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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Eliminate Grains and Legumes

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Posted by Michael (Dix Hills, New York) on 03/28/2012
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I had reflux attacks so bad that I went to the emergency room on several occasions thinking that I was having a heart attact. I was getting most of my calories at the time from whole grains and legumes. I read that concentrated carbohydrates are not a natural food for man, and they can contribute to creating an environment that encourages the growth of bad bacteria that have a hand in reflux. I went low carb-paleo and stopped eating all grains and legumes. The reflux disappeared in TWO DAYS. The arthritis tht I had developed in my neck and shoulders disappeard in TEN DAYS

Eliminate Soy

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Posted by Curious_Emily (Berkshire, New York, Usa) on 01/23/2013
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I've just recently learned that acid reflux can be a symptom of adult-onset soy allergy, or soy intolerance. It is very simple to see if this is all, or part, of the problem. Just eliminate all soy products from the diet for 2 weeks and see if symptoms improve. Please note that soybean oil, soy lecithin, and soy protein isolate are in a wide variety of foods, supplements, and vitamins, so it's very important to read labels carefully. For example, most brands of mayonaise are made with soybean oil, as are most products that contain vegetable oil or vegetable shortening. Factory-farmed eggs also contain a lot of soy, since soy protein is fed to the chickens; ditto for farmed fish. So many people must avoid these foods as well. After eliminating all soy from the diet for at least 2 weeks, deliberately eat something very high in soy content, preferably unfermented, such as soy milk. If your acid reflux symptoms return, you have your answer.

As a bonus, several other health issues have resolved since eliminating soy, including a decrease in chronic arthritis pain, brain fog/short term memory issues, loose bowels, insomnia, and vitamin B and D deficiencies. After some study, I've found that these are all common side effects of adult soy allergies.

Fruit Juice

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Posted by Michael (Plainfield, Illinois) on 07/17/2007
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I was fighting Acid Reflux for over 45 Years I've tried every pill and formula out there and read every book on the market. I have one remedy that works for me. I call it the Blaster I got it out of a juicing book and it will keep the fire from starting 90% of the time. I use a Vita-Mix blender and put in 2 glasses of filtered water - 1 Banana - 1 Mango - 1/2 Papaya - 1 large slice of pinapple- 1 orange - I blend it into a drink and drink a 8 oz glass 2 times per day - the mix is enough for roughly 3 days you don't want to make it for more time it loses it's effect and there are plenty of other healthy perks along with it - I keep it refrigerated in a stainless steel thermos.

Replied by jill
(Ft Lauderdale, FL)
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Similar to The Blaster, I find that most fruit smoothies that include a banana when made in the Vita Mix are outstanding for keeping the heartburn at bay. I used to suffer daily before I started making these awesome high fiber drinks,soups and ice creams. I use bananas, oranges, apples, carrots, and cooked sweet potatoes mostly but I will usually add whatever I have on hand. I used the following link which included a coupon code for free shipping

Fruit Juice
Posted by Connie (Dayton, Ohio) on 01/30/2006
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I suffered with the discomfort of Acid Reflux for years. Often times, I would be doubled over and holding my chest. In the last two months, I stumbled upon a remedy. I drink equal parts of apple juice and Cranberry/ Grape juice. I no longer have to take Prilosec OTC. Praise God for this natural, simple and cost effective cure. In addition, thank you for providing this wonderful website for others to share their natural cures for Acid Reflux.


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Posted by Seanb (Port Mcnicoll, Ontario, Canada) on 04/26/2011
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I have suffered from Acid Reflux for about 5 years. I have enjoyed many of the typical symptoms, Lump in throat sensation, burning behind breast bone, throat palpatations, excessive mucous etc. I have tried every remedy I could find including Ted's alkalizing forumla's primarily Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking soda. As with most remedies I have found nothing seems to work for long. I had the best success with ACV and Baking soda but it too stopped being as effective after about a year.

With all the remedies I have tried I think at best I could only describe the results as controlling my symptoms. This no longer seems to be the case, my acid reflux seems to be gone entirely. This is a direct result of taking Garlic supplements daily.

In researching this condition I found a few articles claiming that the active healing ingredient in garlic called Allicin is one of the only natural ways to kill the H pylori bacteria in the stomache. its widely believed that a high percentage of people with reflux have this bacteria.

Over Christmas I was having an exceptionally bad episode and out of desperation ate a couple raw cloves. After my mouth stopped burning I was amazed to note my symptoms had subsided. I have since been taking garlic and over the course of a couple months all of my symtopms have ceased. I quickly switched to galic supplements from Wall Mart as taking raw garlic was too poweful and was causing some social implications.

Garlic is one of the trigger foods we are supposed to avoid, I believed this to be true and would not have tried this if not out of desperation. It may well be responsible for the occaional heart burn I have had since but this has been minor and typically reiieved with a few almonds or some candied ginger. All of my other more concerning symptoms are gone.

reading up on Garlic you will find it has a lot of benefits including fighting some types of cancers. One of the other benefits is bowel regulation. I did not think I had a problem in this area but its now apparent that I did. I think its this issue that led to my acid reflux in the first place.

I hope others will try this and hopefully get the same benefit. Its my hope that if this works for others that we can spread the word and help others. I know this condition can really get you down over time and can seem hopeless but like the X-Files the truth is out there. Good luck to all of you

Replied by Mckenzie
(Charlotte, Nc)

how much raw garlic did you take a day, and how many times a day? then how many capsules per dose and how many times a day? how many mg per capsule? did they contain pure allicin?

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Posted by Gabi2121 (Toronta, Ca) on 02/01/2014

Hello Folks... Just finished reading about side effect of using AVC and acid reflux. All of you who complain about acid reflux: always eat at the table, do not go to lay down after meal. More likely acid reflux is caused by wrong position at the meal and after. Food is just pushing up. Eat less and be active after meal. The same applies to the children and infants. What do we do? We feed them before bed time so they will sleep better. Do not do it because it is the beginning of suffering from acid reflux in the near future. Acid reflux is an acquired ailment so do not do things leading to it: bad position at the meal, overeating, taking nap after and eating too much acid forming foods, coffee, alcohol, tobacco. Greetings

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Posted by Marcia (Someset. England, Uk) on 04/19/2012

I have read with interest, the suggestions for help with acid reflux on this site. I have suffered for years with this problem and have now resigned myself to taking proton pump inhibitors to ease it. Digestive disorders are on both sides of my family so I'm thinking it could be partly hereditary. The tablets do make me feel more comfortable, I do watch what I eat as well. I just wish someone could wave a magic wand and make it dissapear altogether.

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Posted by Asterio (New Orleans, La) on 03/26/2012

I really don't know what I have but it sounds similar to what you guys are talking about. I'm not going to the the doctor cause, first, I don't have money for that and two, I lost faith in them long ago. Tomorrow I start my war against this stuff. I got a lil overwhelmed at the beginning with all your remedies but I said to myself... Well something has to work. So I'm using them all. I'm getting tomorrow: aloe vera, honey, cabbage, coconout oil, garlic, mastic gum, peroxide, ginger, turmeric, acv, baking soda, cayenne and glutamine. I'll try to use them separately to see what happens, I'll let you guys know!! Thanks for the info!! . By the way, I was so stressed out about this pain that I just had a lil baking soda, garlic and maple syrup (I had it abandoned in my cooler and I know it's good for you) and... I don't know if its in my head or what but I feel a lil better :) somebody wants to try? maybe it does help a bit! . Love you all!!!!

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Posted by Christine (Nottingham, England) on 01/04/2012
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Does anyone know if probiotics can make reflux worse? I cannot understand why this would be, however it appears to make my reflux worse. Thanks.

Replied by Humphry
(Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada)

When I had a parasite (and I did not know it) my acid reflux got much worse when I took a probiotic. I think this is because the probiotics were fighting for a place in the intestines and trying to dislodge the parasites.

I had chronic giardia which cause numerous problems in addition to diarrhea and stomach issues. I had constant acid reflux. Once I took medicine (flagyl) to kill the giardia I could take probiotics without flaring up my acid reflux.

Incidentally, it has been 8 months and my acid reflux hardly ever flares up (I follow the paleo diet, eat coconut oil regularly and take probiotics daily).

I believe acid reflux is a symptom of something else. I used to think when I took the probiotics and got horrible acid reflux problems that it was the probiotics but it wasn't - it was actually a parasite.

Get a stool sample done and find out what is going on in your stomache and intestines. Because of what I went through I still get stool samples taken whenever my stomach does something weird to make sure I dont have giardia or any other parasite or bug.

Replied by Christine
(Nottingham, England)

Thank you for your response Humphry, I had thought about parasites. It is nice to know we are all trying to help each other on this great site. Thanks again.

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Posted by Mollie (Riverside, California) on 01/04/2012

I just wanted to add something to help with the problem of Acid Reflux.

I had this problem in the past and this might help:

1. Place blocks of wood under the two legs of your bed where you sleep near the headboard side. Not so high that you slide off but raised slightly so that your upper body is slightly raised so that your acid will have to stay down and not come up to where it will give you trouble. When I was suffering from panic attacks years ago the acid reflux would inflame the situation.

Baking soda about 1 tablespoon in a glass of water (I used more) and/or antacids (Tums/Rolaids and even Maalox) will help.

You might even want to go so far as get on a bland diet if the problem is really bad.

I was told that as a last resort some people need surgery for acid reflux. But it would be better to control the problem without surgery.

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Posted by Fieldmouse202 (Deferiet, Ny, Usa) on 12/21/2011

Hi, I have suffered from sore throat and heartburn and chest pain nearly daily for almost a year now. I have been taking Nexium now for 3 months. After little relief, I am seeing a gastro. Apparently my esophagus appears normal and I am now monitoring my pH levels in my throat with a probe. My readings appear normal (6-8 pH) but I am still experiencing the "typical" GERD symptoms. I am baffled because I thought for sure I had GERD, now I am not so sure. What could this be? I am feeling hopeless because now, it seems, there will be no diagnosis after this testing. =( Thank you so much for your time and what you all do! Aloha, Liz

Replied by Hkw612
(Oakland, Ca)

When I initially found out I had reflux with no reason for getting it, it turned out my gallbladder had "died" and I didn't know it. I had to get it removed and have been on a low-fat diet ever since. You have to ask to have a scan done because most doctors won't offer it up. Hope that helps.

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Posted by Elena (Western Us, Usa) on 11/20/2011

I added to my alkaline diet and probiotics a few more things that have given me some incremental improvements: I only eat seafood for the "meat portion", chew baking soda gum and in July 2011 I had my Vit D levels checked. They were low. So I put myself on 6,000 IU Vit d3 drops and the level of searing pain reduced substantially. The reason I tried Vit D is that I read it stregthens muscles. I thought maybe it could improve the contractions of my LES/UES. My Vit D test in Oct 2011 went to 44 so I reduced my Vit d3 drops to 4,000 IU units. My ENT saw me and was surprised that the bottom of my throat was healed but my upper throat still shows acid burn marks up to the molars. I am hoping that with time maybe my throat will heal. I looked at my throat yesterday and it depressed me. I only look at my throat once every 3 months. I can't bear seeing how bad it looks. But at least the bottom of my throat is not searing.

My Drs have told me there is nothing more they can do for me. I'm pretty down about it but at least I'm better than I was a year ago when I thought I'd be dead by Feb 2011. It's beginning to sink in that I will have this for the rest of my life. I saw the top GI Dr in the northern part of the state I live in and he advised that I have a vagel nerve problem and that it would take 10 years for science to figure out how to treat it. Very depressing that so little can be done for LPR. There is nothing on the Upper Esphogeal Spinchter (UES) that I can find. No clincal studies.. Nothing. No research being done on it that I can find. My Lower Esphogeal Spinchter shows that I went from a 40 ph to .4. My Drs say it is normal reflux and that the fundo surgery looks like it worked but that there may be a secondary problem that they can't figure out. They don't know what is wrong with me. I came out of the fundo surgery 10x worse... Seriously depressing. But I keep a smile on my face for my family and at least my pain is so much better with the Vit D3 drops.

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Posted by Sabrina (Philadelphia, Pa) on 09/29/2011

I have tried ACV and HCL for low stomach acid and have had side effects from both. I heard that gelatin can increase stomach acid and was wondering if anyone knew anything about this? I want to try this but I don't know how much. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Posted by Del (Sunshine Coast, Australia) on 07/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Ted's Remedies. Please be very careful if you suffer from acid reflux. I suffered for over ten years and used many remedies including conventional medicine only to find out after a routine stress test that I required a triple bypass. During the stress test the reflux became worse and I was pulled off the treadmill and given oxygen and nitrolingual spray which helped to lessen the burning. I was amazed by this as I had no other symptoms other than a little breathlessness which is also common with reflux. It was explained to me that women often have different symptoms than men and it was actually the reflux that made my cardiologist take notice. Just be aware that reflux can be caused by more than one reason. I do not have reflux now since the surgery.

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Posted by Singer (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 05/13/2011

I'm a singer from Toronto. My reflux problems started in December. Now it's May and I'm still suffering. Nexium didn't help. Neither did dexilant. I've been to an ENT and have been waiting several months to see a GI specialist. I've had several tests. Apparently, hernia has been ruled out. So has an ulcer. The diagnosis after x-rays and an endoscopy was "mild gastritis". I'm a otherwise healthy person who exercises and eats quite healthily and am average weight. This condition has significantly impacted my career and I'm frustrated by the lack of treatment. I'm determined to become an expert about reflux to (a) get my career and health back (b) help others who are frustrated by doctors who don't know and medication that doesn't work.

I'm working on my PhD now and hoping to include this topic in my specialty. I would love to hear from other singers from anywhere. I would also love to hear from singers anywhere from Toronto to Kingston to form a support group of sorts. I'm shocked by how little is known about this. The non-traditional healers seem to have far more knowledge than the allopathic doctors (licensed doctors who prescribed pharmaceuticals). I would love to hear about any doctors you felt were knowledgeable or not helpful and to hear any stories from singers with this condition. This is a life-altering condition about which there should be more knowledge of cures. Please feel free to post, but also email me directly: dearsistermoon(at) Thank you. Good luck!

Replied by Kathie
(Houston, United States)

I struggled for years with acid reflux... To the point it was diagnosed as precancerous Barracks-esophagus I now juice fresh aloe vera (scrape the inside of the plant out and mix it with some water using a hand blender. I drink this before I go to bed or on an empty stomach. This is very healing to the GI track. Do not juice the outside of the plant, it will give you the runs!

DGL (deglycerized licorice) coats your throat and GI track. Take about half an hour before eating and at bedtime.

Take digestive enzymes. Much of the time, we just need some extra help to digest our food. This also is great for skin issues and general healing.

baking soda (about a teaspoon to a cup of water) will soothe reflux.

_____s vinegar (about a teaspoon in a cup of water) helps with digestion and helps to alkalize your body.

I am also about to add L-Glutamine to my regimen. It is very healing to intestines.

The last time I went in for an endoscopy/biopsy, my Dr. Said everything looked very good and I did not nee to come back for two year (I usually have to come in once a year for this procedure)

Best of health to you