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Posted by Dave (Harrison, OH) on 06/30/2009

There is alot of mis-information regarding reflux. Most non-thinking MDs believe that it's because we are producing too much acid. That's ridiculous. Nothing starts to make MORE of what it's supposed to make the older we get. Instead, as we age, along with poor diet, alcohol, prescription drug use, etc., we begin to produce LESS acid and enzymes. As a result, the food that we used to process in a timely fashion now takes longer. The process slows, and as the food sits, it begins to ferment, giving off gas, which will bubble-up the acid that is still present. This gives the symptoms of reflux. The LAST thing one should do is take nexium/prilosec, or any other acid blocker. The answer is to add acid/enzymes to the mix, thereby bring the processing back up to speed. That's why you see suck great success with the vinegars, enzymes, pickle juice, If you continue down the wrong path (that which is prescribed by the idiots), you completely disrupt the lower bowel, leading to malabsorption syndromes, decreased immune function, dysbiosis, gas/bloat/irritable bowel, etc. Make sense to anyone else???

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Posted by JD (Makawao (Maui), Hawaii, USA) on 11/11/2008

I have always loved hot, spicy foods, especially when I feel "under the weather". I have instinctively eaten foods containing capsaicin (often raw or pickled chili peppers) when I have a sore throat and it always seems to help. Now that I am middle aged, though, I am plagued with acid reflux and spicy foods make it MUCH worse. If I've eaten hot peppers, antacids don't even help much because the "chili reflux" is painful even without stomach acid.

I can't help but think that the REAL problem is not so much the acid, but my weakened or dysfunctional esophageal sphincter allowing stomach contents to come up into the throat, where their acid or spicy nature causes irritation and pain. I will try the ACV cure, but I think what would really help is an excercise to tone that particular muscle. Any suggestions?

Replied by Rita
(South Africa)

Hi there .....look at Dr John Bergman on Youtube .....on reflux and hiatal hernia cures. Also Google Breath of Fire which is a yoga breathing technique for same.

Helps me a lot.

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Posted by Ali (Portland, OR USA) on 11/01/2008

Here's a link to some very important helpful information regarding a cause of acid reflux, especially sudden onset of hyper acid reflux. If you have ever had an ulcer in your life this especially pertains to you.

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Posted by Patricia (Ottawa, Canada) on 04/09/2008

Wow! Have been on Pantoloc for over a year for acid reflux that was caused by SSRI anitdepressants - even on the Pantoloc I have pain. Didn't realize the sore throat was related until I checked in on your site - thought I had throat cancer!! So thanks for that! Am going to try the ACV. And yes, as many of you have said there are two causes of this disease too much vs not enough stomach acid. Have done a lot of research on the acid/alkaline aspect once I discovered that prolonged use of antacids can actually cause stomach or pancreatic cancer - the reason being that for those with too little acid, taking antacids to neutralize the stomach causes your body to keep producing more acid to try to make up the difference. Cancer thrives in acidic conditions. Thanks for the info - will report back with results!

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Posted by Robin (Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA) on 03/28/2008

If you have reflux, get tested for celiac disease.

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Posted by Mike (Chicago, IL) on 02/02/2008

Hi there, Wanted to thank you TREMENDOUSLY for this wonderful website! I've been a purple pill victim for about a year now. Until this past year, I used to get reflux on occasion, then I moved to Chicago last January and ever since, I've suffered from terrible reflux. Last November, I couldn't even enjoy Thanksgiving because the reflux was so bad. I would only consume water, soups and yogurt. After months of my own research and the pathetic research of quite a few western physicians, my problem seems to be going away. Granted, I'm still supposed to take 2 purple pills/day, but I only take 1 as of last week when I first encountered your site. After reading articles on your website last week, I decided to change 2 things:

--I stopped drinking the chlorinated tap water from the City of Chicago (which some claim is the cleanest/healthiest water in the US. Well, I can almost guarantee this water has been the main culprit of my reflux. I remember purchasing a water purifier that removes chlorine around March of last year. Then I used the water filter until about August, when it needed a new filter. During this time, my reflux was not too bad (but it was still present) and I was only taking 1 purple pill per day. Then after needing a new filter, time lapsed and I just went back to drinking city water. What do you know, I started suffering really bad around the end of October. At this time I went back to the doctor and they upped my purple pills to 2/day. I started to feel better, but never really recovered. After reading your articles, I bought a new water filter and a week's worth of spring water. All of a sudden, I'm feeling really really good -- Hmmmmm??

--The other change that I made just one week ago was the addition of Apple Cider Vinegar to my diet.

Because I made these changes at the same time, I'm not sure who should get the credit, but I really don't want to stop either one of them as I never want that feeling again! I cannot begin to express my gratitude but this site is awesome! Thank you!"

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Posted by HD (Bothell, WA) on 12/25/2007

I noticed many people are looking for a cure for their acid reflux. I used to have acid reflux, and my doctor gave me some kind of medication that I need to take before bed time. Since I do not like taking too much medication, I was very fortunate when a nurse, who was working with me as a coach in helping me improve me health and lifestyle, told me to ask my doctor to test my acid reflux for h. pilori. To make the story short, I had the h. pilori tested, and the result was positive. The test involved taking a breath test, take some medication to kill the h. pilori bateria. On the second trial, my doctor gave me a different kind of medication. After the second treatment, the result came out negative. I was very glad that I no longer need to take the medication every night. I no longer have acid reflux. With this in mind, and before starting to take ACV with baking soda, you might take the same route I did.

Replied by Kaye
(Edinburg, TX)

My son was diagnosed with acid reflux at the age of 7. He has been on and off prevacid for 6 years now. I am new to your site, but read an entry of 12-25-2007 by HD from Bothell, WA about testing his "acid reflux for h. pilori."

HD talks about a second trial and a new medication. Please let me know what that means and what the new medication is so that I can speak w/my son's doctor about it. Thank you so much!! Kaye.

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Posted by RB (Pentwater, USA) on 11/22/2007

Heartburn acid reflux can also be started by sudden stress. You may not even be aware of this happening. I too have had acid reflux heartburn on in off for some years. Mine started with a death of my father, then I was a care giver to my mother while raising my 6 mo old child. Off in on for 16 yrs. Went to a crabby mean ole Gastro Dr. the same one I had 2 stomach scopes. !st time said maybe had IBS. The 2nd one, he said it was all in my head & my nerves were doing to me. Wrote down this Globus word Told me this, then off he went.Just over a mo. this acid stuff has been bothering me. I'm in Menopause, have allergies, am anxious, some times depressed. Have to live in the cold weather for now. I think a number of things can make your health bad just in your home. Hot air force furnace for one,gas or oil. carpet in your house can be real bad for any one health. I have it all over but don't have the funds to get rid of it. I just recently found this nice place. My acid is back & me too, burning in my back between my shoulder blades. Notice today after Turkey day. tasted so good, but forgot & ate salad with onion in gravy, & over ate. My Dr. just runs more blood work. I am trying Acv, raw apples. I hope something natural helps. We all get tired of being sick with something. now days there is so much polutions in the air. Thanks for reading.

Replied by Sandra
(Humboldt, Tn)

First I do not have my Gallbladder so stomach has worsened since when it comes to eating. I found that on occassion I would have bloat in my stomach when I would eat anything, like the food was not digesting and would sit in there for days, ouch hurt. Nothing helped. Not baking soda, gas tabs, nothing. I could see the air pumping up my tummy and it stayed in there, no gas no burping just bloated pain. Which of course greatly reduced ability to eat anything. I felt full all the time. Hardly ever did I have acid reflux, but on occassion I would get a sharp pain in my chest that took my breath away and made my heart race for a few seconds till it passed. Feeling of someone scared me bad. Anyway I found out by accident something that worked for the acid and bloat.

I started drinking cinnimon and honey tea I make Step One: Boiling 8 ounces of filtered water in the microwave for 1.50 minutes, then stirred in one level teaspoon of SIAGON(Spelling ?) ground cinnimon (because the cheap stuff turns to snot looking stuff impossible to filter, yuck! ) steep 30 minutes cover cup with plastic wrap of sandwich baggy. This makes one days worth which is two servings. You can drink it warm or room temp. Just don't add the honey to really hot water because it destroys the honey's properties.

Next Step: Pour half the tea in the cup you will be drinking out of reserving the remander infusion of cinnimon tea for at or around hour before bedtime.

Next step: add 1/4 teaspoon honey to the 1/2 cup of cinnimon infused tea, and stir. [I use local honey from my area due to allergies, store bought will work. ]

NEXT: Add 4 more ounces of filtered water to make a full 8 ounce cup and drink it on an empty stomach 15 minutes in the morning brefore eating and on an empty stomach before bed. Do not drink the sediment as it can upset your tummy. You can add 1/4 tsp ground or 1 slice of fresh ginger to the cinnimon mix at steeping time and that also helps restore natural balance in your tummy if you have been on meds for reflux. Not only will this over time rid you of your issue but will help with weight loss and detoix your intestines of sludge. Drink filtered water perferably room tempature cool or tepid and wait to see the difference you get. Never drink ice cold drinks when eating it turns the fats in your food to sludge in you stomach and wrecks havoic in your gut.

*If you can't find SIAGON cinnimon use the cheap stuff but there is a trick to getting the slimy blob to settle onthe bottom of the cup before pouring off measured amount for tea. After steeping stir, wait hour or so to settle on bottom then pour off for tea. Or make this the night before for morning tea to be room temp and then add filtered water to the remainder 4 ounces infused tea mix to equal 8 ounces. Stir and cover then by bed time the residue will settle to bottom of cup then just take care when pouring off this time no need to add water because you already did that. Tea time. I am having to do this for now due to stores here not carrying the SIAGON cinnmon right now.

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Posted by Joyce (Nashville, TN) on 09/27/2007

Acid reflux/PUD (peptic ulcer disease)

As far back as I can remember, my entire family played the eat and race to the baking soda to counteract the acid problem. I finally stumbled upon the cause of my constant heartburn, indigestion, and nausea, and flatulence (gas) in my thirty's. Elimination of all bleached flour from my diet worked wonders for my stomach problems. My PUD has only hit me once since I discovered this. I devoured a bunch of raw broccoli with dip over 2 days. I finally had to realize that the dip probably contained bleached flour. which caused the problem, since I have eaten raw broccoli since then with no problem. I now have what some call a cast iron stomach. I can eat hot salsa, black coffee, have my occaasional liquor on the rocks with no problem.

About 15 years later, I was researching PUD for a term paper. I learned that PUD became a problem in the uppersocioeconomic group about 11 years after someone came up with bleaching flour. It was so expensive only the wealthy could afford it. Some years later it became cheap enough that the middle socioeconomic group could afford it. Yep, PUD moved into this group about the same num of years later. Then somebody in (Minnesoto, I think) came with a process of bleaching it that made it so everyone could afford it. You guessed it-after approximately the same number of years later, PUD moved into this group also. My AHA! conclusion -SOMETHING IN BLEACHING PROCESS CAUSES UPSET STOMACH WHICH PROGRESSES TO PUD.

Now I still have a question. Can anyone explain why drinking,eating acid foods (tomatos, citrus juices, etc) from metal cans causes upset stomach or why eating bananas be they ripen enough to get brown speckles on peeling does the same.

Whatever, my advice to everyone is to eat your food as close to the way God grows it, if you want to be healthier.

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Posted by Danielle (Hiram, GA) on 09/27/2007

I love this website and natural remedies are my first line of defense when it comes to ailments, but i had to go the pharmacuetical path when it came to my Acid reflux. I was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer when i was 12yrs old, and from that point i was on prescription acid reducers. My stomach pain would be so bad that i would have to throw-up to relieve the pressure. I tried ACV, baking soda, mustard, you name it. Everything was a temporary fix. And i knew I didn't want to pop pills the rest of my life. I'm 32 now and 3 yrs ago a fear of problems developing in my esophugus and stomach, from years of acid reflux lead me to go to a Gastro-specialist, who diagnosed me with a bacteria in my stomach that caused the problem. After a week of Prayer and many antibiotics i was finally freed from that curse. I haven't had any problems, Praise GOD in 3yrs. If you are a long term suffer of acid reflux as i was, please look into the possibility of a stomach bacteria, but if you suffer only occasionally, the natural remedies mentioned on this website will work just great.

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Posted by Aujah (Huntington Beach, CA) on 08/08/2007

I think it very important to mention that smoking marijuana will cause acid reflux in some people. Mostly girls. The problem (besides it being illegal) is it will take the pain of acid reflux away and then be the cause of it when the drug wears off. It is very easy to get caught up in that cause and affect.

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Posted by Elissa (Asheville, North Carolina) on 07/02/2007

My remedy is spring water for acid reflux. I am new to this site, but so far it looks like I am the only one writing about water in connection with reflux. I was experiencing extreme heartburn and acid reflux at the end of my year at college. For about 6-8 weeks I had extreme pain in my upper abdomen (sternum) area, belching, sleeplessness, and other problems! I read on another website that chlorine-containing tap water alone can cause reflux. The best water to drink that is chlorine-free is spring water. I went out and bought some and in the store after sipping it for 10 minutes I had relief! Within 24 hours, all of my symptomns were gone! Spring water is wonderful.

Replied by Neoma
(Cartersville, USA)

In regard to Elissa from Asheville, I think you might be on to something. i didn't have acid reflux before moving to Georgia....and it seemed that everytime I drank some water it was so much worse, and my stomach would actually burn. I noticed that in the bathtub there were little flecks of black, and if you put your finger on them they would smear like grease. It took some scrubbing to get them off. They are coming from the water. So I am wondering what is in our water, and if it might contributte to the problem. I started buying bottled water...however it is kind of hard to tell if it is any better. Some seems to be as bad as the tab water for causing my acid reflux.

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Posted by Eileen (Rockville Centre, NY) on 01/30/2007

I tried norm robillard's low carb diet for my acid reflux. By day 3 my pain was lessened and by the end of the week, I felt normal. I cannot eat extra carbs for more then 2 days for by day 3 I'm sick with another irritation. I just can't eat any sugary or starchy foods, too many carbs I guess. Not eating bread at all reduces my symptoms just enough that I know I feel a little better. It's just so hard to stay away from. I also get less stomach problems and my bowels don't work much different now then they did when I ate all that fiber and high carb foods. Maybe it will take awhile before everything changes. I wonder if starving out the bacteria in my colon will eventually change my bathroom habits.

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Posted by Mike (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 12/15/2006

I am no expert or have an university degree but I've had acid reflux over 8 years. I had ulcers for about 7 years. Unfortunately doctors in Canada doesn't want to treat the sick.

Acid reflux is due to fungi in your intestines. Over the years you were eating bread, sugars etc which had a lot of fungi. Bread is very bad for you much worse than pasta alone because yeast culture which is a type of fungi is used. Also if you have problem at work at home you will have acid reflux so be sure to get your home tested.

A lot fat diet should be used. Absolutely no pork of beef only chicken without skin. Fiber may make things worse so I suggest you juice cabbage and or broccoli. Start off with a cup of fresh juice then gradually increase it. Deep breathing OUTSIDE with help, make sure to get some sunlight if possible between 10 am to 2 pm in most places. Buy a natural skin brush. This is help your body detoxify toxins in your body. Never eat after 6 preferably after 3 or 4 pm. Jumping rope is good for the lymphatic system which helps a lot. Be sure to get check for ear wax. If there's too much ear wax you can use oliver oil in each ear everyday for about 20 to 30 days. Ear wax is another way of getting rid of toxins in your body. Use Mudra, you can google it. Simply hands out flat both of them just move the thumb and index finger. Hold up to 30 minutes. I suggest an after a year, if doing it indoors be sure to open the windows for fresh air. This alone will be what no medicine can do very fast. From what i read it works on electrical fields. By touching your two fingers you create electrical charge through your body.
You can do what is called sleeping meditation this will be very relaxing and help with acid reflux be sure not to eat or drink for 2 hours before sleeping. This is very hard to do but it is well worth it, you don't have to have acid reflux to do this. Simple lie in bed, close your eyes. Now concentrated between your eye brows, this is called the third eye. Just keep on focusing on it til you fall asleep. If done right your body will be cleansed even better than just normal sleeping.

Wheat, soy, milk, corn, coffee, tea, honey, fats especially fried foods (always boil your chicken or get a slow cooker), sugars, potatoes, pop, salt and fruits are bad for acid reflux. Some suggestions maybe help temporarily. But light skipping rope, fresh air, mudra hand gesture and plenty of fresh air and sunlight will help a lot. Juicing cabbage or broccoli should work. Skin brushing should help accelerate the curing process. Avoid stress it can make things worse of course. I am also taking licorice root for my ulcers. my acid reflux and ulcer was very bad but i refused to take meds. If you have any questions give me an email i'll be glad to help. Love peace and light!

Replied by Mae
(Suffolk, Va)

Hi, I have reflux very bad had to stretch and still food seem like it is stuck but it is going down. Doctor don't know what that feeling coming from can anybody reach out to me and give me some pointer that I might want to look at. Thanks- have been to ear and throat doctor and they just say they see reflux. I am so sad I can't eat anything but soft food.

Replied by Sandra
(Humboldt, Tn)

same here, I am going to gastro doc tomorrow for a consult. Regular doc thinks I might have narrowing of the espohgas which can be caused by reflux. I hope not because I have heard that if you have these sidtures then you will have to keep having your throat stretched to open it back up. It is bad when even water won't go down like it is supposed to.

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Posted by Mark (Litchfield, CT) on 11/29/2006

While I'm sure there is more than 1 reason anyone might develop acid reflux, I truly believe I have found the most common reason for it.

As most of us know, acid reflux is really nothing more than the acid in our stomach coming up into our esophagus. There is a diaphragm that sits just above the stomach and surrounds the esophagus, and it's sole purpose is to tighten-up around the esophagus when necessary to prevent this very thing we call acid reflux. More on this later.

About 5 years ago I started getting numerous digestive/intestinal problems, such as bloating, cramps, and fluctuating from diarrhea to constipation on a regular basis. I tried many things, including apple cider vinegar, but nothing worked, so I went to a homeopathic doctor who prescribed large amounts of Acidophilus. 1 week after taking it I suddenly developed acid reflux, which stayed with me ever since. Then I came across another homeopathic doctor who, after giving me certain tests, told me I had Candida.

I have since studied much about this disease, and it is quite disturbing how we get it, how many diseases it is responsible for, and how more & more of us are getting it every year.

Candida, simply put, is an overgrowth of yeast throughout our bodies. We all have yeast in our digestive system, along with Lactobacillus, which is a good bacteria that feeds off of the yeast, keeping it under control. Antibiotics will kill the Lactobacillus in our bodies, but not the yeast. Once this happens the yeast grows out of control and causes too many health issues to list here.

Acidophilus contains Lactobacillus, which is why many naturalists will prescribe it. However, in cases of Candida, once the yeast is already out of control, it is useless, if not detrimental. The Lactobacillus Prevents Candida. Once you have this disease you must first get rid of it, then restore your flora/Lactobacillus

But in severe cases the Candida will leave the digestive system and spread into organs such as our lungs, etc. This over growth of yeast will embed itself into the walls of the intestines, causing many digestive problems, and will undoubtedly be one of the culprits for acid reflux. However, many of us have difficulty digesting carbs, and sometimes even protein, due to our bodies not producing the proper enzymes we need in order to digest these foods. I am one of these people. As a result of this, when I eat carbs my abdomen will immediately bloat up. A modern medicinal doctor, and homeopathic doctor, both explained to me the reasons why this sort of thing happens, but I never really understood it. But long story short, my lower abdomen will bloat up after eating carbs during its struggle to digest these foods, and this in turn pushes my stomach upwards, thus forcing it to open the diaphragm more-so, thus allowing acid reflux to occur. My chiropractor, who also studies much about natural cures, was able to adjust/massage the diaphragm, as it sits just below our solar plexus, and this, along with changing my diet, AND ridding the candida which took me just over 1 year to do, has rid my acid reflux permanently.

If the muscle membrane surrounding the diaphragm is torn, which is called a Hiatal Hernia, this too, will allow acid to travel up into the esophagus. In severe cases such as this surgery is necessary, but this is rare. Most of the time it can be cured through non-invasive therapy.

I'd like to note here that most people who have this issue with digesting carbs will end up with Candida. Please take the time to read up about this disease, and don't just buy the first product you see for curing it. To rid it permanently will take a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. Since Candida feeds off of carbs you need to go on an Atkins-like diet to starve it while you kill it. Staying away from antibiotics is very important to prevent getting this disease, but if its necessary to take one you must take an anti-fungis-like product, like Caprylic Acid to prevent the yeast from growing out of control while on the antibiotic. However since antibiotics are found in so much of our foods, while we ingest these foods every day we are gradually killing the good bacteria in our bodies which inevitably brings on Candida. Organic food is a must for truly good health. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Replied by Kate
(Stafford, UK)

Hi Mark from Lichfield..

I think your post was fantastic- it's what i suspected myself and i've been looking for some reassurance that my GERD will be cured when i've rid myself of candida.

I've been a victim of daily heartburn for over a year follwing a very long course of antibiotics, and i strongly agree with what you say- i;ve been trying to find this link between candida and GERD for such a long time to put my mind at rest!

I've been on theh candida diet for about two months, and have started to feel better, but not enough yet- i still get heartburn in the evening, and all the info i find tells me this is incurable and i need conventional medicine which i don't want! I'm only 20 years old, and i feel that PPIs could cause me some serious problems - I want to restore my body to the way it was without lifelong drug prescriptions or surgery!

So i'd just like to know, how long did it take you to get better? are you completely free of heartburn? was it a gradual process? can you get away with eating some carbs these days? Is it all back to normal??!!

I'd be most grateful if you could put my mind at rest and tell me this will eventually sort itself out if i maintain my willpower for long enough!

Thank you for your great post :)

Replied by Johnny
(London, Ontario, Canada)

read your comments re: hiatal hernia on another website . .. you were dead on regarding stressed diaphram & psoas & quadratus laborum being stressed . . found a chiro to massage these aeas & all acid indigestiong diappeared . . he was conviced all of this was primarily a back injury causing weakness in diaphram .. . he aleady knew all this but your website put me on the right track! you need a seasoned chiro: mine is 30 years of experience trained in applied kinesology so he found the site of weakness very quickly! thank you so much for this invaluable info.