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Posted by Lynnann (Florida) on 04/28/2018
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After two weeks of misery and what I thought was a UTI, I came to the conclusion it's something more serious. After reading up on IC, it seems like this is what I have, and after two rounds of antibiotics plus tylenol, ibuprofen and AZO around the clock I was still in extreme pain. I have cried more in the last week than I have in the last 3 years. I was beside myself. I realize now that long hours of sitting at my desk and working a stressful job where I am overloaded were clearly contributors to my condition. Since the antiobiotics weren't working, I did some research here and found much helpful info from all you folks! Thank God so many people get on here and report what works for them. I went to the health food store and loaded up: uva ursi extract, marshmallow extract, a powdered berry drink called UT Vibrance, colloidal silver, tumeric caps, cinammon caps, parsley caps, quercetin.

The first thing I did though, was ACV and baking soda, and this did seem to help right away. 2 Tbs ACV, 1/4 tsp baking soda (I tried 1/2 Tbs and it was too much, I got diarreah! My bladder did feel better though), and 8 oz of water. I ran out of Stevia so put a little honey in there. It wasn't bad.

Yesterday I stopped all meds, including pain meds, and I did the extracts, the powder and the colloidal silver on an empty stomach, then ate some healthy greens and such a while later and did all the caps. Today I've done a couple rounds of extracts and caps with food, and I am still pretty much pain free! I have hope again! I still feel a little discomfort, but I am not writhing in pain anymore. I do the ACV an hour after I've done the extracts. Don't do this with food as it interferes with digestion.

I am convinced that some of the problem is that my pH was terribly out of balance, and that was a lot of the problem. But stress and sitting for too long were definite contributors. Time to change my life! I truly thought I was a goner, I was in so much pain. I'm going on a trip to Italy with my family in a little over a week and I was afraid I would not be able to go. I have hope today! So don't give up trying, folks. Try these remedies or others on this site to see what works for you, especially if you've tried antiobiotics and have no relief. Also, eat foods that make your body more alkaline, consider juicing (guess I'm going back to this good habit! ). Don't give up. You will find what works. My best to you all!

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Posted by Kris (Portland, OR) on 01/11/2015
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The MD thought I might have Interstitial cystitis. I had taken over 30 days of antibiotics, still was not well. IC is so painful! Interestingly, the doctor ordered a Glucose tolerance test to rule out blood sugar issue.

I called my naturopathic doctor and he told me chop up parsley and put it in warmer water and sip it all day. I also I took organic coconut oil made from fresh coconuts, three times a day. My ND told me to buy some boric acid capsules ( DO NOT TAKE BY MOUTH) to be used as a suppository, since now I had a yeast infection the antibiotics gave me. I would put the boric acid capsule suppository in at night before bed I did that for 12 days I also took organic powdered sulfur, which I now realize is MSM I took it twice a day in water. I also took two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1/4 tsp baking soda I glass of water daily.

I wanted to cure this thing so I just did all of these things. Anyhow, I'm cured thank you, God!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lisadeb (Edina, Mn) on 11/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

On HGH for 10.5 mo. I feel fabulous! Still on instillations and they worked in ONLY 3 months to the point of no pain! Still mostly on the diet, but with no pain. Drink white wine (alot of it), salty, sugary foods. Working out each day with vigor. Still up 3x night to pee, but no addn'l pain b4 my period (I have always had more insomnia b4 my period and that's the same). Sleep 8 hrs/night. Have not taken Fem-Dophilis in months, nor Claritin. Have reduced many other suppliments (too expensive). I take HGH homeopathic, instillations and estrogen(s). (I still take Vit D, E, A, acidophilis, fish oil and a few others) I will be able to start to wean off instillations soon, but I will take my time. Happy.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kara (Northern, Wi) on 08/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

We'll if it exists I will try it! So far all special teas and probiotics and herbs and wonder drugs do nothing.

FRESH pressed lemon in water helps! Distilled water helps but is not good for you long term. Try to drink a gallon of non florinated water a day, it works but not instantly.

No alcohol or coffee :(.

Sweating out toxins in a sauna helps! As long as you drink a Lot of water and replenish with fresh pressed vegetable juice.

Everyone should have a VEGETABLE JUICER. Juice fast for a week for dramatic healing, but NO FRUIT in the juicer, spiking insulin will negate healing.

Get VITAMIN D LEVELS OVER 50, tan or take 10,000 iu of d3 a day, but get tested, and don't accept 30 as normal, it's not! Read about it w the vitamin D council.

For relief get a vaginal suppository with BORIC ACID. Its cheap, look online and read about it. Stay away from chemicals down there, boric is natural.

Stretching, either Pilates or something thorough really helps reduce the inflammation and allow the fluids kin your body release.

I just came across a FREE Ebook about treating IC naturally. It's a book by Diana Brady. It talked about the combination of Bromelain and Quercetin to treat IC. New to me, will keep you posted if anyone wants to know. Just curious. Would like to get coffee back someday!

Folks get your vitamin D tested. The vitamin D council spells it out online why its so IMPORTANT and how it correlates to health problems like this. Theres no instant cure, but get that D up and do the other things. Stay off sugars! For good and it will heal! :)