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Posted by Lesha (Lakeland, FL) on 01/10/2009

spitting& mucus problems due to acid reflux:

My problems started when I got pregant. My daughter is now 2 years old. I'm suffering from acid reflux. I'm spitting excessivly with a lot of mucus. I spit every 10 seconds of the day, even at night through the night. I cant sleep cause i have to spit. I need some help. Is there anyone else going through the spiiting like me. please help, please. It's destroying my life. I used previcid, zantact, regland, pepcid.

Replied by Ficofico
Ny, Ny, Usa

you may be experiencing polyneuropathy by lack of vit B12. the acid in the stomach is needed for the vit B12 to be absorbed and excess of carbohydrates aggravate the vit b12 deficiency because the body prioritize its use for processing the carbohydrates if there is few vit b12 and to much carbohydrates.

GERD Surgery

Posted by Sandy (San Mateo, CA) on 01/08/2008
1 out of 5 stars

I had the operation and later I found out that it could have been avoided if I had been given antibiotics during the bad cramps .. I am 10 months after the surgery and still having pain ... I am a vegi full time now but it still isn't working .. some veggies can kill me .. literally ... I went to a hospital starting with the letter K with a stomach ache and was told to stay on a liquid diet and was sent home .. 6 days after that my colon burst .. be careful people if it hurts go in .. I was in the hospital for almost a month and am still not right ... thanks for listening .. sc


Posted by Erin Olsen (United States) on 05/23/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I tried just about everything, chewing on a piece of fresh Ginger from the root, calmed me reflux instantly. I am off PPI's now for about a week. Ginger worked better than they ever did.

Posted by Lady Constance (Beaver Falls) on 04/27/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Also, re: Ginger, I use pickled ginger like they have at sushi restaurants. Works in seconds on the acid! And yummy too. Also candied ginger is yummy and works well. I always have baking soda in the house, 1 tsp to a cup or less of water, bobs your uncle, pain gone! God bless you.

Posted by Lisa (Barto, Pa, Us) on 01/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I do agree with the Ginger Candy for acid reflux. It is very good and I also eat it after my meal. I try to suck on it and it can turn into a very small piece of ginger root and I chew on it for about a half hour or so. If I can't get a piece sucked down I also chew ginger gum for about an hour helps a lot.

Posted by Erin (Cary, Nc) on 11/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Once I stopped using tums for acid reflux, I was using apples, which work well. But, I don't always have them on hand especially away from home. So I tried crystallized ginger (ginger soaked in sugar), and it works great. Anytime symptoms come on, I eat several pieces. If the symptoms don't go away immediately, I eat a few more pieces. Works every time. I keep a few pieces in my purse and a jar at home. You can buy these in any health food store.

Posted by Darijan (Zagreb, Hr, Croatia) on 09/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to add Yes for GINGER.

I suffered from Acid reflux for nine months, tried almost everything, was on NEXIUM too, I did not have chest pain but throat pain, and ginger tea was the most spectacular discovery! Now I drink several glasses of ginger tea daily and the pain is now much much weaker. Nothing I tried before ever made so much difference.

Therefore, strongly recommend ginger.

I buy a fresh one, peel it off, cut it in small pieces and just spill hot water over it, just like I would do with any other tea.

Anyway, that worked out for me. Pain is not completely gone yet (I drink it for three days only) but life became much more bearable since I started.

Good luck to all of you!

Posted by Roy (Brampton Ontario, Canada) on 04/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I simply would like to mention ginger tea made from raw shaved ginger root boiled in two cups of water then strained and perhaps with a little honey to enhance the flavor, to be drank as a wonderful cure for acid reflux.

Posted by Clyde (Chesapeake, VA) on 06/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Fresh Ginger Root also helps Acid reflux and IBS. peel off a small teaspoon size chunk of the root (after peeling and rinsing) chew it well
NOTE: the root is very spicy (hot) but not too bad.

Posted by Ross (Vancouver, BC Canada) on 06/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I used Ibuprofin for at least 20 years ( Ate them like candy.Thought they were like crack for pain) Then I developed Reflux. Tried everything. Until I stopped taking any NSAIDS there was no respite. What has worked for me is boiled ginger root tea, strained and kept cool, after a meal.(3oz). This has really helped me and the reflux is now barely noticable. I now use tramadol and Tylenol for pain. ( I have diabetic neropathy (sp?) so I need some relief for that). No connection with those painkillers, but definitely with Ibuprofin.

Replied by Chris
Fort Worth, TX

Oh PLEASE get off of the Tramadol!!!! Though no one will tell you, It is a highly addictive pain killer! Research before its too late!

Replied by Scar1ett
Lethbridge, Alberta

Actually toradol is also very hard on your stomach and my doctor would rather give me a slight narcotic than toradol. So, anyone with acid reflux should stay away from it.

Ginger Ale

Posted by Douglas (Toronto, Ontario)
5 out of 5 stars

This is my dad's remedy. One day I had heartburn and my dad suggested drinking ginger ale. With the equivalent of only two tablespoons worth, the heartburn was gone instantly. I hope he isn't too upset with my sharing of his remedy. Also, it is a theory of mine that heartburn can be cured with any kind of pop or carbonated beverage.

Ginger, Loquat Leaf, ACV Drink

Posted by Deng (Santa Clara) on 04/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

For acid reflux, try boiling 1 ginger and 4 dry loquat leaves, pour in a cup and add 1 tsp of organic raw apple cider vinegar. You can add honey into it for taste. Drink before and after every meal and surely this will balance the acid...

Gluten-Free Diet

Posted by Jllerenas (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I do get acid reflux when I have gluten in my diet. I'm allergic to wheat/flour, and so many other gluten containing foods. My doctor put me on Prilosec or a generic form of it. But I didn't take it, since it has side effects I wasn't about to risk. Anyway, I kept looking for a natural way of "curing" acid reflux not a therapy for it, since that was easy; there are all kinds of natural ways to subside acid reflux. I found an article on celiac disease and tested myself for it and found that my "acid reflux" went away. My doctor asked me why I hadn't come back to see him for an evaluation on Prilosec. I told him I had celiac disease and have been avoiding gluten. He then asked how is that going? I told him I've hadn't had a recurrence since we last spoke. I have this theory about it. Here goes, if I haven't already put your mind to think of me as a quack. I somewhat believe that the sinus leakage gets swallowed containing bad bacteria, causing an imbalance in the stomach, which may cause damage to the intestinal floral. Once this happens the stomach is unable to digest certain foods, so the body in response to protect itself from an overwhelming amount of bad bacteria releases acid to dissolve it. I don't believe I'm really allergic to gluten only that I probably have damaged my floral. It can take years to become whole again. In our Western culture we treat diseases and rarely seek the problem. So we are treated for symptoms not a cause. Anyway for me addressing multiple problems have had tremendous positive impact for me. Using the salt rinse has been a huge relief for me since I can breathe at night and not get disrupted sleep. Taking care of the "acid reflux" has also helped me in my disrupted sleep as well. The digestive system is super important to our overall health. I don't have the discomfort I used to have with stomach pains, but still have mild symptoms of that every once in a while. It has definitely subsided since I've been gluten free and been using aloe vera juice, gluten free being a bigger key.

Green Tea

Posted by Phoenix (Pune, India) on 07/10/2011

hi guys, I think I have finally found something that could help you. I used to suffer from acid reflux terribly. Whatever I ate caused a reflux so I started looking for cures, I tried the ususal stuff that the doctor's prescribe but it didn't help me out much.

THEN I STUMBLED ONTO A TEA BY ______ IT IS GREEN TEA WITH LEMON. It reduced the acid reflux drastically, I have it twice a day, in the morning before going to office and after coming from office. I am using the tea bags.

This tea has really helped me out and I hope that it helps all you people looking for a cure.

Posted by Rich Shepherd (Miami Beach, Florida) on 08/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the baking soda with ACV with little or no success.

Then I remembered a little Chinese waitress who told me, if you want to have great sex eat no meat or after dinner drink several cups of green tea it neutralizes stomach acid.

After every meal I have had at least 3 cups of green tea as dark as possible.

I have also programmed my body for acid to be where God intended it to be. Told my acid: "You must stay where you should and no where else"

I sleep nicely and acid is no longer a problem. I keep a bottle with strong green tea on my night table.