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Pumpkin Seed Oil

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Posted by Sunny (Ca) on 01/02/2016
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One thing that absolutely helps with the ic pressure/pain/ urgency is... Pumpkin seed oil. The best is cold pressed! I get it in softgels. I take like 4 or more softgels, depending how I feel, I can think of the mfs now. But just get as high mgs as you can find. I believe it works because pumpkin seeds are super high in magnesium. One of the highest foods with it, (another is spinach). And as you know, magnesium is a muscle relaxer. And so it helps your bladder to relax. However, the oil has many other properties like it being antimicrobial. You have to try it, its a life saver!!! Sunny <8

Replied by Sunny

I wanted to share that Puritan's pride is an excellent brand at an affordable price. Disregard that it's directed toward men, it's for women too. But you can buy any brand as long as it is cold pressed. Try it!!

Replied by Lynn
(United States)

Has anyone else tried this?

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Posted by Linda (Allentown, Pennsylvania) on 10/07/2012
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Hi All, Ive been reading over these postings because I was curious about Cayenne pepper as a Tx for I. C. I really empathize with you all and desire to share my Tx remedy. I suffered with mild I. C. for years while having my children (5, total). After my fifth, the I. C. really flared up and I just couldn't get more that 45 min. of sleep at a time. In addition, activities involving impact of any kind (ie. Running, household chores, intimacy) were out of the question.

My husband did some research and started me on a two week regimen of Cornsilk extract (20 drops in 1/4 cup water 2-3 times per day) followed by 2x daily dosing of Pumpkin Seed oil everyday. I have maintained the oil at 1 tablespoon in am and 1 tablespoon in pm, preferrably with food or drink, for about 2 years now. It has made all the difference in the world. If I maintain this dosage I have no symptoms except for mild ones during ovulation and the first two days of my period. I up my dose by another tablespoon sometime in the middle of the day during these times. If I run out of oil, pumpkin seeds (in any form, roasted, raw etc. ) will suffice until I can restock but they add a lot fiber to my diet since I need to eat almost 3/4 cup of them per day to achieve the desired effect. I also stay away from Tannic Acid whenever possible and have greatly reduced the gluten in my diet. I am otherwise a healthy 38 year old mother of five. I don't get back here very often at all so I may not be available to answer any questions but I truly hope that this helps as many people here as possible!


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Posted by Janetspencer (London, United Kingdom) on 05/26/2010
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Dear all,

I also like the naturale food supplements and remedies. I tried a natural product composed of Quercetin, D-Mannose and other natural products from plant kingdom. It was a great solution for my IC problems and now after about 5 months of treatments I'm really feeling well.

I suggest you to try Quercetin products, there are no side effects and you won't get antibiotics anymore. Feel you free to contact me for any further information.

[email protected]


Replied by Renae
(Mpls, Mn)

Chamomile Tea: A lifesaver!!! I drink 4 teabags at a time in a large mug. 3 mugs per day. I keep extra tea bags in the car for emergencies. Chamomile also helps w/Irritable Bowel, and it contains Quercetin. Too much Quercetin is pro-oxidant even though it's an anti-oxidant. I can only take 1/day (Quercetin capsule also has Bromalin) I also recently added some couchgrass, Marshmallow, cayenne (Note: for us older gals: (I am age 47) 1xday on 1st 1/2 of menstrual cycle... Too many hot flashes on 2nd half.. It's estrogenic and so is quercitin, which I still take all month). Always remember that flairs can come back so do maintenance forever.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Renae, I take Quercitin twice a day for my allergies. You got me worried by saying that it is pro-oxidant..... Maybe I should stop. Anyway, I didn't feel that it helped me much although I took it together with Vit. C, other vitamins and Evening Primrose Oil. I thought that Quercitin was quite harmless....

Replied by Renae
(Mpls, Mn)

If I take 2 quercetin per day, my skin gets all wrinkled in the morning from my P. J. S and stays that way for hours. My skin is actually Puffy! Just type Quercetin and pro-inflamitory in a search engine for more info. Remember I take 4 tea bags of Camomile 3X per day also, and this contains Quercetin.

Posted by Teresa (Rockville, Md) on 04/27/2010
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I have suffered from IC for years. I take a prescription med but also take quercetin. I have been in remission for 8 years.

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Posted by Lonelyhearts (Jackson, Ms) on 06/11/2011

I have had issues with my bladder since age 4. I had frequent accidents and infections that led to doctors doing numerous serguries. Once reaching puberty I no longer had severe bladder issues but numerous other issues from abnormal pap smears with pre cancer on the cervex, hormonal imbalances, and pregnancy mask. Was told I could probably never get pregnant. Many yeast infections and uti after any sexual intercourse being given an antibiotic pill to take afterwards everytime. Incontinence was always an issue and uncontrollable urination at times.

As I have gotten older I do have two beautiful girls and had to have c sections with both. After the first I was convinced there was a problem and Dr. did test after test and showed nothing. After my second child I was finally diagnosed with IC. I have had strep in my bladder leading to a hospital visit, finally got a bladder sling and hystorectomy to try to stop flair ups which has help not having a period anymore. But after the bladder surgery I didnt think I would ever heal. Numerous instilations and pain meds weeks and weeks of misery much worse that anything I had ever experiences. I was given the 10 or 12 medications and still had no releif and since stopping all meds the IC is better almost non existent. I can no longer take any antibiotics and very few over the counter meds without it causing a flair up and colitis landing me in the hospital numerous times. My Doctor will not give me anything anymore.

I've always had allergy to Citrus causing mouth ulcers headaches and swelling. Fruit is the only food that I can directly tell effects my bladder but tomatoes coffee and soft drinks don't seem to bother me but if I drink water I am miserable. (crazy Huh?)

Sex is my biggest issue now. I avoid it at all costs making my husband miserable. When I finally give in, I enjoy it painfree once more than once and its physically impossible due to the pain. I have a huge IC flair up that is unbareable for weeks.

I can drink baking soda and use mullein and marshmellow root to get it under control and lots of baths with tea tree oil and baking soda but it takes forever and my sweet husband is a mess worrying about me and then we go months and months.

Help! Any suggestions?

Replied by Penny
(Hueytown, Al.)

Lonelyhearts from Jackson, Ms. I read your feedback about IC, which I have too, but you are the first person that I have found that water aggravates or starts the flare up. I have been telling my husband that and he cant hardly believe it. He as well as the doctors say water is good for your bladder. But I know when I drink over maybe a cup of water a day or even koolaid with water in it my bladder will start burning and thee goes a flare up. I can drink coke and like you said , thats crazy. I dont know what to do cause I know I need more water. Any solutions out there?

Replied by Sb From Jersey
(Egg Harbor, New Jersey, Usa)

New here and hoping you all can help me sort this out. I've been to my general doctor, to my ob/gyn many times. Nothing seems to be wrong. I went to a uro, he sent me for a cat scan, bladder scope and potasium test ( need to go for these two). I have had symptoms since February. It started with 2 weeks of intense urgency right after relations. I have also been having a lot of tingling in the whole area, which comes and goes. Now it has been on and off with pain mainly around my urethera. But when I lay down at night it completely stops. Uro is suspecting IC. Do you have any suggestions? I've looked at the home remedy board, but there is so much to choose from. Please, where do I start?? thank so much for any help!!!

Replied by Teri
(Tacoma, Wa)

To all who are facing the challenge;

I was diagnosed with IC in 2002. I was scared and devastated because I soon realized that IC has no cure. I had the most respected urologist in the area as my doctor and great health insurance, yet the treatment plan he offered me was useless. I was facing a future of misery. My doctor wanted me on 5 different medications and wanted to schedule a surgery for my incontinence. I left his office and never returned. I realized that I was going to have to do my own research if I was going to have any hope at a normal life.

First I changed my diet, just with this careful analysis I drastically reduced my symptoms. In time all of my symptoms went away. I was symptom free for years. My incontinence resolved as well.

Now over the past 2 years I've had two flare ups. In the last flare up I went to urgent care and was treated for a UTI. Upon examining my urine they confirmed that most definitely I had a UTI, however my lab results were negative.

So again, my quest for treatment has resumed. I have been enjoying all the info on this site. I plan to try most of what I'm seeing here because it's less intrusive to the body than what my Dr offered. And because it seems to work better. If it works, it works.

One thing I have found to bring instant relief from the burning pain around the urethra and surrounding tissue is lavender oil. The real essential oil. I mix this with vitamins E and rub it liberally and gently where it hurts. The pain stop instantly. It is replace by a sort of menthol cooling sensation. I have a couple recipes for this blend. You can add Bergamont eo and a tiny bit of oregano oil. But I think the main relief comes from the lavender. This doesn't surprise me because lavender is great for burns. It takes the sting out.

Lavender 30 drops

Vitamine E. 1 tbls

Oregano 1 drop

Bergamont 5 drops

I carry this with me at all times.

Regards. Teri

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Posted by Jo (Anchorage, Ak) on 05/18/2011

I have just had bladder distension & cysto and confirmed I have CI today. The urologist has put me on some temporary antibiotics and told me about Elmiron. I have done enough research on this drug not to consider it. As I have read in this blog, the medical profession does NOT know how it works. For those of you who found relief, I'm glad. I am choosing to go the natural remedy route first and your site has helped a great deal.

I have found a hot bath before bed helps with the spasms for me. I went from going to the bathroom 10 times a night to 1-3 times. For me this was a small miracle... it literally happened the first night.

From the research I have read about IC, I am not suprised I have it. I have had endometrosis, I have sjorgren's. Firbrolymalgia, arithritis, diabetes-ALL autoimmue related. I will read the books mentioned on this site and continue to learn as much as much as possible.

Thank you for your help and good luck to all of us!

Replied by Karen
(Anderson, Mo)

Jo--I was diagnosed wih IC in Jan. Of 2007. I have found since that I had many food sensitivities that caused IC flair-ups. In addition to acidic foods, chocolate, caffeine, I am sensitive to corn, oats, most nuts and most cheeses. If I avoid these foods, I have little pain. The frequency, however, I have not resolved. I still get up an average of 10 times at night and struggle with insomnina as well. I will try your hot bath at night suggestion. Also, I use a product called Arthrosoothe that helps with the pain. I get it from Designs for Health; it's about $36 for a month's supply.

Let me know of your progress with this disease. It is a tough one. Maybe we can all help one another.

Replied by Leota
(Stl Cloud, Mn)

You sound exactly like me. Human Growth Hormone Homeopathic Spray helps me get back to sleep faster and dream more. I spray it in my mouth at night after I pee. I used to stay awake almost all night!

Replied by Ducklucky
(Monroe, Maine, Usa)

Diet is essential. My hub has severe IC with hunners ulcers and the whole shmear. Over the past 3 years we have tried EVERYTHING and finally gave in to pain meds, which he hates. Last month he became so frustrated we had to do something drastic. Even tho we followed the IC diet, we went to an elimination diet, basically starting from scratch like you would a baby. There is much info on the web. We are following the strictest. Voila!!! Pain has decreased from 8-10 to 1-3. It has been a journey. Found he had a definite sensitivity to bananas of all things! Just starting to add one thing at a time, our garden is filling with green beans, so we will give that a try next. This diet has worked for him, and he has lost 15 pounds in a month, which he desperately needed to do. Just puttin' this out there, it is pretty healthy. And as for the no dairy aspect, he was drinking a gallon of low fat milk a day, boocoo calories! And the diet is no dairy, so we switched to unsweetened almond milk. There is so little ICers can drink and he is always thirsty. Also marshmallow root tea brewed w/wo a cinnamon stick and honey sweetened, hot or iced works well. Pure seltzer with some allowable juices and a little honey scratches the soda itch. It is time consuming and involves some research, but anyone can do this. He can have brown rice, so found web recipes for brown rice flour breads, muffins and pancakes with no yeast (diet is NO gluten). Have seen a lot of ICers are gluten intolerant, so that is worth a try for anyone. It's real basic, no wheat, gluten, dairy, red meat other than lamb, turkey, fish/shellfish, nothing "white"... We hope this continues to work, even if it doesn't "cure" him, to keep his pain level way down and keep that bladder happy. Good luck everyone!

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Posted by Sarah (Thibodaux, Louisiana) on 11/16/2010

I have a Question about Interstitial Cystitis. I have not been told that's what I have yet but I have a lot of the symptoms. I'm 28 years old and have 3 children. I had my last child 17 months ago. I got an IUD 16 months ago. I have never had any problems with my bladder till about three months ago. It started with bacterial infection, yeast infection and I was treated for bladder infections. I was treated with antibiotics and symptoms would go away but keep coming back. My urine was also tested and the was no infection in my urine. So my doctor told me to see a Urologist. Is there a possibility my bladder problem could be caused my the IUD? And if not How can I test to see if it is in fact Interstitial Cystitis?

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

There is, in fact, no special test to diagnose IC. The doctors review your symptoms and test for bacteria. If no infection is found then they go right to the IC diagnosis. I don't have an IUD so I can't help you there but my symptoms started the way yours did (with the uti's, yi's and bv... I constantly had something going on down there. I was diagnosed last year after I had a cysto with a biopsy done to rule out anything life threatening. He wanted to put me on Elmiron, but the side effects were very alarming to me, so I decided against it. I now only have periodic flare ups, actually going through one now :( I have been next to symptom free for the past eight months. Right now I'm throwing everything I got at the IC... Uva ursi, turmeric, oregano oil, msm and I'm looking into other herbs. I hope you find some relief. God Bless!

Replied by Gailde
(Holiday, Florida)

Yes there is a test that can be done. I had the test done last week at my obgyn office. A Registered Nurse did the test. When it came to the potassium omg I thought I would die , it felt like a blow torch was burning my insides. This is how they tell you have I C. So I have been looking at natural things I can do for this and I will keep hunting and researching on this matter. I did just try the baking soda and water and I had instant relief. More than likely because people with IC are very acidic. So I am going to try to get my acid level down. You should get some urine test strips and check your urine to see if you are alkaline which is what it should be. I will see how I do. Will keep in touch. I also suffered for yrs with UTIs all the time.

Replied by Barbsdawn
(Lakeland, Fl Usa)

I don't recall her exact words but I understood my doctor to say the only way to get the diagnosis is to have a biopsy. OH, NO, NO, NO! My bladder has been truamatized enough through multiple bladder surgeries which created this condition to begin with. Even the insertion of a catherter tube caused spasmatic episodes for days. How I wish, before the surgery, I had had the pelvic floor PT. It did wonders for me and I might have been able to avoid this whole mess.

Replied by Jean
(Wellsboro, Pa)

I was diagnosed with IC 1 1/2 yrs ago after a urogynecologist did a rectocele & urethral sling surgery. She suspected it before surgery & after testing in her office she said the only true way to diagnose this is during surgery when the surgeon fills your bladder with saline to full capacity & then takes films of the bladder. IC shows as tears in the lining. I had tiny tears and the treatment recommended was Elmiron(which I declined as it is a type of blood thinner), or bladder instillations (which I was taught to do at home) especially diet.

Eliminating caffeine, all artificial sweetners, all citrus & tomato products and advanced kegal exercises. These have helped me quite a bit. Baking soda 1 tsp in water 2x day gives fairly fast relief. My IC is not severe but extremely uncomfortable. Marshmallow root tea was also recommended in a book a read. Also helpful, but I'm not very disciplined, is the gluten=free diet which helps overall body inflammation. Did I mention I also have Sjogren's syndrome (severe dry eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) And allergies. I'm going to try the colloidal silver. Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Marcie
(Cheshire, Ct)

Jean I noticed you said you have Sjogrens and IC. I have them both as well. I have successfully used Elmiron. It takes a while (a year) to notice a difference, but it has changed my life. I would be very cautious about using supplements without checking with your rheumatologist because certain supplements can cause major problems with autoimmune conditions like Sjogrens. Two great resources are Women and Autoimmune Disease by Dr. Robert Lahita and The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide by Dr. Robert Moldwin. Both are experts in their fields. Have you been given Restatis eye drops? They really help the dry eye. Also, elimination diet for the IC is essential. Best of luck to you.

Replied by Renae
(Minneapolis, Mn)
5 out of 5 stars

I FOUND THE ANSWER TO THIS NASTY IC DISEASE. There is a book called "The Better Bladder Book", written just this year. In it, it says that Gluten Intolerance is the problem for 91% of the people with IC. I had been off most Gluten already, but was still eating croutons and chicken, and fish that was breaded, etc. I bought a basic book on "Gluten Intolerance" and WOW. One month later, I feel great!!! I can go without straining!! I can go in the public restroom again. Wow!! I don't sit and wait, and wait to go. It is way less of a diet constriction to go gluten free than remove all the IC foods and feel like I'm left with nothing to eat. I am already not eating sugar (IBS-I use stevia instead) and no dairy (face breaks out) so eating is difficult already.

After only 2 weeks I was off Hydroxyzine HCL (a antihistime for the bladder). I was able to cope just fine. After one month, I still go 2-4 times per night, but feel great during the day. I can eat onions and tomatoes again. White wine. I need more time to reintroduce most IC trigger foods, but I believe I will be able to slowly bring them back into my diet over the next year. The book said that most people getting off Gluten will take awhile to get better. This depends on how long you were sick and how bad. I was 5 yrs and in the end was a 10 out of 10 for constant severe pain. Now I can drive long distances and go on airplanes. This is HUGE for me. I can drive or sit though church/seminars for 1.5 hrs without a restroom break. I had been down to 5 minutes before getting off Gluten. That included at night. The auther of the book said she is overwhelmed iwth responses from IC people. I would love to see a seperate area on this website for people's responses to Gluten Intolerance. Do a search on the Author's name for more info.

Replied by Wendy Cohan Rn
(Portland, Or)

This is in reply to Renae from Minneapolis. Nowhere in The Better Bladder Book do I say that 91% of IC patients have gluten intolerance. You are misquoting a study on a subset of psoriasis patients who tested positive for anti-gliadin antibodies, and of whom 91% then went on to see an improvement in their psoriasis symptoms. Figures on the percentage of IC patients who are both gluten intolerant and who improve on a gluten free diet range from 31% (the ICA survey) to 41% (the Baylor study, which has not yet been published). I'm glad you got well and are telling people about the book.

Replied by Renae
(Mpls, Mn)

Thought you wrote this. Looks like you (the author) wrote this. I will quote part from above: "

But there was a glimmer of hope from the small percentage of people who seemed to heal spontaneously through a holistic approach involving self-treatment, relaxation, stress reduction, and purposeful attention to diet. One of the food sensitivities mentioned frequently was gluten. Patients in support groups for disorders like IC and celiac disease, a hereditary, autoimmune form of gluten intolerance, self-reported that eliminating gluten helped resolve their bladder symptoms, and in many cases, it was the only "treatment" that made a significant difference. " Anyways it advertises your book and talks about gluten being a big cause! Thanks.

Replied by Mary
(Edina, Mn)

If you have tried everything, and you can't get relief, try what I have tried: It's a acidophilis product found online or in large health food stores. It contains:

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1

Google these for the product. If you look under amazon for it, there are hundreds of Vaginial Bactriorosis stories, but also some on IC. So hey I bought a bottle and WOW was it helpful. Pain gone. Like fast. Except I still can't cheat on the diet. But I can sleep, and go in the car on long rides, etc. For anyone with pain: Here is the fastest route to use this product: Day 1 eat 2 in AM, and 2 in vaginal tract. Just push the capsules up there. They will disintegrate. Within one hour, the pain will go to about zero. Then eat 2 b4 bed, and 2 more vaginally, After that, eat 2-3 per day, and 2-3 vaginally (especially 2 b4 bedtime). Stools may get looser. Maintain at 1 to 2 per day per oriface. Must be refrigerated. Buy the 60 capsule bottle as it 's almost the same price as the 30 capsules. Not a cure, but insanely helpful. I've been on this stuff for 3 weeks. I was about to go crazy. I had tried everything over 5 yrs. Side effect: at 3 capsules/day vaginally, the vaginal fluid smells acidic. Almost like stale pee. But hey it was just a few days. After 3 weeks I still can't try new foods, as when I do, I must do a vanignal capsule to calm down my bladder, but I am not in pain after about 1 hr. Blessings, Mary

Replied by Catherine
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

I had bladder surgery (cysto) and that is how my IC was diagnosed. I have had it for approx 15 years. I recently had another bladder stretching and now am getting an implant to help control the spasms. I am a Grade 3 and have tried everything to control or maintain the pain from IC.

Replied by Tracy B

It's interesting to read about The IUD then the bacterial infection followed by numerous yeast infections. Same thing happened for me in that order. I wonder if the IUD is the cause? Bummer cause I was probably the healthiest person in the world prior to developing IC.

Some information tho or hope for others going through this. I went to a Naturopath 2 months ago who found I had massive amounts of solvents (I work in automotive) in my body along with too much yeast. I started taking solvent removers and Unda 38/8 and after 1 week I quit having the symptoms of IC and have not had any in 2 months. I sleep through the night without having to go to the washroom and don't have the sudden OMG urges I used to.

IC is caused by something and once that "something" is removed, the bladder starts to heal. It's worth a shot!

Sea Salt

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Posted by Carmen (Eureka, Ca) on 04/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Several years ago I developed interstitial cystitis after a bladder infection. My daughter-in-law began research, and feeding me (and keeping me from) certain foods. I was given high alkaline foods, such as potatoes salted with himalayan salt, and raw cabbage (cabbage would take the pain away immediately), and I would not eat any foods that promoted an acid urine. I tested my urine often (because I had to urinate constantly), so I was able to see what helped. One day we were invited to dinner, and I only ate what I was allowed, in this case, potatoes and salt. WOW, what pain!!!! I was up all night, and was on the internet looking for yet another cure!!! One site declared that salt was the enemy. Well, I am a Christian, and the Scripture speaks positively about salt, so I was dubious...Yes, salt, the white, purified stuff we buy in the grocery store, IS the enemy. I switched to natural, UNPURIFIED sea salt, continued on my food regiment, and my bladder healed. It has been 5 years, and I have had no further problems. My entire family does not use purified salt anymore. Just another case of the modern method of taking a good thing (salt), taking it apart, selling us the part that is poisonous on its own, then putting the extracted elements into supplements that they sell back to us in the form of a cure...By-the-way, my other daughter-in-law has seen enormous improvement in her blood pressure after switching to natural salt.

Test Your Urinary pH

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Posted by Sarahbelle (Bryan, Ohio) on 01/06/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Uti or interstitial cystitis and acid/alkaline

Please read this if you have a UTI or IC!! I have been researching and this is my conclusion: Your urine is either too acid OR too alkaline. It may have caused bacteria to grow, or if cultures couldn't detect bacteria, it could just be irritated as in IC. I always read that my urine was too acidic. When I tried to make it more alkaline I was even more miserable! Once, when I was taking a barley powder product for it's health benefits, my bladder got worse. It was too alkalinizing. I read that DISTILLED WATER was very acidic, so I chugged a gallon that day. What a relief! (One wouldn't want to drink distilled water for more than three days, as prolonged use can be detrimental, but it is easy on the struggling kidney and bladder.)

Make sure you know if your urine is too acidic or too alkaline before you treat yourself. You can buy testing strips at a pharmacy. The doctors in our rural area would think I was weird if I started talking about natural cures and acid/alkaline. Be your own doctor if possible. Best wishes.


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Posted by Heather W (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 02/26/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis several years ago. I'm on my 3rd prescription bladder medication which I am now immune to. I've also tried OTC AZO Bladder but I couldn't tell any difference. I've done a lot of research on IC and I'll admit that knowing there's no cure causes instant anxiety for me. I don't wish this on anyone. I just finished some Turmeric Tea. I boiled 8 oz water then added 1 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/8 teaspoon ground Turmeric, one pinch of ground black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, and 1 tablespoon of raw honey. I leave the spoon in my cup to stir constantly while drinking as the ingredients will settle. Every time I drink Turmeric Tea, I sleep like a baby!!! I encourage everyone to try this as it's not just for IC!!!!

Replied by Rsw

Hi Heather,

If you Google LDN for Interstitial Cystitis, you will find a number of people who say low dose Naltrexone has either cured them or has taken the pain level so low that they now don't even notice they have it. There is hope out there! And join the Yahoo LDN Group mentioned at top of that site. It has over 13,000 members who will give you their experiences and suggestions. Best wishes.

Posted by Amanda (Madison Heights, Mi) on 06/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking turmeric the day I first suspected interstitial cystitis. I had been struggling with what I thought was an extremely stubborn UTI for about 2 weeks, off and on. Every night my sleep was interrupted about 7 to 8 times with the desperate urge to pee. On this particular afternoon the pain and urgency became so beyond ridiculous that I couldn't function. I was exhausted, peeing every 5 minutes, hurting every second of the day, so much that I could not focus on anything. None of the usual treatments had worked (D-Mannose, baking soda, cranberry, cherry). I had recently been to the doctor for another UTI but the bacterial culture came back negative.

Having done some reading about IC and noted that it is an inflammatory condition, I drank one glass of about 8oz water with about 1/2 tsp turmeric and a small pinch of black pepper. Then I lay down in the only position that offered a shred of relief, on my back with my knees out. I felt somewhat better within a half hour and was able to fall asleep shortly after. I woke up 2 times to pee, and did again when my alarm went off for work. Each time the burning and urgency were further lessened. The following day I felt almost normal again. I continued to take turmeric and it has not lost its effectiveness for me.

I have tried buying turmeric capsules with black pepper extract since then, and they work pretty well. I have also tried aloe, which seemed to have more effect when it was juice rather than dried in a capsule. These are all helpful, but I am still learning which foods bother me, and when I eat something that triggers an incident, the powdered turmeric spice with a little black pepper stirred into water is what helps me recover the most quickly and fully. Not sure why. I may try making my own capsules because the taste is not delicious. Totally worth it, though.

Replied by Hilary

So utterly grateful to you for the measurements of turmeric. I've just tried this and I swear already I can feel a settling of my bladder. I shall keep on with this - positive thinking, no doubt, will help. Utterly fed up of these ‘bees in my bladder and other parts'. Hopefully my low grade fever will improve too as I'm shattered.

Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, TN) on 07/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I said I would update my IC post if I found other remedies that work and I daresay I have found something....Turmeric. I had to take a whole bottle of turmeric pills in order to start seeing a difference BUT it was totally worth it. I'm afraid to jinx it but here it goes...I am virtually pain constant urethra pain and no awful urgency to pee. I do notice that if I don't drink my 8 glasses of water a day I may get a little discomfort but all I have to do is drink more water and take my turmeric and I'm good! I take anywhere between 4-6 pills a day (500 mg each). I hope and pray that I continue to stay sympton free. I was reading a report on this disease and doctors are comparing the pain (at its worst) to cancer pain. They are right. I thought I would go crazy with pain at times. It is just so darn uncomfortable (considering where the pain is located) and my pain would not let up (until I used some of the remedies from my last post). These remedies helped but did not get rid of the pain for this long a period of time. I LOVE this site!!! Thank you so much to everyone that posts their experiences on here. It helps more than you could ever imagine.

Replied by Julie
(San Diego, California)

Elizabeth, that's awesome you found something to rid your pain! Has the turmeric continued to give you relief?

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

Julie- I still take turmeric every day as a precaution (it doesn't hurt it's good for you too). I think I found a link between my vaginal issues of yeast/bv and my IC. Once I started treating the YI/BV with home remedies my IC symptoms decreased alot. I've noticed when my lady parts are happy, my IC pain is practically non-existent. Woo-hoo! Also, I use Uva Ursi as a urinary cleanser after sex and a couple times a month. This seems to help also.

Replied by Yezenia
(Chandler, Az)

Elizabeth, I am so happy to know that you have found relief from IC with Turmeric. I am going to try this one. Also, I wanted to know what home remedies you have tried for your BV/IC because as many other women on here I am on a cycle of IC, then yeast infection, then BV over and over again. It has been the worst pain/experience of my life. Thank you for sharing what works for you.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

Yezenia- I've had to do alot of experimenting with my YI/BV/IC issues. I can honestly say that most of the time I am pain free. I believe I've had and still have systemic candida from overuse of antibiotics and cortisteroid medications for my asmtha. It doesn't help that my immune system has never been very strong either. I've experienced alot of improvement with my YI/BV issues by using boric acid suppositories that I make at home. I did alot of internet research before I finally took the plunge. It's a personal decision.. You have to weigh the pros and cons. I use the boric acid after I have sex and after my period to correct the alkaline ph these instances cause. Also, I will use an empty veggie capsule filled with jojoba oil and one or two drops of oregano oil to fight any active infection (in conjuction with the boric acid). I find this one-two punch approach really knocks out the infection quickly. I also find that drinking aloe juice, the distilled kind, really helps with repairing the bladder lining. I try to drink it at night right before bed so it can hang out in the bladder for awhile.

Replied by Barbara B
(Lakeland, Fl Usa)

I was thrilled to find this site and spent several hours reading about IC. It is so refreshing to be able to communicate with others who are experiencing what I am experiencing. I don't believe I have IC, but I believe I have the precursors to it. I sailed through four bladder surgeries, but the fifth, a year ago, traumatized my bladder and turned my life upside-down. Although I do not have the intense pain of IC, I do have painful urination, I do have daily episodes of acute inflammation and spasms and have to follow a low acidic diet to maintain control. I now have a potty chair next to my bed so that I avoid most night-time accidents. I adjust the leg length to tip the front forward a bit, which allows me to empty my bladder more quickly and completely. With the chair nearby and a draw on my bed, I also am able to avoid wearing protection at night, which helps helps with UTIs. The potty chair is also raised, which is much more comfortable than using a lower commode.

I am very eager to try the boric acid, turmeric, coconut oil, oregano oil, and marshmallow root. During flair-ups, tiny amounts of baking soda are moderately successful but I will increase my dosage. While I am going to try the apple- cider vinegar, I am cautious. I know that vinegars are very acidic in nature and and bother me tremendously, so I will introduce ACV VERY slowly. I had tried taking large amounts of cold-press aloe vera juice with not much success, but I will try the distilled concentrate to see if that has more benefit. Potassium citrate would tear me up (citric acid. ) and DSMO causes a strong and very unusual body odor, so I'll save that one for last. I have IB with diarrhea as well as OB, which are related, and the generic little green anti-diarrheal pills help tremedously with both conditions. If anyone knows something cheap and natural which would replace these, please let me know. I take probiotics.

I make my own low-acid coffee by mixing equal parts coffee (decaf is STRONGLY recommended for IC patients) and cold purified/distilled water, and storing it in a dark container in cool dark place or 18 hours. I then filter out the grounds to make a coffee concentrate that can be stored in the frig for up to a month. To make coffee, rule of thumb is 12 oz hot water to 2 tablespoons of the coffee concentrate, but adjust for personal taste.

Replied by Tom
(Regina, Sk)

Did you ever try d-mannose, the sugar in such as blueberries and cranberries that is determined as the real healing substance in those products?

D-mannose is a naturally occurring simple sugar, closely related (in chemical terms, a "stereoisomer") to glucose. Small amounts of D-mannose are metabolized by our bodies; more than small amounts are excreted promptly into the urine. But how can even large quantities of a simple natural sugar do anything at all to cure over 90% of all bladder and urinary tract infections?

The answer is found in the interaction between D-mannose and the bacterium found in over 90% of all bladder infections, Escherichia coli ("E. Coli"). [No, that's not the infamous E. Coli mutant associated with unsanitary food processing that's hospitalized and killed people. It's the normal E. coli found as part of the "normal microflora" in every intestinal tract.

But even normal E. Coli don't belong in the bladder and urinary tract; in these areas it multiplies and becomes an undesirable infection. But why doesn't the normal downflow of urine from the kidneys through the ureters into the bladder and thence beyond simply carry the E. Coli right along with it? What allows the E. Coli to "stick" to the inner walls of the bladder and even work their way upward (like "Spiderman") in some cases reaching as far as the kidneys?

Mannose found as a supplement in a bottle is not one of the cheaper nutraceuticals, because of course there is only a tiny percent by weight of it in a pound of blueberries. But compared to the miseries of a UTI, it would amount to nothing if it works! Example of bottles of mannose here in BING Images:

Replied by Barb B
(Lakeland, Fl Usa)
1 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the feedback, Tom. I did try a big jar of the D-Mannose. I've used it in the past with great success, but not this time. I took antibiotics almost continually for 10 months and every time I got off them, the infection was back the next day. I took the anitibiotics, the probiotics and the D-Mannose, plus AZO or other OTC, but the infection was relentless. Xylitol was the only thing that kept it at bay. It still keeps it at bay but it doesn't get rid of the infection. I would have tried the D-Mannose with the Xylitol along with the antibiotic and probiotics, but my funds are very limited.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

Barb- Try taking Uva Ursi with a little pinch of baking soda in your water. The alkalinity of the BS lets the uva ursi do its thing. I love the stuff.

Replied by Barb
(Lakeland, Fl Usa)

I recently had a urinalysis with culture and the e'coli is still present. The doctor wants to put me back on a med that created terrible joint pain for me, then put me on a maintainance antibiotic. I don't want to go there! This time I am going to treat everything including the IBS-D aggressively. A big bottle of D'Mannose, along with UviUrsi, Mashmello, Digest Advantage (for the IBS-D, )probiotics, Activea, ( more probiotics) Coconut Oil. My doctor may not appreciate me but I'll go down and get the second urinalysis she ordered to test for cure, so I will know if it working. If not, then I'll have to do the antibiotics.

Thanks to everyone for the input.

Replied by Alexandra
(Miami, Fl)

As Chrerieh said I started using equal parts apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide as a douche twic a day, I have been using it since yesterday and I already feel better!!

Replied by Kristen
(San Diego, Ca)
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I was just diagnosed with IC a couple days before my 30th birthday. I grew up with Bladder infections/UTI's, and was very upset to find out I had this chronic condition.

My pain was at a 10 all week long. I couldn't get out of bed, but to urinate. When I would urinate I would have to bite on a towel, the pain was so horrendous. I've been on a strong Opiate pain killer for the past two days, just so I can take a break from the agony.

I've been researching natural cures and started taking: Prelief (8 a day) and a Wild Pollen Suppliment that is suppose to help build up the bladder walls.

My friend is Indian, and I remember her telling me that her husband disolves Turmeric root into hot milk and drinks it every night.

So, last night I decided to not take my pain medication (took my last pill at 5pm and they last about 6 hours, max) and give the Tumeric an honest try.

I took one large root, and grinded it down to a powder in my coffee grinder. Warmed organic 2% milk just to the point of a boil, then mixed in the Turmeric powder, and drank it over 20 minutes.

I did not wake up once to urinate during the night (even on the pain meds I would get up every 3 hours). I woke up naturally at 6am, and I had no physical pain. I could get out of bed and stand up straight. When I went to urinate, I had a small amount of discomfort at the very end. NOTHING compared to what I've been going through.

Just the day before, when my pain meds would be wearing off, and I would urinate, the pain was worse than this morning, after the Turmeric, with no medication.

I hope and pray this continues to give me relief, and I hope it gives others relief. This has been the most miserable 2 weeks of my life.

Replied by Shampoo
(Los Angeles, California)

UPDATE::: Ok guys, the vitamin C cure DID not work, as the cream of tarter in a few inches of water, DID NOT WORK EITHER. Baking soda didnt work, and I got sick and could have possibly poisoned myself, (i just read about the dangers of taking too much baking soda online) UGH....

I was beginning to despair, so NOW, Im feeling great, and for the last week or so Ive been taking massive doses of Echinacea, (4 4oomg pills 4 times thruout the day) but altho I was feeling better, it wasnt really nipping my problem in the bud, as I was beginning to have excrutiating pain at night, and by now I starting to feel fully convinced I have the dread, interstitial cystitus!!!

Guys, D MANNOSE!!! I have tried D mannose TWICE before in the past and it seemed to do nothing for me. It was like drinking sugar water, it seemed to be the most rediculous cure ever!!!!! However, after tireless internet google research, all these women were swearing by it, (even saying things like, 9 out of 10 women are cured by D mannose, and I have interstitial incurable bladder disease and this cured me) so I decided to give it another go.

I tried a really cheap brand of D mannose before, and some women claimed that it DOES make a difference to go with a high quality more expensive brand, and that not all d mannose are created equal, I guess, so I spent about $25. 00 for a little jar.

It says on the jar to take a teaspoon every 4 hours, (like 4 times a day) and double for a raging case, (like mine) I took a teaspoon and a half every 2 hours like SEVERAL times a day, and by the third day, I really almost feel normal again, I feel great. I ordered another jar, I really think its working!! Its pricey but worth it.

I suppose the d mannose receptors attract e coli to them and then they attach off the wall and get flushed out of the bladder. Ive also read the d mannose can do this to sperm! So be careful ladies, if your trying to conceive, I read d mannose might interfere with pregnancy. They are even trying to patten a contraceptive using d mannose, lol! I was thinking of using d mannose as a preventative, as many women have had success doing that, but since I want to have a baby... I'll have to try something else when I dont have an infection. Im gonna try a brand of herbal cranberry supplement sold on amazon. One women claims after intercourse she takes 2 pills and a full glass of water and she hasnt had an infection in 10 years.

Im going to continue the d mannose for another week after my symptoms have fully gone. A teaspoon three times a day. Good luck ladies, and I will report back with my progress!!

Replied by Shampoo
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I dont think Boric Acid will help, as thats mainly used for vaginal infections, and it is considered a poison. Ive heard good things about all the other herbs tho. Ive also heard Goji berries incorporated in the diet can be good.

BY the way, the Turmeric is awesome for me. I cap my own and I take about 3 capsules, three times a day, and MSM powder as well, I take about 2 capsules three times a day.

Replied by Cindy
(Las Vegas, Nv.)

This is my first time on EC. Same story, Bladder infections... Antibiotic regements, result IC. Have never been oficially diagnosed, but symptoms the same only less severe than most. I am 68 yrs young, in good health except for this. My urgency is only once through the night and for my age that's not bad. My main issue is the pressure and burning after urinating. I started taking SEPIA (Homeopathic) which helped considerably. I now added a Cell Salt #1 (calc. Fluor. 6x), also Homeopathic, more cost effective 500 pellets for around $12.00 at Whole Foods. When I have the burning or pressure I take 4 pellets under my tongue, within 15 min. the discomfort has passed. I don't know why, but it does help. Cinnimon is also on my regimen, about 4 to 6 a day. I can only hope this may help someone. Thank you all for adding your voice to this wonderful website.

Replied by Danielle

Hi ladies, my first ever post on something like this. I've been in pain for 11 months. I've seen a urologist and put on an antibiotic for 6 months. Emotionally I'm up and and down but after reads posts on IC suffers I'm determined to find a solution. I've started taking turmeric please god it works! Also MSM gel is great for IC! Would love to be better again, your health is your wealth!! Best of luck to you all Danielle

Replied by Nancy
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I have had a uti for 2 weeks on a pain level 10 so does turmeric work

Turmeric and Lemon Juice

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Posted by Annee (Niagara Falls, Canada) on 08/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

hi to everyone who suffers with a chronic disease.. i suffer with a lot of pain, from interstitial cystitis to severe degenerating disk of my spine. i am only 48.. i have severe athritis as well. i have been taking baking soda twice a day but found out that this cheap remedy is very good and will reduce the acid by far..and is good for a lot of ailments i take 1/4tsp of turmeric/ a spice from the grocery store..and squeezed lemon juice with hot water, about one cup... before breakfast and dinner.. read about information on the web, its amazing.. a specialist who I saw at the spinal decompression clinic told me that.. my faith is in that DR... take care..

Replied by Canadiangal
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Hi All, I'm on the west coast of Canada and I find that much of what you mention I cannot find. I must admit though that I've just started to try natural remedies after feeling that western medicine has failed me!!! I feel pressure EVERY DAY and pain every day. I'm depressed and isolate. The only thing that's helped me is working out and drinking a lot of water (3-4 ltrs per day). I have tried baking soda but only get mild relief. PLEASE could anyone make suggestions to me about how to get relief and what products would be available in Canada. Also, what type of natural dr. could I see to assist me in this new journey in medicine I'm committed to trying.

Thanks to any and all that help and to all of your for your posts!!!

EC: Hi Canadiangal,

Most of the remedies mentioned on the IC page can be located at a health food store in Vancouver! Whole Foods, for example, has a bunch of locations in Vancouver.

Replied by Sun
(Abbotsford, Canada)


You can easily find some of these ingredients such as turmeric from East Indian food stores. I think the turmeric powder there is usually diluted with some chemical or other, probably used to dissolve the root. So the quality of turmeric powder can vary. You could buy whole turmeric, leave it out in the sun for a long time, and then pulverize it. A lot of work, but very good for u. If it doesn't work, then boil it for awhile, that's better than turmeric (haldhi) with chemical additives. Although we still use those for our cooking. Also, google Iherb to order lots of cheap supplements.

Replied by Diane
(Berkeley, Ca)

Turmeric in Indian stores is pretty pure - and because of high turnover it is a lot fresher than that in the regular grocery. You may be thinking of asafotida, which is often cut with rice flour. In any case, simply drying the root in the sun isn't enough to suitably cure it, but you can buy the dried root whole in many Indian stores and grind it yourself. If you do this look for "haldi root" - and be SURE to bash it into small pieces in your mortar & pestle before attempting to grind it in a coffee grinder. If you try to grind it whole or in large pieces it will break your coffee grinder. I know as I have broken parts of blades this way. The dried root is super hard. I cook tons of Indian food and used to grind my own from scratch, but have given up as it's just too darn hazardous to my equipment.

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