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What Is Interstitial Cystitis?

Also called painful bladder syndrome, interstitial cystitis is a chronic condition characterized by bladder pressure, bladder pain and periodically pelvic pain. A hollow organ, the bladder is responsible for storing and processing urine. As the bladder fills with urine, it expands, and when it is full, it signals to the brain. The brain then transmits the information to the pelvic nerves, which creates the urge to urinate for most people. In individuals with interstitial cystitis, however, these signals are not communicated effectively, so an individual experiences the need to urinate more frequently even with less volume of urine than most people.

The common signs and symptoms of interstitial cystitis vary from person to person and may vary over time as interstitial cystitis is a condition that involves periodic “flaring” in response to triggers. Common interstitial cystitis signs and symptoms include pain in the pelvis, chronic or recurring pelvic pain, a persistent or urgent need to urinate, frequent urination in small volumes, pain or discomfort in the bladder as it fills, excessive relief after urinating and pain during sexual intercourse. Symptoms of interstitial cystitis may resemble those symptoms typical of a urinary tract infection; however, urine cultures are typically free of bacteria in an individual with interstitial cystitis.

While the specific cause of interstitial cystitis is not known, research suggests that several factors are involved. A defect in the protective lining of the bladder which allows toxic substances to leak out of the bladder, an autoimmune reaction, heredity, infection and allergy are accepted possible causes of interstitial cystitis.

Natural Interstitial Cystitis Remedies

Essentially, interstitial cystitis is an inflammatory condition. As such, many natural remedies that treat inflammation offer relief of interstitial cystitis. An anti-inflammatory diet avoiding “trigger” foods is an effective way for most to manage interstitial cystitis. Additional options include managing the alkalinity of the urine using borax, baking soda and apple cider vinegar diluted in water. Other supplements that may be helpful include aloe vera, vitamin C, marshmallow root and barley milk.


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Posted by Chevygirl (Tuakau, Franklin, New Zealand, New Zealand) on 01/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Chrissie, I was told to take acidophilus tablets and I must admit, I was pretty skeptical about them working, but I can tell you, they worked within an hour!! I was blown away!

The weird thing was however, I bought them from right where you are at a drug store in Anaheim. The bottle is labeled 'Henry's', freeze dried acidophilus. When they had run out I bought more from our local health shop (in New Zealand) and to my disdain, they didn't work!

I have no explanation for this, so I will have to get my brother, who lives in Anaheim, to send me some more, as those ones definitely did without fail!!

Good luck with this, keep us posted!

Chevygirl, NZ

Alkaline pH

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Posted by Grace (Pdx., US) on 03/08/2015

Cabbage can be juiced and drunk, it is alkalizing; perhaps the cure is in keeping the urine alkalized. The high content of sulphur in cabbage removes (free radicals and uric acid) which are the main causes of arthritis, skin diseases, rheumatism, and gout.

Replied by Vicki
(Kansas City, KS)

I have read so many helpful things to try on here so I would like to give something back. I only found out I had IC by trial and error and a lot of research. The pain was so bad a couple of years ago that I went to the emergency room. You know how they have you in those curtained partitions, right? So this older Dr. Comes in with a learning the ropes young intern and they are just not taking me seriously about how bad the pain is and saying I didn't have kidney stones and didn't have this or that and I got enough of that and yelled, " Look! My VAGINA is killing me! " You should've seen their faces, lol. I had no infection of course and they were clueless. My regular Dr. told me I would need to see 3 different specialists to rule out different things and after we pay over $600 a month for insurance there's no money for 1 office visit, let alone 3 specialist ones.

Anyway I am still on a journey to find what will work best but I do have some experience with cleaning out parasites and/or Candida and since 80 to 90% of your health starts in your gut and has to do with your immune system I thought you all might benefit from this. Diatomaceous Earth food grade is totally organic and natural. There is even a test you can do in the morning first thing to see if you have Candida and I promise you most of us do. It is a powder with no taste and are actually very tiny little fossilized skeletons? that have edges that will clean out and kill parasites and also clean out the sludge that has been building in your colon for years. (Poor John Wayne's autopsy showed he had over 25 lbs. of well poo in his intestines). It does not give you diarrhea at all I promise but you must start off small and build very slowly to 2 full Tablespoons. You will not believe the stuff that will come out of you.

Try to stay away from anything with sugar as that just feeds the little sh1ts. Do Kefir to restore your good gut bacteria but not dairy kefir. Very simple to do your own from coconut milk or even water. It is good for your pets too as unless you feed them raw they have Candida too. As a bonus you can sprinkle some on them to keep fleas off natural if you let them out in the yard. Remember ONLY food grade and I got mine on Amazon really cheap. Best to you all and I was so heartened to see so many of you spurning main stream medicine and their treating of symptoms rather than fixing the problem. In today's world, we have to take our health and our loved ones into our own hands. Stay away from Cymbalta; thought I would die from the withdrawal. No liver tests for 6 years, very bad.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Vicki, would diatomaceous earth work when wet inside the digestive tract.

Replied by Kimberly

Regarding Diatomaceous Earth and Interstitial Cystitis - I have IC something awful. Bed ridden and house bound but I am concerned the little jagged edges will hurt my bladder even more. I am in constant flare.

Replied by Toni Tayb
(Memphis, Tn)

I used Diatomaceous Earth for 3 months. I just started off with 2 tablespoons. It did kill parasites. After a week, I followed with Senna tea to flush out my intestines.

I thought the same as you. The Earth is wet so it can't be effective, but it is!!!! It even removed swelling from around my knees, which I didn't even know existed.

Replied by Cind
(Kansas City)

Hi, Vickie,

I am also in KC and am wondering if there is IC support group in the KC area? I am interested in learning more about what you are doing in your IC healing journey.

Replied by Lisa
(Yucca Valley)

Hello my friend,

You have Vulvodynia, a chronic pain syndrome that affects the vulvar tissue. I suffered with this for 3 yrs in the late 1990s. It is oxalate crystals in your urine that cause the stabbing pain to the vulva tissue. You must eat a low oxalate diet eliminating all foods high in oxalate. You must drink lots of liquids like cherry juice or water or apple cider. There are others look to the low oxalate diet alternatives. Buy Calcium Citrate with no additives. Figure out the times of the day when your pain is highest and take 500 or 750 mg of calcium citrate on an empty stomach with 8 or 10 oz of water. The calcium citrate will return the urine to a normal ph over time. Get a vegetable laxative you will get severe constipation from the calcium citrate so you must take laxatives. You can take a warm bath with some apple cider vinegar to relieve the pain. No soaps or harsh chemicals to the area. Get on an anti depressant now to be able to better manage or cope with this horrible pain. I have Vulvadynia again probably it came back as I had a first time ever yeast infection or it's heredity and stress plays a role in chronic pain conditions. You will get better. Look to the Vulvar pain foundation for support. There are about 2 million women who suffer from Vulvadynia you are not alone. You can also try biofeedback to the pelvic muscle. Stay away from too many Doctors as they don't know what's wrong and may give you topical treatments to the vagina which will make it worse and or antibiotics which will not help. They'll think because of a white odor colorless discharge that doesn't test positive for yeast it's still a yeast infection and treat as such. This will set back your recovery and you don't need that stress. Let me know how you're feeling, I pray you get well soon and you will but you must follow the regimen I have explained it's the only cure.

Replied by Joan S
(Santa Maria, Ca)

So glad to see your post here about taking diatomaceous earth and using the senna tea also for the constipation. I've been trying to teach people about this very same regimen to take for IC and using Dieter's tea made with senna, especially in the beginning, since constipation is the number one side effect when starting the DE. It's worked so well for me that I've not had any IC flare since my last one in the middle of December 2016. I used to have flares at least 4-5 times a year, and I would take prescribed Pyridium to relieve the pain. I would have to take 2 tablets twice a day for 5 days before the pain was completely gone. My last flare was when after starting DE, I began my first break. On the second day of the break from DE, I had a flare of my IC. I decided instead of taking my prescribed med that I would just restart the DE; and I kid you not, my pain was gone within hours! That's when I decided that I would only take a break from the DE when I felt it was necessary. I've only taken one other 7-day break and luckily no flare of the IC during that break. So I am totally convinced that not only did the DE clear up my IBS and/or leaky gut but it also helped my IC among other physical problems... that I could write a list about. I will not be without DE probably for the rest of my life. My doctors have been absolutely amazed at what it's done for me, and I'm almost 63 years old!


What is DE?

EC: DE - Diatomaceous Earth

Replied by Debbie

If you can find an IC specialist in your area ask about DMSO this is a procedure where they inject a chemical cocktail into your bladder for 20 mins once a week. It is what gave me back my life. I suffered for about 6 years before I found Dr. Philip Hanno (Philly). He now lives in California.

Alkaline pH
Posted by Deborah (Riverview, Fl) on 08/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Deb for your IC please get some Ph paper and test your urine. You want it alkaline, not acidic. Check it all day long. I think you might have a fungal growth. To kill it and get alkaline take 400mg of potassium citrate 3 times a day. Also take 1/4 tsp. borax, 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. baking soda and 1 to 2 tbls apple cider vinegar in a little water. Take it 3 times a day. You can drink some plain water after it to wash it down. The fungus won't like this and you may feel worse, before you get better, please stick with it and stay away from all sugars. I can now go 2 to 3 hours without going to the bathroom and only get up 3 times at night, it use to be every 20 minutes. Good luck and I will pray for you.

Replied by Anjie
(Goodlettsville, TN)

Please help me understand this. I was told 3 weeks ago that I probably had I.C. UGH!!!!! My Dr. gave me Enanblex and the run down on this disease and told me to check several websites and support groups on how to deal with this. His nurse said it all to do with what I ate and if I ate something acidic to do the baking soda trick. It didn't help as a matter of fact it seem to get worse and my urine then had a foul odor with some pus in it. I finally convinced my Neurologist not my gyno to put me on antibiotics (even though the urinalysis was negative)and it seem to start getting better right away. Does any body else have this problem? I did find that you can use _____ to remove the acid from foods and it comes in a oral tablet & a granule formula to put in foods that you are cooking.I feel like I need to find a different Dr. because he wasn't very helpful and basically told me to talk to the internet if I had a problem. Any feed back would be so helpful.


If you had pus/smell/blood then it is an infection.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, TN)

This is for Angie from Goodlettsville, TN that suffers from IC...if you had pus in your urine than it sounds like an infection to me. My urologist said that the does not rely on the urinalysis done in the office because they can be unreliable. He always sends them out to be cultured. I would definitely get a second opinion if I were you. I would much rather have UTI's which can be cleared up rather than IC which is a chronic condition. Best of luck to you.

Replied by Pooky
(San Diego, Ca)

potassium???!!! that would kill an ic patient. An ic patient cant get alkalined with acids. it would kill them!!! The potassium test is a test to see if you have ic. If you are crying after it you have ic. it's a cruel test.

Replied by Susan
(Grand Rapids, MI)

I have had IC for 19 years so I have a lot of experience dealing with it. When I first came down with it I also noticed that antibiotics relieved my symptoms, so I kept going to the doctor and begging for antibiotics. Whatever causes it is some kind of virulent fungus. What has worked best for me is ___ ____ [anti-candida supplement] and colloidal silver.

Replied by Diane
(Ottumwa, Iowa, Usa)

For I. C. , look at a particular form of calcium called Calcium Glycerophosphate, (brand is P______.) good luck everyone.


That's what the Interstitial Cystitis help site says. “Take Calcium Glycerophosphate daily to reduce unintended acids in your diet and decrease IC symptoms which result from ingesting bladder irritants.”

They recommend L-arginine, Chondroitin Sulfate, and Probiotics from studies indicating that they help relieve IC symptoms. I've upped my dose of L-arginine and ordered Chondroitin Sulfate. You probably know of Glucosamine & Chondroitin a popular supplement.

Replied by Renae
(Mpls, Mn)

Calcium Citrate alkolizes urine while giving you calcium you need anyway. Search on Google " "Calcium citrate" "urine PH" " Plus you can put them in your purse. I use 4/day (The recomended dose), one per meal and 1 w/small snack b4 bed. (Purchase w/Magnesium in the pill also, or you can get constipated. ) Test w/ph paper if you like. Works like a charm, while providing what we need anyway-strong bones. I hear to always take calcium w/food for best absorption. 1st time I took them, I tested PH and wow very alkaline. Pain went way down. After taking for 3 weeks, I was pain free, but still on the IC diet, but starting to cheat a little with good results. (salty foods good now, I couldn't eat blueberries b4, can drink white wine now) Sleeping well (up 2x- was up to 10x), and able to wait to go for over 1.5 hrs now.

Replied by Lisa
(Hastings, Mn)

Yes. I agree. Calcium Citrate did the trick. And Fast. Pain gone almost right way and permanently. I can eat much larger variety after only a few days. Staying off citrus and tomato sauce because I don't want to push it, as I am back on low acid caffeinated coffee after only 2 wks and I am afraid to push it. I need the caffeine more to get to work. I am also back on chocolate. If I take it on an empty stomach though I get nauseous! I take 3 to 4 per day. If I take 4 I get dry lips though. PH of urine is VERY alkaline.

Replied by Renae
(Mpls, Mn)
4 out of 5 stars

Update: still have IC as a problem even w/calcium and mag. Not cured. Can't open up diet much, but constant pain gone. Took awhile to get the correct calcium to magnesium ratio. As I have fibro and that got bad (as did constipation) on just the calcium citrate (w/the little magnesium oxide that was in the capsel) so had to add more magnesium oxide , but adding too much caused diarrhea. After finetuning this I still need to move on to do more w/glucosamine and condritan, but have a hard time taking that due to gastro issues. I am going to try some "manesium citrate and ozide", together as I keep reading about how the citrate changes urine PH to alkaline.

Replied by Sandi
(Clarksville, Tn)

I just read your post, even thought it was written about 2 years go. I hope that you are doing much better. Just wanted to let you know that you live very close to one of the best doctors in the country. Dr. Barry Jarnagin is absolutely awesome. Just Google his name and you will be very impressed. I cannot say enough great things about how wonderful he is. Not only did he help me get my IC under control, he also diagnosed a hernia that everyone else missed. Feel free to email me if you need to chat.

Replied by Bobbie
(Hartsville, Sc)

I read your post here and am interested, I've had IC in 2003- 04 for about a year, Sat before last it started back... I'm just sooo depressed about this and in pain most of the time. I've been through all that back then, and can't tolerate the idea of going through all that again.

We thought it my just be a regular UTI but now I'm thinking it''s IC back. Burning, pain, and urgency. Thanks, Bobbie.

Replied by Ali
(Brisbane, Qld Australia)

I had recurrent cystitus for 30 years. Got to the point where I could not have sex without getting it. I would also get it if I got too dehydrated. Doctors advice did not prevent the attacks. I had to help myself, I cured myself by using a mild antibacterial cream instead of KY jelly before sex for six months. I have not had an attack since and that was 5 years ago. Sounds simple, but it worked. If you are into more natural methods you could try ACI-JEL which is just vinegar in a cream. You can also try 1/4 tsp of bicarb with water twice a day to keep you alkaline, as the problem thrives in an acid conditions. Good luck to all you long sufferers, my heart goes out to you.

Replied by Sueb
(Potsdam, New York Usa)

To ALi from AUstraila, could you PLEASE tell me what kind of mild antibacterial cream you used. is it specifically for the vagina or intercourse? Thank you.

Replied by Helisphere
(Raymond, Wa)

I have to say that I haven't seen anyone mention digestive issues as being a root cause for IC, but in my research of IC I have found that it may well be caused by digestive tract problems, not urinary tract problems. Some of you may want to consider dumping your urologist and finding a good gastroenterologist or other digestive specialist. Many of you may just be on the wrong tract if the root cause is indeed in the digestive tract. Search for IBD and IC together and see what you find.

Replied by Grandma
(Narooma, Nsw Australia)

On the subject of cystitis, about 25 years ago I had chronic cystitis, bled from the bladder each time and life was pretty tough. Try holding down a job while suffering a bout! After 7 doctors and 3 surgeons, and the only solution seemed to be live on antibiotics for the rest of my life, (plus one doc who inferred that I might get help from a psychiatrist! ) I walked away and began my own long journey into natural solutions. It's right that cystitus is more about the digestion than the urinary tract. What I've found it's caused by candida yeast overgrowth (Candidiasis). Due to poor digestion from this, grains and dairy in particular clog the whole digestive system especially the bowel, and feed the yeast while the good bacteria are smothered. Remove grains and dairy from the diet, clean the build up of 'sludge' through the system by eating a small piece of cabbage each day to cleanse and heal the digestive system. You may suffer bloating and wind for 2-3 days but that's the cabbage doing its job.

Because candida is a small plant its roots reach through the bowel wall into places like the bladder, cruising the blood stream, creating itchy nose, ears, rear area, skin problems, general havoc. The more antibiotics they fill us with, the more the candida yeast is happy and grows. I've been free now for more than 20 years after being told by a lady doctor that it's something that many women get and have for life. I have it and I'd better get used to it! A couple of other things to note - it's best to stay away from oranges, mandarins, peaches, nectarines, apricots and pineapple until the whole inflamed system is healed because they can be an irritant. After some 3-5 years of living on lots of fresh vegetable juices, raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and dried fruits I found I could eat any fruit or vegetable I liked with no affect. My husband and I still live this way today having raised our family on the above diet. Juicing and a raw food diet will help to heal any health problem without fail. We're all basically suffering from malnutrition and toxic chemical overload. I wish you good health.

Replied by Mar
(Sunrise, Florida)

Hi, I am very happy to know that you are healed from IC. I like you believe that there is a cure in healthy eating. How much cabbage do you eat? Do you juice it? How lomg did it take for you to start feeling better? Thanks for sharing that information.

Replied by Natalie
(Washington, Dc)

Potassium citrate is alkalizing to the blood and urine. It is used to raise the urine's pH in order to dissolve kidney stones. It is not acidic like someone had mentioned above...

Replied by Nasser

I agree with you Raymond. In fact, I am suffering from urinary problems for 5 long years. In fact, at the beginning, I noticed that there is a connection between the difficulty of urinating and spasms felt in the rectum. I went to see a good urologist who told me after reviewing exams, urine analysis that I have no problem with my urinary apparatus, and that I have to see other specialists. I was later noticed that each time I have to liberate stool, I felt burning and spasms in my bladder, accompanied by the difficulty and even impossiblity to urinate. Later, I have to use very warm water in order to urinate, and even liberate stool. I couldn't find a good doctor to help me with my conditions.

I feel pain and burning all day. I rarely leave home as I have to go to toilet very often, and have to use warm water to release urine.

Could you let me know what you did or what you can suggest to me?

Replied by Treasa

Interesting you mention potassium! The Dr mentioned I might have IC. I've been taking azo standard when it's really bad till we get it figured out.
I happened to have a banana two days in a row and last night even with azo standard I was in MAJOR discomfort. Drinking Apple cidar vinergar, Hot showers, heating pad, everything, I could hardly stand it. :( Maybe the culprit is Bananas? Aren't they high in potassium?

Replied by Janet

Treasa using Apple Cider Vinegar as a wipe would be beneficial. Maybe 50 50 spring water and Apple Cider Vinegar on t.p. a time or two. Keep a small bottle of the mix in bathroom for ease of use.

The debris at the opening will breakup and give you relief.

Using baking soda in your Apple Cider Vinegar drink would encourage the breaking of and effortless cleansing of the bladder and kidney.

2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2 tsp of baking soda let fizz add 1/2 glass of water and drink 2x a day 1/2 hour after meals. 5 days out of 7.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

The only problem that the FDA has approved Ozone for is Interstitial Cystitis. I am presently reading Dr Shallengeberger's latest book, The Ozone Miracle, and he describes where folks that require self bladder catheterization can easily treat this problem with ozone.

I have just redone all my ozone tubing after 5 years of deterioration and now back in business. Today, I drank a large glass of ozonated water and did my ozone ear insufflation. Later, I will breath it for 10 minutes while bubbling ozone through olive oil.

Finally back into my ozone. ==ORH===

Replied by Missy M.

Hi, I did ozone in my bladder for IC ad it made me ten times worse. Ozone will deteriorate the lining of the bladder wall. I did with Dr. S and I wish I had not. Tread lightly.

Alkaline pH, Herbal Remedies

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Posted by Mike Jackson (Ontario) on 09/01/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Hello to all,

My girlfriend has been suffering from IC for over 15 years now. Had gotten to the point where she was in the hospital every 4 weeks getting a cystoscopy with hydrodistention. I did a TON of research and found some treatments (NOT A CURE but helped)

The simplest way we found and best tasting way to do alkaline water is pour 8 cups of water into a jug, cut up a lemon into 8 pieces and let sit at room temperature for 12 hours (do NOT squeeze the lemons). Drink it throughout the day. It helps ALOT to get your alkalinity UP

The second one has had the best results with her and her friend that has had IC for 20 years, is a mix of two herbal remedies: A marshmallow root tea (as many as you want during the day. I get her the already bagged version that also contains the marshmallow leaves. Tastes actually pretty good. and I even take 2 cups of water, pour in 3 tea bags cut open and a half a peppermint tea bag and let sit in the fridge for 12 hours, take it out and strain it and serve cold. She says its delicious.). Then we add CANTHARIS. (please read up on these before you use them) She finally emptied her bladder, first pee in the morning, first time going to the bathroom that day.

This has not happened in 15 years for her. This is just food for thought, I am not a doctor I just want her to lead as close to a normal life as possible and keep her out of the hospital. And help anyone out that I can that feels there is no answers for you pain.

Fyi I am now researching MONURIL (made of FOSFOMYCIN) so if any improvements come of that I will let you know. If you use any of this and it works keep going, if it doesn't try mixing some stuff up but please remember to always consult a doctor when introducing anything as it could counter react your meds.

And for IC suffers please always remember "To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world."


Aloe Vera

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Posted by Pinklight (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 06/16/2011

I am interested to know if anyone has used a special aloe vera formula for ic available from two particular companies that are online. These aloe capsules are formulated specifically and takes 2-3 months to cure, not treat ic. Both companies have the word "harvest" in them.


Replied by Nettie
(Chicago, Il)

I have used a supplement from for my IC (I think it's called Buffer Ph). It has aloe vera in it and alkalizes your ph if you are acid, which was part of my problem. I tested my ph and was as acidic as one can get. Bad news and dangerous. I take 2 caps 3X per day on an empty stomach. I also take a multi-vitamin, vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, high dose Omega 3, probiotics and some supplements that my acupuncturist gave me. I get acupuncture once per week. It's been a life saver. Along with the IC, I also had problems with chronic UTI's, which I cured by taking Inner Defense capsules from the essential oil company, Youngliving. Before starting on the essential oils, I was taking antibiotics all the time and they were making me more and more sick. The ant-bacterial essential oils got me off of the antibiotic cycle and have helped to strengthen my immune system.

Replied by Renae
(Hastings, Mn)
1 out of 5 stars

Don't listen to "aloe has no side effects" Not true.

I have tried the Harvest Aloe. Severe gas, gut ache. Not everyone can use it. They give you a sample of 6 pills for free. 1/8 th of one pill gives me severe problems. Can't use. I have a history of IBS. I eat no sugar, gluten, dairy, alcholol due to IBS.

Many people are helped according to their website. Not me.

Replied by Gianna
(Costa Mesa, Ca)
1 out of 5 stars

I started using freeze dried aloe vera capsules for my mild IC, which I have had for 10 years now and can't seem to find a remedy :( Anyhow, I took 2 capsules 3x a day and I really didn't see any signs of improvement.

Replied by Shampoo
(Los Angeles, California)

Ok, Ive read Aloe Vera doesnt really work per se, but you need the concentrated freeze dried Aloe Vera from Desert Lily or something, I forget the name. Its expensive, but worth it, I guess, Ive heard of women being able to return to work, by taking 3 to 4 pills a day. Also, Colostrum, along with other herbal supplements(marshmallow root, quercitine, etc) has put some people in remission. One lady I read, buys MSM powder every month, and takes quit a bit thru out the day, and it takes care of the pain 75%. You can either put it in empty Gel caps, or take it in water or juice. Also, Turmeric is supposed to be very helpful. Several caps a day.

Ok, I thought I had Interstitial Cystitus, and since Im very prone to UTI's and I get them all the time, I finally did some kind of damage to my bladder from all the infections, or the cures, cuz I take vitamin c and drink apple cidar vinegar like its my job, and I figured I burnt my bladder lining or something, anywhoo....

My conclusion is that this maybe, perhaps, most probably, in many cases (not all), interstitial cystitus is an infection of some kind, that wont go away for whatever reason. The ecoli, has embedded itself in your bladder lining or something. Cuz I started taking essential oils, and it got 85% better.

Try Thieves oil, 3 drops a day, every day for a month. Its expensive, but im planning on buying it next month, since Ive used other oils with success, and Ive read great things online about it.


You may never check this but I wonder how you use the Thieves essential oil as it is not to be taken internally?

Replied by Nonib
(Lower Michigan)
1 out of 5 stars

Aloe vera, pure organic (and very expensive) juice did nothing for me; made me extremely nauseated. There are some of us who can't tolerate various natural items, even though they are themselves straight from Earth. The fact that my daughter and I share the same intolerances (aloe vera, echanesia, gluten, St. John's wort, etc.) indicates to me that there may be a genetic component.

My IC is very mild compared to many posting on this thread and I'm very grateful for that. In my case I've found that carbonated beverages and, sadly, coffee can be irritating. I avoid soda ('pop') for the most part, drink coffee sporadically and never strong brew.

I just discovered that apple cider vinegar (w/a small amount of raw, unfiltered locally-produced honey) helps the IC as well as the various aches and pains from my constellation of auto-immune disorders. Mainstream medicine has saved my life a few times now but I don't do well with so many chemicals (medicines) that I just avoid unless life-threatening circumstances require them.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Nonib,

I saw all the things you found you could not tolerate for IC...but that Apple Cider Vinegar did help. That tells me...whatever else may cause IC, yours may be virus related. So you may want to try colloidal silver to see if that might help. I've had four or five UTIs and each time the CS stopped it. SO IF yours is virus related maybe experimenting with CS could help. I Google searched "IC virus cause" (spelling out IC) and found one site that listed fifty or so studies that showed possible causes of IC (many), but one stood out...a study that showed how IC was 8 times greater with people who had lower tract surgeries, leading to the possible explanation of infection as one of the likely suspects.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Marshmallow Root

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Posted by Karen (Riverside, California) on 11/29/2009
4 out of 5 stars

IC Home Remedies

I have a mild case of IC and hoping is doesn't worsen. I notice that stress, spicey foods and menstral cycle provokes flare ups.

I am curious if the apple cider vinegar will really help prevent IC or if it is toooo acidic???

My home remedies for IC are: aloe vera juice (very concentrated) daily, Buffered Vit C, marshallow roots boiled as tea to neutralize urine for temporary and effective relief, the product called "___" for temporary relief, and pin pointing and relaxing specific abdomen muscles. The aloe vera juice seems to be very effective.

I would also like to try the baking soda and will keep it on hand at work for emergency relief. My father has always used the baking soda for stomach pain.

Replied by Wendy
(Toronto, Ontario)

I have found the Marshallow Root to be very helpful for flare-ups. The Baking Soda did not help me but Apple Cider Vinager has been helpful. I get flare-ups the same as you - stress, certain foods and during that time of the month. I am also prone to bladder infections and collidoial silver has been helpful for these.

Replied by Noiram
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Yes to Marshmallow Tea. I have found it helpful as well.

Antidepressants Caused IC

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Posted by Anne (USA) on 02/26/2019
5 out of 5 stars

It took about five days after stopping SSRI antidepressant Sertraline for my IC symptoms to clear up.

Researching this issue, I found plenty of medical evidence that SSRI medications along with other common medications are notorious for causing IC and bladder contractions and symptoms of IC. Please check your medications and see if bladder or urinary symptoms is listed as a side effect.

I have suffered chronic pain and infections for over nine months and it all cleared up in five days after stopping Zoloft/Sertraline.

Replied by Denise
(Milwaukee WI)

I have wondered the same about my Xanax. I did see something online about benzodiazepines causing interstitial cystitis. I have stopped taking it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Nancy (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 01/11/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

i have suffered from IC for the past 10 years. it has caused extreme, constant pain bringing on bouts of depression i never had. i had read about apple cider vinegar and its benefits. over holidays, tried it, two tablespoons in an 8 ounce glass of water twice a week. for a week i was virtually pain free and realized it had to be the vinegar. walked today and am hurting. does anyone else hurt after walking? took baking soda, 1/2 tablespoon to 8 ounces of water for relief. this seems to help for a "quickie relief". IC is a horrible disease that gives you pain 24 hours a day. have seen four urologists in four states. elmiron did not help. when pain is really bad lasts too long i do have percoset for my migraines that is a last resort. it gives me a day of relief. working and just living are difficult with this constant pain. hoping the vinegar will continue to help. any other folks finding that vinegar relieves? doctors send me in the same circle, cystoscopes, CT scans, cultures, different meds like Urelle. i've spent a fortune.

Replied by Molly
(Madison, Sd)

I have had IC for quite sometime. I am going to a chiropractor now (not your typical one) and he is treating me with laser treatments and acupuncture. It seems to be helping, but I did just start. You may want to give that a try. I've had more problems solved/questions answered going this route than I have for the past 6 years plus of doctor visits, tests, and "treatments".

Replied by Vegathegreat
(Charlotte, Nc)

I am also in Charlotte. You should go see Dr. Robert Evans in Greensboro, NC. He's one of the foremost IC experts in the country, and is extremely knowledgeable.

Replied by Paolaic
(Springfield, Va)

His goes to Molly from Madison: how did the laser treatments work with this Chiro? I'm doing stuff that may be similar with a chiro in AZ. PLEASE respond... Very curious!!!

Replied by Gene
(New York)

To Nancy: You might want to look into Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Read an article in Prevention Mag. called Why I Hurt Down There.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide Douche

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Posted by Pinklight (New Orleans, Louisiana United States) on 05/21/2011

I am greatly interested in anyone who read about an equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide douche that reduced or cured ic. My issue is the frequent urination day and night. I tried this concoction today and it burned so badly I could not really do it. It may have been the Apple Cider Vinegar that caused the burning; I'm just not sure. Has anyone tried this? If so, did you end up having to dilute the recipe with water and it still worked? I'm anxious to know. Thanks for any replies! -Pinklight

Replied by Rabm
(Austin, Tx)

Hi New Orleans, Did the douche work for you? Are you still having pain? rabm

Replied by Natalie
(Pittsburg, Ks)

Hi RABM, I am going to try the douche, hoping it works but I was wondering, what do you use to douche? Do you buy a douche at Walmart or where would you get the supplies to douche. Sorry I have never done this before but REALLY want to get relief without the extreme diet and pills. Thanks so much. Natalie

Replied by Abc123
(Help, Me)

Did the apple cider vinegar/peroxide douche help with the frequency and constant urge to urinate?

Replied by Linda

I have suffered 3 year, I've tried every thing, to no avail,, I pray that God helps us all and helps those working on this to find a cure or better medicine, Pray you, all, it can only help.

Replied by Kelly

Hi Everyone, I hope this finds you well. I hope you listen to my story and it helps you. I literally woke up one day with bladder pain, urgency, everything. I thought I just had a bladder infection. But it was not like a normal bladder infection it felt very different. Before this mind you I had not had a bladder infection for forward 2.5 years and antibiotics I am pain free. Lyme was the cause. I am a big believer that everyone out there does not just get IC. It is caused by an infection. Unless you have an injury or it is from birth. I refused to believe that I just woke up one day and this was my new life. I did so much research on my own. I went thru the urologist treatment, doctor to doctor. It took over 2 years of antibiotics but my bladder is pain free. And the urologist treatments made it worse, and did not work. Do not let any doctor tell you that antibiotics will not work. It affected my pelvic floor, I was in physical therapy for 6 months. So...I went to three different doctors who treated me. Each one was a blessing. So if you are in the East, go and see Ruth Kriz. She does treat long distance. If you are in the West Los Angeles, go see Dr. Erica Lehman (she was recently in the people magazine with Avril) and also there is Dr. Gonzalez in Thousand Oaks. Dr. Gonzalez contracts with most insurance, except Obama Care, sorry. If you do not believe in antibiotics, you can try Samento and Banderol. It will take time, but there is help. And believe me, my pain was so bad, I did not think I was going to make it. I am a single mom and this took its toll, but if I can survive this anyone can. Do not give up! Take Care everyone.

Replied by Diamond

I went to way too many doctors, for what they felt absolutely sure, I too had an infection, the Drs. continued to treat me, when months went by with still the itching, burning and strong foul smell. I went to a specialist in Boston, Ma. and found I have a mold virus where antibiotics is a derivative of a mold compound hence it made matters worse, and my problem not only worsened but continued on into two years of pure hell and pain, antibiotics eventually break down the immune system. Instead of running another risk of mistaken illnesses, I will continue to do herbs. I appreciate your better part of advice and so happy it worked for you. God Bless you.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide Douche
Posted by Cherieh. (Odessa, Texas, Usa) on 09/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis more than 2 years ago and it's been excruciating. Having been told there is no cure, and after many painful and expensive treatments I had to be my own health care advocate. A couple of months ago I began to douche 2x a day... Morning and afternoon... Using equal parts apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. (Do NOT douche in the evening or the hydrogen peroxide will keep you from sleeping. ) Within 4 days, the constant urge to urinate was completely GONE and I was able to discontinue the Flo*** I was taking to help me urinate. After the second week, I was able to discontinue taking El***** because all my symptoms of I. C. disappeared! My doctor is utterly amazed and telling his other I. C. Patients. I am able to eat anything I want (with the exception of beets and hibiscus tea) without fear of a flare up. I have my life back!!!! Amazing that the help I needed was under my roof the whole time. I am still douching 2x a day as of today.

Replied by Greatful
(Frisco, Texas)

Wow, Thank you for sharing I am going to try this right away!!!

Replied by Silliesyl
(Long Beach, Ca)

Hello I am in so much agony with my ic and have been trying everything. Just wanted to know how soon you got relief?

Replied by Zsaqwe
(Brownsville, Texas)

I think DMSO is for interstitial cystitis. CVS pharmacy might have it for that condition. I got it from the web. DMSO, although it is not approved by the FDA for anything except an obscure bladder condition (interstitial cystitis), is widely used in sports medicine. Professional sports in particular are obligated to use DMSO to get their athletes recovered from injury and back on the playing field. Each team knows the competition will use it, and this would mean a tremendous advantage for the other team, if it were to be ignored. Combine that with the fact that DMSO is as safe as it is effective (unlike large-dose steroid injections, which were once commonly used in professional sports) and its use becomes mandatory in professional sports medicine. When you consider the fact that DMSO is not a new and patentable drug, is cheap, safe and effective, and knowing what you should know about the medical establishment in the U. S. , you could predict with your eyes closed that there is a propaganda campaign against DMSO. The FDA has done nothing except drag its feet in DMSO research since October 25, 1963 when the first research application to study DMSO was filed with that agency. I got the information from: The Doctors' Medical Library by Ron Kennedy, M. D. , Santa Rosa, CA

Rikki Ann

How are you using the DMSO?

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

That is wonderful to hear! I also had suffered from IC and never once thought to look in that area until I read this article:

"Researchers Ruben Gittes, MD and Robert Nakamura, MD, of the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation recently published a research study on Female Urethral Syndrome: A Female Prostatis" in the May 1996 issue of WJM. Their studies have conclusively proven that women do indeed have a set glands, the paraurethral glands, which are homologues of the male prostate. In the abstract for their research project, they state "The most important aspect of recognizing this microscopic 'female prostate' as an anatomical feature is that it's infections may completely explain many cases of the urethral syndrome."

I noticed my symptoms decreasing when I started using boric acid capsules for my recurring bv/yeast infections. I noticed within weeks that my IC symptoms improved dramatically. I now use a verrrry diluted oregano oil for my vaginal health and guess what???? No IC symptoms.... I take my daily turmeric just in case (it's a great anti-inflammatory) I just thank the Lord that I found Earthclinic over a year ago. I have found soooo many awesome remedies that WORK!

Replied by Rs
(San Francisco, Ca)

I also tried all the remedies for BV and also had continuous bladder infections (so I thought) most likely caused by douching with H20 and H202. I read about the boric acid capsules and quickly bought boric acid and veggie caps and made my own (very cheap). I inserted one capsule nightly for about 3-4 nights and it was gone. Totally gone, and like you, I never had another bladder infection again, which I later found out was I.C. And I never knew it. I also believe that the boric acid capsule cured the I.C. When I feel the BV or the I.C. coming on, I immediately insert a boric acid capsule and its totally gone. I also highly reccommend liquid colloidal silver for I.C. I read about it on this site for treating I.C. And also make that a daily part of my regimen. The first day I took the liquid colloidal silver I felt all my I.C. Symptoms go away. I take it everyday now without fail and no pain, everything is back to normal. I also take large doses of super cranberry extract everyday just to be sure I have everything covered. It may be over kill, but its better than dealing with the pain and discomfort of I.C. And BV on a daily basis. Thanks for your comment and thank your Earthclinic for helping me and others.

Replied by Melisa
(Odessa , Texas)

What doctor here in Odessa do you see for IC?

Replied by Alex
(Yorba Linda, California)

To: Rs from San Francisco, Ca I wanted to undesrtand correctly... U insert the Boric Acid in the vigina? I want to make sure I am understanding the note u posted. Thank u so much. Alex

Replied by Lauren
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hey ladies, I developed "IC" after a miscarriage last year. A doc put me on various types of antibiotics (which always made my bladder feel better) for ureaplasma and possible Lyme disease; I have not had a positive urine culture since the onset of my "IC". Because of the antibiotics I got yeast infections a lot. Frustrated, I began douching with peroxide and - SURPRISE!!! My constant bladder symptoms (urgency, frequency, burning, pressure) and pain during intercourse were nearly erased!! So I ordered a vaginal test to figure out why. It showed that I don't have BV at all and very little yeast, but a serious overgrowth of group B strep (4 on a scale of 0-4 !! ) an antibiotic and herbal sensitivity test was done, showing all antibiotics to work, and also oregano and colloidal silver.

I'm currently trying oregano mixed with coconut oil (so I can mold it into a suppository and it wont sting). My doc says the herbals are better for vaginal problems because antibiotics kill off the lactobacillus/bifidobacterium, allowing infectious bacteria to return stronger. Whats interesting is I tested negative for group B strep while pregnant with my son 3 years ago.

Also, I noticed while using the antibiotics, kefir or any other cultured milk was the only product that seemed to truly have live and active bacteria. If I drank this, my stomach was fine. But with probiotic capsules, regular yogurt, my stomach was NOT happy! I hope this helps someone!! I'll keep you guys updated!

Replied by Shawna
(Bronson, Mi)

I want to say thank you for this idea. I have been battleing urinary issues since just before Thanksgiving. These issues include constant burning, pressure and really bad spasms. Tests continue to be negative for infection. I've been on antibiotic off and on the whole time and __viaz for about a month, still no relief. Pain so bad at time I can't get out of bed, sleep in a recliner with pillows between my legs and have been off work for over a month. Running to the bathroom 30 or 40 times a day and 8-12 times at night has foreced me to hybernate. I started using the half perioxide half apple cider douche 3 days ago and drinking lemon juice with honey also and feel like a new person. Only getting up 1-2 times at night is awesome and I no longer feel the spasms or my bladder hardening. I quit taking my scripts yesterday and can not wait to go back in next week and find out the results of my scope and udi test. But am so thankful you shared this remedy.

Replied by Lauren
(Los Angeles, Ca)
4 out of 5 stars

I too started douching w/ peroxide and vinegar due to a stubborn yeast infection and- voila!! IC symptoms (burning, pressure, pain, frequency) were soooo much better. So I douched for about 2 months, but it kept coming back quickly unless I douched every few hours. I learned I have a very heavy growth of group B strep in my vagina (tested negative for it 3 years ago, before IC started). So this explains why antibiotics always made my bladder feel better, but after I stopped i'd get a major flare-up (good bacteria killed off enabled bad ones to proliferate more).

Currently having luck with boric acid. I insert a "00" size veggie cap full of it at least once a day, and also a cap full of kefir cultured milk to repopulate good bacteria.

Replied by Gloria
(Yucca Valley, Ca)

Do all of you use boric acid, or is this a mistake, and you meant to say borax (which kills fungus?) I thought boric acid was poisonous.

Replied by Mary
(Hastings, Mn)

It's something that dehydrates the tissues. I have noticed this, when I have done it. It will also burn if done too frequently. It is used for bugs. They lick it off their feet and they get dehydrated and die. I suggest to use in an emergency only.

Replied by Doodlelady
(Westfield, In)

Can you please tell me what the ratio of Hydrogen Peroxide - Apple Cider Vinegar is for this douche? Also is it mixed with anything else ie...wWater. What do you use to douche with... Sorry for all the questions. I have IC, and have been suffering since I was 21, and I'm 46 now. I had yeast infections on and off my whole life, but have been testing negative for years now, but I do have itching. Also would the Boric Acid work better than the douche? Can you use the oregano oil vaginally? This sounds like overkill though. I could not tolerate the oregano oil capsules because it upset my GERD/Acid Reflux... Thanks for all the wonderful information...

Replied by Mary
(Hastings, Mn)

Boric acid capsels can be premade for emergencies and kept with you. I fill only to 1/2 full or I can get a burning sensation. I put them in my purse in case I flair and have to drive a long way, or fly on a plane all day. They can be inserted in any restroom really fast if you have your purse with you. I premake a few for if I can't sleep due to pain and urgency, and I want quick relief. Works in 15 min to 1/2 hr for me. Keep with the tampons in your purse. It can save a vacation, or a dinner out, that's for sure!

Replied by Natalie
(Pittsburg, Ks)

To Cherieh: I have started the douching and it is amazingly helping alot. My question is, do you douche during your period? I know this is an older post but I hope someone has an answer for this one. Thanks for the the great info everyone! Natalie

Replied by Julianna
(Three Rivers, Mi)

Hi all - just something to add for stomach issues, acid reflux.... Try digestive enzymes for your stomach. The chewable papaya enzymes are easy to take. order them from for the best price. It should help with your acid reflux/stomach issues. It's not recommended if you have IBS or Crohn's however.

Replied by Javene
(Rogers, AR)

Would you please clarify one thing about the douching? Is it vaginal or urethral? I would imagine urethral but not having ever douched before I'm not familiar with what exactly can be done with the apparatus. Thanks!

Replied by Anna

I did an anti - candida diet and supplements and most of my symptoms disappeared within 3 weeks. The first few days my pain and inflammation was reduced by 80 per cent.. I also recommend you have a Urine CULTURE done to find any bacteria not appearing in a standard urinalysis. If you go the antibiotic route remember to increase your probiotics and drink Kefir/yoghurt! Good luck!

Replied by Anna
(Michigan, US)

I did an anti - candida diet and supplements and most of my symptoms disappeared within 3 weeks. The first few days my pain and inflammation was reduced by 80 per cent.. I also recommend you have a Urine CULTURE done to find any bacteria not appearing in a standard urinalysis. If you go the antibiotic route remember to increase your probiotics and drink Kefir/yoghurt! Good luck!

Replied by Lisa
(New York)

Please tell me if it has helped anyone by drinking apple cider vinegar or baking soda mixed with water or is it best to douche this instead to relieve the constant urgency and pressure to urinate for IC? If douching, do you douche vaginally or towards the urethra? I have not ever douched before, would rather not, but will if it would work better than taken orally? I have been suffering for over 20 years with this, done kegels for years and recently found out they are the wrong thing to do.

Replied by Cathy
(Chesterfielf Mi)

I just found out 3 months ago I have IC and doing the baking soda for pain and I was just wondering after reading your story if you are still cured and do you still do the Vinegar and Peroxide? I am going to try it I will do just about anything to cure this, I am hope that you respond back to me and all is well with you.

Replied by Ben

Best way to take dmso for IC is drink it in a large glass of water. However, you can apply dmso anywhere to your body and it would go to where its needed. Now remember to take lots of vitamin c and goldenseal herb won't hurt you either. It has a powerful antibacterial / antiviral / antifungal effect good for urinary tract infections.

Replied by Joellen

I've had this IC disorder for almost 4 years and I've tried all the doctors medications and none worked .I have a real bad case of it with polyps all over my bladder. They cannot remove them or the bladder would tear. Every day I am in pain and swollen. They gave me Tramadol to deal with it. My luck right Tramadol helps but I don't take drugs for the rest of my life. help anyone

Replied by Rachel

Hi, to the original poster who used equal parts acv/hydrogen peroxide douche, I would love if you could provide an update (10 years later). Did this continue to work for you? Did it cause any other issues? Were you able to discontinue and not have symptoms return? I'm concerned that such a douche would strip good bacteria and cause other problems, but am open to hearing how this worked out in the long run. Thanks!

Replied by Jaques

What strength h202 did u use, please?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda

Posted by Ga Girl (Villa Rica, Georgia) on 08/05/2009

IC and High Blood Pressure

Hi, I looked to see if i could find a question similar and couldn't find one... please excuse me if there is already (and kindly direct me to it). I started taking ACV with honey 2x/day morning and evening after my mom in law told me about it. Her mom has been taking it for yrs and is rarely sick. It was great until my IC started acting up. My bladder was throwing terrible fits. I looked on your website and did the baking soda thing and it helped so much. I also went out and got an over the counter pill that my OB/GYN had suggested back when my IC was flaired up and initially diagnosed. on monday i went to the doctor and was told my cholesterol and triglycerides were high (total cholesterol was 232). I am 33 yrs old and not very active at the moment, plus i have a desk job. I know i need to modify my diet and get some excercise.

My question is this: I was wondering, if i mix the baking soda with the ACV, like i saw in another post, will I still get all the benefits of the ACV (such as lowering my cholesterol) without it causing my bladder to flare up? And is the baking soda safe to take everyday?

I don't want to go on any medications...anything i can do naturally is the way to go for me. I was also recommended by a friend to take 2 oat bran tabs 2x/day... it helped her lower her cholesterol 30 pts. I am going to get some of those today.

Thank you!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Curcumin, Aloe

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Posted by Lch1974 (New York, Ny ) on 09/01/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I've been dealing with health issues for a long time. I have struggled with chronic Lyme and ulcerative Colitis. I've just gotten to a very good place with the Lyme and the ulcerative Colitis is very quiet. Back in September of last year I had a UTI infection that did resolve with antibiotics. Eight months later it returned and felt better after a few days of antibiotics except for an allergic reaction to the antibiotic- it was switched and then I felt better. Just to mention that I haven't taken antibiotics in many many years and just felt so desperate with the bladder infection that I felt I wanted it to be resolved quickly. But a month later, the symptoms returned, constantly feeling like I needed to urinate and my bladder feeling like it was so swollen. Doctor appointments led me to possible early signs of interstitial cystitis which I'd heard of because a relative suffers from this.

I quickly began reading about remedies here and around the Internet. It's been three months and the only thing that has helped is a douche with apple cider vinegar, curcumin capsule opened, aloe juice and distilled water. If I do this three times a day the pain stops completely. The issue I am having now is that I'm nervous that I'm putting things constantly in my vaginal area and changing the natural state of things, which I guess was obviously not very good anyway considering my bladder is having all these issues, but my vagina seems to be OK and now I'm concerned that I may be harming things further. I did a little bit of a internal exam and the skin inside my vagina seems very different raw - and I'm concerned as to whether the Apple cider vinegar maybe too acidic. I was fIlling half of a summers eve disposable douche bottle with apple cider vinegar which is obviously way way way too much so now I reduced it but I don't want to stop doing what I'm doing which will cause the pain to return full fledged and I also want the skin to heal - so this is half of a suggestion for a temporary relief but I also wanted to know if anyone has had any similar experiences or recommendations.

I am finishing my lYmir treatment and didn't want to do anything to interact with that so I plan to do prolozone Therapy at the end of the month when I complete my Lyme treatment. Also I'm taking aloe capsules and nutritional bladder support, a probiotic, colloidal silver and a few other things.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Mary (Tucson, Az, United States) on 01/06/2012

I have had IC for 30 years. My main pain triggers are vinegar, lemon, citric acid, acidic foods, vitamin C, some of the B vitamins. I am unable to take any products with citrates, orotates, asporotates. The perfect remedy for me is 1/8 tsp. Baking soda (I use nonaluminum product from health store) mixed into very warm water. Usually pain subsides within the hour. If not, I take another 1/8 tsp. It is important to read labels carefully because many products contain triggers. My flare will occur within hours of eating a substance so I have learned that even small amounts of vinegar in mayonaise and salad dressing can be a problem. Before I reached menopause, hormones (I believe estrogen) were a trigger as well. That occurred at onset of menstrual cycle. An over the counter product for vaginal burning was very helpful to me at that time. It contained Benzocaine for numbing. I would only use for extreme pain though because it contains parabans, etc.

I learned these are common causes of flares at the IC website: Vitamin C, some B vitamins, the hormone Estrogen, acidic foods. Unfortunately, I suffered many years before I found what was helpful for my flares. Now I forget that I even have IC because I can treat it so easily. I'm hoping this will be helpful to someone.

Replied by Shampoo
(Los Angeles, California)
1 out of 5 stars

Doesnt work. I did a half teaspoon every 2 hours with a ton of water for two days and it did NOTHING for me except made me sick. Absolutely nothing, and baking soda can be dangerous in large amounts.

Replied by Aunt Jan
(Verdigre, Ne.)
5 out of 5 stars

I have had severe bladder problems for well over 5 years now and just recently been DX. With Interstitial Cystitis. My problems kept getting worse and worse and even though my doctor started me on Elmiron most of you know that it only works in 30% of patients and takes about 4 months just to see if it will work. I got on the internet and began reading and one day I ran accross the 1/8 tsp of baking soda and I told my husband the next time the pain starts I'm going to try it.

I didn't have to wait long and I tried the baking soda and within one hour the pain and frequency were gone. I have now used that on several occasions and for me it stopped the pain within the hour a simple miracle. CHEAP 1/8tsp in a very warm glass of water. Not particularly taste so now I put the 1/8 tsp in a gelatin capsule and I take it with the larage glass of warm water and golly gee, pain free within the hour. I know that everyone is different, thats for sure but this has to be a first try for everyone suffering like I was and like most things we take RX's they are costly and have all kinds of side effects, this is easy, cheap and it works great if not what have you lost. I encourage each of you to give it a try. Thanks for allowing me to tell my story, I hope it helps just one IC patient.

Replied by Plumhappy
(Eugene, Oregon)

Am curious with that much pain, are you following the diet precribed for IC, ie. Avoiding high acid foods, etc. I have IC and as long as I leave the offending foods alone and take MSM, I experience no pain, occassional "sensation" for lack of better term.

Replied by Ducklucky
(Monroe, Maine, Usa)

You have to be careful if you have any other conditions. My hub has severe IC, but also has history of pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis, and he retains fluid, so has to take blood thinners and water pills. Too much sodium swells him right up and can lead to CHF. So just a warning to others who may have any of these conditions to take it easy or avoid the baking soda.

Replied by Sunny

Yes this helps!! I take in on empty stomach in morning. Still concerned about it being sodium?? Still safe than taking most presciption meds!


Baking Soda
Posted by Elizabeth (Memphis, TN) on 02/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have chronic bladder problems (Interstitial Cystitis) and am always looking for something to make it better. I drank 1/2 tsp of baking soda in some water during the worst possible bladder pain ever. In 15 minutes the pain was gone. I feel that the baking soda made the urine less acidic and that let my bladder be less irritated. Anyway, baking soda did what hundreds of dollars of meds could not do--make me feel better! Elizabeth

Baking Soda for Bladder Pain

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Posted by Mama (TN) on 03/24/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have had trouble with bladder pain for the last year. Many things have helped, but baking soda has been the easiest, cheapest, most effective cure of all.

Red raspberry leaf tea helps if I drink at least 2 strong cups a day.

Marshmallow Root and Usa Urvi capsules help.

Quercetin and Bromelain help.

I was drinking the juice of a lemon for digestion and realized it was helping my bladder pain. I realized it was probably helping to make me more alkaline and perhaps that was what was helping.

Now I take some baking soda in water (1/4-1/2 teaspoon baking soda in 1/4-1/3 cup water) 2-3 times a day or as needed and rarely have pain.

I am thrilled to say the least. I hope others with this issue will have relief as well!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Tom
(Livingston, Tx)
51 posts

I'm glad baking soda helps your bladder pain. I remember reading that rutin is good for the bladder wall, although I never have had bladder pain, myself.

Mornings, I take one Swanson brand, 250 mg capsule of the bioflavonoid, rutin from It's a bottle of 250 capsules.

But it sounds like you have your pain under good control.



Replied by Mama to Many

Thanks, Tom!

It's always good to have another remedy at the ready in my arsenal!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Wendy
(Dublin, OH)

Question for Mama to Many:

When people talk about "bladder pain", I assume this means a urinary tract infection or the start of one? I'm wondering if the baking soda actually stops the UTI in its tracts, I.e., completely gets rid of the infection? Can you please clarify? Thanks for all you contribute, too! :-)

Mama to Many

Hi Wendy!

Thanks for letting me clarify.

I don't think I am having pain from UTIs.

After give birth to 9 kids in 17 years, I had some serious pelvic prolapse problems. I tried a lot of things, including physical therapy but ultimately had surgery to get everything back in place. Well the trade off for fixing the prolapse was chronic burning bladder pain. :( At first I did think I was having constant UTI's but I think surgery left me with interstitial cystitis. The herbs helped a lot if I was really diligent. I still try to drink red raspberry leaf tea daily. But the baking soda taken a few times a day helps the most.

I do see that it is a popular remedy for UTI's here at Earth Clinic, so it probably has multiple benefits! I am prone to UTI's will be interesting to see if regular baking soda use reduces the frequency of them!

~Mama to Many~