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Alkaline pH
Posted by Renae (Mpls, Mn) on 07/12/2011
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Update: still have IC as a problem even w/calcium and mag. Not cured. Can't open up diet much, but constant pain gone. Took awhile to get the correct calcium to magnesium ratio. As I have fibro and that got bad (as did constipation) on just the calcium citrate (w/the little magnesium oxide that was in the capsel) so had to add more magnesium oxide , but adding too much caused diarrhea. After finetuning this I still need to move on to do more w/glucosamine and condritan, but have a hard time taking that due to gastro issues. I am going to try some "manesium citrate and ozide", together as I keep reading about how the citrate changes urine PH to alkaline.