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Dietary Changes

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Posted by Faith (Pdx) on 12/20/2014

My line of thinking is something is causing interstitial cystitis a possible food allergy. I read that there are two possible reasons one is the bacteria is in hiding in the lining of the bladder which does not show up in a urinalysis the other cause may be interstitial cystitis is from ureaplasma you need a doctor run the test they will not find an infectious disease MD the other cause may be infection of the paraurethral glands, or a bladder infection in which the bacteria have gone inside the bladder lining, and cannot be detected in a urine sample. See a specialist and get treated.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Helisphere (Raymond, Wa) on 02/10/2013

I have to say that I haven't seen anyone mention digestive issues as being a root cause for IC, but in my research of IC I have found that it may well be caused by digestive tract problems, not urinary tract problems. Some of you may want to consider dumping your urologist and finding a good gastroenterologist or other digestive specialist. Many of you may just be on the wrong tract if the root cause is indeed in the digestive tract. Search for IBD and IC together and see what you find.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Husseypat (Panama City, FL) on 10/06/2009

Interstitial Cystitis

I have IC and have suffered severe pelvic pain. Diet has helped a lot, but I am definitely not pain free. I have found that heat can help the pain temporarily and that the acid reducer listed on the IC NETWORK does help if you take it before every meal or snack. I know tomatoes drive me to a bad flare-up, so I try to avoid them at all cost. It's very hard to not eat foods with any preservatives-----that means nothing out of a box, can, or package. I do not drink ANYTHING but water. I wondered if anyone knows which of the bottled waters has the highest PH and the least of damaging processing for an IC patient. I can't walk much, stand much and definitely can't exercise. I get horrible pain. I bought an Elliptical Trainer machine and after a couple of days it had my pelvic in a complete knot. I have always exercised religiously, but not anymore. I find this condition can be very depressing because you know the lining in your bladder is gone forever and you have to deal with this the rest of your life. You look healthy when people see you, but they can't imagine the suffering you do in private. Good luck to all. pat

Replied by Julie
(San Diego, California)

this is a reply to husseypat-- evian and fiji have the best ph, which is a 7. many people drink these when trying to alkalinize their bodies... hope this helps!

Replied by Lori
(Palatine, Il)

Essentia 9.5 ph - I bought at Whole Foods

Replied by Christine

Aqua Hydrate pH 9 + bought at GNC

Dietary Changes, Supplements

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Posted by Deziner (Philadelphia Pa) on 07/05/2017

IC can be chronic streptococcus in bladder, in my opinion. Possibly triggered by dormant Epstein Barr Virus. A Herpes virus which can be at the root of strep infections. The burning pain can be Shingles without rash. Another Herpes virus that can inflame bladder and pelvic floor. Doctors only recognize Shingles with rash. They're clueless. Shingles can attack pelvic floor without any rash or itching.

Change your diet and you may watch symptoms get better. Trigger points in the pelvic floor, vagina, pubic bone, anus, or psoas muscle can also cause urgency, pain, frequency. I'd recommend seeing a pelvic floor therapist to rule out tight muscles and pudendal nerve entrapment. Pudendal nerve directly linked to bladder and pudendal neuralgia can be inflamed nerves caused by Epstein Barr.

An inflamed bladder is caused by isn't a mystery and it's not incurable. Maybe to doctors it is, but to informed patients it's curable. Eggs feed viruses, as does dairy, corn and wheat. Viruses feed off of eggs and corn in laboratories. Dairy is just mucous causing food from cows fed antibiotics and hormones.

Wheat destroys the villi in intestines and nutrition cannot be absorbed. IC patients are told to avoid certain fruits and urged to eat eggs, milk and wheat. Ridiculous! When I changed my diet to exclude wheat, eggs, corn and dairy and started juicing green vegetables and many fruits my symptoms improved. It takes a while, maybe months, but you can get much better.

Juicing celery can really start to rid yourself of IC symptoms. Cucumbers, apples, asparagus, leafy greens, wild blueberries, other berries, bananas, melons, kale, coconut water, garlic, and anything grown in nature in whole forms are healing. Dairy, wheat and eggs are inflammatory foods. Even if they dont feel inflammatory.

Supplements like cats claw, L Lysine, Vitamn C, Zinc, colloidal silver, spirulina, and other anti viral, anti bacterials can lighten the viral load and strep in bladder starts to go away. If symptoms are coming from a tight pelvic floor then internal massage may help. The IC support groups refuse to accept that IC can and has been cured by diet, pelvic floor therapy, and/or supplements. They're stuck in the mindset that they need toxic drugs and told to eat a toxic diet. Rounds and rounds of antibiotics wreck havoc on the immune system and can actually cause IC. Benzodiazepines can cause IC to erupt. It's tragic that women and men are told there is no cure.

Many people have been cured by a high raw fruit and veggie diet and pelvic floor trigger point release. And antimicrobial supplements. There is hope but you won't find it with conventional doctors. They thrive on the chronically ill. God put Adam and Eve in a garden for a reason. Not a wheat field or dairy farm.

Replied by Whisperingsage
45 posts

Raw dairy from grass fed animals can be healing, Weston Price did a worldwide study in the 1930's to discover the causes of modern degenerative diseases- Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and he found that the refined foods were the culprit, granted that was before refined grain oils, and GMO's and all the additives after the 30's. But he found proper raw milk and cheese from mineral dense pasture was the ticket. I am trying to replicate that on my small farm. I have goats and milking sheep. There is definitely a difference- my goat milk when the girls are on raw greens is yellow, and so is milk from our Jersey we used to have, who ate foxtails, bless her heart, but green foxtails, and yellow, yellow, yellow milk. There is truly a different chemistry going on there. I am also trying to do greenhouses in winter for chicken and rabbit greens and they get yellow fat too from the greens. sometimes striking yellow. My husband thought something was wrong. But that's beta carotene as well as vitamin K2. We try to supplement with 60 minerals, and put limestone and dolomite on the garden and weeds.

Look up Weston Price's book free PDF here; and listen to Dr Joel Wallach who is an amazing Doc Dead Doctors Don't Lie;


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Posted by Debbie (Philadelphia) on 02/03/2018

If you can find an IC specialist in your area ask about DMSO this is a procedure where they inject a chemical cocktail into your bladder for 20 mins once a week. It is what gave me back my life. I suffered for about 6 years before I found Dr. Philip Hanno (Philly). He now lives in California.

Posted by Dmsogirl (Minneapolis) on 05/06/2016

IC for 10 years!

To do DMSO in the doctors office with major medical only insurance would have cost me $4,500.00. I didn't have that kind of money. I tried EVERYTHING on this site and the diet, also no gluten, sugar, alcohol, baking soda, and tired many drugs. Doing the Physical Therapy, Heprin/Bicarb, Ladicane, many other drugs also for IC, but in the WORST flair for last 12 months was going to give up, and remove my bladder when I realized I have Amazon's DMSO 99.99% Pharma Grade 99.99% on my medicine shelf. I use it for bruises, back aches, etc.

So hey, I researched for 2 months, and then with my Dr's (barely) approval, I put some in my catheter w/my meds. (5 drops (diluted to 50% w/Reverse Osmosis water from Target) No pain, so I held it for 1.5 hrs. The flair stayed the same. But the next week I did it again. WOW. Instead of waking every hr to pee all night, I only got up 2x. Was more comfortable all day! I need to do 6 total. (one per wk).

You should also put 50% DMSO on belly and back (7 drops or so per day) as DMSO is also absorbed in the skin. (See Dr Jacob's site on DMSO. He says MSM is even better for this.) I will continue with the 6 weeks. God knows, this is a miracle drug! My Dr (an ANGEL) wants me to report to her my results. I will update to you all as I go.

RESEARCH THIS before doing or you can have HORRIFIC results, with permanent damage.

*** Never use it straight, nor with only a tiny amount of liquid, nor too often. ***

DMSO per 6.5 drops diluted w/6.5 drops of water would have cost me $592.00 at the pharmacy per week w/out the dr's appointment. It cost me about 4 cents. What a money grab!

God Bless. If?s, (Please respond here. )

Posted by Britt (Harrisburg, Pa) on 04/06/2012

Hello, I'm 22 year old female suffering with a bad flare up of IC. For the past 2 years I've been getting DSMO treatments every 6 months (once a week for about 6 weeks). I've found these to be amazingly helpful. It's been about 8 months since my last treatments and that is why I think I have a bad flare up now.

I am able to drink coffee (sometimes) and basically anything I want for up for 6 months after the treatments and feel fine!

During this current bad flare up (the worst it's ever been) I've tried cinnamon pills, baking soda, and colliaded silver. So far cinnamon pills and baking soda may have helped a little and just took the silver so I'm not sure how that will work.

I would HIGHLY advise to get DSMO. The first treatment or 2 can be pretty painful in itself, but after that the results are so worth it.

Good luck everyone :)

Replied by Ben

Best way to take dmso for IC is drink it in a large glass of water. However, you can apply dmso anywhere to your body and it would go to where its needed. Now remember to take lots of vitamin c and goldenseal herb won't hurt you either. It has a powerful antibacterial / antiviral / antifungal effect good for urinary tract infections.

Replied by Shirley

I'm new here. I went through a series of dmso, treatments, last fall. The dmso is put into the bladder through a catheter. It can be uncomfortable, for me they added lidocaine first. It helps a little. You then have to hold it in there for 10 to 20 minutes, I don't remember exactly. Pelvic floor dysfunction, and vulvodynia, usually go along along with the interstitial cystitis. Following the IC diet helps. I also try and stay away from gluten, and food colorings. I have found they irritate it. From where I was 2 years ago, I'm much better,
I taked pre relief if I'm going to eat something that could be irritating. I still get flare ups. Some people can eat things, that others can't.

The dmso is put into the bladder via catheter.

Posted by Zsaqwe (Brownsville, Texas) on 09/21/2010

I think DMSO is for interstitial cystitis. CVS pharmacy might have it for that condition. I got it from the web. DMSO, although it is not approved by the FDA for anything except an obscure bladder condition (interstitial cystitis), is widely used in sports medicine. Professional sports in particular are obligated to use DMSO to get their athletes recovered from injury and back on the playing field. Each team knows the competition will use it, and this would mean a tremendous advantage for the other team, if it were to be ignored. Combine that with the fact that DMSO is as safe as it is effective (unlike large-dose steroid injections, which were once commonly used in professional sports) and its use becomes mandatory in professional sports medicine. When you consider the fact that DMSO is not a new and patentable drug, is cheap, safe and effective, and knowing what you should know about the medical establishment in the U. S. , you could predict with your eyes closed that there is a propaganda campaign against DMSO. The FDA has done nothing except drag its feet in DMSO research since October 25, 1963 when the first research application to study DMSO was filed with that agency. I got the information from: The Doctors' Medical Library by Ron Kennedy, M. D. , Santa Rosa, CA

Posted by Bret (Phoenix, Arizona) on 06/28/2008

You know, DMSO is approved by FDA for treatment of hemorragic cystitis. I about died when I confirmed this, as DMSO has be characterized as quackery by the medical powers that be. I don't understand why lesser forms of cystitis are not being catagorized as treatable with DMSO. My suspicion is that the hemoragic cystitis is so crippling and so evil that somebody with a heart at the FDA couldn't igonore the clinical research suggesting efficacy for this horrific illness. Cystitis has been called "autoimmune," naturally! By now many people reading this can predict that I will associate it with a virus or elusive infection.

How does DMSO work? Many, many theories but very few pertaining to viruses. It would be too simple and easy to say that DMSO best known as oxygen donor, attacks anaerobic viruses by depriving them of their anaerobic environment. This would be too easy! Too cheap!

Baking soda, I was skeptical at first about this broad range therapy. But, after reading so many,many testimonials from people not promoting themselves or selling anything, hell, I am about to write something about this cheap, simple remedy on my own research website. I will of course try it myself as I too am battling a chronic illness, a confirmed infection of the prostate.

Ted, in this regard has been benificial by taking the time a providing the chemistry to me which explains Baking soda's relationship to CO2.
Baking soda, higher urine ph, is in fact anti viral as viruses just love slightly acidic environments. Alkaline ph actually prevents viral transcription of RNA for replication. Base pair matching cannot happen at certain ph levels. Even in cancer. Whatever we believe causes cystitis one thing is for certain, once again, higher oxygen and higher ph are god sent remedies.

Replied by Lauren
(Northern Ca, Usa)

Do you mean DMSO medically inserted into the bladder? Or cream applied to the area? I love DMSO and would love more info on how you used it.

DNA Testing

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Posted by Aaron (Los Angeles) on 01/04/2019

Interstitial Cystitis and DNA Testing One place to start is to rule out an infection however although culture techniques have improved since first adopted in the sixties they aren't always accurate and/or effective and can miss a surprisingly large majority of pathogens. However today's technological advancements in science have allowed labs to merge microbiology with DNA in order to accurately identify the unique genetic code of over 30,000 known pathogens (bacterial & fungal) along with susceptibility testing which leads to better treatment outcomes and less antibiotic resistance. There is a company called Microgen that specializes in this very field and is used throughout the US by savvy physicians. This test was once very expensive upwards of $700-$1200 but with continued advancements in DNA testing price points have considerably dropped. Microgen in particular will accept most insurance carriers and if for whatever reason your insurance refuses to cover the cost, they charge patients a very reasonable cash price (just under $200). This is at the very least something to do utilizing cutting edge modern science before tumbling down the IC rabbit hole. It could save you alot of suffering and aggravation not to mention countless prescriptions of needless antibiotics that can do more harm than good.

Replied by MariCarol

My regular lab will do susceptibility testing with a urine culture if it is ordered by a physician. Way cheaper than Microgen, and gives the same information.


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Posted by Indigohydrangea (Philadelphia, Pa) on 11/20/2013

I had interstitial cystitis for 3-4 years and vulvodynia for about 1.5 years. Coconut oil really helped get me started on getting well, but I was only 85% there and still having little set backs every now and then. I started taking Buluoke (an enzyme that breaks down fibrin in your blood and also biofilm) and Wobenzym (enzymes that helps with inflammation) and it has gotten me much further along. At first, my frequency increased (likely to the breakdown in the biofilm and the release of bugs in my bladder) - though not unbearably as I was having normal intervals at that point, but after a month or so, I noticed a lot of improvement. virtually no setbacks. I totally changed my diet not long after I got sick and I have tried every type of alternative treatment out there. I take apple cider vinegar every day (which helps with yeast) and coconut oil as well. It was the addition of the Buluoke and Wobenzym that got me that last mile. Good luck!

Essential Oils

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Posted by Shampoo (Los Angeles, California) on 06/10/2012

ok guys, I am updating my interstitial cystitus game plan here as Ive drawn a few more conclusions over the last few days.

Im getting better. I feel great today, but I did have pain return with a vengeance 3 days ago, to the point where Ive made an appointment with a urologist, and I was looking up worst case scenerios stories on the net about having my bladder removed! :(( $%#@!!

Ive come to conclusion that this is a bacterial issue and not a physical or ulcerated bladder problem. How do I know this??

Ive upped my dosage of essential oils.

I did some research about curing stubborn bladder problems with alternative medicine, and I found out about a product sold in canada and eastern europe called nano drops. I found one random company in eastern europe that sells it. Its $80. There is also a youtube video under "nano drops" cure UTI. I wondered if it was a scam, and anywho, I dont have the money. However, Credited naturopaths had seen it clear incurable serious, interstitial cystitus cases, etc, etc, I found alot of different posts about it so I figured it was for real.

I looked up the ingredients. Juniper essential oil, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Pine needle oil. Thats all. $80. And thats it. In the directions it said, put 10 to 20 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day for up to a month until symptoms dissappear.

So, I increased my lavender and juniper oil intake signifigantly. I then ordered more juniper, and lavender, cuz I knew Id go thru the bottles in no time flat. I also ordered Cinnamon and Lemon oil cuz along with Clove, those are the main ingredients to the "thieves Oil" which is really helping me.

I take about 5-10 drops of juniper and 4 drops lavender in a capsule 4-5 times a day, no joke along with random gelcaps of 1 or 2 drops rosemary(cuz rosemary can be toxic) and more lavender 1 or 2 drops 2 drops peppermint, 1 or 2 drops sandlewood oil, or 1 drop clove here and there. Its been sporadic, Im just trying to get this fixed. Whenever I feel pain , I pop a gelcap with a few drops of random oils, being cautios about the more toxic ones (rosemary, clove) Everyday I push the envelope a little more. My bladder is healing. I can feel it. I cant believe it. It is awesome. I also have been dosing myself with cayenne, and turmeric basically, Ive been stuck at home, with the burning, flaming rocket runs :))) But its worth it. Drinking lots and lots of water, cuz I noticed symptoms started really returning when I slacked off on the water intake. Ive been at home, not going anywhere, focused, on trying to beat this thing.

I do not want biopsies, dont want to have them fill my bladder with potassium iodide or whatever, dont want these horribly invasive tests and procedures. Dont want this to ruin my life. I dont want the nitemare, and now that this has happened to me, its made me aware of this awful disease, I didnt even really know existed.

Ill sometimes do a random capsule of thieves, when I get hit with real pain, usually after I go to the bathroom. About 10 drops. Its pretty safe. I experiment with myself. Sometimes I get racing heart, or strange sensations when I do clove, or too many oils at once, I get paranoid, drink milk, and monitor myself. Its fine. And then I do more. Ive researched younglivingessential oils, and this is fairly safe, as there are recipes on the net calling for quit a few drops of oils, that I thought might be volatile, or unsafe to take. Just be careful.

Do your research guys. I have. Im determined. Im scared and determined. Im 32 years old, and Im not ready to throw the rest of my life away on this disease.

Flax Seed Oil

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Posted by Sandyd (Vancouver ) on 11/28/2016

For a recent painful IC bout that I feel was brought on by stress, a naturopath recommended Flax oil capsules. Flax is an anti-inflammatory and capsules are the strongest, 1000mg, look for organic. The suggestion was for 5 per day ( taken all at once ) for 5 days and then 2 per day for a month after.

I also add energy medicine support with meridian tapping ( EFT ) for the pain, as well as acupressure bladder points. You can search on-line for these. Hope this might help!


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Posted by Mel (Portland, Or) on 03/22/2011

In the past couple months I have had dramatic success with IC symptoms using plain, unflavored gelatin. After reading a medical report that suggested evidence Chondroitin may bond to compromised areas of bladder lining tissue, and knowing that Chondroitin is processed from cartilaginous matter, I decided to try adding a regimen of unflavored gelatin to my usual IC mindful diet and supplements (see posts). Obviously, vegetarians would not be able to try this, and those with religiously restricted diets would need to locate an appropriate type of gelatin. I started dissolving single packets of unflavored gelatin in hot teas and soups: consuming 3 packets a day. Within a week, not only had I noticed an absence of any painful flareups - but my bladder really did feel somehow stronger - something like less "bloated" or "distended" when "full". I have continued this for two months and I feel it may be the most restorative (as opposed to just soothing) IC specific remedy I use. I think it may be "building-up" bladder lining. If anyone else is game to try this for a few months, please post your results - I am eager to hear if others experince any similar changes.

Replied by Lynne
(Titusville, Pa)


I was wondering if you noticed any stool discoloration with taking the gelatin, because I have noticed reddish coloring when going to restroom since starting the gelatin about 3 days ago.


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Posted by Gwyn (Denham Springs, La) on 05/07/2012

Dear Friends Who Suffer from IC- What a disease this is, with lots of pain, urgency and most of all not knowing what to do; that can make you think you are crazy!

I have had IC since I was a child but never knew, until my daughter was diagnosed with it at the age of 12 years. I had to live through her pain and anguish for years, and I'm not only living through her pain now; but mine too.

I have tried herbal remedies, and diet and I find one herbal remedy that will help calm that pain down within seconds, and that is Goldenseal! Try it!

I was told by a massage therapist I visited to try Cayenne peppers for ulcers; and I was desperate to try anything to calm this pain down... and do you know that within a few days, I feel great! It has not only helped my pain, but it has also given me energy and helped the muscles and lower back pain I have with IC.

I have also tried over the counter vaginal cream and that helps the burning you get with IC; it does the trick. I have never used medicines doctors have prescribed because of side effects, so I try the natural way always and lots of prayer!

There is another herbal product that will help with the goldenseal already in it and that is Kidney/Bladder by Natures Way, this product really helps and just follow the instructions on how much to take and carry it in your purse with you; and take it with each meal.

A candida diet helps too and stay away fron sodas, it will do you in!

I do hope some of this helps you, because it has helped me and I help my daughter with herbs!

May God Bless you all! Gwyn

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