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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Orange Peel  

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Posted by Christine (Nottinham, Englandhi Ap) on 07/27/2011
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hi Apil glad the aloe is helping your reflux. I have tried most of the remendies on the site and they help a little. Over the last few days I have trying orange peel, Im just using well washed satsuma peel, i wanted to try it first before buying the extract. Its helping and the frothing from the gut seems to be a lot less this morning. Goggle it and see what you think. Hope this helps.

Orange Peel Extract  

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Posted by Leslie (New Castle, PA) on 02/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I went off the "purple pill" after being on it for 12 years for severe acid reflux. The reason I went off it was because I had developed a lower eye lid twitch. When I stopped the "purple pill", the twitching stopped. So I had to find an alternative way to deal with my reflux problem and stumbled upon this website. The ACV and baking soda mixture w/8 oz. water helped but only lasted a couple of hours and then I would have to drink it again. I heard about Orange Peel Extract (1000mg. every other day) and purchased it recently. Let me tell you I took it for the first time yesterday and I feel great! I was nervous about today being that you only take it every other day but so far I feel good - no reflux. I did have to cut out my cup of coffee in the morning because it seems to aggrevate the situation but other than that no issues.

Replied by Leslie
New Castle, PA

I took prescription medication for eleven years for acid reflux. I started to develop a twitch in my eye and noticed that it went away when I stopped taking the prescription. So I decided I had to find an alternative and I stumbled upon this website. It is the best thing that ever happened to me! After reading a ton of suggestions on how to get rid of my reflux problems, here's what I did to alleviate my acid reflux issues. At first my symptoms were horrible but hang in there it will get better. First I tried the ACV and baking soda and it helped a little bit but not enough. I then switched to 1,000mg. of orange peel extract and took it every other day for 20 days (I have some on hand in case it flares up). I noticed it is best to take the orange peel extract in the evening, otherwise you may find yourself burping alot throughout the day and it can be unpleasant. I noticed a big improvement but it still wasn't completely gone. I bought organic liquid aloe vera. I take it as directed everyday and things are going great! My reflux issues are minimal now.

EC: Sold as "d-Limonene" supplements...

Posted by Jake (Tampa, Florida) on 01/28/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering from heartburn for many years. I've been taking different medicines and found no relief. Just lots of medical bills and switching from Prevacid to Nexium to Prilosec and drinking lots of Maalox. I found online that Orange Peel Extract can cure heartburn. I was skeptical, but I decided to try it anyway. After using the second softgel tablet I felt total relief from heartburn. I thought it was an absolute miracle! For about six months I didn't have any heartburn! My old doctor did approve of herbal medicines but my new doctor doesn't. I have to take their medicines again and I feel miserable everyday. I don't eat regularly like I was. That's all those medicines do is cover the problem up, but your body counters the medicine by producing more acid. Prolonged use of meds can lead to cancer. Orange Peel Extract actually prevents certain cancers. I am planning on changing doctors soon and going back to Orange Peel Extract.

Replied by Lindsey
Oakland, Ca

This is the first time I've written on here and I was trying to repond to Jake from Tampa, but not sure if this will work. Jake mentioned that his new doctor didn't approve of his herbal medicines and now "has to take" their medicines and feels horrible everyday. Jake, I just want you to know that obviously you can do whatever you want. You don't need your doctors approval. If orange peel worked for you, it works, that's it, nevermind the doctor and their western medicine!


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Posted by Doris (San Antonio, Tx.) on 07/17/2008
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I have certainly enjoyed reading the comments. Just warning on taking Nexum for long periods of time. I have suffered Acid Reflux for years and was prescribed Nexum and the Doctor never took me off it. Well I have a new Doctor and I told her how I had been having Pain in my Hip joints seemed like where the ball of it is. She then told me that was one of the side effects of Nexum on bones. So we decided it was best to get off of it. Tried Zantac and by the 3rd day I returned to Nexum. Well now I'm about to take the ACV challenge! After so many years of abusing Aspirin etc. for Migraines that was the effect on my stomach, esophogus was Acid Reflux. My daughter and friend suggested ACV and so will let you all know how it helps.

Posted by Mike (Madison, WI) on 04/15/2008
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Hi, I've tried sooo many things: All brands of antacid tablets, prescription Prilosec and Protonix, all brands of OTC acid reducers, Bismuth products, etc, etc. I will probably try many of the things I have read about here, however, that said, I and all of us sufferers must first stop the serious and deadly esophagus and throat damage IMMEDIATELY. We must use gravity to our advantage for a change instead of our worst enemy. This damage is not an issue as we go through our day in an upright position. All the damage is being done every hour we lay flat and sleep. All that acid lays in our esophagus and throat eating away at and destroying our precious membranes. Purchase one of those steep wedge type pillows or [if you're wealthy] a bed that will allow you crank up the head end. That will keep the acid in the stomach where it belongs allowing the membranes a chance to heal. Remember, the throat and esophagus was NEVER intended by natural design to have any regular contact with stomach acid. This is very serious and urgent for those of us whose stomach valves are damaged or defective. I've read reference to stomach acid "seeping" back into the esophagus. Mine doesn't seep; it FLOWS. Heck, if I bend over quickly to pick something up, I can get a mouthfull of vomit! Nice huh? Anyway, my point here is to make gravity your friend and stop letting stomach acid eat away all night at your delicate membranes. Get yourself upright as much as possible FIRST then start experimenting with the "cures". Good luck to all of us. Mike

Posted by Mary (Atalissa, Iowa) on 03/30/2008
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for those who think that neutralizing your stomach is the way to go think back to when your stomach problems started.did it seem to get worse the more you took antacids your stomach acid is far more acidic than anything you are going to digest. nuetralizing the stomach acid interfers with your bodies natural ph, every time you take a antacid your perpetuating the problem. if milk does not work and taking pills every day for years does not help, what does that prove? that years of neutralizing stomach acid does not solve the problem. the market is full of over the counter antacids if these cured you, you would not need to take them every day, sure they neutralize stomach acid but if the industry cured everyone's acid problems they would not have a market any longer. is that not what they are, marketing a product to make money. i had been on medicines for ten years, changed my diet everything you're supposed to do. it only got worse. only after taking kombucha tea and acv did i relieve my heart burn and acid reflux i have been off any medicine for nine months. i can drink a little before a spicy meal and not have a lick of heart burn.

Posted by Mary (British Columbia, Canada) on 01/07/2008
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For about a year I have been bothered periodically by acid reflux. In December 2007, it traumatized my throat and I was having trouble swallowing vitamin pills. The doctor urged me to take Pantaloc. I took one pill and within a day developed erythema nodosum with excruciatingly painful joints and red blotches all over my lower legs. The doctor tested for all other causes, but it was likely an allergic reaction to the sulfur in the drug. Ironically I took Ibuprofen for the joint pain which only made the acid reflux worse. I also now notice that I have developed vertical ridges on my nails and loss of the white half moon on all but the thumbs. The Internet tells me that this is due to a B12 deficiency due to use of antacids. Do a search on "B12 Antacids nail ridges" to read about the potential adverse effects (memory loss, etc). I immediately swore off antacids (even Tums) and went hunting online for natural acid reflux remedies and found your great site. Yesterday I used ACV in water and it cleared up the reflux almost immediately. I will be purchasing the organic today. MANY THANKS!

Replied by Rosesgift
Grafton, Wi, Usa
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Thank you Mary!! I thought I was losing my mind. I have been taking over the counter ant-acid meds for years with little or no success. My memory loss and dizziness has increased since I have been taking the drugs. Someone told me about ACV to take away my acid reflux. I thought I would do some research and it looks like it works for most people. I will try it and hope that works for me. These past few years have been a nightmare and the doctor just keeps telling me "lets try this....ect"

What was your name again?? Thank you again!

Posted by Scott (Atlanta, GA) on 01/01/2008
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I have had acid reflux for several years now. I was on a prescription for Prilosec before it was OTC. Usually only took a pill when I felt the reflux coming on strong. Over time, it has gotten worse with many reflux attacks daily. Two months ago, I started taking Prilosec OTC every day to see if I could fend it off. It worked great and I rarely felt any reflux all day long. Then, I had three violent episodes of Vertigo....which is similar to being spun around while you are violently seasick and stays like that for about 5 hours. Turns out this is rare but known side-effect of Prilosec. Needless to say, I'm off it now. I am relying on Pepsid AC now which works great but only last for a few hours and gets expensive. I'm planning to try the ACV next.

Posted by Rose (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have had esophageal spasms on and off for 7 years. Diag. with reflux and put on Nexium. Nexium caused many side effects including urinary tract infection due to change in pH (suppression of acid). No help from Nexium. Found OTC meds for asthma containing expectorant and ephedra. Taking only small amounts (1/4-1/2 pill) was enough to quiet spasms and reduce mucous production. Be careful of ephedra, however, since it can increase BP. The small amount doesn't seem to add to BP, though. The docs do give nitroglyerine for spasms, but this works just as well. (incidentally, that feeling of "choking" is the esophagus spasming.) Have heard digestive anzymes with Betaine HCl will help reflux (probably same mechanism as ACV). Hope these suggestions help others.

Posted by Terri (Carmel, Indiana) on 07/08/2007
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I have suffered from Acid Reflux for years and took the "purple pill", which helped my symptoms most of the time. In May, I was rushed to the ER with horrific stomach pains. After a colonoscopy, upper GI, barrage of blood work, it was discovered that I had pancreatitis. Very strange since I don't fit the profile for the disease (don't drink, gallbladder removed, healthy diet). My chiropractor told me to research the purple pill and imagine my shock when the possible side effects of the pill was PANCREATITIS - of which there is no cure!! I immediately went off the pill and found your site while looking for a cure for the acid reflux. I am hoping the ACV works! If anyone is on the purple pill, BEWARE.

Replied by Sharon
Vineland, Nj
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Yes be careful with OTC. I suffer from 2 stomach conditions(one GERD). Purple pill just quit working and within a short time going off I got much much worse. It has turned into severe indigestion, horrible nausea and vomiting off and on. Sometimes it gets so bad I have to dart out of a store because I get so sick to my stomach. Been getting upper stomach pains paid with it sometimes too. Please try natural stuff 1st don't use this garbage. My slippery elm doesn't seem to work anymore so now I am starting apple cider, severe problems start with 2 teasp, or table?

Palm Oil  

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Posted by Phummy (Evanston, Illinois) on 10/13/2012
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In Africa, Palm oil is used to give relief for most abdominal problems. Just take 2-3 tablespoons at onset of the problem.


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Posted by Sara (Knoxville, Tennessee) on 02/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

i have had acid reflux since I was in grade school trying one perscription then the next all working for a while then not at all. my heartburn comes with headache, nausa, and aching in my arms and legs.

i am 32 now and I was walking through the mall in knoxville, tn and ran across a store called vitamin world. this was my lucky day. the person behind the counter suggested papaya enzyme tablets. they taste good, not chalky like tums

and best of all they really work. I suggest you try these.

Replied by Cindy
St George, Ks


Posted by Rocky Raccoon (Humboldt, AZ) on 09/30/2008
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Comment is regarding acid reflux. I have horrible daily heartburn at least two times per day. It has become progressively worse since 2000. During that year I was consuming almost 10 TUMS per day if not more. An old Civil Engineer (Russell Taylor) told me that TUMS cause Alheimers Disease because it contains Aluminum. So immediately, I decided to try papaya pills that he hightly reccomended. They work but only last a few minutes to a couple of hours. Reading about ACV has inspired me to give ACV a try. Hopefully it will make a difference. I'll keep you informed of my progress.

Posted by John (Slana, Alaska) on 01/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to share the cure for Acid Reflux with y'all. I suffered with Acid Reflux for years; I couldn't drink a glass of water without an attack, until I tried the following method.

On a daily basis take a couple Papaya Enzyme tablets and a Fenugreek capsule with each meal; and once a day drink a 16oz fruit smoothy w/Aloe Vera juice replacing 2/3s the apple juice used to make the smoothy. Within three days, my reflux was gone. Within two weeks I was eating anything I wanted with no reflux at all. I haven't had Acid Reflux since then (four years.)

P.S. I'm the kind of guy who enjoys a bowl of chili at midnight; this cure works.

Posted by Jorge (New York , US) on 04/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

There was time when acid reflux took over my life and literally I end up sitting in the back of an ambulance rushed to a nearest hospital for breathing problems due to acid reflux. One time a friend of mine suggested aloe vera and papaya and thanks to that I in a matter of days all my symptoms entirely disappeared. If you are suffering from acid reflux on a very severe case like I did, you might want to consider this other option. So here is the magic recipe:

1 leaf aloe Vera
1 papaya (ripe)
2 cups Orange Juice
and ice.

So the whole thing is basically prepared as a really healthy smoothie. cut two inches of the aloe vera lea and scoop the gel from inside into the blender (DO NOT USE THE GREEN LEAF ONLY THE GEL) Then cut a slide or two of the beautiful ripe papaya into the blender add orange juice and enough ice so the whole mixture will take the smoothie consistency. Drink two or three times a week and the results can be seen almost immediately. If aloe Vera cures severe second degree burns imagine how great will do inside your stomach. I was reading about the properties of these two amazing "titana" yes that's how I call aloe Vera and Papaya. Papaya has a an enzyme that also helps digestion but combined with aloe vera is like having Superman and Batman at your call. Good luck