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Posted by Sunny (South Gate, Ca) on 06/13/2013
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So this is for Interstitial Cystitis ( IC). I belive this is what helped my. I am way better now. But I also did Dr. Hulda Clarks Parasite Cleanse so it might have also been that or a mix of both. So try them one by one. Oh and I also took probiotics. All separete. First the probitics. Finished my 30 days wort , then I did the tea 30 days, then I did then the Parasite Cleanse like 50 days. I do not know which on helped me. I also did some emotional release I had been keeping feeling and secrets to my self and I told someone and I felt a big weight lift of my very soul. (I really do feel that negative feelings contibute to bad health). The tea is by Lagg's Kidney tea. It has 30 bags and I got it at Superior Grocers Market for like 3 dollars its good because all ingredients needed are there, but I suppose you can make your own. The herbs are: shave grass, corn silk, Uva ursi, Juliana adstringen, boldo, Hibiscus flower, (I have to warn of the hibiscus flower, as some one IC person said it cause flairs, orange blossom, like I said you can make ur own and take out the hibiscus flower. I took the tea, cool in the morning before eating anything. (no sugar). Tea has no caffeine says so on box. As caffeine is acidic. Probiotics took as directed. Parasite cleanse look it up its a bit more complex. Consists mainly of clove, green black walnut, wormwood. (your supposed to poo*p out the parasites, I did not. I was kind of disappointed I did not. But maybe the herbs just helped me another way. I had no negative side effects :). My Cc has gotten a lot better. I would say like I'm like 85% good now and can tolerate a lot more food :). Also I feel that IC has to do with the intestines (imbalance of floras/ balanced) floras also in vagina. I always had constipation problems and now I po*p a lot more. :)Good bc pressure of po*p hurts bladder.

I think it's obvious on the things that u have to change forever more for this condition and overall health. I drink mostly water and natural coconut juice. Sometimes! 100% juice. Nothing else. Too many fake stuff and bad toxins. I try to eat very well not so easy but at least try to make the best choices! I do not really eat red meat. And fast food. I try nt to get stressed (killer/ acid forming). Exercise (walk, stretch, yoga) (I know for some of u u have to wait to get better to work out)

Why I am writing this. Well IC is horrible to the point were I felt subhuman and did not want to live anymore. I hope this helps another person. If it does help you I want you to pass this forward. Also, to promise to be a better /more compassinate person. Having been thru ic if you are not a better person you have learned nothing!!! Western Medicine gave me no hope and just told me to live with it. I decided to start by trying the cheapest, safest, most natural means one by one. I have tried other things and they did not help( marshmallow root pills, alovera pills, activated charcoal, etc. But I could not give up, I research and researched , and research, and research and reseached! And try! Try! Try! Tyr!!!!! I only cared about finding something!! I also want you to not give up what works for one might not work for another, but do not give up and share you findings. Love to you AND LET'S START THIS FOOD REVOLUTION, !!! Email you companies and tell them hey do not add fake color , artificial ingridients, persevatives, perservative, corn suryp. you have ic , other people have other illnesses that are horrible too! ( cron's disease, cancer, asma, )and guess what they all stem from the stuff they put in our food we have common ground here ppl! we need to join and say hey enough is enough! stop posoning our food/things!!!!!!!!! . and if you do not change we will not buy your things!!!!!!! ( purchasing power) support those that do!! health food stores etc. let's change our world by changing with in our choices ( ex. food we serve at a party). nature! nature! nature our only and true source.

thank you you ec for this site that i always utilice and try to contribute too.

ted you are inspirational and one day i would love to meet you, (i kind of want to be like you) help you. keep up your beautiful purpose <3

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, TN) on 04/28/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Interstitial Cystitis: I was just diagnosed with this awful condition yesterday. I had noticed for the past couple of years that about half of the urine tests the doctors performed for supposed UTI came up negative for bacteria..and I was in pain!!! I had researched IC online and basically self diagnosed myself but I wanted to go to a urologist to be for sure. I do have a couple suggestions for managing the flare ups associated with IC...

1) alkalize your body...I drink 1/4 tspn of baking soda in 4oz of water daily...sometimes 2x daily if I have more pain. I've noticed this keeps the awful urethra burning at bay most of the time. I tried the ACV w/BS and it HURT. This made me sad because alot of people report great results with ACV but my body does not like it.

2) Marshmellow Root in the liquid form (non-alchohol)...I had a flare up about a week ago and took a dropper full in 4 oz of water 4-5 times a day. The pain subsided drastically within 24 hrs. I take a maintenance dose (1-2 droppers full) a day.

3) D-mannose...I use 1/2 tspn daily in 4 oz water..just for overall urinary tract health. It's also good to take it before and after sex to keep from getting UTI's.

4) I know that we IC sufferers are supposed to stay away from alot of spicy and acidic foods (hence I cannot take Vitamin C to save my about pain!)....BUT I do enjoy my one cup of coffee every morning..the rest of the day I drink bottled water. Also, when I have acidic foods like pasta with tomato sauce or mexican I take an extra dose of BS just as a safe guard and I have to say it usually does the trick.

5) There is a product you can buy at drugstores...I haven't tried it yet but I plan on it. Basically, you take it before you eat anything acidic and it's supposed to neutralize the acids...I know we are not supposed to mention product names but if anybody wants to know you can email me.

Sorry to be long winded but I noticed there is not alot of feedback on IC....I will let everyone know if I come across any more remedies.

Take care!