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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Mastic Gum  

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Posted by Cl (Morrow, Ca) on 02/06/2012

I have been dealing with acid reflux, acid indigestion and gastritis on and off for years. GI docs put me on Prilosec then Prevacid after scopies where they saw erosion and hiatial hernia. The Prevacid gave me a life threatening intestinal infection of C. Difficile. Mainstream medicine knows little of this and thinks you only get it from antibiotics. After a year of recovery from the c. diff (and loss of 45 lbs in six weeks) my acid reflex and terrible acid burning came back.

H.pylori is a very common intestinal bacterium that most docs overlook as well. The antibiotic treatment is terrible and many do not kick it with this and become sicker. The tests (stool, breath) for h. pylori are unreliable.

I am now treating acid reflux and for h. pylori naturally with Mastic (sometimes called Mastic gum).

Also taking digestive enzymes (Digest by Transformation) before meals and made major nutritional changes to get PH balanced. You can buy the little strips to test urine PH at health food store. This is essential.

Seeing an excellent licensed naturopathic doctor has helped me enormously with this. There is so much more to tell but not enough time or room.

Please do not believe the mainstream line on this and avoid PPI's, OTC antacids, prescriptions, etc!!!!! These things exacerbate the problem.

Two good websites are: Weston Price foundation and Cure zone for more info.

Be and get well naturally!

Replied by Mary
Arcadia, Ca
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I started to take Mastic Gum after having an episode of vomiting for 3 days straight couldn't even keep down water. After it stopped I developed very bad Panic Attacks. I went to see my natural doctor and she said, "we better give you something to help heal your stomach issues first" I was told to take Mastic Gum.

It affected me badly by raising my blood pressure to 188/113. It wasn't great before that but never that high. I started to take Oregano oil lets see what happens to me next. I will keep you posted thank you. Mary

Posted by Ken (Torrance, CA) on 06/29/2007
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I had severe acid reflux and ulcers.I took mastic gum by Now co.There are other companies too. I took capsules. It WILL cure both ailments,but you must keep taking it until you get symptons vanish -of course! It has been shown to fight prostate cancer.See net for tests and research. Great substanceif one stays with it. A million times better than baking soda!

Replied by Holyfoods
Saint John, Nb, Canada
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I've had gastritis, reflux, pain in stomach (possible ulcerations), indigestion, and hiatal hernia for some time. After 2 weeks of using Mastic Gum I've noticed a dramatic reduction in all of these symptoms. It took exactly two weeks of taking 1000mg morning and night to notice this change though. For awhile, I thought I was getting worse, which was probably the "herxheimer" reaction. Anyways, I'm glad to say it's working. Aloe Vera juice really helps with the inflammation caused by the h. pylori bacteria (or any bacteria) as well.


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Posted by Rachella001 (St Pete, Fl) on 11/12/2011
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Take 6 mg of melatonin every night at bedtime. It strengthens your stomach sphincter making it harder for acid to travel up your throat. I've been doing it for 1.5 mos and feel 70% better!

Replied by Mary Alice

Will try this along with D-limonene. Thanks for posting.


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Posted by Hiram (Charleston, Sc) on 06/26/2011
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I've had reflux for a few years now and I've been taking 40 mg Protonix mostly to control it, and it did for the most part, but the burning always woke me up in the mornings and my sleep/rest time suffered. I discovered recently that drinking a few ounces of milk before go to sleep helps a great deal, eliminating about 95% of that burning sensation. Now I can sleep in more often than I have for years. I hope this helps you.

I'm thinking about trying to get off the meds altogether by taking the ACV.

Posted by Art (Red Deer, Ab Canada) on 03/03/2010
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Milk cures reflux for me. If you get more heartburn, drink more milk!

Replied by Cpn
Panther Land, Usa
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My wife also uses milk to relieve her heartburn. Works everytime for her. So I'll give milk a second YEA for heartburn!

Replied by Mary
Regina, Saskchewan, Canada

Art: Are you drinking raw milk? Mary

Posted by Sam (Cleveland, OH) on 07/11/2006
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If you get heart burn or Acidity, just grab the milk bottle from your refrigerator and drink little of it may be 1/4 of a glass instead of taking any antacid tables. you would get the relief from acidity immediately.

Posted by Len (Chicago, IL) on 06/05/2006
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Except for a little fat free milk in the morning, I eliminated milk from my evenings and afternoons and it helped my acid reflux.

Posted by Jesse (Adelaide, Australia)
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Hi there, I am yet to try vinegar but when i get a reflux attack half a glass of milk seems to do the trick for me.


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Posted by Abigail (Ypsilanti, MI) on 11/15/2006
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I spent 2 years fighting acid reflux. I ate antacids like candy til the doctor put me on Zantac, then I started taking those like candy. Finally, my pastor gave me some dried mint leaves and told me to steep 1 teaspoon in a cup of water and drink. One cup a day for a week. By the second day I hadn't had an attack. By the end of the week I threw away my Zantac. The tea was only used for a week as it was. After about 1 month the erosion was healed and it would be 4 years before I would have heartburn again. I drink the tea and have no more problems. I use vinegar once or twice a year if I get heartburn again but the tea did a total turn around. None of my doctors believe I used to have acid reflux. Note: the mint used can even be the kind you find on the spice rack at the local grocery store.

Posted by Paa (Las Vegas) on 02/04/2006
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I have heard of mint juice as an Indian remedy. Haven't tried it though.

Posted by Tonia on 03/20/2005
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I just did my science fair project on this subject and got a 1st, and Best of Show. I found that peppermint will actually lower the acidity in your stomach. Like a mint (like peppermint candy) or peppermint tea will help lower the acid in your stomach that produces the acid that gives you heartburn.

Miso Soup  

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Posted by Kiran (Canton, MI) on 06/04/2007
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Hi, It seems that having Miso soup helps reduce my acid reflux problem. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this too! Kiran.

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Kaizzzma (Monmouth Beach, Nj) on 10/15/2012
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The best thing I found for Acid reflux and getting off Nexium was powdered glutamine, heaping tsp in water in the AM with heaping tsp of powdered vit c and then a carnotine pill and carnosine and NAG 750 glucosimine.... this healed my gut right away and my esophogus....

Replied by Hannah
West Orange, Nj

Hi Kaizzzma! Was wondering how long it took you to heal your gut and did this heal your reflux for good?? Or do u still have to continue with supplements?

Posted by Bullet (Los Angeles, Ca/usa) on 08/03/2012

Hey I am new to this cite.. Ive been having acid reflux and gas for a month.. I started with bloating... And burping.. I am scared to death of dying from this.. My doctor put me on acciphex 20 once a day it helps but still get some reflux.. I drink live yogurt evry morning on an empty stomach.. Then a pill of garlic it has to be natural with the garlic smell.. I eat a small meal... I drink horse tail tea mix ith 8oz of water.. And two pills of dgle licorice extract... And it works.. I am waiting on blood test this sypmtoms may be h. Pylori... But can cause gerd.

Posted by Shelley (Gadsden, Al, Usa) on 02/24/2012
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I have had severe acid reflux and gerd for years. It began progressing to horrible spasms and chest pain. The last three years I figured out a cure. I took the following things:

Quit prevacid

Began taking L-Glutamine to heal my stomach

1000 mg Calcium 1000 mg Magnesium to get those levels back up after depleting them for 10years of prevacid

Probiotics with digestive enzymes

1 glass red wine

After 4 weeks, no burning, no throat clearing, no chest pains, no hard time breathing and I can drink coffee all I want.

HOWEVER, if I get a sinus infection/virus. My doctor puts me on Allegra D and an Antibiotic. And the misery starts again. It takes me 3 weeks or more after the cold is over to calm the acid reflux down and get rid of the wet cough. Why????

Replied by Tina
Houston, Usa
Replied by Alex
Honolulu, Hi, United States

My reflux was very similar to yours. I also got a lot better when I stopped taking ompreazole, and started taking L-Glutamine and probiotics. Betaine HCl stabilized everything for a little while. Ted's lemon bicarb remedy is my current weapon of choice.

From what I've read, the antibiotic use goes something like this:

Antibiotics kill the good gut flora, leaving behind the resilient yeasts and who knows what else. The bad flora now have very little competition and proceed to digest/ferment the food we eat. Pressure from the fermentation pushes stomach acid up the esophagus, and we experience reflux. Cough/throat problems abound.

I'm not sure if that's true, but it certainly lines up with my experiences -- be it antibiotics, acid reflux drugs, or any other source of damage to my digestion.