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Posted by Joselyn (Manchester, Connecticut, United States) on 02/05/2012
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Worked Temporarily

Okay so since Christmas day I've had what is believed to be acid reflux. My mother has it and said it is probably acid reflux, I saw my physician once and he also said it is probably acid refluc. ACV used to work for me great... But now it doesn't. Nothing helps at all anymore. Apples helped for a week and now they don't. I was prescribed prilosec and I took it for a full two weeks. That didn't work. Baking soda also didn't work. Can anyone help me! ? I got four tubes of blood taken out yesterday to see if I have other things wrong with me. I should get the results back tomorrow. I don't get heartburn at all, though. I get waves of nausea every day and feeling like something is in my throat. THe bad thing is.... This usually affects me at night. I do get it during the day, but at night it's horrible. I sleep propped up and I STILL get it. I was up from 11 pm to 400 am because I was so nauseous. I attend highschool and wake up at 5 in the morning, so this really sucks when this happens on a school day, whether it's night or day.