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Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux Relief

Sea Salt

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Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 01/29/2017 46 posts

I just wrote about my experience with reflux and sea salt, any type, I love himalayan pink. I used to carry around a small 15-ml container so it was ready as I needed it, it worked instantly! I used it for a few years til I just no longer needed it!

Replied by Patricia
(South East)


Could you elaborate on the Sea Salt? How do you use it, and in what quantities? Thanks for sharing.

Replied by Peg

Hi Kennywally, How are you using the salt; proportions and how often?
Thanking you in advance.

EC: See his post just below this one in the sea salt for acid reflux section.

Sea Salt
Posted by Ken (Midwest) on 01/29/2017 46 posts

FWIW, sea salt, any kind will also give instant relief to acid reflux. I stumbled into a few years ago, and brought a small container to a weekend seminar in Albuquerque in 2012, and folks seen me using it and they wanted to try it too, lol, but it was good for all interested. I carried it in a small 15-ml nalgene bottle on the ready at a moments notice. I no longer need it, cuz I got a hold of some of my dietary issues. Anyways, others had relux and needed the salt and so were grateful, and I was glad to share.

Sea Salt
Posted by Bob (Moscow, PA) on 04/24/2007

The water cure has helped countless people quickly get rid of acid reflux and without cost. All that is required is to quit caffeine & alcohol while drinking half your body weight in ounces of water along with 1/4 tsp. of salt, preferably unprocessed sea salt per day and the acid problem should be gone in a few days. 2 glasses of water with a pinch of salt in most cases will quickly stop acid reflux discomfort. Anyone not quickly cured, just email me. All we ask is that you in turn pass it on to others. Bob

Sesame Oil

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Posted by Nylle (Falls Church, Fairfax County) on 08/22/2011

The best and most effective cure for acid reflux, even the most serious case, is to drink one to two tablespoonful of Sesame oil on a empty stomach first thing in the morning. It will be difficult to stomach during the first few days but there after you will acquire a taste for it. Also take the same quantity fifteen minutes after the night meal. Please do not drink any water immediately after drinking the oil it will defeat the purpose.

It has to be taken every day for about ten days for a permanent cure.

The roasted sesame seed oil is more effective than the cold pressed and it has to be 100% pure oil. This oil is available at any Chinese grocery. It is also very necessary that one drinks hot water with one's meals. Drinking cold or iced water or drinks after each meal will only prolong the ailment and inhibit cure. Spicy and/or oily food for the night meal is a no, no. It will only aggravate the stomach acid.

Replied by Hannah
(Paris, France)

Hi Nylle, I'm interested in the sesame oil. I have some virgin oil that I started using for oil pulling, but I am not sure I understand which oil you are recommending. So in the scheme of Extra Virgin, Virgin, Refined and Pure, you are saying to get Pure is that correct?

Will it specify that the sesame seeds have been roasted on the bottle, or is the name "Pure" simply a way of stating that roasting is a part of the process?Are there any brands you would recommend?

I currently live in Paris, France and the nearest Chinese grocery is not near at all. I did see a Pure sesame oil at my local grocery store but I wasn't sure if it would do.

Also, is this a cure for GERD or only acid reflux? Thanks for your help!

Severe Acid Reflux Remedies

Posted by Kara (London, Uk) on 05/24/2013

I have acid Reflux 30 yrs now. I have used different hospital medication but have not helped so far. I have had about 6 endoscopy in different countries but have found neither ulcer no any other problem. In 2002 I had an acid check a machine was inserted in my stomach through my nostril and was kept for 24 hours and found normal acid that was in St Thomas Hospital London, Then I went to India at Okhla hospital, Delhi and repeated various checking and found no ulcer, no hernia no kidney stone and not even appendicitis and recently I went to Chennai Apollo hospital and had several checkups but yet still no problem was found.

The problem now since I turned 40 yrs now I have developed more complications whenever I have an acid attack my pressure also increases, I have changed my diet but simply it doesn't help, I tried caustic soda actually it made me worse the pressure had risen and had palpitations as well. Should anybody can advise me what to do please.

Replied by Bradshad
(North Providence, Rhode Island)

Google Proper Food Combining and follow the protocol. Problem should be solved.

Replied by Monica
(Desertbeauty, Texas)

My mother-in-law has found that a teaspoon of mustard has helped the symptums for the short turm.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

I read in Your body's many cries for water that excess acid is a reaction to imbalance in electrolytes (water/salt/ calcium/potassium/magnesium). Some people also suffer because of lack of enzymes or acids-- like lactaid, hydrochloric acid/ papain/bromelain, probiotics and others. Taking calcium (like tums)can make the imbalance in electrolytes more painful, sometimes an antacid makes the body have to work harder to produce enough acid and it goes into overdrive

Constipation and bloating causes a backup in the esophagus of acid from abdominal pressure (colace or store brand work mild for relief without misery) eating smaller meals , half an hour after the water intake

Please try drinking water a half an hour (30 minutes) before meals for one to two weeks and see if your condition improves dramatically... Check out the watercure.

Replied by Anonymous

Iodine deficiency may cause Acid Reflux.

Sleep on Your Left Side

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Posted by Gene (Fort Worth, TX) on 05/27/2008

I have always slept on my right side and the other night I read on the internet that acid reflux sufferers should sleep on their left side. I was looking for relief as I hadn't slept through the night in a long time so I gave it a try. It helped!. I've slept on my left side for two nights now and actually slept through the entire night both times. Second day, I also had less trouble during the day with the acid reflux.

Slippery Elm

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Posted by Gena (Westport, Ct) on 12/09/2014

I have acid reflux and find that taking 4 capsules of slippery elm settles my stomach and makes the acid reflux disappear. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from it!

Slippery Elm
Posted by Lenore (Chicago, Illinois) on 05/23/2009

Slippery elm bark cured my acid refux.You can buy slippery elm bark powder in most health food stores. I found out about it while researching for a cure for acid reflux, made the tea by adding 1 heaping tablespoon to one pint of boiling water- let steep one hour then simmer a few minutes - strain( or not) and drink. Prior to this I took tums, prisolec and other otc and prescription meds to no avail. After using this remedy I have no more trouble, I was also informed that tums and other drugs taken over the long haul begin to cause the problem they were originally meant to cure. I had acid refux so bad it burnt my throat and I had to try to sleep while sitting up. Amazingly I only had to take it 2x in a whole year and otherwise have not even modified my diet at all. Slippery elm bark is also very nourishing and is said to heal anything it comes into contact with.

Slippery Elm
Posted by Lenore (Chicago, Illinois) on 04/01/2009

My husband had a bad case of acid reflux for years and I found out about Slippery Elm Bark tea. I made him a cup of it and he drank it down and has not been bothered with it for months.Slippery elm bark tea is said to soothe and heal anything it comes in contact with and is very nourishing. The tea is reputed to stay in a sore and ulcerated stomach where nothing else can and can be purchased in powdered for at any health food store. By the way I love your website and told a friend about using ginger while undergoing chemo. He now thinks I am a genius and said it works so well that he can eat again and is gaining weight.

Slippery Elm
Posted by Cris (Sydney, Australia) on 04/09/2008

Hi! I have tried different remedies to help me with my acid reflux due to my hiatus hernia and 1 tsp. of slippery elm powder mixed with water works for me. It coats the esophagus and helps with the burning behind the throat and acid tongue feeling. I can pretty much eat anything but when I take slippery elm but of course, I try to eat healthier foods most of the time.

Slippery Elm
Posted by Kathleen (New York, NY) on 09/04/2007

Acid Reflux - Slippery Elm -- Cured my acid reflux after trying everything for a year. A herbalist in my neighborhood said get a bottle of water and put 2 Tablespoons of powered slippery elm in it and sip it all day long. Also, the Thayer's Slippery-Elm lozenges -- you can let one after the other dissolve and always at night when I go to bed (and during the night). Put more slippery elm powder in a little water and drink it straight, after meals -- it will be a little thick, but it absolutely works.

Slippery Elm
Posted by Diane (Minster nr Ramsgate, UK) on 02/06/2007

I would like to recommend pure slippery elm powder (not slippery elm food which has flour in it) to help with acid reflux. Slippery elm when made up into a milkshake type drink (see tip at end of this for making it up without lumps!) has soothing properties, lines as it goes down, and is also nutritional. My children used to have slippery elm mixed with fruit such as stewed apple or apricots or banana as a cereal when they were bubbies. They loved it. Anyway, re: acid reflux - it will not instantly make it go away but will help soothe some of the symptoms and calm the volcanic eruptions a bit if drunk fairly frequently, especially when one has the symptoms of heartburn or sore throat etc. I think used in conjunction with yoghurt (or even better pre and pro biotic capsules) and the apple cider remedy, as well as of course changes to ways of living, it would be very good. I cannot say it will be as I have not tried the ACV remedy yet - but I intend to! My husband has ulcerative colitis and drinking slippery elm has really helped him as well as natural anti-inflammatories such as turmeric, taking pre and pro biotics, and taking flaxseed oil. Has anyone tried ACV for ulcerative colitis btw? Oh before I forget...I said I would give a tip for making up slippery elm without the lumps. This is how my hubby and I do it: Put two heaped teaspoonfuls of slippery elm in a mug. Bring kettle to boil but before pouring into mug, put a covering of cold water over the powder in the mug. DO NOT STIR yet though but stir as you are pouring in the hot water. Leave some room at the top for adding milk (we use soya milk btw as this suits my husband's UC more, but other types of milk are ok if you can drink them). Diane :-)


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Posted by Michael (Plainfield, Illinois) on 07/17/2007

I was fighting Acid Reflux for over 45 Years I've tried every pill and formula out there and read every book on the market. I have one remedy that works for me. I call it the Blaster I got it out of a juicing book and it will keep the fire from starting 90% of the time. I use a Vita-Mix blender and put in 2 glasses of filtered water - 1 Banana - 1 Mango - 1/2 Papaya - 1 large slice of pinapple- 1 orange - I blend it into a drink and drink a 8 oz glass 2 times per day - the mix is enough for roughly 3 days you don't want to make it for more time it loses it's effect and there are plenty of other healthy perks along with it - I keep it refrigerated in a stainless steel thermos.

Soda Water

Posted by Woody (Atwater, Ca.) on 01/06/2012

Acid reflux can be dangerous in my view. Several times after I have gone to sleep, I wake up suddenly, and because of acid reflux, food has come up and is filling my wind pipe. I jump up and have a horrible time getting the food out. You might recall that both Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey DIED of this condition. So what I do is keep a cup of soda water by my bedside, and routinely take several swallows before I lie down. By doing this I have no worries.

Soy Milk

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Posted by Belinda (Chico, CA)

I started drinking soy milk and it helps with my Acid Reflex and heartburn. I will try the vinegar.

Replied by veggie girl
(Berkeley, California)

A glass of plain, unsweetened soy milk in the evening always seems to calm any acid reflux for me. (nothing else added, just organic soybeans and water) I drink it cold usually, but warm is good too.


I was eating certified organic tofu, so I assumed it was NonGMO, however I could not find NonGMO stamp on the package. I researched their website and did not find nonGMO mentioned anywhere

Make sure it is indeed prepared from non GMO soybeans.