Acid Reflux
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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Raise the Bed  

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Posted by William (Klamath Falls, OR) on 05/07/2006
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Lifted head end of bed about three inches. Helps, doesn't cure, night time acid reflux.

Posted by Jon (Concord, NH)
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Elevating the head of the bed 2" (use 2 pieces scrap 2"x6' board to elevate head of bed) cures acid reflux when you awaken in the morning. Doesn't work all day but its good for a nice part of the morning when you first wake up.

Raw Honey  

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Posted by Michele (Los Angeles) on 02/26/2007
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I tried the ACV with baking soda remedy. Didn't do me much good. What I have found helps more than anything is a teaspoon of raw honey after each meal and before bed. And drinking LOTS of water.

Posted by David (Europe) on 07/30/2006
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Just having a spoon or 2 of raw honey every time the burning starts and just before you go bed seems to work for me but eating everything slowly and not drinking coffee alcohol (dunno spelling) or soda and always follow a meal with a glass of water and if it goes away which it did for me u can resume your normal diet and if the reflux comes back just go back to doing all of these and you should be fine.

Posted by Frank (Fort Pierce, FL) on 04/14/2006
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Posted by Brad (Phoenix, AZ)
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I'have had acid reflux for a long time I been taking the pills such as Nexium and Prevacid but it makes my stomach bloated and gives me diarrhea. I have been currently taking Raw honey and 100% aloe vera juice and it has healed my problem with acid reflux.

Raw Potato  

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Posted by Winnie (New Jersey) on 01/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Eating raw potato, peeling and all, will cure acid reflux. You can just eat it or put potato in blender and drink it. Works for me everytime.

Posted by Ivette (Pasadena, California) on 05/23/2009
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Hello! I have acid reflux and I found that eating one half potato relieves the symptoms quickly. Probably because potatos are high in natural starches, overall, raw potatos have helped me more than prescribed medicine!

Raw Potato Juice  

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Posted by Marcela (Mexico, Mexico) on 01/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and his family have used raw potato juice for acid reflux and gastritis for years. And it has worked for everyone we've recommended it to. It is not an everyday kind of treatment, they only use it when they finally abuse their tummies too much with spicy or greasy diets on a long term. Then they use it for a week or so and they go back to normal. It consists of throwing a small raw potato in the juicer along with some carrots, for taste. Drink it right away or it will darken and not taste as good (I guess it also loses some properties with oxidation). One of these juices every morning for a week seems to do the trick.

BTW, My 83 yr old mother-in-law can eat ANYTHING (and I'm talking greasy, spicy mexican food here) and be fine. Thank you for this site, I plan to contribute feedback for many of your wonderful remedies.

Reader Feedback  

Posted by Frances (Holmfirth, Uk) on 11/21/2010

Good morning to you all,
I am so pleased to have found this site (out of desperation and ages on the internet)It is self diagnosis that I have acid reflux but have every symptom listed, burning pain, regurgertation, stomach discomfort etc. I have a doctors appointment this week. One of my symptoms has been the tight chest and dry cough and know this is due to acid irritation and possible imflamation.

I started using Ted's 2 remedy on Friday and already feel better. Can anyone tell me though how long should it take for the tight chest and cough to heal. It is better and only seem to have it morning and evenings rather than all day now. I would just like a rough idea so I can keep an eye on it. Many thanks for any help, Frances

Replied by Frances
Holmfirth, Uk

Just thought I ought to add that my acid reflux is most probably due to the drug I am taking for Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heartbeat)and low dosage aspirin. I stopped the aspirin 3 days ago as it isnt really necessary for me as my condition is mild and controlled. I have had acid on and off since being on the medication (4 years) but it went big time almost 24/7 a couple of weeks ago.

Reader Theories  

Posted by Dave (Harrison, OH) on 06/30/2009

There is alot of mis-information regarding reflux. Most non-thinking MDs believe that it's because we are producing too much acid. That's ridiculous. Nothing starts to make MORE of what it's supposed to make the older we get. Instead, as we age, along with poor diet, alcohol, prescription drug use, etc., we begin to produce LESS acid and enzymes. As a result, the food that we used to process in a timely fashion now takes longer. The process slows, and as the food sits, it begins to ferment, giving off gas, which will bubble-up the acid that is still present. This gives the symptoms of reflux. The LAST thing one should do is take nexium/prilosec, or any other acid blocker. The answer is to add acid/enzymes to the mix, thereby bring the processing back up to speed. That's why you see suck great success with the vinegars, enzymes, pickle juice, If you continue down the wrong path (that which is prescribed by the idiots), you completely disrupt the lower bowel, leading to malabsorption syndromes, decreased immune function, dysbiosis, gas/bloat/irritable bowel, etc. Make sense to anyone else???

Posted by JD (Makawao (Maui), Hawaii, USA) on 11/11/2008

I have always loved hot, spicy foods, especially when I feel "under the weather". I have instinctively eaten foods containing capsaicin (often raw or pickled chili peppers) when I have a sore throat and it always seems to help. Now that I am middle aged, though, I am plagued with acid reflux and spicy foods make it MUCH worse. If I've eaten hot peppers, antacids don't even help much because the "chili reflux" is painful even without stomach acid.

I can't help but think that the REAL problem is not so much the acid, but my weakened or dysfunctional esophageal sphincter allowing stomach contents to come up into the throat, where their acid or spicy nature causes irritation and pain. I will try the ACV cure, but I think what would really help is an excercise to tone that particular muscle. Any suggestions?

Replied by Rita
South Africa

Hi there .....look at Dr John Bergman on Youtube .....on reflux and hiatal hernia cures. Also Google Breath of Fire which is a yoga breathing technique for same.

Helps me a lot.

Posted by Ali (Portland, OR USA) on 11/01/2008

Here's a link to some very important helpful information regarding a cause of acid reflux, especially sudden onset of hyper acid reflux. If you have ever had an ulcer in your life this especially pertains to you.

Posted by Patricia (Ottawa, Canada) on 04/09/2008

Wow! Have been on Pantoloc for over a year for acid reflux that was caused by SSRI anitdepressants - even on the Pantoloc I have pain. Didn't realize the sore throat was related until I checked in on your site - thought I had throat cancer!! So thanks for that! Am going to try the ACV. And yes, as many of you have said there are two causes of this disease too much vs not enough stomach acid. Have done a lot of research on the acid/alkaline aspect once I discovered that prolonged use of antacids can actually cause stomach or pancreatic cancer - the reason being that for those with too little acid, taking antacids to neutralize the stomach causes your body to keep producing more acid to try to make up the difference. Cancer thrives in acidic conditions. Thanks for the info - will report back with results!

Posted by Robin (Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA) on 03/28/2008

If you have reflux, get tested for celiac disease.