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Posted by Mommy (Daytona Beach ) on 02/12/2017

I starting taking msm supplements for joint pain and noticed my IC has cleared up nicely. I don't know the science behind it but it worked well for both things joint pain and IC. I hope this helps someone else.

Posted by Annie (Somewhere In The World) on 08/19/2013

I have IC. I found that MSM, a nicer derivative of DMSO works quite well. It reduces inflammation and that is what IC is, chronic bladder inflammation.

Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, TN) on 05/03/2009

I am taking the supplement MSM for IC, asmtha, IBS among other things. The problem is that I cannot take Vitamin C due to my bladder problem...Is there another form of Vitamin C that would not aggravate my IC? I'm asking because I have read that Vitamin C helps the absorption of MSM tremendously.

Replied by Pooky
(San Diego, Ca)

buffered C but be careful. try a little first to see how you handle it.

Replied by Five Loaves
(Fremont, Ca)

Dear Elizabeth,
I read your posting and knowing that you were looking for a form of vitamin C which is friendly to IC patients, I have been using a product called "Advan C" by NSI. This vitamin C's main ingredientce is: Advan-C mineral ascorbate complex. Together with this formula is: Calcium threonate and citrus bioflavonoid complex. I wish you can receive this e-mail and will be able to get this product. It is such a loss if you cannot take Vitamin C with the MSM. They do work together very well for IC pain. You may add 500 mg of turmeric, 3 times day. Another product is "Bladder Q" by a company called The Natural Bladder. You have to take it for 4-6 weeks to clear the flare up. But it is well worth it. Hope the above will help you relieve the pain and May God bless you. Five loaves

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Posted by Lynnann (Florida) on 04/28/2018

After two weeks of misery and what I thought was a UTI, I came to the conclusion it's something more serious. After reading up on IC, it seems like this is what I have, and after two rounds of antibiotics plus tylenol, ibuprofen and AZO around the clock I was still in extreme pain. I have cried more in the last week than I have in the last 3 years. I was beside myself. I realize now that long hours of sitting at my desk and working a stressful job where I am overloaded were clearly contributors to my condition. Since the antiobiotics weren't working, I did some research here and found much helpful info from all you folks! Thank God so many people get on here and report what works for them. I went to the health food store and loaded up: uva ursi extract, marshmallow extract, a powdered berry drink called UT Vibrance, colloidal silver, tumeric caps, cinammon caps, parsley caps, quercetin.

The first thing I did though, was ACV and baking soda, and this did seem to help right away. 2 Tbs ACV, 1/4 tsp baking soda (I tried 1/2 Tbs and it was too much, I got diarreah! My bladder did feel better though), and 8 oz of water. I ran out of Stevia so put a little honey in there. It wasn't bad.

Yesterday I stopped all meds, including pain meds, and I did the extracts, the powder and the colloidal silver on an empty stomach, then ate some healthy greens and such a while later and did all the caps. Today I've done a couple rounds of extracts and caps with food, and I am still pretty much pain free! I have hope again! I still feel a little discomfort, but I am not writhing in pain anymore. I do the ACV an hour after I've done the extracts. Don't do this with food as it interferes with digestion.

I am convinced that some of the problem is that my pH was terribly out of balance, and that was a lot of the problem. But stress and sitting for too long were definite contributors. Time to change my life! I truly thought I was a goner, I was in so much pain. I'm going on a trip to Italy with my family in a little over a week and I was afraid I would not be able to go. I have hope today! So don't give up trying, folks. Try these remedies or others on this site to see what works for you, especially if you've tried antiobiotics and have no relief. Also, eat foods that make your body more alkaline, consider juicing (guess I'm going back to this good habit! ). Don't give up. You will find what works. My best to you all!

Replied by Lynnann

Follow up by LynnAnn in Florida: OK, so after two days of doing extracts and healthy supplements for the bladder, the pain returned. I was so disappointed that these healthy things did not have a long-lasting effect. Back to the drawing board, since the pain was unrelenting and I simply could not stand it. Further research led me to info about the Wise-Anderson protocol, a series of stretches for bladder and pelvic pain. I pulled up the first video I saw (I did not realize it was intended for men, by the way). But whatever, I gave it a shot.

After the first round of these stretches, I was 50% better! I did the stretches four times a day for the next five days and today, I am pain free!!! No pain meds of any kind. Apparently, all the sitting I was doing at work and the stress I was going through had irritated the nerves that go from the spinal column just to the bladder. I can't believe this much pain was caused from sitting and stress. These stretches saved me!

Also, I ordered a standing desk, and now alternate between sitting and standing which is so much better! Takes some getting used to, but it is way healthier for the body.

So folks, if you have severe bladder pain, you might want to try these stretches. They certainly can't hurt. Any stretching is good for the body.

Good luck to all, and good health!

Replied by Beloved
(Orange County CA)

Thank you for the tip. So much of what goes in our body plays a huge part in how we feel. Pain meds either over the counter or prescription have made me and my body actually feel worse. They are a chemical donut makes sense to some of us that have sensitive bodies. Stress plays a big role, good coping skills like walking outside, praying or laughing with a loved one all help and so does a little bit of baking soda :)

Replied by Rene

You sound so sensible and I would love to have your strength. I am not even sure that I have IC and living in Britain the only way that I can find out without waiting months is to go private which is very expensive. I am 82 and have been dogged by uti all my life but this is different. I was going shopping and was walking from the car park to the shops and this pain came into my lower back, lt spread up my back to my waist and then round to the front. The only way that I could explain is it was like the worst childbirth pain. My husband got me back to the car and I was in agony. It doesn't seem much different three weeks later. Pain more at the front now but although not passing a lot of urine it's slightly cloudy but not burning. How can I have a uti without strong urine? I have tried the cider vinegar and baking powder and curculio better. All this seems to have started after I was trying urology for Seborrheic keratosis. I had been doing it for 3 weeks. I have now abandoned the idea, at least for the time being. I am just in so much pain.

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Posted by Kris (Portland, OR) on 01/11/2015

The MD thought I might have Interstitial cystitis. I had taken over 30 days of antibiotics, still was not well. IC is so painful! Interestingly, the doctor ordered a Glucose tolerance test to rule out blood sugar issue.

I called my naturopathic doctor and he told me chop up parsley and put it in warmer water and sip it all day. I also I took organic coconut oil made from fresh coconuts, three times a day. My ND told me to buy some boric acid capsules ( DO NOT TAKE BY MOUTH) to be used as a suppository, since now I had a yeast infection the antibiotics gave me. I would put the boric acid capsule suppository in at night before bed I did that for 12 days I also took organic powdered sulfur, which I now realize is MSM I took it twice a day in water. I also took two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1/4 tsp baking soda I glass of water daily.

I wanted to cure this thing so I just did all of these things. Anyhow, I'm cured thank you, God!

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Posted by Sunny (South Gate, Ca) on 06/13/2013

So this is for Interstitial Cystitis ( IC). I belive this is what helped my. I am way better now. But I also did Dr. Hulda Clarks Parasite Cleanse so it might have also been that or a mix of both. So try them one by one. Oh and I also took probiotics. All separete. First the probitics. Finished my 30 days wort , then I did the tea 30 days, then I did then the Parasite Cleanse like 50 days. I do not know which on helped me. I also did some emotional release I had been keeping feeling and secrets to my self and I told someone and I felt a big weight lift of my very soul. (I really do feel that negative feelings contibute to bad health). The tea is by Lagg's Kidney tea. It has 30 bags and I got it at Superior Grocers Market for like 3 dollars its good because all ingredients needed are there, but I suppose you can make your own. The herbs are: shave grass, corn silk, Uva ursi, Juliana adstringen, boldo, Hibiscus flower, (I have to warn of the hibiscus flower, as some one IC person said it cause flairs, orange blossom, like I said you can make ur own and take out the hibiscus flower. I took the tea, cool in the morning before eating anything. (no sugar). Tea has no caffeine says so on box. As caffeine is acidic. Probiotics took as directed. Parasite cleanse look it up its a bit more complex. Consists mainly of clove, green black walnut, wormwood. (your supposed to poo*p out the parasites, I did not. I was kind of disappointed I did not. But maybe the herbs just helped me another way. I had no negative side effects :). My Cc has gotten a lot better. I would say like I'm like 85% good now and can tolerate a lot more food :). Also I feel that IC has to do with the intestines (imbalance of floras/ balanced) floras also in vagina. I always had constipation problems and now I po*p a lot more. :)Good bc pressure of po*p hurts bladder.

I think it's obvious on the things that u have to change forever more for this condition and overall health. I drink mostly water and natural coconut juice. Sometimes! 100% juice. Nothing else. Too many fake stuff and bad toxins. I try to eat very well not so easy but at least try to make the best choices! I do not really eat red meat. And fast food. I try nt to get stressed (killer/ acid forming). Exercise (walk, stretch, yoga) (I know for some of u u have to wait to get better to work out)

Why I am writing this. Well IC is horrible to the point were I felt subhuman and did not want to live anymore. I hope this helps another person. If it does help you I want you to pass this forward. Also, to promise to be a better /more compassinate person. Having been thru ic if you are not a better person you have learned nothing!!! Western Medicine gave me no hope and just told me to live with it. I decided to start by trying the cheapest, safest, most natural means one by one. I have tried other things and they did not help( marshmallow root pills, alovera pills, activated charcoal, etc. But I could not give up, I research and researched , and research, and research and reseached! And try! Try! Try! Tyr!!!!! I only cared about finding something!! I also want you to not give up what works for one might not work for another, but do not give up and share you findings. Love to you AND LET'S START THIS FOOD REVOLUTION, !!! Email you companies and tell them hey do not add fake color , artificial ingridients, persevatives, perservative, corn suryp. you have ic , other people have other illnesses that are horrible too! ( cron's disease, cancer, asma, )and guess what they all stem from the stuff they put in our food we have common ground here ppl! we need to join and say hey enough is enough! stop posoning our food/things!!!!!!!!! . and if you do not change we will not buy your things!!!!!!! ( purchasing power) support those that do!! health food stores etc. let's change our world by changing with in our choices ( ex. food we serve at a party). nature! nature! nature our only and true source.

thank you you ec for this site that i always utilice and try to contribute too.

ted you are inspirational and one day i would love to meet you, (i kind of want to be like you) help you. keep up your beautiful purpose <3

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Posted by Kara (Northern, Wi) on 08/27/2012

We'll if it exists I will try it! So far all special teas and probiotics and herbs and wonder drugs do nothing.

FRESH pressed lemon in water helps! Distilled water helps but is not good for you long term. Try to drink a gallon of non florinated water a day, it works but not instantly.

No alcohol or coffee :(.

Sweating out toxins in a sauna helps! As long as you drink a Lot of water and replenish with fresh pressed vegetable juice.

Everyone should have a VEGETABLE JUICER. Juice fast for a week for dramatic healing, but NO FRUIT in the juicer, spiking insulin will negate healing.

Get VITAMIN D LEVELS OVER 50, tan or take 10,000 iu of d3 a day, but get tested, and don't accept 30 as normal, it's not! Read about it w the vitamin D council.

For relief get a vaginal suppository with BORIC ACID. Its cheap, look online and read about it. Stay away from chemicals down there, boric is natural.

Stretching, either Pilates or something thorough really helps reduce the inflammation and allow the fluids kin your body release.

I just came across a FREE Ebook about treating IC naturally. It's a book by Diana Brady. It talked about the combination of Bromelain and Quercetin to treat IC. New to me, will keep you posted if anyone wants to know. Just curious. Would like to get coffee back someday!

Folks get your vitamin D tested. The vitamin D council spells it out online why its so IMPORTANT and how it correlates to health problems like this. Theres no instant cure, but get that D up and do the other things. Stay off sugars! For good and it will heal! :)

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Posted by Mag (Philadelphia, Pa) on 01/24/2012

I have had IC for 3 years now - it started with a UTI and an acute onset of endometriosis and pelvic floor dysfunction. At first, I had a small amount of pain when I ate sugar and fruit - not huge, just a little. I went on antibiotics for 9 months and I was better while on them (I no longer had to get up during the night at all to use the restroom), but I think I further aggrevated my candida problem, which I think is at the root of all of this. I now have no more endometriosis and my PFD has also resolved (anticandida diet and active release technique helped that). I believe I have had candida for a very long time, possibly since I was a young child, and that set me up for a series of 4 or 5 UTIs which brought all of this on. I have been detoxing for a year and a half and have tried numerous herbs, diets (Macrobiotic for 6 months) and I am now trying bladder insulflations of Ozone, which have shown some promise. I was also trying oral Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, but that caused me a huge flare - and I don't really get big flares, just minor irritation. I am thinking of quieting my bladder lining a bit and then doing IV Hyrdrogen Peroxide along with the Ozone to chase out these bad bugs. I am on a strict anticandida diet and I eat lots of good fat (as called for in Bee's healing diet). I am hopeful that I will finally find the holy grail and get rid of this stuff for good. I have had candida in my stomach (gastritis), intestines (IBS), sinuses, on my face and on my scalp and getting rid of it in the bladder has been the hardest. Good luck to everyone with this horrific illness.

Replied by Lisadeb
(Edina, Mn)

1/28/212: Female age 48 IC 6 yrs, CFS 20yrs (less w/no sugar, all gone w/no gluten last yr), IBS 20yrs (gluten free last yr pretty much stopped this), Fibro 12yrs (3/4 less since off gluten) Now also on IC diet. Must be strict. Claritin helps. Fem-Dophilis (vaginally helps). Researched HGH 20 yrs ago and amino acids caused Gastro Issues, so could not take. No $ for Real HGH.

Jan 3 2012: I started HGH homeopathic "Vital HGH" and bioidentical estrogen and progesterone for my IC and other health problems. (2 squirts 3Xday of HGH)... So far the only changes are sleeping deeper and lots of dream recall, and able to fall back to sleep after peeing 4-6 times/night (I was in bed 9.5 hrs/night due to insomnia, now down to 9) . My fibro is much less. Feel less "hopeless" now because I can now take Cysta-Q (trying 2/day) when before I got really HOT at night taking it and had a stomachache, so quit (Same w/just Querctin and CystaProtec. ). Estrogen is helping the HOT at night problem also. Been on Cysta-Q for 2 wks. No real change yet. Energy is higher during the day, and can exercise more often. I feel this is a dramatic change. Lost 2 lbs of belly fat w/out trying. (I am 126 lbs now, 5'4") I will try to update again if anything changes. If it doesn't, I will not. :-)

Replied by Lisadeb
(Edina, Mn)

Update: Feb 5th: HGH: Bacterial Vaginitus is gone. This was a problem for the last 2 yrs. Daily hair falling out is less on my hairbrush. Skin looks better. Pores are getting smaller. When tried Gotu Kola and Querciten products they still cause too much insomnia due to Gotu-stomach ache and Querciten-Hot at night, so I am off them again. Must wait until I get stronger. I can eat garlic and onion now w/out bad breath. Normally spouse says it's a 24 hr problem. Now it's not even a 2 hr problem. Teeth don't feel dirty at 6PM. Less need to brush them during the day. Feel hopeful and can smile and joke again. I saw on internet that 55% of people saw renewed healing of old injuries" in people who used HGH for 15 days to 2 yrs. I need to heal adrenals and bladder. Bladder bad since 2005. Will text again if more changes.

Replied by Lisadeb
(Edina, Mn)

Update: 4 weeks ago I upped the vaginal estriol to 2mg per ml of cream. Still taking Bi-Est drops (4 drops 2x/day since Jan) Urethra is working again!! Very little "straining or sitting and waiting to go". This was an EXTREME problem. Sometimes it took 2 hrs to go!! The pain was still the same at night, but way less during the day (from a level 10 to a level 3 during the day).

I was frustrated wanting faster healing, so I stopped the Bio-identical progesterone as they were making me extremely hot at night, creating horrible insomnia. I had been struggling to take progesterone pills since January (rarely taking them), but my Dr kept saying I needed to take them or I would not be allowed to take the estrogen, by her. I looked up progesterone allergy on google and saw: and called Dr. Roby who said I was allergic to progesterone as I had assumed. (I remembered that I started a progesterone cream when all this IC started years ago!!! Could there be a connection??) He said to stop the progesterone, as I am obviously allergic to it and ordered the progesterone allergy drops.

On day 2 of the drops I woke up w/NO pain (2 days before my period!! ). Same w/day 3 (1 day before my period!!! ). Then I got my period (Ouch each night (up 6-8x to pee w/pain) and then 3 days later, restarted vaginal estriol, (I continued the Tri-est drops, and Dr. Roby's progesterone allergy drops through my period). Now NO pain during the day if diet is good) and pain at 1 at night if perfect diet during the day. (actually 5 total days of 0 "awaking in the AM pain). I am at 2 weeks on the progesterone allergy drops. I am at 6 months of the Bi-est and estriol vaginal cream. I recently asked my bio-identical Dr for body cream instead of Bi-est drops as I read it's better for you. And Dr. Roby's progesterone allergy drops cost me 57 bucks for 3 month's worth of drops, and a book on how they work. He called me 5 times to see how I was doing. Such a caring man!!!

Will update again soon.

Replied by Lisadeb
(Edina, Mn)

9/23/12 Update: Still on HGH and estrogens. Stopped the progesterone drops as they seemed to not work after a few weeks... I read that estroil and the estrogens take 1 yr to get 1/2 way back to healthy in the bladder. I stopped all gluten since Jan and think that greatly damages the bladder/GI system.

Estrogens: Love, Love, Love no more hot flashes, no bacterial vaginitis, and urethra is working!! Read in "Stay Young and Sexy that UTIs go down 1000% (yes! 1000 percent!!! ) w/vaginal estroil. I have had approx 5 of those, but none since starting the vaginal estroil. I will be on bioidentical hormones until I die.

HGH: I can fall asleep each night after I pee. This is the BEST thing that HGH does for me. Since I have a history of Fibro and IBS, I just want to say the HGH totally took away the fibro after 9 months!!! Just slowely went away!! (see studys on the internet on that) Also HGH homeopathic removed some under the eye wrinkles!! Energy is better too. I will be on HGH until the day I die! Love the stuff!!! But it hasn't fixed my IC. It does heal wounds though and I definatly have a wound there, so I will keep taking it in hopes that it will still work in my bladder eventually (maybe Fibro had to heal first?)

IBS is less due to no Gluten.

Am still in pain at night (and pee 6-10x per night) so got on instillations of heprin/ladocane and saline to heal faster one month ago. (Dr says it takes 6-9 months to START to notice a difference, but can be a permanent cure, for 80% of people (after 2 yrs) so what the heck, I've tried EVERYTHING else at this website). I will update again later.

Replied by Lisadeb
(Edina, Mn)

On HGH for 10.5 mo. I feel fabulous! Still on instillations and they worked in ONLY 3 months to the point of no pain! Still mostly on the diet, but with no pain. Drink white wine (alot of it), salty, sugary foods. Working out each day with vigor. Still up 3x night to pee, but no addn'l pain b4 my period (I have always had more insomnia b4 my period and that's the same). Sleep 8 hrs/night. Have not taken Fem-Dophilis in months, nor Claritin. Have reduced many other suppliments (too expensive). I take HGH homeopathic, instillations and estrogen(s). (I still take Vit D, E, A, acidophilis, fish oil and a few others) I will be able to start to wean off instillations soon, but I will take my time. Happy.

(Los Angeles)

What medications in your instills?

Replied by Laura

What is HGH?

EC: Human Growth Hormone.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Pam (Redding, Ca.) on 07/24/2011

If you have IC, you do not have an active infection that causes it. I was diagnosed 23 years ago. All of the so called intrusive torture will not make it go away. An infection could occur because of the open damage in the bladder wall, but it is not an infection. I had every thing done to me, from the acid burnout, stretching, tens, lasers, & DMSO. I lived in horrible pain for three years to over come all of the damage caused by doctors. No doctor will ever touch my bladder again. The mild no acid diet, tums, baking soda all help the symptoms, but will not make it go away. Stop lower body weight work or bike riding or any movements that compromise the bladder until it can heal a bit. It is very slow to heal the wounds. Amitriptyline or elival is an older anti depressant that has a pain relief element. It is safe to take and especially at night. I have been taking it for 23 year. The best thing I found that gave me back my life is an OXYTROL patch. It is a smooth muscle relaxant and it stops the bladder from going into spasm. It is very important to learn relaxation techniques. You may need to destress your life as well.

I have had it under control for many years without any huge flareups. I just returned from a clinic that is for chronic pelvic pain. IC falls under that. I went for a problem with my pelvic floor muscles. You can find the info under The Wise-Anderson Protocal. The program came out of Stanford. The Urological Association has just come out will info on IC that suggests it is a muscle pain problem. The clinic teaches you how to do the work of healing your self. It is a long road, but pain is a great motovator. The books Dr. Wise has written are helpful, but the Trigger Point Release Therapy is amazing. Tim Sawyer is a fantastic Physical Therapist. He was taught by the original founder of Trigger Point release. Read all the info and listen to their videos. They may be very helpful. By the way there were 4 men and only two women at the clinic. I never realized that men suffered so badly from their version of IC. Good luck to all. You are not alone. There is hope.

Replied by Kimberly
(Camas, Washington)

Hi! I was the other woman at the Anderson/Wise Clinic. I'm doing fantastic... On a trip to NYC. Thank you SOOOO much for recommending the Oxytrol patch. My doc gave me another version - a geletin that I put on every day. Oh my gosh... The frequent urination stopped within 48 hours. I was comfortable on the airplane and have had a wonderful trip. God bless you for suggesting it!

There are so many causes and treatments for IC that aren't being mentioned by people on this listserve. I would urge you all to read Wendy Cohen's The Better Bladder book (Amazon). Each of us is different but if you work through a list of possibilities, you can get well. Many of us have!

Kimberly in Camas, Washington

Replied by Jessica
(Matawan , NJ)

Hi Kimberly , I know the last time you posted was in 2011. And you mentioned the oxytrol patch really worked for you. What is your condition like now? I have IC , bladder spasms etc. I have tried everything and been to million Drs. this week has been so brutal for me. I want to try oxytrol because I know if at least my bladder could calm down I can heal. Do you have any more advice?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, TN) on 04/28/2009

Interstitial Cystitis: I was just diagnosed with this awful condition yesterday. I had noticed for the past couple of years that about half of the urine tests the doctors performed for supposed UTI came up negative for bacteria..and I was in pain!!! I had researched IC online and basically self diagnosed myself but I wanted to go to a urologist to be for sure. I do have a couple suggestions for managing the flare ups associated with IC...

1) alkalize your body...I drink 1/4 tspn of baking soda in 4oz of water daily...sometimes 2x daily if I have more pain. I've noticed this keeps the awful urethra burning at bay most of the time. I tried the ACV w/BS and it HURT. This made me sad because alot of people report great results with ACV but my body does not like it.

2) Marshmellow Root in the liquid form (non-alchohol)...I had a flare up about a week ago and took a dropper full in 4 oz of water 4-5 times a day. The pain subsided drastically within 24 hrs. I take a maintenance dose (1-2 droppers full) a day.

3) D-mannose...I use 1/2 tspn daily in 4 oz water..just for overall urinary tract health. It's also good to take it before and after sex to keep from getting UTI's.

4) I know that we IC sufferers are supposed to stay away from alot of spicy and acidic foods (hence I cannot take Vitamin C to save my about pain!)....BUT I do enjoy my one cup of coffee every morning..the rest of the day I drink bottled water. Also, when I have acidic foods like pasta with tomato sauce or mexican I take an extra dose of BS just as a safe guard and I have to say it usually does the trick.

5) There is a product you can buy at drugstores...I haven't tried it yet but I plan on it. Basically, you take it before you eat anything acidic and it's supposed to neutralize the acids...I know we are not supposed to mention product names but if anybody wants to know you can email me.

Sorry to be long winded but I noticed there is not alot of feedback on IC....I will let everyone know if I come across any more remedies.

Take care!

Replied by Les
(Federal Way, Wa)

I am replying to a post by one who excused herself for being long winded. Please keep it up. It was great reading.

From a sufferer of IC

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, TN)

This is for Les from WA regarding my IC post....thank you for your comment...They'll be more posts to come...I am always looking for new treatments and supplements so I will definetely keep EC updated...

Best to you all!!!

Replied by Donna
(Royal Oak, Mi)

The same thing happened to me - test after test came up negative for any bacteria. Finally one doctor, out of desperation because I kept insisting there was an issue, decided to use a scope and look. Turns out I had a massive infection. Surprised him but not me. It wasn't showing up in the urine tests because it wasn't coming out in the urine - the bacteria was actually imbedded in the lining!

Glad to hear about all these other things you have been trying. I'll put them on my list too. thanks!

(Allentown, Nj)

Donna, if the bacteria was found embedded in lining, what did dr do to treat it?

Replied by Gail
(Musquodoboit Harbour, Ns Canada)

Looking for name of drug store over-the-counter product you take to neutralize acid.

Thks for you info .... very helpful. gail


Hi that product that you can buy over the counter to take before eating problem acidic foods, is called, pre-life. Good luck to you dear as I have suffered with icy for most of my life and just in the last year I've had a terrible flare at 67 years old. But I'm trying many of the natural products and when I am being good I have less pain. I'm definitely going to try the Oxytrol patch. Take care

Replied by Motek0844
(Calgary, Ab, Canada)

Elizabeth from Nashville, TN.. I have no clue how to e-mail you so I ask please send one e-mail to me so I can get the subject *5* product name mention by you to keep acid level in balance.

Thank you. Bless all of us and YES.. Each person has to find their own treatment since none is the same for all. I work on ACV, baking soda, lots and lots of veggies alkaline producing, very little acidic food no longer (hard this one), and a new product available taken over two days and it reduces the pain ONLY. Potassium Sodium. Only good for folks with no high blood pressure. Kidney could also be at stake taken it to often. But it does work.

Thank you for sharing it is confusing.. But I know I once have the yeast under control much already is established. I got this from to many month on antibiotic due to a bone infection which I got from a surgery. YUP. I was on heavy cocktail dosages of antibiotics for 8 month.. got through it with result now of IC.

Bless you all and Elizabeth thank you should you read this mail and letting me know about the name of product.

Multiple Supplements

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Posted by Eva (England) on 04/28/2020

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis 10 years ago after many unsuccessful rounds of antibiotics for a UTI. At my worst, I was house bound and could not leave the house. I was searching for another remedy and realised that I had never written down what helped me recover and so thought I would pass this along to anyone else who needs help. Supplements I used: Marshmallow Leaf Tea Cornsilk Tea Iron (I was anaemic) Probiotics D-Mannose I went on to an acid free diet and ate lots of lettuce and cucumber, which helped. I also used exercises from Amy Steins - Heal Pelvic Pain. It was slow at first, but I gradually began to improve. I went back to my normal life and diet eventually, although would limit foods like oranges and coffee. If I get ill or run down it flares slightly, but I can quickly get it back on track. I live normally and for the most part do not give it a second thought, so if you are struggling- remember it is not forever. I would also have bad days in the beginning by trying to do too much, but when I rested I would feel better than before. Good luck!

Multiple Supplements
Posted by Julie (Oregon) on 04/24/2020

After much trial and error here is what tamps down a flare up of IC for me every time. Hope it works for others as well. Here is what I take: Grapefruit seed extract: 2caps. ( I think this works as an antibiotic.) UVA Ursi: 2 caps Prelief: 2 caps (I order from amazon but hear Walgreens carries it). D-Mannose: 2 caps ( I now buy this in bulk from bulk supplements on amazon. Way cheaper. Take a Tlb.) AZO 2 tablets. ( for the pain and urinary urgency) Aspirin, ibuprophen or Tylenol ( for the pain). I either lie down with a heating pad or I buy from dollar store a stick on heating pad.

One that heats up when air touches it. Has round disks embedded in fabric that heat up. There is no medication in it. Just warmth which lasts for hours. I usually can only find the kind that goes on shoulders but I put it on my lower stomach and it's held in place with the two self stick ends and my own pants. Feels very comforting. Usually I just have to do one round of this but occasionally I've had to do two rounds in a day. This works every time and stays away until something triggers it again. Sometimes I use it right away before symptoms flare up if I know I'm going to be triggered such as after intimate relations. This works as a preventative in that situation.


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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 04/27/2017

The only problem that the FDA has approved Ozone for is Interstitial Cystitis. I am presently reading Dr Shallengeberger's latest book, The Ozone Miracle, and he describes where folks that require self bladder catheterization can easily treat this problem with ozone.

I have just redone all my ozone tubing after 5 years of deterioration and now back in business. Today, I drank a large glass of ozonated water and did my ozone ear insufflation. Later, I will breath it for 10 minutes while bubbling ozone through olive oil.

Finally back into my ozone. ==ORH===

Replied by Missy M.


Hi, I did ozone in my bladder for IC ad it made me ten times worse. Ozone will deteriorate the lining of the bladder wall. I did with Dr. S and I wish I had not. Tread lightly.

Ozone Installations

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Posted by Anne Hutson (Houston, Texas Usa) on 02/01/2017

I have intersticial cystitis and was cured in just a few weeks with a very new treatment called ozone installations. Most traditional doctors know nothing about this. I had it done by my integrative medicine doctor and she's only been using ozone to treat this for about a year. It's very new. Anyway, it involves being catheterized and having ozone (a gas) put into the bladder for 20 min. That's it. No pain at all, other than a little discomfort when the catheter is put in place, but that is only for a few seconds. To get full relief, a number of installations will need to be done, depending on how bad it is. Initially, I went about 4 times a week. Then 3, then 2. You taper off. While having these done, I also followed a careful diet given to me by my doctor and drank water with baking soda in it to keep my urine alkaline (1/2 teaspoon 5-6 times a day). Decrease as you begin to feel better. Use Ph strips that you can buy at the drug store to test your urine and try to keep it 7.0-7.5 for best results. Not many doctors do this treatment yet since it's so new. You can read about it on the web and hopefully find an alternative medicine doctor (or integrative medicine) that does it, or knows someone who does. It can be expensiveBest wishes!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U ANNE,,,,,,,,, spent lots of time in Houston in the '70s on engineering projects. Being a hick, the interstate loop put me in the top of a tall pine tree. The women would pass me doing 90 mph and looking into the rear view mirror putting on their lipstick. I was white knuckled holding on to the steering wheel.

My dad had bladder cancer and I'm sure he would have been cured with the protocol you describe. I just got an e mail from Dr Shellenberger asking for spider vein volunteers to undergo an ozone treatment to address that problem. He has successfully cured 4 of his patients. Ozone is wonderful, but only about 16 states allow it's use. I just did an ozone ear insulflation this morning after my IFR sauna. Years ago we bought a medical Ozone generator from Longevity. It cost about $3,400 but keeps us perking. We have the equipment to do anal and vagina insulflation and suspect that you could do the protocol you did at home. You would just have to have the smarts.

Folks may think they cannot afford an Ozone Generator but my truck is 17 years old and instead of driving a new truck every 3 years I spend that money on health toys. All should too.

Thank you for your enlightening post.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

ANNE,,,,,,,,, since I's SJS, I failed to read your last sentence that this procedure can be expensive. No way JOSE, this procedure costs pennies and can be done at home. The problem is the protocol, and I can tell you that is not a deal because it can be done by trial and error. You just error to the safe side.

You have done all a service by telling us about this procedure, but it is not rocket science stuff. The medical folks just want to keep the details a secret so they can milk the patients for all they can. Business as usual. Not fussing at you.


Replied by Julie F.

Anne, I live in Houston an am in need of a doctor to help me with IC. Can you please tell me who you saw for the ozone treatments? Thank you!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

JULIE,,,,,,,, let me tell you a story. The only thing that Ozone has been FDA approved for is Interstitial Cystitis. That was many moons ago. It will cure a jullion things, but our med folks don't want that.You don't need Anne to tell you a doctor to go to. Just go on the internet and ask Google to tell you of an Ozone doctor in Houston. Talk to all and choose which one to go to. If it is expensive, then that is not the one. Ozone is dirt cheap and if the doctor is high, then they are typical doctors and will die by drowning when they see themselves in the water and fall in love with themselves and fall in and drown.

That story is not original with me, but still a true story.

I wish you well. ====ORH========

Pelvic Floor Therapy

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Posted by Kaylap (Abbotsford, Bc) on 02/03/2018 5 posts

Yes I would second pelvic floor therapy for Interstitial Cystitis. My physio who I saw said that I had muscles firing when they shouldn't be (overactive) and no muscles firing when they should (underactive). My muscles were all confused and stressed out from the chronic inflammation and pain. Intercourse was an absolute NO for a solid year because my muscles were just in a spasm knot. IC free for several years now. I do still need to be careful with intercourse to relax and not tense. I feel like pelvic floor therapy helped though once I was over the worst part of IC and was working on long term healing and future prevention. It did not really help with any of the acute immediate pain.

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