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Green Coffee Bean Extract Caused IC

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Posted by Christine (Vista, Ca) on 07/20/2014

I wanted to add some information to my comment that may help someone else in their struggle with interstitial cystitis (IC).

I had been taking the green coffee bean extract to lose weight, but used it far longer than what is recommended. According to a recent Dr. Oz (big promoter of this supplement) comment, the green coffee bean extract capsules are only to be used as a "jump start" to losing weight - especially fat around the waistline. I did not know this until after I had been taking it for two years! A friend told me about the Dr. Oz comment which was made during a TV segment.

I noticed that the green coffee bean extract label contains 50% chlorogenic acid (200 mg). I was taking one capsule twice a day, so I was ingesting 400 mg of this acid each day!

When my gyno suggested that I either lessen or eliminate acidic foods, it occurred to me that this supplement was probably worsening my urinary tract problems!

Since stopping the green coffee bean extract (over 2 months now) I haven't been completely cured of IC, but the pain and frequent urination has been greatly reduced! Therefore, I think that the extract was a big part of my particular problem with IC.

I hope that this additional information will be helpful to those who may have been taking green coffee bean extract and have been suffering with interstitial cystitis.


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Posted by Cindy (Las Vegas, Nv.) on 06/21/2012

This is my first time on EC. Same story, Bladder infections... Antibiotic regements, result IC. Have never been oficially diagnosed, but symptoms the same only less severe than most. I am 68 yrs young, in good health except for this. My urgency is only once through the night and for my age that's not bad. My main issue is the pressure and burning after urinating. I started taking SEPIA (Homeopathic) which helped considerably. I now added a Cell Salt #1 (calc. Fluor. 6x), also Homeopathic, more cost effective 500 pellets for around $12.00 at Whole Foods. When I have the burning or pressure I take 4 pellets under my tongue, within 15 min. the discomfort has passed. I don't know why, but it does help. Cinnimon is also on my regimen, about 4 to 6 a day. I can only hope this may help someone. Thank you all for adding your voice to this wonderful website.

Hydrogen Peroxide Douche

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Posted by Lauren (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/08/2011

Hey ladies, I developed "IC" after a miscarriage last year. A doc put me on various types of antibiotics (which always made my bladder feel better) for ureaplasma and possible Lyme disease; I have not had a positive urine culture since the onset of my "IC". Because of the antibiotics I got yeast infections a lot. Frustrated, I began douching with peroxide and - SURPRISE!!! My constant bladder symptoms (urgency, frequency, burning, pressure) and pain during intercourse were nearly erased!! So I ordered a vaginal test to figure out why. It showed that I don't have BV at all and very little yeast, but a serious overgrowth of group B strep (4 on a scale of 0-4 !! ) an antibiotic and herbal sensitivity test was done, showing all antibiotics to work, and also oregano and colloidal silver.

I'm currently trying oregano mixed with coconut oil (so I can mold it into a suppository and it wont sting). My doc says the herbals are better for vaginal problems because antibiotics kill off the lactobacillus/bifidobacterium, allowing infectious bacteria to return stronger. Whats interesting is I tested negative for group B strep while pregnant with my son 3 years ago.

Also, I noticed while using the antibiotics, kefir or any other cultured milk was the only product that seemed to truly have live and active bacteria. If I drank this, my stomach was fine. But with probiotic capsules, regular yogurt, my stomach was NOT happy! I hope this helps someone!! I'll keep you guys updated!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Iodine, Organic Food

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Posted by Mariais (Gf, Mt, USA) on 11/16/2009

Peroxide, Iodine and Organic foods for Interstitial Cystitis

I started having IC symptoms over a year ago, and was diagnosed earlier this year. I tried prescription antibiotics, antifungals with minimal results. I am convinced now that IC is an infection of the bladder by microscopic parasites (schistosomes - look up Hulda Clark and IC) and fungus, because antiparasitic herbs, salts, iodine, peroxide, antifungal herbs, and other antimicrobial treatments have kept my symptoms completely gone for many months.

I started on one drop of 35% food grade h2o2 x3 daily to 25 drops. I stayed on the max dose for 3 months. I am now on a maintenance dose of 5. I also consumed about 300-500mg of iodine thoroughly mixed in 1/2 gallon fresh homemade wheatgrass juice daily. I was on this range for about 3 months also. I am now on a maintenance dose of 50-100mg daily. Other changes I made this past year was to switch to all organic, down to my condiments, personal care products, etc. I also moved out to the country here in MT, where water and air is fresher and cleaner. I regularly douche with a mixture of equal parts peroxide and acv, with a tbsp of borax per cup of liquid mixture.

IC is a complex illness, and it takes commitment to major fundamental changes in one's life to see significant changes for the better.


Replied by Leslie
(Anaheim Hills, Ca)

My daughter has suffered with IC for two years. She lost out on going away to college this year because of her constant pain and flair ups. I went to at least 8 different doctors and many hospital stays for pain control. I took her to my good old family doctor for a flu bug and told him about her problems. He ran allergy tests and found she is highly allergic to Yeast. She has Candida which is an over growth of yeast through out her whole body and it is inflaming her bladder. Look up yeast connection and women. Your answer is there!

Replied by Melissa
(Tampa, Fl)

I wanted to know what the doctor prescribed for Leslie's daughter for the yeast allergy. I have also been diagnosed with a yeast allergy and have IC. Thanks, Melissa

Replied by Dms
(Chandler, Az)

Iodine - CAUTION!!! - SHELLFISH Allergy

If you are allergic to shellfish you may also have an allergic reaction to iodine.
Proceed with caution - consult your physician before using iodine.

Be Well

IC Caused By Bladder Stone

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Posted by Diana (Horseheads, New York) on 06/19/2012

I was diagnosed with IC a little over a year ago after going through pain for three years and several urologists and obgyns that didn't know squat... Give out a script and see ya! I finally got rippin mad and told them to recommend someone out of town that knows whats going on. I had to travel an hour from home to get better information. I was treated for the IC in a couple of ways and symptoms came back again and we tried another avenue... I had day surgery to explore my bladder and they discovered a stone... Just had this removed a month ago at a well known facility in the other direction two hours away... Relief is wonderful... No more pain (and previous pelvic mesh was part of my problem)... Please do not just accept one person's opinion or diagnosis... Go for more - IT IS WORTH THE TRIP!


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Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 04/10/2017

Low does naltrexone works very well for IC. It is an FDA approved drug at 50 mg/day, but was found in the 1980's to work at very low doses of 1.5-4.5mg/day, taken at night, to put into remission many autoimmune disease, MS, Crohn's and many more illnesses. It is non-toxic, no side effects (except possible sleep disturbances for a week or two, in which case it can be taken in the morning) out of patent so very inexpensive drug used by thousands. Here are reports from users for IC:

Find the site at and join the Yahoo Group at the top part of the page. It has over 13,000 members who take LDN, and they are very helpful in answering any questions you may have. Best wishes to feel better!

Lemon Water, Marshmallow, Cantharis

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Posted by Mike Jackson (Ontario) on 09/01/2015

Hello to all,

My girlfriend has been suffering from IC for over 15 years now. Had gotten to the point where she was in the hospital every 4 weeks getting a cystoscopy with hydrodistention. I did a TON of research and found some treatments (NOT A CURE but helped)

The simplest way we found and best tasting way to do alkaline water is pour 8 cups of water into a jug, cut up a lemon into 8 pieces and let sit at room temperature for 12 hours (do NOT squeeze the lemons). Drink it throughout the day. It helps ALOT to get your alkalinity UP

The second one has had the best results with her and her friend that has had IC for 20 years, is a mix of two herbal remedies: A marshmallow root tea (as many as you want during the day. I get her the already bagged version that also contains the marshmallow leaves. Tastes actually pretty good. and I even take 2 cups of water, pour in 3 tea bags cut open and a half a peppermint tea bag and let sit in the fridge for 12 hours, take it out and strain it and serve cold. She says its delicious.). Then we add CANTHARIS. (please read up on these before you use them) She finally emptied her bladder, first pee in the morning, first time going to the bathroom that day.

This has not happened in 15 years for her. This is just food for thought, I am not a doctor I just want her to lead as close to a normal life as possible and keep her out of the hospital. And help anyone out that I can that feels there is no answers for you pain.

Fyi I am now researching MONURIL (made of FOSFOMYCIN) so if any improvements come of that I will let you know. If you use any of this and it works keep going, if it doesn't try mixing some stuff up but please remember to always consult a doctor when introducing anything as it could counter react your meds.

And for IC suffers please always remember "To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world."


Lugol's Iodine + DMSO

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Posted by Audi (Minn) on 07/24/2023


Thought I had a UTI…. I never ever take antibiotics or any other drugs. I had tried all kinds of things - wasn't getting better.
Finally went with antibiotics. Took one round didn't fix it. Thought I needed to take another round, started taking it, looked into my symptoms - read everything I could and came across this recipe.

I did this once in the entire thing was over!
Bada bing - Bada boom!

2 tablespoons distilled water
10 drops iodine (crow's Iodine 2%)
10 drops DMSO.
(All available on Amazon)

Took a glass eye dropper and lying horizontally applied this vaginally, held it in there like 10 minutes did it again, until all of the solution was gone.

And that was that. 👍😃

Feeling cautious a week later… I did it one more round - just to play it safe.

I have never experienced it again, nor had I ever experienced it before.

If you're suffering with this - I highly recommend giving this a try FIRST.

Best Wishes!

Lyme Disease Caused IC

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Posted by Evelyn (Singapore) on 09/06/2012

Hello, i would like to share this: I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) two years ago. And I am cured, thank God. The woman who brought me on the healing path is a nurse practitioner in Washington DC, who has ahd IC herself. She has treated AND cured hundreds of persons suffering from this terrible disease. She sees that most of the time, IC patients have Lyme disease, without knowing it. Once you treat Lyme, IC goes away. Before getting to know her, all my urine test would come negative. But she is working with a lab in Virginia, which is the only lab in the world which specialised in IC.

I hope that other IC patients can read this post and find their health back again like I did. Evelyn

Replied by Janine
(Walworth, Ny)

Evelyn, My daughter is 19 years old and has had IC for about 2 years now. As you know she has been having an extreamly difficult time. I would love to get in contact with that nurse in Washington DC, could you give me her name and an email or number where I can get a hold of her. Thanks, Janine

Replied by Sunny
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Evelyn from Singapore!!! Thank you for ur Hope you have given us! <3 that this can be cured. What did the Doctor do? Ex Antibiotics? What is the Nurses name? Please give us all the information you can. Thanks! <3

Replied by Ann

Her name is Ruth Kriz, and she is the nurse practitioner in Virginia that treats IC patients and is curing them. Here is her website. She treats patients from all over the world vie skype of telephone if you're not local.


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Posted by Cu (Austin, Tx) on 06/08/2015

**Relief from Macrobid yet tests show no infection.

28 years old, diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in March 2015. Had horrible pain, frequency, etc. Tried bladder instillations that gave little to no relief, tried a very restrictive IC diet, went to 4 different Urologists, and tested negative for Ureaplasm and for any bacteria. Finally mid-April I couldn't handle the unrelenting pain and frequency (every 15 minutes). I tested positive on two home UTI tests and went to the Minute Clinic. Nurse prescribed Macrobid for 7 days - even though the tests showed no infection. Within 24 hours - I was basically cured - mild pain - ran 12 miles, felt 95% normal - no frequency. Then within 3 days of finishing the Macrobid the pain and symptoms came back. In May called my Urologist begging for more Macrobid. Within 3 days of starting the Macrobid - 100% relief. Then I had a cystoscopy that confirmed IC diagnosis. After taking Macrobid for 10 days, I feel normal - except of the soreness from the cystoscopy/slight hydrodistension.

Macrobid cured me and the hydro helped with my bladder capacity but none of my doctors will listen to me! It has been 3 weeks so far. I have gotten away with eating cheesecake, dried cherries, bananas, etc.

Replied by Nic

You need to do a broth culture, but not any. The one that "brews" for 10 days. There are only a couple of labs in the country that do that. I always used United Medical Laboratories in West Virginia (I believe). Be careful with Macrobid. You likely have one of the bigger guns infections (enterecoccus), and macrobid only makes them stronger.

Look up Dr Paul Fugazzoto, but with interstitial cystitis in the search or you will get some dentist. He died a few years ago, but before that had a chance to help many-many women figure out they had a bacterial infection that simply didn't show up on a regular urine test. He passed on the culture method he used to the lab, but I believe it was actually used at the very beginning of urinanalysis, and then we switched to the simple test that showed no bacteria in your urine.

Replied by Jenn K
(United States)

Same. I've been suffering from this horrible condition since 2012. Occasionally my urine culture comes back positive, but not always. One time I was prescribed Macrobid/Nitrofurantoin for a mild UTI and it made my IC symptoms disappear for a couple of months. It was amazing! A few months later my symptoms came back, but I tested negative for a UTI and a bunch of other stuff. At some point I got so sick of my IC symptoms and asked to try this antibiotic again even though I tested negative for UTI. Within a few days my symptoms were gone! So yeah, this medication definitely works but then the symptoms always seem to come back within 2-6 months, so it doesn't seem to be a long term solution.

Does anyone know why this medication works for IC? Most of the doctors I've seen can't explain it. Some of them were actually pretty surprised when I told them it makes my symptoms go away.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Jen,

Just today I was researching Mullein Root Tincture for a friend and noticed that it said it is sometimes used for Interstitial Cystitis. Mullein root is difficult to find. I have bought it from beneficial botanicals and made my own from mullein root in my yard. I have used it for my joints with success.

A dose for Mullein Root Tincture are 5-15 drops.

I also wonder if frankincense essential oil, a quality one (Hopewell oils are my favorite) would help. A drop or two applied to the abdomen has helped me before with a UTI and also with ovarian cysts.

Just a couple of things I would try myself if I were dealing with IC.

~Mama to Many~

Magnesium Oil (Transdermal Method)

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Posted by Dionne (Mexico) on 01/13/2015

IC- the spasming, pain, frequency and all the other symptoms went away completely when I rubbed magnesium oil on my lower abdomen. I used about 10 drops and was almost 100% better, then used 10 more drops just to be sure. Because it worked wonders, I believe it was a muscle issue.

Replied by Jill
(North America)

Magnesium oil [magnesium chloride] is also antibacterial along with being a muscle relaxer

Marshmallow Root

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Posted by Kristine C. (North Canton) on 10/01/2021

After figuring out, on my own, that I had IC, I of course came to Earth Clinic to see what remedies were out there. My doctor kept telling me I had a bladder infection, only to call me the next day to tell me that I didn't have a bladder infection after the lab results came back negative. The next thing they tried to tell me I was experiencing was overactive bladder and then after that it was nocturnal dysuria. I did a food elimination diet and came up with a long list of foods that would set my bladder on fire. I list them here to help others help with their elimination diet; anything with tomatoes or tomato products, green tea, black tea, coffee, red wine, chili powder, gluten, vitamin C, and certain chocolate products (not all, thank God). After eliminating those foods I thought I would try to rebuild or repair my bladder lining, I started taking Marshmallow Root in capsule form.

After taking it for about two months, I no longer had any burning whatsoever! It was great! Life was great! I thought it was because I was being really restrictive on my diet and thought that the marshmallow root wasn't doing anything -- so I stopped taking it. About two days after my last marshmallow root capsule my bladder started burning again, even though I was still being restrictive with my diet. I eat really bland foods; rice, mashed potatoes, yams, vegies, eggs, etc. and still my bladder was burning? The marshmallow root WAS doing good for my bladder and I, like an idiot, stopped taking it. I have immediately reordered my marshmallow root. I was taking a brand that had 960mg in each capsule and I was taking two a day and my bladder felt NORMAL.

I will never again be without my marshmallow root.

Marshmallow Root
Posted by Kaylap (Abbotsford, Bc) on 02/03/2018 5 posts

I have been *mostly* free from any IC flare ups for probably at least 3 years now (THANK GOSH). I say mostly because sometimes after intercourse if I am not very careful about keeping the area very clean, using lots of lube (coconut oil) and soothing any inflammation then I feel a wee bit of irritation that is mild but may last up to a week. I second the marshmallow root or leaf. My naturopath recommended that I drink it in tea format. I drank lots of that tea, probably 3x per day. This tea in combination with other natural remedies cleared things up within a matter of months. HUGE amazing results seeing as I had been suffering for over a year under the care of a general doctor who just kept prescribing me drugs. I feel it is very important to note as well the possible correlation between yeast infections, GI issues and IC. I feel like my IC cleared up once I also worked with my naturopath to clear my recurrent yeast infections and strengthen my GI tract. The gut has LOTS to do with health and inflammation, so what with my gut being out of wack, consuming too much sugar and fighting yeast infections, it was no wonder my bladder was getting inflamed also since it is in that same general body area.

Replied by Erin

I just wanted to know how you cleared up the yeast infection issue as I am going through something very very similar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Marshmallow Root
Posted by Shelly (Nc) on 03/10/2017

Marshmellow root, a true miracle.

I have been so lost, confused, depressed and in a whole lotta pain until I read about this miracle drug and tried it. I am 47 and have been through two operations for endo. I developed severe pain in my lower stomach and pelvis area and went to urinate constantly. Although drs always told me I had ic and endo, I never was told what to take for relief. Couldn't sleep for a complete night without having to pee. Back pain got worse and I ended up going to my obgyn again. He looked at me and said that when I have had enough pain I'll agree to have a hysterectomy that he recommends. Sent me home with birth control pills. Why don't drs tell u about these possible drugs that can actually help? Seems like there just out for themselves. I came home and started searching on the internet for help. And there I saw marshmellow root and the reviews. I decided I was gonna try it and after two days, my pain has drop tremendously and the swelling has went down a lot. I also have ibs and it seems to help with that too. I gave up my diet soda which I'm sure that has a lot to do with the irratation. But I am willing to try just about anything to feel like me again. So far I'm so impressed with the marshmellow root capsule. I hope this gets out there to someone who is at the end of there rope like I was. Give this a try, u have nothing to lose. I only paid ten dollars for 100 capsules and so far, it has been worth every penny. God bless.

Marshmallow Root
Posted by Angela (Houston, Tx) on 01/14/2010

I was diagnosed with mild IC a little over 4 years ago, but think I've had it more like 20...I remember trip after trip to the dr's for a UTI, finding nothing wrong, but being prescribed antibiotics. Been taking Elmiron on/off for the past 4 years and have finally had it. I've lost so much hair over the past year, and finally faced the fact that it does nothing for me! Also done the whole DMSO thing, but think that's more painful that helpful. Anyone else felt the same way? I'm usually in bed the rest of the day from pain. I've got Marshmallow Root and Whole Leaf Aloe on the way, and use baking soda for a quick fix. Will let you know how my experiment goes! : )

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

The aloe works wonders for the bladder pain. I've read it actually works to repair the lining of the bladder. Slippery Elm is supposed to do that too. I use the distilled kind of aloe juice that "tastes like spring water". Can't mention the product name. I had IC pain that got so bad last summer I thought about taking pain pills. I didn't want to do that so I went the natural remedy way. After alot of trial and error this is what works best for me:

1) I drink lots of water to keep the urine as non acidic as possible. I also take Prelief when I eat or drink anything acidic.

2) I use marshmallow root liquid- non alcohol (1 dropper full), aloe vera juice (3 oz) , MSM (4000 mg), and tumeric (1000 mg) as a daily regimen. I have some break-through pain sometimes but I keep it under control most of the time. It tends to flare up more when I get close to my cycle. I've noticed that this regimen also helps quite a bit with my IBS and asmtha too.

I've done alot of reading on IC causes and I think mine started because of systemic candida and having an acidic ph. Candida can affect all of your organ systems, which it has mine. I take coconut oil (2 tbspn), oregano oil, and ingest H202 to fight the candida (I'm seriously considering doing the H202 intravenously). I'm going to add fresh garlic to the mix. I also take 50 billion probiotics daily. My health is still not at 100% but I have come a loooong way in a year.

Good luck and God Bless!

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