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D-Mannose, Garlic, Alkaline Pills

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Posted by Webgal (Richmond, Va) on 10/25/2010

I've been having chronic, unabated urinary tract infections for years. I actually ran across this site looking for sinus infection cures and decided to share my secret for no UTIs. I was plagued with these and my life was miserable until I started doing this. How I discovered my regimen:
I was at restaurant and they served garlic soup. Right after, I realized symptoms of UTI were gone. I almost did not go to the dinner because of the pain of the UTI. Made the soup and that worked but can't make it all the time. So here is my daily regimen for keeping away UTI

Garlic pill (odorless). 1 in morning, 1 at night
1 D-mannose per day. (Sometimes when I feel symptoms, I do one at night)
Vitamin C every day. I take a liquid Vit C

Also I use an alkaline pill I found at the health food store every once in a while. No UTIs since I began doing this.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I am not sure about the odorless garlic pills as I have just read that they don't have the same work as fresh garlic because the pungent odor means that you are getting the good stuff. I think that it makes sense..... But it is a good idea about using the garlic against the UTI. I don't have a lot anymore but I will try if I ever have one again! I hate antibiotics..... I just add crushed garlic through my food, no problem or sometimes in the salads.

D-Mannose, Lemon

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Posted by Diana (Cheshire, Uk) on 10/02/2017

Hi, I'm 48 and have been getting uti's since I was 16. Antibiotics don't work for me anymore, so in desperation I searched for a natural cure.

I tried a number of things, acv, bicarb, herbal mixtures, d-mannose, garlic, fasting, cranberry.

A month in, the d-mannose was the most helpful by far and kept it at a low level but wasn't fully getting rid of it. I was having to take copious amounts and the test strips never went to less than a light purple.

Until I tried this (inspired by a feedback comment on Amazon): half a lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water, drink that and then about 10 mins later, a heaped teaspoon of D-Mannose.

Half an hour later the test strip was completely clear of leucocytes! I repeated this every few hours for a day or 2, then a maintenance dose once a day in the morning for the next few weeks.

I call it citricide lol and it has been a miracle for me. I am posting it on here in the hopes it might help others.


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Posted by Liz (Shelton, Washington) on 10/31/2009

Dandelion is free. Recently used it to cure bladder and kidney infections in both my granddaughter and my daughter. Used the dried leaf which I had collected and dried. It really does work. Use one rounded teaspoon per six to eight ounces of boiling water. Let it steep for at least five minutes before drinking. If the infection is severe two rounded teaspoons may be used per cup. Do not use dandelion leaves that have been sprayed with chemicals or that have been collected from along roads or highways. I have very old dandelion plants that grow leaves that obtain 14 inches in length and 8 to 9 inches wide and collect them every year to dry. Dandelion also makes a good body cleanse and was used by the pioneers as a spring tonic. Some people do not care for the taste of the tea so adding a mint tea and some honey to it improves the taste. My daughter says she doesn't mind the taste.

Dandelion Tea and Oregano Oil

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Posted by Shelley (Nova Scotia) on 06/04/2006

I tried almost everything, conventional and alternative. Finally found my cure-dandellion tea and Oil of Oregano at first sign of infection and as a preventative I take acidophillus supplements try to keep the bacteria balanced. If I stick to these three products I can keep my bladder under control. Basically cures my bladder infections and the infections are occuring less often as times goes by. I hope this helps someone else because I was very discouraged when I finally found this "cure", I had spent a lot of money and time trying to find relief. When I went into my health store and said I think I have tried everything here, do you have any suggestions, they offered me the oil of oregano and said they had never heard any bad results. Great stuff!!

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Rose (London, Uk) on 01/15/2012

Never had this condition before and had frequent urination (no discharge) for over 6 weeks (all during Xmas) and 3 lots of antibiotics. Finally, found this website and started taking own action. Thanks ladies for your advice. One more thing to add to the discussion in addition to all the other remedies. I decided to drastically change my diet. Cut out all foods with added sugar (yeah, all the nice stuff - cakes, chocolate, etc. ), cut down all yeast foods and replaced with rye bread/flat bread/crackers etc. Replaced regular tea/coffee with decaff and mint tea. Used honey instead of refined sugar. Cranberry juice and water instead of alcohol. It's a toughy but I have to say it's working. I've been free for over a week.. Not long I know but it feels better than nothing. What's more, the weight is coming off too! Don't recommend this forever, but was tired of seeing doctors and thought it time to take myself in hand! Hope this helps. Good luck to you all.

Replied by Dallas
(Amesbury, Ma)

I too, have had to change my diet. Due to the fact that every time I took antibiotics, the UTI would come back right away as soon as I stopped taking them and the antibiotics have caused tendon damage and nerve damage, I had to quit taking them. I have tried many many home remedies, which have helped somewhat, but not cured the UTI. Being Celiac, I have cut out all gluten, all grains, and also sugar and all my food allergies, which are many (including cranberry). Strangely enough, and I would sure like to know if anyone else has found this to be true, weak coffee seems to be the most helpful - always clearing up the urine about 15 minutes after I drink a cup. I know that almost every website on the subject, if not EVERY website, condemns coffee for this but - go figure!

Replied by Hilajay
(Ashland, Oregon)

I was glad to see your post as I thought I was crazy. Yes to the weak coffee. That's so interesting! Espresso is not helpful, but drip with lots of fluid is very helpful and I always have an improved stick test. I believe it speeds the delivery of the UTI-herbal-stuff that I put it in, It seems to alleviate the pain and give me a boost over the fatigue.

Dietary Changes
Posted by B (Fair Lawn, NJ) on 02/25/2009

I would like to let you know that urinary tract infections can be caused by candida yeast as well as bacteria. If you have the symptoms and are having trouble getting over it by taking the standard cranberry and D'Mannose remedies, consider yeast, particularly if urine analysis is clear. I found this out after the infection got much worse following a breakfast of homemade cookies and pancakes. Then I noticed on another popular site a person had the same symptoms, pain, light brown spotting in the front of underwear, constant feeling of having to urinate, etc. This was after the doctor laughed, told me my urinalysis was clear and I was just dehydrated and overreacting.

What helped me was to cut out sugar and wheat, and take raw garlic, oil of oregano, OSHA root and coconut oil. Not sure which one helped the most, but after two weeks, I just wanted to get better, and I did.

Replied by Kiks
(London, Uk)

Diet can definitely be a factor. I had chronic "infections" but no bacteria was being picked up in the urine tests. As I was also suffering with stomach problems I cut out gluten and within a few days felt like a new person! I found out I'm severely intolerant to gluten, and eating any irritates my bladder within an hour (along with my stomach).

Interestingly some children wet the bed when they eat gluten--it's all related!

Distilled Water

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Posted by Sarahbelle (Bryan, Ohio) on 01/06/2010

Uti or interstitial cystitis and acid/alkaline

Please read this if you have a UTI or IC!!

I have been researching and this is my conclusion: Your urine is either too acid OR too alkaline. It may have caused bacteria to grow, or if cultures couldn't detect bacteria, it could just be irritated as in IC. I always read that my urine was too acidic. When I tried to make it more alkaline I was even more miserable! Once, when I was taking a barley powder product for it's health benefits, my bladder got worse. It was too alkalinizing. I read that DISTILLED WATER was very acidic, so I chugged a gallon that day. What a relief! (One wouldn't want to drink distilled water for more than three days, as prolonged use can be detrimental, but it is easy on the struggling kidney and bladder.)

Make sure you know if your urine is too acidic or too alkaline before you treat yourself. You can buy testing strips at a pharmacy. The doctors in our rural area would think I was weird if I started talking about natural cures and acid/alkaline. Be your own doctor if possible. Best wishes.

Replied by Nicole
(Rochester, Ny)

Distilled water forever! It will not harm you! Rainwater is naturally distilled, and the "acidity" of distilled water is extremely weak, though low on the scale. The reason distilled water will cure a bladder infection is that it is the most cleansing water in existence, with full ionic capacity for flushing toxins, metabolic by-products, and pathogens.

Emergency Travel UTI Remedies

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/02/2017

Remedies for UTI on the go - no pun intended. :)

This week I had to travel 800 miles by car on Monday with some of my family. I was feeling fine when we left but started feeling poorly within the first hour. I had stomach cramps and diarrhea, which I at first thought was from taking too much magnesium the night before. But the cramping and diarrhea did not stop and I felt worse and worse. I was not driving, at least. As the day wore on I realized I had a fever. The pain continued to get worse though the diarrhea ceased. However, I realized that I had bladder pain when I emptied my bladder. I was starting to suspect bladder infection, though the diarrhea really threw me.

Turns out that bladder spasms (I am pretty sure that was the actual cramping I was experiencing) can cause diarrhea. We stopped at a Stuff Mart as I couldn't find any type of health food store. I was thrilled to be able to find the following things that I had decided I would use in lieu of my usual remedies for a uti (I usually use plantain tea and frankincense essential oil.) I included turmeric because I wasn't positive it was not some sort of intestinal infection, though in the end, I don't think it was. Turmeric is anti-infective anyway.)

  • 100% cranberry juice ( to fight UTI)
  • 100% concord grape juice (to cut the cranberry juice)
  • Raw and organic apple cider vinegar (for acetic acid to fight uti)
  • Raw turmeric powder (for infection)
  • Charcoal tablets (for diarrhea and infection)
  • Chamomile tea (antispasmodic)
  • Black tea (astringent)
  • Raw honey (antibacterial sweetener for tea)

I also bought plastic cups, straws, and a mug.

I usually bring tons of remedies on a trip. This time I had brought nearly nothing since I usually carried it all around for naught, and I was going to be flying home and didn't want to have to deal with extra baggage.

Before leaving the parking lot, after buying my remedies, I put the following in a plastic cup:

  • 2-3 T. raw apple cider vinegar
  • ½ cup cranberry juice
  • ¾ cup grape juice

And drank it as we drove on to our hotel.

The next day I spent in the hotel in bed. I tried to take a remedy every 2 hours.

I alternated between the vinegar/grape/cranberry drink and ½ cup milk kefir with about ¾ t. turmeric. (Not bad, actually.)

I also had mugs of chamomile or black tea with honey.

At night, when I woke up I would take charcoal tablets.

I realized I had an essential oil blend with me for my joints that had frankincense and juniperberry in it, along with several other oils, so I massaged that into my abdomen many times a day.

The second day I no longer had fever and the third day I was able to leave my hotel room though I continued with the remedies.

I was feeling a good bit better though I still had bladder pain unless I didn't move. I took a few doses of Tylenol over those days for pain.

By Thursday I was about 90% better and able to travel by plane.

All week I had only consumed my remedies, a couple of apples and some gingersnaps. I had no appetite at all and didn't really want to get my digestive system moving much while I was in the airport or on a plane.

It has been 6 days now and I feel completely myself.

I do not know how I went from not noticing symptoms to being so sick I was considering going to the hospital, but I did.

One thing I was pleased about was how pretty simple remedies and ones that can be found nearly anywhere completely eliminated the most painful uti I have ever experienced. I even was able to restock my charcoal supply without going to a health food store.

~Mama to Many~

Enterococcus UTI Remedies

Posted by Moka (Ny) on 08/13/2015

I have been fighting an enterococcus UTI for 3 months now, being gram positive it does not respond to the usual d-mannose nor cranberry.

  • I tried oregano EO, 1 drop in 1 tsp of olive oil multiple times/day: did not help.
  • I tried a product UTI-clear with uva ursi, echinacea and other herbs: did nothing.
  • I paid $190 a homeopath who sold me $160 worth of useless products that did absolutely nothing to "fix my terrain" (his words).
  • I am now trying Goldenseal tincture 3x/day.
  • If this doesnt work I will try olive leaf.

If that won't work I am at a loss as this bacteria is antibiotics resistant.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Moka (NY) --- try ozonated water. Namaste, Om

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U MOKA, , , , , , , , , , , have learned that ozonated water will handle most UTI infections including cancer . Suggest you invest in a cheap non medical device and try. Gas (ozone) dissolves best in ice water. See u tube.

All would appreciate your response.

Wish you the best. ======ORH======

Replied by Memi

Hello Moka,

I am sorry to hear that you have been fighting an enterococcus UTI for such a long time. I also have a UTI caused by enterococcus, and can't get rid of it with antibiotics. I was wondering if you have found a solution? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Replied by Bekah

Hi, if you're still suffering, I recommend cayenne pepper, and grapefruit seed extract.

Replied by Kita
(Brooklyn Ny)

I know I'm late but just in case you're still suffering try garlic. Garlic is known to kill bacteria that's resistant to antibiotics. I had the same issue as you. I started eating two to three cloves of garlic a day. I would dice up a clove and swallow it down like a pill. Within a day I noticed improvement. Three days in I was soooo much better. I now eat garlic routinely as a preventative and haven't had any issues since.

Replied by Tina

Hi Monka, I just read your post and I do realize is from a while back but I am experiencing the same issue. Any luck in getting rid of the enterococcus uti? I was diagnosed about 3 months ago with enterococcus UTI when they did a urine culture. I experience extreme urgency and frequency, no burning, no pain. I was on 3 rounds of different antibiotics: macrobid, amoxicillin and septra or bactrin 10 days each based on sensitivity test but it didn't clear up. At the end of the antibiotic treatment I feel good and the lab count shows lower bacteria but then slowly I start experiencing the symptoms again and the count goes up. I tried everything including natural treatments: uva ursi, colloidal silver, garlic, juniper tea, grape seed extract, oregano oil, tea tree oil, sitz baths and I take probiotics and vit C every day. My doctor wants to put me on another antibiotic which I am very skeptical now to take. I eat healthy and I drink lots of water. I am desperate and frustrated, this is impacting my life terribly, I don't know what else to do. I always follow personal hygiene and live a healthy lifestyle, I am otherwise very healthy female 39 yrs old. Reinfection is not the case as it would be technically impossible. I want to try another natural treatment while I wait to see a specialist. Please let me know if you managed to treat it.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Tina,

Wow, you have tried a lot of things. A couple of things I would consider trying in your situation (which have worked well for me for UTI's) would be castor oil, charcoal and plantain.

Castor oil as a pack over the lower abdomen with a heating pad overnight. (My heating pad has one setting - very low - so no risk of burning, though it is not recommended to use them overnight.)

Activated charcoal - either internally or as a poultice.

Plantain tea. Seems too simple but has worked for me for UTI's (not sure which bacteria caused mine, though.) But when you look up enterococcus and plantain into google, the first hit comes up with a book that mentions using plantain for enterococcus. To make plantain tea I put several tablespoons in a quart jar and pour boiling water over it and let it steep an hour or so. I strain and consume the tea over the course of the day. I repeat this several days in a row or as needed.

I hope you find a solution. Please let us know how it goes.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mrs A
(London, Uk)

To Tina of Ontario - What you want is grapeFRUIT seed extract (not grapeseed extract - but read up about it first, to make sure you're buying the real thing). In addition to taking drops of it - and perhaps even more importantly - put (say) ten or twelve drops in a small bowl of water by the loo, and give yourself a wipe every time you go.

Replied by Maria

Hi Tina, Have you tried coconut oil? I NEVER have had UTI in the last five years after taking coconut oil 1 tablespoon a day daily. Whenever I feel a slight burning sensation during urination I take at once 1 extra tablespoon Coconut oil in a warm cup of milk.Until than next morning no more discomfort. Try it you will feel the difference.

Replied by Anon

Is it possible you are reinfecting yourself through food or drinks, such as contaminated milk or juice? Or even tap water? A reusable water bottle or contaminated shower head? Even soap?


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Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 10/24/2020

Thursday I was having abdomen pain but figured something I ate didn't agree with me. The pain got worse and worse. At bedtime I used a castor oil pack, which always seems to help. But it didn't this time. I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep. I was pretty sure it was a UTI but was starting to worry that something worse was wrong. I was very close to waking up my husband to drive me to the ER. I finally had the presence of mind to get some frankincense oil. I dumped many drops onto my hand and massaged it into my abdomen (lower center, where the pain was). Within 20 minutes the pain was improving. I was able to sleep in spite of discomfort and some chills. In the morning I took my temp and did have a fever of about 100*. My husband made me very strong plantain tea (1/3 cup dry leaves to one quart boiling water. Steep 30 minutes. Sweeten with a little honey and add some lemon juice.)

I drank hot apple cider with a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it.

Later in the day my neighbor got me some 100% cranberry juice which I mixed with apple cider.

I continued to apply frankincense throughout the day. By afternoon my fever was gone.

Today I am still tired. I made more plantain tea and am drinking my cranberry juice in apple cider.

Honestly that bottle of frankincense oil saved me a trip to the ER. I just ordered another bottle. Definitely an "essential" oil in my book!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Charlotte (North Carolina) on 01/06/2018


I recognized the beginnings of a UTI and started drinking ACV and more water, but when I started rubbing a couple of drops of Frankincense Essential Oil on my lower abdomen did I see results. I saw results within one day. I continued to rub several drops on my lower abdomen for a week and haven't had anymore symtoms of UTI. I am now two weeks past the original symptoms of UTI and haven't had any more more problems. I have recently tried to employ essential oils to take control of my health and am happy with the results.

Posted by Arie (Singapore) on 02/20/2011

UTI occurence is very periodic for me, I get it almost every month just before my period and sometimes, just because I ate something sweet. I've read about the coconut oil and ACV and am waiting for it to be delivered when I suffered from another attack.

As you know your mind gets fogged, you are in a constant dull pain, and you SIMPLY CANNOT GET TO SLEEP. There was certainly some despair.

I popped a garlic pill, vitamin C, drank water..... Nothing.

In desperation, I recalled watching the TV with this really old man talking about steaming a mixture of myrh, frankincense and some other ingredient that I can't remember, to subside inflammation.

Since I was travelling and have about 4 oils with me, I decided to go with my frankincense.

I dropped 2 drops onto a panty liner and wore it to bed.

Thankfully I fell asleep quickly and when I woke up in the morning, the pain that I usually experience EVERY MORNING when I visit the toilet, IS GONE.

I am in awe. For days my mornings had been associated with visits to the toilet and weird smelling pee. I cannot describe how troubling it had been and am truly happy I found some sort of a remedy.



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Posted by Lil (Europe) on 11/01/2022

Hi, can anyone comment on my experience please?

I'm obviously run-down....don't sleep well at all, over-weight and trying to lose it all the time plus the fact it's been a full-on summer and I'm dealing with a traumatic family I ended up with a bout of cystitis recently, which I've only experienced maybe 3 times in my almost 60 years.

It's lasted 2 weeks and I've been using cranberry juice and bicarb, then I decide I'd go the garlic route, rather than go for antibiotics.

To which end, I sliced up a very large, strong, fresh clove of garlic and macerated it overnight in a pint of water and then drank the whole lot in the morning except for a few bits of the clove which I chewed. As well as this, I made a strong garlic butter and left that overnight as well, before eating it on crackers the next day (and finger-dipping cos I love it so much! ).....

3 days later and I have a large mainly painless lump on my lower gum but no pain in my teeth, and a small painful (when I press it) on the back of my head on the diagonally opposite side to the gum problem.

What I am wondering is, if the garlic is routing any infection and pushing it out of my body by any means? As I sit here typing I'm sucking on a clove of garlic, having found the brilliant post all about infection in the mouth and garlic!

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to this interesting and invaluable site.

Posted by Lisag (Maryland) on 08/11/2017

Urinary Tract Infection--Garlic/ACV/AC

I have been visiting this website for home remedies for over a decade. So I'm glad to be able to participate more usefully! Recently I had my 2nd uti. The first time it took almost 3 weeks to get succesful permanent results. This time around I knew I had to step up my game. I was determined to cure it without antibiotics. And I did! One thing I noticed that hasn't been talked about is the effects of raw garlic. This literally was my 'white knight' in shining armor. After a few days of going back and forth and sometimes even getting a worse infection, I was at a breaking point. 6 days in and still fighting it. Then I had a light bulb moment. Garlic. Garlic is one of nature's most avaible potent sources as a natural antibiotic. I luckily had fresh local garlic. Nice and potent. Chinese garlic tends to be a tad weak. But probably would work by consuming more. I peeled and sliced up 3 large cloves. Vigorously I chewed tiny slice by slice and drinking plenty of water. It will most likely burn but only temporarily. Taking small breaks from eating the garlic I would also add 2 tbs of ACV to a large full glass of water every 2 hours. While also drinking copious amounts of regular water. You have to pee it out!

Concerned of detox on the rest of my body, I also took 2 capsules of AC (activated charcoal). I would say I spread this out over 6 hours. By morning my bladder/kidney pain had subsided as well as having clear urine. ((Sidenote- I also chose to sit in opposite direction on toilet to help with emptying bladder))I continued with drinking ACV in water the next 2 days for good measure. I can't believe I forgot how powerful garlic is. Sure some people will avoid you like the plague(Garlic breath) but to me it's worth every funny face made cause atleast I can laugh! Next uti won't have a chance! Good luck to all.

Garlic, ACV, Cranberry Capsules

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Posted by Prairie Girl (Canada) on 08/11/2022


After ingesting sugar the evening before (peanut butter chocolate pieces) and eating fruit (blueberries) for breakfast, yesterday afternoon, I felt the nagging early symptoms of a UTI coming on while I was in my car. I was tempted to go to a walk-in clinic to get Macrobid, but I didn't have time and wanted to see if I could treat myself without taking it.

Thankfully, I had previously stashed a bottle of apple cider vinegar capsules in the car. I immediately took 2 capsules with water (preferably take them with a bit of soup, salad, or a green veggie smoothie to avoid stomach ache). I then drove to the grocery store and bought garlic capsules, a bottle of pure unsweetened cranberry juice, and a green cabbage. Within half an hour, I started taking those, too (not the cabbage), alternating 2 capsules every half hour while drinking a bit of juice in between.

As I had meetings and couldn't return home despite my discomfort, I kept running to the washroom between plying 2 garlic or ACV capsules and a 1/4 cup of juice every half hour or so. After about 1 to 2 hours, I then slowed down and alternated the 2 capsules at an hourly rate or longer with lots of water and a bit of food. After 2-3 hours, the slightly painful UTI symptoms and constant urge to run to the washroom subsided.

Today, I woke up with no strong symptoms but continued with the same plus I ate a tablespoon of raw cabbage salad for breakfast (no added sugar - cabbage is a known anti-parasite that helps, too). All good.

I think the trick is to treat the niggling symptoms EARLY and not delay taking the supplements. (*If you can't get to a grocery store and can't keep fresh cranberry juice at work or in the car, keep cranberry capsules on hand instead).



Garlic, ACV, AND Cranberry capsules (or preferably, bottled unsweetened cranberry juice if you are close to a store that sells it)

bottled water

a non-sweet snack (even starchy/high carb potato chips or popcorn will suffice if you can't access fresh food)

Let me know if it works for you.

Replied by Wendy
(Dublin, OH)

I've also been plagued with UTI symptoms over the very many years, and can now literally recognize them a mile away! My urologist recommended D-Mannose as a preventative as it prevents the bacteria from building up on the wall of the bladder. Well, I've been using it regularly for the past 3 months, and have had no UTI symptoms for awhile. Of course, staying off sugar and "bad" carbs definitely helps!