started taking Acidophilus Pearls every morning and night in addition to unsweetened Cranberry juice and Apple Cider Vinegar in water throughout the day.

For the first few days I took Colloidal silver in water, then switched to a few drops of Wild Oil of Oregano (93%) under the tongue a few times a day.

I took Magnesium and Turmeric for pain and inflammation management. (although I had to mega dose ibuprofen at night as that when it was at its worst)

I really started to improve when one morning on a whim I took a capsule of Activated Charcoal (260mg). The pain completely subsided! I took another around lunch and remained pain free for a few more hours. I couldn't take anymore as I can get very constipated if I take too much. I did this for two days.

The pain did return each late afternoon but I continued with the cranberry juice, OOO and Acidophilus. One the second day of using AC, before bed, I ate some pineapple and drank Senna tea.

The next pain. Nothing. Like I never had the infection.

Not sure what finally did it, but happy it's gone after 6 days of agony!

I did continue with the cranberry, Acidopilus and OOO to be sure it wouldn't come back.

Replied by L J
(Los Angeles)

I just read your comment on taking various remedies for what u think is a bladder infection. To begin with the bladder is not located under your right rib, that's where the liver is located the bladder is on the lower left side of the body down below your stomach..I think you had a gallbladder attack and should definitely seek medical help. Or at least take something for Gallstones.. Xoxo

Replied by Phyllis
(Tuscumbia, Alabama)

I agree with L J. It sounds like gallbladder to me also. I just had a severe attack a few months ago and came here to find a remedy. I don't remember who posted it but what I found worked and was easy to do. You mix 3 tablespoons of ACV with 6 ounces of apple juice, I got the Mott's for Tot's because it's a very light juice with very little sugar. The attack had started on Thursday and I drank the mixture Thursday evening, Friday morning and evening then Saturday morning I passed a gut full of gall stones. Of course my gallbladder was still irritated and the ACV, apple juice and water was all I could hold down so I just sipped on those for the rest of the week-end and by Monday afternoon I couldn't tell the attack had ever happened. I now take my ACV with apple juice every day because apple juice is very effective in dissolving gall stones. I don't ever want to go through that again!

Replied by Katrinab
(North Vancouver, CA)

Thank you for your feedback. I can assure you that it was not gallstones as I have no gallbladder. I had been having bladder pain after voiding for a few weeks before it developed into an infection. My right side was were the pain was radiating, not where it was localized. Sorry if I was not more specific.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kenorb (London, UK) on 01/18/2015

Most common UTI is caused by either waiting too long to pass urine or sexual intercourse and the main causal is e. coli. Please try the following bacteria-killer drink.

Brew a green tea (in a big mug), then add 2 slices of lemon (or squeeze half of it, alternatively use the Vitamin C powder - but don't overdose it), 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of Manuka honey (or any other if not present), 2 slices of garlic, ginger and some clove and cinnamon (effective against E.coli), cranberry extract if present (or drink the juice separately), if having - mix in half of paracetamol sachet (250-500mg, find one without aspartame). Drink slowly and repeat every few hours during the day.

In addition, please drink plenty of alkaline water. During the night, give your liver a bit rest by drinking alkaline water only (high in pH, 9-10). Eat fresh fruits, vegetables (with peels when possible), food (avoid cooked, which is lack of enzymes) with garlic, onions, spices (ginger, clove and cinnamon) and anything that works as antioxidants. You may monitor your health by urine strips (leukocytes nitrites and blood). If your UTI is advanced to painful testicles or hematospermia (blood in your semen), ejaculate often for relief.

For external treatment, dissolve few drops of tea tree oil in warm water and wash gently. If not present, washing with any commercial gel/shampoo with SLS (neurotoxin) would do the job as well (by killing the bacteria). You can get some sunshine (which will work as detox), if not possible, try infrared sauna for the deep detoxification (raising body temperature assists the body to kill bacteria, parasites, viruses and other infections). Also don't forget to think positively and proper rest and sleep is the key factor as well. If conditions get worse, please contact with the doctor.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dsw Relief (Shelbyville, Indiana) on 10/20/2013

I am so thankful I found earth clinic web site. I got first uti 2 yrs ago and it never went away. The doctors and specialists kept giving antibiotics. Doctors could not give reason why. Antibiotics were not good on my system at all. After 10 months of this I started searching for another cure. I started on d-mannose, probotics, cranberry pill, water, water, water and acv. I started on these full force for about 2 months. My uti is gone and have not had one since(14 months) I have since narrowed down the amounts I was taking and figured out what my body needs at a daily maintance level. I used d-mannose 500mg - 120 tablets. Hope this helps someone that is as desperate as I was for an alternative. Thank to u folks at earth clinic.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Heather (Edmond, Ok) on 11/01/2012

I've suffered from UTI issues for most of my adult life. I've followed every suggestion from my doctor and other women & I just believe it's something i'm just prone to. I've spent my time, money & energy back and forth from the doctor getting antibiotics that also have harsh side effect for me. I even had a hospital stay due to one that got out of hand & gave me a massive kidney infection. A couple of years ago, I started seeing a doctor that also gave me alternative options to help prevent infections. First I tried the cranberry capsules, it helped speed up my healing, but it was always in conjuction to antibiotics. I tried taking them as a preventative, but this didn't seem to work for me. What did work was Uva Ursi. Now, the minute I feel the urgency, pain & low fever I do the following (only use the following at the first signs of an bladder infection - do not use with kidney infections):

1 500mg Uva Ursi 3x per day (Capsules any health food store)

1 1000mg Vitamin C 2x per day (if you can get one of those immune system boosters that you dissolve in water - that works the easiest. But minimum, Vit C)

Water, Water, Water - I will carry a bottle of water with me throughout the day & just keep drinking so I go to the bath room as much as possible.

Bananas - eat a couple a day

Online there is alot of information on uva ursi - it flushes your kidneys & acts as an antiseptic. It also comes in the form of a tea, but i've only done the capsules. DO NOT TAKE IT IF YOUR INFECTION IS ALREADY CAUSING LOWER BACK PAIN OR YOU SUSPECT YOU ALREADY HAVE A KIDNEY INFECTION - GO TO THE DOCTOR. This supplement can be toxic if over done. Look at the back of the bottle & follow the directions exactly.

Vitamin C will help boost your immune system to help knock out the infection.

Water will help flush out the infection and bacteria causing the infection, plus help the uva ursi do it's job. The bananas will help resupply your body with potassium. I understand uva ursi can cause potassium deficiency. So keep up foods rich in potassium to avoid this. I've done this for 6 months now & it's worked!! I was going to the doctor at least every other month with UTI issues, now I'm feel great.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jr (Av, Mn) on 08/27/2012

After yrs of UTI and antibiotics, I found what works for me. I do have to start with an azo pill, just to stop the pain and contractions. Then I take 1 Tablespoon Collidal silver or sometimes 1 teaspoon 3x a day. I take 3 cranberry pills 3X per day. Then at night, several hours after collidal silver I take a probotic, so the good stuff is there to work thru the night. ( make sure you do not take Collidal silver and probotics at the same time, they nix each other). Also, drink 64 oz. or more of water per day to flush your system. NO, sugar stuff and lay low on caffeine.

I feel better within a day or two, but continue this for 3 days to a week depending on how bad you have it.

I've done this for the last several yrs now, they are getting fewer and farther apart. I've have not needed any antibiotics since I started this.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jfrost231 (Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States) on 06/10/2012

Okay, so I'm not sure if I even have it anymore, though I still feel some slight discomfort during urination.

So if I still have this infection, I'm going on week number 3 of having it. I really dont want to take antibiotics, plus I can't really afford going for a doctors visit plus a prescription. So week one, I chugged lots of water and cranberry juice, drank apple cider vinegar 2tbsps a day, took cranberry supplements, vitamin c, echinacea, acidophilus and the apple cider vinegar seemed to help me. But I was still having irritation, then last week, I was still chugging water and cranberry juice, still doing vitamin c and all the pills I listed above, only I was taking 2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar 3 times a day.. And it helped at first, but then at the end of last week it started to hurt a lot more.

Then this past monday, I got Kidney Bladder remedy, I researched beforehand on how Uva Ursi is really can help get rid of the infection, so I went to the local health food store to get it, but then saw the blend for Kidney Bladder which contains Uva Ursi, but also contains Juniper, Parsley, Ginger, Marshmallow root, cramp bark and goldenseal root which I hear are all awesome things to help get rid of a bladder infection. I cut out the cranberry juice this week, and have just been drinking water. Your supposed to take this blend twice a day, so I did for monday and tuesday. But I later read on tuesday night that cranberry and vitamin c make my blend pills pretty much ineffective. So I stopped taking the cranberry supplements and vitamin c, and have just been chugging the water, taking this blend with all this stuff in it, echinacea, and acidophilus. So I feel like I've really improved, it's a lot better. But I'm still feeling irritation, it hasn't moved to my kidneys, thats for sure. But it's been like 4 effective days of taking this blend, and I can only take it up to 7, because past that is dangerous.

Though my mom who is a nurse, said that maybe the infection is gone and that there is more to it, that I possibly could have irritable problems with my urethra that's causing me discomfort/irritation while I urinate. So what should I do? Does it sound like I'm on the right track to being cured? What else should I do if not? Could my mom be right?

Replied by Jennifer
(Sunrise, Fl, Usa)

A bladder infection is nothing to play around with. I've had a kidney infection before from ignoring a bladder infection and let me tell you, it is not fun. A persistent bladder infection can cause serious damage to your kidneys or scarring of the urethra if untreated.

Usually, when I feel a bladder infection coming on, I take ACV and it goes away. Some people have success with using probiotics. All the remedies I would suggest to you it seems that you have tried already. If you've tried everything and your bladder infection hasn't gone away, you should really go on antibiotics. I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but a bladder infection can cause some serious complications if not treated quickly and properly. If you are still having some discomfort, it means your bladder infection is still hanging on (or you've caused some damage to your urethra by not treating it properly). If you are worried about the side effects of antibiotics, take probiotics to replenish the "good" bacteria in your system.

I know it's expensive to go to the doctor, but depending on what state you live in, pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens and Target have walk-in clinics that will treat you for UTIs/bladder infections for under $80. Generic antibiotics are also usually not very expensive. I think you should go and not wait any longer. Home remedies are good when they work, but if they aren't working for you, you shouldn't put off seeking professional treatment.

Best of luck to you, Jennifer

Replied by Jfrost231
(Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States)

Well, not to be rude, but I simply can't go to a clinic or a doctor. My family doesn't have the money right now, I have the choice between going to the doctor or not eating for an entire month, that's how my financial situation. And anyway, my mother who is a nurse told me that the infection would have traveled to my kidney's by now, and she said the symptoms would be very bad back pain, a fever, blood in my urine and extreme pain during urination. I don't have any of the symptoms of a kidney infection, my mother is going to check me to see if I have any cysts on my or near my urethra that might be causing discomfort.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

The real cranberry juice treatment worked for my chronic urinary tract infection when NO antibiotics did. You need to buy the real cranberry juice and NOT the cranberry juice mixtures sold at grocery stores wich have very little real cranberry juice in them.

I was prescribed this treatment by a urologist when all the antibiotics failed to work. You drink three cups of cranberry juice per day preferably on an empty stomach. If it works it works fast. It did for me in about 2 weeks when nothing else did....Oscar

Replied by Chuck
(Calgary, Alberta)

Cranberry juice works perfect for UTi especially with d-mannose combined, works like a miracle.

Replied by Chuck
(Calgary, Alberta)

Drink 100% cranbery juice 3x a day, take d-mannose at least 3x a day and in 2 weeks you most likely gonna be good as new.

Replied by Maria
(Frankfurt, Germany)

Try purple or red grapes juice without sugar. It helped me a lot in clearing my UTI during pregnancy but I also took Ted's sea salt remedy and after one dose of one ts of sea salt in one glass of water drank water with 1/4 ts of sea salt in one litre water regularly. According to Ted' s instruction drinking more water without sea salt makes the UTI worse. You must more drink water but with sea salt. I am now almost eight month pregnant. I never have further UTI during my pregnancy. Whenever I visit my doctor every month I start drinking red or purple grapes juice and water with sea salt four days before and my urine report is always clear without any infection. So I am thankful to Ted and Earth clinic for treating my UTI with natural remedies as I don't want to take antibiotics during my pregnancy. I hope that it will help you. Good luck.

Replied by Jamie
(Lake Worth, Fl)

At the health food store I get cranberry capsules. You dont have the calories or other ingreedients from juice. Its also just seems easier to take.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dolores (Oakland, Ca) on 09/04/2011


I have been chronically getting Bladder/UT infections on and off for the last 20 years (yes, I know. YOWZA! ) By my late 20's it was diagnosed as a condition called CYSTITIS... With speculation that at this point in development, it could be IC (interstitial cystitis). I was not born with this condition. It began when I was 17 years old and at the time was triggered by sex. I had all the symptoms: frequency of urination, pain after urinating, inflammation of bladder (swollen tummy), and at some point inability to hold urine.

In the very beginning, I went to a Western traditional doctor and was prescribed anti-biotics. From this point on the infection never seemed to entirely go away and I continued taking anti-biotics, on and off for the next 5 years... As doctors really could not explain my body's resistance... Over this 5 yr course of time (on & off) I took: Bactrim, Cipro, Macrodantin and at some point Tetracycline... Basically ladies & gents, it was a bit of a nightmare.... Again and again, the bacteria developed resistance.

Eventually, in my mid 20's, I found myself with the best medical (and temporary!! Hahaha! ) insurance coverage and began seeing a Urologist. I had many, many tests & a few Xrays done to determine if it was a physical deformity in my "plumbing". Everything came out negative. Even the Urologist seemed suprised. In the end of the conversation, his medical advice was "Dont worry, "it" (the bacteria) will burn itself out".... 10 years or so after, well.. It hasnt, my body is still recovering/restoring/regenerating from the damage done by anti-biotics... Yet, it is manageable (many lifestyle adjustments)....

I came on here today, simply to just caution those from the overuse and abuse of anti-biotics as a false sense of hope... It seems like a good idea at the time yet it is a dire "trade-off" for most patients... What may seem like healing or a cure in that moment, to just to be able to experience relief... BE MOST CAREFUL AND AWARE WITH YOUR BODY!!! If you find you are experiencing reoccuring bladder/UT infections I recommend:

alternative medicines/treatments: Chinese medicine/treatment, Holistic herbal medicine, stress management, diet and general lifestyle adjustments.

General herbal treatment/healing food diet support :

"Healing herbal soup broth"

handful herbs of horsetail, parsley, cornsilk, uva Ursi, cleavers, usnea (some herbs are easier to find than others.. try natural health food stores or co-ops etc.)

pinch of fresh Oregano

several cloves of garlic (the more the better)

4 cups of Spring/distilled water

Cook for 1/2hr (the longer you let sit the better, I find making a new pot of broth while I have some in hand.. Keeps the body flushing) strain... drink throughout day...

Diet ( this has great significance, especially while fighting off an infection):


#1-SUGAR (even natural fruit sugars), dairy, greasy or fried foods, spicy foods, chicken, shellfish, tomatoes, coffee, sodas, alcohol.

Healing diet:

GREENS, GREENS, GREENS!!! Fresh everything is best. REAL/WHOLE FOODS, nothing processed, no junk food (do your best, your body will thank you in the long run)... explore and get creative with your diet!!! We are what we eat!!! Whether you juice it (google juicing), or make yummy healing stews or use all the colors of the rainbow to knock out a jaw dropping salad (easy on any weird supermarket salad dressings: try lemon, olive oil, flax or sesame seeds, sea salt, black or white pepper)...

I eat mostly vegetarian (just easier on my digestive system) yet, if eating meat.. Find out where your meat/fish/poultry etc... Is coming from and what is in it. Meaning, if you can, stay away from the "factory animal farm"....


flush out with:

1.Apple cider vinegar (suprise! )... Try not to overdo if using long term... the ph balance in the body is in the center of acidic and alkaline (for most, ideally, leaning more alkaline)...

-----2Tbsp. of ACV in 8oz. Of Spring/distilled water... drink throughout the day

2. Drink 1 gallon of Spring/distilled water a day is best... Yes, I did say a gallon.. The more the better... combine with dilution of unsweetened cranberry juice if you feeling too amphibious

3. Pure, unsweetened cranberry juice or cranberry pills

4.Vitamin C (at least 3, 000 a day)

5. Garlic ( raw or pills ) throughout day

6. Probiotic (acidophilus---take daily in general.... pills can be used overnight as vaginal insert for irritation/itchy, stinging etc as well as diluted tea tree oil) ...

7. Drink Herbal Soup Broth throughout day... (very soothing.... ) The healing herbal soup broth recipe can be "tweeked" here and there for your taste buds, more veggies can be added in for more of a healthy meal.

Well, the best of health to everyone. Stay positive, count your blessings and dont forget to breath deeply... Expand that ribcage and release!!!

Replied by Frankie
(Madison, Al, Usa)

I used to have a recurring bladder problem, very painful. I tend to avoid doctors, so I once tried treating myself with cranberry juice and it hurt like H__.

Four years ago, I finally realized that acidity was causing the problem to begin with and went on an alkaline diet for two months. I have had no recurrence, and I no longer have to follow an alkaline diet [I am basically 'paleo' except for some occasional raw milk].

(for the information of those who prefer whole food healing rather than supplements, even natural ones.)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Erin (Tacoma, Wa) on 07/10/2011

Here's what I do when I get a bladder infection:

Little to no sugar during treatment

Raw veggies/juice and a little fruit only

Unsweetened cranberry juice, sip throughout day

Every two to three hours, take:

one chopped clove garlic

one tsp coconut oil

2 Tbsp acv

If you are not used to lots of garlic, you might want to throw a gas-aid in there per instructions on the box because it can get pretty painful! Once I can wake up in the morning with no discomfort (usually day 2), I continue this regiment for another 24-48 hours to make sure there are no lingering bacteria.

Hope this helps!