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Natural Remedies for a Bladder Infection (UTI)


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Posted by Jimbo (Bogo, Philippines) on 03/13/2008
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cranberrie juice will cure uti infections in one day, buy a half gallon and drink it all day long, i have seen it work many times

Posted by Stella (Cleveland, Ohio) on 02/27/2008
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I had a pretty bad Bladder infection and did not want to take antibiotics so I bought cheap Cranberry pills at the drugstore, took 4 tablets 2x a day along with Tea tree oil mixed with Water and Hydrogen peroxide on the area with a cotton ball a few times a day and it started to go away within 24 hrs. I also took a bath in epsom salt.

Posted by Chanana (Aubrey, TX) on 02/08/2008
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I have had a handfull of bladder infections, and the minute I feel one come on I stock up on cranberry juice. I find that even when mixed with other juices, as long as it is primarily cranberry juice works well, you might just have to drink a little more of it. But it has worked for me every time.

Posted by Vicky (Victoria, BC, Canada) on 11/08/2007
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My doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine once prescribed real cranberry juice for a bladder infection. The stuff worked like a charm and faster than antibiotics. Apparently, there is an enzyme in cranberries that makes the lining of the bladder slippery so bacteria cannot grab on to it. Hence, they are just flushed out of the body. Real cranberry juice must be used, though, not the Cranberry Cocktail kind.

Posted by Cheska (Dahab, Egypt) on 08/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

If your cystitis/bladder infections are sex related try drinking a whole big bottle of mineral water after sex, this does mean you will be running to toilet all night but that is better then waking up in morning with that feeling of pissing razzor blades! It really helps me, the bacteria does not get a chance to get going as is being constantly flushed out. Also try to pee before and after sex. I also wash carefuly with a bottle of water with 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract in it to help steralise area. If you do develop an infection the next day take lots of cranberry tablets to try change your Ph levels as the bacteria cannot survive easily, lemon wedges or juice also help, stay well away from alchohol, sugar and anthing other then wearing lose cotton underware. Ensuring you get a good nights sleep aill boost your immune system and help fight any infection.

Posted by CC (Ypsilanti, MI) on 02/22/2007
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cranberry juice, peeing after sex and gatorade helped my reoccuring bladder infections. I drink 100% cranberry juice as soon as I feel one coming on and I also drink gatorade to help replenish my body during the infection. To prevent a bladder infection, I always pee before and after sex. Also, stay away from sugar during the infection.

Posted by Tina (Long Island, NY) on 02/10/2007
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In the past couple years I have suffered through lots of uti infections. I was going back and fourth to the gyno and everytime the gyno gave me antibotics which would work but then my uti returns with in weeks to months again. The doctors couldnt figure out why I kept getting them. I decided on my own to remedy. I take cranberry pills everyday. Also everytime after I have intercouse I pee and make sure I clean myself and luckily I have not had a UTI in almost six months I am so happy. I think antibotics do not solve the problem I think they make the antibotics make them worse. I belive in natural healing not drugs!

Posted by Anonymous (Tampa, FL) on 09/12/2006
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I had a really bad bladder infection. While waiting for the date of the Dr. appointment I began to drink 2-3 8oz of 100% Cranberry Juice twice a day and within 3 days, the frequent urination had stopped completely.

Posted by Christina (Silverdale, WA) on 06/04/2006
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When I have problems 'down there' as I call it, I always break out the 100% juice cranberry juice. If you're really brave you can try 100% cranberry juice straight, my sister said it cleared it right up, but tasted awful.

Posted by Joella (NYC) on 02/01/2006
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I drink unsweetened cranberry juice the minute I feel a bladder infection coming on. It usually helps. Best not to add sugar to it, but it is extremely bitter!

Replied by Elle

Definitely NO sugar/fructose/etc with a UTI. Just a small amount of sugar (as little as 1 tsp and there's a lot more than that in sweetened juices) can suppress our immune system, putting our white blood cells into a temporary coma. And your white blood cells are the immune cells which fight infections.

Alternately, you could dilute it (2:1 ratio, 2 part cran juice to 1 part water) and/or add some Stevia as a natural sugar-free sweetener.

Cream of Tartar

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Posted by Julie (Melbourne) on 11/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

The fastest remedy for urinary tract infections I have tried.

I am amazed that cream of tartar is not included in the list of remedies for UTI's.

I have been hounded by them for years but last year I had an incredibly bad time with them recurring, particularly in the summer when I was perspiring a lot in our intense heat. I would drink copious amounts of water to counteract this but would often end up with a weekly infection anyway.

I tried cranberry tablets, D-Mannose, apple cider vinegar without quick success. It usually took a week or longer of treatment to feel as though I was OK. Then, I found one post in my internet search, by a lady who suggested cream of tartar. As I have it in my pantry, that was an easy one. 1/2 tsp in a glass of water stopped the infection and ALL the symptoms dead. With the cream of tartar, the pain and discomfort, brain fog, disorientation and weakness, etc. all vanished WITHIN MINUTES.

With most remedies, they work for some and not for all, I agree. However, my husband started to get the burning sensation one night after not drinking as much water that day and I suggested he take the cream of tartar. Within minutes he was comfortable and that was the end of the UTI for him. He was amazed.

A few days ago I heard my sister had a serious infection with blood in the urine, brain mush as she calls it, weakness, etc. She had been suffering for four days, although she was taking many of the remedies mentioned here. She was no longer passing blood but still had all the other symptoms. I told her about this remedy and suggested she at least try it as she had nothing to lose. So, she popped down to the local supermarket and paid $3.75 for 125g (how cheap is that for something that works! ) She was totally amazed that her symptoms also left and she could go back to work with a clear mind - no more fog.

You only take it when you feel the symptoms appear, not as a preventative.

This is now our go-to remedy for UTI's.

Judging by the comments here, it is a shame that most people have not heard about this SENSATIONAL remedy. Nothing else has worked as fast as it does for us!! Most people I have known in the past with these infections, have to take other treatments for days or weeks before they start to feel well again.

If you have tried everything else, without success, or your favorite remedy is slow to work, you might like to give the speedy, but humble cream of tartar a try.

It is an old remedy used frequently for various diseases, by doctors before big pharma showed up.

Replied by Betty

I have cream of tartar will try it. I have been drinking a honey, vinegar, ginger hot tea and it seems to have helped. Now will try the C of T. Thank you.


did you ever try the cream of tarter? Did it work?


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Posted by Art (California) on 08/16/2020 861 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Having an alternative to antibiotics for UTIs is a useful thing for at least three reasons. One, antibiotics can have significant side effects and two, bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics and if you are prone to frequent UTIs, you can eventually run out of reasonable antibiotic options. Three, antibiotics can kill needed good gut bacteria and thus lead to further complications.

The active component against UTIs in cranberry/cranberry juice is D-Mannose, a common supplement. D-Mannose is much more potent and works by binding to the E.coli bacteria preventing the bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract surfaces and bladder interior surface, allowing the bacteria to be safely flushed away when urinating, preventing the infection from spreading or continuing to exist. Because of this method of action, bacterial resistance to D-Mannose does not occur because D-Mannose is not attacking the virus, but rather just binding to it. This can become a major problem with antibiotics which the bacteria become resistant to.

Another issue with antibiotics is that they tend to destroy the gut bacteria both good and bad and this can contribute to more UTIs in the long run if good gut bacteria is destroyed that would normally keep E.coli controlled. Here is a link to a study where they show that D-Mannose can be used as a preventative for frequent UTIs in women who are prone to these infections, but my experience is that it is also effective in men, but women get significantly more UTIs than men :

Many people who have frequent UTIs develop bacterial resistance and then stronger and stronger antibiotics are needed to try and fight the UTI, but these more potent antibiotics can bring a myriad of side effects that nobody wants or needs! For example, one highly potent antibiotic that can be used for UTIs is Ciprofloxacin / Cipro and this particular antibiotic has the well known side effect of causing torn tendons and ligaments and blown achilles tendons (OUCH!). I wrote about this serious issue in another EC post and explained how to help repair some of this ligament and tendon damage.

D-Mannose is thought to be effective only against E.coli based UTIs which means it will not likely work for all UTIs, but it will work for the majority because E.coli is the most common cause of UTIs at approximately as high as 90% of cases. most common bacteria found, 90 percent of the time

D-Mannose can also be used as a preventative against UTIs when traveling to help prevent a UTI from getting started in the first place. Here is a link to typical D-Mannose supplements and powder :

All you need to do is mix the powder with water and drink it down or take the capsules, all per label directions.

Two other simple preventatives is to void as soon as the urge is felt so that the urine does not sit in the bladder longer than it has to in an environment that can be conducive to bacterial growth. The second preventative is the use of probiotics such as L. rhamnosus, L. reuteri and L. casei shirota.


Posted by Sabrina (Houston) on 08/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

After doing research I wanted something that would work fast because we all know how irritating a UTI can be. After coming on this site and reading about D-Mannose, I did further research and found out this is actually an effective remedy. I went to store and bought, although it's a bit pricey I didn't mind paying the price to heal myself. Once I took the first dose, I immediately felt some relief. I was taking cranberry pills also along with a probiotic. I highly recommend this and also uvi ursi also helps with UTI's. Hope this was helpful.

Posted by Carl (London) on 06/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was in a car accident when I was young which left me wheelchair bound. This accident seems to have a negative effect on my bladder and I am prone to UTIs. I have tried many things but Dmannose seems to help the best. I have now moved on to d Mannose that have Cranberry and Hibiscus. They taste better so that's a big improvement but I feel that little bit more healthier.

Posted by Ashley (Minneapolis, Mn) on 06/08/2016
3 out of 5 stars

I have suffered several UTIs. For me, D-Mannose did end up clearing up the UTI but at a price...I had horrible abdominal pains because of the gas buildups. I guess this is sort of a freak reaction that happens to some people, because my friend took it (as do many others based off of reading the reviews), and they don't seem to have this issue. I took the recommended dosage on the bottles. I got two different brands just to make sure one brand wasn't bad, but had the same reaction with both.

I have since switched to colloidal silver for treatment for UTIs and it works wonderfully, and is faster and more effective than all other treatments I have used. Also, as a sidenote, I have gone over 7 months without a UTI since I started to change my diet. Generally, I eat little to no meat or dairy, and lots of veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Though meat for me seems to be more of a culprit than dairy. If I eat meat more than 3 days in a row, I tend to get a UTI. It's crazy.

Replied by Anne
(Orange County, Ca)

There is a link between meat, chicken specifically and e coli which causes many UTI's. I happened to read the case study about it today.

I just ate some chicken last night but I feel my best eating a raw food diet, it makes my arthritis better and I feel less inflammation. For the UTI, I use the sea salt remedy I found here at Earth Clinic. It really helps within the same hour -- you feel 50% better!