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Posted by Rosemary (Trenton, NJ) on 11/18/2006

I had acid reflux (see my posted message from March, 2006). I am finally getting back to you with what did finally cure me. The apple cider vinegar I tried did not work. What did work was eating a good quality yogurt several times a day along with two acidophilus/bifodophilus capsules with a high bacterial count. I took the capsules 3 times a day with each meal. I did this for 3 weeks straight. That is how long it took for the symptoms of acid reflux to totally subside. The yogurt was very cooling and it contains a lot of good bacteria. I ate a cup in the morning, then I had a half a cup after lunch and after dinner. During the day, I would take a tablespoon full periodically to help cool the throat. I had good results after one week, but it did not totally subside until the end of the 3 weeks.

I came to the conclusion by putting together these two known facts.

(1) Stomach ulcers are caused by a bacteria and many people with stomach ulcers are aspirin users.
(2) Antibiotics cause diarrhea because it destroys the good bacteria in the intestines. All one needs to do is to take acidophilus during and after taking taking antibiotics to avoid diarrhea and loose bowel problems.

Armed with this information....the more I thought about the sudden problem I had developed with acid reflux, the more I thought it must be related to a bacteria problem (either not enough good or too much bad). Since I try to eat a healthy diet, I could not see why I would suddenly develop this "disease". Therefore, I banked on the idea that ibuprofen was probably destroying the good bacteria which allowed the bad bacteria to attack the esophagus. I have to say, I have stopped taking pain pills except on rare occasions. I started exercising (biking) and my knee is now 80% better than it was before. One other new fact that has just come out about ibuprofen is that it also inhibits muscles from strengthening. I heard about this through a friend - I believe one of the universities did a study with athletes and they discovered this about the athletes who took ibuprofen either before, during or after training.

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Posted by Lisa (Santa Clarita, CA) on 08/20/2006

I've been getting heartburn since I was 11 or 12. Many misdiagnoses and 30 years later, I found out that I had ACHALASIA. This is a condition where the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) does not properly relax and open to allow food/liquid to pass into the stomach. The pain is unbelievable and sipping ice water slowly was the best solution most of the time. I was probably born this way; don't know if it's true for everyone. I've had several medical/surgical procedures. The best was one that "tore" open the LES muscle so food can pass through to my stomach. It doesn't last forever, but with experimentation and avoiding foods that get "stuck," I get along just fine. I'm so grateful to the doctor that finally gave me the barium swallow and diagnosed my condition!

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Posted by Rosemary (Trenton, NJ) on 03/30/2006

I just started getting acid reflux and have been awakened in my sleep from it (twice so far) and I've never had a digestive problem before. So it was quite baffling. I just started taking ibuprofen regularly to combat the pain in an arthritic knee. Funny that this is the only change in my diet and all of a sudden I have acid reflux. Well, it turns out that ibuprofen will do havoc on your digestive system. So, I will try the apple cider vinegar cure. But, wanted to make sure everyone with this problem is warned that there is a likelihood that their acid reflux problem may be related to taking medications such as ibuprofen. I am hopeful that stopping the pain medication and drinking the ACV will fix the problem.

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Posted by Jeffrey (Leeds, Yorkshire, England) on 11/18/2005

re acv the pharmaceutical companies do not want the public to know what is the main cause of acid reflux ie the low level of acid in the stomach. The annual profits on prescribed/over the counter antacids must run into many millions of pounds for the drug companies. I just hope many more people like me find your fantastic website.

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Posted by Falcon (Mariposa, CA)

Re the Acid reflux problem: I took an Iridologist class with Dr. Bernard Jenson and we learned that the problem is not too much acid but low acid. Which we could verify by reading the fibers of the eyes. So the pharmaceutical co.s making a killing selling the purple pill as a cure are totally misleading the public. The purple pill turns off acid pumps and if anything make it worse. That the purple pill cures the damage done to the esophagus may be partially true in that one does not have any acid in the stomach to break down the proteins. But one wonders what the long term effect of sending partially broken down proteins through ones digestive system. Another cure we recommended after determining the persons problem was truly not high acid but low acid, was to recommend they take plant HCL (hydrocloric acid) and they can test it themselves. With a high protein meal at first take one see how it works for them then 2, and keep upping the amount until they learn what their system needs.

Another easy cure it to avoid eating heavy meals especially high protein meals at end of day when you are tired. It is the tiredness that causes the sphincter muscles to relax conserving energy that is the cause of acid reflux. So when one is tired and lays down to sleep the acid then can slosh out of the stomach into the esophagus, so they end up with what we call heart burn. Not of course tis the burning by ones acid in the stomach of the esophagus.

Sincerely Yours,

Red Wine

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Posted by Max (Tuxedo Park, NY) on 11/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

a good red wine for acid reflux cure

Ok.....i just spent the last 6 hrs battling a severe case of acid reflux....i might deal with this 2 to 3 times a year, but this was the absolute worst....i actually thought it could be a heart attack so obviously that didn't help matters....i was popping pepsid and tums and downing bottled water to no avail....checked your website but had no applecider vinegar or baking soda. No way did i think red wine would do me any good, but i wanted to calm my mind so i poured two big glasses, drank them rather quickly about an hour ago....and its all gone...back to feeling myself again. Maybe someone could tell me scientifically how this could be?

Replied by Krimzen
(Atlantic City, Nj/usa)
5 out of 5 stars

The FDA and Food Industry have played a deceptive, sinister and cruel trick on acid reflux sufferers. They have disguised the cause of this "disease" in an unethical (albeit brilliant) web of lies and deception. They have capitalized upon one of those situations in life where the logical answer is wrong, and the answer that doesn't seem to make a lick of sense on the surface is right by advocating to the population that the logical answer is in fact, correct, and the solution is "X" when they know it is dead wrong but don't care, because it creates an entire industry, which yields profit.

We are led to believe that our Acid Reflux is the result of too much acid in the stomach that then "spills" into the esophagus, causing the burning sensation. However, the reality is just the opposite. There is no such thing as "Acid Reflux disease or GERD. " You experience the symptoms associated with acid reflux because your stomach is not producing enough acid and stomach gases force food and acid upwards into the esophagus. The technical diagnoses is "Hypochlorhydria, " which means "too little stomach acid" (Hydrochloric acid) and the FDA doesn't want you to figure that out, because the cure is not pharmaceutical drugs, which means you won't be giving them money to keep you on life-long chemicals that address symptoms rather than causes, until you develop side effects to medicine "X" and have to take medicine "Y" to suppress them, all resulting in more money in their pockets for essentially killing you over time.

The reason red wine helps your acid reflux is because red wine appears to help with digestion. Red wine helps with digestion because it has acidic value, just like Apple Cider. Put simply, you are adding acid to your stomach. This is why you feel more severe heartburn for the first 20 seconds when you take a sip as it travels down your throat to your stomach, followed by relief once it arrives and settles. You are effectively repopulating your stomach with the acidic value it needs to execute digestion, thus preventing gases from forcing anything into your esophagus. However, since you are led to believe your symptoms are due to too much acid in the stomach, the logical reaction is to classify red wine as a GERD/Reflux catalyst or agitator, which is why most "no-no foods lists" for Acid Reflux sufferers will include red wine.

Pharmaceutical medications essentially do the same thing, but they do it in an unhealthy, dangerous & expensive way. What they do is eliminate ALL acid in the body. When this happens, the body panics and works extremely hard to reproduce sufficient acid. Once this process completes, your symptoms go away, because your stomach now has an appropriate level of acid in it. The FDA, however, wants you to keep giving them more money, so they hope you continue to believe you have too much acid and you need these drugs to keep your acid levels under control.

Nothing seems to cure Hypochlorhydria except for lifestyle change and time. You must treat the source of the problem, which is faulty digestion. If you had proper digestion, your body wouldn't lack the acid levels required to digest nourishment in the stomach.

I personally have been on multiple prescription medications for chronic Acid Reflux before learning the truth for the past 8 years. The only medication that worked for me alleviated my symptoms momentarily at the expense of injecting 1,680 mg of sodium into my system everyday. Combine that with my daily salt intake and I'd be dead by 40, like our forefathers who used salt to preserve their foods. That being said, I have always been skeptical about holistic remedies, and given my general luck, most things don't end up working for me. That being said, I would like to share what has worked for me, so that in the event you are skeptical, have bad luck or nothing ever works for you, you can know that someone with the same problem found the following solutions:

I recommend a full spectrum digestive enzyme before or after every meal, as well as a probiotic from your local vitamin store. Certified Inner Fillet Aloe Vera Juice helps as well, but I wouldn't take it everyday because it has claims to be hard on the kidneys over a long period of time/usage. Absolutely positively stay away from anything spicy. Spicy food is the only thing that will render every trick in my bag useless and keep me up all night burning, regardless what time I ate it. There's also nothing on the planet I love more, but you have to do what you have to do. On that topic, never overeat, never eat past 7pm, and although it is very hard to follow (I am guilty of not following this often), try to limit your intake of liquid with your meals to 5-6 ounces preferably a good red wine or water. The reason for this is to not dilute your stomach acid to ensure it remains effective in digestion. Drink water at least 30 minutes after your meal. Lastly on the topic of digestion, and even harder to follow than limiting liquid intake is to not mix your food groups. The human digestive system is not well equipped to fully digest multiple food groups simultaneously. In other words, do not eat your roughage, meets & starches together. When one does this, the digestive system kicks into overdrive from being overwhelmed, and there is no way it is able to fully digest all food from all food groups when ingested simultaneously. The end result is poor digestion and putrefying food in the stomach, producing that "full for 12 hours" feeling, indigestion, heartburn, etc.

Following these guidelines will not alleviate your symptoms, however. These recommendations may heal and correct your body over time with consistent use, which is needed. While your body does this though, let's talk about the things that can manage the symptoms.

The absolute first thing you I recommend to do after reading this is buy a large bottle of Papaya Enzyme chewable tablets these guys are your best friends, and without them you are severely disadvantaged in managing your symptoms. They have a similar effect to over the counter antacid chewables, but they are enzymes, so rather than spin the acid depletion / replenish cycle, it aids your digestive system while controlling and preventing further symptoms. Most instructions say to take 3 with meals and two when needed. I often take ~25 a day.

Try to find a health foods store that carries Slippery Elm Powder. This is tree bark dust, and it coats & soothes your stomach. Mix 1-2 teaspoons into a mug of hot water & be prepared because it is ungodly nasty and the texture is like drinking mucus. That being said, provided it doesn't cause you to wake up congested and you aren't allergic to it, it is excellent in relieving symptoms.

Purchase organic roasted almonds and consume. For some reason, roasted almonds appear to alleviate symptoms. Almond milk is a good choice as well, but doesn't appear to work nearly as well as almonds in my experience.

Now the stomach needs to be trained to produce sufficient acid. This can be done by buying a bottle of raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother and drinking 3 tablespoons in 8oz of water 3 times a day. Drinking ACV has other health benefits as well, but it can be rough on the stomach for some (myself included). Apple Cider Vinegar is also quite nasty, but it replenishes acid and alleviates symptoms. Avoid ACV capsules, as they do not appear to work. Proven Old Amish Formula "Stops Acid Reflux" formula produces a similar effect to ACV, can be taken straight, and is a bit more bearable. It also contains ginger and garlic juices. However, in my case of sensitive stomach, both cause me stomach discomfort (ACV stomachache, Amish Formula bloating) so I opt to not take them. In their absence, I have found that good red wine (preferably Cabernet Sauvignon) alleviates symptoms, and appears to replenish acid levels. Another method is to purchase Hydrochloric Acid in pill form (5-HCL) and take before and/or after meals to add acid to the stomach. This is the only approach I have no experience with as of yet.

I recommend purchasing a crushed ice maker and chewing crushed ice. The ice will soothe your throat and remove all symptoms while actively consuming, but symptoms will often re-emerge shortly after you have stopped eating ice. Drinking water helps momentarily. Chewing gum also seems to remove symptoms by increasing saliva production which improves digestion, and masks the feeling of heartburn with the flavor of the gum instead. Ensure your head and upper chest is elevated when you sleep to assist gravity in keeping the acid splash from the gases where it belongs. This can be accomplished with a wedge pillow or 6-8 inches of bricks under the bed.

As a last resort, keep a box of baking soda on hand; dissolve 1/4 tsp of baking soda in 4-5 ounces of water and drink. Most recommend 8 ounces. In my experience, less water works better. This will neutralize acid so that if gases are causing splashing on the esophagus, it will be neutral & (relatively) symptom free. I often need to consume 1/4 tsp baking soda to sleep comfortably. Just be aware that 1/4 tsp of baking soda is somewhere around 300mg of sodium. That being said, it is loads better than the 1, 680mg I was consuming every night.

This is every tool in my toolbox that has had any sort of positive effect on controlling and moving towards curing my Hypochlorhydria. I recommend equipping yourself with all of these tools, but if I could only choose three I'd take the Papaya Enzymes and an Acid Producer (Red Wine, ACV, etc.) daily, while keeping the baking soda on hand for emergencies. Remember, consuming spicy foods will render every single tool ineffective. However, following these guidelines has allowed me to manage this condition, but I can't guarantee the same for everyone.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Cambridge, Ma Usa)

Very helpful. I've been working on this two months, am much better, trying to fine tune the "in between meals" problems. Tried red wine this evening, and was so pleased I went to the net. Please look up and consider the 6 mg. Melatonin per night approach, which has nearly taken away my symptoms, and the low carbohydrate diet approach. Melatonin reasons are beyond me. For low carb, many people have an imbalance between fungus and good biotics, and need to rebalance. The fungal contingent is happy eating carbs/sugar/fast burn refined anything. If that is your problem, a proprietary product called Candex is the best I've found (although there are many other herbal approaches). It takes months, but you will automatically lose weight (be prepared if you are thin), and it will balance out. Good luck to all, and thanks for the confirmation on red wine.

Red Wine Vinegar

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Posted by Franklin (Snead, AL) on 03/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had terrible acid reflux and was afraid of getting esophagus cancer. My acid reflux was so bad my throat would swell. Twice daily, drink one fourth cup of redwine vinegar in three fourths glass of water until well and repeat if acid reflux returns. Give God the glory. I'm totally free of acid reflux.

Replied by Jay
(Philly, Pa)
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar has been my acid reflux/GERD cure of choice recently as it has really seemed to help more than any medicine's I've tried. I ran out of Apple Cider Vinegar and searched to see if Red Wine Vinegar had the same sort of benefits. I saw a few people on here said it worked, so I figured I would give it a try. Sure enough, 2 teaspoons in about 2 cups of water did the trick like magic.

The scientific explanation:
The acid in the vinegar aides the digestive process. Stomachs can sometime produce too much acid. However, more likely someone's stomach with GERD or chronic acid reflux actually produces not enough acid or too much alkaline.

The acid from the vinegar helps digest and process the remnants of food that hasn't been able to be digested naturally.

I like to think of my stomach as a mini-science experiment. Taking extraordinary amounts of TUMS or acid reduction medicine to remedy the solution is usually short term. Although it's sometime painful, in the long run it's better to find something like vinegar or other natural remedy that isn't harmful to your body that you can take on a daily basis.

Reduce Stress

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Posted by Gislain (Phoenix, AZ) on 05/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Stress was cause of my Acid Reflux:

3 weeks ago today after lunch at work, I had experienced some acid reflux pain. It was beyond heartburn and made me concerned. I wasn't sure why I was having this so I researched online. The cause: Not digesting my food properly.

So I spent money on digestive enzymes and stress reduction supplements - $50. Then I returned the next morning buying a Chinese herbal remedy supplement - $30. After not sleeping still from the pain at night, I decided to see the doctor and get a prescription for Prevacid - $25. I tested my ph and it was 5.5 so I bought a body ph reduction supplement - $25. Then another supplement - $20. All of this with no relief.

Finally, I tried Apple Cider Vinegar which helped ($4) and allowed me to sleep at night, but during the day and in the evenings, the suffering continued. I couldn't eat this and can't eat that. I overall dropped 10 pounds in almost 3 weeks. I was convinced I had an ulcer or maybe CANCER!

Finally after consulting with family and self-evaluation and insufficient funds at the bank, I found the root-cause of my Acid Reflux - Stress and Worrying!!! I tried relaxation techniques and positive thinking, and last night at dinner, I ate a veggie burger with a WHEAT bun and salad with RANCH DRESSING and FRIED SHRIMP and HOT SOUP and had almost zero problems afterwards. Today, I have had no Apple Cider Vinegar and the stress is down. My Acid Reflux is so much better and is improving. My esophagus is so imflammed still and will need time to fully heal. But in my case, my Stress and Worry caused my problem. Before you decide that you are stuck with Acid Reflux forever, try relaxing first. That may be your problem - Stress!!

I was having stress at work and tend to be a worry-wart at heart. I am my mother's child. She died of pancreatic cancer at age 51. She was under constant stress all her life. I'll be 25 next month and plan on living a long time. Stress will not kill me!

Also, another important thing too is to be calm when I eat. That makes such a big difference!

Replied by Ali
(Portland, OR USA)

Ref: Posting of 05/19/2008: Gislain from Phoenix, AZ

You are absolutely correct. Stress can certainly cause acid reflux. Then the person is told to take PPI's or H2 Blockers. The next thing they know they're on med's for life. Avoid worry and stress. Don't get over weight (if you are lose weight), eat right (smaller portions and healthy). Avoid all medications that can cause reflux (and there is a lot of them out there, prescription and OTC). Lastly, practice relaxful breathing, close your eyes and envision a calm place.

Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips

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Posted by Brian (Campbellsvile, KY) on 03/12/2009

Salt & Vinegar potato chips? I don't have acid reflux but I've noticed testimonials about ACV or Vinegar + Baking Soda. ACV or Vinegar are both forms of acetic acid. Baking Soda is sodium bicarbonate, I don't want to bore everyone with a lot of chemistry mumbo jumbo so I'll get to the point. When you mix the two (acetic acid + sodium bicarbonate) you get sodium acetate which is the same thing used to flavor Salt & Vinegar potato chips. I thought someone might be interested in trying the chips as a junkfood junkie cure.

Replied by Lukki7
(Ajax, Ontario)
5 out of 5 stars

Yep I have tried salt and vinegar potato chips and they worked quite nicely


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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My friend has suffered from chronic acid reflux for years. Doctors put her on stomach medication. Last month she was talking about how her nerve pills (Klonopin) are causing her stomach to act up. I told her to go buy a jar of sauerkraut. According to my other friend's German born mom, Deutsche Kuche German Style Sauerkraut sold at ALDI Grocerystore USA is the most like the kraut she grew up on and the best to buy.

I told her to eat about a tablespoon daily. Doing so is known to aid in digestion and prevent constipation. Sauerkraut is low in calories and high in fiber. Sauerkraut will improve her digestion within a few days.

She saw results using this treatment within 3 days and now her whole extended family are eating raw sauerkraut right from the jar.





Posted by Gokhals (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 02/20/2013 36 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Acid reflux, especially in people over 25 is generally caused by too little acid, rather than too much acid in the stomach. I saw miraculous results with unpasteurized sauerkraut on my friends and family who had GERD.

Sauerkraut is made by mixing shredded cabbage with a tablespoon of sea salt, covering up with a cabbage leaf and leaving on the counter 3-5 days, until the cabbage is soured. Then refrigerate. Eat a tablespoon when you get acid reflux, or related stomach problems. They will disappear instantaneously. Your heartburn will vanish. Your bloating will vanish. Your stomachache will vanish.

The whole proton pump inhibitor industry is a gigantic scam. PPIs are also extremely detrimental to health.

Posted by Linda (Dayton, Ohio) on 11/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I noticed that saurkraut had not been mentioned for relief of acid reflux. I know that lots of german delis serve this with their meals....The fermentation of the kraut is really good for the digestive system...really helpful to decrease acid reflux.

Sea Salt

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Posted by Ken (Midwest) on 01/29/2017 48 posts
5 out of 5 stars

FWIW, sea salt, any kind will also give instant relief to acid reflux. I stumbled into a few years ago, and brought a small container to a weekend seminar in Albuquerque in 2012, and folks seen me using it and they wanted to try it too, lol, but it was good for all interested. I carried it in a small 15-ml nalgene bottle on the ready at a moments notice. I no longer need it, cuz I got a hold of some of my dietary issues. Anyways, others had relux and needed the salt and so were grateful, and I was glad to share.

Sea Salt
Posted by Bob (Moscow, PA) on 04/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

The water cure has helped countless people quickly get rid of acid reflux and without cost. All that is required is to quit caffeine & alcohol while drinking half your body weight in ounces of water along with 1/4 tsp. of salt, preferably unprocessed sea salt per day and the acid problem should be gone in a few days. 2 glasses of water with a pinch of salt in most cases will quickly stop acid reflux discomfort. Anyone not quickly cured, just email me. All we ask is that you in turn pass it on to others. Bob

Replied by Kenny
(Oak Lawn, Il.)

I was just surfing the net about acid reflux and found this site. I've read about ACV, a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water, drinking Aloe Vera Juice and a few others and haven't tried any of them as yet but you mentioned salt and something just came to mind. This might sound strange at first, but hear me out.

I have an aquarium full of fish, I test the water every week. When the water's PH gets too high(too much acid in the water) or too low (not enough acidity in the water) I add some sea salt and it levels out the PH in the water to where it's supposed to be no matter if it's high or low, I guess it neutralizes the acid in the water so I'm figuring that that would do the same for my stomach acid whether I have too much acid or not enough and that should alleviate the acid reflux. It seems to make sense.

I'm a 54 year old male and have been stressed out lately. I'm currently taking 40 mg of prolisec every 12 hours and I am having some acid reflux symptoms right now, no pain yet, but I can feel a faint taste of acid in my throat and the back of my mouth so I'm drinking 2-8 oz. glasses of bottled spring water and added a pinch of salt to each glass. It seems like it's helping. I've only had about 3 attacks in the last 9 months but when I do get them, they are extremely painful and last anywhere from 12-14 hours each time so I don't want another.. The last two I had happened at night about 4 am. The first one woke me up at 8 am and I was in the hospital by 4 pm because I didn't know what it was, thought it was a heart attack and by 4 pm I couldn't stand the pain any longer. They gave me Dyladin pain medicine in an I.V. and it went away immediately. Don't suffer if you don't have to, go to the hospital's ER. Tell them your pain is at 12 on a scale of 1-10 and they will give you some relief. I'll let you know how the salt water works too.

Sesame Oil

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Posted by Nylle (Falls Church, Fairfax County) on 08/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

The best and most effective cure for acid reflux, even the most serious case, is to drink one to two tablespoonful of Sesame oil on a empty stomach first thing in the morning. It will be difficult to stomach during the first few days but there after you will acquire a taste for it. Also take the same quantity fifteen minutes after the night meal. Please do not drink any water immediately after drinking the oil it will defeat the purpose.

It has to be taken every day for about ten days for a permanent cure.

The roasted sesame seed oil is more effective than the cold pressed and it has to be 100% pure oil. This oil is available at any Chinese grocery. It is also very necessary that one drinks hot water with one's meals. Drinking cold or iced water or drinks after each meal will only prolong the ailment and inhibit cure. Spicy and/or oily food for the night meal is a no, no. It will only aggravate the stomach acid.

Replied by Hannah
(Paris, France)

Hi Nylle, I'm interested in the sesame oil. I have some virgin oil that I started using for oil pulling, but I am not sure I understand which oil you are recommending. So in the scheme of Extra Virgin, Virgin, Refined and Pure, you are saying to get Pure is that correct?

Will it specify that the sesame seeds have been roasted on the bottle, or is the name "Pure" simply a way of stating that roasting is a part of the process?Are there any brands you would recommend?

I currently live in Paris, France and the nearest Chinese grocery is not near at all. I did see a Pure sesame oil at my local grocery store but I wasn't sure if it would do.

Also, is this a cure for GERD or only acid reflux? Thanks for your help!