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Alka Seltzer
Posted by Michele (Spring Grove, Pa) on 12/04/2009

Adding to my previous post of 12/01/2009:

Alka-seltzer worked great at relieving the pain and immediate symptoms. However, I want to note very clearly it did nothing for the underlying infection. Continued use of it was actually masking the symptoms while the infection was getting worse.

Today, realizing I was not getting better, I went to my Doctor and ended up on antibiotics.

The Alka-seltzer is GREAT to get you through the night (or day) until you can get to a Doctor - but it will not cure an actual infection. Using it for more than a day or two could actually make things worse.

I'm still glad I used it though - I could not have gotten through the night with the pain I was in and I could go to my Doctor rather than the ER.