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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Dietary Changes

Posted by Nathan Smith (Del Rio, Texas) on 01/11/2008
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I have had stomach acid problems from the day I was born. I reliezed that for me it was completely dependent on my diet. If I ate pizza, bacon, french fries, almost anything fried, pasta, bread and other hearty and greasy foods, I would have really bad acid. In college away from home I expirienced very bad acid and examined my diet. I found that I was eating very acidic foods. I found some websites that actually rate the Ph of food after it goes through the digestive tract and low and behold it was what I was eating. Vegetables are very basic and I found that if I balanced my diet with some vegetation that I would not have a reaction. I also religiously use baking soda when I dont have vegetables or go out drinking and it is a sure fix! I am concerned about long term effects of baking soda but havn't had anything but success.

Posted by Lee Ann (Mobile, Alabama) on 11/27/2007
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Acid Reflux - Sinus Infection - Sore Throat - Acidophilus -- Based on personal experience the Polish Girl has it right, it's the diet. Dump the yeasty carbohydrate sugary stuff. After a sore throat that lasted a few months with several different diagnoses and antibiotics, health practitioner said most people really suffering from too much yeast in system which causes a huge variety of illnesses. Change the diet to starve/kill yeast in system now. Yeast thrives on sugar, sweets, fruits, carbs, and of course bread, pasta.

For 3 months my husband and I ate nothing but veggies and meat. Cut the wine and beer from diet too. Also took supplements that rid the body of fungus as well as very strong acidophilus.

Winthin one week, sore throat was gone.

2 Weeks - acid reflux disappeared completely (yay no more prilosec). Sore arthritic feeling knees stopped.

3 or 4 weeks - husband and i who suffer sinus infections frequently quit sneezing, coughing, etc. No more sinus infections for either of us.
3 years later - unfortunately I quit the diet because of pregnancy and dr. advised it would be bad for baby. Now sore knees and throat are back, and now have MRSA. With a lot of the cures here dealing with toxin cleansing etc. I wonder if yeast helps breed the MRSA?? Unfortunately, when I tell friends of my miracle cure when they are ill, their response is 'i could never change my diet that drastically' and they continue seeking that quick fix. Our forefathers had it right -- "You are what you eat".

Replied by Gracie
Flushing, New York, USA

What kinds of supplements did you take to get rid of the fungus? Did you take any supplements to help your overall condition?

PS: I hope you recover from your current health issue, soon.

Posted by Wendy (Plover, WI U.S.A.) on 10/29/2007
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Acid Reflux comes from being celiac. Celiac's can't eat dairy or gluten grain. Celiac's don't make enough stomach acid, so taking HCl and enzymes with a meal helps and not eating the dairy and grains. Hidden dairy and gluten grains are a problems to watch for.

Posted by Tracy (Lafayette, CO) on 10/21/2007
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Many months ago I posted a comment about the ACV remedy for Acid Reflux. I suddenly got Acid Reflux last winter after taking a lot of Ibuprophen. The ACV remedy worked great, but after almost a year I was not cured. I felt that the ACV was helping me to manage the situaton but not really curing me. I was still having bouts once in a while and then I had reflux pretty severe for more than a week in early September, and the ACV wasn't really touching it. In order to feel better I really started eating very simply, mostly vegetables and some meat. After a few days of this I felt a lot better. But I continued my new simple diet for another couple weeks. Then I decided to add back in some cereals and immediately got Acid Reflux again. I new that I had a low level of gluten intolerance but after this I have come to the conclusion that I've have Celiacs, full blown. Who knows, maybe the ibuprophen weakend my stomach just enough to have the new level of Celiac symptoms. I have eliminated all grains except rice, corn and millet and I feel GREAT! I haven't even bothered with taking ACV for several weeks now. Symptoms of Celiacs or gluten intolerance range widely, so I'd recommend anyone with chronic acid reflux, mental fogginess, depression, anxiety, stomach upset, or skin rash, try eliminating gluten containting grains for a week and see what happens. Don't be afraid that you might be alergic to bread there are A LOT of great resources for Celiacs and gluten intolerant people now adays.

Posted by Greg (Franklin, MA) on 10/20/2007
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I suffered everyday with acid creeping up and severely hindering my ability to enjoy things in life. I noticed two huge agitators: 1. Over-eating (easy to do for anyone in U.S.) 2. Chocolate (tends to be a great laxative, but also tends to promote the acid problem. Continually the damage done by Acid Reflux caused burning and I found that taking in a good amount of sea salt (with water, foods) cleared it up.

Posted by Mirella (Brisbane, Australia) on 10/07/2007
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Hi, I had acid reflux for over 15 years and it was so bad that i would reflux if i bent down to pick something up or lay in a horizontal position such as in swimming. I found certain foods such as fried or fatty foods made it worse. Eventually i started seeing a medicinal herbalist who told me that acid reflux is triggered by coffee consumption. I had been a moderate - heavy coffee drinker most of my life. I gave up coffee and found that within 4-6 weeks my acid reflux went away completely. I have never had it since. I completely stopped coffee for about 2 years and replaced it with green tea. As soon as i have a coffee again, the reflux returns. Hope this helps.

Posted by Anarkali (Dallas, USA) on 10/03/2007
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I developed a strong acid reflux after moving to TX. I could not understand and underwent tests for ulcer and stuff. My doctor then said I have strong acid reflux due to first job and associated stress. Wrong ! I was not stressed, I was happier than ever and not under performance pressure either. He gave me free Prevacid and when my condition was the same prescribed some dangerous looking 220 pills to eat 4 a day. I started researching my problem, web hunting, experimenting with my diet and could get back to absolute normal by completely avoiding milk, Cheese, excessive rice or lentils and eating a high fiber (wheat/bread) diet. Not being able to drink milk is not good, so now I drink lactose free milk. Although even a single mistake can upset my stomach, I am living medication free.

Posted by Lynn (Waterville, Maine) on 08/15/2007
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I was diagnosed at 16 with acid reflux. I went years not knowing what caused it for me, when I was in my thirty's I was diagnosed with H pylori and found out that was only part of my problem. I stopped eating acidic foods for awhile it helped then I done away with pepper. Went to another doctor and he said your problem is not enough water. I was acidic, body needs to be more alkaline. I then stopped drinking with meals and not eating after 7P.M. thats when I started feeling better. I use to feel bloated after eating, acid in my throat when I lay down and now I don't have that unless I drink with meals or eat after 7P.M. Now I purchase ph level tape at health food store to keep track of my level. Keeping it at a safe level.

Posted by Bonnie (Edmonton, Canada) on 03/28/2007
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Acid reflux: for me the reflux is a result of eating certain foods. Becoming aware of the trigger foods is most important (certain spices, chocolate, too much white flour products, even overeating at one time). When over the counter remedies were just too slow in acting I decided to use a bit of baking soda ( /_ 1/4 tsp. in some warm water, enough for one big gulp. Instant relief from the burning and long lasting. Last night tried the cayenne pepper and hot water gargle for a terrible sore throat that I'd had for nearly a week. Instant relief!. Thanks for the home cure education.

Posted by Poornima (Mumbai, India) on 03/24/2007
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I used to cough for a year when ever I went to sleep. I tried all the cough remedies i could find but there was no use. Finally one doctor told me that the reason could be i have mild acid refulx ( i never had heart burn or anything like that) i tried a lot of anti acid medication... it did not help. what finally helped was eating dinner early. Also avoid gasy foods like lentils for dinner. My dinner was light. Apple also helps but do not have it immediately after dinner. Avoid coffee and tea if possible.

Posted by Marc (Huntington Beach, CA) on 02/26/2007
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Everyone needs to be still and listen. All these Acid Reflux complaints, but so few people wanting to make the necessary diet changes. I made drastic changes because I wanted to move on with life. I have reflux and Barrets. although I only started feeling reflux in Jan of this year. Must have had the silent type. One thing I heard is crucial to get rid of it, is to stop eating any processed wheat of any kind. Also no dairy. Just try it please. Additionally, all people with any digestive problems are very acidic PH wise. Low PH just keeps breeding disease. You need to get alkaline. ACV is one way. It is alkaline. Also, go to a decent juice bar, and get one fresh juiced green drink in you once a day. It will change your pH back to normal in a very short time. If you are alkaline, you will repair much quicker. We don't need all this long term medicine.

Posted by Gabi (Czestochowa, Poland) on 01/14/2007
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I have comments on Acid Reflux. I suffered for many years using as a treatment over counter remedies, whatever people advised me, etc. nothing was helping. It was life in a hell. My acid reflux was so strong that it was getting into my throat and I was chocking on it! It was usually causing inflammations combine with high fever like bad case of bronchitis or pneumonia. the last three years my acid reflux joined forces with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and bleeding stomach ulcer (had only 2 episodes of bleeding ulcer).Family doctor told me that there is no cure for it and I have to start learning how to live with it!It forced me to look for cure on my own. I discover that main reason was diet. I was eating healthy but... I did change everything in one day and week later... That's right! Just one week later ALL symptoms were gone! I removed from my diet all products made of flour, all carbohydrates.

I was eating undercooked vegetables, fish, healthy oils, yogurt. Adding spoon of yogurt to jar of milk I was making soured milk. Lot, lot of cabbage, cauliflower and brocooli. I know that main think is to keep PH balanced. It means nothing acid forming! I don't take acidophilus. Yogurt and soured milk do the trick. To keep good level of that friendly bacteria (is expelled from your body every day!) learn to eat sour kraut. Eat it raw or cooked. Add to your diet a lot of lemons. Stomach ulcer, IBM &Acid Reflux are gone. Oil Pulling was another great "tool". Arthritic pain was gone in 10 days. Swollen joints needed almost a year to get back to normal state. Now I eat VEGAN diet and I feel great! I look much younger and my energy level is high

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, TN

To Gabi (11/14/07) from Czetochowa, Poland It sounds like you were eating good - but were still eating white bread? If so, try eating l00% whole grain bread and see if your problems return. When trying to eliminate bleached flour products from the diet, you must really exercise your common sense. My brother told me it didn't work. I then pointed out to him that the chicken noodle soup he had just eaten about 30 minutes before, probably had bleached flour noodles in it. Another fellow told me that getting bleached flour out of his diet didn't work. Qestioning brought out "Ive been eating the hell out of saltine crackers" which were made with bleached flour. Most soups, gravies and lots of other foods are thickened with bleached flour.

Replied by Marie

Saurkraut from the store is cooked and will not help the stomach. Needs to be raw homemade. Even the frozen saurkraut says it's pasturized.

Posted by Margaret (Eugene, OR) on 12/27/2006
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My heartburn and acid reflux were getting worse and worse, then I was diagnosed with type II diabetes. After reading about 20 books I decided low carb was the way to go so I didn't need to take any meds. After switching to a very low carb diet, not only was my blood sugar in control and I started losing about a pound a week, unexpectedly my acid reflux totally disappeared as well as most of my body aches. It's seriously scary the ADA recommends diabetics eat carbs for diabetes -- pretty much dooms them to needing meds all of which have side effects. One article I read (recent Men's Health Magazine article) likened it to the American Heart Association recommending we eat trans fats.

Posted by Patrick (Kenosha, WI) on 11/08/2006
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Change of diet- no diet food or fake foods..All WHOLE as possible!! This will cure Acid Reflux-migraines!! Please read: they can save you from so much pain!! (MSG) MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE is the problem. They add more and more into food every year. The BIG food companies know about it and try to hide it under secrete names as "flavorings" even "natural flavor"!! Look up MSG on the web site. It will open your eyes!

Posted by Manj (Canada) on 11/01/2006
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Abstain from white flour to cure acid reflux.