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Posted by Bj (Michigan) on 08/31/2015

While I am a pro-advocate of ACV, it was not a protocol that worked for me for UTIs or bladder infections.

Having had too many UTIs to even count in the last 40 years, I researched long and hard to find something to prevent them rather than just treating them. Knowing that use of antibiotics caused me to have chronic candida issues, several years ago I began using Ted's borax protocol to eradicate the candida. The positive side effect that I have had is I have not had a UTI in 6 years. I have not had a recurrence of the kidney stone issue that I once had. (Once was more than enough).

I used the woman's dosage of 1/8 teaspoon in a liter (quart) of water, sipped throughout the day. I did 4 days on, 3 days off. I did this for several months. Then reduced it to every other month for several months. I now use the protocol several times a year, for a week or so, particularly before during and and after traveling as I tend to have issues with water in other parts of the country and the world. I take a small container of borax with me while traveling and just add a small pinch to water that I drink.

If I get even a small inkling that a UTI may be starting, I start drinking borax water, right away. And within the hour it disappears. In such cases I usually add a pinch to every glass of water throughout that day. It has always taken care of it.

No UTIs in 6 years, no antibiotics in 6 years. No craving sugar or starches either.

Hope this may,


Bromelain and Quercetin

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Posted by Vicki (Arizona) on 04/16/2021 4 posts

Seven or eight years ago, I paid a nurse on the phone on the internet to help me she suggested I take bromelain and quercetin as I had had three and a half years of bloody UTIs! The doctors were no help at all. They kept giving me antibiotics, which never worked. One time I saw about a half an inch of sand in the urine cup. The lab never caught it and it never got recorded! So it could have been kidney stones!

The pain was so severe, it would put my blood pressure up into the stroke range. This was three and a half years of this! Never got any help from any doctors ever! Oh, actually there was one doctor he was a GYN and he prescribed estrogen cream to put up in the vagina every few days a very small amount and that helped tremendously.

Also several nurses said off the record they thought it was Interstitial cystitis since cranberry juice, even unsweetened, would make it worse!

The bromelain and quercetin pills were the answer! They are both enzymes. The bromelain is in the pineapple and green apples and red onions go on my salad with Romaine lettuce and flax seeds and whatever else I want to pile on there with real olive oil from either Italy or Israel and that red vinegar.

Of course, drink plenty of water 20 oz of water first thing in the morning 20 oz before bed and I'm a hundred 25 lb. If you're heavier, drink more. Also, another key is hydration very important hydration means eating the right foods. The minerals you need come from the foods, the water just carries helps carry it around. Drink a cup of water every hour, and don't drink out of plastic bottles.


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Posted by Julie C (Louisiana ) on 10/22/2023

I started getting UTI's frequently after sex with the hubs and did not want to continue taking the dreaded antibiotic poisons. So I searched for some answers here and tried them all! ACV, helped but not a lot. Oregano oil better but not great, did help with the pain. D-mannose, somewhat- maybe more for overall bladder health support. And many other things...all lessened the pain but even after a week or so of one or all of the above, it wasn't 'cured'. After going down the rabbit hole of CDS, I discovered that taking 3 drops of it in water every hour diminished the pain greatly! And after 8 days of 3 drops every hour for 8 hours (not at night) and increasing the drops depending if feeling Herxeimey of not - got up to 6 drops - the UTI was gone!! Hadn't had one in months!! Praise!! Then - got one. Dang it!! But right away I started taking the 3 drops every hour, after several hours I took 4 then 5. I'm on day 2 of taking the drops and the pain is pretty much gone!! This will be my go to for a UTI from now on. The meds given out like candy for the white coat peddlers are not for me anymore!! For more info on CDS - Dr. Kalcker is a great source! I hope this helps you! Xo

Chinese Herbs

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Posted by K (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 11/29/2008

Just thought I would let everyone in on my long history of UTI's. I have had them since I was 10 months old and I am now 23. There is these herbal vitamins that I picked up from the china town herbal store and I SWEAR by them!!! U take 5 .. 3 times a day with hot water and it goes away instantly. I would write the name of them but Its in chinese. I will look it up and get back to you all.. also I read some peoples stories about getting yeast infections, and I have never had one in my entire life so you might want to switch your medication. I also asked my doctor for 3X the amount of medications so that I can start taking them right away when my UTI is really intense. We all know how they feel OUCH! Also try taking warm baths!

Replied by Bour0245
(Greenwood, Nova Scotia)

I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the chinese capsules or tell me the name of the store you got them from.

Replied by Cathy

Does anyone know the name of these? Or can figure out what it might be? Most TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine's) have English names. For example, I take "Liver Soothe" (English name) but its TCM name is: "Shu Gan Wan".


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Posted by Jim (Bellingham, Wa) on 08/31/2010

Cinnamon as a curative for UTI (urinary tract infections). Use/mix with toast or small yogurt. Stumbled on this when researching the topic of UTI's. So my wife gave it a try and... Bingo. Situation solved. Now a regular part of her diet. Also, when our female dog was passing blood the vet. wanted to schedule an operation he thought things were so bad. Took her home and just thought before we brought her back we would give her some yogurt with cinnamon. Next day urine looked perfect and brought the vet a sample. He was in disbelief as she tested normal. We've told many people about this as it is easy, cheap and really works. So for people and pets try it. Just a teaspoon seems to do it. We give it daily to our pets for years and never a problem since. Hope this post helps someone.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Sounds great but do read about the side effects of cinnamon on this site! I was quite surprised to find out that cinnamon is not completely safe. I do have bladder infections once in a while but I wouldn't take it on a regular basis!

Replied by Joven

Hi I would like to say thank you in advance to Jim of Bellingham, me and my wife were so worried about the bladder infection. We didn't know what to do really until I searched and found out that cinnamon and yogurt will be effective on uti /bladder inpection. Thank you Jim, my wife will try it so we can end the problem, thank you very much and god bless you all.

Citric Acid Supplements

Posted by Megan (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada) on 04/22/2013

Wondering. Have any of you ladies tried magnesium citrate or calcium citrate to help treat this? How did it work for you? How much did you take? I just read that one theory is that oxalate in your diet builds up and when excreted in urine it may cause pain/irritation/discomfort over time and that these supplements inhibit the growth of oxalate crystals. Any thoughts? Anyone tried? I've put myself on so much stuff it's getting expensive any advice would be good. Thanks!!!!

Clove Oil

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Posted by Jenn (Arizona) on 02/06/2015

I just took 2 drops of clove oil in a glass of water for a bladder infection and I feel 50% better in just a couple of hours. Was in terrible pain. I also took some cranberry extract pills with it. But I think it was the clove oil that worked because the cranberry didn't work prior to adding the clove oil. I also inserted a fem-dophilus pill into the vaginal area because a scientist I worked with said that if I want something to get into the bloodstream fast put it on the vaginal lip area. This didn't take away my infection until I added the clove oil. I have found that clove oil is the best thing for bacteria infections, I have injected it into my gums for a gum infection I could not get rid of for years after 2 unsuccessful surgeries. It works better then any other natural antibiotic I have tried.

Club Soda

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Posted by Doc Sheila (Toronto, Canada) on 08/09/2009

Club Soda cure, I have been using ordinary club soda for many years now for urinary infection, burning sensation on urination and also constipation. I am a homeopath and I suggest this remedy to my clients it work magic each time.

On reading the ingredients in club soda I notice that the main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate,sodium citrate, potassium sulphate( potassium sulphate is known as Kali sulp) a homeopathic tissue salt for urinary infection detox and diabetes,other ingredients

they also add carbonated water for the fizz. Try two eight ounce glass daily, you may add lemon for addition flavour.

Please let me know if other individuals have this experience.

Replied by Tricia

I hadn't heard of club soda for uti's but it is an age old remedy here in ireland for heartburn. (Thanks to Ted, now I know why it works) I discovered it when I was pregnant and afraid to try any other medications or remedies in case I hurt my baby. This stuff was a godsend. It is essentially the same as teds recipe with added carbonated water. Teds remedy works out an awful lot cheaper though.

Another one that I used when I was pregnant was club tonic water for leg and foot cramps. It contains quinine and seemimgly this is what a doctor will give you in tablet form for this ailment anyway.

Replied by Carolyn
(Sacramento, Ca)

I am currently taking D-mannose for a recurrance of a UTI after Cipro (some surprise right! ). Is it ok to take baking soda and water or club soda while still on the D-Mannose? I know that D-Mannose works by making the e-coli stick to the d-mannose molecules and then flush out in urination. I think that baking soda, club soda, and lemon juice all work because they make the urine alkaline. Does that interfere with D-Mannose? Interesting that Uva Ursi only works in alkaline urine. I thought that getting your urine alkaline was what cured the UTI. I'm confused!

Coconut Milk

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Posted by Renee (Bergen Co, NJ) on 08/15/2021

Thanks to all who posted about Coconut Milk for UTI.

I've used D-Mannose for years, plus Oregano oil capsules, with some success. For me, this is the most effective, least expensive, and the easiest option I've ever tried...I drank one can of regular Coconut Milk from the grocery store. I shook the can, poured it over ice, and added a few drops of liquid stevia for taste (stevia is optional - no worries if you don't have this).

UTI symptoms were gone in no time - I did catch this early, so it wasn't too severe. I was fine overnight, which is usually the worst time for me. I drank about 1/3 can today just to be sure and may continue this for a few days just to be sure it doesn't come back.

As an extra measure, even though my symptoms were already gone, I drank a liter of alkaline water last night and another liter today - bought from the grocery store.

Coconut Milk
Posted by Kimberly (Boston, Ma, Usa) on 03/25/2013

What a wonderful website! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Earth clinic.

I have suffered from severe uti's for years. Unfortunately, I'm one of the people who is asymptomatic until the infection is quite severe. It begins with urgency and discomfort while urinating and progresses within a couple of hours to bright red urine and extreme pain. This has caused several emergency room visits over the years and a lot of antibiotics. I have tried cranberry juice, the supplements and cranberry extract, however, none of these worked for me.

Last night when I, once again, woke up with symptoms, I was already calculating if I could hold out the six hours until my doctor's office opened in the morning. Because I was unable to sleep at all(visiting the bathroom every 10 mins), I began to peruse the web and came across this site where I read about others who had cured severe uti's with coconut oil and coconut milk. Desperate to avoid another emergency room visit, I went to the 24-hour supermarket. They didn't have coconut oil, but they did have coconut milk. I bought the full fat one thinking there would be more oil in that. At home I added ice and chugged one can down around 2am. Within an hour I began to feel the symptoms letting up. I fell asleep and when I woke up at 8am the symptoms were all but gone. I drank another can today and lots of fluids, but I am feeling fine: no fever, no pain, no urgency, nothing! I will probably continue to drink the coconut milk for a couple more days to make sure it doesn't come back.

I am truly amazed. It feels like a miracle.

Coconut Milk
Posted by Bern (Sydney, Nsw) on 07/14/2012

To the person who posted the email regarding the coconut milk and her friend who was hospitalised with kidney infection, I cannot thank you enough (so thank you, thank you, thank you). About three months ago I had a uti (urinary tract infection) that I could not shake - the usual symptoms being the feeling of a constantly full bladder, a nagging pain in my tail bone/coccyx/rectum, hot and cold sweats causing quick flushes. I was on my third set of antibiotics (keflex, norafloxacin, macrodantin (nitrofurantoin family of drugs) and fast losing hope of a remedy.

Then I consulted earthclinic. I tried the sea salt, the apple cider vinegar with organic cranberry concentrate and lemon juice, morning and night for about three days. Nothing. I still felt just as bad. Then I tried two tbspns cold presssed organic coconut oil with a cup of low fat coconut milk first up on the evening of the fourth day and then drank two cans of low fat coconut milk for the next two days. This was followed by a can of coconut milk mixed with a can of coconut water (refrigerated) each day for the following three days. I am now cured.

So this is what I think. The sea salt, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and cranberry concentrate might have all worked had I been at a minor stage of this illness. Past this initial stage, there was no effect. The first cup of coconut milk gave instant noticeable relief. I'll admit that I did sick up after the fifth cup (so it might have helped if I'd diluted it earlier with coconut water). If you're prone to uti (as I am), I have been drinking wheatgrass extract for eight months and never caught uti during this period, so providing an alkaline environment in your body inhibits uti. Also, coconut water is said to inhibit uti. (I cannot comment on providing an acidic environment because I'm not a regular drinker of apple cider vinegar). I heard somewhere that taking daily 2 tbspn organic cold pressed coconut oil assists with alzheimers. After curing my uti with coconut milk, I can only say, WOW, coconut appears to be one of these "super" foods.

Coconut Milk
Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 12/06/2009


Coconut milk does appear to work for a bladder infection, or UTI.

Ever since I had my daughter 4 years ago, I get chronic bladder infections, I'm prone to them. I get one about every six months. I've tried everything from the over the counter medications to cranberry supplements, syrups, and juices, Uva Ursi(which has worked for me a couple of times), and Apple cider vinegar(which is sometimes effective at getting rid of minor bladder infections in the early stages).

Last year, it went to my kidneys, and I became very ill. I had a full blown kidney infection. At that time I was on the apple cider vinegar trip, ( I was stubborn, my Mom kept telling me to just go to the doctor and get antibiotics, and I didn't listen till the last minute)and that did nothing for my kidney/bladder infection. When I finnaly broke down and went, they put me on STRONG antibiotics I was amazed at how effective they were at curing me, and within a week, my infection was gone, but then I got the worst yeast infection I've ever had in my life, and so I spent another week battling that, LOL!!!

Sometimes you need to break down and get antibiotics.

However...this time, although I did not have a kidney infection, just a bladder infection, and the antibiotics they put me on, weren't as strong, they really weren't working for me and I was getting frustrated, so I decided to try coconut milk.

The day I decided to try the coconut milk thing, I woke up with a nasty cold. I kid you not, within three days of drinking a can of coconut milk a day, the cold was COMPLETELY gone, and the bladder infection much, much better!!!

I've always had techniques to shorten the duration of my colds, like vitamins and teas and stuff, but I've never had a cold just be gone, in three days.

I've been having to deal with this painful bladder infection for 3 weeks now, and now it seems to be gone.

I drank about 5 cans of coconut milk in a three day period. Also, at first I didn't like the taste so I sweetened it with ice and sugar and it tasted awesome. By about the second day I didn't mind the taste so much so I just made sure to chill the can in the fridge before opening it. works!!! I'm amazed.

Coconut Milk
Posted by annie (London, uk) on 11/07/2007

I had a severe urine infection.I was going to he bathroom every 10 mins But found the cures within hours of drinking coconut milk. It is available from fresh coconuts but also in cans and cartons. A friend of mine's infection spread to the kidneys and had to be referred to hospital as the antibiotics were not helping and she was in severe pain. I recommended her this treatment within 3 days she was cured. She drank a glass of the coconut milk 5/6 times a day. Her tests showed the infection was completely gone and the kidneys were clear and healthy !

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Denise (California) on 05/16/2023


Urgent request re UTI, does Refined coconut oil help for a UTI?

Virgin coconut oil is helping with UTI, I quickly noticed the difference. At first it tasted good, but after 8 days of virgin coconut oil flavor, it now tastes unbearable to me. According to website both refined and virgin coconut oil have the same nutritional profile with 63% medium chain triglycerides, including 50% lauric acid. I've had refined coconut oil and it has almost no flavor, but will it help for a UTI? Some people on this website have posted information about refined coconut oil not being helpful for health conditions.

Thank you, Denise

Replied by Mama to Many

Hi Denise,

Well, it seems like trying the unrefined for your UTI would not hurt and might help! Let us know, please.

It seems like refining would not hurt certain aspects of coconut oil, but if whatever is helping with a particular issue is the same element that is responsible for the smell of it, then perhaps it won't help. I don't understand enough chemistry to know.

Check out the sea salt or baking soda protocols for UTI's and do that as well, if this is urgent. D-Mannose always works for me.

I do have chronic UTI's because of a structural issue. Just today I am starting Methylene Blue to see if that will help!

~Mama to Many~

(Kitchener On)

Hi Mana to Many,

I found the quickest and long lasting relief from my U.T.I. is taking 1 cup in morning and 1 coffee cup bedtime.

Put 1/2 tea spoon of Himalayan Salt in warm water, stir well and drink it.

Works like a charm..

Take care


Replied by Denise

Gary, thank you for your reply. Can you please clarify for me. One cup of what? coffee? Himalayan sea salt in water? Glad that it works like a charm for you! Do you personally just need 2 doses. (I ask because salt can make my urine overly alkaline, so I have to watch it. I can try to counteract the over alkalinity by eating some bread later on)

Replied by Denise

Thank you M to M. I will check out more about the sea salt and baking soda remedies. D-mannose only slightly helpful for me. Please let us know about methylene blue. I considered trying it.

Replied by Denise

Art, do you know anything about Refined versus unrefined/ virgin coconut oil?

2073 posts


I almost missed your post as it was pretty far back in the postings. The following links will explain the differences. I generally use unrefined VCO when I use it.

And this one : Coconut Oil is Better, , including 50% lauric acid.

I use a mix of other ingredients for UTIs so I have no experience with VCO for that purpose.


Coconut Oil
Posted by Jasmine (San Francisco, California) on 05/30/2009

Coconut oil cured by urinary tract infection. I took only one tablespoon a day.

I used "___ Coconut Oil" from Whole Foods.

I had a urinary tract infection with moderate to severe symptoms for approximately one week, and then mild to moderate symptoms for two weeks thereafter. I wanted to avoid antibiotic medication at all costs, seeing as the effects of those antibiotics can be as problematic as the problem itself. (Don't get me wrong -- I understand that sometimes you HAVE to take these things. But in this case, I wanted to find a way around it).

I spent the first few days chugging cranberry juice and drinking water. This was pointless and did absolutely nothing. I even used unsweetened, pure cranberry juice which was terrible to drink. It probably works for some people, but not for me.

Then I tried some random supplement especially formulated for curing UTI's from Whole Foods with cranberry extract and d-mannose. This worked better, but still not enough.

Next, after reading the reviews on this website, I tried apple cider vinegar. This helped, and reduced my symptoms of the UTI by about 40%. However, if I forgot the ACV for a day or two, the UTI would come back.

The only thing that worked 100% was coconut oil. I took a single tablespoon each day. It helped tremendously and cured my UTI. I don't know if coconut oil will work for everybody, but for some reason, it worked incredibly well for me. Since I only took one tablespoon in the morning, I imagine it would work very well if they took two tablespoon, one in the morning and one at night.

So before you try using antibiotics (which can be ineffective, especially if the bacteria develop a resistance to the antibiotics) *TRY* coconut oil. Just go to Whole Foods and buy cold-pressed coconut oil.

Replied by Bunny

How should I take the coconut oil, just drink 1 T off the spoon into my mouth or put it on or in some food/drink?

Replied by Sarah

Rub some on urethra. It will go up the urethra and kill the bacteria. Immediate relief.