Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method by Bill Munro

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Posted by Judy (Moody, Alabama) on 08/05/2012

I have been inhaling food grade 3% h202 for copd. I have been on it about 2 months inhaling two times in the morning and two times in the evening. It seem to make my breathing worse. has anyone else had this happen? any advice? or should I stop taking it.

Posted by James (Taipei, Taiwan) on 07/18/2012

I have tried this but is it supposed to sting the throat as it goes down? Almost instantly my throat begins to sting when spraying the undiluted 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide down my throat. Is it safe to continue?

Posted by Chris (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 06/22/2012

Hi, Last night I tried the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method using 3% diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide. I immediately felt pressure in my chest that has not gone away. I also have sustained heavy breathing. Has anyone experienced this? I sprayed about 4-5 times. Is the concentration too strong?

Posted by Hazel (London, Essex U K) on 02/19/2012

Can you please advise on protocol re oral taking of hydrogen peroxide. William campbell douglass states in his book medical miracle never to exceed 10 drops 3 times daily of 3 percent dilution yet others indicate dosages of 3 drops up to 25 drops 3 times a day of the much more stronger 35 percent. Two of which are the little help brochure supplied with the 35 percent food grade h2o2 I purchased and also the book the one minute cure. thank you. hazel.

Posted by George (Porthmadog, Gwynedd) on 12/07/2011

Does the peroxide colour your mouth and throat when you inhale?

Replied by Lilydy
Alice Springs, Australia

No it does not. You inhale inside into your throat and it does not discolor.. If it does it is just temporary.

Posted by Jpchris (North Hollywood, Ca, Usa) on 11/19/2011

Hi all,

I have been in contact with Bill Munro regarding 3% hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy. He made it abundundantly clear that the HP you buy at drug stores is perfectly OK — even with stabilizers.

When I pointed out to him that I had read a lot of posts stating H202 with stabilizers is a real no-no, he said, "Baloney! Don't concern yourself! I've been doing it for umpteen years now and I'm healthy and I haven't had any negative effects."

Posted by Gracer (Ore City, Tx) on 10/09/2011 30 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I started inhaling the h2o2 just over 3 weeks ago. I have a facial pain situation like a stinging and burning now for 17 years. Have tried lots of things. This h2o2 inhalation is excellent for my pain. First I dilute it to 1%. That is 2 parts water added to one part 3% peroxide in a pint jar. For spraying, I use an elongated, 2 oz spray bottle from Wal-Mart. I spray every 30 minutes after meals until the pain subsides because my pain starts after eating. When my pain is suppressed, I spray every hour or two. I spray 3 pumps per breath, for 10 breaths, which is 30 sprays per dose. I look forward to doing this long term to cure whatever is diseased in my body. I may purchase the Conair or Revlon facial sauna system to try breathing the steam at the same 1% peroxide strength.

Replied by Gracer
Ore City, Tx
30 posts

In the hopes of inhaling a finer mist, I cancelled my Conair facial sauna order and just ordered a MistyMate 2point5 instead. Will see how it goes. My throat got a little irritated on the 1% strength, so I now use a point5% (1/2 %) strength and I like it better. That is 5 parts water to one part of the 3% peroxide from Dollar General or Wal-Mart. My pain did well today inhaling every hour and I am looking forward to receiving the MistyMate because it appears to deliver a large amount of fine mist.

Replied by Gracer
Ore City, Tx
30 posts

Still inhaling the. 5 percent (1/2 %) peroxide with favorable results. Intend to do this long term. Hope to turn any grey areas in my hair to the natural brown like Bill Munro. Still inhaling every half hour when pain is present (3 sprays per breath for 5 breaths) and every hour or two when pain is not present and also whenever I get up during the night.

If cancer is caused by a breakdown in the immune system, and the immune system uses hydrogen peroxide as it's primary defense, then inhaling hydrogen peroxide it seems would reactivate the immune system and possibly cure cancer. That is what I hope with myself, to become immune to and possibly cure any cancer in my body, which I would not be surprised that I have. That is what I hope to accomplish with H2O2 inhalation long term.

Replied by Gracer
Ore City, Tx
30 posts

Unfortunately, the MistyMate8 had a spray pattern that was too wide at the source and not as fine as the MistyMate2.5, so I will probably return it to the company. The 2 oz spray bottle from Wal-Mart is not bad and I will continue to use it. I guess a nebulizer might be best.

Still getting good results it seems for pain if I spray hourly but I also recently started taking astaxanthin from algae, a red/pink carotenoid antioxidant with very favorable results.

Astaxanthin is what makes shrimp and flamingos pink. I take just 4 mg per day (one softgel) of the Jarrow brand. I tried 2 per day but got short of breath at night, almost like I needed more oxygen, so I cut it back to one softgel in the morning. Research and testimonials say astaxanthin improves the eyes, skin and is helpful for senility and dementia, both as a preventive and treatment because I think it said it crosses the blood-brain barrier. It helps my energy, too. Because astaxanthin is so good, I went off of trans-resveratrol but am not sure yet if permanently. I was able to also go off of vitamin E mixed tocopherols since starting astaxanthin as I felt it was duplicative and no longer necessary and I think the vitamin E conflicted with the astaxanthin as the two together made me feel bad if I am not mistaken. So astaxanthin is very powerful and helps my pain through an anti-inflammatory effect.

Replied by Gracer
Ore City, Tx
30 posts

The h2o2 inhalation seems to be doing better than anything else I have tried for my facial pain. I went back to the 10 breath dose with 3 sprays per breath. That seems to last at least an hour, depending on what I have recently eaten, or I can spray every half hour if necessary. The .5% dilution seems just right, with a couple small swallows of water after each dose of ten breaths to wash away the peroxide.

Replied by Gracer
Ore City, Tx
30 posts

I still inhale the. 5% peroxide about every hour of the day, after meals and also when I wake up at night, which is maybe twice or so. I have been inhaling for over 4 months now, and nothing I have tried over the last 18 years beats this H2O2 inhalation for a facial pain situation.

Three sprays per breath for ten breaths, using a 2 oz spray bottle from Wal-Mart which costs about $1, using the bottled 3% peroxide from Wal-Mart or Dollar General diluted 5 parts well water (tap water and not chlorinated) to 1 part 3% peroxide.

Now I can eat anything and instead of pain, I just do some sprays and the pain is very much suppressed. I used to worry about what I was going to eat, avoiding hot peppers and many other foods like nuts or sugar. It didn't seem to matter what I ate that brought on pain, but now, it is just the opposite where it doesn't matter what I eat, the pain stays subdued.

I do avoid corn, however, because it stirs up fungal conditions like atheletes foot with me.

Replied by Jenny

You could also try a cool-mist nebulizer, which uses ultrasonic waves to turn the water/peroxide mix into tiny droplets (less coughing). I got mine new on the eBay auction site for $26.

Replied by Gracer
Ore City, Tx
30 posts

Update 6/11/2016

For my burning and stinging facial candida pain, 1 tablespoon taken mornings of macadamia oil takes the sting out of my candida pain, making it bearable, livable and hardly noticeable. I tried a few times to discontinue taking macadamia oil but the burning and stinging returns.

I have taken the macadamia oil for 5 years now since 2011, and it cured my fungal toenail in 2 months or two 16 oz bottles at 2 tablespoons after meals internally per day. Macadamia oil taken internally cured my intermittent numbness and tingling in my toes during the same 2 months. (Please see my other posts about this.)

(here was a place selling urea peroxide capsules that give me energy and help me wake up earlier and rested but this place was instructed to stop selling the urea peroxide capsules. They are appealing the decision. Maybe magnesium peroxide capsules are still available.

Posted by Cindy (Coal City, Il.) on 09/18/2011

First question.. I know that you have answered questions concerning this many times, but what I want to know is how long do I leave the nebulizer run and how many times a day(with 1% hydrogen peroxide)? My son, who has severe Cerebral palsy, goes from a cold to pneumonia. When that happens he has to go to the hospital for a week and get antibiotics, and treatments to clear his very congested lungs! . I want to do everything for him at home instead. I read 1% hydrogen peroxide in the nebulizer. Also saw vinegar and sea salt. Does that mean I should do all 3 in the nebulizer?

Do I give him Zopenex(Med) too. When he starts with a cold we do xopenex(via nebulizer) every 2-4 hours to open up his lungs.

Next question...... I give him 1/2 tsp. of Himalyan salt a day in his tube feeding. His food goes directly into the jejunum. He also has to have everything that accumulates in his stomach drained out 24/7. The reason is that his reflux is so bad that he will aspirate anything left in there. But in doing that he is losing electrolytes. That is why I give him the himalyan salt. Any suggestions on what I can give him to replace electrolytes? Magnesium and potassium get low and he has to be hospitalized for that too!

Replied by Sayno2gmo
Vancouver, Bc, Canada

Cindy you could try good quality pure coconut water (no added sugar/water) to replace electrolytes, this is what many athletes use. Also, you could give him magnesium baths using ancient minerals bath salts (magnesium chloride), absorbs rapidly through the skin. All the best.

Posted by Babs (Grayslake, Il) on 09/16/2011
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I started using the 35 percent dropper method in distilled water several weeks ago. Well, I caught a cold and it is one of the toughest colds I have had in years! I thought that this would help. It has now settled in my lungs, I am constantly coughing and wheezing. I have decided to try the Bill Munro method using the 3 percent.

My question is: is it normal to feel that peroxide bubbling and slight stinging in the throat after inhaling? I am using small spray bottle to administer.

Posted by Peter (Llandudno, Wales) on 08/16/2011

'02/20/2009: L R from Pretoria, South Africa writes: "Is H2O2 inhalation safe for my son who is on asthma medication?

This concerns H2O2 and particularly inhalation. I read the whole post on inhalation including the warning to smokers and individuals who have had medication via inhalers'

Please could you point me to this warning for smokers I have been searching for it for days now and can't find it. Thanks

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

Be careful with regards to smoking taylor made cigarettes.. They actualy have rice in them as a filler. Burnt rice is highly carcinogenic.. How the heck they have got away with this is mind boggling. They spray 150 chemicals on the mush before its dried out for the rolling machines.

Posted by Syriana (Cardiff, Wales) on 04/20/2011

Never keep undiluted h202 food grade in glass containers, it'll explode!! Plastic containers only!!

My question is, is it ok to nebulise 3% h202 while on oxycontin slow release pain killers? I tried it today and my lungs and nose feel a bit sore even when I reduced it to 1and 1/2%. Mind, I did smoke a cig 5mins later! I also have just had a full hip replacement, but not too concerned about that. My lungs feel a bit painful, has anyone else had this while nebulising, and is it maybe a possible Herxheimer reaction? Gratefull for n e help or comments thanks x

Replied by Jason
Witham, Essex, England
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HI, I tried inhaling 3% HP from the chemist (with stabilisers) 11 days ago. I inhaled about 4 sprays about 3 times.

Ever since this I have had a burning sensation in the top of my chest, has anyone else experienced this? If so, how long does it last and should I seek medical advice?

Any help much appreiciated,


Replied by Sweetberry

Hi Jason from Witham, Essex, England,
Don't take it. Only food grade hp and lower the dose to one spray and gradually work up to your desired dosage hope it will work.

Replied by Hattonhall
Woodridge, Queensland, Australia

Yes Jason.. I have....

My reason for trying this was because of the severe problem I have had for 2yrs continually producing sticky phlegm and finding it difficult to clear from my throat (and lungs). In fact it is as if I am a mucous production factory. When I wake I feel a "swog" of mucous in my throat that has collected overnight and I have to "unswog" my throat and spit it out. Then it's back to the 24/7 mucous production!

15 mins ago I took my first dose of 3% "H. P. " and this is what happened to me:-

I took 2 inhalations from the sprayer pumping it 4 times on each inhale.

1. First sensation a terrible burning at back of my throat then down into my oesophagus.

2. A terrible feeling of Nausea.

3. Burning sensation in the upper chest (Lungs I figure)

4. A terrible feeling of fear that I had poisoned myself. Wondered if I had mis-read the instructions and should have used the HP on my hair instead! And considered calling the online poisons centre for advice.

5. BAD Vomiting symptoms, (but no vomiting as I had not eaten for more than 6 hours - I guess)

6. Feeling ill and Nauseous and coughing a lot. Then coughing up sticky bubbly mucous.

7. Feeling so bad, I gulped down a glass of water to flush the HP on my throat and mouth down into my stomach and then mouthwashing and spitting it out in the kitchen sink.

8. Reflex coughing continued along with vomiting reflex down into my stomach and then coughing up more sticky bubbly mucous, this time onto a plate.

9. I put my finger into the mucous to feel and see its consistency. As I moved my finger..... So the mucous stuck to my fingertip and was pulled across the surface drawing along behind my fingertip. (I thought... Maybe I've accidentally found a new Superglue ?)

10. Cough cough drink drink drink , , retch retch retch...... (why am I doing this? I ask myself)

I am pleased to report that the nausea and retching and feeling bad has passed. My chest feels a little clearer and I am not presently coughing up mucous. I have just taken a Vitamin E capsule and drunk my first shot of ACV.

1 Cup of water microwaved for 30secs to warm it up.

2 Teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar(8% strength).

2 Teaspoons of Maple Syrup.

The warm liquid enabled the Maple Syrup to dissolve easily and I drank it like it was Ambrosia from the Gods!

Right now I feel fine again and will get back into my HP/ACV/Vitamin E Regime for the nextr few weeks to see if I have in fact found a miracle cure for my ailments.

My chemist has had a field day with me, my wallet has thinned a little... But what the heck. If $50 turns things around, that's gonna be worth every red cent I now have to account to the wife for........... When she gets home!

Posted by Kelly (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 03/26/2011

just a couple of observations: if you are having adverse reactions either

a)you are using it incorrectly with the wrong dilution ratio of h202 to water (probably the main cause)

b) have a sensitivity to it, just as some people take 500mg's of a pain killer whereas, others may only take 200mg's for the same effect. *****Theraputic doses can vary from person to person even with natural remedies*****.

Also, I smoked for many many years but have quit and now see the IRONY of being afraid to try BMIM while once upon a time I was a 2-pack-a-dayer (each and every cigarette containing over 4,000 deadly chemicals ugh! ). I think any of these remedies should be approached with research and starting small up to what works for you. God Bless!

Posted by Ryan (San Francisco, Ca) on 03/18/2011

i went to the local drug store and the nasel sprays were 15 dollars! So I bought an empty mini spray bottle (the kind for putting hair spray and that kind of stuff when you fly on a plane so it takes up less room. Im wondering if it has as fine of a mist as the nasal spray. Im not sure if the HP is actually getting into my lungs or just my throat. thanks!

Replied by Bev
Long Beach, Ca

Wal Mart has the peroxide in the spray bottle.

Posted by Jimbo (Talisay, Philippines) on 03/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

bill, I use h202 a couple of times a month to clear my lungs, I am 71 and smoke at least 2 packs of cigaettes a day I have found that h202 cleans out my lungs very well, also live in philippines and was asked to buy this guy some medicine, went to see him, he was about 50 years old, and doubt if he weighed 60 pounds, just skin and bones, he was on his knees next to bed and every time he took a breath he coughed, so he couldnt sleep or eat, looked like he was dying. I got him 3% peroxide and sprayer, he inhaled it and his cough was gone within 30 seconds that was 3 years ago he is ok now, but inhales a spray of h202 every night before he goes to bed, dont know what he had, but the hydrogen peroxide worked wonders.

I also give my 3 dogs a rinse with it to get rid of bugs, and it works great, { but the dogs hate it} they start scratching when the paraites start dying. It is a great mange cure. Thanks for the info on the h202, I really beleived it saved this guys life, and it has sure helped me also, thanks again

Posted by Larry (Dubuque, Iowa) on 03/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I use half 3% hydrogen peroxide and half water via nebulizer and mask, when I feel a cold or sinus infection coming on, or if I have an ear ache, which can often lead to a cold, or vice versa.

The technique I use is to breath shallow through the mouth for half the time, and shallow through the nose the other half. Now it can be irritating to the nose, so just cut back on that if need be. And every now and then take normal deep breaths without the nebulizer. But inhale the nebulizer mist for a total of five minutes. Do this three to four times a day until the symptoms subside, for me this often occured after the first day.

I don't recommend taking deep breaths of the nebulized hydrogen peroxide, as it can be very irritating and cause bronchospasm, so asthmatics, try this remedy at your own risk. You must be well hydrated and have a good cough mechanism to do this remedy, because the bronchial mucosa will swell with phlegm, and you need to have a good cough mechanism. If your cough if weak, or if you're asthmatic, perhaps you can limit yourself to only inhaling lightly only through the nose and focus on the sinuses.

You may cough up a lot of phlegm, and if the sinuses are involved, mucus may literally start pouring out of you. The phlegm may be foamy in appearance, which shows the action of the hydrogen peroxide.

I first tried this about seven years ago, used it for maybe four cold and flu seasons, and haven't had a cold or flu since.

Also, at the first sign of an earache, I get in the shower and wash my ears and rinse, then I tilt my head and pour a bit of plain white vinegar in the ear, then I kind of tug the lobe to get the vinegar down in there, then I stand there for a minute, then I rinse the ear, tilting the head the other way to get the water out. Then I do the other ear just the same. I repeat this two or three times. Then I do the whole process two or three times a day, or until the symptoms subside, which is often in a day or two. I used to get ear infections all the time that required antibiotics, but since starting this method eight years ago, I haven't had an earache episode that required antibiotics.

I keep a bottle of white vinegar in the shower, often putting a bit of vinegar in the ears as a prophylactic. White vinegar is also an excellent aftershave if you get bumps and pimples like do, the from splashing it on is exquisite.