Acid Reflux
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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Vitamin B-6  

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Posted by Pete (Eastbourne, UK) on 10/02/2008
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I cured myself after suffering nightly with acid reflux i took vitamin B6 from 10-100mg until symptoms went and it works very rapidly, after spending countless pounds on over the counter medicates& Also good for hangovers, alcohol consumption, depression. If you're an alcoholic, it will seriously reduce your imbibing as B6 is present in alcoholic drinks.

Vitamin C  

Posted by Louisa (Texas.) on 03/08/2016

I had acid reflux and came across an article that said taking vitamin C in large amounts up to 10,000 mg a day . I took large amounts up to 5,000 mg a day, (chewable) and that helped a lot. It also help with saliva production if you have dry mouth. Good luck.


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Posted by Erik (Pittsburgh, PA) on 05/01/2008
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re: Untested Claims. Please take into account the claims that you are making have not been tested via prospective randomized controlled trials versus placebo and would not stand in court. If some one were to use your website and take its advice then have a true medical problem such as acid reflux which led to a GI bleed, then inplicated you for giving treatment advice without a medical practicioner's license you could woefully liable. Anectdotal evidence does not equal effective.

EC: Erik, it appears you didn't read the medical disclaimer at the bottom of every page on this website. Perhaps you should.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, TN
512 posts
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Hello Erik from Pittsburgh,

Hopefully anyone intelligent enough to use the internet has enough intelligence to reject the idea if someone should be idiotic enough to recommend that they take strychnine or cyanide or some other poison! First off, I seriously doubt that anyone has written in recommending something that they haven't tried themselves.

I fully agree that these claims have not been evaluated by orthodox medicine studies or the FDA, but God forbid that I ever have to rely solely on the FDA's "GRAS" ratings or take every word spoken by a doctor as the gospel truth. But let's take a look at some of those that were. Remember the thalidomide that orthodox medical doctors prescribed for the normal nausea of pregnancy? How would you like to have been one of those infants born with severe deformities (the pictures of these babies, some with hands attached to shoulders instead of wrists because they had no arms or missing both arms and legs and worse) were heart breaking. I believe the FDA approved of this medication or at least passed it after taking the word of some doctor or doctors who performed a study paid for by the pharmaceutical company that produced it.

Or take a look at a more recent one called Viox. One of my aunts is one of those unlucky ones prescribed the latest thing for her arthritis pain - she has had a stroke, myocardial infarct, and a pacemaker implanted, thanks to this wonder drug that was supposedly FDA rated safe after the proper studies were done. This aunt had a lovely garden (vegetables) prior to this fiasco - I don't think she will ever be able to tend her garden again. I was raised to believe that pokeweed berries were poisonous, but after a very good friend and neighbor told me to take them for severe arthritis and she didn't back down when threatened with having to finish raising my 4 children if it killed me, I started taking them and am still taking them 40+ years later. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Viox was some substance isolated from pokeberries, and a synthetic version produced so it could be patented and make a fortune for the pharmaceutical company. I have come to the conclusion that one should never try to improve on God's product. I kept the "fail safe" by taking the pokeberries instead of a depleted synthetic version of what was found to be detrimental to the arthritis. Of course I had to work out how much and how often to take them myself, since she didn't know how her aunt took them. I do know that orthodox medicine was performing studies on pokeberries (as well as many other herbs/plants) since the 60's and 70's. We were told in a physiology lecture in l977 (at a prestigious southern medical school) "that we don't know why, but from a study we have going here, we know that pokeberries throws the immune system into gear to fight". I had already been taking them about l0 years at the time, so I just sat there & grinned. If you have a problem with herbs & plants, which I call "God's medicine", there is a wealth of information in the federal government's botanical data base, if you can find your way into it. If you can't find your way into it, James (Jim) Duke, retired PHD botanist, who amassed much of this information, has written a book titled "The Green Pharmacy" which is very informative. I own a couple of copies of it myself and have given some to my children.

Or how about the one (I forget the name) that was finally outlawed in this country after several years because too many of the ones taking it were developing irreversible blindness? The pharmaceutical company just continued selling it in other countries. This is not malpractice or neglect - it is criminal behavior secondary to greed!

I also find it amusing that many doctors are getting smart and passing up chemotherapy themselves when they develop cancer. Google Lorraine Day for a great & successful example of this.

If you are in the medical field, I am sorry if the job security is getting shaky, but I will have to "fess up" that I started taking vitamins, minerals, and supplements because I knew they worked. If I hadn't already been convinced of their effectiveness before, I would have been positive after seeing the AMA try to gain control of them by striving to make them available by "prescription" only and that prescription would have to be written by a doctor. Unfortunately Big Pharms and AMA haven't given up on this yet. Frankly, The FDA has been almost worthless and hasn't been earning the salaries that the taxpayer's money goes to pay over the past few decades. Apparently they find bigger money from lobbyists for the AMA and Big Pharm and court battles easier to win against the little guys who are selling us the vitaminsm, minerals & supplements.

It is way past time that the FDA admits that they goofed when they rated monosodium glutamate and aspartame "GRAS" but it may be too late to avoid many of us from developing Diabetes Mellitus, type 2, Parkinsons' disease, alzheimers and many other problems. I urge everyone to research these two toxins that permeate our foods and start fighting these in our foods, because the FDA is not going to do it. The latest thing I read on alzheimer's disease is that it is much more prevalent, striking at a younger age and in those without a genetic predisposition, than previously thought. That tells me that it is what they are putting in our food.

Posted by Jeisea (Byron Bay, Australia) on 11/09/2006
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Someone on here asked about cough and reflux. My son had a chronic cough and was treated for asthma. He was in the worst category for asthma. He never had a wheeze. He just had a chronic cough. When he was finally diagnosed with reflux, he had developed Barrett's Oesophagous, a pre cancerous condition. Reflux causes asthma. The meds for asthma cause reflux. You see his problem. He had a laproscopic fundoplication operation which completely stopped reflux. He hasn't had asthma at all since. If you are coughing it could mean your reflux isn't under control. Chronic reflux isn't safe.

Replied by Ali
Portland, OR USA

Re: Posting of 11/09/2006 by Jeisea from Byron Bay, Australia: Please tell us the age of your son, and if he had any problems after having fundoplication surgery. Thanks


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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 11/08/2017
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I was Rolaids #1 customer from the time I was a teen until I was into my 40s at which point I got a tip from an old geezer - a heavy drinker - which was 2 glasses of water, you're dehydrated.

I haven't had indigestion or acid reflux since, And I don't drink so it's not some weird combination of that and water. I only mention the drinking because the guy was in his 80s and the only heavy drinker I ever met who wasn't averse to drinking plain water. He'd stroll into the tavern where I tended bar, shortly after dark, and drink until 11 o'clock - you could set your watch by him. But come 4:30 am, he'd be eating breakfast at the diner, happy as a clam with his bacon and eggs and a whole pitcher of water then back out in the fields by sunrise.

He was a character. He took in any stray that would happen to come around - always had at the least a half dozen dogs running around - and you always knew when one of the dogs was either new or sick because he'd cover them in clay. He'd loosen up some dirt and dump in the water and just pack the mud on them, no matter what, and they'd roll around in the mud and the other dogs would come and roll around with them until they were all running around muddy - it was awesome.

Posted by Michael (Alton, Il) on 05/27/2014
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After suffering 2 years with acid reflux I was cured in 3 days drinking water.

1) upon waking, drink 44oz glass of water.
2) Required... drink (Only) water with meal.
3) Drink large glass of water before bed.

Posted by Hollyhock (Wellington, New Zealand) on 08/15/2011
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Somewhere on this site I discovered drinking a glass of water a half hour before dinner prevented acid reflux. I would like to post that this is true for me and an older friend who also experienced acid reflux. Thank you.

Posted by Cindy (Wichita, Kansas) on 08/17/2008
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For indigestion, drink 2 glasses of water. Not sipping, drinking. The last time I had indigestion - almost 4 years ago now - I did this. The first glass went down hard - it was literally painful. But I haven't had indigestion, acid reflux or suffered from hiatel (sp) hernia since. And I suffered indigestion since I was a child. I'm now 50. I've been following the watercure since then and use ice water for headaches as well. NOTE: You can't merely sip it. You must drink it down, a glass at a time. I have a whole big story about the watercure, ovarian tumor, cancer etc...but it's very long. EC is very cool! I'm preparing to use the banana peel remedy on one of the few problems the watercure didn't help - a 30 year old plantars wart! Yeah!!

Replied by AKR
Jersey City, New Jersey

Cindy, you said "I have a whole big story about the watercure, ovarian tumor, cancer etc"

Would love to hear about your story. I have started drinking about two glasses of water in the morning recently, and am interested to learn how true all those stories about "watercure" are.

Many thx,

Posted by Lawrence (Green River, Wyoming) on 01/17/2007
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I first got GER...D 5 years ago at age 75. The Dr. wrote GER on the paper, the clerk added a D to make it match the TV commercials. Was prescribed Nexium, took it for two weeks while researching acid reflux on the web. I concluded that acid is necessary for proper digestion. A Dr, Spreen wrote that the problem is low acid, especially for older people, he recommended juicing some ginger and taking a teaspoon a day. I found the ACV info and tried it with some success. I tried raspberry vinegar, it helps also. I tried Betain HCL pills and Twin Labs super enzyme caps with food, if it is fatty two pills work well. putting any vinegar on food helps me. Some people dip bread in fancy vinegars. Dr. Batmanj??? cured everything with water while he was in jail. If I have an acid attack during the day I start drinking water and keep on drinking it until the pain stops; it has always worked, sometimes it takes three half liter bottles. The LEF site claims Limonine cures some people.

Replied by Cindy
Wichita, KS

Dr. Batman's "watercure" ended 30 years of indigestion and acid reflux in the time it took me to drink 2 glasses of water. I never drank plain water. I have since done a great deal of research on dehydration and have a theory that all water consumed in other things belongs to the colon. Even juice is processed like food, by the body. Nothing is processed in the same manner as plain water on an empty stomach and if one doesn't drink it, the body must steal the water it needs from the colon. And it needs water for every single process.

Everything the body does requires plain water. Even the emergency dehydration mode that steals water from the colon requires water to operate properly so that your body must steal water to use in the process of the theft AND to keep you alive.

The body processes plain water, on an empty stomach, differently than it process anything else. You need plain water. That's all there is to it. The body doesn't "make" water except in a dehydration emergency at which point it steals water from the colon. The whole body operates differently - in emergency mode - when it is dehydrated. So differently that most medical testing is useless because it doesn't take into account the widespread epidemic of chronic dehydration in the pool of test subjects.

Anyway, there are books and things that explain the science but the formula is free and the only expense is sea salt.

I'm glad to be able to share this here. The only reason I can is because I discovered the dangers of dehydration after being sent home from the hospital to "get my affairs in order". Well, I got them in order all right! AND cured my chronic indigestion! I'm currently the healthiest person I know despite smoking for over 30 years and drinking coffee even longer!! Both are extremely bad, but coffee is the worst as the body requires 1 and 1/2 cups of plain water to filter out the toxic caffeine in one cup of coffee. The Dr. even said that compared to drinking caffeine drinks, cigarettes are health food. Fortunately, thanks to EarthClinic, I've just discovered the wonders of hydrogen peroxide which has significantly reduced my craving for cigarettes! Thanks EarthClinic!!

Water and Sea Salt  

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Posted by Leelannee (Vernon, NJ) on 07/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars


has worked wonders for my acid reflux.

I had been coughing for weeks, then the burning started...No matter what I ate, even just water and raw fruit all day, the reflux would start about 1/2 hour after I ate. I've also been taking probiotics every day for years. Within 3 days of starting the water cure, my coughing was gone and my reflux started getting better.

I take 1/4 teaspoon of UNREFINED SEA SALT with 1 quart of water at least 4 times per day (I just keep a bowl of salt in the kitchen with a measuring spoon in it, and whenever I think about it, I just chuck the salt in my mouth then wash it down with a bottle of water, rather than drinking salty water). Although for my weight, I should be taking 8 doses, I usually only manage 4. If I skip it due to running around & not being home, I might be all right that day but will suffer the next, and it takes about a day to re-normalize.

Other benefits that I have noticed: I don't have to urinate as often--I can hold it like a "normal" person! This may also be due to not coughing as much, which was causing some incontinence.

It has also helped with insomnia. I was taking several natural remedies to help me fall asleep, and would have vivid, disturbing nightmares if I skipped these (especially a powdered magnesium drink). Within a week on the watercure, I started falling asleep more easily and while I still have weird dreams, they aren't as vivid & I barely remember them in the morning.

I have difficulty taking ACV because of the flavor, and while taking baking soda helps I am reluctant to do so because you NEED acid to digest certain foods. It's also easier & cheaper than many of the other supplements I was taking! I've read some success stories about weight loss... haven't had any luck in that department yet (started June 11th, today is July 12th), but am still hoping it will help!

Posted by Karen (Randolph, New Jersey) on 02/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Acid reflux is sometimes a symptom of dehydration. The body turns on histamines in order to protect the BRAIN from dehydration; according to Dr. Batmanjelidh, "Dr. Batman" "The Water Cure", the histamine closes off water and function from different body parts in order to preserve all the available water for the protection and use of the brain.

In the stomach this can lead to sensations of burning - see the actual explanation of the mechanism is found in the book - I don't remember exactly how it works.

I have avoided salt most of my adult life, thinking it was bad for you; I found it difficult to even swallow water except for when I used to jog when I was young.

After reading "The water cure"I forced myself to drink water with a little salt in it - no more fatigue, no more constipation, tons of energy. When I get a little heart burn I just drink water - 2 to 3 glasses and it's gone.

Posted by Cindy (Wichita, KS) on 07/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After more than 30 years of indigestion and 10 years of acid reflux the very last time I experienced either was about 2 minutes prior to drinking my first 2 glasses of water. I've been drinking water and eating sea salt ever since and have not had indigestion or acid reflux once, in over 2 years. Yes, I had a myriad of other life-threatening problems that the water and salt have fixed since I was sent home from the hospital to "put my affairs in order", but the constant acid was the worst of all and the one I'm most glad to be rid of. I can eat and sleep like a human being again.

EC: Cindy, can you please tell us more about these two remedies? How much water, how often, do you add sea salt to the water, etc. Thanks!

Wheat Sensitivity  

Posted by Elaine (Edmond, Oklahoma) on 08/26/2010

I was checked for celiac disease about three years ago and my Dr. Said I showed no signs of it. This is when you are sensitive to wheat. About a month ago I decided to cut out wheat products and sugar. I haven't lost any weight, but I have noticed my acid reflux is much better.


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Posted by Judy (Riverside, California) on 07/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Whiskey cured my husband's acid reflux!

For 2 months now my husband age 71 was suffering from severe Acid re-flux. His condition was so bad that the Acid Re-flux was going up his throat and causing sore throat and even his ears to burn. And eventually was causing severe asthma attacks! This had gotten so bad that he would go into coughing spells and 2 times we had to take him to the ER as he was having trouble breathing!One time his asthma became so bad we had to call 911 on him and an ambulance took him to the ER! He was given an Inhaler to stop the asthma attacks! One doctor told him he would have to learn to live with his asthma.

One day my husband had to go to the store and bought a small bottle of mild and inexpensive whiskey. He doesn't normally drink but thought since Whiskey was once considered "medicinal" he would try it as he was desperate!

He poured himself 2 shots of whiskey in water and drank it down and he said his stomach churned and this stopped his acid re-flux! So far it stopped his asthma from becoming really bad. He has had a couple coughing spells and has used the inhaler about 2 times but he has improved greatly!

This Whiskey treatment also brought out that my husband had a "silent strep throat" he didn't know he had? And he is treating his strep throat with organic vinegar/salt/and water gargle! Another improvement!

We wonder if the mucus from his strep throat was going down his stomach causing all the trouble?

Just letting others know what has worked for him.

White Vinegar  

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Posted by Rd (Nebraska) on 06/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had acid reflux most of my adult life. One day after hearing about what I could do from an elder, I tried it and to this day I no longer suffer from it. It was an old family cure that worked for me and others I passed it on too. Well here it is.

Take 2 tablespoons of pure white Vinegar, heat it up and shoot it down.

Within 3 days the acid reflux was gone forever. All I can say is try it. And by the way don't swallow any water for a few hours. But you can rinse out your mouth.

Replied by Ali
Portland, Oregon

I suffer from severe acid reflux. I've tried yogurt - to no avail. You mentioned taking Advil, Naproxen, and Bextra for pain. Please be aware these types of OTC meds can, over time, weaken your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) valve which will then allow acid to enter your unprotected esophagus. The list of these OTC drugs is long. Aleve and Naproxen are just 2 of very common OTC drugs that can and do cause permanent weakening of the LES. Most doctors will not tell you this unless you look them straight in the eye and ask them. Here's the scoop: The lower esophagus has a mucus coating which contains a natural acid neutralizer that protects the lower esophagus from small amounts of acid that may from time to time leak through the LES valve. Aleve, Naproxen and a number of other OTC drugs prevent that protective mucus from forming, thereby allowing acid to burn the esophagus. Repeated burning can lead to Barrett's Esophagus which can lead to cancer. Esophagus cancer is now the #2 cancer in the United States. Which brings me back to Acid Reflux: It is vary dangerous and not to be taken lightly. Thanks goodness for this website and for those who use it in an effort to cure themselves and help others.