Bladder Infections
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Effective Natural UTI Remedies for Quick Relief

Multiple Remedies
Posted by L J (Los Angeles ) on 03/21/2015

I just read your comment on taking various remedies for what u think is a bladder infection. To begin with the bladder is not located under your right rib, that's where the liver is located the bladder is on the lower left side of the body down below your stomach..I think you had a gallbladder attack and should definitely seek medical help. Or at least take something for Gallstones.. Xoxo

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dolores (Oakland, Ca) on 09/04/2011


I have been chronically getting Bladder/UT infections on and off for the last 20 years (yes, I know. YOWZA! ) By my late 20's it was diagnosed as a condition called CYSTITIS... With speculation that at this point in development, it could be IC (interstitial cystitis). I was not born with this condition. It began when I was 17 years old and at the time was triggered by sex. I had all the symptoms: frequency of urination, pain after urinating, inflammation of bladder (swollen tummy), and at some point inability to hold urine.

In the very beginning, I went to a Western traditional doctor and was prescribed anti-biotics. From this point on the infection never seemed to entirely go away and I continued taking anti-biotics, on and off for the next 5 years... As doctors really could not explain my body's resistance... Over this 5 yr course of time (on & off) I took: Bactrim, Cipro, Macrodantin and at some point Tetracycline... Basically ladies & gents, it was a bit of a nightmare.... Again and again, the bacteria developed resistance.

Eventually, in my mid 20's, I found myself with the best medical (and temporary!! Hahaha! ) insurance coverage and began seeing a Urologist. I had many, many tests & a few Xrays done to determine if it was a physical deformity in my "plumbing". Everything came out negative. Even the Urologist seemed suprised. In the end of the conversation, his medical advice was "Dont worry, "it" (the bacteria) will burn itself out".... 10 years or so after, well.. It hasnt, my body is still recovering/restoring/regenerating from the damage done by anti-biotics... Yet, it is manageable (many lifestyle adjustments)....

I came on here today, simply to just caution those from the overuse and abuse of anti-biotics as a false sense of hope... It seems like a good idea at the time yet it is a dire "trade-off" for most patients... What may seem like healing or a cure in that moment, to just to be able to experience relief... BE MOST CAREFUL AND AWARE WITH YOUR BODY!!! If you find you are experiencing reoccuring bladder/UT infections I recommend:

alternative medicines/treatments: Chinese medicine/treatment, Holistic herbal medicine, stress management, diet and general lifestyle adjustments.

General herbal treatment/healing food diet support :

"Healing herbal soup broth"

handful herbs of horsetail, parsley, cornsilk, uva Ursi, cleavers, usnea (some herbs are easier to find than others.. try natural health food stores or co-ops etc.)

pinch of fresh Oregano

several cloves of garlic (the more the better)

4 cups of Spring/distilled water

Cook for 1/2hr (the longer you let sit the better, I find making a new pot of broth while I have some in hand.. Keeps the body flushing) strain... drink throughout day...

Diet ( this has great significance, especially while fighting off an infection):


#1-SUGAR (even natural fruit sugars), dairy, greasy or fried foods, spicy foods, chicken, shellfish, tomatoes, coffee, sodas, alcohol.

Healing diet:

GREENS, GREENS, GREENS!!! Fresh everything is best. REAL/WHOLE FOODS, nothing processed, no junk food (do your best, your body will thank you in the long run)... explore and get creative with your diet!!! We are what we eat!!! Whether you juice it (google juicing), or make yummy healing stews or use all the colors of the rainbow to knock out a jaw dropping salad (easy on any weird supermarket salad dressings: try lemon, olive oil, flax or sesame seeds, sea salt, black or white pepper)...

I eat mostly vegetarian (just easier on my digestive system) yet, if eating meat.. Find out where your meat/fish/poultry etc... Is coming from and what is in it. Meaning, if you can, stay away from the "factory animal farm"....


flush out with:

1.Apple cider vinegar (suprise! )... Try not to overdo if using long term... the ph balance in the body is in the center of acidic and alkaline (for most, ideally, leaning more alkaline)...

-----2Tbsp. of ACV in 8oz. Of Spring/distilled water... drink throughout the day

2. Drink 1 gallon of Spring/distilled water a day is best... Yes, I did say a gallon.. The more the better... combine with dilution of unsweetened cranberry juice if you feeling too amphibious

3. Pure, unsweetened cranberry juice or cranberry pills

4.Vitamin C (at least 3, 000 a day)

5. Garlic ( raw or pills ) throughout day

6. Probiotic (acidophilus---take daily in general.... pills can be used overnight as vaginal insert for irritation/itchy, stinging etc as well as diluted tea tree oil) ...

7. Drink Herbal Soup Broth throughout day... (very soothing.... ) The healing herbal soup broth recipe can be "tweeked" here and there for your taste buds, more veggies can be added in for more of a healthy meal.

Well, the best of health to everyone. Stay positive, count your blessings and dont forget to breath deeply... Expand that ribcage and release!!!