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Posted by Vanessa (Farmington, CT) on 09/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Folic Acid (and Flagyl): Hello everyone ...i've been suffering with BV for about 5 years now. About 4 months ago i found this website and decided to try the Acidoph and folic acid. The acidoph did not work but the folic acid somewhat helped a little. I was taking 1 (800 mcg) folic acid pill in the am and also 1 in the pm. I was still discharging and had the fishy smell but not as bad as before i started taking them. So I went to the doctor (for the billionth time) and she prescribed me Flagyl. I had to take 2 pills everyday for 7 days but i still continued to take 2 folic acid pills too. It's been 2 weeks now and still no signs of BV WHATSOEVER!!! I'm feeling great and my sex life has improved like 100% lol ... Good luck to all you ladies.

Replied by Jkl
(Chicago, Il)

I found my cure! I was taking 800mcg of folic acid everyday which somewhat gave me the relief I need but I noticed after my period the smell would come back, so before I tried the folic acid my doctor told me to douche with 1tbs spoon of hibiclens (not over the counter) and a liter of warm water for 6 weeks. So now what I do is I douche right after my period once with hibiclens and continue taking my pills, it's been 4 months and I have not smelt anything and I do not have any weird watery discharge like before, I feel so free because of this so if you try this and it works for you too write back and let others know!

Folic Acid
Posted by Lisa (Pusan, South Korea) on 09/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Folic acid works! And this web site is a life saver, especially for women with BV. What happened? I had a new partner, had this terrible BV ooze and was put on an IV drip by my Ob-gyn!!!!OMG.Given a HUGE dose of metronaizole, and couldn't take it because my stomach can't handle it. Fever. Vulva-dynia, crabs, smells from hell.
Bladder infections with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Irratic bites and itches. sprayed the whole house with flea bombs. Douched like mad with all sorts. Hid from friends and relatives.

Out of work for 6 months, spent entire savings on 50 doctors visits. Pretended not to be going to doctor, but that was my twice weekly destination.Obsessed with my recovery. Got another job, terrified of BV returning, asked a question on Yahoo answers and some dear angel showed me your website!!!! Left work early, ran to the pharmacy, bought a big bottle of folic acid, ran home and took 800mg at night and 800mg in the morning, ooze subsided for several days and no smell from hell. Honestly this website has saved my life. I was feeling quite desparate in a mental health day sort of way. IT GAVE ME HOPE WHEN THERE WAS NO HOPE.
When I read account after account of women who had been desparate and said folic acid works, my depression lifted - I had hope.

Thank you again and again. I hope something really good happens to you today and everyday because you deserve it.

Gratitude forever(to the webmaster/mistress of this website).
P.S. I had also taken flagyl while taking folic acid and 3rd generation antibiotics at the same time due to desperation.

Replied by Audrey
(New York Ny, Ny)

Wow, I am going to the health food store first chance I get. I suffer from one embarrassing incident after another in dealing with BV. I understand it is stronger in women who are peri-menopausal or menopausal. It's played havoc with my psyche and I grown extremely self-conscious. I believe it is the root cause behind so many interviews that lead no where. Yes, it's THAT bad. I normally wash my underwear by hand every night. Someone suggest using Borax to kill fungus and odor.

I will try the dosage that seems to commonly work on this site and get back. There is one small problem, I don't have a very good sense of smell and I will only be able to measure its success as to whether or not there is a discharge.

Many, many thanks and God bless one and all.

Folic Acid
Posted by Julia (Miami, Florida) on 09/01/2008

I have been suffering from BV for several years now. I had multiple sex partners and did not use a condom each time. Now I think I am paying the consequences with regular BV infections. My boyfriend of 2 and half years now, has had to see me suffer from this. I am so embarrassed that he has a girlfriend that has a smelly papaya and it makes me feel dirty. I went to several doctors telling them I had a really bad odor and none of them knew what is was. I finally found a doctor that prescribed me the metro medicine and it went away. But ofcourse like all of you have experienced, it came back. Now it has come back again for the 5 billionth time and I currently do not have health insurance and cannot afford to pay a visit to the doctor. I called my Gyno's office to see if someone could recommend something and they told me to take Monistat 7. I bought the cream and started the first night, I then went online because I wasn't sure that this medicine would help me. From what I read Folic Acid is the best remedy for everyone and I went and bought some today before I went to work. I took 2 400 mg tablets and I don't want to get my hopes up so I don't really want to check just yet if it is going away. The monistat cream has been coming out all day so I can't really tell yet. I really don't understand creams, why put them in if they are just going to be coming out all day? I hope this remedy works and is the answer to my embarrassment. I haven't had sex with my partner in 2 weeks now because it's too stinky down there. I am eating fage greek yogurt as Im typing this. I never have talked to my friends or family about this because I think it's to nasty of a problem. Even though it's a horrible thing, I am happy at the same time that I have found other women that can advise me on how to get rid of this problem. THANK YOU ALL! If this works, will I have to take Folic Acid forever?

Replied by Tonya
(Montgomery, Alabama)

You put the cream up in you right before bed time. This helps keep it in longer.

Replied by Twistedsunshsine
(Manila, Ph)

Hi! I'm 20 years old from Manila. I have this BV for couple of months now. I'm sexually active and I don't know what to do, still searching for a relief. I have read all your posts/comments, I've listed it all.

BV kills me psychologically and physically. It feels so embarrassing when my boyfriend and I are doing the deed. The day before yesterday, I took Metronidazole tab (500mg), I bought it over the counter without the doctor's prescription. And I told to myself that would be the first and last that I will ever take that harsh medicine after I read a lot of testimonials. I feel so desperate to took the smell away!

Tonight, I will buy folic acids. Thanks guys, that sounds great. Btw, last night I inserted a clove of garlic to my vajayjay. Coz it is well known for its antimicrobial properties. I wanna cure this in the most natural way. I also read about mustard oil. I'm also interested to that. I don't wanna douche, feels crap.

Will post again if there's any changes. I want to feel free. :(

Folic Acid
Posted by Deva (Arcata, CA) on 08/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering most of my adult life with the embarrassing smell and the uncomfortable feeling of bacterial vaginosis. I once had a miscarriage that a midwife told me could have been caused by BV. I have tried literally everything: acidopholus, boric acid suppositories, various essential oils in my vaginal, homeopathic cures, Chinese medicine, garlic suppositories--ad infinitum. I even tried the guaranteed natural cures that you buy online and ended up getting my money refunded. But Hallelujah! I found your site and tried 800 milligrams of folic acid twice a day and the next morning my vagina was close to normal and this continues 3 days into taking it. I am so excited and want to share this with every doctor, midwife, and woman I know. Does anybody know why it works? Should men also take the remedy? (Please post these questions to the site) I decided to give some to my boyfriend in case he was a carrier as well. I have noticed over the years that men with foreskins intact can carry this bacterial inbalance as well. My life is going to be sooo much better!!!

Replied by Jasmin
(Watauga, Tx)

do you think my husband should still take the folic acid if I make him wear a condom?

Replied by Connie
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA)

Probably there is no need to have your husband take the folic acid. According to one Website about sexually transmitted diseases:

"There is no condition equivalent to bacterial vaginosis in men. Bacterial vaginosis can occur in monogamous relationships, and it can occur even when the woman's partners always use condoms.

So, it seems that a sexual partner doesn't "give" a woman bacterial vaginosis, but it occurs as a result of sexual contact."

Folic Acid
Posted by Ann (Clearwater, Michigan) on 08/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

This site is AWESOME. I have suffered with BV for several years. To many to count. I was so tired of having the fishy smell and the discharge that comes along with having BV. I tried the Folic Acid remedy and it DOES WORK... I take 2 tabs bid of 400 and then 2 tabs bid at qs. Layman terms 2 400 mcg in the morning and 2 in the evening 1600 mcg in all. This has been a GOD sent remedy. There is nothing worse then looking good but smelling foul. For some odd reason, know one seems to know why some women get this condition. I am not over weight and I am physically fit, yet I too suffer from this annoying condition. Ladies, you owe it to yurself to try this remedy. I can attest to the results. However if you stop treatment the symptons will come back. It is best to stay on this regiment daily to prevent a relapse. Good Luck.

EC: Lately we have been receiving at least 3 emails a day about bacterial vaginosis. It appears to be a big problem!

Replied by Kyra
(Springfield, Massachusetts)

I was diagnosed with BV a couple months ago and have tried everything I can think of. I was feeling the symptoms long before I changed to a new partner but after that incident I started getting the discharge so I don't know if he had anything to do with it. I am going to go buy the Folic acid today and start using it. Wish me luck!!! and thank you all for the brilliant remedies, I only hope that taking the pills will be sufficient enough as creams, gels, douches are a pain in the butt...

Replied by Jude
(Fresno, Ca)

I just found this site and the cure. I have been diagnosed with BV numerous times over 12 years. I have taken 2 different kinds of medications and the gel; drs blamed my heavy periods so they put me on depoprevera; then they found a polyp so I had minor outpatient surgery. I had BV again within 2 weeks. I cant wait to go tomorrow to get the folic acid, trying the peroxide douche and the acidophilus. At my last drs appointment I was told they have tried everything they know and I should bathe everyday. I was so hurt and embarrassed; I will post again to let you all know if this remedy works. Wish me luck!

Folic Acid
Posted by Marie (Boulder, Colorado ) on 08/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I use folic acid for my bacterial vaginosis. I tried acidophilus and yogurt but nothing works as strongly and quickly as the folic acid. As long as I take it every day (1600 mcg/day), the BV is non existent. I will tell you this though. I experimented a couple of times by not taking it for a day and it comes back within 24 hours. I wanted to thank this website for having this information as I had originally found this cure here on earth clinic. I am an alternative health practitioner and will certainly recommend this site to others.

Replied by Kathy
(Brooklyn, NY)

Though Folic Acid seems to really help members of this site, I am wondering if it's really a true "Cure" if the symptoms come back if you miss a dose. Is it possible that it is masking a symptom rather than curing the infection?

Has anyone found folic acid to be a long term cure (no infection or symptoms for over three months)? Thanks for your insight. I've been suffering from BV for 9 months...

Replied by Angela
(Plymouth, MI, USA)

if you have BV, it may continue to come back after you have sex again because it can often be contagious. meaning, your partner will continue to give it right back to you until he/she is cured. they can have the infection even if they do not show symptoms.

Replied by Tonya
(Montgomery, Alabama)

I ask my Dr. do folic acid kill the bacteria or mask it, she stated it kills it. But for some odd reason our bodies are not producing enough of something to keep this bacteria at bay. So as long as I know I can take 2 folic acid pills a day to smell fresh and clean the hellow pills goodbye funk!!!! Tonya from AL

Replied by Tgm
(Durham, Nc)

Question: If you take the Folic Acid everyday and have sex frequently without protection will the BV come back?

Folic Acid
Posted by Suza (Missoula, Montana) on 07/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had been fighting off BV for two weeks when I came across this web site. I had been using boric acid suppositories. And when this didn't work, I was put on a course of Flagyl. The burning, pain, itch, and irritable bladder would not subside. I was feeling quite ill all over. I didn't believe Folic Acid could possibly fix the problem, but after being on an antibiotic for 5 days and no relief, I decided what could it hurt? I purchased a small bottle of 400 mg Folic Acid and immediately took 3 tablets. I expected nothing to happen but around 4 - 5 hours later my burning and pain had lessoned noticably. I continued the folic acid the next day and by the 3rd day my symptoms were gone! I still cannot believe it. Ladies, this is worth a try. Take it from someone who has been suffering with BV since 1997. Now I'm wondering if I were simply deficient in this vitamin. Bless you for having this site.

Folic Acid
Posted by Lola (Houston, Texas) on 06/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After battling with BV for the last year, I finally had it with the antibiotics. I am social person and like to have a cocktail now and then. Flagyll and Clindamycin was killing me sexually, physically, psycologically, socially and mentally. BV made so uncomfortable. So I come to this site because I am sick of the doctor. Also, I get yeast infections after the antibiotics. One morning I wake up with BV, so I go to GNC and buy a bottle of Folic Acid 1000mcg. It was $5. I figured if it didn't work. I only lost a few dollars. The next day, no smell, no irritation, no nothing. So far, a week has passed and still nothing. I am taking one daily and will keep you all informed. I feel great.

Replied by Depressed
(Twins Cities, U.s.a)

Bv has been affecting me for over a year now. I dont know what they cause of it was, although I think it was a sex partner b/c thats when I started to notice a bad scent. Bv has been messing with me physically, mentally, & emotional. I hate going places and having everyone stare at me becuase I had a foul smell. It put me in depression where I separate myself from everyone cause I dont want my name tarnished for being smelly all the time. I take showers but to no avail. I been to the doctor three times, and I refuse to go back as everyone knows it's expensive, well just this pass wkd I went to the store and bought I billion acidolphilus pills and 400mcg folic pills.

Btw I tried vaginal insertion of metronidazole as well as the oral pills to no avail) After I took them for a full day ( one of each in the morning, lunch time and before bed/ w. Dinner) I didn't notice a small change where my odor smell had decreased but people could still smell it. I had all natural greek yogurt too, and again to no avail (orally), so today is my second day dealing with these pills and I only took folic acid. I know I'm not giving it enough time for me to be switching regimens already but I'm so desperate its not even funny. That was around morning and I took a nap and woke up and I feel as if it worked a little bit but the smell is still there just not as bad.

Warning TMI is about to take place................. After my nap I woke up and took a swab to my vagina & the discharge was chunky like cottage cheese something I never had ( the cottage cheese looking discharge) is this a good sign?! If you can help please comment/ email me.

Replied by Hp
(Los Angeles)

@depressedc from twin cities.. This is a bit late but this happened to me when I had a yeast infection and was using metro gel @ the same time.. I took the yeast infection medication and basically just scooped out the junk for a couple of nights in the shower. It was nasty... But my yeast infection was cured and I didn't have that cottage cheese chunk anymore.. Although I still have BV. FML!

Folic Acid
Posted by Melanie (Kobe, Japan) on 05/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the site - I was so surprised to find so many women suffering from Bacterial Vaginisis. I cannot beileve this is not taken more seriously by health professionals and there is not more awareness in general. I think it's great that this provides much-needed support for women to share their experiences. I have the same story as everyone else here & after discovering this site, started taking 400mg of folic acid twice daily. the smell and discharge have completely disappeared!! It has been a week so far. I just want to show my appreciation and I hope this works for other women!!!

Folic Acid
Posted by Dree (Houston, Texas) on 01/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to say that I have been dealing with BV for about 8 years and I know I've been treated by the doctor at least 50 times. It would alwas come back after intercourse or my menstrual cycle. It has always come back until I came across this website!!! I tried the Folic acid (800 mg 2x a day for the first week) and the smell was gone within 3 days. I continue to take 800mg of Folic Acid a day just to keep the Bv at Bay. I also did the half peroxide and water and felt instantly clean and fresh! There is still a small amount of discharge though any suggestions for that? Thanks so much for the post!!! I feel like I have my life back. I had even stopped working out because I was so afraid that people would notice the fishy smell. My boyfriend of 6 years had suffred with this also. our relationship was strained because I was always embarressed of the bv and sex was at a minimum. So thanks once again!!!!

Folic Acid
Posted by butterfly73 (Atlanta, USA) on 12/18/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to thank the women on this site for sharing the information on Folic Acid! My sister and I started using it and I promise 1-2 days later, we are BV free! Praise GOD for the sharing of information! After age 30, Bacterial Vagnosis became a friend of mine. My doctor would tell me that it is common for Black women to get BV. Well, I have changed soaps, made my partners take showers before intercourse and also taken the medicine (Flagyl and Metro-Gel). I was beginning to get tired of taking that medicine. ACIDOPHILUS works but not like FOLIC ACID did! I believe in sharing information in order to help others! Once again, thank you! Butterfly in Georgia!

Replied by Sunny
(NY, NY)

For your doctor to tell you BV is common in black women is wrong. It is present in ethnic groups across the board.

Firstly, diet & hygiene plays a MAJOR role in combating any disease. The vagina should be cleansed with a unscented, mild soap..i.e. Dove. After showering thoroughly pat dry vaginal area,...with non-colored toilet paper, blow-dry on cool if x-tra assurance area is thoroughly dry. Towel-drying can harbor bacteria and one can re-infect one's self.

Curtail sweets as BV + yeast thrives off them. Increase vaginal acidity via Vitamin C (500 mg -twice a day )daily as well 800-1000 mgs of folic-acid.

Oil of oregano, and acidophilis probiotics to keep "good bacteria" intestinally/vaginally in check.

Less or no dairy except plain yogurt. Less red-meat, more fish i.e. wild-salmon, snapper, sardines,not shellfish ought to help. More spinach/mustard greens can help. No white flour, white rice, alcohol...

Wearing cotton underwear on a daily basis will help as well.

Excercise, yoga, omega -3 fish-oil pills as a mood enhamcer, stress tamer works well.

Folic Acid
Posted by Toya (Jacksonville, Florida) on 12/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had been a BV sufferer f for about a year and I would continue to go to the doctor and would always leave the doctors office with some antibotic (does not work), and again no resolution to my BV. So I had decided to search the web with natural home cures for BV, and I continued to run across the folic acid. So I ran out and brought some folic acid 800mg and would take 2 a day. I promise after the 2nd day I was free of BV. No more smell, or discharge. I also wash with hydrogen peroxide after I have sex with my boyfriend so that it does not interfere with my ph balance messing up. And I continue to take the folic acid (1 tablet daily) just to make sure that nasty infection does not comes back.

Folic Acid
Posted by Zara (leeds, west yorkshire) on 12/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

hi to all my BV friends, i call you friends because i am so happy that i found someone to talk to about our situation. i was also ALLERGIC TO MY X-BF SPERM. i have cried about having bv, because nuffin works 4 me. people could smell me from a mile lol.. so i decided to try FOLIC ACID 400g 3X daily, this works 4 me. so never give up!

Folic Acid
Posted by Anna (USA) on 12/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Update: I am still clear and the Estrace once a week has been discontinued. By way of clarification I was using the Estrace once a week for 2months and took a week of ORAL Clindemycin at the start of this use of Estrace. The clindemycin vaginal cream did nothing. (see previous post) The Dr. had not heard of using Folic Acid and was very open to the idea and gave me a prescription for a high dose. So far BV free and normal flora are restored to the now lovely environment of the vagina. Thanks to all.

Folic Acid
Posted by Anna (New york City, New York) on 12/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to everyone for the info on Bacterial Vaginosis, especially the effectiveness of Folic Acid. Before I found this site I had several months of metrogel vaginal cream, two series of prescriptions of the metrogel pills,(flagyl), clindamycin cream and as you all testify it just kept coming back. I researched the web and found out a lot about BV, in particular that Doctors do not know why the anarobic (bacteria that use no oxygen} overpopulate the vaginal canal and the good bacteria, which are oxygen loving, get moved out. Attacking gardnerella which is what the metrogel and flagyl do, might work but is usually temporary. Gardnerella is normally found in the vagina, but why does it get out of control? The conclusion of the best is that there is a synergistic or interdependent relationship among several of the anarobic bacteria. Clindemycin is a broader spectrum antibiotic and if metrogel and the pill, generic flagyl, do not work then Clindemycin should be tried. BV is dangerous because it can travel as a real infection to the ovaries and elsewhere, even into the lumbar region. Though it is caused by "overpopulation" of one bacteria naturally occuring, this definition may be a little too soothing. Waking up one morning with a sudden sever backache on the same time my first prescription for the oral flagyl pill was ready freaked me out because my research had come up with cases of "disc space infection" in the lumbar spine due to BV....So ladies don't relax on this issue. The discharge was greyish and fishy..not a yeast infection for sure. No itchiness. Swabs showed overpopulation of Garderella. Problem was the six months of repeated use of the metrogel cream cleared the vaginal canal and most of all the discharge, but the smell was bad...something was wrong. I believe the problem moved up into the the end of each period the grey smelly discharge would manifest. This happened even after using the flagyl pill. As others said it came back. I went to another doctor. He used clindamycin along with ESTRACE vaginal cream once a week. When I asked why, he said, " Local Estrogen helps restore normal flora to the vagina." It worked. But he wants me to stay on the estrace for 2 more months. The key is restore the balance of flora. By the way the first thing this dr. did do was give me the acidopholus in the form of capsules (Culturelle) to use vaginally. But that did not work. After I read this site I started taking Folic Acid 800mg for two weeks and now take 400 every day. I eat yogurt, but probably should take the acidophilus also. Anyway here is my experience and I hope it helps. I plan to tell the Dr at the next visit about the folic acid. I don't know if I am out of the woods yet Thanks to all

Replied by Carol
(Atlanta, GA)

OMG, I am having the same problem with my back. I didn't suspect it could be bv causing my back pain. I am happy I read your post. I wish these doctors would take this more seriously, and find out how to really prevent this from reoccuring. I have a pain in the middle of back. Not the lower back but just below the middle. It started last year and now it just comes and goes. I found a regemin that works for me using acidophollis (4million tab) and yogurt. I also had to stop smoking and started a whole body cleansing (detox) program with teas and colon cleansing. I also heard that chlorophyll works for deodorizing odors and charchoal tablets could remove toxins. Haven't tried them but hey if this doesn't work I'll have to. Got to keep my job, can't keep this problem from effecting my life. You know what I mean.

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