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Black Cohosh  

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Posted by L (Florida, Usa) on 10/26/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Wanted to share my story in the hopes it will help someone the past I have been prone to uti or bladder or kidney infections...a trip to the doctor and Cipro would usually take care of it. This time I felt as if an infection was coming on, but it never did. Had my urine tested twice and no bacteria. I felt the urge to pee constantly, and though it was not painful, it was VERY uncomfortable. All day, everyday, feeling like I had to pee even after I had just gone. Slight twinge or ache in either kidney but nothing painful or particularly noticeable. Had CT scan to rule out kidney stones; had bladder scope to rule out anything else. With those and the urinalysis coming back ok, urologist, for lack of coming up with any other diagnosis, said it must be IC. Said to watch my diet and avoid coffee and alcohol and look it up on-line to see what foods were ok to have, etc. Came to this site and read everything that's been posted on IC. Made my lists and decided to try things one at a time. I could live with this feeling but didn't want to as it is a terrible thing to always have to feel like you need to pee.

Nothing helped until I tried Black Cohosh. Bought it at a health food store. It also has Isoflavones. I got it at work on my lunch hour and figured I had nothing to lose. So I took one after my lunch, about 1pm, to see how it would react. The urgency was gone within 30 minutes. Then again about 4pm I took another one. I had a night of relief from this terrible feeling for the first time in three weeks. In retrospect I would not take any after noon going forward as I do believe it kept me up taking one so late in the day. Today I will take one in the morning and one at lunch. I don't know if this is my answer, but I do know that I felt normal for the first time yesterday afternoon. Will keep you posted.

Replied by L
Florida, Usa

Following up on my previous post...good news! I took the Black Cohosh for 4 days, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and have not had to take any since! I am back to normal and that is a wonderful feeling. We are all unique and what works for one may not work for another, but this has been my Godsend. Blessings to all of you as you search for what works for you!

Replied by Sunny

Can we know the brand of the product you took? Thanks!

Replied by Sunny

Congrats! I am happy for you, you give us hope. <3 Thank you for sharring this info with us.

How do you take this Black Cohosh? Pills, softgels, tea, tincture?? How much/how many? With/without food, aDid you do anything else different?? You say you have not had to take any since.. Do you think you're cured?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Pass love forward - Sunny

Replied by L
Florida, Usa

Wanted to update you...after I posted that the Black Cohosh worked for me, I got another UTI that was very painful, with blood. I'm not sure if it was because my body was "cleaning house" or a prescription for Macrobid. This took care of the infection but I still had the terrible urge to pee all the time.

I looked more seriously at the foods I was eating, trying to change to a more alkaline diet as well as cutting out all coffee, soda, alcohol. Then I started taking the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide each morning. I also began taking turmeric. I took warm baths with epsom salts before bed. But the thing that has seemed to help me the most was the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I rubbed it in externally over the bladder area for a couple of nights before going to sleep, and I am now also taking it with each meal.

I do believe our bodies want to heal themselves and I am trying to help with what I know and have read from others. I also know the Good Lord answered my prayers as I have been pain free now for a couple of days and I am so thankful.

Blessings to all--

Replied by L

Another update...I have also begun taking something for the acid in my stomach (pantoprozole) and have been fine ever since. I believe the original problem causing ICC begins in the stomach/digestion. I am now starting to eat the foods that I had stopped eating when I was told that I had ICC. So far so good.

Replied by Orla
Cork, Ireland

Hi there. Could u please tell me the brand of Black cohosh to use?

Bone Broth  

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Posted by Lea (Ca) on 03/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Years ago I started having symptoms of IC, the same symptoms as a bladder infection, without the infection. (Google it) Symptoms would come and go through out the years. The inflammation would cause me to feel weak and tired. Then I remembered that my bladder problems always seemed to act up after I took antibiotics. So, this got me to thinking...."Candida fungus was probably at the root of my bladder problem."

So, I went on a Candida diet, for 3 weeks and I not only lost weight and started feeling better, but my IC symptoms seemed to let up...but not entirely.

Then, after my latest flare, I did some research and discovered Bone Broth. I mixed a cup, half and half with vegetable broth, heated it, drank it and within 4 hours the pain had let up.

My understanding is that the Candida fungus causes little holes to form in the protective lining of the bladder, causing pain when the wrong food is consumed, and the broth helps heal that lining. Much like it is suppose to help heal leaky gut.

I thought, "It can't be this simple." So, I tested it, ate some citrus (a big no-no for IC suffers), symptoms flared, I drank the broth and the pain let up. I now drink at least one hot cup of broth a day and, knock on wood, I think it's my answer.

I believe that the Candida fungus was the root cause of the IC. Going off bad carbs was really hard at first, but now I seldom feel hungry. I eat very little but what I do eat is very nutritious. I have so much more energy and feel much younger. I told my hubby..."Unless I'm dying, DON'T let me take any more antibiotics! "

Hope my story helps at least one IC sufferer.

Replied by Carla
Atlanta, Ga

That is great that the bone broth healed your IC! I have been having it every day and it has helped a lot with burning, but I'm still having the urgency. Did it also help with your urgency/frequency? I know that's only a symptom in some IC patients. Thanks!

Replied by Angela

What kind of bone broth did you use? Did you make your own or buy it?


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Posted by Tina (Knoxville, Tennessee) on 05/29/2014
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I've had Interstitial cystitis for 30 years. I was finally diagnosed with it 9 years ago. My doctor told me not to drink caffeine. I never had drank coffee before I was 40. In the last 5 years I've had 4 or 5 flare-ups. Today I filled a capsule with 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and in 3 hours there was NO PAIN. There was no burning from the pepper either. The reason cayenne pepper works, is because it goes to the places in the body that need healing, stimulates the blood flow in that area, and the blood is what heals the wound. This also works for bleeding ulcers.

Posted by Angela (Federal Way, WA) on 07/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am so sorry to read of soo many struggling with bladder problems and UTI's. It is miserable and costly and sometimes embarrassing!!!

I had what I thought was constant UTI's or feeling like I was getting one for about a year. I did get many uti's but even when i didn't 'officially' have one it felt one was coming on. I was finally diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. This is when part of the lining in your bladder is thinned or damaged- causing tissue, muscle, and nerves to be exposed to your urine causing debilitating pain. If you get an infection on top of this it is excruciating. I thought I was dying one time. After being diagnosed and not ok with "experimental drugs" I looked into natural options and prayed a good deal. I asked God for wisdom as no one here seems to know what to do to end the pain.

I started taking cayenne pepper. Believe it or not it actually works! I was scared to death to try it but the incredible pain i already had made me feel "it can't get any worse". I found capsules that also had ginger root in them to help the pepper not burn your tummy. Cayenne is an amazing healer of Interstitial tissue (bladder lining included). Start slow.. maybe two pills a day at 40,000 hu. It does burn some but that means it is working. After a couple of days add more pills to your intake until you can take 3 in the morning and 3 at night. Always take with food. Hang in there through the initial tough parts... you will get some diarreah and it can be painful. Also, cut out coffee, fruits and berries for awhile. After a couple of weeks try a half cup of coffee with an antacid and see if you can tolerate. Add lots of greens to your diet.

I have been doing this for over two months now. I can drink small amounts of coffee and little bits of fruit. I went from a 10 in pain to a 0... no pain at all. At times a little discomfort but I can tell my bladder is healing. The heat of the pepper is supposed to help fight infection too.

Replied by Christie
Cottage Grove, Tn

Dear Angela,

I just read your post about cayenne for IC. You posted July of 2009. It is now October. I would be very interested to know whether you are still taking the cayenne and how it has worked out over the last three months. Thank you!


Replied by Jim
Franklin Park, Illinois

My girlfriend has suffered from IC for years. She has loosely controlled (only a couple of flare ups a year) it with diet. The taking of Cayenne sounds crazy for those suffering from IC. I am looking an update from anyone using Cayenne to treat IC. Thanks for any help.

Replied by Shampoo
Sandusky, Ohio

ok guys. I know how debilitating this can be so Im putting my post on here.

About 3 months ago, I got a UTI. What else is new, I get them all the time, but this was an especially bad one. I normally take probiotics everyday and it prevents them for me, so I hadnt got one in like 6 months, it was all gravy. But I missed about 3 days of my probiotics and BAM!! I got like, the worst UTI of my life, I was on the toilet weeping. Anywho, went to the doc, got a script for cipro, took it, didnt go away, got another script, took it, STILL didnt go away.

Now, antibiotics normally NEVER work for me. This is why Im very into alternative medicine, but I was desperate this time. and ofcourse, didnt work.

All the usual things I do for a UTI, didnt work at all, I tried every herb known to man, baking soda, 40 pills of vitain c in one day with gallons of water, apple cider vinegar, olive leaf extract, uva ursi, echinacia, even d mannose, (3 jars) didnt get rid of it. I was in EXTREME PAIN, and I was terrified.

Id been reading alot on the net, about overactive bladder, and a condition called interstitial cystitus on the net HOPING TO GOD, I didnt have it. Alot of women said it started with a bad UTI and ended with YEARS of chronic daily debilatating pain. I guess the theory is, the bladder lining somehow gets damaged, or ulcerated, or mayne you have a bacteria or virus that is hiding, or embedded somehow deep in the bladder walls, where antibiotics or anything else cant get to it. We are talking YEARS of this pain, even, to the point where these women cannot work, cant sleep, cant have sex, cant even function, cant ride rollercoasters, run or exercise. I already have so many problems with my female region as it is, I have struggled so long with other health problems, screw that! They even compare interstitial cystitus on the pain level scales to CANCER. Thats how awful it is. And there is no cure. And I was getting all the symptoms, and it didnt feel like these antibiotics or anything else I was doing was helping this pain. They prescibe Methadone to these folks.

anywho, I did some serious, serious research, and I came up with a game plan that is beating this interstitial cystitus.

In the morning I take: a gel cap filled with one drop each clove oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender, sandlewood, and peppermint oils. Foolowed by 2 full glasses of water and 1-2 pills cayenne AFRICAN RED PEPPER(xtra hot) has a bright orange red color. 1 pill MSM, and 3-4 gelcaps of Turmeric powder, and 1-2 Dong Quai. I cap these herbs myself. Then I take:: 2 milk thistle, 2 echinacea. I bought those ones at the store.

2-3 hours later. I fill another del cap 2 drops each peppermint oil, and rosemary oil. 2-3 hurs after that, 1 pill filled with; one drop each, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and sandlewood, followed by 1 MSM, 1 cayenne, 2-3 turmeric, 1 dong quai. 2-3 hours later, 1 gelcap, 1 drop each peppermint, rosemary, or lavender )optional) I do this according to my pain levels. If the pain is especially bad, I will add more cayenne, or turmeric, as it is not dangerous to OD on those herbs. You cannot OD on cayenne or turmeric, unless you have a bad, sensitive stomach. Im only 30 years old, and I seem to have a cast Iron stomach, lol! LOTS and LOTS of water. Then before bed, 1 cayenne, 2-3 turmeric, 1 dong quai, 2 echinacia, 1 MSM. you can reduce herbs in the days following as you get better.

The essential oils: I used to be afraid to take essential oils, as I thought they might be extremely toxic. They are in large amounts, you just have to be careful. I never exceed 2 drops usually of anything. Clove, and lavender oil, can be pretty dangerous, especially clove, as only 6 drops can be toxic. Remember to get pure essential oils, not perfumes.

I went hardcore, and I didnt care if I got kidney failure, or liver damage from the herbs I was taking. This painful bladder condition has ruined lives, and I wasnt about to let that happen to me, after everything else Ive been thru. Ofcourse, Im fine. and I did not poison myself, and I am 95% pain free today, and It gets better every single

Its scary when you feel helpless, and hopeless, and no doctors can help you.

I did alot of research on cayenne pepper actually healing bladder tissue. Some people have cured themselves in less that a week using cayenne. They say you should build up to 3 in the morning, 3 in the eveneing, but I am already seeing at 2 a day, results so. Turmeric also heals mucas membrabe tissue, and MSM, is a sulpher based herb, and is excellent for pain. Alot of people are also talking about colostrum. and Ive already ordered that, its coming in the mail.

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

Ok guys, Im back! And so far, so good!! I had hardly nothing, no pain today, awesome!!!! :))))))))))))

You guys, I was SURE, I had intersticial cystitus. Unexplainable bladder pain, getting up 8 times a night to pee, etc. Nothing was even touching it. My protocol is healing this, and in this journey, I have discovered the wonders of essential oil therapy. When antibiotics dont work, essential oils. Its a freakin miracal. O thought I had a prolapsed bladder or some physical problem, not bacterial. Unbelievable. Ive been taking the thieves and juniper along with the other oil recipes. I take about 3-5 drops theives, 1-2 drops juniper in a gelcap, couple times a day along with the others

Im researching Lemongrass, Thieves, Dragontime, Juniper, Pine, ravansara, Tyme, Oregano oil.

I actually found a page, listing essential oil recipes, and it was very interesting, as far most of my life I didnt think you can safely take essential oils, etc. I also started on the colostrum today, and it tastes very pleasant, and I feel great, Im excited about it :)

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

ok guys, I am updating my interstitial cystitus game plan here as Ive drawn a few more conclusions over the last few days.

Im getting better. I feel great today, but I did have pain return with a vengeance 3 days ago, to the point where Ive made an appointment with a urologist, and I was looking up worst case scenerios stories on the net about having my bladder removed! :(( $%#@!!

Ive come to conclusion that this is a bacterial issue and not a physical or ulcerated bladder problem. How do I know this??

Ive upped my dosage of essential oils.

I did some research about curing stubborn bladder problems with alternative medicine, and I found out about a product sold in canada and eastern europe called nano drops. I found one random company in eastern europe that sells it. Its $80. There is also a youtube video under "nano drops" cure UTI. I wondered if it was a scam, and anywho, I dont have the money. However, Credited naturopaths had seen it clear incurable serious, interstitial cystitus cases, etc, etc, I found alot of different posts about it so I figured it was for real.

I looked up the ingredients. Juniper essential oil, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Pine needle oil. Thats all. $80. And thats it. In the directions it said, put 10 to 20 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day for up to a month until symptoms dissappear.

So, I increased my lavender and juniper oil intake signifigantly. I then ordered more juniper, and lavender, cuz I knew Id go thru the bottles in no time flat. I also ordered Cinnamon and Lemon oil cuz along with Clove, those are the main ingredients to the "thieves Oil" which is really helping me.

I take about 5-10 drops of juniper and 4 drops lavender in a capsule 4-5 times a day, no joke along with random gelcaps of 1 or 2 drops rosemary(cuz rosemary can be toxic) and more lavender 1 or 2 drops 2 drops peppermint, 1 or 2 drops sandlewood oil, or 1 drop clove here and there. Its been sporadic, Im just trying to get this fixed. Whenever I feel pain , I pop a gelcap with a few drops of random oils, being cautios about the more toxic ones (rosemary, clove) Everyday I push the envelope a little more. My bladder is healing. I can feel it. I cant believe it. It is awesome. I also have been dosing myself with cayenne, and turmeric basically, Ive been stuck at home, with the burning, flaming rocket runs :))) But its worth it. Drinking lots and lots of water, cuz I noticed symptoms started really returning when I slacked off on the water intake. Ive been at home, not going anywhere, focused, on trying to beat this thing.

I do not want biopsies, dont want to have them fill my bladder with potassium iodide or whatever, dont want these horribly invasive tests and procedures. Dont want this to ruin my life. I dont want the nitemare, and now that this has happened to me, its made me aware of this awful disease, I didnt even really know existed.

Ill sometimes do a random capsule of thieves, when I get hit with real pain, usually after I go to the bathroom. About 10 drops. Its pretty safe. I experiment with myself. Sometimes I get racing heart, or strange sensations when I do clove, or too many oils at once, I get paranoid, drink milk, and monitor myself. Its fine. And then I do more. Ive researched younglivingessential oils, and this is fairly safe, as there are recipes on the net calling for quit a few drops of oils, that I thought might be volatile, or unsafe to take. Just be careful.

Do your research guys. I have. Im determined. Im scared and determined. Im 32 years old, and Im not ready to throw the rest of my life away on this disease.

Replied by Scully
Saint Charles, Mo

I was first diagnosed with IC five years ago, went into remission after being put on meds, was fine, until 2/12. Suddenly, it flared up, and has been back with a vengeance. Since Feb, I have had two bladder distillations, and one bladder stretching. My urologist said that he is out of options, and recommended me to a clinic specializing in IC. He said that they can inject me with (if I can't say the name, it's the same thing as cow's pee, or people inject it in between their eyebrows for anti-aging effects). Anyway, my bladder is officially exit only now; I don't want any more wierd stuff going on. My family doctor just put me on a two week short term-disability, to get away from my stressful job. When I got home to tell my husband, he told me that he didn't want to be married anymore because of all of my medical problems. We've been married almost 11 years.

I know this is a long, boring story. I guess that I'm frustrated, and out of options. I've noticed that a lot of people who have IC also have stomach problems.

I would be interested in trying the cayenne, but I know that it would fry my tum.

If anyone truly recommends the essential oils, and you could only take five to begin, which ones would they be? I am in a constant pain, basically. I'm sure like everybody else.

Thanks for listening and the advice.


Replied by Heather

Hi, You could send a request to Ted as this maybe something he's interested in. I would think an alkaline diet would help you. I have read somewhere on Ted remedies that salt water helps urine/bladder infections. I have heard that essential oils need to be used under guidance.

Replied by Diana
Horseheads, New York

I was diagnosed with IC a little over a year ago after going through pain for three years and several urologists and obgyns that didn't know squat... Give out a script and see ya! I finally got rippin mad and told them to recommend someone out of town that knows whats going on. I had to travel an hour from home to get better information. I was treated for the IC in a couple of ways and symptoms came back again and we tried another avenue... I had day surgery to explore my bladder and they discovered a stone... Just had this removed a month ago at a well known facility in the other direction two hours away... Relief is wonderful... No more pain (and previous pelvic mesh was part of my problem)... Please do not just accept one person's opinion or diagnosis... Go for more - IT IS WORTH THE TRIP!

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

UPDATES:::: Ok guys. Im doing good, but its been a process and a journey, but I feel Im in remission (knock on wood ::)). Heres what Ive been doing ::

About the essential oil therapy. My God, was that Hard. I gradually incresed my dosages to abround 7 pills a day. Maximizing the Lavender and Most of all JUNIPER essential oils, and theives oil. In the morn upon waking. A gelcap filled with Juniper and 5 drops Lavender oil. Then a second gel cap filled with theives oil mostly and one drop of whatever Oils I had on hand except lavender, so that would be about 2 drops rosemary 2 drops sandlewood, 2 drops peppermint, etc. Then the cayenne, turmeric, msm etc. I would have the runs for most of the day, and I was drinking about a gallon and a half of water or more a day. I dont have a job, so I can devote myself to this full time. I would do the juniper thieves caps, 3 times a day. Then in between... One gelcap filled with mostly lavender oil, and peppermint, sandlewood, and more juniper.

A couple days ago, I also started making parsley tea with an ounce of my own morning urine in it. I was desperate guys, and at this point, willing to try ANYTHING. A well known herbalist stated in 30 years, and 100 cases of UTI, hed never seen the tea fail, and you have to stay on it for 10 days. It was awful. I was still in pain, but I was controlling it, to where I could function. I costly monitered myself for ill effects and Kidney pain. I was nervous, and many times nausious. But desperate to get rid of this, and there were some days where I felt almost cured, so I kept going. Reading these stories online were terrifying.

About 3 days ago, I reached my breaking point with the oils. I was at a wedding, and going to the bathroom every fifteen minutes it seemed to pop one, or pee. Pain hit me like a ton of breaks and I had to lie down. I was giving up, and starting to make myself sick with the oils. I felt all the focus, hard work and suffering was for nothing and the Ic was coming back at me full force, like the infection mutated, and won. When I thought I was winning. I was broke too. I broke down and started crying. I truly felt my life was over. I was angry at God, eveything. It was horrible. I swore If I could cure this, I would devote the rest of my life to healing people. This disease. I had no idea, anything like this ever existed. I figured this wedding would be the last thing Id ever do, before being bedridden and in pain for the rest of my life, my life was over. My back started hurting, I had chills, I figured, the oils were causing me Kidney problems, finally, as Juniper is known to irritate the kidneys, but also, known to cure disease, specific to the urinary tract.

That nite I went home, and cried, wept huge tears on my moms shoulder. I felt my life at 32 years old was truly over. I stopped the oils, and said FORGET the urine therapy parsley tea!! Id givin up and givin in. My body needed a break.

The next day I got up and made a pot of a kidney cleanse tea I ordered online. I alos, popped a femdophilus, womens probiotic pill, and 4 reg acidophilus pills, as I had stopped the probiotics completely while taking the oils. (((The tea))). I read on experience project, a women had cured her IC with it. It is composed of Hydrangea root, Gravel Root, and Marshmallow root. She said she took 2 cups a day, every other day, for a month, I only found one website that carries it. I decided, the tea wouldnt work, but it was something I could do before I could see my urologist in a week, and throw myself woefully at his mercy.

I also have a manual juicer, I recently started growing and juicing my own wheatgrass. I decided to juice the rest of the parsley I had on hand, as I had read numerous reports of it curing UTI over ages, and antiquity. Something very strange has happened. Its been four day, and I feel cured. There was still some pain the first day, but it was slight. Today I have none. Ive been drinking 3 teasp of the tea in 12 oz of water, twice daily, and a shot glass of parsley juice twice daily, morn and evening. Im drinking water normally now as well. Its a miracle from God. As he heard my cry. I will post my findings on the internet here shortly. I will cont. the treatment with the parsley for another week, the acidophilus for another two weeks, until I run out of the bottle, and I will return back to the 2 womens femdophilus probiotic formula a day (morn and evening)permanantly, and the tea for another few weeks, less and less, just to be sure, as I never want this to come back, again, ever.

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

ok, here are the links I found on the internet regarding the tea Im on rite now, and also things about Parsley aswell. I only did the Parsley tea, Urine therapy for a couple days as it was DISGUSTING. Even tho you only put an ounce of your Morning Urine per Quart of water and boil it, you can still taste and smell it, it was just WRONG!!! And disgusting, and I hated my life at this point. However, I am cont. to juice just fresh parsley in a shot glass twice a day, and its helping me alot. Im gonna cont this for 7 more days. Im completely off the essential oils, cayenne, MSM, and Turmeric. Just doing Tea, and Parsley juice, and some wheatgrass juice atm, and I feel almost completely cured. ***************

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

I simmer the Kidney Cleanse tea for about an hour on low, after immediately getting it to boiling. To the point where after an hour, I need to add more fresh water to it, to make a full cup when Im done with it. I like to make it dark, and to get as much out of the roots as possible. I drink 2 cups a day. I make a batch in the morning and evening, and get one cup out of each batch, each time. Im also back to drinking fluids normally now aswell. Ive also bought severa bunches of fresh parsley for from the grocery at 89 cents each, to last me the next seven days. I juice a full shot glass morning and evening. It tastes awfully earthy, but hey, its better than the urine tea I was drinking, and I am healing. Praise God, as God answered my prayer.

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

UPDATE OMG!!! Breakthru, breakthru, breakthru!! Two words. Ureaplasma. Just got diagnosed with this by my urologist, OMG!!!!!

Ok. Parsley, essential oils, colostrum, cayenne... needless to say, did not really work to eradicate this infection.

I made an appointment with a Urologist. Breakthru!!!! She immediately tested me in my vaginal culture for everything, including a test for a microbe called Ureaplasma. I have never heard of this. Now, Ive been tested numerous times over the years, and everything always came out negative, but I get a call about 4 days ago from her saying I tested positive for this. She put me on zinthromax and I am taking it now. She tells me this is not an STD, but a sexually transmitted disease??? present in 70% of the human populations normal flora, (rectal, genital, and bladder tracts), but it is transmitted sexually, meaning, we are not born with this, we get it thruout the course of our sexually active lives. , and usually it does not cause problems for people, however.... There is now a compelling link between IC and this bacteria, or mycoplasma. I guess the test is expensive. Which is why most doctors will blow you off, and try to not test you , or REFUSE you and tell you tat since this is considered common flora for most people it wouldnt be considered a factor in causing, your IC. Cleveland Ohio is rated second best in the country for urology, with sum of the best urologists in the country studying and researching, IC. The first test they perform is for Ureaplasma. They say they get a 50% cure rate right there for people, once they treat it with antibiotics. However, my symptoms have improved vastly, I must go back again, and get retested. I was reading just now, online, that many people end up going back and still testing positive, and then after a three week course of doxycycline, get a complete cure. Googling it, I can hardly find any imformation at all about this, I cant believe how ignorant and reticent physicians are about testing for this, its awful, and scary. I was just reading about a gal, who had to fight to get tested and then fight to get treated for it, she saw 8 different doctors, and urologists... So be prepared to fight. There is compelling link here guys google it. I was really doomed. It scary, how a little microbe can jeopardize your whole future and life.

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

I also want to add that, its been 4 days on the zinthromax, or erythmycin, and I feel great, but I still have some pain, and I will be returning to my urologist in a week to get retested and hopefully get on long term antibiotics, as I've read thats what most people end up having to do with IC. So, now I KNOW this is an infection from a Bacteria, since I wasn't sure whether I had a damaged bladder or what?? A few more things about essential oil. Ive stopped that, as I wasnt getting over the hump, and it seemed to be very harsh on my body, but I was reading alot about BIOFILMS. Ureaplasma is considered a biofilm infection, by the way. Please learn and google this guys. In a research study, they tested 15 different essential oils, in breaking down Biofilms. Of the 15 only 4 broke the biofilms, of stubborn bacteria, and that is Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Palmarosa, and Rosemary.

Also, Ureaplasma is linked to miscarriage, and infertilty, which would explain my failure to conceive over the last 3 years. Like 50% of couples failing to conceive, looking for in vitro fertilization tested positive for this bacteria. But then AGAIN. Many people have this. Its just some people seem to have real problems with it, as it is SO LINKED to IC. Maybe some people's bodies dont like it, as one girl I read on a forum said. Ive also added coconut water to my regime. As I read some people cured bladder infections with it. It also makes your skin glow :))

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

Update::::: By now, I feel pretty foolish with all Ive gone thru these last 4 months with this horrible IC with natural remedies that didnt work for me, when all I had to do was take antibiotics, and Id be cured.

However, I had already tried 2 rounds of Cipro, and macrobid, and then started testing negative on all urine cultures, and being sent home empty handed, in horrible, horrible, horrible, crippling pain, feeling like I still have a bladder infection.

After finishing the z pack, I was almost all better, But 2 days later, symptoms returned full force and the nitemare was starting all over again for me. However, I knew the symptoms would return, and I couldnt get an appointment with my urologist, (which was 2 and a half hours away by the way, and I dont have a car) for another month. She wouldnt precscribe me another z pack, unless I retested again for the Ureaplasma. I would have to wait a month. Get retested, and wait an additional 4 days, then get more antibiotics, and hopefully be cured, but I knew it was impossible to wait the long, and it seemed horribly cruel, when I felt so close to a cure. Id have to start all over.

From the research Ive done on Ureaplasma, you almost always have to take more than one round of strong antibiotics to cure it, and some people take low dose long term antibiotics, from months to years to eradicate it. I saw a long painful road ahead, and I decided, getting Genital Herpes would have been a better fate for me than this, as at least with herpes u get periods of respite and you can SOMETIMES have sex, if your not having an outbreak. I was ready to Die.

I got the numbers of several Urologists closer to my area, about four. NONE of them tested for Ureaplasma, or even heard of it. I asked if they would do a test, they said no. You see. Many Urologist do not believe or even acknowledge the role Ureaplasma plays in IC, since 70% of the population carries this in their genital, bladder tracts without any problems. The community is split on the issue.

Ive been doing alot of research on this little bug, Ureaplasma. Its getting more and more attention, as more and more people are having problems with vulvodynia, and IC. Like I said, its considered sexually transmitted (but not), as we arent born with it, we get it thru sex.

A good gynecologist will also test for ureaplasma if you are having problems becoming pregnant, or have a history of miscarriages, or early deliveries. There's alot of talk about it on infertility boards on the net. The test is expensive. And the cure requires the use of long term antibiotics. Many doctors are hesitant to do that, these days.

As there is more and more hype about the overuse of antibiotics. Especially long term.

So I panicked, and I took matters in my own hands. I knew I needed more antibiotics. I had a reoccuring sinus infection for months. I made an appointment with my family doctor, and explained the situation, plus I made great emphasis on my sinus infection, (which had actually gotten better) but I wanted to make myself sound really sick (hammed it up), and she gave me Augmentin. A 10 day, supply and guess what. It is the third day, and I feel 95% awesomeness.

I then made a few more calls, and found out, I can get my doctor (the one that actually believes in Ureaplasma) to fax over an order to my family doctor or lab of my choice to do the test and everything will be gravy. So Im gonna test again for it, a week after I finish the Augmentin. Its also interesting to note that after researching IC, unrelentingly, for the last 4 months, and visiting, every IC website, and healthboard on the planet, and hearing people talk, Augmentin is considered one of the successful antibiotics for IC.

Thers only 3 that work against IC, only three.

Zinthromax (z Pack)



From what I read, its hard, hard, hard to cure. Harder than any STD. But its not incurable. It usually takes months to eradicate it.

many women just live with the pain, and take steroids, pain killers, and ANTIDEPRESSANTS. Isnt that sad?? Thats part of the protocol for IC patients. They give you an antidressant too, to cope with your life being over!!

I know on a gut level, this was some kind of elusive, hidden bacteria, embedded deep inside my bladder. Most people develop IC after a bad bladder infection. The pain lasts for years, YEARS. and its almost impossible to get a Urologist to help or even hear you.

I prayed to God to help me.

Its a miracle, and I will never doubt his presense and his ability to heal me again. Its a miracle the first Urologist I saw helped me, and was cutting edge enough to do this test.

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

UPDATE: I cured my interstitial cystitis. And Believe me. I had it. I couldnt eat tomatoes or anything acidic, I was constantly flaring, especially a week before my period, I was unable to get out of bed, or even think, and I havnt had sex in 6 months either. I considered my life over. I would have rather got a diagnosis of Cancer or Herpes, as with Herpes, you get a break, and with Cancer, there is atleast hope for a cure or remission. 6 months of Hell.

Heres what I did. A month and a half of Doxicycline, first 3 weeks, 100mg morning and evening. Still was in alot of pain, still had symptoms. She upped my dose to 200mg morning and evening. 400mg a day... 2 weeks of that. Tested for Ureaplasma. Long gone!

But I still had symptoms. Altho I was much better, able to eat what I wanted (including tea, and acidic foods) and was able to walk around, and function with my life somewhat... Still wasnt testing positive for bacteria in the Urine. Technically I did not have a UTI.

One night, I got desperate. Was thinking I was having a "flare", it became unbearable, went to the emergency room. Tears pouring down my face, lying down, couldnt even get up when the doctor came in the room, wouldnt let them put anything in my urethra, cuz I was in so much pain. Gave me a script for Macrobid, (10 day supply, 100mg every six hours)

10 days later it was gone.

Ive been reading alot lately about UTI resistant antibiotics, and the link to supermarket/storebought chicken. They say, its becoming more and more of a problem. I think thats what was wrong with me, even tho I dont know why, the bacteria wasnt showing in my urine. So, 2 rounds of Cipro, 10 days of augmentin, 3 Z packs, and a months worth of Lyme disease dosage doxi, and macrobid finally cured me.

A not about the Doxi:: at 400mg a day, ti was very harsh on my body. I threw it up half the time, cuz it was so hard on my stomach. I got a SEVERE sunburn on my feet, (cuz it made me extremely photosensitive) I was tired all the time, sleeping all the time, and I was very hungry, and I had to eat alot of food just to keep it down, so I gained 25lbs. Its been Hell. But Ive learned to never to take my health for granted again. Im not sure what just happened to me, but im aware now about antibiotic resistance becoming an increasing problem. and I hardly ever take antibiotics, I always try the natural route first.

What Im plan to do now, to make sure this never, ever, happens to me again. I plan on taking my womens probiotic every single day, and add D Mannose to the regime as well. At least 2 teaspoons a day. (moring and evening) prevents bacteria from clinging to bladder wall. Especially when Im sexually active. Its expensive. But nothing can be more life ruining than interstitial cystitus.

To not be able to eat like a normal person again. (read several cases of people being able to cure their pain, by living on a diet, exclusively, of vegetables, brown rice, and nut butters, no salt, no sugar, no fruits (acidic) and claiming remision after a few years. Some women gradually being able to add in small amounts the old foods again, they used to eat again. "cheating" by eating Cheescake and Curry and to never be able to have sex again?? How sad is that? What kind of life is that?? and Im young women. Horrible. Id rather have gotten Cancer, or Genital Herpes any day of the week.

Im gonna give full credit to God, and Jesus Christ for my remision. There were prayer circles at my Church, and friends were praying for me. I prayed every morning to be healed. Plus I was on the prayer line, my life, my very life hung on the balance.

In the past Ive been promiscuous.. And I know Im not perfect, and I pray to God to guide me on this issue. I just know to be much more careful now, next time. Its worth it to stay in a monogomous relationship.

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, Ca

I also want to add that, diseases are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, including Gonorrhea, and tuberculosis. The guy I was sleeping with who I think gave me all these problems, was very primiscous himself, its not fair to say I was the one, when in actuality I know people personally that are far more "active" and with multipal people than I was, but then Im also seeing more and more people less willing to commit, and taking a very, and increasingly casual attitude towards sex but GOD KNOWs, I wouldnt want a drug resistant form of the clap, would you??!!

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, Ca

Hey, just an update about whats up with me lately. I cured my IC with 3 rounds of the antibiotic Bactrim, finally, however, Im sensitive to all acidic foods now, and as long as I avoid them, Im back to normal again.

However, its nerve wracking trying to prevent another UTI, as nothing, not even probiotics seem to work for me anymore.

Ive come to the conclusion I had some kind of fluke staph, or MRSA infection that was antibiotic resistant. The doctor and I discussed the further concerning problem of antibiotic resistance. , it seems antibiotics hardly work for anything really serious anymore.

Replied by Sunny

To: Shampoo from Los Angeles!! Wow your a warrior, you have tried so many things. How are you now and what are you doing for your IC now? Thank you, Sunny

Replied by Veronicac
San Antonio, Texas

@shampoo. That was a wealth of information. Now I know some of the things to research and what to ask about when I make an appointment with a urologist. Thanks for such a detailed journey. I hope I can finally end this horrible illness.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Veronica,

About IC, I scanned the posts on IC under Ailments (Earth Clinic) and didn't find DMSO discussed as a remedy.

DMSO is the only approved use officially given for it by the FDA. Doctors will topically apply weekly for six to eight weeks. DMSO is remarkable and ignored by the regular medical community although used by Vets all the time. And for IC, as I say, the FDA says "yes" to DMSO.

Could one self apply? Well it absorbs into skin and the whole body so one could simply apply topically to gain the same, or near some effect as applied by Doctor via urethra to surface of bladder.

Google "youtube DMSO Dr Jacobs" for a great 3 part study of DMSO.

Many Alternative Doctors who administer IV nutritional treatments finish the treatment with 25 cc of DMSO to make the nutrients fully infuse into the body. And as my Doctor told me, the DMSO carries the nutrients in such IVs past the blood brain barrier into the brain. My point here is that DMSO can go direct via IV (or orally) and is safe to use even straight into the system. If used orally, you'd want to use Dr Jacobs brand and dilute with purified water. Use a tablespoon of DMSO to ten tablespoons of purified water. I'd use distilled water.

So for those suffering with IC, consider DMSO. You can google, "interstitial cystitis dmso" and you'll find a Mayo Clinic site that discusses DMSO use by MDs.

Replied by Drumchild
Los Angeles, Ca

Wow. Would u suggest to do the doxy for ureaplasma agani? I'm scared u sounded like it was really hard on your body!
Thank you.

Replied by Christian
Portland, OR

Interstitial Cystitis is caused by UREAPLASMA this is not new news. It is known, but apparently some doctor haven't gotten the memo The cure is simple - you need to take biofilm dissolver 15 minutes before you take your antibiotics. Also take probiotics away from antibiotics, the probiotic my doctor says will save your stomach is Saccharomyces boulardii. This is a tropical strain of yeast. Take several different strains of probiotics; it is imperative when on antibiotics.

Stay away from wheat, sugar, dairy, meat and nightshade vegetables for a while. In most cities, you do not need a doctor order to get the test; just go to any lab test where you pay out of pocket or find a doctor that will listen to you and take the research with you and ask them to order to the test. There are things you can do to make yourself more comfortable, drinking water in baking soda, drinking lemon water seems to help; drinking parsley water is helpful as well. Warm heating pad on the lower back with castor oil. A couple drops Tea tree oil really diluted in sterilized water; soak in tampon and insert into the vagina over night helps. My ND gives me boric acid capsules to insert into my vagina in the evenings, before bed, to fight off the yeast infection from antibiotics. If you're terrified of antibiotics, get with a naturopathic doctor or Chinese Medicine doctor.

Replied by Mariela
Northampton, Ma

I am 36 years old, I tried the cayenne pepper today and I took the two capsules of 40,0000 miligrams it still hurt like hell to pee. For some hours afterwards, I felt the heat of the cayenne pepper down my urinary tract, it does not hurt, but it does sting when I pee.

How many times should I take 2 capsules? I have no ginseng root and I was wondering will the ginseng shots (DRINK) work?

Replied by Ruth E

Thanks for you comments...Because of IC, my urologist has given me botox injections, had hypo gastric injection and now live with 10% of a bladder(90% removed)...thanks for all the remedies...I'm tired of narcotics. Painful days and nights...I go to bathroom all day and night. I have not had 2 hours of sleep in 3 years. I now take dilaudid, oxybutin, and nortriptyline everyday. I'm going to try some natural remedies suggested by patients. I pray someone helps...I have NO quality of life!! Cannot dance (love dancing). Miss playing with grandchildren. Road trips are limited unless I can get to restroom quickly.

Thanks everyone for remedies the Medical professional will not give.

Replied by Mimi
Green Bay, Wi

I also believe IC is caused by bacteria and I am taking steps to be tested as well. I went to my local urologist after being tested negative for a UTI and yeast infection. They didn't test or examine me. They just told me to go home and follow the IC diet and drink a lot of water. I left feeling very helpless and very misinformed on what this even meant and how to proceed. I spent weeks reading everything I could on the boards. Until I get tested I'm taking bladder ease which is a godsent.

I'm so glad you were persistent and followed through. I feel the same way, I am not going to take no for an answer by a urologist.

Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh

I've dealt with UTIs my entire adult life. Since my kidney transplant in June 2016, I average one every other month! My go-to antibiotic has always been Cipro, BUT, after the UrgentCare lab did a CULTURE (VERY IMPORTANT TO DO A CULTURE, since this will pinpoint exactly which antibiotic will kill the bacterial infection! ), the lab prescribed Augmentin. I discussed this change with my post-transplant coordinator and he and I both thought that I was becoming resistant to the Cipro, and that I still had remnants of the infection after taking the Cipro! I'm now on day 3 of 10 days of the Augmentin. We'll see if this totally gets rid of the infection. I'll check back in a month or two with the status!

I also agree with prior posts about avoiding wheat, sugar, dairy, meat and nightshade vegetables for a while. Lately I've be eating more bread and sugar, so this probably was contributing to the issue.

Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM  

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Posted by Md4im (Orlando, Fl - Florida, United States) on 04/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

after immense daily suffering, I found an article on glucosamine-chondroitin-MSM for IC relief. Provides cellular components that are essential to the epithelial bladder lining. Made a 180* difference - very noticeable after just 2 days. Still taking it 6 years later, and I can TELL when I miss a few days. It has been a real life saver. I hope this helps other women out there!

Replied by Mary
Hastings, Mn
0 out of 5 stars

Side effects for me are bad digestion, IBS. CAN"T take it. Also can't take that hyaluronic acid either (eyes feel like sand in them) Any other ideas to heal the GAG layer (glycosaminoglycan layer)?

Replied by Mary
Hastings, Mn

Found a Glucosamine and Chondritan that doesn't bother my GI tract that much if taken w/food. It's sold at an IC site CystoP*****. Maybe it's because it's got Olive Kernal in it, which makes it more bio available. I take 4x per day (1 capsel per day) rather than twice per day (2 capsels per meal). Already see a small differance after 4 months. Constant flair is gone, and can have salty snacks and sometimes blueberries now. I had gone crazy w/blueberries over the last few yrs since getting this and I seem to have developed a problem w/them.

Replied by Tricia866
Collinsville, Il, United States

Hi Mary, Is the Glucosamine the only remedy that you are taking for your IC? Is it still helping with repairing the bladder?

Replied by Mary
Hastings, Mn

Update on this Glucosomine & Chondroitin: I found that when I take it, the Quercetin makes me VERY hot only at night. I tested this by just taking Quercetin. Same result. The heat radiates from my vagina! I am 48 yrs old, and having night flashes, but this is ridiculous. I had to quit the product. I had tried it for a few months and I wasn't gettting much sleep. I just got hotter and hotter. I hear it helps alot of other people though as stated by their testimonials on-line. I called the company, and they said that they had not had this complaint before. Maybe I will need to try another brand.

Replied by Mary
Hastings, Mn

Anyone try Gotu Kola? I tried it in the past, but got hives and had to quit. I found out Acidophilis stops hives. Now I am on alot of Acidophils and will retry some Gotu Kola. Anyone find relief with this? They sell it online for Cysitis, as it repairs the GAG lining of the bladder. Thanks!


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Posted by Donna (Royal Oak, Mi) on 01/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I've battled bladder issues all my life, and for a while, high contentrations of cranberry (pills, not juice - juice has too much sugar which feeds the infection) helped. That was until I got IC and became antibiotic resistant. Felt like I was peeing glass. By fluke I read 3 sentences in a magazine that saved me - it basically said that cinnamon kills off E-coli. E-coli is often the cause of bladder issues and IC. I started taking cinnamon capsules and felt major relief in a matter of a few days. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from IC. You'll sing its praises too.

Replied by Elizabeth
Nashville, Tn

How much cinnamon do you take daily? Do you take capsules already premade or use fresh? Thanks.

Replied by Donna
Royal Oak, Mi

Fresh is of course always better, but I basically took premade capsules for the convenience. Started out with 4-6 a day, a couple in the morning, afternoon and evening. After the symptoms were alleviated, I gradually reduced my intake. I still will take one a day, and sprinkle fresh cinnamon on my toast or apples just for maintenance purposes. Wonderful thing is that cinnamon also helps stomach issues! (gas, bloating,etc) It is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned.

Replied by Elizabeth
Nashville, Tn

Thanks for the information. I will add this to my daily regimen for my IC and hopefully get the same results. God Bless!

Replied by Donna
Royal Oak, Mi

Let me know if it works as well for you as it did for me! Good luck!

Replied by Emily
Charlotte, Nc

Hi Donna,

I live in NC but used to live in Ann Arbor, Mi! Hope you are doing well. I have suffered from pelvic pain for a while - I believe it's IC, as it flares up after I drink coffee, eat chocolate, or eat strawberries or tomatoes. I read your post and bought cinnamon capsules. I would love to know if you or anybody on this post has had luck with cinnamon - how many 500 mg capsules should I take every day to feel a difference?

Thanks! Emily

Replied by Jen
Ann Arbor, Mi

Be careful with Cinnamon, it's a major IC bladder irritant for me.

Replied by Ichater
Northern, California Usa
1 out of 5 stars

Prior to the worst flare up in my life, I had already been taking cinnamon capsules daily for a year prior... So I don't think that cinnamon works for everyone. I was taking 1000 mg a day and I still had a flare up. :/

Replied by Steph
Lake Erie, Pa
1 out of 5 stars


According to healthyICrecipes, the problem with Cinnamon (most likely including capsules) in the US, is that it isn't "real" Cinn.! We use a cheaper alternative, called "Cassia", while "real" Cinn is "Ceylon". The cheap stuff contains a toxic compound called "coumarin", which is known to cause liver and kidney damage in high concentrations (I think I read something about it being poisonous to dogs once.). This is why IC patients have trouble with it.

For me, Cinnamon is wonderful to my stomach, and not so to my IC. I found the waaay expensive Ceylon at my Whole Foods Store and am doing an experiment. I am also anxious to try, despite the price ($27.99/lb. this part of US! ), b/c of the grain-free, low sugar diet I am also trying. It is in very many recipes. Also, Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar by "tricking the taste buds that sugar is present", so one can use less! Yea!

I haven't read yet on Cardamon, the only other spice I feel is a similar taste & therefore substitution. Does anyone else know if Cardamon has the same "Coumarin"?

Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Maggie (Philadelphia, Pa) on 08/10/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had interstital cystitis in the form of bladder aches and pains for about 4 years or so. Some days it was more painful than others, but it often felt irritated. I changed my diet completely about 6 months after onset (veggies and lean protein - no sugar or carbs) and about a year and a half ago, I stearted taking a lot of coconut oil - up to 5 tbs per day. The diet helped, but the coconut oil put me over the top. I almost never have any issues anymore unless I get an infection (I take garlic and grapefruit seed extract for those) and I can eat fruit, although I only eat it occasionally because of the sugar, and drink decaf coffee with no issues. I also can take B vitamins several times a day, which is often a no no for people with IC. Try coconut oil and cleaning up your diet, but stick with it for a while and you will notice that your symptoms will diminish with time.

Replied by Isabel
Guelph Canada

This is very interesting. For a while I have thought that IC is caused my by leaky gut syndrome in my case so the coconut oil would make sense because it helps shut the gut.

Replied by Michele
Langhorne, PA

Maggie, I live right outside Philadelphia. Looking for someone in the area that might go to help me. Do you do a Paleo diet? I'm looking for natural remedies to help with my IC. Thanks, Michele

Coconut Oil, Coconut Water  

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Posted by Kelly (Chicago, Il) on 03/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I only found out about virgin coconut oil Dec 2009. I had bladder pain for 15 years - eventually diagnosed with interstitial cystitis but was always convinced it was a bladder infection since Bactrim (sulfa antibiotic) would always make me feel better with flare ups even though cultures were negative. I had a flare for months that would no longer go away with Bactrim. I started with coconut water and it helped my urethral pain. Now, I take coconut oil and coconut water. I no longer have urethral or bladder pain!!!!

I am beginning to believe that interstitial cystitis is a bogus diagnosis that thousands of MDs have earned a pretty penny off of - in fact - entire medical fields have opened due to this diagnosis. I think all women with this should try coconuts before they spend another dime! I know the frustrations - I have been to the best urogynes and urologists - Northwestern in Chicago since I was a teenager and in California. I have had my urethra widened twice, - I have been tortured like so many other women; missed life events, canceled trips, spent many days in the ER with flares - not too mention the $$$ spent! AND ALL THIS TIME -- COCONUTS WOULD HAVE SOLVED MY PAIN. I MUST TELL EVERY WOMAN!!!!

Replied by Teresa
Rockville, Md

I have suffered from IC for years. I take a prescription med but also take quercetin. I have been in remission for 8 years.

Replied by Lucy
Chicago, Il
1 out of 5 stars

I'm wondering if the coconut oil is still helping and how long it took to see results. I have been taking both the water and oil for nearly 1 week, with no decrease in symptoms. Thank you.

Replied by Iceangel
Chicago, Il

I was diagnosed with IC Oct 2008. I have had symptoms including, urgency, pressure, and burning. 4 weeks back the symptom went to another level! I was having unbearable burning (felt like razor cuts in my bladder), blood clots in my urine, chills, pressure, extreme urgency.. I took the uti strip test at home and it came negative for nitrites, but positive for leucosites. I went to the doctor and for the first time I got a POSITIVE UTI results. They said I had ESBL infection.

Currently I am prescribed antibiotics for 4 weeks. The symptoms decreased down after a week, but they are not gone. The first week they it got better, but now they seem to be coming back. I have been sexually inactive ever since the symptoms increased. As I was feeling better now, I gave it a try yesterday, and now my symptoms have increased again. I am not sure if ESBL infection can be long term. I have had IC for 2 years. I want to believe that it is this ESBL infection and will be cured by antibiotics :)

I wanted to know if your ESBL infection was cured? Also, was it a separate infection beyond your IC or has your IC been cured as well?

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi, I always have the most common bacteria coli bacillus, no idea what are the others you are talking about but one thing I make sure of is that I treat it right from the start. I have never let it get really bad because that is very dangerous. I drink a lot of water right way and if I don't get better quite quickly I take antibiotics for three days. I hate them but luckily this now only happens once a year and when I don't take care to drink enough liquids. I think that maybe it is taking time to go away now because you let it go too far. Be careful......... If it gets to your kidneys, my doctor told me, it can kill you in no time!

Replied by Aron1947
Sarasota, Florida, Usa

Hello Kelly from Chicago,
Could you, please, let me know how much coconut oil you were taking and who is the manufacturer. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards. Aron.

Replied by Martin
Seattle, Wa
1 out of 5 stars

I'm a man, 46, who may have this condition. My symptoms fit it to a tee, and more serious symptoms are not evident.

Regardless, two of three flareups in the last 3 months occurred as a cause of using coconut oil as a lubrication, and this was after using it for years as a lubricant. It is the clearest trigger I've seen, and I used to use it for 3-4 years all the time satisfactorily. It does not seem to have adversely affected my gf.

This leads me to believe either I'm not keeping it fresh enough, or it's a transit vehicle for the fungus or bacteria, but I just wanted to add in that it hasn't been a wonder cure for me. Maybe ingesting it would help, ironically, but direct application has become a total no-no for me.

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, Ca

Your absolutely right, its must be some kind of money making conspiracy, cuz I just cured my 6 month long, unrelenting battle with interstitial cystitus with Macrobid, basically. Coconut oil, and coconut water didnt help my interstitial cystitus, altho I have cured standard, garden variety UTI's, with coconut water.

Long term antibiotic therapy was the cure for me and my interstitial cystitus. The key is, you need to stay on a high enough dose, for a long enough time to get rid of the infection, and you have to get the right antibiotic for it, as antibiotic resistance is becoming an increasing problem. I was on Macrobid for almost a month (about three weeks, at 100mg, every six hours, (about 3 times a day) thats high, but normal, and prescribed to cure a persistant and severe infection which is what I had. I was rendered completely disabled by this bladder pain, I considered my life over, as I was told there is no cure. The problem is. Doctors are becoming incresingly reluctant to prescribe antibiotics nowadays. But in the old days, they understood, (as Ive talked to older people, my moms age, baby boomers) that sometimes, infections require antibiotic treatment, for longer than a week or two. These days, if you cant cure an infection in 14 days, at the lowest possible dose, your screwed, and there is "no cure".


I cant tell you how many times Ive taken my daughter to the emergency room, with 103 degree fevers, throwing up, sick as a dog, and they made me walk out of there empty handed, and told she had a viral infection, therefore doesnt require antibitoics. I now use homeopathic remedies (for kids) and thats helping her now.

Interstitial cystitus, (in my case) required hardcore antibiotics to eradicate the infection.

I tried EVERY, I mean every natural remedy known to man to try to fix the problem, and they didnt even touch it. What kills me, as I had to fight my doctors, and tell them what was wrong with me, cuz they didnt care, and they just do things by the book. I kept saying"how could this not ba a UTI", and "How can there be no cure??" They just put me on one or two rounds of antibiotics for a few weeks and when BACTERIA DIDNT SHOW UP IN THE URINE TEST, and I was still complaining of extreme pain and frequency, they dianosed me with interstitial cystitus. It didnt even occur to them to try me on different antibiotics and maybe for longer or higher, I had to FIGHT for that, and I became such a pain in the ass, they just wanted me out of the office.

Replied by Kara

Amen sister! I agree with you on the bogus diagnosis. Coconut oil reduces yeast. I'm on the yeast diet and progesterone. No more docs screwing up my lady parts! :D

Replied by Marie
Atlanta, Ga

I actually used corn silk herb. I started taking 1/2 tsp twice daily for about a week, then decreased to 1/2 tsp once per day. The pain had stopped after the first day, that's why I only use it once per day for maintainance.

The corn silk that I purchased in the herb shop, I just further grind it in the vita mix. It last longer that way. I have also use the tea.

Replied by Sophie

Please make sure the coconut water and coconut oil is made from FRESH coconuts not dried coconut because dried coconuts have mycotoxins which will make you sicker! I believe interstitial cystitis is caused from fungal overgrowth, ureaplasma, food allergy or some other type of microscopic germ that goes undetected under the usual tests.

Colloidal Silver  

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Posted by Rs (San Francisco, Ca) on 06/30/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have been battling interstitial cystitis since February 2010 and have been on several rounds of Levaquin thinking it was a UTI. After reading this site I know its cystitis. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and bought ultra colloidal silver and took 2 tsp. yesterday right when I got home and 2 tsp. this morning on an empty stomach, as directed. As of this moment I have no urinary pain at all and no urgency to pee. This is a miracle. It worked fast and it took all the symptoms away in about 24 hours or less. I took my first dose yesterday at about 3:0pm and my second dose this morning before work at about 4:40am. Im pain free and peeing like a normal human being. I did get up last night about 3 times to pee but I expect tonight to be very different. I can feel a difference already. I will give another update in a week. Good luck ladies!! Give this a try if you are at your wits end like I was.

Replied by Hot Diva
Lexington, Sc

I have to agree. I suffer from IC as well and been dealing with it for 2 years now. I was just introduced to this site last week. After reading some of the rememdies on here, I decided to buy some Colloidal Silver and Cinnamon tabs. My symptoms tapered off in a matter of 2 days. BIG relief! Thanks to all!

Replied by Jproffer
Des Plaines, Il, Usa

What dosage did you use for the colloidal silver and cinnamon tabs?

Replied by Sunny

Hey, Rs from San Francisco, Ca. How are you doing with this treatment? Did you get cured? Pass the love forward -Sunny

Posted by Trudy (Netherlands) on 10/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I tried everything for bladder disease. The regular doctor prescribed Nitrofurantoin... so bad.. it causes even bladder disease... so I became very very ill ONLY COLLOIDAL SILVERWATER was THE REMEDY( for E-coli). Bladder disease was gone. Afterwords I took DMannose...very pain anymore...also good for interstitial cystitis...really true. I have to tell this for the doctor did not know that Nitrofurantoin causes bladder disease. read: Natural Medicine Encyclopedia C.Norman Shealy.

Replied by Shaelyn
San Diego, CA

Hi There, you give the what type of Colloidal silverwater you took and where you purchased it? I found some CSV spray at the health food store, but I am not sure if it's the same. Also, how much did yo take and how often.

Replied by Katie
Atlantic, Pa, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking a teaspoon of colloidal silver daily for 6 months and its been amazing for my IC along w/ a little baking soda now and then. I feel human again, no more peeing razor blades.

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, Ca

Actually, Macrobid CURED my interstital cystitus, but the last week of taking it, I did notice some pain and irritation that stopped as soon as I stopped the medication, so I think it does irritate the bladder somewhat in the process of curing it, I noticed that too. I mean, it helped me, in my case. I was also on other medications for months, but that seemed to be the icing on the cake that cured me, I noticed an instant release and relief within the first hour of taking it.

Replied by Sunny

Hey Katie from Atlantic, Pa, That was a good while 6 months did you take it everyday? How many times? How are you doing now? Are you cured? Thank you.

Pass the love forward -Sunny

Cornsilk Tea  

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Posted by Kaylap (Abbotsford, Bc) on 02/03/2018 5 posts
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Cornsilk tea for IC

This tea, along with marshmallow tea, really helped! Several cups per day (at least 3). I would try and let it steep for as long as possible so that it is nice and potent. I forget as I have been IC free (and so have not used this tea) for about 3 years, but I believe my naturopath said to put very warm but NOT boiling water over the tea so that it does not over heat the tea and destroy the healing nutrients.

Posted by Sd (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 01/21/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered with Interstitial Cystitis since I was four years old. My older sister had it to and went to countless doctors and physicians, who didn't help her at all. I also tried a number of things that never cured it. When I was about ten years old, a woman that we knew who was knowledgable about health suggested a few things for me. The biggest thing was CORNSILK tea. You can buy this in any health store, or you could make it yourself. They dry the silk from corn and then you brew it to make tea. I drank it for a few weeks and noticed a difference. I continued drinking it for years because it actually worked! I was cured! While I was a teenager, I occasionally had the problem and the cornsilk tea always fixed it. I'm writing this now because after about 8 years, the problem came back. I've been taking cornsilk tea again, and it's been helping. I'll probably drink it for a few months before I stop again.

SO...drink about 4-8 cups of cornsilk tea each day as well as plenty of water each day. Do NOT drink juices, sodas, coffee, or milk except very rarely and in very small doses. Let your liquids simply be cornsilk tea and water.

Eat lots of vegetables. Avoid sugars and any processed foods. Eat organically. Get lots of exercise and sleep.

Replied by Sunny

How long do you have to take the cornsilk tea, before you can stop taking it completly? And then you do not have to take it at all, until the IC comes back? What else did u do?


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Posted by Christine (Vista, Ca) on 01/22/2014
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After suffering with urinary pain, I sought out the usual cures. The pain was alleviated by drinking 100% cranberry juice (not ones with sugar added), and eating watermelon and celery. I finally went to my gynecologist to find out if I had a urinary tract infection. She was on maternity leave, so a nurse practitioner saw me. She gave me the usual UTI prescription, but told me to start taking it BEFORE the tests results came back. I wasn't happy about this so I waited a while. Eventually, I took one dose of the prescription, when I got the call that my UTI test came back NEGATIVE for a UTI infection. I immediately stopped taking the anti-biotic.

I ran across a website that explained what I had was IC. A friend recommended D-Mannose, which is a supplement that comes in powder and capsule form. The recommended dosage is 1 level teaspoon 1 to 2 times daily. Add to a glass of water or unsweetened cranberry juice. (I only add it to water). This supplement has been a tremendous help in fighting the symptoms of IC. It is expensive, but worth it!

I carry the capsule form when traveling and when I know I will be unable to mix the powder with water. Sometimes, I take both in the same day - powder in water in a.m., then two capsules in p.m.

Replied by Christine
Vista, Ca

I wanted to add some information to my comment that may help someone else in their struggle with interstitial cystitis (IC).

I had been taking the green coffee bean extract to lose weight, but used it far longer than what is recommended. According to a recent Dr. Oz (big promoter of this supplement) comment, the green coffee bean extract capsules are only to be used as a "jump start" to losing weight - especially fat around the waistline. I did not know this until after I had been taking it for two years! A friend told me about the Dr. Oz comment which was made during a TV segment.

I noticed that the green coffee bean extract label contains 50% chlorogenic acid (200 mg). I was taking one capsule twice a day, so I was ingesting 400 mg of this acid each day!

When my gyno suggested that I either lessen or eliminate acidic foods, it occurred to me that this supplement was probably worsening my urinary tract problems!

Since stopping the green coffee bean extract (over 2 months now) I haven't been completely cured of IC, but the pain and frequent urination has been greatly reduced! Therefore, I think that the extract was a big part of my particular problem with IC.

I hope that this additional information will be helpful to those who may have been taking green coffee bean extract and have been suffering with interstitial cystitis.

D-Mannose, Dietary Changes  

Posted by Ally (Kenya) on 03/10/2014

Dear Ted and EC Community,

Pray you are well. I am 35 years old and since I was 14, I have suffered form chronic cystitis (i have never been diagnosed properly). I have had 9 cystoscopies and all doctors confirm that I have severe inflammation in my bladder wall. One doctor said my bladder lining has ‘holes' in it which makes the urine seep in to the surrounding tissue which causes me a lot of irritation and leaves me with the sensation of wanting to urinate all the time.

For the last 21 years, I have suffered immensely in all facets of my life and am extremely despondent. I have never felt any sense of relief!!! I have been taking D-mannose for the last 5 weeks but with minimal relief. I would sincerely appreciate all your guidance and help as I have lost all hope in conventional medicine.

My Symptoms:

1. Severe frequency and urgency – constant sensation to urinate. - While I don't have to ‘run' to the toilet, I constantly have an urge to urinate.

2. When I do urinate, the flow is poor and I have to ‘push' to get the urine out.

3. A visit to the toilet, takes me three voids before I feel some relief. Basically I could always go! . I never just urinate once and feel relief.

4. After urinating I feel a horrible sensation, like I have an infection

5. On average I urinate 20 times a day.

6. I have no pain but I experience discomfort and a sense of tightness in my pelvic area and lower back.

7. There are certain times in the day where the sense of urgency is exacerbated – in the afternoon between 3-5pm. I can urinate at least 10 times in an hour between those times.

8. When I experience a little bit of stress, (taking a flight, work deadlines) my bladder goes haywire and the symptoms are the same as symptom 6. This makes it very difficult for me to concentrate on anything and I quit my job last year as I cannot cope. This issue of stress makes me feel like I have no control. Please help me with this.

Effect of change of diet:

1. Have become vegetarian and a vegan in the last 2 weeks

2. The discomfort around the pelvic area and back has subsided, but not disappeared

3. Feel much more relaxed

4. The severe symptoms that I experiences in the afternoon are now less (2-3 times a week, as opposed to 6 times a week).

5. While a typical visit to the washroom needs 3 voids with lots of ‘pushing' I don't push as much.

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Ally,

I am so sorry you have suffered with this condition for so long. It seems encouraging that you have noticed some improvement with a new diet. Perhaps over time that will continue to be helpful.

Here are some things I would try...

If you drink coffee, I would avoid it for a time to see if that helps. It is pretty acidic and hard on the system.

There are a number of bladder/kidney herbal formulas available. They usually have cornsilk, uva ursi, and marshmallow root in them. All of these things should be helpful. Dr. Shultz and Dr. Christopher both make one that people seem to find helpful for bladder issues.

I would also try a tea of equal parts of comfrey leaf and plantain leaf. You can add some peppermint leaf for flavor if you like. Plantain is good for inflammation and for bladder issues (and lots of other things.) Comfrey is soothing and helps cells regenerate. I would mix the dry leaves and put 3 Tablespoons in a quart jar or pot. Add boiling water (to make 3.5-4 cups) Let sit for 15 minutes. Strain out the leaves. Sweeten if you like, with honey or stevia. Try to drink a quart a day for a couple of weeks.

I do hope you find complete relief soon. Please keep us posted on your progress!

~Mama to Many~

Please keep us posted on your progress!

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Ally,

Go to Number 4 in your symptoms: Feels like you have an infection or words to that effect. I'm always suspecting viral issues as causation. You suspect it yourself.

If me, I'd at least try Colloidal Silver for a few weeks. Two tablespoons twice a day for two weeks.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

Try Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide tablets as a treatment.

Replied by Mike62

Ally: I too suffered for many years from a variety of diseases because I did not eat right. I would like to assist you with the food portion. I have done a lot of studying and experimenting with various food programs. I am 95% raw vegan. Organic or sustainable grown traditionally has important nutrients not in conventional. Raw has enzymes. Most of the nutrients are in the peel. The nutrients in vegetables are locked up in cellulose. This is why they are cooked or juiced. The best veggie is baby leaves. You can make green smoothies from them with a blender. Next is mature leaves. The best fruit is berries. For more calories you can add some organic whole cane sugar. A less expensive way is to make live ferments from organic whole flours. Many rural people are familiar with this. I make a gallon a day from 300g organic whole flours. Flour has more protein than fruits and veggies. Keep fat below 5%/g. Take 1/2 saturated and 1/2 unsaturated. Get some omega 3s from plants. The 80/10/10ers soak nuts and seeds before eating them for oil and protein. Home made sprouts have 6 times the enzymes as soaked.

Replied by Cindy

To mike from Denver I was wondering how you make a fermented product from organic flour? could you give us the recipe? Thanks. I am learning how to ferment things. A lot of trial and error so far. Thanks

Replied by Mike62

Cindy: Dormant kefir grains cost $10 shipped at Amazon. Put them in 1 pint drinking water, 35g organic whole flour or 30g organic whole sugar, and let brew at room temp away from direct sunlight for approximately 4 days. 80 degrees is ideal. Sites say that kefir is delicate. The opposite is true. They are very hardy. They have been alive for longer than marine phyto plankton. I have fermented them from 50 to 100 degrees. The farther away from 80 the slower the brew. Periodically taste the water. The taste goes from water, to slightly sour, to sour, to vinegary. When sour they are fully awake. They do not like metal like spoons or strainers. Most people make theirs from sugar. Sugar costs more and does not have any protein or fiber. Some of the microbes end up in the water so they repopulate the digestive tract. The dosage is 60g sugar or 75g flour per quart drinking water. The flour is more because it has protein and fiber. Over many decades of experimentation by many people the right dose for carbs is 6%. 1 quart has 1000g water so 6% would be 60g carbs. I consider kefir to be the best remedy. The microbes change food that has more protons than electrons to fertilizer that has more electrons than protons. There is a lot more energy from 1 quart of kefir than in 75g of flour. The microbes change matter into energy. After making the 1 pint you can increase the dosage for the following batches.

Replied by Lynn

Ally--have you looked into Pelvic Floor Disorder (PFD)? Having to push out your urine and having urine retention are symptoms of PFD as well as pelvic tightness and back pain. Also, when nervous or anxious, symptoms get worse because you subconsciously tighten the pelvic floor.

Replied by Eleena

Try stem cell therapy. Its costly, around $7900 here in California.

Diet, Turmeric, Exercise  

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Posted by Julie (Pa) on 07/23/2015

I am so glad someone mentioned stress as a huge underlying reason for IC. I have been dealing with IC for about 2 years. Oddly enough it began with a horrible episode of kidney stones and 1 Lithotripsy treatment. (not sure if that started my IC??) However, my flare ups definitely come when I am super stressed. Usually work related. I have read all of the websites I could about treatments for IC....but I don't believe one remedy will work for all....because IC can be caused by a variety of things. Including infections, stress, high acidity. The problem is finding the right fix can take lots of money and bathroom visits. Also, I also noticed that drinking water (tap from a well) can be very high in stay with the better brands of bottled water. I believe managing my stress a bit better and watching what I eat and drink; although may not be a cure...but will definitely help in dealing with flare ups.