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Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Bladder Infections. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.


Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 10/24/2020

Thursday I was having abdomen pain but figured something I ate didn't agree with me. The pain got worse and worse. At bedtime I used a castor oil pack, which always seems to help. But it didn't this time. I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep. I was pretty sure it was a UTI but was starting to worry that something worse was wrong. I was very close to waking up my husband to drive me to the ER. I finally had the presence of mind to get some frankincense oil. I dumped many drops onto my hand and massaged it into my abdomen (lower center, where the pain was). Within 20 minutes the pain was improving. I was able to sleep in spite of discomfort and some chills. In the morning I took my temp and did have a fever of about 100*. My husband made me very strong plantain tea (1/3 cup dry leaves to one quart boiling water. Steep 30 minutes. Sweeten with a little honey and add some lemon juice.)

I drank hot apple cider with a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it.

Later in the day my neighbor got me some 100% cranberry juice which I mixed with apple cider.

I continued to apply frankincense throughout the day. By afternoon my fever was gone.

Today I am still tired. I made more plantain tea and am drinking my cranberry juice in apple cider.

Honestly that bottle of frankincense oil saved me a trip to the ER. I just ordered another bottle. Definitely an "essential" oil in my book!

~Mama to Many~

Avoid High Oxylate Foods

Posted by Syd (New Mexico) on 08/20/2020

I get HORRIBLE cystitis when I eat high oxalate foods. It took me a while to figure it out. (I had FOUR tests that showed I had no infection, so I figured that it must be something, and then I came upon oxalates. I was having spinach smoothies every morning, plus lots of almond butter, and when I stopped those the cystitis went away. (You have to stop slowly or you'll "dump" a lot of oxalates and that is horrible.) every time I tried to reintroduce oxalates to test this, the cystitis came back.

Oxalates certainly may not be an issue for everyone, but it's useful to rule out.


Posted by Art (California) on 08/16/2020 2136 posts

Having an alternative to antibiotics for UTIs is a useful thing for at least three reasons. One, antibiotics can have significant side effects and two, bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics and if you are prone to frequent UTIs, you can eventually run out of reasonable antibiotic options. Three, antibiotics can kill needed good gut bacteria and thus lead to further complications.

The active component against UTIs in cranberry/cranberry juice is D-Mannose, a common supplement. D-Mannose is much more potent and works by binding to the E.coli bacteria preventing the bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract surfaces and bladder interior surface, allowing the bacteria to be safely flushed away when urinating, preventing the infection from spreading or continuing to exist. Because of this method of action, bacterial resistance to D-Mannose does not occur because D-Mannose is not attacking the virus, but rather just binding to it. This can become a major problem with antibiotics which the bacteria become resistant to.

Another issue with antibiotics is that they tend to destroy the gut bacteria both good and bad and this can contribute to more UTIs in the long run if good gut bacteria is destroyed that would normally keep E.coli controlled. Here is a link to a study where they show that D-Mannose can be used as a preventative for frequent UTIs in women who are prone to these infections, but my experience is that it is also effective in men, but women get significantly more UTIs than men :

Many people who have frequent UTIs develop bacterial resistance and then stronger and stronger antibiotics are needed to try and fight the UTI, but these more potent antibiotics can bring a myriad of side effects that nobody wants or needs! For example, one highly potent antibiotic that can be used for UTIs is Ciprofloxacin / Cipro and this particular antibiotic has the well known side effect of causing torn tendons and ligaments and blown achilles tendons (OUCH!). I wrote about this serious issue in another EC post and explained how to help repair some of this ligament and tendon damage.

D-Mannose is thought to be effective only against E.coli based UTIs which means it will not likely work for all UTIs, but it will work for the majority because E.coli is the most common cause of UTIs at approximately as high as 90% of cases. most common bacteria found, 90 percent of the time

D-Mannose can also be used as a preventative against UTIs when traveling to help prevent a UTI from getting started in the first place. Here is a link to typical D-Mannose supplements and powder :

All you need to do is mix the powder with water and drink it down or take the capsules, all per label directions.

Two other simple preventatives is to void as soon as the urge is felt so that the urine does not sit in the bladder longer than it has to in an environment that can be conducive to bacterial growth. The second preventative is the use of probiotics such as L. rhamnosus, L. reuteri and L. casei shirota.


Corn Silk

Posted by Terry (Canada) on 05/04/2019

Corn silk works wonders for my dog's incontinence. He was suddenly dripping and peeing in his sleep even though he has never peed in the house in his life. I see that most of the posts have been about female dogs and their spay incontinence but I just want to say that corn silk capsules eradicated my adult male dog's incontinence by 99%.

He is a 70lb dog and I give him one capsule per meal twice a day. I also time when he gets water but not reduce the total amount of water given to him. This way he would not have to hold for as long. In two weeks he went from dripping in his sleep every day to needing to go out earlier than his potty breaks. We listened to him when he would indicate wanting to go and slowly his schedule was back to normal. It has been a month and a half and he stopped having incontinence completely. I will likely give him cornsilk long term since it is inexpensive and effective as incontinence prevention.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Rea (Brisbane, Australia) on 09/30/2018

Hi there,

I had the UTI coming on and took ACV. I know it works as I have used before with great success. However it does take awhile to get into your system and I needed to pee now! I had and empty small spray bottle filled equal measure of ACV and water and sprayed, yes sprayed down there and oh the relief was instant. I used it each time I needed the bathroom and no pain. It was quick and easy no sitting around in sitz baths. Simply the best treatment. No pain instant relief!

Lemon and D-Mannose

Posted by Siri (London, Uk) on 07/10/2018

I have been getting cystitis on average twice a year for over 25 years.. I used to just get antibiotics and drink cranberry juice but they don't work for me anymore so I started trying natural remedies. After over a month of battling with limited success, I tried this:

First I drank a half pint size glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into it.

Then 10 mins later I took a heaped teaspoon of D-Mannose (extract of cranberries).

Within half an hour I could tell it was working, now the infection was a bad one so I had to do it again about an hour or so later. Then again 4 hours later. Then once more the morning after. In the days after that, if I ever felt it threatening, I just drank the lemon water and that was enough to stop it.

It's worth noting that I had been taking D-Mannose prior to trying it in combination with lemon with very limited success.

Baking Soda

Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/03/2018 233 posts

Recent UTI affliction had me in a lil discomfort and a lot of annoyance, mostly confined to the proximity of the toilet. I made plantain tea but only had enough leaves for one cup, my prior experience showed requirement (and great results) from 3 cups. Took some vitamin c, Olive leaf, and grapefruit seed extract, large dose of LI but when I found blood in urine I really had to act.

Recently reminded of the benefits of baking soda, I knew raising the alkalinity of my body would be beneficial and immediately consumed a tsp with glass water. About an hour later I took another tsp, this time with 'medicinal' kombucha (kombucha second fermented with parsley, lemon buds and rosehips) instead of acv, purely because I have more kombucha because I make it, and good tsp or two of coconut oil.

I did this mix twice more that evening, taking the baking soda and water to bed with me so when I got up through the night I could take it. By bedtime I had had much improvement but in the morning everything was back to normal. Relief!!

A precaution I had read regarding UTI/bladder infection was if you didn't treat it long enough it would reach the kidneys and cause more problems. At the same time, baking soda is recommended for improving kidney function so I didn't really see a problem. Have continued to take two doses daily of the baking soda for a total of three days. I am now recommitted to the use of baking soda and used it on my son's chalazion which was soothing while acting as a poultice. If I had uti again I would go for the plantain, the results were almost immediate, but if unavailable because of travel, etc, my second choice with absolute confidence would definitely be the baking soda. Best to all.

Himalayan Salt

Posted by Art (California ) on 06/01/2018 2136 posts

A friend recently had a UTI / bladder infection that was resistant to just about everything tried. I suggested the ever popular Himalayan Pink Sea Salt remedy since there was some on hand and that UTI is now a faded memory in three days or less!

One half teaspoon in a cup of water 3 or 4 times per day.


Olive Leaf, Activated Charcoal

Posted by Daea (Wichita, Ks) on 01/02/2018

I have now successfully cured my UTI and kidney infections multiple times with olive leaf extract. I thankfully came across this life-saving remedy after frantically searching for alternatives to antibiotics after several trips to the hospital for my chronic and severe UTIs.

I take 3-4 capsules of olive leaf extract (standardized Olive Leaf 250 mg with 20% oleuropein) with each meal then take 2 capsules of activated charcoal 2 hours after and 2 hours before my next meal. I alternate these steps 3 times per day until all symptoms are gone. I then decrease to 2 capsules of Olive Leaf with each meal for 2 more days without the charcoal. (Not sure if this is necessary but Olive Leaf is safe so it can't hurt).

This week I received proof of how well this works: I started experiencing UTI symptoms and took a home UTI test that came back positive for leukocytes. I immediately began my Olive Leaf & Activated Charcoal protocol. Only two doses in, I had a urinalysis and blood work done and there was no sign of infection, bacteria or an elevated white blood cell count. WOW! I know it works well but was surprised because I was still experiencing some symptoms. Amazing!

Uva Ursi

Posted by Simay (West Tisbury) on 10/15/2017

I suffer from UTIs virtually every time I have sex. I just started dating someone new, so that has resulted in my getting a UTI about once a week for a few weeks now. In the past I tried taking D-Mannose and drinking unsweetened cranberry juice but that never helped. I used to take baking soda just to ease the burning sensation but of course that wasn't a cure either. A few weeks ago I went through an emotionally stressful time, during which I also developed a UTI that spread to my left kidney and I had to go to the ER and take a round of antibiotics, which I never want to resort to.

I had read about uva ursi in the past but there was never much solid feedback out it so I disregarded it for a long time. After the kidney episode, I was even more desperate to find an herbal remedy since it seems this issue is not going away for me. So I decided to give uva ursi a try.

I purchased two ounces of the dried leaves at my local health food store. I went home and weighed out 1 ounce on my herb scale and put it into a quart sized mason jar. Then I poured boiling water over the leaves and filled the jar to the top. I let it steep for twenty minutes. Then I strained out 1 cup of the infusion and drank it down.

PRAISE UVA URSI! It took away the burning sensation it just over an hour! I couldn't believe it! I mean I really couldn't believe it, it was just too good to be true. I continued to drink the rest of the quart of infusion over the rest of the day and the next day. I was so happy that when I got another UTI I was worried it wouldn't work the same as it did the first time. BUT IT DID! I have now gotten three UTIs in the past three weeks or so and have used uva ursi in the same way each time and gotten the sams results. The burning sensation is completely eliminated in an hour or so. I have only had to drink the 1 quart of infusion over a two day period each time and by then the UTI is resolved.

I encourage you to try uva ursi infusion if you suffer from recurrent UTIs. I know there are some warnings out there about prolonged use being harmful to the liver but I only have to take it for about two days to get relief. Truthfully, I only have to drink 1 cup to get relief, but I drink a whole quart over a two day period to ensure full recovery.

Emergency Travel UTI Remedies

Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/02/2017

Remedies for UTI on the go - no pun intended. :)

This week I had to travel 800 miles by car on Monday with some of my family. I was feeling fine when we left but started feeling poorly within the first hour. I had stomach cramps and diarrhea, which I at first thought was from taking too much magnesium the night before. But the cramping and diarrhea did not stop and I felt worse and worse. I was not driving, at least. As the day wore on I realized I had a fever. The pain continued to get worse though the diarrhea ceased. However, I realized that I had bladder pain when I emptied my bladder. I was starting to suspect bladder infection, though the diarrhea really threw me.

Turns out that bladder spasms (I am pretty sure that was the actual cramping I was experiencing) can cause diarrhea. We stopped at a Stuff Mart as I couldn't find any type of health food store. I was thrilled to be able to find the following things that I had decided I would use in lieu of my usual remedies for a uti (I usually use plantain tea and frankincense essential oil.) I included turmeric because I wasn't positive it was not some sort of intestinal infection, though in the end, I don't think it was. Turmeric is anti-infective anyway.)

  • 100% cranberry juice ( to fight UTI)
  • 100% concord grape juice (to cut the cranberry juice)
  • Raw and organic apple cider vinegar (for acetic acid to fight uti)
  • Raw turmeric powder (for infection)
  • Charcoal tablets (for diarrhea and infection)
  • Chamomile tea (antispasmodic)
  • Black tea (astringent)
  • Raw honey (antibacterial sweetener for tea)

I also bought plastic cups, straws, and a mug.

I usually bring tons of remedies on a trip. This time I had brought nearly nothing since I usually carried it all around for naught, and I was going to be flying home and didn't want to have to deal with extra baggage.

Before leaving the parking lot, after buying my remedies, I put the following in a plastic cup:

  • 2-3 T. raw apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup cranberry juice
  • ¾ cup grape juice

And drank it as we drove on to our hotel.

The next day I spent in the hotel in bed. I tried to take a remedy every 2 hours.

I alternated between the vinegar/grape/cranberry drink and ½ cup milk kefir with about ¾ t. turmeric. (Not bad, actually.)

I also had mugs of chamomile or black tea with honey.

At night, when I woke up I would take charcoal tablets.

I realized I had an essential oil blend with me for my joints that had frankincense and juniperberry in it, along with several other oils, so I massaged that into my abdomen many times a day.

The second day I no longer had fever and the third day I was able to leave my hotel room though I continued with the remedies.

I was feeling a good bit better though I still had bladder pain unless I didn't move. I took a few doses of Tylenol over those days for pain.

By Thursday I was about 90% better and able to travel by plane.

All week I had only consumed my remedies, a couple of apples and some gingersnaps. I had no appetite at all and didn't really want to get my digestive system moving much while I was in the airport or on a plane.

It has been 6 days now and I feel completely myself.

I do not know how I went from not noticing symptoms to being so sick I was considering going to the hospital, but I did.

One thing I was pleased about was how pretty simple remedies and ones that can be found nearly anywhere completely eliminated the most painful uti I have ever experienced. I even was able to restock my charcoal supply without going to a health food store.

~Mama to Many~


Posted by Lisag (Maryland) on 08/11/2017

Urinary Tract Infection--Garlic/ACV/AC

I have been visiting this website for home remedies for over a decade. So I'm glad to be able to participate more usefully! Recently I had my 2nd uti. The first time it took almost 3 weeks to get succesful permanent results. This time around I knew I had to step up my game. I was determined to cure it without antibiotics. And I did! One thing I noticed that hasn't been talked about is the effects of raw garlic. This literally was my 'white knight' in shining armor. After a few days of going back and forth and sometimes even getting a worse infection, I was at a breaking point. 6 days in and still fighting it. Then I had a light bulb moment. Garlic. Garlic is one of nature's most avaible potent sources as a natural antibiotic. I luckily had fresh local garlic. Nice and potent. Chinese garlic tends to be a tad weak. But probably would work by consuming more. I peeled and sliced up 3 large cloves. Vigorously I chewed tiny slice by slice and drinking plenty of water. It will most likely burn but only temporarily. Taking small breaks from eating the garlic I would also add 2 tbs of ACV to a large full glass of water every 2 hours. While also drinking copious amounts of regular water. You have to pee it out!

Concerned of detox on the rest of my body, I also took 2 capsules of AC (activated charcoal). I would say I spread this out over 6 hours. By morning my bladder/kidney pain had subsided as well as having clear urine. ((Sidenote- I also chose to sit in opposite direction on toilet to help with emptying bladder))I continued with drinking ACV in water the next 2 days for good measure. I can't believe I forgot how powerful garlic is. Sure some people will avoid you like the plague(Garlic breath) but to me it's worth every funny face made cause atleast I can laugh! Next uti won't have a chance! Good luck to all.

D-Mannose and Turmeric

Posted by 2and1 (Philippines) on 04/06/2017

I had UTI 2 weeks ago and it was really bad. I usually go for antibiotics in these cases but have found out that antibiotics caused imbalance in my good & bad bacteria. I also have candida overgrowth, hence didn't want to further reduce my good bacteria.

Anyway, from reviews I tried the natural remedy, D-mannose. I took 1 tsp every hour, and drank a lot of water. I took so much water I was literally peeing every minute. After a while, the burning sensation will subside, and if you continue taking 1 tsp D-mannose every hour, it will be almost gone! D-mannose is amazing for UTI! However note that I probably was overdosing on D-mannose (out of desperation, really..), and I felt throbbing in my kidneys.. Must mean I was overworking my kidneys then, so I advise anyone to be careful on copying my dosage.

My UTI was gone in over just a day by dosing d-mannose 1 tsp/hour. However, the next day, it would come back! So I dose with d-mannose again, stop when the burning sensation subsides (also because at that point my kidney(s) would be throbbing), substitute only water (and a lot of it), but the next day it would again come back! Cycle continues 2-3 times until I figure I should take something to stop UTI from coming back.

So I substitute/mix my water with Turmeric, a natural antibiotic. I also took a lot of vitamin C. After drinking a lot of turmeric tea, and continuing to drink turmeric 2-3 days after UTI is gone from d-mannose, it never came back again! I'm so happy to have solved my UTI naturally.

Get rid of UTI: D-mannose, 1 tsp every hour. Reduce dosage to 1 tsp every 2 hours when burning sensation subsides, then further reduce to 1tsp every 3 hours, and so on..

Stop UTI from recurring (must step!! ): Take a natural antibiotic. I hear oil of oregano is effective too, but I didn't have that at the time so I used fresh/raw turmeric boiled in water to make tea instead.. Drink turmeric tea, or turmeric tea diluted in water (a lot of it...) 2-3 days even after UTI is gone.. This is crucial!

Happy healing!

Baking Soda

Posted by Claudia (Tx) on 07/29/2016

I have had bladder infections for 42 of my 65 years, starting at the age of 21. I'm guessing 100+ infections - and that is not an exaggeration. I learned early on, that I am seriously allergic to Erythromycin, which is a common antibiotic used for bladder infections. So, Cipro became the antibiotic they always prescribed. However, eventually the bacteria became resistent & the Cipro stopped working. It was at that time (about 8 years ago), that I was beginning to embark on my alternative medicine journey. I decided I needed to find a holistic approach to treat & prevent my frequent, painful bladder infections.

I tried all of the other remedies (and then some) listed here, with little to moderate success: Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV) Grapefruit Seed Extract Olive Leaf Extract Olive Essential Oil (EO) Cranberry Juice + Mannitol Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon juice SOLE' made with Himalayan Salt Colloidal Silver Rosemary EO Thyme EO Sage EO Plus, the above 4 combined in a tonic. If I was persistent enough, usually, after a several days to a couple weeks, the infection went away, only to return within a month - meaning all of the bacteria weren't killed off & they eventually multiplied and increased, to form a full blown bladder infection.

A couple years ago, I came on the idea of using baking soda, to alkalize my urine, which would stop the bad bacteria from growing. That worked fairly well. But occasionally, if I didn't use it for a week after the bladder pain stopped, eventually a low grade would return, meaning the infection was returning. I think the reason the baking soda works, is that the bad bacteria thrive in an acid environment. The baking soda (and ACV, for that matter) turn the urine alkaline - thereby creating a hostile environment, in which, the bad bacteria can't survive.

Then, after more research, I came to the realization that I was missing one important fact: Sugar feeds bacteria. As long as I eliminated all sugar from my diet (including fruit & honey), my infections went away a lot faster and didn't return. I haven't had an infection in a year and a half. I eat very little sugar these days. But, if I go out to dinner, and do eat a few bites of something sweet, I will take 1 Tablespoon of the below solution. This seems to counter balance the sugar, which might feed bacteria in my urine. I do my baking soda remedy differently than the above member Kelly (Vancouver, Bc) on 07/27/2016 mentioned.

I use 1/4 tsp of baking soda in water, 3-4 times a day. To make a larger quantity, so I don't have to get the baking soda out multiple times a day, I do the following:

4 level teaspoons baking soda 2 cups very hot filtered water 2 cups cold filtered water 1- 1 quart (32 oz) glass bottle.

Mix baking soda in hot water, until dissolved. Add cold water to cool the solution. Using a funnel, pour water into glass bottle. Do not use plastic bottle or utensils, as plastic molecules can leech into the solution. Its also important to drink plenty of filtered water a day. I drink 8-10 [8 oz] glasses spaced throughout the day. If I am outside in the Texas heat, of course I increase that to 12-16 glasses, depending on how much I perspire.

Each 2 Tablespoons = 1/4 tsp baking soda dose. I take 3 to 4 doses spaced out through the day. Since this tastes really salty, making it taste awful, I add the 2 Tablespoons to 8 oz of filtered water. It still alkalizes my urine, and is easier to take.

I would caution against taking several teaspoons a day of baking soda, without keeping tabs on the pH of the urine. Most people walk around with a total body pH of 4.5 to 6.0. Ideal urine pH is 7 to 7.5. Having a pH higher than 7.5 is just as detrimental as a lower pH. Taking too much baking soda could push the pH over the ideal 7.5. So, if a person is taking baking soda, it is important to test their urine pH at least 2-3 times a day. Don't test first thing in the morning, as the urine is more concentrated, after the bladder not being emptied 6-8 hours over night. PH test strips can be bought on amazon dot com - a jar of 100+ strips for approximately $11-13 USD.

Baking Soda
Posted by Kelly (Vancouver, Bc) on 07/27/2016

For A bladder infection:

Baking Soda!! Haven't taken antibiotics in years since I found this remedy. It works during all stages. You get pain relief almost instantly as the Baking Soda will raise the acid-base balance of the acidic urine and clean your whole bladder out.Depending on how badly your UTI has progressed (how long it went untreated), here is my dosing schedule:

  • Day 1: 1/2 - 1 tsp baking soda in dissolved in water 3 times a day
  • Day 2: 1/2 - 1 tsp baking soda dissolved in water 2 times a day
  • Day 3: 1/2 - 1 tsp baking soda dissolved in water 1 time a day
  • Day 4: 1/2 - 1 tsp baking soda dissolved in water 1 time a day
  • Day 5: 1/2 - 1 tsp baking soda dissolved in water 1 time a day

You can continue this treatment from 3-7 days depending on the severity of the infection. Its important to continue drinking this mixture once a day for a couple days after symptoms are gone to make sure that it will not come back. If your UTi is severe you can do 3 x a day for the first few days if needed.

Don't drink this mixture on an extremely full stomach, as you will get a horrible stomach ache, but some food is fine.

Remember to take your vitamins as baking soda will deplete you of essential vitamins and minerals, particularly B vitamins, folic acid and chromium. Take a Vitamin B supplement and other daily vitamins if you are worried.

Drink an extra glass of water after your glass with baking soda and remember to stay hydrated, you won't kick this thing unless you are clearing out your bladder, which will only happen with lots of water drinking..

Baking Soda, Grapefruit Seed Extract

Posted by Mountaingirl (Asheville, Nc) on 06/10/2016

I suffered from UTIs my entire young adulthood. It wasn't until I started eating healthier and generally living a healthier lifestyle, that they went away. Forward 15 years and I suddenly get the familiar feeling. I can't believe it. I turn to my usual herbal extract (Usnea/Uva Ursi) but the bottle I had was 15 years old.

This infection was aggressive. 2 hours within the first tingle, I had blood in my urine and I would estimate my pain level at a 7 or 8. I started taking the old extract and had some relief. Pain decreased to a 2/3. I only had enough for 3 doses, not enough to cure it.

I went to the store and found 1 more bottle of extract. I used it, as I had before but as soon as I finished the bottle, the feeling came back. I couldn't find any more extract so I purchased a $35 product with D-mannose and some use and other things. I was determined to fight this naturally and the blood in the urine had not returned, the pain was starting to increase to a 5 and my kidneys were beginning to ache - I knew I didn't have much time before I would have to go to the doctor. I also didn't want to use a $35 product.

I researched my old natural healing books and decided to follow the baking soda regimen used in WWII, before they had flu medicine (google: Mercola baking soda regimen) It starts with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in water every two hours. I use it for flu/cold successfully all the time and I figured this bacteria would be no different. I would NOT recommend using the suggestion to consume a tsp or more of baking soda at one sitting (google: baking soda poisoning).

I added to that, grapefruit seed extract which I also had on hand for successfully fighting cold and flu. I did 10-15 drops in 12 ounces of water, every 3 hours. This stuff is NASTY. I held my breath and it was still so bitter, I winced every time I drank it. I didn't want to mix it with juice and add sugar to my system.

I had cut out all coffee, all beer, all spicy foods, all simple carbs and sugar for 4 days. These are things I love. If I could do it, you can to :) I drank dandelion tea 1x per day. I drank LOTS of water. I peed often to remove bacteria from bladder faster.

So, essentially, for 2 days, I was taking baking soda every 2 hours and grapefruit see extract every 3 hours. When I went to bed, I had a glass of water with 1/4 tsp of baking soda that I would sip through the night. Plus the above additions.

In 2 days, the infection was gone...and this had been an AGGRESSIVE bacteria. I believe it would have been antibiotic resistant if it caused blood in the urine and such intense pain so quickly. It took me a full bottle of a tincture + other methods when normally one day and half a tincture bottle would have done it. I also believe that an increase in sugar and beer (we had gone to a party the day before)vmade my system week to the attack.

Olive Leaf

Posted by Lizabeta (New York, Ny) on 04/17/2016

I got a UTI and it turned into a kidney infection. I wanted to go the natural holistic route. I first tried what many suggested on EarthClinic such as D-Mannose, Cranberry juice and organic Apple Cider Vinegar. To my great surprise it did nothing for me. Absolutely nothing except turn my UTI into a Kidney Infection. I even tried Parsley tea, which helped, but didn't quite do the trick. I finally gave Olive Leaf Extract a go and was finally cured. In my case it took 4 weeks from the time of infection to when I was cured.

I took ONE capsule FOUR times a day spaced out, which was at least 1000mg of Olive Leaf Extract a day. I used two brands, one with Olive Leaf Extract with 250 mg per capsule and another Olive Leaf Herb Extract with 300 mg per capsule. When I ran out of one, I used the other. This miraculously and completely cured my problem. Folks, I was in serious pain urinating and experiencing terrible pain lower back (kidneys). I can honestly say this was the ONLY thing that worked for me. A family member even took the same dosage for kidney stones and they were cured after taking it for a month straight.

The only "negative side" to taking Olive Leaf Extract was that I had bowel movements ever other day as opposed to every day, but it was worth it. I also had to drink lots of high pH water. This was the easiest natural cure for my UTI turned Kidney Infection. =)


Posted by Jen (New York) on 03/20/2015

I've been struggling with UTI/bladder infection for the past year, and it's passed the tipping point where antibiotics are now part of the problem (they clear the infection, by my diminished flora can't protect me against the next one, so the cycle continues). I take high quality probiotics to restore my flora, but it's not enough. I'm sure many in this forum are familiar with the problem.

I went in search of a natural antibiotic, and I found one: horseradish. The German version of the FDA has actually acknowledged the power of horseradish in fighting certain bacterial infections, including UTI. It has to be fresh to work, but a tablespoon morning and night has been giving me real results. I chase it with a glass of pure cranberry juice with a teaspoon of powder d-mannose (morning and night), and usually have at least one glass of water with a teaspoon of d-mannose powder during the day (in addition to several glasses of plain water).

I wanted to share this because after trying almost everything (unsuccessfully), this seems to be working. I thought it was important info to share.

And a sidenote, for me at least, the d-mannose powder works much better than the capsule form.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Janine (Montana, Us) on 10/13/2014

Wow, I can't believe how much better I feel! I was getting a bladder infection tonight and went online to seek natural remedies for it after sitting on the toilet for half an hour trying to pee. I found posts about people taking baths with apple cider vinegar as well as taking it internally.

I didn't have much apple cider vinegar left in my bottle to be able to fill the tub with water and ACV, so I improvised and found an oval tupperwear container that was quite shallow. I filled 1/4 of it with Apple Cider Vinegar and the rest with hot but not scalding water. Then I squatted/perched over it, soaking my private parts in the Apple Cider Vinegar water. It eliminated the burning within 2 minutes. I stayed in this humorous position for about 10 minutes. I feel NO BURNING or PAIN or URGENCY TO PEE right now! I also took a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a large glass of water so I think that is going to help as well.

If you need immediate relief from a bladder infection, try this remedy. The immediate relief is truly amazing! By the way, I couldn't help but think as I was squatting in the tub that this is what women must have done in the olden days when there were no pharmacies to go to for relief. It feels like an ancient and comforting remedy, I must say. God Bless.

Medical Emergency Signs

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 07/12/2014


Hello all on this thread,

Let me just sound a warning on the dangers of lower tract infections. Self treatment is good to consider but ...

IF the urine is cut off completely or nearly completely and you feel that urine is backing up...enough to start becoming painful...DO NOT play around with this condition...quickly you need an emergency room for a catheter. As much as many of us on this site would try to avoid standard medical treatments, do not mess around with a condition that can be potentially life threatening. If the urethra becomes largely closed then urine backs up and if not dealt with can cause organ failure and death.

In a male, one might have dealt with numerous UTIs over the years, but if the Prostate becomes infected, for instance, then in hours the urethra can be closed down because the urethra runs through the prostate. You might think at the outset, Oh, another problem just take my favorite anti viral and its gone, but in another hour the bacterial infection has shut off the urine flow...complete urinary blockage...

Can you say "emergency"? In a mere three hours you can be doubled over in pain...get to an ER fast.


Posted by Amanda (Seattle, Wa) on 07/11/2014

D-Mannose is WONDERFUL. Like many women, I've gotten UTIs all my life, particularly after sex. I wish I had known about D-Mannose a long time ago, because it would have saved me from taking many courses of Bactrim and Cipro (and, as many of you know, the more antibiotics we take, the more resistant the bacteria become). D-Mannose works by attaching to e. coli and carrying it out of the urinary tract, so it's gentle on your system, and I have never noticed any side effects.

I recommend that you use the powder, rather than the pills. I didn't find the pills to be effective, especially when there's already an infection present- they might be more effective for prevention. The powder only tastes a bit sweet, like a mild sweetener, and dissolves easily into any liquid. If I have an infection, I'll take quite a bit of it, up to two tablespoons, several times a day. And then I drink a lot of water to aid it in flushing the bacteria out. My other recommendation is to buy it online, because it will be half the price it is at a store. I use the subscribe and save program on Amazon and just have it delivered regularly so I never run out (which, as I have learned, can become an unpleasant and desperate situation resulting in buying a bottle at Whole Foods for $36). As a nurse who used to work in a nursing home, I wish doctors knew about this stuff- so many of the elderly patients always had UTIs and were constantly on antibiotics. I wish more women knew about it, too...which is why I'm posting here! I hope my post will help some poor soul find relief, without a trip to the doctor and a script for unnecessary antibiotics.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Marigold (Somewhere) on 02/24/2014

ACV for UTI: It worked for me! I would not have believed it if I hadn't tried it. A couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. I repeated it every 15 minutes to half hour. After three doses, I waited half an hour then drank 1/4 tsp of baking soda with water to settle my stomach. Three and a half hours after starting this treatment, I had absolutely NO pain, no more blood in my urine, no more urgency!

I didn't follow through with the protocol, so a week later it was back. I repeated the ACV and water treatment, once again it took 3-1/2 hours and again, no pain. I continued taking ACV and water three times a day for a few days after.

The following week I had my checkup at the doc's office. I told her what I had done. She got the lab result from my urine sample, said it was normal. I was stunned. I truly thought there would be some bacteria left and I'd still have to be on some antibiotic.

So try it and continue with the ACV for several days. Hopefully you'll have the same good results that I did.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Adam (Las Vegas) on 08/10/2013

I have been paralyzed for 19 yrs and started having severe bladder infections immediately after my accident. I started using sterile gloves w iodine catheter kits that cost over 25 dollars a day and I still got them. After ten yrs of cipro and literally 200 to 300 infections the bacteria became resistant. I tried cranberry supplements and d monnase as well as other remedies and nothing worked. It seemed I would be on antibiotics forever. I have taken cipro, macrobid, bacterium, kelphlex , I have taken them all... Now after 19 years and over 500 infections (2 or 3 a month) I'm glad to say I have found a natural cure!!! I had an infection that macrobid was not fixing, so I thought I would try apple cider vinegar ( acv). I started by taking it w baking soda but realized after a few days the Apple Cider Vinegar was all I needed.... I read 6 tablespoons a day was the max u should take so I doubled it due to my severe infections and battle hardened bacteria.. By drinking 12 tbs or 6 ounce a day spread out (8am, 12pm, 5pm, 10pm) I saw immediate results. I use a catheter I pee into empty water bottles and recommend sufferers do the same So u can gauge the quality of the urine and adjust the Apple Cider Vinegar accordingly. The urine tells the tale evrytime and u can tell how the Apple Cider Vinegar is working by the clarity of your urine. I didn't get organic Apple Cider Vinegar either, I just used an old Safeway brand I had in the fridge. This is a life changer for me and the stress of recurring infections is gone!!!


Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 04/20/2012

I had a chronic urinary tract infection no antibiotitics worked for. The urologist I was seeing at the time told me to drink one cup of pure cranberry juice 3 times a day. The cranberry juice cocktails commonly sold have little real cranberry juice. You need the real thing, pure cranberry juice for this to work. Anyway the infection cleared up in about a week or two of this treatment. I had had this infection for years and it was slowly getting worse. The cranberry juice treatment worked for me....Oscar

Distilled Water

Posted by Sarahbelle (Bryan, Ohio) on 01/06/2010

Uti or interstitial cystitis and acid/alkaline

Please read this if you have a UTI or IC!!

I have been researching and this is my conclusion: Your urine is either too acid OR too alkaline. It may have caused bacteria to grow, or if cultures couldn't detect bacteria, it could just be irritated as in IC. I always read that my urine was too acidic. When I tried to make it more alkaline I was even more miserable! Once, when I was taking a barley powder product for it's health benefits, my bladder got worse. It was too alkalinizing. I read that DISTILLED WATER was very acidic, so I chugged a gallon that day. What a relief! (One wouldn't want to drink distilled water for more than three days, as prolonged use can be detrimental, but it is easy on the struggling kidney and bladder.)

Make sure you know if your urine is too acidic or too alkaline before you treat yourself. You can buy testing strips at a pharmacy. The doctors in our rural area would think I was weird if I started talking about natural cures and acid/alkaline. Be your own doctor if possible. Best wishes.


Posted by Liz (Shelton, Washington) on 10/31/2009

Dandelion is free. Recently used it to cure bladder and kidney infections in both my granddaughter and my daughter. Used the dried leaf which I had collected and dried. It really does work. Use one rounded teaspoon per six to eight ounces of boiling water. Let it steep for at least five minutes before drinking. If the infection is severe two rounded teaspoons may be used per cup. Do not use dandelion leaves that have been sprayed with chemicals or that have been collected from along roads or highways. I have very old dandelion plants that grow leaves that obtain 14 inches in length and 8 to 9 inches wide and collect them every year to dry. Dandelion also makes a good body cleanse and was used by the pioneers as a spring tonic. Some people do not care for the taste of the tea so adding a mint tea and some honey to it improves the taste. My daughter says she doesn't mind the taste.