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Folic Acid Cure for BV

Folic Acid
Posted by Nurse14 (Tallahassee, Florida) on 03/31/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Hi I was so desperate for help with BV. I have been a nurse for years and had seen doctors prescribe Flagyl for women only to have them return or call saying that they still had problem after taking the medicine. I had not had a problem with this until I started taking in alot of caffeine and sugary drinks to stay awake during late shifts at work. I was at my wits end and I found this site. I tried the peroxide douche, acidophillus, yogurt, and folic acid, and I have to be honest the only thing that has continued to work for me is taking 800mg of Folic Acid daily and thats it. The douche only worked for a day and I don't promote douching, and inserting yogurt vaginally was just to messy. As for the acidophillus I really didn't see where it was helping at all. As long as I take the folic acid I'm fine [knock on wood]. I am grateful for all the brave women who told their stories. So here's mine I hope it helps someone defeat this smelly monster.