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Posted by Kelly (Los Angeles, CA) on 03/10/2009

Oh my!! What a blessing to find this website. I have had BV for almost 15 years now. I've been to the doctor several times and they always prescribe metrodonizole. It has never worked. I have also thought that it was a yeast infection and tried to cure it with over the counter meds, and countless types of probiotics, cleanses, yeast guard etc. Dealing with this problem for so long has been somewhat traumatic and disheartening. I was embarrassed and felt ashamed when becoming intimate with a new partner.

So I stumbled upon this site one day last week when I was googling the topic again. I read the reviews on Folic acid and decided to try 1 more remedy. I went to whole foods and bought 800 milligram capsules. I started on my first day taking 2 at once. Right away it seemed to work but I was apprehensive. I took 4 the next day and then 2 the day after. It had almost completely cleared up my discharge and odor. Only a very small amount appeared once in while on those days. I then read online that too much folic acid can be harmful, so I reduced to 1 800 milligram capsule a day. The symptoms are gone. It's totally amazing. I just can't believe that the western doctors prescribe antibiotics for something that a simple vitamin can cure. It's very frustrating.

I am so grateful to have fund this site and the folic acid remedy. I hope more women can discover this as well, as I know how awful it can be to deal with this problem. I will definitely be checking back here for future health concerns. I love it!!

EC: We found fantastic information on this website about importance of taking folic acid and B12 together:

Here's a snippet from the website, but please click on the above link for much more information.

These nutrients are especially critical for 2 reasons:

1 - There are so many conditions & commonly used drugs which deplete them or interfere with their absorption
 2 - The deficiency of either can go undetected to cause great damage & suffering.

 These 2 nutrients are addressed together because when supplementing one, the other must also be supplemented, again for 2 reasons:

 1 - If there is a B12 deficiency & only folic acid is taken, it can mask some of the blood changes & clues that a B12 deficiency exists. Such masking can allow progressive & irreversible damage to take place in the brain, spinal column, & peripheral nerves. Further, folic acid must be present for the proper use of B12.

 2 - Many of the same factors contribute to deficiencies of these 2 nutrients."

Folic Acid
Posted by Kim (Clinton, Maryland) on 02/26/2009

I have suffered with bv on and off for years and recently came across your site. I tried the folic acid only and within a couple of hours I noticed a drastic difference. I used 2- 400mcg in the am and 2 400 mcg in the evening and I have not had an issue since. Thanks for this site and thanks for sharing.

Replied by Luckylee
(Cleveland, Oh)

How long did you have to take Folic Acid, or is it something you have to always take in order to keep BV at bay?


Regarding Folic Acid/Folate for vaginal odor. I take 800 mcg a day. If I stop taking it, eventually the odor comes back. It took about a week for the odor to completely disappear in my case. It really works. I've had trouble with a urine like odor from the vaginal area for years. I thought it was urine leakage but my underwear were always dry. I don't remember why I started taking folate, possibly because I stumbled upon a forum like this one. I would recommend starting with a lower dose of Folate and increase it if needed. Be careful not to take too high a dose as it's not recommended and can be harmful.

Replied by Denise
(New Jersey)

I am wondering the same thing?? It does work but do I have to take it forever?! And do I still have an infection and the folic acid just masks it? I hope someone can answer.

Folic Acid
Posted by CJ (Charlotte, NC) on 02/14/2009

Thank GOD for this sight...For more years than I want to remember I have been fighting with BV.... I read about Folic Acid and decided to try it...IN 5 HOURS!!! There was an improvement...I was suffering with depression, my relationship was on the edge and I just thought everyone knew of my problem....

I AM SO HAPPY!!!! FOLIC ACID, YOGURT and Also a better diet...One Happy Lady in NC

Folic Acid
Posted by Jessica (Trenton, New Jersey) on 02/11/2009

Hello, I've been dealing with Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis for about 8 years. I noticed it after I met my prvious boyfriend and had it chronicly through the years. Well I found out he was sleeping with other women. I know that BV is not a STD but I do think that sex plays a role. I recently found out I was pregnant and immediately started taking Folic Acid and pre-natal vitamins. I'm currently 4 months pregnant and have not had any sign of BV since I started taking the supplemnts. I'm shocked because I've been dealing with this for so long and now it's completely gone. Just wanted to add my story.

Replied by Angela
(Jacksonville, Fl)

I just read how a lady thinks sex plays a role in BV. I have been married for 12 yrs in a monogamous relationship and started having BV symptoms after our child was born. Around that time my husband was visiting "clubs" and became interested in one of the girls there. He said that nothing ever happened and even took all the STD tests to prove it to me. I still have trust issues and wonder if he might have come into contact with something that caused me to get BV! He is the only man I've been with - ever. I was prescribed "Met gel" which got rid of the itch, but as soon as it was done, the other symptoms returned. I never had discharge/odor before BV, and I want that gone too! Doc says to try H2O2/water douche, but that only works for the day if I'm lucky. I've been suffering with this embarrassment for 4 years! Will try some folic acid tomorrow.

Folic Acid
Posted by Shalona (Savannah, georgia) on 02/08/2009

I want to let everyone know folic acid does work! Thanks to this site I gave it a try. To all of the woman that says it doesn't work You must be persistant with it. I take 400mg per day and it works for me. Woman must understand everyone's bodies are different so what may work for one woman may not work for another. You may have to be more aggressive so don't give up. It really depends on your body. Use a bigger dose. I have read that it's okay to take large amounts of folic acid so it's worth a try. I have used folic acid for the last two months and no smell or discharge even after my period. I can't believe it. I keep sniffing for the smell and waiting for it to come back after me and my husband make love but it's not there, no smell! After 13 years of struggling I believe I'm finally free. I know your pain, thank GOD for all of the doctors on earthclinic- you guys! MUCH LUV

Folic Acid
Posted by Blessed Child (Unknown, Arkansas) on 02/03/2009

I was diagnosed with BV today. I have had this problem for about 5 months and have been worried. It came right after I had sex with my last sexual partner. The doctor didnt run test but could tell by the rash and the discharge that it was BV. He said that it could be a 2% chance that it was something else. He prescribed me some Metronidazol and I am on my second one. I see that the Folic Acid is seeming to help everyone. In the morning, I am heading to the drug store to get some. I hope and pray that we will all be okay.

Folic Acid
Posted by Tanya (New York City, New York) on 01/13/2009

I first came across BV about 6 months ago and began noticing the signs of discharge, foul odor, constant irritation, and pain when sexually active. I immediately contacted my GYN and she subscribed medications after medications. I did not know what to do, all I knew was nothing was working, until now. I am blessed and thankful to God that I have come across this website and have had the opportunity to read the stories of women suffering from this ugly condition. I went straight to my nearest drug store and brought folic acid (400mcg) and within that same day I saw results. I WAS SHOCKED!!!! It was amazing to feel "CLEAN" for once and not embarrassed for a change. Now each day, I wake up and take 2 folic acids in the morning and at night.

Folic Acid
Posted by Lisa (New York, NY) on 01/09/2009

Hey Everyone, so i was on this site about a month ago, because i tried the acidophilus 2(2.5 billion)supplement pills, and 2 400mg folic acid pills. This worked right away! i wrote saying that i would keep everyone posted on how things were going, but only finally got the time. So, i was doing this for a week and even though everything had gone away, like that smell, and the ever flowing discharge, the burning, and iching, you know what im talking about, my discharge was now thick. no other symptoms what-so-ever though. just no scent thick discharge. it wasnt clumpy, or runny, just thick. it looked a little tiny bit yellow, but white for the most part. So i stopped taking the acidophilus, and started to take only the folic acid, and instead of taking 2 (2 in the morning, 2 at bedtime), i took 1 400mg pill in the morning and at bedtime for 1 week. the week after that i then dropped the dose to only 1 400mg folic acid a day.i have been doing this for a month, the discharge finally stopped, and is completly normal. i had sex, and i have gotten my period, and it did not come back. it is gone!!! i hope this helps someone. Thank you so much earth clinic and all the women who post their very helpful comments and feedback. thank you, i finally feel like myself again. you are the real doctors. haha. god bless.

Replied by Luckylee
(Cleveland, Oh)

Your comment was very very helpful and informative because you used both, described your symptoms, then you went to one, described those symptoms, then you changed your dose and described THOSE symptoms. I think I will try the Folic Acid 400 mg bid and see how that goes. My only question is you mentioned that you have "been doing this for a month". Have you ever stopped taking the Folic Acid and if so, are you still symptom free?

Replied by Anonymous
(Rock Hill, Sc)

I just wanted to ask if you took 400 MG or MCG. Folic Acid is usually taken by micrograms. And I was going to try this remedy and I didn't want to take the wrong dose. Thanks.

Folic Acid
Posted by Kim (Atlanta , Georgia) on 01/01/2009

I read earlier that 1600mcgs of Folic Acid would really help a lot if you had real bad BV infection, I tried it and after about an hour I noticed a huge difference.

Folic Acid
Posted by Holly (Philadelphia, PA) on 12/23/2008

I want to say that earthclinic is an abosolute gift from God. I have suffered with BV since I was 20 years old- with off and on mild to moderate battles (moderate after having intercourse, but I wasn't sexually active until 24). Now at 26 I had to pray to God to find an internal cure as I recently douched for the first (and last) time with a wicked BV inflammation to follow within 48 hours. I was horrified yet faithful that God had a cure for me. I came on here and read through each review and decided to try the folic acid only. I dashed out to Walgreens, bought a bottle of 400 mg and downed 2 in the car. Within a half an hour I was feeling relief- my period started the next day and there has been almost no odor. While douching and antibiotics are not for me I do blot my external vaginal area with peroxide and I wash with a feminine hygeine sensitive skin cleanser. I have used feminine spray products, but never beyond the bikini line. Also I use wipes as often as possible. I'm not a fan of yogurt but I am eating it daily along with drinking cranberry juice often. It seems like a lot but the folic acid is the key- I thank God for it, He has really blessed me with the knowledge of His healing power even within a simple drug store. BV is a disease, often chronic, but one that just may require preventative measures on a daily basis. I pray that you all may be blessed by this cure- try it alone first (w/o antibiotics, douche and acido) to see if it won't heal you. God bless.

Folic Acid
Posted by Verena (Burlington, Vermont) on 12/02/2008

I have gotten BV for the first time in my life a couple of months ago. I got the micrazoale gel or whatever it is called, and it caused me to develop my first yeast infection. Hurrah! Anyway, I'm going with the homeopathic-attack-the-problem-at-it's-root method now.
my daily vitamin has folic acid in it (400mcg) and i have been taking it this whole time. Maybe it's not enough? i'm going to get an additional folic acid supplement. What does "mcg" mean anyway? is that different than "mg?" recently started the acidoplous, seems to be helping. garlic too, i just swallow a couple of small cloves everyday. Keeping my fingers crossed, I really miss my happy vag!

I noticed a couple of women who are say they are using antibiotics regularly as "preventative" medicine. Ladies, this is a TERRIBLE idea. not only will it not help, but you will also become resistant to the antibiotic and you will continue to kill off your "good" bacteria. you can also make your self more susceptible to disease this way.

Replied by Anonymous
(Rock Hill, Sc)

I've read a lot of people interchanging the MCG and MG dosages. Here is a little lesson in science, not to be rude, but to clear things up a little.

Most medications are measured in units of Grams. If you ever learned in high school science or math, "King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk" It is a saying to help remember the breakdown of the metric system prefixes.

Kilo (multiply by 1000)
Hecto (multiply by 100)
Deca (multiply by 10)
BASE (this is your base unit)
Deci (multiply by 0.1)
Centi (multiply by 0.01
Milli (mulitply by 0.001)

It's basically a serious of moving decimal places.

So. 1 GRAM of Folic acid is equivalent to 1,000MG of Folic Acid.

Later on down in the conversions, the "Micro" prefix comes up. 1 milligram = 1,000 micrograms(mcg)

So please be sure not to confuse the two. If you are saying you are taking 400mg of Folic Acid, and as Folic Acid is most commonly measured in Micrograms, you are really taking 400,000mcg of Folic Acid. Which is 400 times the strength of PRESCRIPTION Folic Acid.

So I do believe you are meaning to say 400mcg. I just wanted to clear it up for others who may not understand the difference.

Thank you ladies so much for your help though. I never thought to try this. I was trying to find a way to avoid going to the doctor to get another anitbiotic (which, if you are like me, gives me a yeast infection EVERY time, and really isn't worth the trouble).

I am going to start this today, and I will be sure and leave feedback. Thank you so much!

Folic Acid
Posted by Janie (Amarillo, TX) on 11/08/2008

I have had BV for about a month until tree days ago. I tried the folic acid (800mg 2x/day) and my BV was GONE! I tried boric acid suppositories for two weeks, and they helped for the first couple of days, but then my condition plateaued. I was not getting worse, but I was not getting better either. One dose of folic acid and everything was okay again! Not a single itch since I took it! I was incredibly skeptical that something so simple could be the answer, but I was desperate. This website is a Godsend for me! Thank-you so much for all the information!

Folic Acid
Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio ) on 10/20/2008

Folic Acid does work!! I was so surprised. Something that costs $4 at the store. I had a SEVERE bacterial infection, that I originally thought was a yeast infection. Extremely itchy, and uncomfortable, and I had the dread fishy odor. I had chunky, snotty green discharge. I honestly didn't think anything would help. I did the hydrogen peroxide douche, the first two days, which helped a lot, and made me feel a bit better, but it dried me out, so I put a bit of castor oil in there, to help combat this uncomfortable dried out feeling. I've had good results using castor oil to heal cuts, and various other things, so I figured it would be excellent.

By the third day, I still felt awful, and still had the odor. I was convinced it didn't work, but I trekked on with it,( I had nothing to lose) and by the 4th day, I could feel myself beginning to heal. I began discharging normally, ( a puss, yellow color)and little by little that burning, itchy, God awful feeling was going away. I'm on my seventh day, and I feel great. It's almost gone, the smell is gone, the discharge is clear, It works!!!

Replied by Jenna
(Los Angeles, CA)

Yikes. I think a green discharge is Trich, not BV?

Replied by Beth
(Ashland, Oregon)

Most of us don't know exactly what may have caused our BV but I believe for myself that it developed after having more then one sexual partner. The first time I ever experienced the smell was almost 10 years ago. I thought it was him since I had NEVER experienced any problems in the Punnani area before and had only been in serious relationships. Plus it seemed to only smell during sex. We were both baffled! Shortly after that I became pregnant and started taking a prenatal vitamin everyday which contains 800mg Folic Acid. The smell became less frequent. When I went to the Doctor for my first prenatal check up we told her about the smell we've experienced and she said that everythign looks great!! That it sounds like a BV but there are no signs of me having or had one. Okay!? Yay! And it NEVER CAME BACK the whole 8 years I was married. But I never linked its dissapearance to the folic acid until i found THIS SITE! :)
I've been single for 3 years and sexually active having more than 1 partner. The smell started again last year. Again, didn't link the prenatal vitiman aka folic acid tell recently. I've been taking it 800 mg folic acid every day and acidopholice as well and as long as I dont miss a day it's gone. But if i do it seems to creep back subtley.

I KNOW folic acid can CURE it for good! The difference in my life style from when it cured it 8 years ago may be the reason it hasn't yet. I consume alcohol & caffine on a regular basis, which obviously I didn't when I was pregnant or breastfeeding (21 months). And I've had more than one sexual partner which I belive to throw my whole ph balance off.
So for one month I plan to take 1 800mg of folic acid and the 5 acidophilus pills daily. Starting with 2 800 folic acid the first day. Sustain from drinking beer and coffee and increase water.

Folic Acid
Posted by Linda (Tacoma, Washington) on 10/17/2008

I have been suffering from BV for about 5 months, went to Dr he prescribed antibiotics, oral, that did not work than vaginal that did not work back to oral that did not work so now on my 3rd set of vaginal antibiotics. I found this site and am so glad other women are having the same issues and I'am not alone with this terrible BV. Have been taking Folic Acid with the vaginal and this seems to help. I am not sexually active so have not figured out how this keeps coming back. Has anyone got an information if lack of hormones might cause this..I am post menopausal..

Replied by AR447
(Austin, TEXAS)

are you washing your hands and toys before you masturbate?

Replied by Betty

I wrote here before, Im at my wits end, this BV is the devil for sure, I just hate it!!! I smell like fish, I had this 7 years now and Im so depressed, I tried everything here, I was gonna do the boric acid but Im afraid and the pharmacies do not have it, I tierd yogurt, keifer, femdohilos etc... Now I want to try folic acid. I want to cry, this is messing up my life, I know ppl can smell me, I just want to stay home!!! I never was like this, 8 years ago some ass gave me herpes and I think it was the antibiotics and douching that messed me up, damn as a woman I always took pride on smelling good, now im a walking fish, Im currently in college and I know my fellow students talk behind my back, I do not know what to do any more, No more doctors for me, they know NOTHING!!! Why is there no cure for this? I mean really, I have a good diet, nothing esle is wrong with me. PLEASE help me!! Im going to buy folic acid now. I wish you guys luck, were in this together!!

Replied by Nomorestresschick
(Tacoma, Wa, Usa)

I just want to give some hope out there to those who are feeling down and depressed about this stress causing piece of crap condition. My friend told me about this site, she is studying to be a naturopath. Bless. Her. Soul. I have been dealing with reoccurring BV and yeast infections for 6 out of 10 months. It all started with my new relationship, and we are still together thank god despite the emotional roller coaster ride.

When first diagnosed, I was given metro gel and difflucan, symptoms went away and it returned two weeks later. Same treatment was repeated and two weeks later it returned. I was fine for a month and then I got pregnant and immediately started taking prenatal vitamins ( with folic acid ), I did not get BV or yeast for 3 months. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and during the two weeks of bleeding, I got BV again. At that point I had stopped taking my prenatal, so I also stopped taking folic acid. They gave me flagyl, still had symptoms so I did another swab test and waited a week for results, still had the darn BV. They then prescribed me with clindamycin cream. That helped. I found out about probiotics and got the 50 billion ones. I cut out ALL sugar and wheat products for a few weeks, used r------h every 3 days and for a whole month I was better. Then during my carelessness "I'm all better, lots of sex now" I used a scented wipe to clean private parts and I got a yeast and bacterial infection. Started taking two of those 50 billion pills while guzzling down kefir every day and symptoms got better, but because I went to the doc and got another swab done, they detected BV and put me on Clindamycin tablets. I burned so much after using that and it did not go away. I saw a new Gyno and she said it sounded like Cytolitic Vaginosis, basically and overgrowth of the good bacteria and it can cause burning. I quit the probiotics. Got a new swab from her and it came back negative for bv, overgrowth of good bacteria, yeast, everything. I was still burning after two weeks of no probiotics, so she prescribed me Estrace cream for Vaginal Atrophy, basically raw vagina, but common in women during menopause. Oh. My. God. That cream inflamed my whole vagina, it burned worse than EVER. It was inserted inside my vagina, so for several days I felt it coming out and irritating me more and more. On top of the horrible burns, I got the fish smell, which I only experienced with BV. I went to this site Saturday night, read about folic acid and the next day went to Walgreens, bought folic acid, took 2, 400 mcg and the smell went away after a few hours. I had experienced a major stressful situation that same day and the smell came back, so I took 400 more mcg of folic acid and the smell has decreased. I am now also taking , B-complex vitamins, Mother Apple cider vinegar, 2 tsp twice a day in 8 oz of water, a garlic supplement, eating coconut oil and bathing in baking soda. Burning almost gone! Odor almost gone. I can feel myself healing. I will not have sex for a week or two mainly because I do not want to stir any trouble, but now know that there is hope. Another thing I want to point out is that this can be a viscous circle, because stress and depression weaken the immune system which makes us more susceptible to infections. When I am down, so is my vagina. Let's all try to smile and stay positive, we can get better.

Folic Acid
Posted by Krystal (Oceanside, CA) on 10/12/2008

I just got on here last night to see if there was anything I could do. I have for the past month had some itching problems "down there" and at first assumed it was a vaginal yeast infection. I took two packages of yeast infection over the counter remedies like the cream or the suppositories and it did absolutely nothing! I then looked online and found that many times yeast infections are diagnosed wrong and are usually bv. So, although I have not been diagnosed with it yet, I started taking vitamins (like I should have but never do) and the vitamins I should be taking have Folic Acid in them...I took it knowing I needed to go to the store the next day and just buy Folic Acid. I took the vitamin (which has I think 200 mg Folic Acid) just to see. I usually am awake all night long itching and last night I was itch free for most of the night. I am itching today, but I went and bought Folic Acid and I just took my first 400 mg pill. I plan on starting with taking 2 more today. I really hope this works to restore whatever is out of whack. My husband comes home from his 6 month deployment and I CANNOT have this problem. I really hope this works.

Replied by Theres A Cure
(La, Ca)

I've been taking folic acid for 2 days now, twice a day and it has started to make the odor go away. My discharge has already started to change. Ladies please please hang in there. This has showed great progress in such a short time. Give it a try. And its a cheap cure!!! I bought a bottle of the cvs brand Folic Acid 8oo MCG. It ran me about 5 dollars (for those in the U. S). And for all you young girls who are afraid to tell your parents I urge you to speak up because you shouldnt have to suffer in silience. This is nothing the be embarassed about, it happens to the most of us. Its best you take care of the problem and most importantly know exactly what problem you have.

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