Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method by Bill Munro

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Posted by Syriana (Cardiff, Wales) on 04/20/2011

Never keep undiluted h202 food grade in glass containers, it'll explode!! Plastic containers only!!

My question is, is it ok to nebulise 3% h202 while on oxycontin slow release pain killers? I tried it today and my lungs and nose feel a bit sore even when I reduced it to 1and 1/2%. Mind, I did smoke a cig 5mins later! I also have just had a full hip replacement, but not too concerned about that. My lungs feel a bit painful, has anyone else had this while nebulising, and is it maybe a possible Herxheimer reaction? Gratefull for n e help or comments thanks x

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Posted by Jason (Witham, Essex, England) on 01/19/2012
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HI, I tried inhaling 3% HP from the chemist (with stabilisers) 11 days ago. I inhaled about 4 sprays about 3 times.

Ever since this I have had a burning sensation in the top of my chest, has anyone else experienced this? If so, how long does it last and should I seek medical advice?

Any help much appreiciated,


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Posted by Sweetberry (Ny) on 01/19/2012

Hi Jason from Witham, Essex, England,
Don't take it. Only food grade hp and lower the dose to one spray and gradually work up to your desired dosage hope it will work.

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Posted by Kelly (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 03/26/2011

just a couple of observations: if you are having adverse reactions either

a)you are using it incorrectly with the wrong dilution ratio of h202 to water (probably the main cause)

b) have a sensitivity to it, just as some people take 500mg's of a pain killer whereas, others may only take 200mg's for the same effect. *****Theraputic doses can vary from person to person even with natural remedies*****.

Also, I smoked for many many years but have quit and now see the IRONY of being afraid to try BMIM while once upon a time I was a 2-pack-a-dayer (each and every cigarette containing over 4,000 deadly chemicals ugh! ). I think any of these remedies should be approached with research and starting small up to what works for you. God Bless!

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Posted by Ryan (San Francisco, Ca) on 03/18/2011

i went to the local drug store and the nasel sprays were 15 dollars! So I bought an empty mini spray bottle (the kind for putting hair spray and that kind of stuff when you fly on a plane so it takes up less room. Im wondering if it has as fine of a mist as the nasal spray. Im not sure if the HP is actually getting into my lungs or just my throat. thanks!

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Posted by Bev (Long Beach, Ca) on 03/18/2011

Wal Mart has the peroxide in the spray bottle.

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Posted by Larry (Dubuque, Iowa) on 03/02/2011
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I use half 3% hydrogen peroxide and half water via nebulizer and mask, when I feel a cold or sinus infection coming on, or if I have an ear ache, which can often lead to a cold, or vice versa.

The technique I use is to breath shallow through the mouth for half the time, and shallow through the nose the other half. Now it can be irritating to the nose, so just cut back on that if need be. And every now and then take normal deep breaths without the nebulizer. But inhale the nebulizer mist for a total of five minutes. Do this three to four times a day until the symptoms subside, for me this often occured after the first day.

I don't recommend taking deep breaths of the nebulized hydrogen peroxide, as it can be very irritating and cause bronchospasm, so asthmatics, try this remedy at your own risk. You must be well hydrated and have a good cough mechanism to do this remedy, because the bronchial mucosa will swell with phlegm, and you need to have a good cough mechanism. If your cough if weak, or if you're asthmatic, perhaps you can limit yourself to only inhaling lightly only through the nose and focus on the sinuses.

You may cough up a lot of phlegm, and if the sinuses are involved, mucus may literally start pouring out of you. The phlegm may be foamy in appearance, which shows the action of the hydrogen peroxide.

I first tried this about seven years ago, used it for maybe four cold and flu seasons, and haven't had a cold or flu since.

Also, at the first sign of an earache, I get in the shower and wash my ears and rinse, then I tilt my head and pour a bit of plain white vinegar in the ear, then I kind of tug the lobe to get the vinegar down in there, then I stand there for a minute, then I rinse the ear, tilting the head the other way to get the water out. Then I do the other ear just the same. I repeat this two or three times. Then I do the whole process two or three times a day, or until the symptoms subside, which is often in a day or two. I used to get ear infections all the time that required antibiotics, but since starting this method eight years ago, I haven't had an earache episode that required antibiotics.

I keep a bottle of white vinegar in the shower, often putting a bit of vinegar in the ears as a prophylactic. White vinegar is also an excellent aftershave if you get bumps and pimples like do, the from splashing it on is exquisite.

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Posted by Frogant (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on 02/26/2011

After finding the info on inhaling H2O2 (thank you Bill Munro! ) I want to add this to my daily regimen.

My first question may seem stupid but I would rather be sure.

Is it important to inhale on an empty stomach? as with H2O2 ingestion. The thing is when I inhale (have tried only once) Im sure that some 3% H2O2 gets swallowed even tho I spit it out, so could that mean no food in the stomach would be best?

The 3% H2O2 really fizzes in my mouth, reacting with my saliva I guess - should I spit this out or swallow it?

Thanking you in advance.

I will post updates as I see results

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Posted by Nannyb (London, England) on 04/23/2013

Hi - I've just read your post and realise it was written some years ago but would be interested to know if you found long lasting relief from COPD with inhaling H2O2. Please could you give me more details (I know about dilution) but would appreciate more info on how you inhale, how much, how often. Thanking you in anticipation. Nanny B.

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Posted by Ann (Uk) on 03/21/2016

Hi all, This site is great but also drives me crazy as many posts are not specific information for the newer user.

To Mama to Many - you said "By the way, when I use hydrogen peroxide in the nebulizer, I use 5 drops of peroxide to 35 drops of distilled water 2-4 times a day or as needed".

Can you explain what percentage H202 (for the 5 drops) did you use? Was it 3%? Then to that you added 35 drops of distilled water - what is the end H202 solution percentage? If I am reading some of the other entries it seems a 1.5 solution is good for nebulizing? Did your breathing improve and how long did it take?

How many inhalations of the nebulizer do you use each time (I assume it is a nebulizer with a nose/mouth piece). I don't have a nebulizer yet but aim to get a mini one.

Was interested in knowing 1) if the size of particle of the mist matters - should one get the finest particle size nebulizer - if so do you know what particle size would be optimum? and 2) are some nebulizers better than others, eg stronger power?

If I do the PUMP SPRAY method - which I feel would be difficult to get into the lower lung - I would use a 3% H202 directly and not add more distilled water? Is that correct?

I am looking to "cure" COPD!

If using H202 in a neti pot to clear sinuses anyone know if straight 3% H202 is OK (so not diluting in water)

Thanks in advance to any responders with specific answers to my questions. Much appreciated. Ann UK

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Posted by Mayii (Greenwich, Connecticut) on 11/04/2010

I had never heard of this technique. I'm one of the person that get a cold pretty quick, and if I don't take care of it soon I get bronchitis. This has really help me. I'm reading this for my biology class and it has really help me... Thank you so much for everything, keep up your good work.!

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Posted by Samdi230 (Brantford, Ontario Canada) on 10/12/2010

To earth link sir
Concerning bill Munro. He's hapea the way he trite himself. It's fine with me. First I'm man of 76 years old I been fight back COPD since 2003 I'm having all the med DR has describe to me be side that I'm doing some EX. Think was OK tell august 4/2010. 75 days Early I ask my DR for antibiotic and on august 4/2010. I ask again he told me too early I say my pelghm dark yellow green and coughing too many 25 to 35 in 24 H. He say OK delay the antibiotic if you can that was on 4 of august on 29 of august I start discharge dark yellow green thick ugly stuff , my bronchitis was full of bacteria now I cant go to my DR for more the same. Early I was intrusting in H2O2 I read a lots abut it. On august 08/10 I was siting having coffee with friend he ask me that is this I say what ? What he finger point to my hand I t west my hand and see a wound of 3MM/6MM I thought I could hurt my self. Back to august 29 /10 because the antibiotic wasn't working I derided to start H2o2. As they recommend 35% h2o2 bring it down to 3.5% fill it in winnow spray but tel. spray twice in ½ cup of destelet water 3 time a day. And cover my hand wound 15 to 20 times a day. By the way from august the 8 to august 9 my wound grow 4 time it was skin cancer. Douring the first 4 days 3 strange think has happen 1 my gas discharge was so smiley even I can't stand it. 2 my coughing discharge has increase 15% deference shape watery and lighter cooler my hand wound shrank 4 times. Now on october12/10 am hardly to cough my hand wound just gone no more smile and my breathing get better tankx to H2o2

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Posted by Kris (Cocoa Beach) on 08/14/2017

Maggie, I have a question on here about the dilution aspects of the Peroxide. I am informed about Food Grade, 35% and 3%. I've used in Vaporizor and felt fantastic, but it Detoxed me to stomach cramping. Would like to use in Nebulizer! EVERYTHING I read is confusing about "Exact" dilution! Some sites have Mcg, cc, drops, dilate 3% even more. No Homeopathic Doc's here. Read that you used in Nebulizer. What exact amount did you put in cup? Did you mix 3% with distilled water? I appreciate ANY help!

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Posted by Joan (Brooklyn, New York) on 08/01/2010
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I have emphysema. I get tested every 6 months to check the oxygen in my lungs.. Before I inhaled 3% peroxide my test prove my COPD was getting worse... But this time, after inhaling peroxide for three weeks my lungs have greatly improved. My pulmonologist was impressed at the technician's report that he tested me on difficult state of the art machines that measure the capacity of air in each test and he indeed reported much better than the previous three years.

I didn't tell her what I was doing. I was afraid she would try and stop me... Joan

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Posted by Michael (Kingston, Jamaica) on 07/20/2010
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H2o2 healed my chest condition

I used h2o2 as suggested by Bill Munro, inhaling it some time ago when I had a wheezing chest and cough that wouldn't go away for over four months. After I started using the hydrogen peroxide, it went away in roughly one week. AND HAS NEVER RETURNED. I still use it occasionally now whenever anything goes wrong.

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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 06/30/2010

There's a rumor going around on a few other websites that Bill Munro, creator of the H202 inhalation method, has Alzheimer's. In fact, a couple days ago we posted a feedback from Carolyn on this subject. Well, we just received a telephone call from Bill asking us to please remove Carolyn's post as he does not have Alzheimer's! We did.

Bill told us that there is one man posting nasty things about him on various websites after he called Bill 3 times to harass him with question after question. He apparently told Bill that he should never have posted the H202 inhalation cure on the net because Bill is not a doctor.

Bill admits that he doesn't have a great memory for names, but for sure he doesn't have Alzheimer's.

We love you, Bill!

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Posted by Geoff (Birch Run, Michigan, Usa) on 04/10/2010
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For the posts about colds/flu working, I have not experienced anything positive from this. I did the emptying out of the nasal spray inhalation method. As soon as I started to feel the throat itching and the nose getting stuffy, I started. First day I did it four times with around four to five sprays each time. All that happened with myself is that I got more sick as you would expect with a cold. The only difference was the my lungs are achy now and I had the nastiest taste in my mouth. Just to see if there has been any benefit, I continued in the morning (after having a fever all night). Still no change. The only thing that has help thus far has been the cold medicine I finally taken. Wish I could say different, but so far, the cold seems to be running a normal course with no benefit of peroxide inhalation.

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Posted by Nancy (Surprise, Az) on 03/09/2010

I would be interested in hearing from people who are inhaling hydrogen peroxide and their experiences of doing so. Please contact me at: [email protected] I would like to ask questions. Thank you.

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Posted by Tenderfoot (Las Cruces, Nm Usa) on 02/26/2010

I nebulized with hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver for a few weeks and did not experience any cold symptoms. But it did seem to loosen up more mucus with some gagging at first and helped a little with COPD, but am now currently nebulizing with liquid MSM.

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Posted by Pat Pickett (AZ) on 04/22/2021

Actually, Bill Munro said he used the regular drug store 3% hydrogen peroxide, stabilizers and all!

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Posted by Saba (Mentor, Oh) on 01/28/2010

I'm not an expert on Hydrogen Peroxide but I know we earthclinic family should care for each other. I just want you to make sure that taking it every hour is safe. God Bless.

H. Pylori
Posted by Jeanette (Surrey, Canada) on 01/08/2010

Do you know if the hydrogen peroxide inhalation spray will kill the h pylori virus?

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Kelly (Louisville, Ky) on 01/03/2010
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Hydrogen peroxide inhalation

I tried Mr. Munro's technique after 6 days of chest and head congestion. I don't get sick very often, I do smoke regularly and when I do get sick it almost always goes to my chest because of the smoking I am sure. The H2O2 inhalation was a last ditch effort to clear up the longest flu-like sickness I have ever had! Fortunately, I do feel much better after only one day. I am not completely "healed", but my lungs can breath deeper, and I can cough up what was so thick in the lungs before. I am going to continue to use the technique for a few more days and see what happens. I must admit, I am not doing the same amount that Mr. Munro suggests, but I am inhaling the 3% stuff from the drugstore and about 4 inhales each time, about 4 times yesterday and twice already this morning (been up for about 4 hours). Still coughing, but doesn't hurt and stuff just comes right out! Thanks for the help and I am so greatful for old farmboys like Mr. Munro!

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 01/06/2016

HI U JENNIFER, , , , , , , , , , , , , , yeah , I just a monkey see, monkey do and had recommended this to our preacher's wife for her father. He smoked and now has COPD. After he started the H2O2 inhalation he began to cough up black stuff. Scared his mule and his doctor told him to stop.

Been down this trail with other friends so when they get spooked, I back out and soon they die. I just pass on what I read. I don't do experimentation nor know squat. I just read a lot.


Posted by John (Brantford, Ontario, Canada) on 11/06/2009

l am 70 yrs old and fairly healthy, but l have diabetes and high blood pressure. l just started taking h202 today. Using a sprayer to inhale, 35% food grade diluted to 3% and doing 4 sprays 3 times a day. l have never read any comments yet about diabetes. Does anyone know of any results if this will help diabetics?

Posted by Michael (Green Bay, Wisconsin) on 04/09/2010
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I'm a diabetic on oral medications including high blood pressure. My glucose levels would not drop below 300 a year ago despite fasting. I started with a maintanance dose of 3 drops/8 oz distilled water x3 a day. 2 hours after my third dose, AND after eating a high glucose meal, my glucose level was at 90 exact.

I repeated everything exactly on day two in order to see if this was an anomoly... my glucose level dropped to 84.

And on the third day yet again, down to 76... I had to increase my carb intake between the major meals. This brought up my glucose level to around 90. Add exercise and my A1c was 6.8, my energy level is great, my glucose remains under control. I do not see an end to the diabetes though, short of exercise and continued weight drop.

Posted by Ema (Russell, Manitoba) on 04/11/2010

Hydrogen Peroxide for type 1 diabetes???

I would like to know if any of the people posting about their experiences using HP with their diabetes were type 1 diabetes. I would like to know if it would work same way at lowering insulin needs with juvenile onset diabetes. That doesn't mean the person is a child but that they developed it as a child or teen.

Does anyone know why the HP works??? What's going on inside that is causing the blood sugar lowering effect?

I would really like to try this but am a Type 1 diabetic. If anyone knows will you please post your knowledge about this.

Thank you so much,